The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 29, 1957 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1957
Page 10
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•eight .West Columbia Jhool Jtudent* graduated in eStercW* held In the school auditorium rriday evening. The commencement exercises were based oft a theme ot •MetnOfte* «nd ttoj)**,' for Which MM Barrow acted at nutter of eeremoWe*. Fred* Coviitgtott gav* the valedictory addms. -Hope* for tomortow,' attd 08* Hibler th* salutatory :*, The ProfreM of The** two students th* honor graduate* of welcome for Mattte Ana Devi* as* history, telling whm th* members joined in original first Barbara "fifitT and Mary Bur tb* <iM<tt, HtnnoariM* "M«m«nU to lUmtmbtr." Truww J«HM, K«r . ," dcdleaUd to tbo TH* clae* win WM read by _jrah Davis, with JuanHa Thompton presenting the class color* to Jam** Parkhun*. The eUs* gift, a concrete drcnUr bench for the school ground*, w««re*e*tedtoltap«ri ' " eat J» C. Roger* by Jo* Brunt. Imect Ray Cotton, R.J.Kuy _j«daU, «nd Charlie Wffloa«h by tang "Now i* th* Hour." Patricia Chetttey gave "* «., (nttt an flteWtfll wntt* rO*e* it* * ewttaiM** Sandwich**, e*8» CM ^ ft* hoiiewMk •»*. Triplet <Mk* t n*nt , d*tt to the group. Plans Undtrway Girl Scout Camp " this *•**•* Oty ftttfr, w» held JUH* JM it %M ma tt«detto« ranefc, three Sun** from AngMlon to w*H U oth*f vot* ___ ____ Creek U thi* yeir 1 * O*y director. She -g a trained OW Scout OayCintp Mrt. Lytl* i **ld . . stttant Btreotor U Mr*. Homer Cunp.of Anejeton. who ato . MrvM'a* an Angeton leader. Some of the acttvitie* lilted by Mrs. Keuhn for th* cuno in clude hiking, dining, outdoor of th* g»»du«Uf cooking, nctur* studies, learning to live outdoors. Angleton Oirt Scout* ate looking forward to the camp with much anticipatioH, and Mr*. Xetthn stated that the local workers are an enthusiastic group, and she i* very hippy to hav* the opportttnity to work with them. Nursery Shower The Women's Missionary So- Lee N. Helium*. eommittee of the group aa hostesses. Th*y arc: K. B. Blngham, Ralph Stedtar. and A. O. Akers. Re- coffee were served to theee preeent. Deborah u Bora Deborah Jayn* haa oerae to make her home with M* tol «"S.»»- 1 11 ounoe* at the ttJOK£iK£ » ll»Ml«tt«a- m*n'* CfcSTwere installed at regular meettag ,/twnUy held in th* home Of Mr*. Jlnv- ______ , , , included Mr*. Mary La* Strick- Un, vie* president; Un, Geraldin* Lee, recording (tcretary; Mr*. Pauline Rtyfood, prw- idiot of «he Whartoa Business and Profeaiional Women's Club, W**th» installing ottic*r.Thw* o£*r manNr* ol th« Wharton Club wtr* pment *i i tto »**ting, as wfll «* another vUitor from .9M.J.INMV ?•>«, . equipwent for ptmlcrt therapy it thSowter fe^th* 9edenl Saving* »»dLo»nBuM« in FREIPOIT WfAIlf T*i ItAFWtlf f*»«*»iH k BHMUMfe **** fh«* flNitet** «< l«. fttof* ft** «t flu •*• wkwl » ffM»wt »* HHf» «VM «tt ei ***a*t, iMfet* turn, •fib mMMi** CMNbH *»M Prldaf. TIM fHAHlM at*, left » rlfkt, Aft*M OtstM, UUtk, ***** W»to», ftl«*»i t«, ft i* <W4if, «ortt VMe*, 0MM e*>et. Yarn*, ftffteia §w», tfuMtt »it*i* §<*«** iwni*. «« »toi«f Diplomas Handed Out To West Columbia Many HMK Xtofci TaUi LWCOLW, He*. — » _ WiatM 1 may nuon *a end to *ft*r Joadte "Itt Ckt ,. nclla Pattmoa and Kay ini MAC "Ton-H Howe Wa! Alone." PHiurfoal Charlof O Worloy.pwM.tod ****«d«ftf, Vlf- , Phlllii* Gupt»B, r, wails L«* HI<- Hjfpw, JViak MawWiu, Otu tottd ledeY, John LilM, tftort- u Mtiteynold*, Norm* Max- til, Larry M«uth, Comeliui a«h, JM»«ll« Patterson, John. , ctu, Llayd Hulf, Wllteft Hul tf, Juirt HiittpMty, Chtrl«» tttUen, t&ytt Hutioh, O. T. wti, j , ny Patal Polk, Kenneth mffly S«fe, Ann Smith, Nell , ordui, QtttU. Ktitel, -Mid R*y- ieio Wtlah, ClrdeU Webb attaa W««ma, Maaen Wejmj tit* Wilke and Charlie Wtt AIM, B. t. ftowets far center' but A' ahbttdnt men an, end to atttaettvc, iittxoen «lve table deeoraHona. Your imactnaUon la the only Umtt when it eomto to nuking table decoration*, accordta*; to Mr*. Oar* Leopold, tTtflvtraU ty of Ntbraaka hone m*n*|»- tpotialiit. Sveryday bb}e*tt oan be pUked 119 to field* or (ardena, or *oed* that can be eaten lat or c«n be ueed for colorful oanterBfeoe*. • She Matected tMnic eattailf jourdt, oaUeo con, bitter- ceJiea con, dock,ptan pin* and leaves •Is* reeonuneaded nan**; .grape*, _ _ i other vecetable*. treeh Jruita and o! AngUton.held a nursery shower *nd eottee at 16 •JSL, Trlday. Toy* for th* . nursery were optmcd by the their diplomas, given by the children present at the attair. pra*ident_«f the school board, crwd was given Hufjfer, • Ma*o» Weems. Lloyd Huff, Ronald More than M per cent i .ttMtoa* h*s»is h*W eteetr ttwa* and W ptr e«Bt have vs - ' ' ' Isiitiiiftsriil ATO1U1UBU «*1M Jk Scrviek ROD & REEL SHOP ANQMtOK 8«e Oo» S«l«eH»n *( ftiUttt Gear. MOLBtO tlBffl OLA88 BOATS TELEVISION LOG CkMMl 1-KCtTL-tV dhun*i It CMMM H-KtlMT.tV ClitfiaU • Kp VM Wwkte Cot*h'tS)«p NaggngBackacbe XOTlliHMVHtttllHt''*^ B«n uui If «atr H«wkto«. The elu» uaf M««ral «onv to dote th« «MTtiM«. Mn. 0. TN fradoMM indad. Mite BiDcum, BMMtd BtfBM, CuriM, MaMto Aim Durb, i,»dd»*J- " iy.Jta- Also Jerry yrankeny. Bobky 5HOUJBORT Miss Jane Price Is New President Of Angleton's B&PW Organization WKOKttDXY 4:M (J> Star Performano* (ID ICitWk'* Party 4:tO (J) Looney Town (8) Mathettatie* (11) I Led I Live* S:00 (J) Roy Roger* (I) To Bo Announced <11> Range Rider , Ol) Mickey MOUM Club 5:M (I) To B* Announced (11) Sport* ft Weather 5:45 (8) mntier To Space 1:00 (»> World At Large (8) The Triendly OUnt (11) My Little Margie (IS) T. V. New* I±10 (1) Today in Sport* (13) Wuthercal «:15 (2) Channel a Newiretl US) John Daly and the New* (t> Magic Poor way i 1:25 09 Weathercait 1:10 (I) Xavler Cutat (I) To Be Announced (II) Giant Step U»> DUneyland 6:M (»KBC New* 7:00 (» Kraft Theatre (t) Peaturatt* (11 > The Millionaire 7:SO (•) Qeoaraphy of Conflict ' ai)rve,Oot a Secret (l»iNavr'Log 1:00 <t> Tbl* I* Your Lit* «) Kuht fourth An- nivarury (11) 10th Century Tox (II) WednMdty Night Tight. <:M (I) Stele Seven «:U (IS) Morrli Tranx Show »:00 <I) MtKiuerade Party ,. (t) Great Idea* (II) Arthur Godfrey Show (U) Gate and Harriet ):M (|) Father Know* Bert (I) rrontiar To Space OH Fort Theatre t:45 (•) Sign Off 10:00 (t) SflJenoa Wctton (U) The Tracer (II) MovieUma U. I. X 1040 (» «nal BdlUon New* (11) Late Show 10:40 (» W**th*rea«t . 10:41 (V Mann About Sport* 11:00 (f) Tonight IMS <ll) Late New* 11:00 (J) Sign ptf (l» Sigh 0« ' l:JS (11) New* Headline* 1:JO (11) Evening Hyma THURSDAY ,, 8:2S (11) Morning Hymn 6:20 tt> George Roesner (11) Rural Reveille 6:45 (3) George Roesner 6:55 (11) Island Headline* (13) Sign On, Anthem, Prayer 7:00 (»> Today • • , Ul) Captain Kangaroo (D) Souatrack 7:15 (3) Today'* Weather, 7:10 (3) Today (8) Life Science* 7:45 (11) 11 Video Lane. 7:55 (1) Today In Houston (11) New* 8:00 (3) Home ^ r (llX^'arry Moore Show 8:15 (8) Induitry On Farad* 4:10 (3) Home (8) The Sculpture (11) Arthur Godfrey Time }:35 (WJWndowJn.Home, »:00 <3) The Price I* RiWit (8) Man and the ArV* (11) Strike It Rich 0:30 (3) Truth or Consequences (11) Romper Room 9:45 (8) Sign Off 10:00 (3) Tic TaC. Dough (11) VaMant 'Lady * 10:15 (11) Love of Life ^ 10:10 (J) It Could Be Vow (11> Search Tor Tomorrow . (11) Hollywoo4 Theatre 10:45 (11) Guiding Light 11:00 (1> Movk Date (11) Amos 'n Andy 11:10 (11) As Th* World Turn* 11:00 (11) Our MJ*s Brook*^ Ul) Tumbtew*ad Ttatft 1340 (1) T*n&*M*e JBtale 1:00 (3) NBC Matin** ' Theatre ' ' (11) Th* Big Payoff (11) Afternoon Wm Teattvar- - -*, 1:M (11) Bob Crosby 3:00 (V Queen Tor A Day (11) Brighter Day 1:15 (11) Secret Storm " 1:10 (ll> Xdge of Night ' (11) AettWCalvaeadt* 2:45 (1) Modern Bomane** 3:00 (1) Comedy Time, (11) Karly Show 1:10 (3) Happy Home Tolk* (11) Kruy Kst Theatye . center 1* u»*d by _people from an over Brawri* Couinr, The Community Cakndctir gu*»te preeent The ftoal m«*tinf of th» t*a « will b«h*ld taJune, at ft* Coral Itowi *«th* 9*r Hotel in Treeport. tfct three d*!*> Convent!** to b« h*14 in Lubbock, w 11 glv* • report •» thl* owwntMB. The** from the AagtotM Clubj**« will •Mmd t/Etasco NOW snowwo TU10W MOUNTAIN I Lot Barter. Mate » •coooc WKDNVtDAT, MAY X 11:1* pjaW-TteepoH Xiwao- i», Dow Motel. 1:00 pja.—Marine Beserre, iitk* Jaektoa. 1:00 pn^-nratemal Order at Kfttta*. FOB Horn*. JOfbwair 318 1.00 p*. - NOW raowwa Mel M*Os*» • to |<VU»OK IHMISR CAXtON"! ntt*f. THB Ogg. Matelte W«*j I "LAITO Of ITOY" T»m»IDAT, MAT 10 TM pja^-Xnlghte of Ool- umbiar ooaunitte* m*«t- tags, X «C O H*H, jrr*e- l:M pm-K of ? Ladg* Mo. «7f. * Of F Ball. Tweporl 7:M pj«-Bra«osport Con cert BMd B*h*a>**!. DO B Cafeteria — rr**n*rt kan* LPdg* Ho. 1", 100P BuildtBg, Treeppit rftiDAT, MAV n ll:l» PJSI.— Sraaefport Bo- 0>**t Itate Brtdae, Pow B Cafeteria MONDAY, jyNE f:W PA- Uk* Uons Club, Hooas, Lake Jackson *.* T:» pjn.-L*k* Jtycte*. J Uk* Jackcoa V:W p.m.- W*rt American lagion, Hall, West OoiumbJa. 7: JO p.m.-, Pythten yriport T*Wl*. Ueetmg K of f 8*fl, Tf**- „ pon . . ,*»* T:M pw— 8*lttb*w Girls MHtlPf. l:oo pj»^ Luke Utions Bt«4*4 Meetiu, jacksoa <:00 lew* Lodge do. Building, |:00

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