The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 29, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS OHs, who had remained- standing flkroughout the conversation, groped *ehlnd him for a chair, staring aghast «J his opponent ^ ' . ,. There could • be no doubting his serl- onsness. There'was not a trace of merriment In his hard (ace. Nor » **stlge of compassion. "Then you do mean It?" "Every word of it!" . .The groping hand .struck a chair. Otis sat down, clutching tremblingly **.' *°?' a rm, moistening' his lips. "Tails," he";whispered,"but so indistinctly he;-was. asked to repeat the ; ' • • : "Heads," tie said,-more, firmly. •' Fitzhugh; spun the coin intp the airr It fell -upon the polished table with a little ring. Tlie' older man's face grew suddenly ghastly, and the two heavy furrows extending from his nose to' the. corners of his mouth deepened. He was on-the verge of a collapse. "What Is it?,.Quick!" Fitzhugh bent and looked at the gold eagle. "Heads," he said. CHAPTER XIV. Daniel's career in La Salle street closed with his corner in wheat. Teiv V roinnting the ocean of details,' he •ailed forthwith for Paris. "For a long hoiiday," he told his, friends. But It was really for quite another purpose. Hunt, who swore by the man and . potently believed him the greatest he had ever known, settled ids speculative deals and went with him. One evening in the Cafe Martin they met Artie Sparkle. Artie had long since become an expatriate, due, ac•cording to gossip, to unrequited affection and hope too often deferred. He was with a brilliantly gowned woman of the Frenehjboulevard type, who wore Just a 1ittle"too much rouge, just a few too many diamonds, and a gaiety of manner just a trifle too effervescent. Artie's animosity toward his former rival had very obviously been buried, or forgotten, for he pounced joyfully upon the two Americans, and with f gusto and eclat presented them to her of the gorgeous plumage—his wife of the month. » Then more wine was ordered to toast the bride, and Artie eTrtolled ecstatically the bliss of connubial life,touching in particular upon his own, -which to him, of course, was unparalleled and paramount. Gradually the talk turned upon other topics, with the benedict easily leading. "I read all about it in Limnon, deah fellow." This to Daniel. "Frightfully clevait of you, I must'say, getting all that grain and freezing out the othah chaps. . . . And poor old Otis; I saw him in Carlsbad last week. He looks dreadfully done for. I feah the poor fellow 'won't last long." Always the mention of-Otis' name •pelled bad moments for Daniel. Since .that Indian summer day when millions lad hung upon the toss of a coin the agetl speculator, as Daniel knew, had "been a bowed-down .roan. He neve*r— •rtslted the pit again. He never went •ear it. The memory^of Its roaring *ent a shudder through him. He was .eare-worn, .listless, comfortless. He. Sad lost his "nerve." Grain gambling. topics'-were. taboo In his household,.. juid those who valued his good will found it politic not to broach such in Us hearing. When in October he had left for the German '.' "bad" cures he was broken in health as well' as in •plrit. - - - .His quest was fruitless. V ( ..One, May morning in--Florence Daniel read at his breakfast tablet of Otis' " death. He had died in' mid-ocean-^en route to New York. TJariTeT greeted tKem warmly, shook hands, gave them cigars, and waxed, so Jovially humorous about his malleable patronymic that he was voted a shln- 'nber.of the 'Good IFellows' club »d ,'as> -a- thoroughgoing, fine* sort. Nothing derogatory was printed of him in the New York newspapers; and the eccentricity of one's using one's family name for a "komlcal kut- out" was made to appear a very najt- nral thing for. one to do. ,,Hls arrival In Chicago received a shpilar reception. • The-thing he had. long been plan- •ning, the thing that had prompted his ;trlp' abroad, which had necessitated ..Ithe : proper rearranging of his name, •was made.-public. 'With a fanfare of -trumpets, a sounding of cymbals, a 'beating of tom-tom^ Hugh Daniel Fitz- -rariaolph Inaugurated his campaign for •the Chicago mayoralty. In the primary election these were •-nominated: Hugh / Daniel Fitzran- dblph, advocating pure politics; Sam Buffington. fat and puffy and a tool of the trusts; John Dinwoody, lean and lank and a patron of vice, and Ivan Sklmkns, skinny and erratic and a champion 'of the working man.' Before the primaries, Daniel's chief •rivals, .Buffington and Dinwoody, took scant notice of him, shelving him in a category with Sklmkus, the Socialist, who had no chance, whatever. After his nomination they changed their views. 'They suddenly realized many things; realized Tie .had been working hours to their minutes; that his enormous volume of advertising was not unproductive of results; that he had a happy faculty of making friends wherever he went; that his popularity was booming daily; and that he controlled nearly as many votes as -they. This would never do, decided Buf- flngton and Dinwoody. They immediately set about to crush the intruder wlio presumed -to enter a domain always exclusively their own. Thus, when the papers supporting the malcontents were not casting their harpoons at each othe'r, they took time to shy a concerted volley at the interloper. . Daniel joined in merrily and more than, held his own in the three-cornered melee. Having,,bought a paper, .he was publishing the sort of yellow' journalism the_masse§ wanted. (To be SAVINGS CERTIFICATES OUT; INVESTMENT VALUE SHOWN "They Always Are Worth More Than' You Paid for Them," Slogan .of 1920. "They are always worth more than Jim paid for them." With this as their slogan representatives of the War Savings organization of the Seventh federal reserve district are touring the states of "Illinois,, in- -'_ Easi Relief on Desperate .dlana,. Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin' ' , •>, •'. • ' : "-' showing banks, corporations and. Indi- Needs Of HelpleSS. :vlduals the high* Investment'value of the'1920 Treasury Savings. certificates of $100 and $1,000 denominations. This form of government security has been placed in local .banks, and for ' the financial prosperity of "the nation and HUNGER KNOWS NO ARMISTICE • IN^UCASUS Colonel Haskel! Reports to Near "Peace may come' elsewliere in the. world,' but hunger knows no armistice ^n the Near -Bast," says Colonel Wil- ilam'N. Haskel], -Allied high cornmis- tbe individual, the government ' Is "ion-in the Trans-Caucasus, in an «p- WAWTS KING Royai Regirna Is-CJtcsan'by Large Majority. .urging a wide distribution. . The Treasury Savings certificates, whlclu are-virtually "Baby" bonds, bear Interest at a rate a little'better''than 4% . per .centi , TJie: pr(ce..of. the" $100.' certificates for January.-ts $82.40.; February jSajSO.^Xhe price Increases 20'i. cents a month. The $1,000 certificates/ may be purchased In -January for' $824' and In February for $826. This class of security Increases $2 a month. '.' • Here are some of the attractive fe'a- -tnres. of ..the. $100 and $1,000 .eertiflcntes: ' -.-''• ••• AThey carry valuable tax-exemption privileges. They cannot depreciate in value, not :being subject to market fluctuations. : • They are always worth more- than : you paid for them. • They yield a substantial Income, actually more than 4VL per cent. They are short term, m.iturtag Jann- .ary 1, 1925.. ' " They represent absolute safety as obligations of the United States gov- ;i eminent. • A" change has been made in tlie terms of the 1920 certificates. T5liey are re- j deemaW at the treasury . beginning j with the second calendar month after the month of purchase without ( the ten days' (Jemand required by the terms of the 1810 certificates. A special issue of Treasury Savings certificates has been put on'the market for -conversion purposes. It is possible for the holders of 1918 and 1919 War Savings certificates to convert them into these special Ti-easiiry K:\v- ings certificates, whose terras and conditions are* substantially the same as peal to Near Blast Belief, 1 Madison .avenue, New York city, for food and supplies, for .the relief of the starving .millions..- ' '" ' V- • : .. [ ';' Colonel .Haskell- li.-.In. charge! of -'an Bast Reliefjin the Caucasus.. V . .-^"There is no fuel-or shelter .for ,thief greater part "of them during the terrl•• those of the 1920 issue except for their earlier maturity dates. Holders" of one or more War Savings certificates of the 1918i or 1919 issue which bear War Savings stamps having a total maturity value of $]00 or some multiple of a hundred dollars— $200. ?ROO, $400, etc., may exchange the. certificates . for the same maturity COLONEL HASKELL. ble winter in the mountains;" he says,, "and the-existing food supply is entirely inadequate for the great number of refugees ' without " resources of any kind. " ... "By a recent^agreement between the premiers of the republics of Armenia, Axerbaidjan and Georgia to cease hos- tr.ities and settle al! differences by oTtTe 0 COT^e^on^n^ in ^' Ce^tmCateS artlitration one obstacle to relief work theTame^sLe^a'r^yere^fo'rex-i"^, 68 acc S? sible a sreat number of. change, each one need not bear its full i ^''J^peo-ple^vho otherwise would complement of 20 War Savings stamps, provided the total value of the stamps aggregates S100 or some multiple of it Treasury Savings certificates taken in exchange may be made out in favor of new so request. perish this winter. "Two hundred thousand d'estitute Armenians and Tartars can now be readied in the districts of Karabagh, Shusha and Nakhichevan, in the. southeast section of the Trans-Caucasus, and .Anrhdu-ke Otto, Eldest Son of Former Emperor Charles, Is Favored as Ruler. Kmlnprs;. .Hungary. -J:m. 29.—11 is I'Rtiinaterl lite inon-iux-liis{ic volt? c:isi !n tlie j'ltfcticisi Snnilsi'y-anti Monthly nppmxlmated 95 per rent of the torn] •number of ballots. Speculation ' is -said to be cunterei! now an \vliu will be. king and yuessers rattle from Hapsbufg-prinees to scion* .of-European ralihg Bouses and Ainer- icfii'i multimillionaires.•'• Cmint Albert Apponyi is engaged in "Tiling Hungary's answer to the -terms 'of peace -submitted at Neuilly by the peace conference. He said there were many clauses which were impossible of- fulfillment. "There are GO absurdities in the ^ proposed treaty." he declared. "One. of' these takes away all our wood and Iron ore, while another demands that and different owners, if the „ „, •* "•- War Savings certificates j we are planning to extend our work ! there.. The economic situation is so j desperate and food supplies so scanty that the Georgians have ordered 100,000 persons, mainly Russian refugees without employment, to- leave the city of Tiflis. About 45,000 workers in the- oil fields of Baku have been ordered by HERE'S REAL GUIDE IN BUYING Expert on Economics Gives Some Practical Tips on How and When To Purchase. He pnt down his newspaper, beck- %ve sive woo<:1 ? n(1 ore to the Austrians. . oned the.waiter, ordered some cable. jgram forms. Leaving • his . breakfast untouched, and Hunt's questions' unanswered, he wrote a lengthy message to a Chicago trust company that specialized in mortgages. He fretted with impatience until he received an ' answer;.and then, having read it, he tore it-up and sighed hopelessly. Daniel heard afterward that Otis had left nothing'beyond his life insurance. The house on the drive had gone, and with it all the. pomp of circumstances. Mrs. Otis was residing temporarily in Ocouoraowoc. Kathleen was with her. s Early\in June of that year two wealthy Americans, who had made their- "pifeK" in July wheat, booked- first-class transportation from Rome to' Chicago. When they boarded the liner at Naples there embarked with them W quarter Of a million dollars' worth of Kuropean _art treasures. When they left the liner at New York the name of the tail, distinguished-looking one, of the black Vandyke beard and white docks, was not Danie! Randolph Fltz- hugh. It was his own, Hugh Daniel Tltzrandolph. This name juggling had .heralded their coming,'and they were snrronnd- «a r at the pieV Ky"«v pWanx of. sharp- Tdffi. cgnjwpjj, ^ . • _ What affects our people most is the loss of territory. "As for the economic conditions, we know we can never fulfill them, so they cannot matter so much. .If a man asks me to.pny a thousand dollars I may. do'so; but-if he. demands a billion -I know I can't comply, and sc. should Hi 1 " worry." . Benrr Switzerland, Jan. 29.—Archduke Otto, eldest son of Former Emperor Charles of Austria-Hungary, is favored by legitimists as the future king of Hungary, according" to Budapest advices here. - - GERMAN -ADMIRAL SENT HOME British Release Von Reuter Who Commanded Fleet at Scapa Flow Which Was Scuttled by Own Crews. '. London, Jan. 29. — Admiral Von Reuter, commander of the interned German fleet at Scapa Flow which was scuttled by her own seamen, was released by the British authorities to- 3ay and left for Germany. : . Clemenceau Will Sail Feb. 3. ' Paris, Jan. 29.—Former.Preirrter Qe- menceau will leave Marseilles Feb. 3. tor.Egypt. accor41nf. to the Figaro.. "Hbw to buy, when to buy, when not to buy; save food, but encourage business." With this as his guide,' A. L. Marlatt, director of course in economics at the University of- Wisconsin, has compiled the procedure'to cut the high) cost of living, and his outline has been sent to every woman's organization in the Seventh Federal Reserve District by the Government Savings organization in- connection with the three months' campaign of the women-In savings as paving the way for safe investment in government securities. Following is the guide as outlined by Prof. Marlatt: HOW TO BUT:1. Direct from the producer; at points where material is made; by parcel post; in municipal market. 2. Through wholesaler; co-operative buying (NOT for boarding, but reasonable use); seasonable ••buy!ng-i;- ; (c6h- tracts for future delivery irisure'.'reas- onable prices for producer and-buyef): '3. Through retailer.: .cash and can-y"stores. .5 per.cent off for cash. .10 per" cent off for cash and delivery'. Buy in amounts so that'dealer can cut prices for you. Pay cash or pay before the .jtenth of the month (so dealer can secure discounts). WHEN^TO BUY: ;". ' (Raise all the food you can'.) 1. After study as to needs for week, month, seasor or. year. Order once a week or order twice n week. ' • 2. After distributing funds available, so that no-'need for healthful living is neglected. ' • • • . 3. Study as to exchange value- In foods so that family will not suffer... SAVE THE CHILD FIRST—They need to build muscle, they need to build bone;,, they need growth determiners. 1 SAVE THE- ADULT SECOND— Adults neec: repair foods., adults nes'i energy foods, adults need regulator foods. At Saturday sales, white goods sales, mill end sales. Avoid bargain counter sales unless yon know, the original price. _ WHEN NOT TO BUY: '1. When product Is a needless luxury. ' . ''..-' 2. When trusts have pot up the prices (consult your state's attorney). 8. When by needles* buying in large amount* prices may be seat, cowing. the Azerbaidjahese to leave Jhe city, because there Is no work for them and food is scarce. Around every station along the rail- 1 way are gathered groups of hundreds of homeless people lying huddled together on the ground, the majority of them too .weak e^en • to try to help themselves. From time to .time the' stronger ones climb on freight cars and/ move elsewhere, always seeking better conditions, which do not exist. Two hundred and sixty-three thousand homeless refugees from Turkish Armenia thus are constantly milling about throughout Russian Armenia, making the relief work conducted by the Americans a problem requiring Infinite patience and organizing ability. 0 \ "This is especially true in view of the existence of-248,000 destitute Inhabitants of Russian. Armenia who pos- 'sess. homes,- but no food, as -well as 150,000 ". Greeks, •- Russians, Persians, Syrians >and Eezldis who have- been driven' out of parts of Transcaucasia. "•. "One. hundred 'and forty thousand Moslems, whose villages were destroyed Ip the course of five years of constant warfare, are helplessly encamped in the open around villages of their former enemies, begging infinitesimal quantities of flour, which they mi f t with dirt to give v the illusion of nourishment. "These hundredsNsf thousands of suffering adults, mostly homeless and lacking every necessity of life, having nothing.more to lose, are concentrated in a couhtry as yet. inadequately ' policed or governed. They constitute a fertile Geld for the seeds of Bolshevism or any form of anarchy, the spread of which once loosed would be impossible to predict. "It is generally admitted In the Caucasus that tile Americans of DEAD Life is a burden when the body is racked 'with pain. Everything worries and the victim becomes despondent and downhearted. To bring back the sunshine take COLD MEDAL Th« uatiotul remedy of Holland for ov« 200 j *»ra; jt if an «n«ny of all puns i»w suiting fifbm. kidney, Kr«r and uric add Honblu. All drugefats, thro, riies. . m*,* <UU M«bl OB W«F *Ml «ec*pt no indutim (Cpnaucted by National Council ' .. ' - -Boy!-Scouts of America.). EAURA E. SWARTZ O8TEOPATHIC PHYklCIAN , Chronic: C-,«ca»e» • •peclmty ' Offle* In ' Laudcr-Nkhcl* Bldo- W. W. HAMILTON Coal and Ice COAL/OFFICE MACKEY Pnon. 204 ECONOMY COAL YARD j. B. WOOD*, PROP. '' WMhcd Nut, Cot an* LHM» . . Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN TftANSPKR GET OUR PRICE* H. O. HALL & CO. 'FEED, COAL AND POULTRY ' • •*'_'."•' ' SUPPLIES'" :;•-' • • •'• Phone 233 ' CAJHOLJCS EXTEND SCOUT.iN'G Upon; the. initiative of the NafionSli Cariiolic War council, the ' formation of tlie'lsoy. scout organizations in ^every Catholic', parish' throughout" the" United States will soon be trader-way'.' The council, which has been, casting' about for a solution,of'-the problem of hiking 1 care- of young boys and providing for,them wholesome and profitable 'diversion^ has '•- dccfded that - the >: boy' scouts meet the requirements of-the situation better than any. other organization that could be devised, and. an effort, will 'be. made to stimulate the' anrollment of Catholic boys in it. Contrary to the impression that has prevailed . in. some quarters, the'.boy scouts are not i'n any sense a religious or denominational organization. It happens that in most cases Protestants have bc^n quick to-'take advantage of It, and Catholics have for some'reasoff held aloof. Assurance is glyen by'thy officials of the council that there is no reason for this. Through'•BJicha'el'J. Slattery, chal'iv »n of the committee on^men's activities, the council hasltaken up the question with the national governing borfy of the boy scouts, and has been assured that Catholic boys will be placed on the same footing as any other boys, nnd that their interests will be safeguarded by Catholic representation on the.'various boards. No discrimination of any kind is made. A campaign ter the extension of the . organization; 'nmong Catholic parishes will be uhtfe'r-- taken under Mr. Slattery's direction. , It is evident, from what liasalreaoVf ieeu done, that the idea has iinjire.sse.ij many pastors very favorably."'"'3l.p'r? than 400 inquiries have been received by the "council, asking for information as to the methods of organization. ;' A! 1 BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND TH« " 0 - :'•-•-=..••. EYE' y' .''• ' "' Tevtvd • . Qla Virgin!* BJdg. IH, ; D&J.W.BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDINO H«iira I to 11 A. M. and 2 to • P. ?'\ V. PHONE t> / *:-L LESfGLE, M. D. ; ;* : V ••'-!• Q«n»r«l Pr*etl«e ; 8p««l>l attention to Eye,-Ear, N«ac ':•"' • • ,'-, aM Throat ' QIMMS Fitted Phonvi.: Residence 330-2, bflto* S30-1 Virginia Bulldlnc SCOUTS KILL OFF GOLF PEST. After every\ other means to ester- iminate the; beetles that had menaced the 'golf .course of the'Lo.ulsyille Country club'had failed, the boy scouts of the city ^ere frantically appealed to.: .•"Everybody has fallen down on us," jthe'khaki-clad boys were,-told, >.'and We're calling on you as'a last resort." The boys looked the situation over. They found .that the ,beetles"'at'tlic. links had become so numerous during the'past four years that they swawned around like,bees -and.-threatened' the ,very life of the course.' : -Bnt that dldn'tfaze-fte scouts a bit. .They armed themselves with a bunch of small minnow nets and some used HAMILTON ^ BRADLEY Attorney*'«t Law Phan» 282 K Suit* 112-11B New Hamilton Building DELIA CALDWEJLL, M. D. McANALLY BtMLDING 211 W««t Main 8tr**t Offle* Hour*—8 io lu M.M.: 2 U 4 P.It, CARBONDALE CANDY ' KITCHEN » Home 'Made Candlei and Ic* Cr»*T| : \ Telephone M4 Y JUST GOT OVER A COLD? liook out for kidney troubles and backache. Colds overtax the kidneys and; often leave them weak. For weak kidneys— wellhead what a Cartewllie woman says: Mrs. W. M. Rushing, ' . Cartervil'e, 111.', says: "I caught a heavy cold and 'it settled on my kidneys and my back becam e very lame and sore. When I would turn over in bed, sharp pains shot through m» and mornings I felt ae tired as when I went to hed. I often suffered -with; sick and nervous hearaches and sometimes felt tired and drowsy. My kidneys weren't acting right and I knew they caused the trouble. I bought Doan's Kidney Pills and 'two l)oi*» completely cured me. I have haft no return of kidney troubl*." .Price 60 C . *t alt dealers. Dont simply ask for a kidney remedy — get Doan's. Kidney Pills — the same that Mrs.- Rushing 'had. Foster-Kilbura East Relief already have saved the lives of at least 30,000 babies and children and of 600,000 adult refugees and destitute. This work still is continuing." • • . . In an effort to procure fjmds to carry on the work and save the- lives of ' these hundreds of thousands who otherwise will die of starvatlop and exposure Near East Belief, of which Cleveland, H. Dedge Is treasurer. Is makinc an appeal to tlie American*** Hesult? Complete nnnlh«ation.9f j.ho foe ! Thousands of the pests" ; w«re caught, killed, -piled up into a mouo- tain of "carcasses," and burnod. Incidentally, "the golf authorities were tidkled and showed their appreciation 'by giving, the'-boys a;spr,eaa at "chow" that w,buld -make 1 a Ne'jqf iorlr hotel look like, a night-owl ' SCOUTS TO BAN One branch of \he gcvcrnment st VV'ashington has Institu't'otl a campaign to discourags the use of nicknames fur representatives of our allies. ' . j Bors are the ones who mns-t'-qf'nlT perpetuate the use of undignified appellations and the Boy Scbu.tS'off^msr*. lea are invited to put their active ban on them. , ". '. '" i "The use of nicknames, and names, of •derision as, applied to the foreign-born in Arrfericii is a considerable obstacle In the way of Americanization, 1 ! ;saya, Commissioner of Education P. P.I $&:£* ton in a letter to Chief Scout Executive James E. West. "So long as the foreign-born person feels that we dp not: respect him he does not .want to" join America, learn English or become a citizen.'. With the- help of the Boy Scouts of America-we" believe the -use of such nicknames can be eliminated to a very large extent." CH1CHESTER S PILLS v^ - Epidemic Closes College. ' Lincoln, Neb., .Tan.'. 29.—Doane cot lege atOete and other schools there -WT jtf f* WM are closed, and public gatherings pro' l»-'*i. : l -'\t fl hibfted because of : an outbreak . spinal meningitis, the state teatth <! <wrtment reported. / • ' •"' ,. . GET SLOAN'S FOE Just one trial convinces you Sloan's Liniment helps drive away ijj'"': rheumatic twinges W HY endure pain whcn^you kvc-jr Sloan's Liniment. will relieve it promptly? It couldirt remain the" World's Liniment for 38 years if it S'syasn't highly -beneficial in relieving- rheumatic' ac'.ics,' stiff joints, sore- muscles, lumbago, neuralgia, strains,. •bruises, exposure to- weather results; Penetrates without rubbing, leaving^ '''no 'stained skin, clogged' pores, mussi- ness.- A pain 'and ache liniment that stands alone in is meant to do. ' Get a bottle today and keep" .. it handy. . AH druggists. Three sizes — ,35c., 7,0c., $1.40. ..... - - -. _, - .«."" Sha? Early wrf Che.

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