Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 14
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itot li«c*. MM., **rl I. Automation Brings Out Tax Honesty electronic the . WASHINGTON (UPI-Thej ADP IS AN mere prospect of an auto-'metjxrf mated tax collecting system' ., . already has induced many,* 01 ** *** to someo ^ Americans to "step up and,"" 1 !*«»'* income tax readmit" they were delinquent turn. Every taxpayer win in paying tixes. it was dis- have aa individual number, closed Sunday. The system will be able to Internal Revenue Commis- detect when a payment that tioner Mortimer M. Caplin should have been listed as told a congressional subcommittee that publicity about income wasn U . . · - . » - '* '* expected to be in cf- the Automatic Data Process- ftct throughout t he countr . ing system now being put into, by 1966 ^ A , nt indh - use has started reaping dollar and bus j.,ess returns are. b * n , e ". t ?- . . . being processed by ADP in Caplin. ta testimony made' j^, - - ' public by a House appropria- - ° tions subcommittee, said that ADP will not only moke tax collecting more efficient, but will produce more in addi- at At . lnd business re- tums only in regional head- w IU UIUUUIC iiiUl C III AUUI* M , f . , A .. M . . n K tiooal revenue than it tortil^ *^*££TM a *£?· to set up and run the system. 3 wa tiua IHEITSD ' MISS FOJTUNE 53303 JACKPOT WED. -- 8:30 ETHEL MERMAN Lots ol Road Work Grandma Merman - . i n m . - , on Loose nearly 1,000 taxpayers voluntarily came forward last year SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -with amended returns. They] Ethel Merman, the home-Iov- 11 attributed their action to ing grand^ther, has turned "gypsy" in more ways than !nn^ . thlt * ft " the THERE WERE no dollar] The famed song-belter, who igures available for 450 of.for years refused to leave hem. For the rest. Caplin Broadway because of her said, about $3 minion in additional tazes was reported. "If this many are willing to white line. ^- -.wr-f j.. HI *-3« IMPERIAL ble to suspect that many nothing to keep me home any imes that number have si-more." she said recently as ently begun paying and re- she popped into Saa Francis- portins more accurately," he a, for one day to publicize . C P E * HOOK . III ACADEMY AWXEBS! | 12:11-1:11. 1:11 CPE* · r t=5nivt L 1 EnpMlgiiieul C iCADlMT «*»I3 9 NOMINATIONS * JACK LIMMOIt Lit StUICI "OATS OF WINE | AND ROSES" ·ttrmt t! UJ L_BsLMOHT OPE* ill . IL Mjldwin--f. MKt-*JfM I TWO FO* THE SEESAW- iho»« · i a-it a "^fHO-J GOT*TM THE ACTION' ta Citor-t « Only -- TOMORROW -- I 1 WORLD n AWARDS I'The Bridge 1 IS3300 JACKPOT he publicity. one. tep up and admit nonfiling. r other evasion, it is reason- family, is now spending more time on the road than the APRIL FOOL YEAR AROUND Hollywood Gags Recalled By JOSEPH FLN'XIGAN [roota four days waitinj for HOLLYWOOD GIPI)-Tp-| $ome body to claim the money," Huston recalled. first time he left that room, we went up and stole day Is Arsi! FooTs day in' many parts of the world, but in Hollywood practical jokes are pulled an year round. j More than one budding star has been fooled during an important scene. Asked to act in front of * camera, the newcomer poured out his dramatic soul, never noticing that the camera wasn't running. The late Ernie Kovacs was keen on gags. When a friend once invited Ernie to dinner, the comedian couldn't keep the date but sent a bowl of the suitcase." GARFIELD was deadly place. piranha fish in his ERNIE'S HOST, not to be outdone, gifted Kovacs with a donkey which was the bane Tilled with metal pitchers, scaring the drinker almost onto the wagon. » · · · THE PICTURE 'Some Like It Hot" called for a scene in Japan Medics M«l ·; OSAKA, J a p a n W1 -- Itlwffl be coming to Osaka to- won't pay to get sick or b ' a ,eg fU this week. may not fodt doctor-- unless doctors j^j 45 he'd been robbed until Huston and his pals let him in on the Joke. The glamorous Elizabeth Taylor was not above practical jokes. When her husband Eddie Fisher was singing in a Las Vegas hotel Liz donned a blonde wig and wandered around the dining room rattling dishes and interrupt ing Fisher's act. The owner of a famous Hollywood restaurant used to which * gunman jumped out of a huge birthday cake. A certain joker switched the signals you live in Osaka. A third of j ja!ists from ibroad w2I attend the country's nwdieat men the conference. , f -- -----· "·*·* »*«· ·w* r , ^ u p j y nigjiLCJmig m of the comic's Beverly Hals customers. The club and out popped a chorus girl Veteran actor A l b e r t o Morin was one of the town's best joksters. He invented a kind of double-talk and used it in speaking to persons about their own business or profession, which was usually foreign to Morin. He usually had the expert conversing with htm serously before he was cnmasked. Probably the most printed of _ practical jokes enjoy frightening his tipsy has happened in horse-opera neighborhood onti] he was given to a boys' home. Director John Huston, one of the town's best practical jokers, left a suitcase, supposedly containing $250,000, with the late John Girfield. owner 1 would walk op behind the boozing star and drop a tray 12 th Quake in Week 1 CAMERLVO, Italy tfl -- A sharp earthquake shook this cemeteries. have been Cowboy start known to put names of friends, and sometimes enemies, on tombstones. "After all the kids are grown and away and there's They told Garfield that repre- town near the Adriatic coast sentatives of a foreign gov-jnorth of Ancona Saturday night, causing alarm but no apparent damage. It was the 12th shock here in a week. eminent would pick up the money. "Garfield .dded. Offshore Oil Land Sale Set for May 14 WASHINGTON (UPI)--The nterior D e p a r t m e n t announced S u n d a y that the her April II opening at Har rah's Club on Lake Tahoe. From San Francisco she went to Colorado Springs, Colo, to visit her daughter. "She's only 20 but she's got two babies already," said the first lady of musical comedy proudly. · · * · AFTER THAT visit, it was competitive on and gas lease back to New York, to Los An- sale of 668,000 acres of sub-'geles for the A c a d e m y merged lands on the outer [Awards program April 8, then continental shelf off Califor- on to Lake Tahoe. nia has been rescheduled for ~ A fter that I'm making a '*· tot of personal appearances The s a l e originally was in night clubs all over the scheduled for April 11. The country," she said. change was made because ofj At p^^ j ^ vt no in . an error m publication of the tention of xia ^ s ^^ for offtctal not.ce of sale. j, , ong ,,,, ^ Broadway. I'm The bid opening May 14 having fun with this jumping will be held at the S taller 1 around." Miss Merman first , on the road with "Gypsy," which toured for nine months. "My son Robert is now 17 Here are the starting times and he's away at school, so for features at downtown I'm free as a bird," she said, theaters as listed by theater Hilton in Los Angeles. Show Times managers: "Cldort Cwi Hnmitn.' TO.JB. I«. i,Jl ..r*sr..?' I| i..v°!«. · »"'°".; TM. ... 1:47, 7:1ii;B. .'· ·- Nii«i»moo» ;. TfaafaGaufe DOYIHtr MOIW4U IE* lllld. II M i l l I I W IIIILTl, liwir» TI I J!ll ii t»»in -nu«» TII IITI- I I I I l E . I k . (ut.4|l 1(1 fill -m»n- IDIEII ".it ir niim- ttDOHBO ttJtCH mill cm. i ».· ·« unit TI counon Tint, in II.LI.ini. it uii« KU't»-«itt«» -I Fll IHtll- i.n i.c»mi n ' G J I O E W GIOTI TI itntn it 1XM74 XN4 JTiTI HI. J]« ·. It -Ulllli- ^tlU »:ll II mill, inn . T»«m n i nil -mil · in in i ricj- -ncini u mill iinfn r»mn n I n i l .». *f»UI ?_f««JI»II* rillllBII. l l t l l Hrtn. ·- "t run ii TII 101 ·- -in nriomii- . in*. ^·nii umtit ii uir jiu- r*i*Tii rit-i it iui 11 1 tin ·ttttiif.t n lit i\ ruiEi- · (IT Til ICTitl- ITiTE " "i»1IC*it." 1C. tit ,-a.Alx. TOWWC 'Flv« mules to MidpigM.* t Bl Tht Unstoooitk UOn.' 10:11 *Wh*f E*«r H«poeneff to tab/ Jr^i WEST CO*IT ^ O«rk*T« ContSnmv" T2 H 1:50 AUMT1C I ten.- 1.51 -Juml LAITCWOCD i."i eu ^s.v is-, i s tr -* ia -fsrs'trS'.n^'-" ··*« M E R M A N ' S Academy Award appearance win be a tribute to composer Irving Berlin. "It's a medley that lists seven minutes and ends up with There's No Business LDce Show Business."* she explained. "And there isn't, you know. Robert is also interested in the theater. He wants to go into the directing end of it You know, ordering the actors around. "And I think hell make it. I think he's got what it takes." A BOY PICKS A BRIDE FOR HIS DAD! -'--· M-G-l* «,..·,,, · . . . . · · . ' · · · ' lie)5 fatKerc UNITED ARTISTS 217 E. OCEAN poxy M A M -- ore* AU. 1mm ITlwAtT -- cnci «IU.T . *aa**OL ·* » c«v -HEAR WINDOW" «rt» wlCMf*--Juri COltml C*ai« O-»t If» -- C.W "STOP OYER TOKYO" ea BAUT --aurkn Huxr ntlCERWATU WiRJUOR" PACIFIC THEATRES f. UIU-L HUiij|TOMOUOW_TOW« ONIT Ita *!l«t* -i min N K.hirM- -MCtIT W100W tU M22I -tuilMUU ltl-1 ONE BAT OMIT! ITIH s. UIH-L MIEtl tcui I rim n 7-2721 inra.1 »*nt m- IJ. INI, ilk -win n»ii[i HI I-J2I1 TI Illl J1IE- PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES - C UIIWOCD t. lli[|-- I. men - ( ttnet, Cktrrj-t Hitn * · ,;rtr- - C ClltlE Tr«Sie tlrcll IOS ItlM* M I-1I2I _^liiHrtir rt l^i Irf- 11TI$ J " l: * I:M ~ Im-WIT 2! · ·«·* l--^"» li «" ! " . . . "Hut IEIR1TI I t- l l « « « l f » !·«*! to, tpri»f ijismii* |I». tt IJrt -tin M me stun Ft TE MIH intou tteclil W. if U II t.i« Hi.t ' *tltll»I«* IIIIIII- rti it nr* ni tiiun WUIIl Wj.trr W. if I-1SH SUI III tiruil -k, Usei!i, Hintr NOW! $1.50 ptr Carlcad '.'iV "JUMBO" J ATLANTIC t ·" """-« * «'" rru?* 3 : "FOLLOW THE SOTS" * 6:15 I AUCIMT *w»a Moxmtt » "DIVORCE ITALIAN STTLE" "TERM OF TRIAL" «"" 6 *° · rat «vr. "MAjoirrr OF ONI* "SIBCtT 60IS nor WHO STOH sat in a hotel L fiKEUJOOD HA 5-2530 ISII CMtM OPEN 1:15--FIE* fAtllNO 'THE ( 0 1 R T S U I P OF FDDIITS TIIE for the' Japan Medical "gRA I P S I O W A P Q R K S H O PS LoOlCWHAr CAN Buy I 3 DAY SALE--Pricei Valrd Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, April I, 2 SPRINGFIELD EVAPORATED CAMM1UC APPLE Vl$TA APPLE SAUCE SERVE CHILLED WITH MEATS 14-«. la Mofasses Sauce Con h Tomato Savee Eaci No. 303 Can LIBBY'S BEANS SLICED PINEAPPLE GOLDEN CORN SWEET GREEN PEAS SCOn TOILET TISSUE CHEIRT STAR Ne. 1 Hat Ta WHOLE KERNEL SILVER-DALE FROZEN 10-ooDC* Pactaqt SU.YER-DALE Frozei 10-oz. r\g. Vrtlre or Colon Per Rol 10* 10' 10 10 10' FUERTE Nutritions for salads, soadwkbes toi PILLSiURYorBAbLARD OVEN-READY BISCUITS SWEET MILK OR BUTTERMILK C E L E R Y LARGE STALK CRISP. TENDER 10 c ea. Your Choice 8-OZ. ; CAN EASTERN GRAIN-FED, FRESH-CUT YOUNG McCOY'S BONELESS, MILD-CURED BRISKET MOW LOIN PORK CHOPS PORK LOIN CHOPS PORK SPARERIBS We Girt Amenta't Fiitett... ·ONKESS THICK CUT OREEN STAMPS FAMILY STEAK CHUCK EYE STEAK SLICED BACON IONRE5S BAREECUE PERFECT ! ItUH . HIS IUM »is IEICH itie J2i E. r»m jt. 121 w. wm» v. DaiUOUE ROYAL IUFKT - ccwrrti 1121 Witdrtfl Iri. 1101 E. il««n I.L IISI W. Iisicnn ininiwii co»noi tOMmt - csurrti 11(41 l.ticrin lOi J. {iifrl lit. Illl liKi tlii .1121 S. ifliitit IL FAUB.Y PACK 3 TO 4 U. AY6. COUNTRY STYLE ·r LIGHT WEIGHT

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