Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 28
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 28

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 28
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Tulips A Bloomin' Classified Results A Zoomirr Get Busy Today To Sell S t o r e d Items For Cash. HUMBOLDT STANDARD DEATHS AN CHILCUTT, I'imOXIE NAOMI April 3, 1962, 303 Humbold Riiiiii. Crescent City. Mother o Mrs. Wanda E. Tipton of Lo lota, Mrs. Bcniice Lippincolt o C.'iHotta, Mrs. Lois Johnson o C;irlott;i, Mrs. Ar ss Swain o Eureka, Mr. Henry Roberts o Ciirloitti, Mr. Robert Roberts o P;is» Hobles, California. She is survived by IH grandchildren. A native of Pctrolin, California aiX 1 ~2. Services will be held a: rhupo! of Coble's r ortuna Mortuary Jit 1 :30 p. m. Friday April fith. Interment at Rohncr- ville Masonic Cemetery. DAVIDSON, ARTHUR WILLIAM Brother of James A. Davidson of Eureka, Mrs. Margaret D. Billiarcle of San Pedro. He is survived by 2 nieces, residing in San Pedro. A native of Scot- lam!, age 54 years. Funeral services were held in San Pedro \iilc graveside services were held in Sunset Memorial Park, Eureka, at 3:15 p. m., Wednesday. April 4, I9G2, with Reverend James M. Brown offici- ntinp. Arrangemen s under the direction of the Pierce Morlu ary, Eureka. )AVENI'ORT. JAMES L. April 4 1%2. Rl. 1, Box 346, Arcata Husband of Carrie Davenport father of James L. Davenport, Jr., of Arcata, uncle, of Orvil Wilson and Paul Wilson, both of Eureka. Six brothers ant ihree sisters a so survive. lie is survived by two grandchildren. A native of Missouri, age 53. Services will be held at Cooper Mortuary. Chapel of the Ferns, LEPftL NOTICE County of Humboldt Slfte of California NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS S E A L E D PROPOSALS W 1 be re- ivpd at the office of Ihc County crk. Court House, Eureka, California, III 2:00 P. M., on TUESDAY, A P R I L , 156! a! which time they w l l be pub- 3rk ,is follows: CONSTRUCTION OF ORM DAMAGE REPAIRS TO YAGER- ·?IDGEV1LLE -- ALDERPOINT ROAD 27?. PROJECT NO. 12, LOCATIONS AND 23. Ho bid will be received un ess It Is ide on a Proposa Form furnished the County Surveyor. Each bid must accompanied by cash, cashier's or rtiiicd check made payable lo the unly of Humboldt. or. a bidder's bond ide payable to the Counly ot Hum- dt, and executed as surety by some rporation authorized to issue surety nds In the State of California, for amount equal lo at least five per- nf (5': ) of Ihe amount ot, Ihc total 3, such fluaranty to be forfeited outd Ihe bidder to whom the contract awarded, fall to enter into the con- ct within ten (10) days from and er Notice ol Award. All bids are to be compared on the sis ol the County Surveyor's estimate the quantities of work to be done. No bid will be accepted from a Con- ^clor who has not been licensed In cordance wllh the provisions of aptcr 791, Statutes of 1929, as amend- PJans may be seen, and forms of pro- sal, bonds, contract and specifications ay be obtained at the office of the unty Surveyor, 1106 ,2nd Street, Eu-" Xd, California. The special attention of prospective ddcrs is called to the "Proposal Re- irements and Conditions" annexed to e blank form ol proposals, for lull rcctions as to bidding, etc. n accordance wlfh the provisions ot cTion 1770 of the Labor Code, the e qeneral prevailing rate of wages plicable to the work to be done as lows: Copies of the wage schedule adopted the Board of Supervisors are avail- e upon request In the County Clerk's ice, Court House, Eureka, California. All crafts no! reprcsen ed by Hum- dt Building Trades are secured from i Francisco Building Trades. apprentices to all cralts are subject working scales set up by the Appren- eship Council. Eight (B) hours shall const tute a ys work-- Forty (40) hours per week. lidays, governed by craft nvolved. The following holidays sha 1 be obved: New Year's Day, Memorial y, Independence Day, Labor Day. ariksgivlng Day, Christmas Day, Ad- ssion Day and Veleran's Day. rhe County of Humboldt reserves the ht lo reject any or all bids. 3y Order ot Ihc Board ot Supervisors. Doled: March 27, 1963. County of Humboldt FRED J. MOORE, JR., Caunly Clerk. By s/ W. E. SCHUSSMAN, f Deputy County Clerk. t 3/3 thru 4/9 IS) Olio ACROSS JO Sea bird 1 Present dale * 2 Erects 11 Kjtchrn mcnU implement 18 The gods 13 Holy TMI rad " H Moulh root ·" Pnntuig ISExpunger a Chtirch festival 16 Measure of 23 Shops cloth 24 Play characters 17 American 25 Poker stake humorist 26 llmmw head BCOKimance. 28Anccrcd 20 L.iuchs lo MSlatRcr scorn 30 Es ., cn i ia i tx ia . ·1 Allies , 36 Cuts 7 Juvenal s forte 37 Cray spots Klnsc to (pwL) 39 Preposition 4 Thursday, Apr! 5, 1962. P. 28 D FUNERALS i - al ;:30 p.m., Monday, April ' Interment at Ocean View Cerr etery. CIGANDA, FRANK. Apri , 1982 ·1(11 1st SI. Age 81 years. Sm-icp will be held at Cooper Her uarj Chapel of UK Ferns, Apri 1 4 p.m., with Rev. Oscar Lin officia ing. Interment ;it Ocea View Cemetery. LEGAL NOTICE N Thes ly Tax 1962 is by 5: Of 1902, a bo addt sccuroc Tax Co Court I \\ I NOTICE NOT 1C at the h 3) Ihe House o Eureka, TION Ol Deration, *ucl!on in lawln 'hp follow lated In ThM r Of Eurek "f C-il fo follows: BEGINN -M a POi lino of C nstab ishp running 1 ffict; the fert to a alley 76. woM 112 ning. oblgatlon the DOWC ft certain ELAINE onanl?p a OF AME s Truste 1 FIRST OMPANY Beneflclar ecorded Office of f Humbo 56, at P Notice o a d obllg UNITED by mcrtrer AND TRL property he Otfice Humboldt December II, to w ereby m This N with n de ndcrsigne Dated: M rnp Calif By SEAL) NO n the Si Ca ifor n the t LAWSON, LAWSON, NOT CE igned Ex Teslamont LAWSON, LAWSON. and a 1 p he S3 d he necess Her Ihe n the otf :ourt of or the C b t then- rs, wllhl jubllcslion Executrix ?1SON rone Str "ounty of vhlch last elects as nailers c LYDE L* J. LAWSQ Dated: f NAN Exec LAW N. L lORRISOf Utorncys AniYi ME A Ag 'vj m UPAYEM NOTICE! econd installment of Conn s for the fisca year li)fi now due and if not pai ).m. Tuesday, April 1C fi% anally and costs wi ( thereto. All axes on Ih roll are payable at Ih !cc or s office, Room 125 ouse. ALLACE E. MARTIN, ·easurcr and Tax Colledo imboklt County. OF TRUSTEE'S SALE UNDE DEED OF TRUST ' IS HEREBY G VEN THAT V, Ihe lllh day of Ma/ 194 our of 9:00 A.M. on said da main entrance of Ihe Cou i Sth Street, in the City o Com y of Humboldt, State o , the undersigned CORPORA AMERICA, a Cn itornln co as Trustee will se 1 at publi o the hiqhcst bidder for cas money "of the United State n, payable at the time of sale ng described res property si the County of Humboldt, Ca al prnoerty silunte In the C t a, County of Humbolcft, Sta nl3, bounded and descr bed a JG on the east 1 ne of B Slrec t 43.5 fcrt north o the norl ark Street as s a d Streets ar d by the olfic a surveys an s of the C ty of Eureka; an hence north alona D street 76. ce at riqhl ang es cast 112'. alley; thence soulh along th left ; thence at right angle : feet to the place' of begin p wi 1 bn made to satisfy Ihc securer) bv. and pursuant fc of jale conferred In and b Dofd of Trust execulod by WOLLPER anil MILDRED WOLLPER, his w f e , as lorn s Trustors, to CORPORATION ICA, a Ca! fornla corporal on , tor Ihe benefit and security WESTERN DANK AND TRUST , a California corporal on, f, daled September 5, 1957, and on Seotemher 6. 1«7 in thr the Recorder of the County dt, Slate of Ca ifornla, In Book age 322 of Official Records. F defaults In and breaches of ·(lions and of the "election o CALIFORNIA BANK, successor win FIRST WESTERN BANK ST COMPANY, to cause rea to be so d was recorded in of Ihe Recorder of the s a d County, State ot California, on 2E, 1961, in Book 66i. at Page hlch said record reference Is de. lice Is given n compl ance mand heretofore made on the d Trustee by said Beneficiary, rch 29, 1962. PORATION OF AMERICA, a ornla corporation, as Trustee OHN K. DERHAM, Agent TICE TO CREDITORS NO. 15314 per or Court of the Slate ol ia, in and (or the Counly of Humbo dt atler of the Estale of CLYDE also known as CLYDE N Deceased. Is hereby a von by the under ecutrix of the Last Will and and of Ihe Estale of CLYDE also known ns CLYDE N deceased, to the creditors o ersons having cl 1m ag 1 s decedent, to H e them, with rst publ cation of this notl e e of the C erk ol the Superior he State of California n nd unty of Humboldt, or to ex, with the necessary vouch s x months afler the firs' of this notice to the said at the law offices of MOR- MORRISON, at No. 1160 Ma- ct, in the City of Eureka Humboldt, State of Cnliforn a, named place said Executrix her place ot business in a 1 jnn«c!ed with said csta e al WSON. also known as CLYDE N, deceased, prll 2nd, 1962. ZY LAA'SON j t r x of the Last Will and Tcs- it and of the Estate ol CLYDE ON, also known as CLYDE AWSON, Deceased. MORRISON or Executrix 4/5, 12, 19, !S (S) er to Previous Puzz e T Holt P E A S 0 A W T . A L T 3 N E S ' T B E B F A M J X C cf Wet A S r"^ 1 ^ T 0 A P E E £ , £ 5 T - ST RJES D =· MT 10 Chair 46 Makes mistakes 1 Nested boxes 48 Devotee 2 Mix 49 Legal point ·JGudrun's 51 River in husband (myth,) Swi zcr and 5 Man's name 52 Cravat 4 Kims and oaks f, 1-- 1 aDoclrincs " IZ implement H 1 1 1 1 8 Ravers [ 0 Hud's sibling 16 fSKfti" K 3 Goddess of Ihe LJ 1 nHHTili dawn 120 21 \ 7 Complete 24 25 !6 I 1 1 gfl ORac ., ,, -H LraS9 5 Ci"l"wrODSS 53 tKJt 5 Checks __ Biaj ' rCn ' ,» n | | 1 Collection of BH^9 ^r s ? OH tern-Mil n -Yellow bugle " llaurd 55 1 Pirk ' 1 ' 16 p S 9 10 ||3 1 ft -- j f*»" 23 127 28 29 M IF - - M j T 6 1 » NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. PERSONAL NOTICES 23 PERSONAL NOTICES 2 CUT RA' KNOW Y( If arrested you have a ri call to a Bailbondsman. M sure to get results -- the onl) · ON THE JOB-across the s a day. k YOU GET ONLY ONE C EUREKA will alway LOWEST RATES AND FA If you want call RAY Across the stre TE BAIL!!! 3UR RIGHTS glit to one but ONLY ONE 3ke that coll where it will be bondsman in town who LIVES treet from the jail-- 24 hours :ALL. DONT WASTE mi! 3AILBOND s offer the STEST SERVICE IN TOWN to get sprung GENUNG et from the Jail 924 4th St. (-1th J) bureka HI ZO/^ anytime . MARRIAGE LICENSES ; March 27, 1962 Georqc Rupert O'Rourkc. Eureka and Rosalie Marie Crnich, Eureka Harold Roner Lelthelser. Eureka and Mario Howard, Eureka James Don Fraser, Eureka and Sharron Ann Bell, Eureka March 28, 1962 and Bonnie Lorraine Sallee, Arcat March 29, 1962 Kenneth LB Roy Howard, Eureka snd Prlscilla Neoma Mines, Arcata Richard Jack Birdwell, Eureka and Bonnie Jean Black, Eureka Edward Joseph Carey, McKlnleyv! le and Clara Elizabeth Rasco, Eurek March 31, 1962 Frederick Joseph Matthews, Rio De and Pamela June Schorllg, Eureka April 3, 1962 Kenneth Ray Whltmlre, McKlnleyv II and Marjorle Diane Whipple, McKinleyvllle David Leroy Gardenhlre, Spokane, Wash, and Beverly Anne Jones, Eureka IN APPRECIATION ^ "CARDS OF THANKS ARE GOOD FORM" -Said Emily Post! "Cards ot Thanks" may be used ap- proprlalety to thank trlends ot the deceased. "In Memortam" and Mass Notices afford fnends the opporlunlty to send appropriate messages to the taml y ot the deceased. To insprl Cards of Thanks, In Memor- lam Mess Notices Memorial Dedica- lion, on this page, pnone HI 2-1711, Ext 2CM and ask tor Eve Edwards. She will qiadly assist you with heloful LOST FOUND 15 CLASSIFIED LOST AND FOUND COURTESY SERVICE Anyone finding keys, glasses or los articles, may bring them to the Counter at Eurexa Newspapers where ,*ner may clainil $50 REWARD (or Information on air operated grease gun stolen from Vaissade's Mobil Station, Arcata. VA 2-1122. I I kl lo at 3rd 0 Sts. Call HI 2-1711, Ext 26*, before 3 p.m. or HI 2-8701. Lost in Arcata Safeway: Ladles' Red Billfold. .Keep money. Please return papers. TE 9-39BB. Lost: Younq groay Persian cat in vicinity ot Del Norte I Sts., April 3. Ch 1 dren's pet. REWARD. HI 3-0974. Lost -- Small black female dog. Very crooked front legs Reward. NO B-5016 LOST: Ladles aqua dinner ring In Eureka Bowl Friday evening. March 30. REWARD -- HI AMUSEMENTS 19 HUMBOI DT GRANGE, SPRUCE POINT Card Parly Every Tuesday RUMMAGE SALE April ith 8. 6th at the Old Arcata Cannery. 192 So. G St., PUBLIC GAVES EVERY WEONES. DAY at 6 P.M. Eagles Hall, 1317 California Street. PUB1 1C GAMES every TTiursday -- 3 Eureka. Card Party at Carlotta April 7. Games 7:30 Cards fl:30 WHIST PARTY WESTHAVEN FIRE HALL April 6. Games 7:30-- Cards 8:30. Public games held April Sth. 8 p.m. Eagles Hall -- 4th J Sts. Arcata M nlaturc bowling Is iun. Ages 6 to 60. Complete Birthday Parties, M1N -BOWL 3575 H-irris Ht 2-5617 PERSONAL NOTICES 23 MOVING AND S10RAGE' ' Free Estimates HI 3-3161 . .'N 4-4A12 Low premium rale auto insurance. Call JOHN ALLEN, HI 2-3)51. Pacific Telephone construction man in Palo Alto would trade with same in Eurnkfl area. VA 2-1482. PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR HI 2-4820 -- LENTEN SPECIALS -Wee Bee Calc 3!? F Street, Eureka HI 2-1434 B R E A D AT IT' SBEST MASTER'S TOAST LOAF UNWANTED HAIR Removed permanently. Estello Hemenway. R E,, 413 Henderson St. HI 3-0944. BATTERED BUDGET FIXED WITH A WANT AD! Your budget m»v balance If you ad- in ... the want ads to soil them for cnshl !''; piiVi'' yur \ Dial III ; - 1 7 ! l "!IM[;S-SIANDARD WANT ADS . SUBSCRIBERS IN EUREKA If you fail to receive you Standard by 6:00 p.m., Ph HI 2-1711. Lines open till 7 p.m. on Standard. If you fai to receive y o u r Times by 7:30 a.m., phone HI 2-1711 Lines open until 9 a.m. on Times. FORTUNA -- If you fail to receive your Humboldt Time by 7:30 a. m., call Mike Coletta, RAnrlolph 5,2077 Complaint colls taken unti 8:00 a. m. ONLY! If the Humboldf Standarc isn't received by 6 '00 p.m roll Mike Coletta, RAndolph 5-2077. Complaint c o l l t a k e n u n t i l 7:00 p. m ONLY! ARCATA If your Humboldt Standarc isn't received bv 6 p m , cal VA 2-0462 not' later than 7 pm. If the Humbnldt Times isn't received by 7'30 am. call VA 2-0462. Complain f*n!k token until 8 '00 a. m ONLY! In Crescent City, if you do not receive your Htimbnldl Times nlense phone C'vde If no nnwer Phone /Nner :nN 4-3171 Tomnlainrs are tnl-on un^l !0 a m CASH REFUNDS FOR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISERS The following Standard-Times classl fied advertisers have cash returns due them They paid cash with copy- got low rates for their ad and re celved insults before the expiration date of thplr ad. Here's proof of the fast, effective results of Times-Standard Classified wants Ads. Is your name listed here? John H. Clay 3300 Arlington, Arcata 4. Glade Campbell Frank M. Georae 853 Weslgate, city 1. Cecil Green J. W. Johnson Gasquet, California Herman Parton PS9 D St., Arcata 1. Writ. Sheppard If your name Is listen aoove please come Into the Times-Standard Classified Dept , 323 E Street, Eureka, within 30 days. Upon proper Identification, we will gladly refund the monpy due you. PROTECTION FROM Funeral Expenses Persons ages 1 to 90 are now eligible to register in a plan that provides funds for funeral expenses. In addl- lion to providing funds the plan enables the person to specify funeral plans. The plan costs only a few cents a day. For complete Information without obligation, write the PURPLE SHIELD PLAN, Box 27B c/o Eureka Newspapers, Inc. THAKK YOU! lie Humboldt Women's Bowling ASSDC ation would like to take this opportunity to thank ttic Humboldt Board c Trade, the many Merchants, and ind vlduals who made the trip to Sacramento possible. Even though the bid was not successful. We Appreciate the tremendous support given us by Hum- boldl County. As of tnls date I will be held responsible for no debts incurred by anyone other than myself. SIGNED: . Harold C. .Wade . NORMA'S Murray Field Restaurant HI 5-6201 ' Eureka CONVERT NOW Double breasted suits to single hrenst- ed 122,50. VAN'S TAILORS «. CLEANERS, 317 E S:reet HI 2-3012. BULLER'S, the friendly Texaco Service Stntion-- J175 Broadway, now open to serve you 6 a, m. to 10 p. m. daily- Sundays B a. m. to 8 p. m. HI 3-5200, Breakfast In the FLAMINGO ROOM at WALT'S, 2331 B'dway, HI 2-9769 Peanut brittle. . . Peanut butter. . or |ust plain PEANUT RATEI Let's go to LITTLE JOE'S where you get 5 hamburgers for SI. 00 to 30. \m Broadway. DRINKING PROBLEM? Alcoholics Anonymous HI 3-3181. with Security, Locksmith Shop, 521 6th SI. HI J-7177. A meal -- that' real CHINESE OR AMERICAN ERSONAL SERVICES 30 OATS, DRESSES, SUITS rtJIylM. Also gcncrnl flllerfllloiu. ?]}(! Mlllsldft Drive. Ml 3-37«. ViSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES WHO'S WHO · eisintl f ° r in the Humboldt . Arts Crafts AREA · Professions Air Ambulance Air Ambulance comparable to ground ambulance rates. 3 new airplanes for 1962. Also airplane sales, leases, rentals, charter. HI 3-50K PIERCE FLYING SERVICE Alterations Dressmaking Alterations Dressmaking, Tailoring, Me cnme Embroidering, Hemstttlchlng, Bu ton and Buttonholes. The Cameo Fashion Shoppe 710 Fifth St. Hf 3-2040 Auto. Glass McBRIDE MOTORS AUTO GLASS INSTALLED 914 Broadway, Eureka HI 3-73B Jail Bonds EUREKA BAILBOND CUT' RATE LOWEST RA1E-5 FASIEST SERVICE Across the street from the tail HI 2-5795 ANYTIME If you want to get sprung call RAY GENUNG 924 4lh SI., Eureka HI 3-1606 -- PAUL WILLIAMSON -Dan Hays Bail Bond Agency HI 2-67B9. Bottled Water Spring and Distilled HI 3-3023 INgersoll 4-4611 LIST YOUR SERVICE DIRECTORY 3 Lines-- 7 days * *.20 3 Llnes-1 month 514.40 3 Lines contract rate-- 1 month $11.70 Phone Hi 2-1711 -- Exf. 207 Chimney Cleaning Licensed Chimney Sweep. Eaves tfOUB cleaning, repairing and odd |obt. HI 3-2V22. Commercial Refrigeration BARKER'S REFRIGERATION Contractors -- Commercial Refrlgeratio 1119 4th St. HI 3-300 PLOWING, DISCING, LEVELING, bac fill, lot clearing, rotary cutting. F. E Dry Wall Construction Taping, texturing.- Quality work reason able rates. Free estimates. D. L. Breck ner. HI 3-2917. House Moving HI 2-4511 for a Free Estimate. A. C JOHNSON, House Movers. 3134 Nort Highway 101, Eureka. -awn mower Sharpening LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED EUREKA SAW WORKS B29 - 4th St. HI 2-0160 JOBS WANTED-WOMEN SOiHELP- WANTED MEN 5 Babysitting by hour or flay. Also pr fesslonal Ironing-- my home-- reasonab rates. Call HI 3-4395. Day care for 1 preschool child. My entrance.) HI 3-2059. Invalid desires office work at home, phone 926-5309 or write to: Box 155, Alderpolnt, Caif. Convalescent Care, Motel, Ironing o what-nave-you. Own transportation. R ferences, experience. HI 2-4961. Will do housework oy hour, (11.25 hr. Also practical nursing. HI 2-7570 JOBS WANTED-MEN 5 KIRK'S LAWNMOWER SHARPENING 1 pickup and deliver. Cut like new guaranteed. HI 3-3326. Service Station attendant with 5 yr experience with own slatlon. Ht 3-43B3 Road construction work. 25 years expe ience on CATERPILLAR and malnta er. Call NO B-5739. CARPENTER FOR HIRE. $2.50 p hour. New construction or repair TE 9-21BO after 5:30 p. m. Yard Work, Lawns, Hedges Phone HI 3-6240 after 6 P. M. CUSTOM LAWN MOWING and general yard work, HI 2-9394, HELP WANTED WOMEN 5 Reliable Elderly Lady for Housekeepin Small home. 2 men pensioners. Re iable Woman for Child Care llg housework. 2-3 days per wk. M home. HI 3-4P20. FXPERIENCED SALESGIRLS Wante for Bistrin's of Arcata Eurck Mature rniddleaged woman as live- babysitter. S60 monthly. HI 2-045B Mature, reliable woman for bahyslttin In my home. Must have own transporta tion references. VA 2-QW after 6 p. m Full time work. HI 3-5336 HELP WANTED MEN 5 Tire Service Salesman Applicant must be able to first sell, then service his truck tire accounts. Potential income 17000 annually and upwards. Compensation includes salary plus commission. Applicant should be between the ages of 24 35. and be a permanent resident of this area. WARD'S CALL HI 3-3033 FOR APPOINTMENT INVESTIGATOR TRAINEE National organization needs man to train as an Insurance investigator. Prefer single man who could train In Vallelo and then work in Eureka after tra nlng. This is a permanent salaried position in Eureka. Must have car, be able to type and have complete! high school. Car allowance, bonuses and full company Insurance benefits, Good opportunity for advancement. Wh te Box 632, Vallelo, listing your qualifications and employment history. Sales FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE National AAA-1 Mfg. Co. eeds representative to work established territory with great growth potential. Compensation discussed In interview. For appointment write Box 248, Eureka Newspapers, Inc. EARNINGS UNLIMITED for n young ambitious man In the field o direct sales. 4 county area -- must earn big commissions! Write Box 181 c/o Eureka Newspapers. Inc. Service Station Attendant Experience desired Neat appcarjnco required hone 429-9673 -- 8:30 a.m. -6:30 p.m. MEN . er 21, oo to work Immcdlfllely. No t r ng (rom 9 it. m, to 12 noon. 310 F Street, Eureka, Room W. ' neeit H man to help me In my V niurnnce buslnm. Call bolween 9 i. 0 a. n., HI 3-5344. WANTED Carrier Boys Times and Standard Several excellent routes avail able soon. Out of town area please write the Circulatio Dept., Eureka Newspapers, Inc giving name, address and age Boys in Eureka, Arcata, McKin leyville and Blue Lake, phon the Circulation Dept., Hillside 2-1711. Here is an excellent opportuni ty to earn your own spendinc money and win many fine anc valuable prizes. WANTED Boys 12 years or older in Cres "ent City area to deliver Hum boldt Times routes. Call Mr. Clyde Stennett fo i n f o r m a t i o n at INgerso 4-3734. Several excellent, good pay ing routes available soon. Experienced Journeyman re-capper. Mus be bondable. Union scale wages othe company benelits. Apply B. F. Good rich Re-Cap Plant, Short Whlpple S Ask for Mr. Chas. Still. WANTED MEN, WOMEN 54 JOB CENTER SHOE sales person Si.oo hr. or fl per cen Man or woman RIVERS Piecewor Experienced SAW filer ._ $2.65 hr Experienced GENERAL Office clerk 11.25 hr Part-time Department of Employment Offering Ihe area's largest source of skilled, semi-skilled and labor jobs. 211 Sth St., Eureka Ht 3-0801 EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY Opportunity In your own Nelghborhooc Handle Food Service Route. Earn $3.00 per hour and up - full or part* -time. Car necessary. Write to C. Masonhetm- er. 4512 HoMIs St , Oakland, Calif. RAWLEIGH Business now open In Humbold! County. Trade well established. Excelelnt opportunity. For details see Ferndale, SU 6-4239 or write Rawletgh, 306 Adeline, Oakland, Calif. Experienced presser for cleaning plant. Woman or man. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Apply 101 4th St., Eureka. NEW TROY LAUNDRY AND CLEAN- CLARKE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 80 -- loth Street Arcata VA 2-0742 days. HI 3-4996 evenings ALLYN PLACEMENT AGENCY Specialists fn office personnel 30 Fifth Street HI 2-1677 SCHOOL INSTRUCTION 57 HUMBOI DT BUSINESS COLLEGE Day Evtlng Gusset 1? *'n St. HI 3-7308 ROOM BOARD 60 com free to an employed middle aged woman In return for companionship to older woman. Henderson Center area. PEACEFUL COUNTRY SETTING Room, home cooxino 8. care for elderly ladles. McCRANIE Gunst Home. 1361 - Q, Arcela, VA 3.J004. o have openings ror older men or women at the Harris Rest Home, 17iC OOM BOARD TV LIVING ROOM. Home atmosphere. Men only. 1303 Eye Sfrctl HUTCHINS NEW licensed Guest home. 7E 9-2661. Ve have n vacancy for 9 Indies Llcemtid vocational nurc In chnrgo. Overholt's Guest Home, HI 3-W54. Machine Shop Hansen Machine Welding Works Metalizlng -- Gluer Roll Grinding 7th and Broadway HI i-2917 Painting Paperhanglng Painting 25 years experience. Reasonable. Pumps For all pump supplies reaplrs VA 2-W'O days .- VA 2-4261 nights. Tire Recap Sales MULKY -- KOVACOVICH Commercial -- B20 W. Murray PAssenger -- 622 xth Street Truck Repair DAYTON MURRAY BODY WORKS Rebuilding wrecked trucks 3 specialty. Blh and B Streets HI 2-6295 Well Drilling RICH JOHNSON well drilling -- free estimates McKINLEYVILLE DRILLING CO. Gravel Packea Wells TE 9-1732 . TE 9-22B6 TE 9-13 Yard Work - YARD CARE L C Yard Service HI 3-4027 HI 3-38 ROOM-BOARD WANTED 6 Gentleman, not too fussy wants roo and board. Will furnish reference Write P.O. Box 457, Eureka. ROOMS FOR RENT FURN. 6 CLEAN modern, heated rooms, S9 ce week and op. TV In- lobby. Som kitchen privileges. Men only. 60 K St. R1LLINGTON ARMS NICE CLEAN HEATED ROOMS. Dall Maid service. 510 and up. Men only P03 A Sf., Eureka. Gentleman: Furnished sleeping room In private home with privale entrance. Non-drinkers. 944 N St. CENTRAL HOTEL 4th E R easonable-- Downtown-- E leva tor-- T V SLEEPING ROOMS -- WITH GARAGE MODERATE WEEKLY RATES. TOPPER MOTEL 1919 4th St., Eurek Travelers Hotel, 6th and H Sts. Dally and week rates. Free T.V. In lobby -- HI 2-2957. Clean nested room and apts. t" to 51 week. Men only. Club kitchen, T.V Double heated sleeping room for 2 men close to Hlwav 8. telephone offices Klta,-,t. 1446 C St. Clean, comfortable rooms. Maid, room service, telephones, TV. siO.50 wk., up Hotel Vance, 2nd G Sis. 3 Sleeping Rooms. J3D. Men only. Se White house across from Manila Mk on Samoa Rd. Near Myrtletown. 510 a week. Kllche privileges optional HI 2-326B. Working. Kitchen privileges. 130 pe month. VA 2-26V7 eves. 956 J St FURNISHED ROOM WITH GARAGE Close-in. Young reliable man preferred HI 2-771 J. APARTMENTS 64 ARCATA 3 room furnished apartment. Clean. Near Plaza. VA 2-0444. S80. Furnished, upstairs 2 bedroom ap Washer A. dryer, near schools, 'no Sma children. HI 2-6780. $45 -- 1 bedroom flat. Stove and re frlgerator furnished. Near Wabash a Pine. HI 3-6119 3 room furnished apt. with bath. 1 sma child OK. Also bachelor apt. All utilitie paid. 234 Clark SI. Are you a neat sober gentleman wantin a clean furnished apartment? Utilille paid. HI 2-4625 after 2:15. 2 room aot. Furnished. 1443 5th. HI 2-8733 -- HI 3-1070 155. Nice clean 3 room furnished ap Inquire 239 F St., Arcafa WO -- Nicely furnished 2 room apart ment with bath. 1 child OK. Utilities paid. HI 3-7107. 160 Furnished apt. Utilities : pald. HI 3-1909 S60 -- 3 room clean modern furnished garbage paid. 1038 C St. HI 2-1276. $40 up -- 2 a 3 room apts. Furnished. 242 Grant St., Eureka 40. 3 room unfurnished apt. Clean. Water, garbage paid. HI 3-7441. 114 W. Cedar St. 70 -- Clean 2 bedroom furnished Apartment. Water and garbage paid. 123 2 bedroom partially furnished apartment. S105 per month. SERV-ALL REALTY, HI 3-5644. 3 room furnished apt. HI 2-2026 S) -- Apt, all utilities paid. Partly 4039 Cedar, Cutten. 60-SMALL FURNISHED APT. Private entrance and bath. Good location. HI 2-5630 1 bedroom furnished apartment. Clean. 175. No pets. Adults. HI 3-412. GOLD- GETTER Wad your Wallet wllh extra cash by selling the Want Ad opportunity lo sell all kind) of hunting equipment. Whether you want to buy, tell, lr«de or rent-- Times- Standard Chsslflde Ads will do Ihc job for you. APARTMENTS 64 DELUXE LIVING: Capri Surf Apartments t ft 2 bedroom units, t orge closet storage All electric kitchens, wall to wall car pet. swimming pool and carports. Fur n Ished or unfurnished. 230 Wahash H 2-4940 or 1335 6th St. -- HI 3-6S03. Brand New Duplex -- Eureka 1 carport; plenty or storage; built-in oven and range; utility room; hardwood floors. S9/.50 per month. H. E. WAL1ER CO., 944-H St., Arcata, VA 2-2975. Evenings VA 2-3578. Best for the Money Very, clean modern sunny cozy furn Ished apartment. Venetian blinds, twr good gas heaters, dry store rcum garage. One or 2 adults. No pets. It's a love nest among colorful shrubs Peaceful surroundings. Ht 2-3252. $65 -- Downstairs clean bedroom fur nished apt. Closed In Sun porch. PrI vate bath entrance. Washing faclllt es no pets, S10 deposit. 2303 Summer or Inquire 1325 G St., Eureka. IN DOWNTOWN FORTUNA Attractive clean fully furnished one and 2 bedrooms. McLEOD'S FORTUNA REALTY, 1741 Main, Fortuna, RA 5-3311. SPACIOUS J120 -- Furnished 2 bedroom apts. Built in electric kitchens. Wall to wall car garbage paid. Older child OK. H 2-2602. PARK PLAZA APTS. 1 bedroom -- completely furnished. Man ager. 1895 H St. VA 2-0203 or VA 2-1661 ARCATA t65-- New 2 room Studio apt. Ideal for single person or couple. Furnished utilities paid. Corner of Union 8, Pa clfic Sts. (1605 Union) HI 2-5282 days HI 3-06B6 evenings. Across from Safeway, Arcala, large 5 room flat S7S monthly. Water Included, also bachelor apt. $50 monthly. VA 2 2455, 9 - 5 p.m. S45-- Large clean 2 room furnished apt Private bath. Garbage and water paid Walking distance to Henderson Center HI 2-5359. S75. Downstairs apt. Unfurnished except refrigerator stove. Nice location. Al utilities paid. Free washing facilities HI 3-6797 days -- HI 2-7263 eves. 2 - 1 bedroom bachelor apts. Clean furnished. Water, garbage, electricity paid. HI 3-4365 before 3, or HI 3-5500 anytime. 175--1 bedroom Apt. Clean, comfortable. Electricity, water and garbage paid. Adults only. HI 2-1225. HOMEY-EARLY AMERICAN $55 -- furnished 3 room Apt. Water garbage paid. 3500 Spring St. HI 2-7926. FURNISHED BACHELOR APT $45 -- All utilities paid. B13 Summer St. HI 3-46S5 ARCATA -- FURNISHED APT. garbage, washer and dryer furnished. S85 -- 3 large rooms a bath. Wall-wall carpets, curtains, drapes. Elec. range, refrlg., garbage, water. 811 H. ST HI 2-4947. Individual Cottages Bay View Motel -- 3256 BRDADWAY S70 -- Sunny 1 bedroom modern apt. wit double garage. Furnished or unfurn Ished. 1 block from Jitney line. Clos to fown. HI 2-7409. ON SAMOA ROAD J50 -- 1 bedrrom apartment. Electrl range -- garbage and water furnished Near Nnzarene Church. HI 3-2962. S75 shar modern one bedroom apartment Stove and refrigerator. Good location. Water and garbage paid. HI 2-8091, HI 3-7321. 1 bedrooni furnished apartment at 1315 Eye Street. Carport; washer and dryer. Water and garbage paid. Phone HI 3-OB31, e a.m. to 5:30 p.m. SS5. NEAR COLLEGE Newly decorated 1 bedroom Apis: 1 nicely furnished SBO; 1 partly furnished ARCATA-- Attractive 2 bedroom furnishe apt. Near college and hospital. Adults or family with older children. No pets. SI 00. VA 2-32B6. S45 -- 1 bedroom -- 2 room apt. with private bath. Water, electricity 3. garbage furnished. Adults. Ht 2-0570. BY week -- day -- month. WHY settle for less?! Eureka Motel APIs., 4th a L, Small furnished bachelor apartment. Clean, attractive. $55. HI 3-4664 or HI 2-7415. NEAR DOWNTOWN EUREKA 2 bedroom Apt. Stove, refrigerator. Water, garbage paid. Garage. VA 2-0450. $54. 3 ROOM APT. Utilities paid. 715 2nd, Apt. 3, upstairs. Elderly couple preferred. Clean, modern, low rates by week ,3 day or mcnth. 4th and P. HI 3-OS91. S50. 8, UP FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HI 2-7908 Utilities pd. ANDFRSON RENTAl S, Eureka a Arcata. HI 3-3661 or HI 2-9714. CLEAN 3 room furnished apt. Close in. Private bath a entrance. Reasonable. Ht 2-5974. and 5 ROOMS Modern Apartment-i and waler paid. 1750 H St., Eureka. BRAND NEW STUDIO APT, close-in. Very reasonable rent. References required. HI 2-5516. 55 -- Furnished 2 bedroom and kitchen All utilities paid except electric. 1647 Calif. St. HI 2-1413. S60-- 4 room unfurnished apartment. Wabash A Sts 55-Small 1 bedroom Apt. Water and garbage paid. Free automatic wash Ing facilities. Ht 3-2914. $75-1 BEDROOM APARTMENT. Partly furnished. HI 2-5196. LEAN 4 ROOM furnished Apt. Private Excellent location. HI W907. MALL 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT close to store and bus. See to appreciate. HI 3-1188 5 0 -- 4 room furnished upstairs apt. Water, garbage paid. HI 2-2498 $55-- Cute small 3 room downstairs furnished apartment. Ideal bichelor, HI 3-4664 or HI 2-7415. In Cutlen- S85. All utilities paid. -Ht 2-3151 or 4044 V St., Apt. 2 paid. Non-drinkers. No pelt. 1850 Myrtle Avenue. HI 2-037. 0 - 2 ROOM APARTMENT. Partially furnished. HI 3-6454 or HI 3-1193, 5 -- 2 bedroom furnhr.rd «pl. WMer flml g.vnflQo pnld. Inqufre 12l! llth Strenl or HI 2-4331 . APARTMENTS 64 Lovely furnished I bedroom garage apartment at 33!9 L St., In the rear. For bachelor or couple. (75 per month with water and sewer paid. Call HI 2-4364 after 6 p.m. FURNISHED APARTMENTS For Adults only. 2941 Call! S60 -- 1 bedroom apartment. Stove and refrigerator. Private bath and en- Irance. HI 3-22i5. 2 Bedroom furnished upstairs Apt, $90. All utilities paid. HI 2-4331 after 6 P. in. FLATS DUPLEXES 65 UNFURNISHED RENTALS- AVAILABLE NOW 1212 6th St. -- 2 bedroom quadruplet-range 8. refrigerator -- MO. EUREKA BAfLBOHD ' 9!4 4th St., Eureka H! 2-5795 $]]0-- 2 Bedroom Duplex Unfurnished. Nicely landscaped. CLOSE IN ON J STREET. ESTHER JENNINGS, Realtor HI 3-1631 stove, water paid -- suitable tor coupls -- no pels. Inquire 501 W. Wabash or call HI 2-0505. AVAILABLE APRIL 3RD Unfurnished 2 bedroom duplex on Vernon St. Near Shopping Center. 590. Water, garbage paid. HI 2-6454 DUPLEX -- 575 -- Unfurnished except range refrigerator. Free washing facilities. Nice location. Days HI 3-67B7 Eves -- HI 2-7263. New 3 bedroom duplex unit, hardwood floors. Built-in kitchen, carport, utility, lots of storage. Rent basis $110. Annual lease $100. HI 2-8652. Water, garbage paid. Cuiten area. Bachelor or couple preferred. HI 3-5320 before 9 a.m. or after 4 p.m. Furnished -- 3 room Sunny flat. New furniture and paint. Close In. Quiet place. Garage. £70. Adults. No dogs S83 -- Deluxe 1 bedroom unfurnished 3128 1 St. HI 2.0577 or HI 2-1393. FORTUNA -- Unfurnished dulex. 1 bedroom, arage, workshop. 3 blocks from bank Sti. RA 5-3761. S75 -- Desirable furnished 3 room upstairs flat. Suitable for adults. H! 2-0734 S65-- Near Cuiten store. 1 bedroom unfurnished Duplex, Garbage and water paid. VA 2-3722. S75 -- 3 bedroom lower flat. Stove furnished. Near Wabash Pine. HI 3-6119 nishcd duplex Stove included. 429 W. Carson. HI 35598 after 12 p.m. S75-NICE CLEAN DUPLEX. Stove, refrigerator, water. Close In. HI 2-B338 or HI 2-2188. S6B-- UTILITIES PAID. 3 room furnished flat. Upstairs. Inquire 1*32 J Street. Cookie "dough" Pie "douqh" "Peanut Rate" Dough! nirpi PV i h rf except stove. Water paid. No pets. Limit ! children, please. HI 2-8379. Ulililies paid. HI 3-6322 or cottage in rear al 2504 Albee. $75-- 5 room furnished upper flat. 3 bedrooms. Water paid. 2906 California Street. 2 BEDROOM FLAT FURNISHED. Private bath. Water and garbage paid. No pets. HI 2-3142. S50 -- · Smell partly furnished 2 bedroom duplex. Fenced yard. Lower Mitchell Rd. HI 2-0177. $80 -- Furnished lower 2 bedroom apt. Utilities paid. Washing facilities. Child- $50 -- 3 ROOM APARTMENT Private bath. HOUSES FOR RENT 67 Table Bluff Light House 1 bedroom duplex S45i 2 bedroom house - - 550; Large 2 bedroom apt S60; All unfurnished except stoves. Children are WELCOME. It's a vacation atmosphere for the whole family. Clamming, fishing, be a ch. Enjoy and live right there. You'll Hike it. Phone RE 3-5598. KING SALMON -- Clean 2 bedroom homes. Furnished $75, unfurnished $60. Water paid. Fenced yard. Stoves in all. Not over 3 children, phone HI 3-4233 or HI 2-1225. S85 -- FORTUNA -- 2 bedroom unfurnished home. Fenced yard, garden area. 2-car garage with room on back. Both wired 220. Lots of cupboard space. VA 2-4907 after 5:15 p. m. RENT or LEASE $70. Cozy quiet 4 room partly furn- shed house with basement. Henderson Center area. HI 4-7381. S50 -- $65. 2 bedroom unfurnished houses. S75. 1 bedroom furnished house. Adults only. No pets. HI 3-3981, after 5 call HI 3-2953 575 -- 1 bedroom home. ADULTS. Electric stove and refrigerator. Water furnished. ALSO PASTURE for HORSES. TE 9-2677 4 miles North Arcata. 2 bedroom unfurnished with separatt gara.36. Excellent location. $M per month. Children O.K. HI 3-4819. 3 bedroom unfurnished house. $90. Clou to downtown Eureka. HI 3-3733 2 bedroom den plus living room i kitchen. 715 Wood Street. $75. HI 3-2251. 75--2 bedrooms unfurnished house. Children welcome. Near shopping. VA 2-1557 after 4:30 or anytime weekends. S75. 5 room house close to HSC. $55 3 large rooms, bath garage. On Union St. HI 2-0324. $50 -- 5 room unfurnished house Lara* yard. Water paid. Children OK. Floldbrook Rd, -- 2 bedroom house, larga yard. Near store. CHILDREN WELCOME. $45. VA 2-3447. Ideal for bachelor or couple HI 2-1444 55 -- small clnnn complotuly lurnlihed 1 bedroom houie. Prefer couple. 1712 Babler Rd. TE 9-1931. HOUSE. 1754 Quflkor fctrcol or Ml 6S-P»rlifllly furnUhcd mottorn J bedroom. Built-in rnnon. WMor t'tti. Hear Airport. TE 9-2044 Mlw 4. 3S -- 2 roofr. lurnlUimt limit* with bMh. All okcfrk. (li fnl» Wfllor 8, fi,irbflgc pflld, I74'j QutKf, Ml 2-1551. i rnKhtd A unNirr.nhB.) (nnMii, cintit n. Coll 44?.7A14 nfkr 1:30 wpr-ki^yi, Anytlmn wc'^f ti'lt.

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