Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 1, 1960 · Page 33
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 33

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1960
Page 33
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APARTMENTS FURN. 79 Catalina Foothills Lodge APARTMENTS FURN. * . . . . ______ -------- APARTMENTS FURN. 79 " ' · · · " - SSSO Oracla Rd, Dust free. Beautiful view. Complettly furnished. TV opt. . . . J-» Bdrm. aad Studio apt*. AAA EA 7-H7J. P«d. Reaseoable rate*. Ideal vaca-i t R F D R M APTS t!m spot. SEETOAPPRECIATE I * OC.LJ\M. l\r iJ. . H^ern~Ne¥~Apartraenti5;: UI ^c.l n ^ J ' s - ^ ""*' TM\ REFRIGERATION ' Ne»r D-M. All new 5 bedroom. Bpctnc kitchen. P r 1 v a t e_ t*uo.| ^MfmnjL'Apfr": 1 In lovely neighborhood Spacious! ...... ._. iivinr room. Fireplace, dinlnr area.; "FOfPfHTI I S i! bedrooms. Enclosed patioi. 3S40; 1 UUIH1L.1-0 ; £ ](R j 1 zt Mios., .._ Sraill apartment. J75. Utilities.! sTUDicf'wilH complete bath, d l - j fflF'g'" 9X- "''?· -i I nette. kitchrn. SwSmml.if priv!- 6NE-BEDROOM, bachelor. Clo» to ina.. 3M1_ E-_3rd. shopyfavr center, bus. 1613 N. Swan.^.jfojcjjgq dijunce. efficiency apt. NEWLY DECORATED bwlroom aw*rlnwnl. Pavefi »tr»et. "^* * N ' APARTM'TS, UNFURN. 80 i BEDROOM, duplex apartment. Refrigerator and stove furnished. Cloe to shopping and tfansporta- ·ton »06 E. sih .. NEW ..... APTS. I SPACIOUS ROOMS WITH EXCEPTIONALLY N I C K FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES. K N O T T Y PINT: CEILING AND PANELING. BEAtmFUL K I T C H E N . TILE BATH. CENTRAL COOLING STJ MONTHLY. 3P W. BLACKLIDCE. JIM N. TREAT rum 3 Kirm« EA. 7JMW. unfurn. glean 3. rooTn*. 230J_.N «9\. r% t r\ r. 1 e..! Deluxe. 2 Barms. ii. ' HOUSES, FURNISHED 31 HOUSES, UNFUftN. 82 BUSINESS RENTALS 8 NORTHEAST. One bedroom Paved. Buf, ihojpptnjj^IKB _.L» Madera.pr NEARLY new "2 bedroom duplex. BeaulJiuf furnishing*. warier. Summer ratei or (119 on leate. Completely furnished. Suitable for pin* center. Kent flexible to ouaU- JT"CUse to schools. center, Airbace. 4773 E. ned 17th. ~ ___ Br., i'/ 2 Baths-- $1~00 Wall-to-wall carpetln*. Central cool- In* and heatini. #M N. DodK, ! EA. - DONLEE APARTMENTS NEAR GRANT. I BEDROOM WELL! LANDSCAPED. *S5 AND UP. 1701: 9 No irwtmmlns" pooll Just a quiat. comtorubk pU« U live, with spacious lawns and flowers. · Most convenient location. · Summer Rates aj !o* »· »35. · Choice of refnccratlon or evaporative cotvllnir. · One and two - bedroom apartments completely and btnutHuJly furnished. ... ^ Bu'.it-trj. Shopping and 9600 B, Brllevue. AX. t-MM for ap- pointrrirnt. _ ONE!"-BEDjfoOM. Lafje "rooms! Sh»d« and »hrub«. Yearly rate. Kwrtiide. 710 iV. Swan. EA. 1-W33. 3 BEDRObMS."~Coolerf"~'Vfcderh. Fenced. *». 120'j N. 1st Ave. EA. 7-1275. __ _ _ 5-B£DnOOM. clean, "rifely decorated. Enclosed backyard. Water .iurni_shed._..MA, 4-3863, 1 MA. 3-7335 Why Pay Rent? V'e will rrjit vou a MODERN! b'Ck Jil cls« (o school and MOBILE HOME for '"--' " As Low As $25 3"-BEOROOM brick home, fenced . shopping center. 4127 Pitta Grande.. Can be shawn after, 1Z:00 noon E. Speedway. Appro*. 38' front.. Aproz. W de«p. Comer bullduif, Customer parking area. Intmedl. a»« OCCurnncy. Phone EA. 7-4MI, jBusintst Opportunities gfj LTCENSED"SERVICE,' W uiprotBt~*c furniture Inc. EA, I-WC*. MA. J-74M. . NICE STOKES Faritiitfr location near swank n«» motor hotel. Plenty of P*rkin«v inquire at 19JC Vs84?. CLEAN--COOL! per mo apfilv U the rent toward the eurchase ertce. How can you love? Investigate today. ^DESERT TRAILERS bi^|c^gM MA 3-01B2 Y f\\\7 CTTX/rTiJTITD O ATtTC LOW-SUMMER-RATtS J i S BOOMS. HEATED POOL TV.; LINENS. DISHES. UTILITIES FUR-i NISHED. SHUFFLE BOARD. PING! SUMMER RATES . i . ww*mui inBui*: t/*c44V(u * j*«»*»- ·, i_ j .^ .11 * *« "··**-*·* «**«·· * Mt\*» ·.!!*·. »»uitv-ui*v it Utilities. Amphi Aoppinff,'Beautifully furniineo, Jrtudio i 3 f p lv «d Shopping Bu», 4760 E. 2nd, 3045 N Firfft i 3 bdrm*.--Swlrnminit pool--IMS*!": ^5^, Ji-3747. w'lnitel. ; "CoVStarubirUeheTor'apart mcn ate. Pool. Ad ufa : MA. 4-1 KB. DELUXE 2 bedroom. W UiE. A . V* *-» W J- 4 , jv*-*a* *^**-' * *-ifc« __..-- - ..,.----- . - -.--.----.--,_ - COURT 1 block north of El En-| $65_$70_SWIM canto. Graciouj livmc. White «llki v v . , ^ i,aru.j^. o«w*-.rA-c. JJU.THW. . ».-v! rfrapc« wrourht iron, oil painttne.; Exceptional newly pamt*d 1 bea-i PONG. BAKBECUE. S23 PEK WEEK| p rl v»ie patios. Carports. etcTBLUK room Frnopd yard. Laundr-y faali- UP. JOY APT. 1340 N.| foUTADX COURT 3Z» E. Terra | W^Jfia _N;_AK'erntm,_EA. .J^SSL] COUNyRV_CLUS._EA. ft-SJOO. i A1(a at - f 0 r M-,. Dravis. i" CWTMlWl'TWr* PHDI I ^/AT^T" TO ^MART- 1 ; A *-^ '"»r-i-.«^^»t ou«««t«^ v',7," ^ o W llviiviiiNu r^vywi-, New S bedrooms with lady. All 1 BEAUTIFUL -- NEW IMPERIAL GARDENS 2 POOLS REFRIGERATION - AIR- COND. Apts. Stove. Kefrl*., vvater furnished. kiicher.etu; aparaocnts. Hardwood floon Central eewlinj:. Surarner rates, lia E. 7th. 1 BEDROOM, roorny. Utilities fur- nMJed. Convenient bus. shoppinj. churches. Use swlmminj: poo!. Fine recreation*! facilities- Adults. S90. EA. 5-3451, » ajn. to t P.m ,4436 E. and. · TO? QUAUTY studjo room, bath. kitchenette, utilities, obonc. Parlc- fipeedwai* area. Lady. S63. MA. 4-3034 ORACLE NORTH APTS. 51H5 N. Oratli Hri DUST FREE FOOTHILLS · R»fr;icratfd air cond. · Larcc pool · Private patio · Spacious grounds · Eectric kitchen · Completely furnished · Special trimmer rites [from suy include* linen, silver A utlliti**. Children over ten welcome. 5944 N. Oracle Hd. CY. 7-1136 MM N. H1CHEY BLVD. Nice 1-bdrm. «pt-. completely fur- inlshed. UtUitle* Included. Choice location. Ne»r new shopping cen l*r. Month or lease. | Unf. Garden Type Apts. 1 Bdrm.: Venetian blinds, ranee. ret fc water, private carports. .Month to month or on lease, i ALVERNON GARDENS |4J1 S. Alverno" EA. »-gl31 21M Oracle Brt RANCH STYLE Very clean and comfortable 2-bedroom home for permanent family. JTortHeast. $90 AX. 8;9J72_ 1 BEDR60M-$66 N«»r Hughes Airport, 6IO S, Tucson Blvd. f $75--2 BR. DUPLEX Near bun. chopping center. Walled yard. 2MO N. Martin. MA. 1-7428. Evenings AX. 8-0303. ; $7*_2 BDRM7. stove refrig. 3018 S. Campbell. MA. 2-B841 or EA. 5-3223. ONE BEDROOM. Patio: Laundry. 2 ndults. N6 pet*. Inijuire 2301 N. Stone. room. Carport. Reasonable rent. EA. B-ISBO. _ ' _ Desert Qub Ap.s. I «S jrDRACHMAN Plaza Apts. ! or 2-bdrm. apt., very nice, choice ' rc«id«-ntial area, near all conven- il«nce«. Central coollruz. lot* of I «hadt. Private. Mo. or less* $75 [Duplex j bdrrn range *: Venetian I»ndJ. Rosa-Bowers Heal Estate 'COOL, clean, one' bedroom duplex 512S E. Pima Sth St. Apts. Carpeted- Comp. fui'n. Indiv. Coolers- Carport. Laundry. S-»1m- ninc. Dust free. Beau, view. On ACCEPT HORSES Swteitnirq: pool. Oro Villty. 1 and S bedroom. MA. 3-S736. J5CTRA large, one-bedroora fur- nijhed nartment. Redecorated. Nice, quiet neighborhood. 4137 E, Fairgiount. AX. 8-3344. W E. SPEEDWAY. One bedroom, MB. S4S':,-A E. Speedway, efficiency. *». 94S N. Dodge, one bed- rooen. near Ez Rancho. S5. Utill- furnished in all. EA. 4 ROOMS~ ITS month. Summer months. Atr conditioned, H90 E. Hawthorne.. ^_ 1~~SEbR6bM ftuplex, ritcrujiied or unfurnished. «OH 35, Beverly St SUMMER RATES Beautifully furnished. Efficiency *r,d on* bedroorn apartment. Prl- NEWLY DECORATED S room apartment. I block from Hlmmel Park. Reasonable. 3345 Z 2nd. K1CE l»nre duplex Apts. i bdrm. $80. 1 bdrm. t®. No peU. 414S E. Havne. tA. 4-85B8. 1 BEDROOM. Quiet. Aduiti N. Romero Rd-, after 4 p.m. $20 WEEKLY UP Fun Wtchen units. Everything furrJihed. TV. Larse Pool. Shuffleboard. Opposite major shopping center REX MOTEL In town. Ml ·. «th Av«. .1*1 ^_j HANCHO area. 2 bedrooai utQltie*, $* month. Also 1, 170 raoptfa. EA. 7-«t7. wn. Nicely furhined apart- Idevl for r»-o. MA, 3-48B1. EA. J-KSl. PALO VERDE APARTMENTS · 1 BEDROOMS · · ATR coypmoNED · · COMPLETELY FURNISHED · · SwTNMING POOL · HS2 K. Country Club near Grant SUMMER RATES STH COUNTRY CLUB APARTMENTS · COMPLETELY FURNISHED · · AIR CONDITIONED · · SWTMMG POOli. TELEPHONE · · COFFEE SHOP - DINING KM. r E. 6th at Country Club EA. 7-3461 CAMPBELL AND 6TH Large, * panelled. 1 bedroom Two bus lines. 422 CO UMTS V CLUB MANOm 2927 E. 17TH ST. 1 «wl X bedroom fumlahe4 and unfurnished s-partoents, MO per month and up. Carport and individual storage. Call MA. I-»M1 , or EA. ·-MS:. ARIZONA TRUST CO. VICTORIA APTS. ·nly »1J» month. JSll^. *th. I M. enly »1: 1 2 Bedroom Apts. |H. Ml and ITS. 1M W. Irvinglon Hoed. MA. 3-8R2S. SEE THIS! Charming bachelor guest house. 1 room and bath. Utilities. Frigid- gin. Cooler. Lovely yard, trees. J«42 E. Hayne. EA. ^M4. SWIMMING POOL Etfidenev. located in beautiful Tueean Mountains, overlooking Tucson. $W monthly, inducing utUlUes. MA.3-27M - - Genuine Summer Rates LA POSADA DEL SOL 1743 E. Adelaide - bedroom, newly decorated, one block from new Campbell Plata Shopping Center. See Mrs. Zellmer. Apt. Ill SWANGO REALTY 44M E. Bdwy. EA. 7-HH LRG. « ROOM upper fiat. 1H1 E. _Adam8j75 EA. 7-«3«l, EA. 7-M7». 1 BEDROOM DUPLEX Carport Central eoelln*-. Waahln* faculties available. ITS year around. 3138 N. Fontana. :ONViNiirJT to be». J-room du- MI.W. tT» X. First EA. . ..DOM apertoent. low rent, near U Rancho akopplnr center, no: E. Keljevue. TWO XOOM5 and bath, tat per month. (Utilities included) MA. T M W . Ohio. CHILDREN WELCOME Vatr D-M. t roome and bath, $·. $-8007, AIR-CONDITIONED llo apartment,.Permanent adults. E- Smoot Drive. Irang to Tucson? Use eur fully furnished apts for your temporary home, '.i fcloclc ahopplnr. lov summer rates. 1 or 2 Bdrms. I »cr*M landscaped irrounds. R*lai it vacation tn our Icinl-ilie pool while house huntlnf in Tucson's best reiidential location. CATA- 1INA V I L L A f E APTS.. "' t, Itt St. EA. *-»». ITODEKN. ale room, all N. 1 b*t- Ave. I BBIUL. good for 2, near bun and N. Xlaiae Blvd. ahopptn*. JSi, 2X2S ^Cor. 3«12 E~Gr«nt Rd. EA. *-»M7. CRESTVjaTW APAKTMENTS One bedroom, Clean. Convenient. 141» N. Camilla Blvd. Enjoy Living at American Homes An eseantlale Included in eur FURNISHED APARTMENTS. Con\-en- lent te 'swimming pool, park. ·chooU, shopping centers, dty bus. 3BB. $104.50 1 BR. I19JO 3 BR. with Patio 124-50 OPEN DAILY UNTIL S P.M. SAT TILL 1 PJH. CLOSED SUNDAYS AMERICAN HOMES AS1W. 4430 E. Broadwty EA. FEACOCK INK Apts tn riest ranch aettbic bdroi. and studio. *«3 month and up. Dally, monthly rates. It. Lowell at Swan, EA S-tSSl. SIERRA LODGE APARTMENTS · On 10 beetiti-ul landscaped acres. Mountain views. · Usual low cummer renteii. For adults. Good coelinjc. · 2 BR (5 rms). 1 *R (4 rmc) bachelor aptit. · AUo next door fine 3 BR, J bath, bouses. Deluxe fum. · Lane filtered pool. aVis service. Phones in all aptc. · Carport. Shopping. Dentals by yr.. mo., day. ItM E. Bro»)w»T EA. 7-3481 1 BEDROOM furnished. Good NJC location. »«S per mo. No leaac re- ouired. A. P. Brown Co. EA. (-430( Live on a Guest Ranch 1 beoroom apt. t bedroom apt. AX. 8-2111 Finest City Location J340 E. tth. choice 1 bdrm. studio apt. furn. or unfurn. Lovely grounds, reasonable wk er mo rates. . SJAj__.4r.?S4«: CHERRY APTS. Deluxe but reasonable, only 3 left so hurry to 1801 E. Mitchell. ROSS- BOWERS REALTY;. 3014 E. Ada»». EA. 5-3132. EL RANCHO AREA Newly decorated, larie studio apartment. X128 f. Adama. EA. 7-41M. _^ t AND S BEDKOOM apartments. Near ahoppinf eenUr, church, school. Bua line, EA. *-MO, EA 5--3544- SUMMER RATES 1, S. 1 bdrm furnished apta. from $100 a month. Swiming fool, ehuf- flcboard. laundry, air cooled, private carport. Maid service available. Acre** from Golf eourse. ue«r shopping. ALVERNON 6AKDENS 431 «. _Alvemon EA- nELUXE j BDRM.. HEATED POOL, HARDWOO . _ ejiertment close to Randolph «olf course. Suitable for _P£*. "Sil-JJ** Inclusive. EA. MTC34 3 ROOMS. "A unities "paid. *SS ' *l(p_E. Monte Mlsta Dr. . South- slde. KB. All utllitiec included. Good aboppinx, transportation. EA J ROOM duplex. Utilities furnished, m 14* W. Mtchla-an, MA, _jjBPl- CLEAN J room*. Tub and ahower. Nicely furnished. JD1J N. Baxter Boulevard. $e Mb. trnLntw LARGE nicely fumWied 1-bed- raom. Bewttful. apedous grounds. EA. (-OOM 2TOS N. Country CJirb COTTAGE. One block from bell shopping center. One bedroom, $75. Utilitte* pedd. Uli E. Adelaide. CATALINA V I S T A Apartmenti Utility apertment. Near Campbell- paid. «00 W. ConaTTss. LUXURY LIVING ' Completely FURNISHED APTS. Low Summer Rates DAY-WEEK-MONTH · Modem Furnlshlnn · a Switchboard Service « · Refrigerated Cooling « *· Maid Service 4 · Laundry Facilities 4 · Carport*--Shuffleboard « · Outdoor Bar-B-Q · Convenient Location I $) Neer Shopping--Golf Course 4 MONTCLAIR APTS. til N. ALVERNON XA. 7-CT7S SWIMMING POOL Hew 1-2 bedrooms, tit op- XA, S^m_a»7.JL_EdtU!. LARGE 1 bedroom, newly decorated. Paved streets. Nice neighborhood. Convenient to bus and ai. Apartment B. Rear. *iM . MA. 2-S978. __ KEWLY decorated 3 room furnished aeertment. H a r d w o o d fioon. near University. MS Z. (th St. tafBt MM E. *0) St IMMING POOL · rooms, l^edroom, paneled knotry Pine, new upholstennr. Patio, bar- becue._Lanndry. 3««8 S. ._ _ fMMSS. Qean. Cooler. Lawn furrit tore. t?ai*Ues. Adult*. 9» W. La. MA. 3-07H. _ 514 WEEK UP Kitchenette ·pertinents. Utilltie*, linens furnished. TV optional. Cop- yer Stote Court, MIS «. »th. ATTXACTIVlt 1-2 bedroom Pa*o Laundry facilities. 3I« E. JDetedale, EA. 7-1787. TUCSON* NEWEST ~~ CHATEAU BY DAY-WK-MO · LOW SUMMER KATES 1 1* J BDRM. DELUXE APTS. SWIMMING POOL X. tnd St--E. on Speedway '. tbea S. on Podge one bDc. urflvmsiTY. aeo ·» one ·7$--2 bedraovns ~ ££3£ ·paetovat Oro Valley Apts. SUMMER RATES $100 PER MONTH Day, Week, Mo. »* Golf Privileges * t* Heated Pool * v Private balconies xv Refrigerated coolinsr x »* Luxury 1 2 bdrm. apts. nf v Quiet, cool, dust free, f Taking Winter reservations now. CY. 7-0411 t miles beyond Casas Adobes Shopping DECORATED CENTRAL cooling. Clean a rooms. Patio. Laundry, 1103 _N_.__CamiH«. Ranch House Lodge Swimming Pool Housekeeping cottages for one n two persons. Best location in Data- lin* Foothills. J75 per month foi two. WO per month for one. E. River Road 1 _EA. 3 ROOM apartment Phone MA 4-1074 or call at 311 N. Jrd Ave, No_£ctJS^_ ,, _ BEFORE YOU SELECT AN APT INVESTIGATE EL CORTEZ APTS. 1 A J bdrm. completely furnished. Swimming pool . LOW SUMMER RATES 1O» N. Swan, EA, " CLEAN, attractive. X rooms and bath. Beautiful lawn. Near Amphl Plaza shopping. »55 monthly, Utilities paid. 219 E. Delano. MODERN 1 bedroom. By week monthly rate. 337 E. Clem. Near Medical Square 3 Rooms. Hardy to buses, shop-'-- s». utllties paid. MA. *·""·'· ICKMT . nicely furn. Reas. 232 N. Elaine. CORNER M13 E. Grant [. EA. 6-SM7. LA PLAYA Refrigeration, pool. NEW 1 BDRMS.. R E A S O N A B L E RENT. 3647 E. 2ND ST. EA. 7-8738, EA 8-UOS. Pets ft Children Welcome UNIVERSITY. 3 beautiful rooms §W including utilities. MA. 4-S104. 1435 E. 7th CACTUS CLUB APTS. A A A APPROVED ·tudia · 1 le 2 bdrm. - summer rates. WO to $190. Deluxe garden Apts. Pool. Shuffleboard. Putting 8ree«. 1»M E. *rd St Cor. Dodge . , an utilities paid. Mil S. 4th Avenut. _ SOUTHERNAIRE APTS. Completely At elegantly furnlsheti, Heated pool Refrigerated cooling carports. Monthly, seasonal, summer rates is Special yearly rates. 110 N Alvernon. 11-W E. HELTSf. EXTRA LARGE BEDROOM, 2 FULL SIZE BEDS AIRFOAM MATTRESSES. LARGE LIVING ROOM. KITCHEN. AUTOMATIC WASHER, REFWGERA- TION COOLING' GARAGE. PATIO. 1 BEDROOM. de*n. cool, comfort able, reasonable. Adults. 2*11 E. Grant Rd. $95^ SWIM -- $95 PATJO. .. , D FLOORS. BEAUTD7UL N. TUCSON BLVD. Furnishes adult epartmenta. 1 BR., 3 bath or 1 BR. $100 to (150 monthly. Excellent legation. EA. «-«J3. Why Pay Rent? We will rent you a MODBIN MOBILE .HOME for As Low As $25 per mo. Jk apply '.-, the rent toward the purchase price. Row can you lose? Investigate today. Choioi selection. DESERT TRAILERS y» Qracjelld. MA t 3-Oim [ROOM desirable apartment. WaBt Reasonable. «3_ N. Euclid. 2 Large Rms. $50 ..·gttU.Uee paid. Vm W. Ventm» EFFICIENCY, $16 Suufle, Entdrtly _prlv»te. ooiy. u«U Itles^bue. 13«^ E. Grant Road. THREE rooms. Nicely furnlshedt Lots .of closet epace! Qoee ahop- pjnjj. Busline. MA. 2-2027. »30 E~'7TH DUPLEX. Three large rooms. Well furnished. Good stor- ·ge epaee. Garage. EA. 7-3807. MODERN EFFICIENCY 387 E. Glenn. MA. *-l» SUMMER RATES FURNISHED UNFURNISHED 1. 2 3 BEDROOM SUITES · Central Refrigeration Cooling · spacious Swimmini Pool · Priv. Balconies it patioa · All Utilities Included 3727 E. gth St Ph. EA. S-442J Nice clean 2 bedroom. Near Frontier Village Shopplni Center. Carport and storage room, *115. CAPRI COURT, 1632 Louis Lane, EA. S-0172. [ BEDHboM «partjnent, pool, carport, etc. Broadway Gardens Apt.. AX- SjWK, . . ATTRACTIVE, new . Suitable for single or couple. Refrigerated cooling. Full tile bath. Private patios. EA. D-981B. CLOSE IN 2 bdrms. carport, central heatlnc coolinr. laundry, beautiful land- scapinc. ME. S82.50 per mo. 2114-32 rorgeuy. Ph. EA. 5-7229. - " CHEN AND BATH. P R I V A T E P A T I O . COMPLETELY FURNISHED. 3-7473. . UTTLrnES PAID. MA. MEDICAL »iusre district -- 1 or 2 bedroom. Refrigeration. Private patio. Carport. 3S17 E. Lee. __ Near El Rancho Bus 1 bedroom apartment. Private yard. Outdoor grilh_EA. 7-041S, J bedrooms. 2901 N. J=A^ 1 »4 t _MA. J 4.998!. 3 ROOMS, utilities furnished. Car- Port Patio, shade and Uwn. _ 3 - . Ne«r Ve"ti and, 1 Hospital. Couple. 125 E. Dijtrkt. ij»Tt. . -- ^S^-T^T-T/^TX.** -- · r*.""- i-- j--- -.-- -s -- ·· -I BEDROOM. Furnished or unfurnished. Reasonable. Utilities included. 3B47 N. Park, MA. 2-1571. TRAILERS FOR RENT 79A 3 ROOlvrS across from west cat* Djsvis-Monthan. $55 month. 3812 s! Ajvernon. EA._ 5;9S14._ BUNGALOW APT. 3-9810 COURSE, LNst! DSfiES TV UTnJll ho' 1 ""- Vacatkm trailers. MA. ITIES. STDO $65 1 BR $7*. 1 BR " ~"" «W. CY. 7-0432. EA. «-152S. FIREPLACE. I bedroom. Private patio. Attractive, quiet. Ls-jr.Sry facilities. 3414 E. 2nd Street. 2318 N. Tucson Blvd. rSTUnlversity. buses. 3 laree rooms. WZ.50. Ol«m, Apartment e2. MA. 4-552! EA. 7-1474. NICE 2 BEDROOM Carport. Storsxe. Patio. »M. »ll E. Mlh Street. EA. 6-1B33. 2 BEDROOM HOME. Modem, Sice new. Green shaded area. Rea: patio. Handy to everything. Rangi optional. Reasonable to couple o: 3. West of Alvernon off Puna 1828 N. Wlnstel. Enjoy Living at American Homes UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS Range, Venetian blinds, refrlf erator. Convenient to swimmuij pool, park, schools, ·hopping centers, dty bus. 3 BR. «7S.M 1 RD MOO 3 BR. with Patio .... tai.so OPEN DAILY UNTIL 5 P.M. SAT. TTL 1 PJU. CLOSED SUNDAYS AMERICAN HOMES ASSN. 4530 E. Broadway EA. «-3464 LA PLAYA APTS. Refrigeration, pool. carpet- In g. 2 bdnas/ new. reason- »bl» rent. M41 E. 2nd St. EA. 7-S738. BA. t-14M. _ Pels Children Welcome ""AMPHi DUPLEX^MODERN All Improvements. 2 bedrooms. MS: N. 2nd. MA. 2-1818. * RESIDENCE */or BUSINESS 4 room. 2 bath apartment- Utilities furnished. Call EA. 7-0383; Evei EA. 6-4716 2-BEDROOM. Central cooling. Vene tian blinds. 3433 Cameron Vista MA- 4-49T7. EXTRA LARGE 2 bedroom deluxe apartment. Stove refrigerator, carpeted, with carport and pool privlleces, Guiet lo- catlon. 3iX E. Linden St. EA. 8-0172 BEDROOMSreentral cooling. Carport. Storage place 10S4 C. Water. $57.50 UP 1-2-3 bdrm apts. 4c duplexes ~ 3fth St. MA. 3-11M GE 1 bedroom duplex. Stove and refrigerator; |70. EA. 7-MH. NEWLY DECORATED 1 Bedroom, Central heatinf and cooling. Bus service. MA. a-SOOS 2 BEDROOMS. Clean, Blaeklldie Dr. . nice. JT» E CATALINA VISTA APARTMENTS I bedrooms. Near Campbell-Grant. 3M4 N. Norris. EA. 7-2480. HOUSES, FURNISHED 81 2ABINS--Rooms. $111 mo. up Acreage for sale. »40 N. Tucson Blvd. 2 BEDROOM. Carport. Storage. Paved. Adults. No lease. $85. ISO N. Catalina. nus~j house. Large yard shade. Water, {H month. MA. 3-8638. 3 BEDROOM. Large living room. Nice back yard. Gnus, shade. Bus. $«. 1080 N. Oracle. MA. 2-1718. 5NE"bedroom house fumJahed. Car- ·ort. Neer U. of A, I4S N. Vine. "hone owner, MA, 4-4M5 er ,t 1537 E. »lh. ___ . people. I bedroom, cleen. Tucson Blvd.-Speedway area. EA. S-844H. a BEDROOM^ \v553~Tloors. AS5 modeern apartment Couple. 19 McIver. NTCARLY new 3 bedroom «· partly furnished, MS. Inquire Ml E. Prince. MA. 2-4383. NEWLY~DlDCSRATED. deut. 1 be? room houee. with patio. Bus, ahop plnf ru-erby. f«ll E. Bellevue. 2 BEOROOM house, near S. Am brose Church. Available throuch September SOth. K» month. EA. 7-5J9I. I BEDROOMS. Central o · o 1 i n c; newly decorated. KBVi E. th. Adults or pre-school Me preferred. MA. 2-0377 or inquire at 513, E. Sth St. COUNTRY HOME Beautiful new ranch home with 1 bathrooms. Separate activity room, pool. Gorgeous view, iway. s month* lease. AX. g-aom. $60 MONTI! I bedroom. Inquire at 4710 I. tth Aye. After 4 p.m. COOL. Close~]n. Near bus and'shop. pln£. Large a-bedroom house. MA. 4-17S1, Mr McFadden. M O D E H N 2- rx-droom duplex. Beamed ceilings. Nicely furnished. Near bus and nhoppLnl. EA. «-7BM. 271S N. JWarren. '-BEDROOM, clean newly deco- rat«d j » Central coollnjt. Northeast. No prts, »7S, water furnished. AX. BACHELOR quarters. 2 rooms and buth. clean, $35, water furnished. AX. t-«M7. BlSRObMS, den. central cooling, patio wall, close-in. $100 MA. 3 B.R. - Eastside Schools, ahopplng. EA. 5-6805. Comfortable Pretty lome for couple only. By owner. Central heating and coolinjt. Carpeted throughout 5 closcti. Carport with outdoor storage. Beautiful patio «nd_vlew. JEA. Jt7542. 2 Bdrms." (Northeast) FURNISHED or unfurnished. Quiet neighborhood. EA. 5-8717. fROOM: House. Fenced. «S5 rnonthi Good location. 2550 N. TWO bedrooms, $«5. Children welcome! One bedroom. $50. Water furnished. Good shade. Big yard. 2820 E. Valencia Road. EA. 7-8849. 4 ROOMS hear University. $70. 338 N. Highland. No pgto._MA._3-8S01. One Bedroom, $55 Nicely furnished house. Paved stregt. But. No pets. 1020 W. Prince. 2-BEDROOM house. Alvernon near Flma. $70. Good shopping. transportation. EA. ,.6-5002. 335~S7~IR~VIKG. * rooms. I',i baths" $149 on year's lease. 4201 CAMINO DE LA COLtNA (East from S. Alvernon near Naval Armory 1--2 BH and den. 1 bath kitchen. $100. 1424 E. LESTER. $ rooms, fenced backyard. $75 mo. Tucson Realty Trust Co. MA. 4-0451 or EA. 5-2139 or EA. 5-8460. NEAiTDSwSTOWS". 3 rooms. Stove, refrigerator. Cooler. $50. MA. 3-53T7, 14STS5UARE FEET o£ living *pace; Fenced in yard. Vicinity of Country Club and Grant. Obtainable June 10th. EA. 5-lgl9. Share Lovely Home With man or couple. Modern 2 bedroom. Excellent transportation. No pets. 2408 E. l»th Street. MA. 4-t720 NEAR BASE 3 bedroom house. Fenced back yard. Call AX. 8-32SO for appointment. ' ^__^^ 2 BDRM. red brick «78. Children allowed. 3 BDHM. red brick »0. EA. 7-4271 2 BEDKOOals; Hardwood floors. Utilities pald/Can be seen after 3 p.m. 1183 E. Speedway. MA. 4-6938. 2-BEDROOM and' den; I'Vi baths". Adults; no pcU. 2841 E. Lorettm Drive. EA. _7-3318. 3 nn. * iv^i/iua, nicely furnished. 2415 N. Loretta Drive. EA. S-127D. ATTRACTIVE one bedroom house. Tub. shower. Carport. Central cooling. Reasonable rent. EA. 7-B9M, 3669 E. 4th. ENCANTO PARK Exceptionally well furnished 3 bedroom home, all electric kitchen appliances. Mi bath, lovely patio. Adult* preferred. Call Lila Schwab. MA. 3-9441. 3~B~ET)ROOM brick. Adults. No pets. 4358 E. 13th St. EA. 7-2893. LOVELY 3 bedroom. Easuride. Central heating, cooling. J125 monthly. EA. S-JM41. NEAR U OF A J bedroom* with efficiency apartment or 3 bedrooms. 3 baths. EA. 5-1S79. $70--2 BEDROOM dose to bu*. eho0plnjt. 213§ X. 17th St. 3 Bedroom 1% bath home. COMPLETELY FURNISHED $150 PER MONTH,, Mangels Realty 1913 E. Broadway MA. 1-0531 or Eves. MA. 2-OSS7. NEWLY FURN. $85 X bedrooms, S u n 1 a n d Gardens. Water paid. EA. »-lo»8. AX. g-S42n. 2 bedrooms, nicely furnished. Carport $85. 33B8 N. Tucson Blvd. Ph. MA. 4-4207. $45 MONTHLY 1 bedroom. «21 N. Jerrle, AX. $-8073 3 RMS. BATH--$65 NORTHEAST. Lawn, (hade trees; fenced. Water paid. Phone EA. 5-OB21 for appointment. COUNTRY HOME 18 minute* from town. Beautifully decorated Si-bedroom ranch home Landscaping. Pool. $110. 1W6 W. Roerr, MA. 4-743B. . rent. Will sell for low down. Pay. ments lower than rentl OWNER Call AX.j «-8326.__ __ 2 BEDROOMS, brick. Large yard. Rinron Hljrh area. 4781 E. »tb. Inquire 3S30 E. 2nd. " " . . _ 2^DR. all "electric. 5528 W. Montana St 5 miles W. of Mission Hd. on Alo Wsy to Sunset Acres. EA. 6-5M7, MA. 2-Ogg«. NEW"SUPER"J~BDRM.. 14 BATH: 5155 E. 2ND ST. 2-BEDROOM. Near schools, bus. shopping center. MA. 4-7551. 4 ROOM efficiency house. Stove refrigerator, air conditioner, water furnished, $55. EA. 5-8751. 3352 N. Alvernon OR FOR SALE " t bedroom. 1 full bmth. two : baths. $250 month. S134 E. Ft LoweU Hd.. IA. S-7814. for appoint ment. . 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Most attractive, spacious. Very clean. Immediate occupancy. 2827 N. Cherry. DESIRABLE! J BR--3837 E. 32nd St.--$7S 3 BR--5936 E. Lester Dr.--$108 Days, MA. 4-1821: Eves., EA. 8-7753 2 BDRM. house, central heat cooling, large yard. Phone CY 7-1188. STOP! You are looking in the wrong placel With a small down it's cheaper to buy! Payments like rent Just Call Juster's EA. 7-6671. 4361 E. Bdwy. 1340 E. WATER I bedroom red bride. Carport Near bus, shopping. Owner, EA CLEAN 2 bedroom. Salpointe-Camp- bell Plaza area. Carport, yard. EA. S-2S40. 2 BEDROOM house. Close to. Broadway. EA. 8-5106. REASONABLE. 2~bedrooms with stove arid refrigerator. Near base. AX. «-5115. 3 BEDROOMS. Mi baths. Stove, refrigerator. Patio and wall. Water furnished. Beautifully landscaped Near base. Less than ',', block from grade school. EA. 7-7742. GLENN NEAR Alvemon. 1 Sff. cottage, refrigerator, stovt, $«7.80 HA- 7-3502. Share Home Employed lady. Close In. Central o f i n . TV. piano. MA. 4-4MH. " 2»5 5 E. CS MS, "Stove. P»ved street Roger Rd., EA. «-72«l. 3 bedroom. Utility · room yard. Swimming. $SO monthly. $75 on lease. 3»14 E. Monte Vista Drive, EA. 5-08S7. fTEWLY painted home for rent- furnished. $75 a month--one bed- room-rrwater furnished. Ideal for couple. Vicinity of Grant A: Oracle. Call EA. 7-8BM for uppolptment. 5J6AN 1 bedroom, northeast. Beas- onable. EA. 8-9053. NEARBASE Bedroom house. AX. $-3 I BEDROOM^ near Bus^ school, shopping center. Avallnble irn- mediatejy^l.ng.ulre 3431 E._24th. REFBIGERATED C O O l T l N G IN THIS COMFORTABLE. CLEAN, QUDTT HOME LOCATED' OFF N. CAMPBELL. AVENUE, N E A R FOOTHILLS. CARETAKER FURNISHED: LOTS OF T R E E S . LAWNS. FLOWERS, A D U L T S ONLY. CALL EA. S-S139 FOR INSPECTION. AND IT'S REASONABLE!! Children Pets Welcome 1 bedroom houee: 1 bedroom house; 1 bedroom duplex. 1715 E. Bladdldge. EA. 7-3M3 irfter g. LOVELY HOME Very well fum. 2 bedrooms, den. -ovely patio. Must be seen to be appreciated. Convenient to Cray- Toft and Speedway. (13S per mo. MA. 1-»441 1835 E. Mb *t. MARGUERITE'S PERSONAL SERVICE SMALL HOUSE $55 MA. 3-12M. 337 E. Glenn. Out of Town R»ntcili g]A BEACH RESORT-hew 2 B.R. »pS Pools. Play areas 10 Min. from Mexico. All 2 Baths, furnished or unfum. Imperial Strand Apts. 3rd St * Coronado Ave. Imperial Beach. Calif." HOUSES, UNFURN. NEW SlJPE£~2 BDRM.. I 5155 E. 2ND ST. 82 Suburban 4 Bdrm.. activity room, deluxe kitchen, xtovo * refrigerator, plus bam ft corrals--$160.00. To «t. Call Miss Smelker at MA. 2-7471 -^TAMES C. GRANT REALTY * INSURANCE CO. 2S X. Bdwy. Westerner Hotel. S5BEDR60M. den. fScpW? dosea patio, private home. 6th Street near, Country Club. EA. 5-9WS. Come and! and make offer. 2 BEDROOMS. Near shopping center, bus and schools. Central cooling. Northeast. $75 monthly. MA. 2-4174. 519 E Navajo Rd COUNTRY HOME Beautiful ranch home, gorgeous view. 3 bedrooms. Double carport, months iease^B»rga_ta. AX, a-306» 5713 E. LEE Near school and bus. Large storage. $85 monthly. 87.50. 4 ROOMS. Central cooling. Nor town. Adults. 725 E. 10th. Mt. Lemmon Cottage Modem conveniences. MA, 4-1314 after 4:30 or Saturday and Sunday. 1 BDRM. $65. couple only; l Mrm. $55: I bdrm. $5O, ACME REALTY * WS. 2710 S. «h. MA. S-8S36. Eves MA. 3-7S3S. SUMMER HOMES Very special summer rates. · 3 or 4 bdrms.. and 2 or S batht · Pool privileges- · Owned by VISTA SIERRA NICE 2-bfcdroom. Near schools bus shopping. 3002 E. Florence. EA 5-8111. ^_____ i-BEDROOM. Major appliances fi? eluded. Suitable for 2, JSS plus utilities. MA. 2-5282. CHILDREN WELCOME 2 bedrooms. Near 32nd-Alvemon. MA._ 4-0822. PLEASANT 3 bedroom. Near Davis- Monthan. Wall to wall carpeuiyr. draperies, washer, stove. Fenced. *100. water paid. AX. 8-5650. 4 to 7. Beautifully »-.· rnrrsdirtete- fur- _ L nish«J. Wall to wall wool carpet-j* ·** FURNISHED APT. AD. inc. Lovely grounds with patio furniture. I terrace. 175. Adults. becue en f^Kstone ,1 $65 New one bedroom duplex, mill- i. . 4 ' « 3 BEDROOMS. Store room. Fenced. Central coolins. Walk school. hop- pjnff. AX. «-3SOT 3 BEDR60MS. 2 full baths and den. I Near schools, shopping. F*nced-in I Slip. EA. 5-3313. 'NEW; ^--Z-AW"-"TM''--· ^ii_'j.:^ 01 i ^c.v'. larjre, 2-be4room d"uplcx. 3-BEDROOM. $»5. Ross Bow-1 Ouiet Fenced -»rd. Carport. sT ers Real Estate._EA. 5-31S2. "" i.age. Pool. Adults. "MA. 4-1MB. · --~ - ? torarw *^B! 3 Bedroom $90 _ . - _ . j _ _ . _ . Close bus. shopping! Lanre brick. ]i baths. Carport. Plaw. 3 rooms. Shade" lawa^^ir-! 1 ^* P*'l. Good location'. oill'EA.j No pets. Adults. 1736 "E.~'Broadway! i Storage. Fenced "yard. One "block port. Porch. *»o, utilities paid ' fi - 7s5 j- afl "'_'*P. m j I EA. 5-8330. from elementary school. 4908 E. 1503 E, Adelaide. '[27 FT. MODERN: complete fatiU-1 EAST-- 2 bdrm.. TV guiet adults astn- Near 32 TM 1 * n(1 S 1 TM"- *A- REFRIGERATED Stufiio ApartmenTi ties - Swimminjr pool. Large lawn, no pets, immaculate, lawn JI04SOI ----'-- INDIAN RIDGE Lovely 3 bdrmt.. activity room burnt adobe home: built-Ins; patio, carport, storage. Unfurn.. $17S per mo. lease. ANOTHER HOME $ Bdnryr, activity room, formal d. room, lovely patio; workshop, carport. Near Wilmot and Broadway. $190 mo. lease. MA. J-8441 IMS E. ·* »t. MARGUERITE'S PERSONAL SERVICE $115 MONTH 3 Bedrooms, l',i Baths. «91 S. Sydney St. EA. g-«2M 2 BDRM tao: 3 bdrm. $85. ACME REALTY * INS.. 3710 S. «th. MA. 3-M3S, Eves MA^ 2-7828. REFRIGERATED COOLING IN THIS COMFORTABLE. CLEAN. QUIET HOMB LOCATED OFF N. CAMPBiELL AVENUE. N E A R FOOTHILLS. CARETAKER FURNISHED: L O T S OF TREES, LAWNS. FLOWERS. ADULTS ONLY. CALL EA. 1-513S FOR INSPECTION, AND IT'S REASONABLE!! ALMOST NEW Large I bedroom brick house. Range, refrigerator. Near schools, bus and (Chopping center. Paved streets. $«5. 222R N. Marlon, EA. 7-na. REDECORATED Immediate occupancy S bedrooms. Stove and refrigerator. 1417 N. Beverly Blvd. For appointment. MA. 3-.H58. 3 Bedroom, 1% Bath Burnt adobe, built-in even a range, »115 per month. Mangels Realty, Realtors ItlS E. Broadway MA. 1-0531. Eves. MA. 3-08S7 2 * 3 BDRM. $79 - $g*. EA. 7-«635 SALE OR RENT: 3 bedroom. 114 baths. Range, oven, refrigerator, cooler and water. Occupancy June 4th. 6958 Calle Neptuno. AX.' «-«008. 3 BEDROOM Red Brick. S302 E. Andrew. Stove, refrigerator, drapes and water furnished. $105 a month. See OWNER at 4118 E. Los Robles (Vicinity Grant-Alvernonl. $87. 2 BEDROOMS, yard. Take chU- dren. 3530 E. Monte Vista Drive. REASONABLE! Lovely. 3 bedrooms. Stove and refrigerator. Patio. Bus. Shade. C338 E. Eli ..Drive. AX. n-5300. 3 BEDROOMS. 2 baths, den. Available June J5. Year lease. $135 month. S5J1 E. water. Appointment EA- 5-g»4, EA. g-33p«. 2 BEDRMS-$65 Duplex. Fenced in rear yard. Tiled floors throughout. 2117 S. Campbell. Paved carport. 3 BEDROOMS, central heating, cooling. Convenient shopping, school. Eastside. EA. 5-30B8. PARTLY FURN. 2 bdrm betFT very clean nicely landscaped. $65 on lease, will be available June 1st. Call EA. 8-1529 A: tvtt. EA. «-49»S. Built-ins Galore! Amphl district. Beautiful 4-bedroom home. Call MA. 2-4048. 7150 Flamenco Drive -- 3 bedrooms--2 baths--burnt adobe--built- kitchen --oven--range--refrigerator--automatic washer--central cooling--central heating--patio--all this for «mly *110 monthly «»d part of the rent applies to the downpey- rn«nt if you buy later. 7241 Luana Place--3 bedrooms -- J baths --burnt *dobe -- built-in ·Pima Plaza Bldg. Tucson a top location New offices available 12x20 k larger All utilities. Janitor service, re- frigemed air cond. telephone answering service. 2030 E. Broad- MA £ 2-1443. Corol. space, Ans. Serv. $30. 426 E. 7th. MA, 4-M41 -----. Bldg. . . . - NtAR UNIVERSITY. 10«3 E. th"St Store with 3 rms for offices or business. Heater, Cooler, Ught fbc- tures installed. Parltint. CVT7-C755, C-FF1CES -- Fum. or unfum. Next most complete shopping center. i718 Alyernon. Parking. CY. 7-0755. OFflCE. UnTverHty Area. $95 month Includes,) all services, utilities. EA. 7-888;. OFFICE or small store. 20 by feet. 4314 South tth Ave. Lease availjiblc Jur*e 1st. EA. o-G275. Z ROOM OFFICE. 4337 E. Broadway. $1(X per month including all utilities. Available July 15. lew. Call EA. 7-8358. COIN OPERATED LAUNDRY On busy Grant Boad. Only »4000 down, own this desirable business. Be your own bou. Michsel Hodges Rlty Co. MA. S-7S53 43 'E. Broadway Eves. EA. «-«10. EA. C-1740. MA. *-o«a Multiple Listtef ^Realtor INDUSTRIAL RENTALS 84 INDUSTHIAt WABEHOUSES' Dry or refrlfersted. RB Spurs. 4.0M-3.000 sq. ft.--So, Park Ave, Courtesy to brokers. EA, 8-»81 WANTED TO RENT We Have Customers for three and four bedroom homes furnished and unfurnished ranging in price from jno.DO per month to SI75.00 per month. Call our office with your house for rent today. ·MANGELS REALTY 1913 E. Broadway MA. J-OSJ1 -- Eves. MA, t-0«57 WILL. LEASE Need I bedroom house. Must be north of Broadway, south of Tt. Lowell. west of Swan, and east of Cherry. Excellent references. MA. V1890. WANTED: 3-bedroom horn* close in- Must be on busy street. Corner house preferred. Long lease if rent reasonable. Call Inez McCord. EA 3-7290. WE HAVE TENANTS Waiting to rent furn. ana unfurn. houses and apts. having I. 3 and 3 bedrooms in Amphi, North. NX. East. S.E.. and other good locations from $60 to $300 per mo., priced right. Complete rental and property management services. M u r p h e y Realty Mortgage Co.. 204 N. Stone, phone MA. 4-4444. We have tenants waiting. Bsi with us--rent today. No vacancies. Gus Greening Realty 4513 S. §th Ave. MA. 4-25JS Eves. MA. 3-68*9 or MA. 3-3703 Rtal Estatt Want.d home 3 bdrm 86 ~ smal] t, u* 4* h/vtiM* uu»*c t v d v sma clear house in Douglas taken as down payment. MA. 2-7404. HABERMAN REALTY. 548 E. Speedway. DUPLEX CLOSE IN 1 or 2 bedrooms.' Near University. Convenient to B Bth St and University bus Une.' EA. 5-5372. CMMEDIATE CASH for any home with a GI or FHA mortia«e by private party. Must be reasonable. T pay all closing costs. MA. 4-7738. WANTED 4 BR. HOME Individual. MA.4-1229. EA.J-92K IMMEDIATE CASH For Your GI House TDSTR'l REALTY 43C1 K. BDWY EA. 7-6671 WILL pay up to $400 for equity and assume payments to $80 per month «nd closing costs on used house with low interest mortgage. Phone EA. 8-lt«8 with details' E$tott Exchange 87 SUBURB. Modem 3 bedroom home. Wall-to-wall e*r- petln«: draperies, trade for Tuc- aon_1te«l Estate. EA: 8-T1W- D'UPLEX; SELL or Trade 2-bedroom Units. Corner. Near school, bus. shopping center. Any trade considered. MA. 2-7438. Evenings, AX. «-0803. 3 BEDROOM red brick, will trade equity on clear $ bedroom trailer. AX. H-0147. ····· Have doe* In Oracle Rd. ···· frontage will trade for · ·· home or acreage in · · N.W. Catalinas DOLGIN REALTY REALTORS MA. 4-4155 113« W. Ca«a Grande Hwy. SELL OR TRADE 700 front feet on CAS* Grande Hiway "t In« Ro*l "What hav* you? EXCHANGE » Unit* Clear Plus Cash for larger . . . Contact Sanfonl White. James C. Grant Realty Insurance Co. J. B. KLENSIN. President B X Bdwy Westerner Hotel MA J-7471 $3 BR. $14 N. Desert Blvd. I $ Assume 1st mtg. Will trade $ $ for Lot, mtg. or ?? $ Tuc. Mtg. CO. MA. 3-5433. Buiintu Opportunist* 38 GROCERY and meat market, with beer and wine license. One block with S buildings, with 4 extra lots. 175.000. J1H S. Uth Ave. MA. 3-JB76. $40,000 REQUIRED SHOPPING CENTER LOCATION ·40.000 cadi for Inventory on this outstanding variety . etore Furniture and fixtures $15.000. No telephone information Elven. Accountant's futures iriven. Call Harry Schwimmcr MA. 2-C45C. Eves. AX. *-«M0. Stnxnk Realty. 2021 X. Broadway. LEASE for sale. Lunch coua-lsr in shopping center. 18 mo's to run. lenewal option. Equipment furn. Attractive rental. Ample parldng. deal for couple. Call Dick Burton. Canyon State Land Co. EA. »-«7« or CY. 7-Bl« B-i-G Texas Dollars $31,500 NET YEARLY I N C O M E from major Texas appliance store and exclusive community TV system. No debts. Bonded, manager. Family h e a l t h forces move to Arizona. Will sell or trade for your in- property, r a n c h FLASH--FLASH / -ctic Drive-In Kxcl. equipment--low rent-- rooi leits-- Good N.Z. Area. Dor.'*, miss this golden opportunity. Buy now. Take advantage of the whole summer. Call MA. 3-5466. ROTH REALTY 1145 N. STONE LUNCH TRUCKS Tor lease. Stalnlejs steel. Tully j nipped. Call AX. «-»JB2 or see at MM E. 29th Street. RESTAURANT long established, well equipped, good lease, reasonable terms. By owner. 3130 E. Grant. FOR KENT in finest location in Tucson. First time offered. Principles otdy. Fuily equipped restaurant Writ* Star Citizen. Box 152-G. "FOR RENT: Beauty Barber Shop. In finest location and Motel in Tucson. Principals only. Writ* Star-Citizen Box 151-G. WE WILL.bny your insurance buiri- ners. George Greenberg. BEN SHETN nrePRANCE CO. MA. 4-MB7 BAR-RESTAURANT Series liquor license. Located In Cochise County. Going business Terms available. Inquire HEmlock 2-3421. Bisbee. Arizona. · LEASE On *T beer and -wine license with lunch counter. Fully equipped. Doing god business, Benson Highway location. Golden opportunity for couple. 14,200 cash required. For more information call Emory Searer Eves. «V Sun. AX. S-4112 TOMPKJNS REALTY 4SB1 E. Speedway EA. 7-421* EARN « PLUS DISCOUNT FIRST MORTGAGE BRICK HOME NORTHEAST REALTY E. Glenn MA. T-4J71 MOBILE soft cream trucks. New or used. No franchise. AX. 8-2280. FOR SALE DISCOUNTED LAND MTG'S. $500 TO $50,000. 2SM E. Glenn EA. T-4271 GROCERY. Two rentals, good business. Owner ill. Sacrifice. 3510 E. Pinm. Alignment Man Will split 50-50 on all income on the latest electronic alignment machine. Only sober, and steady man will be considered. Last man made over *7.000 in 1953. For appointment call MA. 2-77J8. WELL EQUIPPED, well located restaurant. A money maker th»- can be proven. Reasonably pricec with very excellent terms. Oracle Realty, 222} N. Oracle Rd.. MA. 4-2361. FOR SALE orlesseTBeautirul cafe in ideal location. Between 2 major all night gas stations with garages Close to 3 motels, trailer court and barber shop. By owner. On Freeway. CY. 7-10S3, CY. 7-1318. EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY - LEAVING ARIZONA Excellent opportunity for rlgh' man with small capital. Will sell my half Interest in used car lot. Star-Citizen. Box »0-E. LOANS, R«al fsta\* 88* SEASON contract $2*70 for $2000, pay* $23 per mo. 7ft interest, $2000 2nd mtg. $1500. $2) per mo. Sncl. 7i Int. First mtg. well secured $MOO. pays $50 per mo. K", int. Call Joe Brabent MA. 2-847! Even MA. 3-OWH, : D. L. Smith Co., Realtor fOP PRICES paid for good 2nd mtgs. Sc contracts. Oracle Realty. 2223 N. Oracle Rd. MA. 4-2M1. CASH IN Do you want CASH for your contract or 2nd mtge? Call EA. 7-SMI for ACTION. Vern Swango. iWANGO REALTY. 4efl5 E. Bdwy. OWNER-BUILDER LOANS NO RED TAPE Construction Finance Watz Realty Mtge. Co EA. 5-2538 Havedlients with 3,000$5,000 $10,000 to loan on 1st Mtgs. Ph. Noel, Copper State Realty Co. MA. 4-3225. Eves. MA. 4-4302. SPEED We buy tnortiaies and contracts faster and with lea* red tape. Call MERCHANTS FINANCE CO. 4» W. PENNINGTON ST. FOR SALE REAL ESTATE MTG«. $500 TO$15,000 8% INTEREST PLUS DISCOUNT NORTHEAST REALTY EA. '7-4271 2558 E. Glenn Mortgages-Contracts Bought Fasf/ LEIGHT REALTY MA. 2-740$ EA. S-72M "All Types ef Financin _ WE BUY MTGS. Jc CONTRA AT TOP PRICES. EA. S-72S1 ing" ___ TRACTS $ LOANS $ Buy or Refinance 1st - 2nd - Contracts HOME-RANCH-BUSINESS SIMS REALTY MORTGAGES MA. 2-8841 933 E. BDWY. 1st MORTGAGE LOANS BY MORTGAGE SPECIALISTS Offering the best forms of mort- (ace loans on residence, business or Income property for a stralnht term of S to 10 years or on easy mrathly repayment plans to suit your -needs. 200 N. Stone. E«ab. 1»5. Dial MA. 4-4444. MURPHEY REALTY MORTGAGE CO. »nd' r "«SIinK--race this for only tllo monthly--and part j . , of the rent applies to the down land or new residences. payment rf you buy later. T ., ~ ~ - ' - Unparalleled opportunity '111 Bbow Buy Place--3 bedrooms--3 'baths--burnt adobe--built- call 170: utilities paid" 5565^*5" 7th"' lots - Cinderpath Trailer Park. No- _a mo. Ph. EA. 5-(si9. AX. *-S!82. ' ' I gjles Highway. 415 E. Corona Road. . , --. n^TT^T^^-- Phone MA. 2-4572. i NORTHEAST "Monthly, i I ^ M n CMO I CHILDREN WELCOME ne rooms, reasonable, clean ONE and two bedrooms. Nearly new furniture In apartment*. On N. Beverly Blvd. near E. Pima. Avenue. EA. g-41C. POOL--$85 One bedroom. Danish modem ar Grant * Alvernon. Pool, Big Lawn, Trees Apts, up. t. MA. LODGE BACHELOR trailer S20 LARGE 3 bedroom. 1% baths, den. Excellent earn aide location. Available June oh. TOM Calle Bella- All -nlilitjeai available. Full butKl! - Bedroom. Shady. Quiet EA. 7-3142. 5-1248. MODERN i-bedroom trailer KSrTslNZW a-bedroom houst. newlv fur- 4560 ~E. 18th. Trailer Park. 3120 N. Stonp. ----- - 2-3 BD7?~ fum-^onfurn., reasonable ral«s. E.\. «-(WIO. Steffen Realty, S-xlO* Wide. New 2 bedroom. Awn-1 ? ine. Swimminf pool. Drsert ' £i«!* it n ,S?' tral cooli "f-,, c «Torti3 BEDROOM, 2 baths, activity. M»IU »»«ic. j-ew ^ uruj^jum. Awn-1 ·_ -,^°If s * Toon - Adults. 6192 i Patio wall. Carpet, drapes. Utility ine. Swimming pool. Drsert ---i^S-J*i---- i room. 1135 per month. S532 E. Haven, 3332 N. Romero Rd., Space' 4 . BEDROOMS and family room on L Water. AX. S-Otffi cr EA. 5-S89S. .»«:.-..^ , '-·'·'".'.' C .° mmunitv P 00 '- " 7-M7«_lAT.vrfe T nr^ T Vtlrr^ri" "frlrlr REASOSfABiLY priced one "bed- FOR A" RENTA1.7 house. Carporte, uttHty room. in kitchen--Oven andrarure--Cen- tral heating -- REFRIGERATED COOLING--2 patios--larue caraorte --storage and laundry room--all this for only $135 monthly--and part of 17 C*)01 f^r the rent applies to the down pay- ··""*""· i -' v ment ir you buy later. TRULY SECLUSION LIVING. To ret to these 3 homes drive out BROADWAY to KOLB RD.-turn left (norths about three blocks to 'ELBOW BAY Place, turn riitht (East)--all these homes are in this urea. If you cet lost or want form more infonrurtiO'n call GRUVER REALTY for you. For information Art Mahany, EA. MA. 5-0808. 3302 E. Sfieedway -,,. . , . room modem trailer. Ammg. fiaate displ«' plm full informa- sprinkler system. S301 N. Xfchey. EA. 7-e»l» Xic* court. . Banclv, Aop- ! center. 371* E. 3rd St.. EA. . , _ _ _ _ _ -- SOLA.VA Y SOMBRA Lot *io77u7^ No covt "EAynr 4S01 'CLEANT"Cor(WT. i~bedTCflrn~r"co" * - iri * | Central he»tlng and cooling. 3201 RENTALS PA1? TJPXTT rUK Kt,Wi TRUST CO., INC. --REALTORS-SPEEDWAY EA. 7-«»l We Pay More t Check with MILFORD KAY t first before selling your :. .$ MORTGAGE or CONTRACT JT » immediate casn. no escrow. t NO CHARGES. MA. 3-5433 TUCSON MORTGAGE CO. Valley National Buildine: GUEST RANCHES 88* SOUTH FORK Guest Ranch MODERN COTTAGES AND BRCOtTR,TS. STREAM OR LAKE FISHING . . . SWIMMING POOL. SHUFFLE BOARD. HORSE BACKKrDING. ENTERTAINMENT gJ THE LOBBY . . . WRITE OR PHONE FOR INFORMATION . P.O. BOX 328. SPKTNGERVILL3C. ARIZONA. PHONE FE.S-*45S. S - -- _ _ 1-BEDROOM dnplex. ! E. .23rd. . u . . . . . _ 11 TO October IS. Adults. No Tets.! T ^°r Couple. Exceptionally nice. JOWLO PAR*, two bedrooms'. C5?: t f f c «* ^ ' 5 ' ^ ^ - *"" DESERT WINDS APTS 1KA. *-»». n«* E. GRANT-STONE SHOP. . '. _ . . xury Apts. New APAKTMENTSi -- trailers. Unlitiesl Qose in Also | «ddfaow. We tnvjte yea to mate: paid. low iwvt. 702 E._ »lh St. , house*. MA J- jcomp.^TM £SggU"»° -4«'='.fe- -l*ia*Aa ' [* DeorocTO avaTJabie. JTM E. ff»fr-i wwivt ^ 2 Bdrms. *?' pool. 436 E. Prince Ttoed. i%taBt* ! CY. WB. ia. *or- '!1N COURT --NEAR DQ-WNTOWN. ] Ahi3ts No -pet*. TTtfiftte* fttmlsbed. | ITRAILER FOU WBNT. trtflrae»"5?i apart-1 GOOD locatlo '......»!. «r 1 _ * . ,, * _ -n fgrred". "«2* W." A'joV 4522 E. STH i ;3 Bedroom. I'.i Baths, near nchools ' i MA. 2-MH2 or 3A. 7-721S. ROOMY--2 BR. IS y *0. TTtnme« irtcluded. *1«) month. 4*11 E. Speedway, EA. Jt-1454. _ StORA' over e.eett »q. «.. FOR RENT car kt. Completely equipped with Signs, lights, office furniture. EA. 7-082. WHOLESALE SEAFOOD warehouse. . --.. $380 month. Storanre bafldine*. J.OW «. ft, Cmlri ot nsea tor cano stiop^ etc. As is.Specialty Stems, caterine; to maper- S3B month: 12-a«re laJte. can beirnancet 1 :. r.-sarar»nts, hotels and S^. iT V^r « 5 ^.'?' rs - *3COjdrfce r ms. Ttem«T«Jon» gipcrtaraty month. IA. 7-45*1. Mr. Kill or Mr, i fgrjjght party. EA. 7-15». INCOME HOPEKTY 89 ONE Bdrm. Duplex, walking eiT- tance downtown, blk. to bus Double carport*, storage rooms in »TOOd repsir. Excenent rental rec- = d ' ?jra in for e ** t - st " T Citizen OOx 153 G. East side 2 Bedroom · AteTt*. Ste yew. CIB ·menA. prr-, Thrptex. HefttreWtflnr. «teve, j f umisJwd. JsFeirr ptrk, »»»T income Ampni Center. MA. 4-63R2. New A Used fnrnttfflrs. Good m- Rengoiabte. SO* E. Grant. U5S SfONE 1 _ ^_ loeainon E. Spegdw«y. EfOnK, a'l^x'ojijum^i^ 4B" ^ier ^CBlding. OcBrtttffWSf ran «t jw*as« , ***"*· *«i»y slwpptny oenter locatwo. «n}v f»,8» *i THREE-UNIT ri«rrow«y - iiicney, a-ppir. UM wiontWy: »l».«eo-- wfll consider Jiorne in frwje. CaH now: V:a. «-fCIT. »»«». IT* * Arrn MATT BATKA. " *tn E. 5nmt. 12 UNITS-POOL «r^-;^* T ( W K '' l «*««H«n'* em-rtsr law- Mj ' i ffi* 1 ^ -]??*». Ttuitastf Trtnia. *C INCOME PROPERTY 89 £riUPLEXT"Si3h of red on paved street with sewer connected. Sidewalk* in. close to schools. cut location. Take over payment* with only $3000 down. Call Vale Swango EA. 7-6511 Eves. EA. 3-S657 SWANGO REALTY 4408 E. Bdwy. Ta«fOB irk Wednesday. June1.1M8TueMii.Ar LOOK And You Will Buy DUPLEX Spadoua 1 anil 2 bedroom, nicely landscaped. Porcht* front and rear. $1,000 Down. .4 UNITS Alway* ranted. Out of town owner must aell. Books open to bonafid* buyer. TRAILER PARK S bedroom living quarten. W ·paces. Room for expansion. Out of-town owner must sell. Book* open to qualified buyer. A. P. BROWN CO. Ph. ZA. «-43M Eve*. AX. tOMl and AX 1-2170 1710 E. Ipeedway ONE bedroom nuAn. LMPB 1ST Will accnrt cl«*r ctenpw or mtjl trailer, aa part down m limit. MA. l-iioo. __ , Blue Moon Special NEW TRAIL, CT. PLUS J-BEDROOM HOMWI WIDE OPEN TO OnZMII Owner's butinsa* keeps him *vmr from active management so, tar * down payment of 15,000 or leta and eaxy terms, you can take ow thla potential small cold mine. CUL sewer, water tc wiring are 21 Ideal For Retired Couplt Small Shopping Ctr AH or part. * rentals with food income. On Freeway. CT. 7-10S3. Ci. 7-1319. EXCELLENT income. 3 furnhed houses. 2toom for more. Lot 27X2B5. Consider 1st part payment Owner. HO W. Rd. NEW 4 PLEX Ultra location. Ultra furnishing* . OWNER. EA. T-J343 WE SPECIALIZE in Motels and Courts Large or small operation te~fit your purse. Guest Ledges, Ranches or Courts for sale or trade. See or call. MA. 3-4041. MA, 4-JIOJ: Eves. Sun, EA. 5-OOt. BONDED REALTY 280) N. Oracle Rd- Pima Motel JUST OW~MSiACLE trrr.r 4 -urSi residential court, 3 bdrm. home, duplex and unit, fully fura., always rented. Only *27.500. Rear sonable dn.. baL easy. Take small house or land in trade. Oracle Realty. JJJ3 N. Oriel. Rd., MA. 4-2361. Let's Tal WILL TRADE FOR CASH. LAND. LOTS. OR INCOME PROPERTY NEAR TUCSON. THIS LOVELY SIERRA VISTA MOBILE HOME PARK. ID* SPACES NOW OC- CUPDSD. ROOM FOR 44 MORE. INCOME NOW $2.200 A MONTH. POTENTIAL OF J3.300 A MONTH. WORTH OVER $125.000. RECREATION AREA, MODERN RED BRICK LAUNDKY. BOOMING COMMUNITY. LET'S TALK. HERB MOSKY. EA. 7-8381, EVES- EA. 7-5991. Let's Talk JUST $4.000. DOWN OR TRADE FOR YOUR TUCSON PROPERTY. TOTAL $13.500 FOR 28-SFACE FT. HUACHUCA TRAILER C O U R T . SHOWER ROOMS. L A U N D R Y . CEMENT BLOCKS BLDGS. ROOM FOR 21 MORE SPACES. $9.000 YEARLY POTENTIAL. LES BERKSON, EA. 7-8281. EVES. EA. «-21S4. MALTY 4 TRUST CO.. Bf«. --REALTORS-- 4MI E. SPEEDWAY IA. T.aja,l DUPLEX Priced for Quick Sale Furnished. 1 bedroom each aide. Located on paved street in eastside' location near Wilmot and 22nd. Sale priced at $11.7!0. AX. 8-073*. EA. f-M72, or EA. «-0522). ' Frank S. Minarik Realty S741 E. Speedway AX. $-3347 Don't Sell Tucson . . . Buy It! 2 Duplexes Furnished 4 Units very neat and all rented. $MAO down and owner will carrv oelance at $125 per month. Total price $t»,500. Call Royce B. Wells, EA. 6-2454 or evenings EA. «-3513. JCAMPMEUR REALTY CO. Multiple Listing Realtors 10M N. Swan EA. (-34M 14 units all rented, never a va cancy. Nets 21% after all expenses and mortgage payments. An ideal investment, for a retired couple- 115,000 will handle. For details call Howard StuWer. EA. 7-«518. Eves. AX. 1-3752. GHUVER REALTY, 3202 E. Speedway. CLOSE IN 3 bedrooms. 3 bath home, completely furnished with good furniture. Lot zoned for business. B-2. JO ft. of frontage x 171 ft. deep. X ft. alley. Owner moving to California. Will accept reasonable offer. And carry the mortgage. Call Howard Stutler. EA. 7-8518. Eves. AX. 8-3752 GRUVEK REALTY. 3202 E. Speed- w»y. 11 UNIT COURT 11/2 ACRES $45,000 Tremendous potential here. Fumj- ture and Units all in perfect condition. Ideally located. Perfect for expansion: units or Trailers. Terms to suit. Can't beat. SERVICE REALTY CO. REALTrBlS 111« N. Stone MA. 2-4*77 Eves. EA. «-914« or EA. f-MM Trailer Court 10 hookups. 2 bdrm. house wtih extra apartment for rental. Top north highway location. On paving £c sewer connected. Shows good income. No tele- info. Call for appt. to eee. MA. 3-5466. ROTH REALTY 1145 N. STONE $1500 DOWN 21 Spaces modern. Owner out of town says sell immediately. Financing all set. Hurry, exclusive with ;actus Realty. 1210 K. Stone. Eves. EA. 7-2Qgg MA. 2-M87 6 BRAND NEW 2 BDRM. UNITS ALL RENTED ON LEASE $12,000 DN! You can just about wriut your own terms on balance to net a top cash return! This is a real beauty in a high class, close in location! For details . . . ·PHONE HERMAN Corvelli Rlty. EA. 7-6268 _. EVES. PH. EA. g-2150 INCOME PROPERTY ' "I? Incomt approx. tlO.OOO per caafe and part paymeat Ph. EA. S-fift. Corvelli Rlty. EA. 7-6268 PS. JA. t-im On* B41. duplex with on one lot. lot included lnvtitm«nt Propfrty MY LANDS! That'« wb«t about t h t l t rwidf these tew prices: $600 down and $tt me. for ehoic* JO^mcr* ''-ploto near Maran*. |S,MO to* tal for titii prim« lnv*it- ment acreagt. Adjoiaing new road. CaH Bdnt Somtrville, EA. WSALTV *,I»raT OO.. BW. -REALTORS^ JLJbiM 6 ACRES ON EDGE OF CITY W«r«noua*. 8 raora. luxuat wltk ·wn well. «0 ft. xetMd CB-1. Ml ft. zoned R-4. Thla property may offer tremendoua poailbllltlM. Call Mr.' Lo««n EA- 7-«Sl». *v«a. BA- 5-1431. GRUVZK HEALTY. W« X. Speedway. SUBURBAN PROPERTY 9Q RANCHO HOME $12.000 completely furnished. 1 bedrooms and activity room. A beautiful beamed ceiling with cozy fireplace. Quiet and dignified surroundings with over U shade trees, hedge, flowers and hundreds of shrubc. This pla.«e has its own soft water well and guest house. Just the place you h*ve been looking for real country living. Gall Mr. Lagan EA. 7-«U. Eves, EA. t-l«2 for appt. Term*. GRUVER REALTY Xgttjt Speedway MT. laMMON cabin. Be»utlful Io- cation, patented land. $7,900. Mr. Robles, phone MA. 2-Mfi or MA. 3-B554. ATTRACTIVE furnished cabin ·* Willow Canyon on Mt Ltmmon. Reasonably priced. Owner. Phone MA. 4-1MB or EA. T-4«4 «y»nlngs. SUBURBAN LIVING AT ITS BEST This IA acre site with * bmnd new $7,ooo trailer and built arnun* it it 2 bdrm. horn*, excellent wall, magnificent vtaw: vmed DM home, per acre. Bun. oerrml, eltrm fruit* and other trees. You can (teal it for $24,000 with $8,000 dn. Call Janton Realty * Inv. EA. 7-4*M. BUSINESS PROPERTY IL - - - - - - - - *1 ^^dinV^^rvsS 1 Mr.- Jc^ei, phone MA. J-M « "^TrriitfACHuCA MKltt Near (outh G«m* IMrlSO Near South Gate STATE XEAXSY CO. WVMTMHWCOK- PORAT10N v rA. 7^347. »» X. PROFESSIONAL MEN e o n a offices. I year old brick building contains 170 SQ. ft. with large reception room. » offices Jc bath- plenty of room for expansion-120 X 1» lot completely Snceri rds ample parking area. Priced CALL 'MR. RULE -KVSS, IA. 7-JMT CALVIN WEBSTER REALTY 4*86 E. BROADWAY EA. 7-7441 280' S. PARK MU ZONED REDUCED TO $15,0XI EXCELLENT TERMS DOWNER. EA. 7-4271 200 FOOT fronts*, by an feet deep. Corner lot. J blocks from North Gate. Huadiuca Village Write Star-Citizen Box 210-E. Industriol Property 9]A ETBU3TR1AL LOTS «V ACREAGE. 16% Down! Gricwold Realty. Heal- tors. EA. t-lMS. LOTS FOR SALE 92 HIGHLAND HEIGHTS. I» x 300. Beautiful high building site, P tc S. $«.000. Terms. Call EA. 5-4M« any time. John Fejdt Realty. 19 reasonably priced lot* with ·ewer and utilities to good Southside location. Will sell individually or make attractive package deal to builder --terms. Call MANGELS REALTY. 1913 I. Broedway. Realtors. MA. 3-OWl and apeak to Paul StreiM. Bve- nings MA. 2-OWT. Excellent N.K. location, It0r24», paved street, CR-4. low price I Phone IA. »-3SJl, CMS. , SCHROTD«, a ^REALTY TRUST CO.. INC. 3*25 E. Bdwy. Realtors:. XA. a-MM Builders or Speculators . * adjoining lots rax!2i ln.» built-up sutxlivieion cant part of city. A give-a-way at H.500 for all I lot*, etf MA- 3-54W. ROTH REALTY 114S » 14% NET New red brick. I unit court in a very «ood rental »ec- tion. Each unit has 3 BR, Central heat and cooling. Fully furnished Indudinit earpeOnr In the Hvinjr room and haU. For information and appointment to see. Call ewner ROSS-BOWERS CONSTRUCTION CO. 2«3I XaM Speedway EA. 7-4171 Eves rx. m , *·* *· plant Gas. water, electric at erty. Total price »12.Mo. terms fi releases available. For ar K2S!*'-J? hIIe laertn Bhite 57*2 TM" * Suwl «y. **· PEYTON SCHROTOra, STEVKNt REALTY * TRUST CO.. INC. S E. Bdwy-Realter»-EA, 1-Mtt MONEY EARNING DUPLEX Jlfd to sell. If. 4',',% FHA Mt«. EA. S-OMO. Stcffen Realty. To settle esute. * most beautiful small trailer court; 2 nice homes, lots ef shade trees: city newer, nat- wral eas. privats bath and,storage to eech piece. Ideal for retired «ra- le. Please no phone information. :«n Jantoa Realty ic Inv. EA 7-S595 100x120. Good area «,7M. MVERS__KEALTy. KAV T-41a 18 80-FOOT LOT S TRADE v i Mark ]ri «*"t«- Power and air. A-l condition. Trad* home CHOICE restricted sjtej tn besutifnl pe'r*montn 3 '*5n' J SlUtte.. "ScSdta* L*^1! ;^ 0 »TM«.J«%.c«»tr D ctlon 12 It-TOOf LOTS OWNER. 1EA. '7-4JT1 -4% MORTGAGE * TRADE .. in betntifol modem mahot- come. Tr»oe~ «fli$ty for 3ew"tr«_- er, cabfa or arr EA. 5-532S. *1«0,«00 NZEDKD!!! ifvft one "of the finem JO wre tracts «f lemd in Tocwn *x fit Iwetarp JeXr« traojer pe'ilc, vfTl Ay.'/rt VIEW LOTS PAR EXCELLENCE A Hmitrt Toimbw a? aw*- S TKft .fJW

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