Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 29
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Uno Bticti, CJIH , Tfiurt., Mlrcfi II. 117* INUtt'tNUtM (ftM) -ltLtUAM (I'M)--A-^j By TEDD THOMEY Vegas strike talks break off as losses total $1.4 million (Cent. From Preceding Page) attracting business guys, cxees, doctors and lawyers. The wives like Sileo's as much as the men because they like fine food and they like to be where the guys are. The luncheon specials, really great, include prime rib au jus every Tuesday, beef Burgundy on Thursday and filet of sole on Friday. At night the entrees include such gourtnet gems as beef Stroganoff, $-1.75; the special N.Y. steak, $5.75; eastern scallops, $3.95, or chicken livers simmered in butter, $3.50. ;'Another place for splendid steaks, the best lobster another choice seafoods is the Village Inn, 20M Bellflower Blvd., across from Los Altos shopping center. Try the steak sandwich for luncheon or dinner. You'll be glad, you did, because the steak is premium beef, juicy and savory. That sandwich is a real production. At night it includes baked potato as well as salad with one of the best dressings in town. At luncheon, the steak san is $3.50; al night, it's $4.25. People als: nv» ibout the Village Inn's charbroiled beef brochette fiarnbe. $4.95, "fit for a sultan and his harem." It comes with soup du jour or salad, rice pilaf with.mushroom sauce and fresh, hot garlic bread. Quite often on Sundays the prime rib )u jus is on special for $4.95, a very good deal. I- My wife and I also rave about our visits to the La $rique restaurants because their steaks and salad dress- Ings are so terrific. The original La Brique is in Bellflower on Woodruff Avenue at Roseerans Avenue. Its twjn is in Huntington Beach on Springdale Street near Bolsa Avenue, not too far south of the San Diego Freeway, about 10 minutes from Long Beach. They're owned by Larry Myer, who knows the art of buying and serving quality beef and lobster. TO' the lop sirloin, $4.75, a steak which has delighted thousands of diners for years. Or the filet mignon with mushroom cap, $4.95, another winner. Larry's bleu-cheese salad dressing is unbelievably good! Do you know what's featured tonight in the attractive coffee shops at the three King's restaurants? Braised Swiss steak with burgundy sauce, served with soup or salad, potato, beverage, hot roll, butter and beverage. How much? Is it $3 or $3.50? Certainly not! It's merely $1.95, but worth far more. The King's restaurants are in Long Beach at 6075 I^ong Beach Blvd., in Downey at 8350 E. Firestone Blvd. and in La Palma near Valley View and the Artesia Freeway. The other $1.96 dinners are served on this sked: Sundays, roast torn (urkey with all the trimmings; Mondays, golden veal patty; Tuesdays, finger-lickin' chicken, and Wednesdays, baked Salisbury steak with mushroom sauce. Here's another rave! rave! slcak at a sensible price -- the $5.25 New York steak.on Ihe dinner at the Fiddler's Bar Galley in Lakewbod. The B G is a cozy cocktail IcAinge arid dining room, a separate restaurant at the rear of the Fiddler's Three reslaurant on Clark Street just south of Candlewood Street. It's open for luncheon and Sunday brunch, loo. Another rave! rave! entree for dinner Is the teriyaki shrimp, ANNIVERSARY GELEBMTION EARLY BIRD DINNER SPECIALS Served 3:30 to 7:00 P.M. BUEADEDVEAL CUTLET MILANAISE . . . HAM STEAK. PINEAPPLE RINO. . . ·ROCHETTEOF BEEF --FLUFFY RICE . . . FRIED CHICKEN A LA MABYLAND . . . DEEP FRIED SHRIMP -r^OCKTAIL SAUCE . . . PANFKIED FILET OF SOLE, LEMON BUTTER . SEAFOOD PLATTER '1 DID VOU WAR ABOUT THE LOUSY COOK H'IfO LIVES ON MAGNOLIA AVENUE? Her husband is a real gentleman. He never tells the true reason ivljy Ihe family prays be/ore each mea/. Time to Live Phoenix area a natural for senior citizens By BOB WALTON LAS VEGAS (Al'l -- Negotiations broke off abruptly Wednesdayiii efforts to cml a crippling strike against IS Strip hotels after two clays o( contract bargaining. The visitors' bureau estimated that the strike has cost the hotels $1.4 million in gross rcvcnues'so far, not counting gambling. Roland Davis, attorney for the Culinary Workers and Bartenders unions, said labor representatives walked out of an afternoon session when representatives of the 15 clubs refused to budge from a Jl.'t5-an-nour incrcase over lour years, "They Inld us they have no oilier proposal," said Jeff McColl, a union spokesman. Frank Soot I. president of the Nevada Resort Association, said (he union refused to consider the association's newest proposal bul said he was willing to meel with union representatives at any time. No new lalks were scheduled. The talks broke riff after an hour and a half at the MOM Grand Hotel, where an eight-hour session was held Tuesday night. The suspension of talks dashed hopes of an early sclllementin (he week-long labor dispute in which some 12,000 culinary workers, bartenders, musicians and stagehands have closed 12 of 15 struck hotels. The Convention and Visitors Authority released undated figures showing that the week-old strike has caused a 22 per cent drop in tola! hotel occupancy in this desert resort city. Motel occupancy was up slightly, 3.7 per cent. The reporl estimates that (he average tourist spends about fKO a day here, not including what lie or she might lose at (he tables. Culinary workers, bartenders ami stagehands went on strike last Thursday. Musicians went oul (he previous night. Union officials were holding out for a $1.35-an-hmir raise over Ihrec years, saying Ihe extra dime in Hit 1 fourth year amounted to virtually no raise in the final year of the proposal. Also at issue was a conlnwrsial "lix'kmil" clause sought hv hotels hut resisted by the unions. The clause would allow hotels l» lock out union employes who honor picket lines by other unions and refuse In work. Thy union said Dial clause would make it impossible 'for culinary workers and bartenders to luinnr picket linos of other unions. '.tT^ The struck holds on the Strip, NKA mcinberg"«re Caesars Palace, MGM Grand Hotel, Circus CifSis, Dunes, landmark. Sands, Castaways, IVscrt Inn, Frontier, Stiver Slipper. Tropicana, Thundcrhird, Las V.ggas Hilton, Flamingo Hilton and Sahara. f~ Meanwhile more trouble could be brewing downtown, where clubs with contracts expiring April 1 ro- main open. Don Ashworlh. chairman of the Downtown Casino Association, said his group would accept a strike le(ore giving in ID (he $1.35-an-hour raise. Those talks have not yet produced a firm offer by downtown hotels. Musicians and stagehands are not involved in Ihe current round of (alks. and union officials say Ihe strike will continue until all labor disputes are sdlled. Nol affected by the strike are five Strip resorts which have a tentative agreement wilh the unions, (he Riviera. Aladdin. Stardust. Hani-rula and Marina. -TARTAR SAUCE . CUBE STEAK '-HUNTER STYLE . , . Toiwtl sjiaiiwith choice o1 di vr9elat'e, au four, po'a* hoi roll and butter. LUNCHEO 1/4 Lb. Hamburger Z Q 'jumbo Hoi Dog Qfl ..." Trimster Plate N SPECIALS SOUP Sondv;ict» OO C ' Special of Ihe Dny ... T T Breaded 00 C ' VCrll CUtlCl » T $1,25 DOWNTOWNER 144 PINE AVE., DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH 432-2326 F0» KESEMTIONS · 598-5514 1WO rtCIf 1C COAST KWT. S«l luck lANOUII ItCllilift ro?50 DAILY MNNII SKCIAil MONDAY Roast Prime Rib *4i75 TUESDAY Top Sirloin Steok 4.75 WEDNESDAY Chicken Fried Sleak 4.50 THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY Veal Parmigiano Boked Halibut Townedos of Beel Grecian Roast Chicken ... . .SKIPO'DOHNELL.: Fmt to//» FlMrjr SPECIAL FOOD TOGO! DINNER $149 FOR 2 I cfioic* of ony Potto lor 2. Sovp. Solod. 1/2 I'M of t« Ot*^ tf Phone 425-0406 Phone 425-7255 4121 WOOBRBFF ME. AT C1RSM I UKEWOOD A Trtxftion tnc» 1933 432-9536 Dine out 177! UJT FflKTI TOOT New CNrrrr. Long 6*ach There's a strange sort of rivalry g o i n g on in Arizona on (he part of one r e t i r e m e n t c o m p l e x against another. " A L L WE ASK IS EQUAL TIME," roads a caption in inch-high type o v e r a s e v e n - c o l u m n advertisement by Leisure World in Easl Mesa in the Phoenix newspapers. Below that arc pictures of two lakes. Under one the caption reads, "Spend a Day at Sun City." Under theolher picture is a similar caplion except t h e words. leisure World, replace Sun City. The advertisement appeared during simultane- o u s - s h o w i n g s of new models in bolh complexes. Leisure World is m o r e than 20 miles east of Phoenix while Sun City is 12 to 15 miles due west of the Arizona capital. LOCATION is not the only difference. Sun City is 16 years old and has a p o p u l a t i o n of a p p r o x i - community Ls an outof- state resident and qualifies as a stranger -- could be confused. WITH SOMETHING like 40 miles separaling tho (wo communities, the phrase could r e f e r to I'hoenix, a dynamic city of superlatives which does not consider ilsclf a rclirc- mcnl city in HIP (rue sense of the word. Even so, 8.7 per cent of its population is G5 or over and 2.1 per conl of the households lists residents in (hat age category. It is also the capital of A rim iin and has grown (mm 5..VH in 1900 to 581,562 in l!WO to become the nation's twentieth largest city. And (hat's not all. The unofficial metropolitan population stands at 1,282.000 a g a i n s t the state's total of 1.772,482. It's actually because of Phoenix that Sun City and leisure World came into being. Rcliremenl has always been popular in Phoenix, but nlher things You Should Know Q. 1 am 23 and my husband is IH and I know we will never have children of nur own. If we should atinpt a child ami if I survive my husband would 1 receive Social Security benefits as 1 would if it were our own child? -Mrs. C. U., Minneapolis, Minn. A. If a child is legally adopted, both you and he or she would receive benefits should you survive your husband. With the child, such benefits will go on until he is 18 or 22, depending on whether he conlinues his education and remains unmarried. Benefits for you will end when the child becomes 18. One thine you musl remember is (hat if you should re-marry before you are CO, you will lose all future benefits from your husband. m a t e l y 37,000. Leisure World is only in its third year and claims to have fflO residents and is in a hurry to grow. Advertisements can be misleading and the story under the pictures of the lakes illustrates that point. "Sun City and leisure World." it begins. " B e t w e e n the two you're hound to find exactly what you're looking for in a home -- and in .1 retirement community." It's Ihe use of Ihe phrase, 'between the two" that is confusing A stranRfr -- and just about everj'onc who is house-hunting in c i t h e r like business and increasing land values Rot in Ihe way. It is all loo apparent Ihe leisure W o r l d advertisement was not referring (n Phoenix when it said "between the two." It was jusl asking the retirement- home seeker to Rive it an equal break with Sun City, leisure World is now owned by Western Service, a subsidiary of West- cm Savings and l/ and was built as a joint enterprise w i t h R n s s m o r i r leisure World nf l,aguna Hills, Calif. Western Service bought oul Rnssmnnr's share and is now nn an expansion program. EXICAN CUISINE BEST pfl'rt tK- tfVstCottll.H Daily 11 A M I J M ^ 4177 I. IMIHO « . - _ _ , _ MKCAN OUR FAMOUS PRIME RIB ON THE DINNER enderloin £?^'~ $ 3,95 BUFFfT IUNCHION (rom $,.95 4363 ATLANTIC »¥£. ,'££ 695-4306 OLEY'S VMS Trim Paint Sale! « ONE WEEK ONLY · latex Wall paint low lustre Now Gal. REG. i.n Famous SPRED quality at a budget price 1 Now Smoolli. (:ft uYicij b*udi w inller appliwuon Oriel ID 30 mimnn la J dufiMf Oil tJietn Clioott flam i widi vjiiely of vnUiible crtou Clejn hindi lorti in loauy v You got enamel and . wall paint ' REG 3 '.;, in ONE can! Diiei f«( (y t mh. low luiler iFiien nurjbl* fir'i;h n dial for watli and woodwnrV Casy bimli at roHer fLjpStcition Clean lunch jiid touU in IUJPY v/Jlii OUR PAINT DEPT. IS LOCATED IN THE MAIN (Center) BLDG. POOI FY ? S Hardware Mart 5075 LONG BEACH B LVD,-NORTH LONG BEACH r l l 1 I I l G I i 1 f*Sr. 3 ** CLASSIFIED /IDS DAYS · 1 00 1°° EACH ADDITIONAL LINE NAME ADDRESS TMy «« not ftx n» ^ «««,«*· '="· *'»"?*»»?£%, ^ PHONE- CITY. ZIP FIRST DATE OF PUBLICATION I I I I 1

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