Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 28
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A-28--INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (Pti) L»m e«ach, cam., inurv. M^rch n, HH . Miiisite Vina*; , , WSfo Hawthorne Blvd. T«erincfrWr.m Him ,378:1174 ·SPIRES* I TheTOWER FRI. AND SAT. served from 3 to 10 p.m. UnchMA.Cockliiu · Dim Monbr A,SP OCCidMIII CMIff Bidchette $2.65 including rice pitaf, soup or salad, roll and butter ANAHEIM Ball Jltl. al Euclid BELL FloiEncti Ave atWalkei CARSON Wilmington a t S . D . fwy. CEItnilOS A l n n i l i s a t G D b f w y COStA MESA 3125 Hiiibiu Blvd. DOWNEY Firestone at Downey Blvd. E riULERTON Placenlia Ave. at Chapman W. FULLEHTON Orangelhorpo al Brookruirst IRVINE MacArthur Blvd at S D Fwy LA HABRA 11DIE Imperial Hwy al Harbor LAWNDALE 4.121 W. Manhattan Beach Blvd. LONG BEACH Del A m o a l Cherry NORWALK Rosecrans a t S . A . Fwy. PARAMOUNT Paramount Blvd al Alondra SANTA ANA 702 W. 17th Street WESTMINSTER Golden W e s l a l G G . fwy. ORANGE (soon) Kalelh at Main WESTMINSIER (soon) Biooktwrsl al McFadden Tom is in 42nd year at Green Frog Tom Harris and waitress A l m a Becker look Ih r o u g h room-divider window into dining room at G r e e n Frog restaurant and cocktail lounge, lie opened it in 193-1 and was (he owner for many years. If is now owned by his son-in-law, Chuck Green. -Staff Photo By TEDD THOMEY JONES DOWNTOWN "DINING ROOM CAFETERIA 126 E. FIFTH STREET, 437-5109 JONES UPTOWN CAFETERIA 3636 LONG BEACH BLVD. NORTH LONG BEACH, 435-1674 (Eajrtam'0 DAILY SKOALS $5.45 FreJiOm.$EAM$S $4.45 TU is. ig. rams HOUSE src )s,(5 miSUTSTEM $4.45 wiD.TOPSStOWSIX $5.45 freA !ED SNAPftt $4.45 THUM.VWOSWI $5.45 FreiJ,OcwiS£Ae«S $4.45 Fll. A IAT. [g PCflttHOUSE S1K $5.95 CAflW SFJOM In. DWH ....... $5.95 O.ikod Potato wTilce Pilaff., Sow or Si1vJ, Ho* Bread, Butter. SUNDAY CANDLELIGHT AND WINE DINNERS PIIMC KIBoM-Jut POffmttOUSC STIAK *5.95 PAN FUED 5ANOABS H All BUT ITtAK HARASS *4.95 PluJ CarMe of Premium Cailftyni-iWirc 4 to 1O P.M. HELEN REWAL at the PIANO Park Plaza t E. Anaheim St. al Pacific Coast Hwy. Long Beach Phone 478-24(1 DINNER HOUSE I, fl" frf \/ 1 ,»· inns icisiit · rt.^i » .nooiici ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY w i t h ALEX SHEy - Vocalist - Organitl OPEN DAIU. 3 P.M · Cloicd Monday HEW SPECULI DINNER STEAK Soup and «alad and d»i»rt 95 SUPERB SPECIALS Tucs.. Wed.. Thurs. Tnrludu ff Soup * 01 Salad ~ nd Deii»rl SO let's Gel Happy -- HAPPY HOUX, 'S fo 6 P.M. · 1 7 8 4 7 LAKEWOOO 8ELIFLOWER 633-4801 ROOM lor YOUR P A R T I E S [Coll olicr 300 P M ) FOOD SPIRITS o o Unique Dining with a Magnificent Waterfront View DINNER Irom 5 p.m. Dally LUNCH Man. thru Frl SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. MO OVUM* WAY Mil VI . POBT of LOMO BIACH 434-1M7 H.ip|y Hour: ·( « 7 P.M. l.rvi- nmiTtimimi'iu .irul L).mcin£ N i j MAJI Tuesday thru Saturday A RESTAURANT AOWNTURC UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP coral Room Chef Clancy Preparing PRIME RIB · STIAK · SEAFOOD LUNCH and DINNER DANCING · C O C K T A I L S JENNY CRWIN al ORGAN BAR OrFN DAILY I0o.n. to 2 p.m. PHONE 420-1397 4130 Paramount Blvd. at Carson in lakewood HYATT HOUSE SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE BUFFiT BRUNCH Adults LYNN Won. Ihrv Sat. CotktaH 6400E. PACIFIC COAST HWY., l.B. 434-8451 CNMico $3 30. S«fvtd 10 a.m. 10 3 p m. In Huoo'i Dining Boom. fntorfafnJTwnl In thm iabru lounga SHARI Lovnoe Op«rt Noon JOIN THE LOVERS ve foll^n «i love witfi Aliilo'i line (uiiina IKTHT/UNMIVTrUEJ. TKtU IAT. LEROY KAHAKU Ic-i^V '·^ Wwx( r -» Wfcw* 'Opon for Lunch » Dlnnor Mon.-Sat. 11 A.M.-2 A.M. JIM E. PACIFIC COAST HWY., LONG 8EACH 591-1323 at Arutiwn SI. In KM American City Bank BuMng UtUa Ta'urirvg exerting In'ttnotxroJ Cunine tfid h Vf* to oleos* even tte mcnl di«rimina*ing palate . . . vrvfd In SnAKS.SEAFOOD«POULTRY.PASTA COCKTAILS 'OANCE NIGHTLY VINCI AMTI. MVI OMtO ·kwy mW «I 7m '" '"*"·». 861-3110 11010 rJUUWUIT BLVD, DOWNEY I «lxV No-thof F»nlcof A DISCUSSION OF TABLE SETTINGS, RESTAURANT ETIQUETTE ANI) OUTDATED NICETIES -When I was a youngster, people didn't dine out as much as they do today. Going to a nice restaurant was like going to church. Ladies wore their best Sunday dresses, and the men always wore coats and lies. Oh, boy, how times have changed. Today, restaurant etiquette is casual, even in most of the best places. You can wear any kind of clothing you wish. About the only taboos are bare chests and bare feet (and there are beach cafes where those taboos aren't in effect.) A few decades ago, people who dined out in the better places watched their table manners as carefully as if they were diplomats at a state banquet. Today in even the belter places a lot of people display table manners which are remarkably atrocious. THOMEY [f they dine like pigs while eating out, what do you suppose their table manners are like at home? I'd rather not think about it. There's 'an interesting side effect to all that casualness. Some restaurants are going the other way. They are becoming very formal. They attract guests who prefer to be extremely well-dressed when dining out. Men aren't admitted without coat and tie. Such restaurants are very expensive. Consequently, they attract few boors who attempt to argue about the rules. How are such restaurants doing financially? Fabulously! It is my guess (hat the formal restaurants right now are Ihe most successful nf all. I'm reminded that etiquette was recently featured in the National Lumber Co.'s mail-out catalog, which is illustrated with cartoons about Shorty, a sawcd-off carpenter. Some of the jokes were amusing. A cartoon showing a kid chewing off his father's arm carried the suggestion that children should be taught not to talk with their mouths full. Another cartoon mentioned that if you enjoy your dinner at a restaurant, always leave a good tip. It showed a a race-track guy whispering to his waitress: "'Kentucky Pride' in the fifth!" An elaborate illustration for a table setting indicated that there should always be seven forks including one to be dropped on the floor and a pitchfork for politicians. The catalog stressed that sometimes etiquette can be overdone, A cartoon showed two fellows being overly polite in front of the door to the men's room. Kach was urging the other to go first, saying: "After you, sir. I insist that you go first. I insist!" Poor Shorty, meanwhile, was standing there in agony, waiting to go in, eyes crossed and legs crossed, frying to avert a disaster. The besf description of good manners / ever heard iras ottered by Leonard L. Levinson. He described etiquette as the noise you don 'I make while paling soup. A VISIT TO THE GREEN FROG, HOME OF TJ1E THREE-INCH-THICK KILET MIGNON AND BIG COMPLETE DINNERS AT SENSIBLE PRICES - One of Beach's best restaurants is the Green Frog, Atlantic Avenue at Pacific Coast Highway. It's a casual, comfortable, friendly place. Men can wear sport shirts if jhcy wish or coals and ties. Women can dress as informally as they wish. Or they can doll up in evening gowns. The Green Frog has been a Long Beach dining tradition (or 42 years. The man who opened it in 19,'H is still Ihere. His name is Tom Harris, always quiet, always sociable, always the friendly gentleman. He has scores and scores of friends, including many who have been dining there regularly for all -12 years. They swear by the place, because it's so reliable and not overly fancy. Tom, however, is no longer the owner. A few years ago he went into semi-retirement. He's now on duly only Sundays and Mondays as manager and bartender. The owner is his son-in-law, Chuck Green, who has wisely continued all the careful food and service standards maintained by Tom for all those decades. It used to be that only the old-timers were aware that Ihc Green Frog could be entered by its back door, off Ihe alley. But now most of the customers use lhat door, because it's convenient to the Green Frog's larger parking lot. A gas station was formerly at Ihe comer, but it's gone now, converted into that well-lighted park- .FAMILYDINNERS IN OUR COFFEE SHOP Complete Dinner Specials Served From 5 p.m. Until TO p.m. Includes: Soup or Salad, Polato, Bemagc, Desscrl, Hot Roll and Butler SUNDAY Served,TM. 3p.m. amKaBlni *,. m O f f Roast Tom Turkeys r sr^" 1.95 MONDAY , _ _. _ Golden Veal PattieHr^ 1.95 TUESDAY ,, _ Finger Lick'n Chicken?r 1.95 WEDNESDAY _ _. _ Baked Salisbury Steak^n .95 THURSDAY _ Braised Swiss Steak ss?-* 1.95 .pi'j's. U mm 'Valley View at Arteia Fwy. 7M-sii«57 }3«ia's DOWNEY .8350 E. Firestone. Bf. Downey M3-»4« ·'.U"0* VICTORIA M7$L«iw Beach Bl. Low Beach«344M BANQUETS PARTIES Ovnt Mretioas Social Affairs Receptions IromWtoTO Compiimwrtjrv Cakes. . etc. OH1GMALLY FHOM HOtLYDALE WHEBEIS f AUCHO-I MO. IT lUWr. t Hk. E. W L«bVM4 "v^r"^"" \ Mexican Restaurant FEATUWXC3 DELUXE COMBINATION f LVTES--OITE TO APPEAL TO EVERY APPETITE '1.80,0 $ 2.15 "Tr orv o/ (HI.' Trvpictt \f~int Coclrji/i" Banquet facilities 20 to 60 ALL fOOt) tKtPAKlO TOGO 9122 ALONDRA 866-8600 flelHlower Open 7 Dm 11 :X A.M. to IS P.M. ing lot. I think it's important that Tom and the Green Frog outlasted that major-brand gas station. Once in-a" while, a mere private citizen wins a victory over one'of | the petroleum giants. The Green Frog is much larger than it seems from'- the outside. It has three dining rooms and a bar. The newest dining room is quite large and modern. The oldei'; i two are smaller and have a pleasant nostalgia atm6V~ | phere. The dinners are as large as always. When'JTIJI-; ' wife and I dropped in the other night, we enioy'ed"a 1 really fine vegetable-beef soup as well as salad, baked · potatoes or French fries, hot garlic toast and coffee. T rate the Frog's Roquefort dressing as one of the best in (own. II has lhat indefinable something that makes.'jt taste simply wonderful. Charisma? Perhaps. Our entrees were one of the week-night specials, filet of sale with lots of sliced almonds, $3.50_, and,th,e beautiful filet mignon, $6:50. That steak wasn't too-big around, but it was nearly three inches thick. It was-also tender, savory and broiled perfectly, medium-rare?The ; fish was outstanding, served with lemon and a terrifii;' creamy tartar sauce. The specials are Monday through ' Thursday nights and always low-priced. The regular! entrees are also attractively priced, such as sea.bass, ' fci.55; halibut steak, $3.85; fish and chips with ..malt I vinegar, $3.25; roast sirloin of beef, $4.10; pan-fried'frog · legs, $5.45; breast of chicken cordon bleu, $4.40, and top ! sirloin steak, another beauty, $6. The special on Sunday '' and Wednesday nights is fine prime rib au jus, $4.50.'.[ l \ The daily luncheons, II a.m. to 4 p.m., are extreme!' ly good, such as roast-beef or corned-beef sandwiches-, J $1.50, or entrees with soup or salad, potatoes and coffee' · $2.25. The waitress service is consistently fine. Alma 1 Becker waited on us; four-star, all the way. i Verdict: The Green Frog is a rave.' rave.' restaurant. ENTREES THAT PEOPLE LIKE TO HOME ABOUT: Here's another one which wins ., rating -- Sileo's on Wardlow Road just west of Qrajjjggjt Avenue. It's really popular for luncheon or dinnejvi * ·* * » (Cont. Next Page) '""".:*£. Lobster Tail Special This special Australian Lobster Tail dinner comes complete with baked potato, soup du jour or a tossed green salad and lots of hot sourdough bread. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights only. All for just ..*" MONDAY and TUESDAY PRIME RIB SPEO/H $5.95 Thr« mirW ntxth of Tf* Garofl Grove Fwy., tuit above Bail ftd. l'-i milei soulh of Knott'l B«rry Farm. 007 S. BFACH BLVD.. ANAHEIM B2B-1780 It's Love At First Bite! WHEN YOU TASTE LOVE'S BARBEQUE I O V E S o ,x. al lt*. Pxk, HC»T,. CJwdlffl or Rib* wittl Salod. ITouM lov« ill MsfNFR v**2J6 IUNCH Km t.56 CHI, WIN fr^ 1JQ For Take Out, Phone 531-1150 OflH 1 , -II ll/m i SAI. 11 R E S T A U R A N T S 5300 UKEWOOO BtVD *l Carxlkwoed , '

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