Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 8, 1972 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 8, 1972
Page 5
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Waldheim's Visit To China Is Smoothed By Concessions llv W1LUAM N, OATIS UNITED NATIONS, N,Y, (AP) -- In Iho 'steps of Marco Polo nnd Richard Nixon, Iho secretary-general of. the United Nations will set out Wednesday for China; Ills way smcolhcd by ooiicpBHlon aflcr concession to Peking'* hiird line on Taiwan, The: announcement of his Journey; bare lo; the point of near nudity, surrounded It with Iho kind of mystery thai-hag al ways given rise lo so muph cu riosity aboul lhal .Immense land, at onco the moal populous nnd among liie least accessible is lhat the of countries. · Whal Is 'known - that government Korea In ono cauo and the Congo In the ' other ·-- ' forced Trygve Llo. oul of the secretary-generalship In 1053 and clouded Dug Hamniarnkjold n Insl yenr'.ln Iho Job, 'down to Iho day lie crushed and died In the'African bush on a diplomatic mission In 1900,, i , Wiildhelm Ixmrs · ult|mnle responsibility for i lhat Imvo · been 11 Uie steps taken to dis- To Elude Vandals Ike Mtingle of Route 2, Kcn- nelt. Mo., says he has lost; 20 mailboxes over the past 15 years to youngsters who view ,hls mailboxes as traditional targets for pranks. Mungle has a hoe handle attached to the box now and carries it out to (ho road each morning, slips It into a pipe in the ground and, after the m a l l arrives, carries it Imck to his farmhouse, a quarter of a mile away. "I've . bought my last mailbox," lie swears. (AP Wlrephoto) Russia And China Feuding Over Asian Border Again government,of Iho People's Re public. of China has. Invited Kurl Waldhelm for an official visit; Hint he and his wife with four members of his secretarial will spend five duys. In Ihe country. , What Is not known Is which of China's DOO million people he will meet; whether he will gel facc-to-face {exposure to the famous thoughts of Chairman Mao Tsc : tung; the usually invisible head of the Chinese Communist party; and whether, like President Nixon, he will wind up endorsing ihe Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. On' 1 ' Peking's firmest principle, that there Is no "one China, one Taiwan" but only one China with Taiwan included, Waldheim's position is already well established, It is, quite simply, Peking's position. ESTABLISHED Waldhelm established it soon after he became secretary-gen; eral at the beginning of this year. He confirmed the decision of his predecessor, U Thant, to deny U.N. press credentials to two correspondents of the Chinese Nationalist government's Central News Agency. In fact, in disaccrediting, Ihe correspondents and ordering them out of the building in the engage Ihe Unllcd Nations from Taiwan because he Is; the chief administrative; officer of the U.N. secretariat. ·'In the, Unllcd: Nations, generally, · tlic Chinese .have not lyrned oul to be the bogeymen lhat they, were palnlcfl In years gone by I h e I r then worst enemies, the Americans. ' OLD RAYS In the old days, from afar, ' By JAMES R. PEIPERT :· MOSCOW (AP) -- The Soviet Union and China are feuding publicly again over their border in Asia. . Publication In Peking of -a hew Chineso world atlas opened the latest round in the dispute that lias its origins centuries ago, when Czars and emperors ruled the two countries. -·"The authors .of this geographical study," the S o v i e t government newspaper Izvestia said Monday night, "are trying to justify the territorial claims of the Chinese leadership!to B4 million square kilometers of age-old Soviet territory." This equals 579,000 square miles. The lengthy article: was - c a l l e d "Geography, Maoist Style." In 19G3 -- as Chinese- Soviet relations, rapidly 'disintegrated -- China aired vague claim to the same amount of land in. Siberia anc the Soviet Far East. ·· The Chinese argued that the lands had been taken ''by treaties imposed unfairly on the weak imperial Chinese govern ment in the 19th Century. RUSSIAN CLAIM The Soviet claim is based on physical possession of the area as well as Russian exploration and settlement of the eastern reaches of Siberia in the early 17lh Century and their forma annexation in 1649. . Russia ceded tie territov; back to China in 1090 and 1728 But Moscow contends these treaties were "unequal and un fair," the same charge China raises against the 19th Century Aygun and Peking Treaties un der which Russia recovered th territory. "The People's Republic fchina is. . .the only big stat whose I e a dersh i p picksterrito rial quarrels with its neighbor in the North and South, in th East and West," Izvestia said "Those who put forward absur demands to the USSR .. should recall the way the Sovie people regard such claims." This could be reference I the battle on March 2, 1969, hi veen Soviet and Chinese roops at Damasky 'Island, in ie Ussuri River, which frms ie Far Eastern frontier. It as the first of five armed lashes, officially announced nd protested, and hundreds of esser incidents during the fol- otlng six rnonths. The' Soviet side'reported 31 lead and' 14 . injured in the March 2 clash, the Chinese ave : no casualty report. NEGOTIATIONS Premier Alexei N. Kosygin lew to Peking in September 969 and arranged for border icgoliations which are still gong on, but' there .has been' no ndication of any progress lo vard an agreement. Both governments' continue to eef up their frontier military "orces. An American expert on Ihina, Prof. Lucian Pye of the Massachusetts Insitute ' of Technology, said last month the Russians have more than one million soldiers on their side of ;he border. hurried closing days of his 10 years as secretary-general Thant had given in to growing pressure from the new Peking delegation. In following Thant's lead Waldheim was fending off similar pressure. Disagreements with the Soviet Union over matters of less they Issued demands lhat' the United ·' Nation's ·': be' .reformed from top to bottom and that the General Asembly's 1951 resolu- lion declaring China an aggressor |n Korea be rescinded. Now that they are here, they do. not mention those * things, They take strong positions, then compromise. ' In the Security Council, faced with a popular resolution that Ihey object to, they usually do not obslruct it. They vote for it while recording reservations, they abstain from voting, or hey resort to the'even more aloof stance of not participating in, , Alone among the five permanent members of the council, Ihey have never yet used the veto -- though they once threatened to. The Chinese, informants said, turned against it when they found-out that Nationalist China had signed the treaty in Washington. They feared that adoption of the resolution would involve the council in recognition of Nationalist 'China as :'a state, because its signature could be Joyrldlng Auto Thieves Crash, Taking 2 Lives NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif, AP) -- The two boys,wanted a Joy rldo, and when they spotted a cor wilrf tho keys In the Ignition, Ihey stole if, police said. Tho joy ride ended wlih fhe dciilhn of a woman and n child. Polico said the two. were killed afltr the stolen auto sideswiped a disabled sports car, then careened across the cenler divider at the Interchange of the Hollywood and 'Ventura freeways and smashed head;qn Into another car. Authorities said the boys- aged 12 and 13--stole the car and drove 11 around the city Saturday nlgnt and Sunday morning, i · .· ' They were spotted Sunday by a Burbank reserve police, officer Who suspectedithe car was stolen. Jusl as he was aboul to flag the 'youths, to pull over, Ihcy drove off. A high-speed police chase ensued. At the Interchange the boys' car sideswiped the dis NoHHwMt Arkunw* TIMIS, Tim., Awfl. I, 1972 · ft trAvrrrmviM.", Internal Inquiry Into Study Of Syphilis Recalled WASHINGTON' AP)' "Six ye U. IPC- ablcd sports car, instantly killing its driver. Heidi Van Dorff, 31, of Van Nuys. , The boys' car then careened across the center divider, crashing head on into a car driven by Army Spec. 4 Gary L. Janlz, 120, of.Canoga Park, who had his 20-year-old wife, Debbie, and infant daughter, Rence, as passengers. The two-week-old child was t a k e n by helicopter to Children's Hospital ;Jn Hollywood where she died two hours later. Mrs. Janlz was hospitalized In critical condition. The boys suffered minor cuts and bruises..police said. T.he youths, who were not identified, were booked for investigation of vehicular. manslaughter with -gross negligence. ears ago an employe of the J.S, Public Heallh Service questioned the morality' of a federal syphilis study In Alabama, The result was'an inter- nal'inquiry and an official decision to take no action, Peter'Buxhin, who worked In the~ venereal-disease branch of the PHS In San Francisco, said In an Interview' that he raised the Issue in 1966.' In 1969 he was told the experiment had been reviewed and that nothing could be done'for the participants in the Tuskegee Study. '·' 'The Tuskegee Study is a 40- year .experiment conducted in Macon County, Ala., by the Public Health Service to determine the effects-of'untreated syphilis. Some 400 black men suffering from, the disease In 1932 were enrolled In the experiment and ngver received any treatment for the disease. At' least seven died as a dlrecl result of untreated syphilis. his home in AtlaiHa, Brown, Who i now Is retired, confirmed the 1 main points of Buxlun's story. But he declined to comment on any moral questforis concerning the study as a whole or Ihe decision not to administer penicillin to participants in Ihe 1940s. "I wasn't even around then, ' he said. "Bul 1 do know why we made the decision we did in 1968 and 1869. When a person has had syphilis as long as the men we were dealing with at that time and the disease has aused no' serious side effects, ie chances are excellent that never will." Even DENIED after World · War II held to make it a potential "state party?: to. Ihe treaty. With Waldheim's visit to Peking, he will have, been to the capitals of all five permanent members of the Security Council. He was in Washington in January, Paris and London in April and Moscow in July. Communication With Backside Of Moon By Satellite Seen Signatures On American Party Petition Faise when penicillin was known to be an effective cure tor syphilis and the drug was readily, avail able, it was denied participant in the experiment. What' remains of -the Tus keg'ee Study now, and whe Buxtun first started askin questions aboul it, is In th hands of the PHS' Center fo Disease Control in Atlanta. 'Buxtun has since left the PH and recently graduated from law school, He gave copies o letters he wrote to CDC an CDC's responses to The Assoc a'ted Press. He said when he first hean about the study, lie asked CD for whatever reports had bee done on it. "On reading them I bccam very concerned, because seemed that were not fully the voluntee informed as Death Toll In Irish Warfare Reaches By ED BLANCHE Associated Press Writer BELFAST (AP) -- The death what they had volunteered for GHEENBELT, A scientist , at Md. the (AP) Goddard Crescent liquor Claims Victory Crescent Liquor downed the Fayetteville Street Department, 15-8, as Softball continued in the West Division. The winning hurler was Kit Stoker with Dough assuming the loss. Leading scorer for Crescent Liquor was Don Bohannon with three runs while Harrison led Fayetteville Street Department's scoring with two runs. Killed In Wreck CLARKEDALB, Ark. (AP) Robert M. Evans, 57, of Rl- nard, 111., was killed Monday in a one-car accident on Interstate 55 three miles north of here. Police said Evans' southbound car crossed the median and overturned in the northbound lane. Space Plight Center says he has discovered a way for astronauts lo remain in continuous communication with earth while landing on the far side of the. moon. The key to ^he technique would be a communications satellite orbiting an invisible point 40.000-miles beyond the moqn, says Robert W. Farquhar,' the engineer-mathematician who developed the idea. By orbiting that point, rather than the moon itself, the satellite could keep watch on any desired- location on the back side of the moon while maintaining constant communication with earth, Farquhar says. From earth, the satellite would appear to describe a sort ,of halo around the moon, ompting Farquhar to label it e halo satellite. The halo satellite would orbit 2, one of five libration points lere the gravitational pull of e earth and moon are equal.. Farquhar says he presented the halo-satellite Idea to space agency officials in time'for it lo be used on the Apollo 17 spa- ceflight.scheduled for this December: IDEA VETOED He- said that budget-conscious officials at the National Aeronautics and Space , Administration vetoed the idea because of $50 million added cost; Lunar scientists are eager to discover whether the far side of the moon has the same general composition .as the front .side, They are ' particularly curious about the absence cf mares, or dry seas, which are so numerous on the front side. However, space officials have been reluctant to attempt a far- side landing without some Shriver Nomination Expected By Democratic Parly ' WASHINGTON (AP) Democrats arc expected to nominate Sargent Shriver as their new vice-presidential candidate tonight, amid growing predictions that he can help unify the p a r t y for the uphill struggle against President Nix- Domo'cralic National Com- millee members spoke warmly of Shriver, chosen by president i a l c a n d i d a t e George McGovern as his new running- mate, as they prepared to make the selection official dur InK a 7:30 p.m. meeting. - CREDENTIALS But before taking up its main business, the DNC this aflcr- noon must sctllc credenllals challenges' to members from five slales. The DNC's Credentials Commillee ruled on four of Iho challenges Monday and will hear a challenge lo Ihe New York delegation Ihls morn- ichard Daley, whose slate wil! e seated for the vote tonight !hallenger William Singer igreed to put off his battle to inseat the Daley group. Once the credentials chal enges are decided, the DNC lans to recess until tonight 'hen, Senate Majority Leade dike Mansfield is expected to lominate Shriver to replace Sen. Thomas Eaglcton who re signed from the ticket in the fu or following his disclosure o past psychiatric treatment. Eaglcton made it clear Mon day he won't permit his nairn o be placed in nomination an doesn't know thai anyone wil Ing. The Credentials Commlltce ruled against Ohio labor leader -Frank King In the most sharply contested challenge and rccom mended that a black state scnn lor, Morris Jnckson. lie seatci Instead of Klna'n choice, Rep Wayno Hnys, King took Ihe po sltlon lhal sealing Jncksor w o u l d result I n over rcproscnlatUm for blacks. The other challenges Involve members from Illinois. Virglnl. end Wisconsin, Tho Illinois ens resulted In nl least n Icmpornr victory for Chicago Mayo Tlic SURFACED revive-Eaglelon.' sent ment surfaced soon aflcr hi withdrawal from the ticket Ins week but apparently has }ia sipatcd almost totally, larcel because the support for Shrive Is widespread and enthusiastic The nominating and seconc Ing speeches nnl the balloUn by slates are expected lo b completed within 00 minute then it will tie Shrlver's turn I ncccpl. McGovern will close 01 the program wllh his own bri remarks. This is tho first meeting the expanded DNC, which tl M l n m l Beach convention vole to enlarge from n 110-mcmbc committee whore everyone hn equal voice lo n 303-membc committee with 234 voles. Lawsuit Filed Over Cancelled Insurance Policy means of continuous communication between · earth and the crew making the landing. . Farquhar believes the halo satellite might prove useful for more :than Apollo-like moon landings. A NASA committee has proposed development of a lunar- orbit space station, called LOSS, to orbit the moon and support manned colonies on the oon. . ' .Farquhar recommends development instead of a halo-orbit space station, called BOSS, which he says would make it possible almost to double the size of payloads delivered to the moon's surface. In addition he .said, "continuous communications coverage for all far-side lunar operations would be available, and the space station would never lose NEWPORT, Ark. " (AP) Pros. Ally. David Hodges o| Newport cited false signatures Monday .on petitions circulated by the American Party in Arkansas in its effort to get the party's presidential- and vice presidential nominees on . the Arkansas general election ballot After conferring Monday With persons he had subpoenaed in his investigation, Hodges said two persons listed as circulators on the petitions said their signatures were false. He Identified them as James Brock of Tuckerman and Louis Hudgens of Swifton. Hodges.said.two others listed as circulators, Clark Delmos and J a m e s Darling, both of Newport, appeared with .their lawyers and refused to answer .questions. ' Of the o t h e r s , one person a circulator, a Sue Turner, could not be located, and three other names, Betty Cockrill, Larve .Harvey and John Watson, .were fictitious, Hodges said. Hodges also said that two and as to what exactly, was going to be happening to them," Buxlun said ofrthe participants in the study. "Nobody- apparently had concerned themselves with moral or legal issues involved." In the spring of 1987, Buxtun said, CDC flew him to Atlanta where he met with four PHS people, including Dr. William J. ....... ' ..... - the toll in three years of religiou: warfare in Northern Irelam reached 500 Monday' night, ac cording to revised police fig urcs, as Roman Catholic polltf clans opened secret peace talk wllh British officials.. Police headquarters said Wi' liam Henry Creighlon, a 40 year-old lance corporal in th Ulster Defense Regiment, be came the SOOlh viclim of th violence that started 36 month ago. The first tatalily was o Aug. 14, 1969. Creighton, who was in un form, was .killed by a gunma hiding in the bushes 15 · yarc from his /home at Magherave ly, close to the border with tl Irish Republic; INEXACT Police said the count of 500 Sell-insurance Study Program Being Ordered ~ LJTTLE ROCK,YAH -- The* Committee on "Self-Insurance was told Monday by Qov. Dale * Bumpers thfty he wanted '^h» group to 'concentrate oh* deyp' " Ing self-insurance ' program for public education gild property damage,*. . '· 'The governor asked'for recommendations by mld-Novem; ' ber · an'd In ''such detail 'lhat legislation would npt be too difficult to pass/'," · '·' '"'' · · Stale'Sen.^Clarence Bell Q( Park In has recommended that 13 million of stale surplus funds be set aside for the program,.-. Bumpers said now iwaslrfn "Ideal time", to begin a' self-insurance -program because the surplus of funds Is higher thiin ever in the state's history, · ,; Under, , the plan, public schools would pay fees (nUra centralfund that would be used pay out claims for property amage. * Designers of the plan say hey would pay less under self- surance JJian they pay' In premiums under existing plans. hey also say that the school? ould not have as much ditfj: ulty ( i n ' getting the claims rocessed. Bumpers told Ihe committee ie wanted them first to study a lan for public schools, but he aid that if they wanted to later eylse a plan for higher educa- ion he would not; obj ect'. Brown, then in 'charge" of venereal-disease . ; branch , at CDC. STAND'OFF, "The meeting resulted in a standoff," Buxlun said. "They decided I wasn't a madman as they had originally thought -and they .began thinking iri terms. : of a review of the test. In 1969, as a result of the review, 'the decision Was ma'de" not to treat any of the participants." Brown wrote-Buxtun'a letter outlining that decision. In the letter, Brown said the decision was made on the basis of the age of the participants in the persons on the list died more than two years ago. He said he would lurn his information over to the Slate Police. study. Because massive 'penicillin therapy, the treatment for syphilis, can cause serious side effects and because it was be lieved the syphilitic condition o the survivors of the Tuskegee Study . was dormant, there no treatment;.BrbWn said in a letter. . In a telephone interview from was a revision. Earlier, before Creighton's death, a total of 493 was being used, but all such figures are considered inexact because the guerrillas of the Irish Republican -Army usually carry off their dead and. bury them secretly. Talks began in secret Monday between Britain's administrator for Northern Ireland, William. Whitelaw, and leaders of the Social Democratic and jabor Party, the opposition group that represents the prov- nce's Roman Catholic minority. The talks were to continue to: day. But nobody would say what was, discussed or what progress, if any, was made. Both sides are operating under delicate conditions. Whitelaw faces the possibility o f . backlash from the Protestant ( rnajqrity for talking to the Catholics while violence persists. The SDLP risks being repudiated for talking with the Brit-- ish, while British;troops occupy, the Catholic enclaves hitherto. ruled by the IRA and while the policy of internment trial is still In force. GOP Request For TV Time Refused : NEW YORK- (AP) '-- CBS and NBC have turrted down a Republican request "for free television and radio' time to reply to Democratic presidential candidate George McGoverrt's speech announcing that Sargept Shriver was his choice for a running-mate. Sen. Robert J. Dole, R-Kaft;, t h e GOP national chairman, asked for equal time to rebut what he said was a "campaign speech" by McGovern after the announcement Saturday nlghU The nelworks said Monday'jn telegrams to · Dole that they considered Saturday's broadcast was on-lhe-spot coverage of a bdna fide news event and as such was exempt-from tjje equal time provisions of ttie Federal Communications Act"ABC said it had Dole's request under consideration. , W vVf WAIT R# V * Resigning LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Walter T. Cunningham, president of the council for Economic and Social Development, said Monday he was resigning to enter private enterprise, Cunningham said he would continue to serve as chief executive office and chairman of the executive committee. 'James M. Griffin Jr., former director of the economic development of the Portland, Ore., Model Cities program, will re- Edwin and Julia Hunter of oute 6, Springdale, have filed uit in Washington Circuit Court sking t l m f a n automobile in- urance policy they held be cclarcd in effect at the lime f a June 1, 1972, accident. The plaintiffs said they eccived a loiter dated May 19 ·om an agent of MFA Inu r a n c e Companies and ountryside Casualty Company 11 e g e d 1 y cancelling their overage with the companies. The Hunters say thai by \rkansas law, Ihey must be iven 20 days notice prior to lie effeclive dale of the can- cllation. They also claim that he statute requires at least one the grounds for the cancellation be set forth in the notice. They ask that the attempted cancellation be voided and that he court declare the policy in existence the date of the accident. They also ask that Ihe defendants provide them with a defense to any claims arising out o f , the June 1 accident elwccn Mrs. Hunter and another party. The Hunters seek judgment for any damages Ihcy may be liable (or plus collision 'or llielr cnr above Ihe $100 deductible. space station wouia never luat; IMUUCI * i/*v/eiw,.«, "direct contact with the earth." 'place Cunningham Nov. 1. ADVERTISE SfKNT-- Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort They know » dentures adhesive con help, KASTEBTH* Fowler jlvw dentures a longer, firmer, steadier hold. You fcol mere comfortiujlo... cat, mr,ro nnlurnlly. Why worry? Got KASTKETH Dontiiro Adhoslvo Powder. Dentures tlmt fit nro cssen- tlnl to hculth. Soo your dentlit rjtul*rly, Rent a New Piano On Our Rent-or-Buv Plan For Beginner Student Mason A Hamlln Wurllti«r New Pianos from $579 Knob* Fischer Wurlltzer Organ* Rents for $12 Monthly Rent up to six month*. 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