Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1929 · Page 12
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1929
Page 12
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THE ALTOONA MIRROR-TUESDAY, NOVEMSSR 5, 1929 ALTOONA WORKS NEWS .TI'NIATA SHOPS. Harry L. Swnrtz, machinist, scale ^Iiop, was absent from duty last week on account of illness. Mrs. Robert B. Alexander of De- ,jrolt, Midi., widow of the late fore- iJi'nn of the yard labor department, 1,,'vs been visiting with her sl.ster, Mrs. Ri\ph H. Hamilton, 210 Eleventh ave- mie» JunlHta. T ,K. Fields, yard labor department, wns ».'IT duty .several days last week visitInjC a coiwln in the hospital at Lewlsl&'wn, suffering with appendicitis. R. L. V'atterson, acting gang leader, labor department, and wife, visited his parents in Huntingdon county over the w^ek-end. "Patty" was also inspecting his new brother-in-law, u. younger sister of his having married since he was home last. J C Mc-CtoHkpy, labor deportment, has returned to duty afuer being absent for sumo time on amount of sickness. Tho hoys arc gla/1 to see "Corporal Joe" back on the job again. Theodore I. Digging gang leader, labor department, and family spent the week-end vlstting relatives in Jr- vona. "Ted" had a. lino time us usual but had to come homo alone, as his family went to La J»sc with friends Sunday evening where they intend to visit several days. W A. Ki'I»harl, machinist, machino shop No. 1, bas joined tho ranks of outdoor hunter*. Hubert M. MJurgnri, machinist, machine shop No. I, is off duty on account of Illness of his father. diaries C. Cooper, machinist, ma- chino shop No. I, accompanied by his son and daughter, spent tho week-end hunting on their farm near Millerstown. Samuel D. Sheodor, machinist, ma- chlno shop No. 1, is upending a few days In the mountains near McVeytown. J. A. Hutchison, gantf foreman, ma- chino Bhop No. 1, took a delightful motor trip to Clearflekl recently to witness a football game. W. H. Kauffman, machinist, machine shop No. 1, spent last Thursday and Friday, hunting. W. A. Hudson, Jr., machinist, machine shop No. 1, spent Saturday, Oct.. . W ut Clcarfleld to wltnuw a football game. Harry Li. Stover and Harry M. Truux, machinists, machino shop No. 1, aro out after game, at the start of tho «eason. Both promised a big feast when they return home. William P. Beachiun, machinist helper, machine shop No. 1, has spent a wholo week polSihlng his. gun 1'or tho opening of hunting season. John W. Umerly, machinist in the die department, tool manufacturing department, was absent to attend tho ] funeral of his sister-in-law, last week. B. H. Green, machinist, tool manu- 'facturlng department, is spending a few days of hunting season In tho wild!. James Deffley, machinist, tool manufacturing department, und a party of hunters left for Fulton • county where they will spend a couple ,' of days hunting. Andruw l^agergrcn, machinist, tool manufacturing department, left for Spruce Creek where ho will try his luck in hunting. "Andy" expects to ?liave a nice bag of game- when ho re- UVns. W. G. Gibbons, machinist, tool manufacturing department, left for Centre county where ho will do some hunting for a few days. '..' Christ Herro, boilcrmaker, holler •shop, 1» confined to his home by 111• nous. " : O. TJ. Johnson, boilcrmaker: J. A. , Glandis, ahetit metal worker and A. V. Rutter, bollermaker helper, of the sheet metal department, boiler Bhop, are on a hunting trip. ' Vernon 1j. Cherry, bollermaker, spent last Friday hunting In Junlata valley. Dorsey R. Shore, bollermaker, boiler shop, Is confined to his home due to Illness. Frank H. Gelst, bolPermaker helper, boiler nhop, spent last Friday hunting In "Half Moon Valley." R. H. Harris, bollermaker, is con- lined to his homo duo to lllnosst ' W. J. Pliistow, bollormaker, boiler ' shop, spent the week-end In New York city. • R. M. Hayes, nollermaker> spent the "week-end In Johnstown. Albert Dcgansky, bqilormaker, boiler shop, la off duty duo to Illness ••of his son. Earl McDowell, gang foreman, 'holler shop, spent last Friday chasing ^ the elusive cotton tall over tho hills of Blair, county. Stoker J. P. Marron, electrical department, Is hunting In tho wilds of • Westmoreland county. Gang Foreman C. M. I,. Fuslck, electrical department, 1« hunting In the vicinity of Newton Hamilton. Machinist Blair Kustaborder, elec- '•trlcal department, Is oft duty duo to • serious Illness In his family. Electrician E. P. Delaney, electrical department, wan a weok-end business visitor to New York city. Machinist Helper C. A. Campbell, electrical department, is off duty due to Illness. Blacksmith William T. Rceae, Errorgram8.-~.~ FIRST, BOB —V0I/ WON'T HAVE j ntake4 -your Jiair sifctid on am. (Copyright, 1929, NEA Service, Inc.) There are at leant four mistaken In the above picture. They may pcr- laln to grammar,- history, etiquette, drawing or whatnot. See If you can find them. Then look at tho scrambled word below—and unscramble It, by switching the letters around. Crude yourself 20 for each of the mistakes you find, and 20 for the word If you unscramble It. Tomorrow we'll explain the mistakes and tell you the word. Then you can see bow near a hundred you bat. • • » YESTERDAY'S CORRECTIONS. (I) In the gentleman diner's conversation, dessert Is spelled incorrectly. <Z) Tbe silverware, nt the left side of the table, Is set pointing the wrotiK direction. (8) ItnsluuriintM Hel-a table with water glasses to match In shape; Urn ones on this table do not. (4) "Or," In the girl's conversation, should be nor. (6) The scrambled word Is JJUI^ETS. shop No. 2, was absent from duty last Friday due to a heavy cold.. L. J. Berrang, blacksmith, smith shop No. 2, Is absent from duty due. to Illness of his mother. W. L. Weston, blacksmith, smith shop No, 2, accompanied by H. C. Colyer, E. W. Latterly and R. W. Chllcote also of blacksmith shop, invaded Junlata county In quest of, bunnies. R. M, Archey, scale shop, enjoyed tho first rtay of. hunting season in the mountains near his home at Warriors Mark. J. R. Rankey, machinist, Ecalo shop, was absent from duty duo to illness. C. Sheldon Smith, clerk, E. and M. shop, is spending a few days at his hunting camp at Mill creek. BROTHER SUES BROTHER FOR MONETARY DAMAGES PHILADELPHIA, 'Nov. C.—Two brothers, members of a 1 prominent Harrlsburg family, faced each other in President Judge Martin's court of common pleas No. 5 yesterday, the elder, who Is assistant district attorney for Dauphin county, being accused by the other of fraudulently procuring the latter's commitment to an Insane asylum. The defendant' In the unusual suit Is W. Harry Musser, 'member of the Dauphin county bar and assistant county prosecutor. He Is being sued by'his brother, J. Carl Musser, now in the general merchandise business at Hemdon, Pa. the latter seeks monetary compensation forxthe "embarrassment and suffering"*. Inflicted upon him by his Incarceration In the Harrlsburg state hospital for" the Insane, for sixteen months. in a case appealed by J. R, Wheeler, Milwaukee, who contended that only creditors of the bank could 'enforce this liability, and that the general board has exceeded Its authority In this case through Howard Green, receiver of Milwaukee Joint Stock bank. BEST RADIO FEATURES SCHEDULED FOR TODAY (Copyright, 1929, by .United Press.} WJZ, NBC network, 8 p. m.—Band. WJZ, NBC network, 8.30 p. in.— Canadian program: Jeanne Gordon, contralto. WEAF, NBC network, 9 p. m.— Chick Sale, Monologlst. WABC, CBS network, 9 p. m,—Paul Whiteman's Old Gold orchestra. . . WEAF, NBC network, 10.30 p. m.— RKO Vaudeville hour; John Steel, Reismans Orchestra, and others. WFBG, Altoona, 9 • p. m.—Square dance music and violin selections, O. •W. Weiler, Karl Irvlhi H. S. Holland and John Mclntosh. SUPREME COUR1V DECISION. WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 5.—The supreme court decided yesterday that receivers appointed , by the federal farm loan board for joint stock land banks cannot enforce by law payment of a 100 per cent assessment on bank stockholders. The ruling was given The Ladies' Hat Shop blacksmith, smith shop No. 1, spent lust. Saturday In Harrlsburg. Blacksmiths John R. Fetter and J. W. Yundt, smith shop No. 1, spent tho week-end hunting wild turkey near Marktesburg. Forgeman IS. H. Irvln, smith shop No. 1, spent, the weok-end shooting at wild ducks in the New Jersey marshes. Forgeman William T. Isenberg, smith shop No. 1, is flying around the country these days In his new auto. Furnace 'Heater John Porta, Jr., is spending some tlmo in Akron, O., due to tho death of a grandrion. , W. D. Benney, gang foreman, smith shop No. 2, Is enjoying a' week of his vacation hunting for rabbits In Mifflln county. A. G. Woomer, blacksmith, smith shop No. 2, spent last Friday gunning for bunnies. J. R. O'Connor, blacksmith, smith DcTyou "Stop - Look - Listen" you know this means danger. But, when your eyes signal danger, do you recognize the signals? There is a way to find out the condition of your eyes. Dont wait for signals. Have Your Eyes Examined! Kaity Credit Term* Jewelers for'Over 40 Yearn llth Ave. and 13th Street SUBURBAN DAY SPECIALS In The Down Stairs Store FELT HATS 98c ••- $1.98 On The Main Floor HATS of Felt of Velvet For The Miss and Matron .98 - $3.50 One Lot DRESSES *6 7S Were $9.75 SUBURBAN DAY! EMPLE TEMPUETONE TREMENDOUS VOLUME MAGNIFICENT!!! We extend a tpecial invitation to Suburban Day visitor* to come in and hear thit matter piece of art and glorious colorful tone. It is our pleasure to delight listeners with the exceptional performance of this Super- Radio. THE PRICE IS RIGHT SUBURBAN DAY SPECIAL SMOKING STAND Oriental design, flumi bowl receptacle. A dandy gilt tot tho boy friend. . $1.65 This Is A Christmas Treasure Hunt Store EASY CREDIT TERMS OPEN AN ACCOUNT TODAY 1429 TWELFTH AVENUE < < ^ MODERN NOME FURNISHERS SINCE 1890 Itching Skin Banished By Antiseptic Zento If Itching, burning akin makes life unbearable, quickly apply Zemo, the soothing, cooling, Invlslblfi family antiseptic. Thousands find that Zemo brings swift relief from Itching, helps to draw out local Infection dnd restore the skin to normal. For 20 years Zemo. has been .clearing up akin, relieving plmplea, rash and other skin irritations.- Never be without It. Sold everywhere>-35c, 60c and $1.00. SAVE ITOIjrf EYES Tour eyea 'Should be examined at least once «, year, especially after you have reached the age of forty. Orthogon or Tlllyer, wide angle lenses, fitted to cprrect any defect you may have. MAODONALD'S Spectacle Bazar- On the corner of llth St. and Green Ave. over 20 years. 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