Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 13
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Chitwood - Let's Explore Your Mind and Jensen Set Date Mr. and Mrv. Raymond E. Chitwood announce engagement of their daughter, Jeri, to C. William Jensen, ton of Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Jensen. They plan a July 5 wedding. Miss Chitwood, i Millikan High School graduate, is a senior at Long Beach State College where she is majoring In home economics and serves as president of Cali- fias, junior-senior women's honorary. * * * * HER FIANCE completed studies at Wilson High School and University of Redlands and currently is a teacher at Washington Junior High School. Active in the American Field Service program, he is responsible for all incoming students, their arrival and housing while in Southern California. PEOPLE narr ·WR PERSONAL ADVANTAGE/ TO£ D FALSE Q DEAR ABBY IMC*. bio* u«u tori t INI INOffENDENT--P*fl» I-I You' Will Thank Her Later' Ex F V Girls pla " Brunch By SYLVANUS AND EVELYN DUVALL Oswald Jacoby JTB Assure* Lead Break The basic feature cf the Jacoby T r a n s f e r is that after an opening no-trump the response of two diamonds demands t h a t the no-trump bidder go to two hearts; while the response of two hearts demands that the opener rebid two spades. The transfer bid is unusual in that while it is forcing it can be made with a hand of any strength. Ret p o n d e r ' s ntit bid will show how strong he actually Is. Thus North's two heart bid is the Jacoby Transfer and South dutifully rebids to two spades. North only 1. People fight mainly for personal advantage! True False _ False. All the great movements of history, including Christianity, were sucessful because people were willing to fight and to die In disregard of personal advantage. Most Americans seem to believe that people will work hard only for pay or in the hope of some personal gain. Yet all that we know about human nature indicates that people will work hardest and most successfully only when they believe in what they are doing and when they find feelings of personal significance and importance in their effects. 2. Should we be ambitious for our children; Yes--- No No, or at least it is risky. To begin with, you should try to lead your own life. cot have your children lead it for you. If you have not been interested enough to learn to play the piano yourself, why force it on your children? If you belive so strongly in education, enroll in a night school yourself and study along with your children. If you try to force upon your children what you have been unwilling to accept for yourself, you may only cause resentment and rebellion. MEDICINE AND YOU Take a Stout Route to Good Night's Sleep Sunset Singers By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: My mother had a miserable childhood and she --Mils nin« to be worse. I am almost 15 and I am treated« l i k e a two-t year-old. My mother won't 1 let mi go in c a r s w i t h b o y s , a n d when I try to e x p l a i n to her that ALL the girls my age are al- ABBY lowed to. she accuses me of taDung back to her. Please, Abby, help me explain this to my mother. -- NO RIGHTS DEAR NO. A daughter who thicks her mother wants her to have a "more miserable childhood"* «"" her own needs to hare a few things explained to HER. If your mother forbids you to go in cars with boys, accept her decision without an argument. You might resent her holding you back, now but, take my word for it, you win thank her later. DEAR ABBY: Occasionally you print letters in your column from wives or friends complaining of a man's health food addiction, Don't these people know how lucky they are? ! xrish MY husband would stop at a HEALTH bar for a glass of carrot juice after work. I wish he would come home with a six-pack of wheat germ. How wonderful it would be to be married to a man who loved his family ' so much he wanted to take good care of his health so he would be around to see his children grow up. --ALCOHOLICS WIFE DEAR ABBY: I've been married for three years and it never occurred to me to mistrust my husband, but here is my story: Last week I went to visit my parents. who live 200 miles away. I stayed three days. When I returned, my neighr--r (we live in an apartment) told me that my husband had brought a young woman to our apartment and they went in at 5:55 P.M. and came out at 7:15 P.M. When I asked my husband about it he said he had invited a coworker to see our apartment because she was decorating hen and wanted some ideas. I have been nervous and upset ever since. Does it take an hour and 20 minutes to look at four rooms? --NERVOUS AND UPSET DEAR NERVOUS: When a woman is seeking ideas for decorating, an hour and 20 minutes Is no tune at alL The greatest danger in your marriage at the moment could be your neighbor. She sounds like a trouble-maker. * · · « Stop worrying. Write to Abby. For a personal reply enclose a self-addressed. stamped envelope. * · · · For Abb/s booklet, "How To Have a Lovely Wedding.- send 50 cents to ABBY. Box 3365, Beverly Hflls. Calif. An Italian decor wilt be featured at t h e annul Punch-Brunch for Clipped Wings. United Air lines s t e w a r d e s s e s shssnae. Wednesday at the Palladium at 10 am. Members and their guests win be greeted by former stewardesses att'red in Roman togas in the theme chosen to emphasize plans for the *Roamin p Holiday," Clipped Wings convention in Hawaii to be held in July. MRS. G A R Y Lehman. president, has announced that fashions win be presented by Marilyn Boyle as coordinator and commentator. A United stewardess will mode! the newly designed fall and winter uniform by Ben Reig. Munbfr* attending from Long Beach will include Mmes. James Shaffer, Fred- trick De Graw, Clarence Siatjiaa. Daniel OToole, F. A. FiUipow, Stuart- King. Donald Bunco. Kenneth Johnson. Edward Indloff and Leon Pugh. Softool Dry. Htmi Dtllr try HE 6-3265 Soft Wafer Laundry 702 W. AMAHBkl By BEN ZIXSER l-SCIMICI E«tar NORTH 1 A K 1 9 I I 5 1 1 Z V 4 2 · 1Z WEST *A V A Q 9 7 1 4QJS 4 J S C 4 EAST *JT VJ19 4K.I08S +011751 HOLlil (D) V K S I S « A I T t Wat HOC. F*3S 14 Fus Pass Fan Opening lead-- ·Q North 2 V 4 4 East F*s» has three high card points .but his eight card spade suit justifies the s e c o n d , round jump to game. · · · · WEST OPENS the queen ·'of diamonds. South takes ~ his ace, cashes the ace and king of dubs to discard one of dummy's diamonds and eventually loses two hearts and a spade. Let's see what happens if North'Is declarer at four spades. East wfll probably open the |icfc of hearts. Stout, a malt liquor high in hops content, is effective in the treatment of insomnia, a New York physician says. Dr. Frederic Darnrau recommended one bottle of stout at bedtime for a series cf 50 patients who complained of insimnia but were otherwise healthy. The patients were 23 men and 22 women aged 33 to 85. Each was asked to try the stout test three times. Result Sleep improved in 114 tests (76%). Dr. Damrau, reporting in the Journal of the American G e r i a t r i c s Society, says three factors theoretically contribute to sleep production: 1. Stout's heavier body and higher malt content. (A heavy liquid, notably malted milk, taien before retiring is generally recognized as an aid to sleep.) 2. Stout's higher alcoholic content--7 per cent by vol- West wul take two heart t r i c k s and lead a third heart. If North ruffs low East win make his jack of trumps right away. If North r a f f s with the king of spades and t h e n leads a spade to South's nine West will win with the ace and lead a fourth heart and here again East's Jack win set the contract. YBul find · convict* description 0f 0w iKdw Tnrofer Bid to J*cot»v'» *t» DooH. -Win f tfKOt" Just lent vour MAI*, address, tntf SB COTTS W: oiwald Jvccr R cater Scrvlcr. t'« »H nursoawr. P.O. Box 43*. D«of. A. ftatfo cav sntion. K«W von n. «.v. ume. (Average for American beers: 4.43%). 3. Stout's high hops content. ( believed to have a sedative effect on the nervous system). ' One bottle of stout is not intoxicating, the d o c t o r says. It takes six bottles to p r o d u c e an intoxicating level on th« blood, he reports The Sunset Fellowship Singers will observe their fourth anniversary Wednesday at 140 W. 6th SL, from 9:30 11 -30 am. There will be election of officers after which C h a p l a i n Charles Crumb, Long Beach General Hospital, will present a program. All senior citizens are cordially invited to . attend this event at Sunset Club. Firm, slim, young-looking and yet she is over 40! No arm-flab or ov*Mht-bra-roHs f or h«r... She a trias «ad Co, firmed ta « crw elcpncr tj V1V A-4, tie litest mrfnod of Ejure rqm-emcd. V1V A-4 . trs*3frac~!«. \VeurtHitVlVA-4aie ·asy, tconornlcol «y to cs inraaivc f^re. jislfTcsi ttic buttt'in t3a~~|rcstot si t fansj of heat, you tre on joor wij ! STAUFFER ,,,,,,«,,, TO* TRIM. RE-POISE OR REDUCEI \Ye ta help 3jc*Vlct u Pick cp £· jiaci ADJF csd lara vu YTVA-4 «5B dxE£d(«-t 0 C«^ GA 3.49^4 CApitol 5-1611 m score* fU£ coo Kin ecmnt VMDIIOBC cr K SHOT. cms fCITHE TKllSIUJtT cm--rticu nan in H2ZJI SIZES S36.To.12 AAAA TO C TOPPER 1498 Bora orWh2» . SofS«C«!t ·- · Back Patent ' Batiia Sut LONG BEACH 3«D 1 1 DEL A MO 2i?2« HAWTHORNE BLVD. \ Society Plans Show Long Beach African Violet Society wfll hare its «nm African Violet Show next weekend at Norway Han, 683 Redondo Ave. Show hours are 1 to 9 pm. Saturday and 10 a_m. to 6 rxm. Sunday. Doors for the "Suddenly. It's Spring" ihem«d show wtH be open for entries from 2 to 7 pm Friday.- · * * · AWARDS win be made for queen of the show, best arrangement and best theme arrangement. First, second and third place ribbons be awarded in all classes and the Sweepstakes Trophy will go to the exhibitor winning the most blue ribbons. President and show chair man of the-society is Mrs. Dorothy Powell of Inglewood, according to Mrs. Paul Nuss, 724 Olive Ave, press chairman. Remarkable food fielps'people over 40 enjoy vibrant living .i^ -'* *t 1 ^"*'T f " **»;: kVvf'S'.Wfc Vgfi'O ;: |c^ c ^t*-^l^/J ; v-- t\*.«.-·%- · .- _··*·. «."/.v - - ,, :?, ?- 'i '··"·{ · £ -*-A f * ' $S *, ' ^ ^ * " * : ^ f * ^" "' * [ '' '.*' '' "* ** * * · ' " - - jf 4 ~~ , * " " ' 1 A * ;S'H"*-. ; · '' i *' '' _ '"* ^ · *,,,' ' " ' " * ' , . / " * . »rro M jaa Kit tffa ta W Ca jeci M cJ, etna* a, r» be* £* I*? *=i '· n« tmft ml tack At ataaa, tot jt« «=» t^y fciM «p net rarjy «3d takxxx* If · h tiaem ta prTrj£at«a'tTu.ra!i ' efioi-ij l.i'j'iiir. Knrt»V'«T What Cera boocU yna ^^**yr ·'· f in * joo cj *' "j y** f ".*** ^ ^i f ta kcV ytcr l«fy t Wiol Ceza. tismSaaa rf c*iicjl «iai BpjSa M ti. oat=£il ta bohi oj taerjr. VTSrat ^11^ pTCS yott OJLI ·' i i it jf ii 1*1 |^ yJ»»^T« tal patta fia *sj «ba jagt fcoi r ftiat 6mm b fix er ti- -''ill' t beet, tltt» vlot B! fcl» Ecy toisfd £»!««. It cza t» «iW to oool or £-», o r f f a l It^nf «=d taefna. Kid b eCn JOB nan · wsj *at h*» InH e? yaa pt} toi taaa ly ti£cf Ercttdsacr What Gen ta jaa oaU li'i lannn-'nS, fffrrj a3? «iocl Si « £17. Toal foi KnfulhiiiT Wbal Ce=v jfaa or wii Ss^a ·« Hanrr. ia necza-«ca!cd jaa a C* cgai mctVa of jog Ixt Ha*. What "Everything In One Beautiful Place" Means to You and Your Family Westminster MEMORIAL PARK/MORTUARY/CEMETERY ·j · Finer mortuary, chapel, funeral directing services and facilities, located together within sacred.grounds. · Family and friends may now pay their full respects by attending the cemetery : committal service-without the '. inconvenience of a funeral procession : through heavy traffic. · Fewer problems--all details for both funeral and burial arranged for in one interview, including a budget plan if desfred. · Lower costs-with all phases of the memorial tribute "In One Beautiful Place" : with low overhead, expenses are kept '. to a minimum for you and your family. Complefe Funerals from $120 · Heart-if your family Is without funds, -; please call us, we will serve you graciously and beautifully, without embarrassment of any kind. · In addition to the savings, think of the convenience-, of having everything in one beautiful place. \ V V E S T M 1 N S T I R V V r»ta ijv»*«* i »·* M I M O I U I M I C / PRJAUMRK · CEMETERY · MORTUSRYVMAUSOtEiJFr ;j{Hrf39). WESTMINSTER · TW 3-2421 -,)E 1-1725

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