The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 29, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1920
Page 3
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THE* LOCAL NEWS Miss Mamie Hagler returned today rfrom a week's visit w,ith friends in St. Louis. ' •','„' •'. - S.. E. Reufro was a-business visi- GILBERT F.-CLOSE tor in Herrin yesterday; •i Jay Vick of Carterville spent yesterday here on 'business. : W. A. JTuflong of'Marlb'ri was among the out-of towa:business .visitors here today. ' Rev. J. Ws Merrill, pastor o£ the First, Baptist .'church, ,is in Chicago .attending a state board meeting of the Baptist denomination.. '• • ; | Word.., from Mrs. J. S. Lewis this morning''was'to .the. effect .that I>r. Lewis; 1 .wjio.''has. beenj seriously ill is improving. Dr^anxPMrs; Lewis are-at the home of their daughter, Mrs. T. 3D. Hughes, in Champaign where .Dr. Lewis has been ill- for several- weeks. A letter m>m Mrs.-Alei"Andrews'o£ Salem, who spent three months her 6 as the guest of ner parents, MriT W. G. Spin'er, stated-that Ker'nisBana had also returaed-home, ikying•• been 'in a Ottawa for: treatment during Mrs. Andrews' stay here.. He is veVymlucii- improved-. Mr. ar.d Mrs-. R. ^W. .Morgan, "and little ton, of 'Marion, are suests of Mrs. Morgan's brother, Daniel Rendleman. and lankily. ' - ' .> BRITISH ; fffittib- m SLUMP Foreign Exch'afrge' r in' London Demoralized UiiHe'r-deWfo't^New York VM&-SO'' QWotsition'. ' London, Jan. 29.—Foreign .exchange was demoralized • under the lead 1 of New York, which slumped' to"^3.'50' to the pound,' representing a decline of about 38 per cent' from--the normal.. Paris checks at 47, francs to th" pound' and Belgian ht'49" f nines contributed to the demoralization, while business with Italy was nlmost impossible. The reasons for the decline of the New York rate were the same as those previously held responsible—the huge accumulation of- tlie debt of Europe to America, with tjie. additional factor that recently France and Belgium have tjeen buying dollars through London." Lombard street does not (consider the decline unusuai, in view., of this debt, which will reach n big figure, by . the time for the resumption of the -payment of interest, on the American loans, and it would not be surprised to see the rate'go 5elow .$3.50, especially If the demand for dollars continues. t ...iw Cloth'fbr ; Hard Wear. A "new textile fabric.'which',- it' Is •claimed, will lower the present: high cost ..of mien's clothing is/being placed on .the market ;.by, a Pudstey <Y6rUshire) manufacturer, , Writes : trilled-' 'States Trade' Commlss'itiner. ' Henry F- Gfra'dy from IjOridb'n'. ,The "London agents • of the manufacturer ' state.'that'the new cloth is .made'.-entirely of silk -ripll 1 (or short fibers); • 'and that, 1 while"superior] in' wearing • properties,to a,pure worsted, It can-Be •aold at the price of 'shoddy cloth; "Or one-fourth th& price of the best *ool fabrics. - It- is- said to. be strong' and alniost uritearable, v*ry suitable^ for tiard ' w'e'ar, -anii'- can bS obtained in ; grays, browns ah'i blacks. ALPHA BIBLE GLASS ' Will meet with 'Mrs. Liawson Fore, 613 West College, Friday afternooa at. 2 : 30, Jan. 30. — Advertisement, W, E. T. II. On- account of sickness in Mrs. Bat-. sou's home, the W. C. T. TJ. will meet in the basement,of the Baptistyehufctt at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon.—Adver- t-is'em'ent. - MICE It is absolutely necessary -that all cases of flu ^.nd contagious diseases - be reported \jy tlie physicians. Board of Health. Advertisement, FOOD SALE The Methodist . church. Epworth •League ladies will hold a food sale at- 1 Stotlar and Federer's hardware store - Saturday afternoon.—•Advertisement, i recent photograph of Gilbert l r . Close,' who has succeeded Charles K. i Swem as chief stenographer to Presi: dent Wilson, following Mr. Swetn's j appointment as White House clerk. ALLY PLAN .REJECTED Serbs See Injustice in Settlement :; of-Adriatic. Question. Note to the Council-of Ambassador* at Paris Favor*-Wilson's ' - ' Prbp'o'sa'l. Part?, Jan. 29.—The Jugo-Slav reply to tide" allies' ultimatum' regarding; the Adriatic question,, received in Paris Wednesday -afternoon, .amounts 'to .a .Virtual' refusal of : the' compromise bf- ferred by the Italians. The Jugo-Slavs' communi'catlon will be presented to the council of ambassadors as soon as It is deciphered.. The note,' while 'amounting to a re : fusal of -the alternative contained in the allies' ultimatum, is couched In a conciliatory tone,-'and dpens tlie wity for. further discussion of the question. .Jugo-Slavla -points out that It is stl'J quite ready to'accept a solution _bf the problem along the lines of President Wilson's 1919 proposals,-, adding, thai the Jugo-Slav government 1ius no" official cognizance of the treaty of Lon-' don. The reply adds Hint the pact of London, is .a secret document, the test of which was never officially communicated to the Jugo-Slav' government, and therefore it cannot consider a solution which is based on a -treaty it has never seen nor had an-opportunity of examining and discussing.: The Jugo-Slav reply readied Paris at one o'clock in the afternoon, but owing to the length of the document it will .take time to de-cipher." The note will then be taken- to the d'brsay, where it delivered to Premier Milleralid's cabinet chief, the p»Qnier bofng absent in Belgium decorating Belgian cities. FOOD SALE : Epworth League food sale at Stotlar &' Federer's hardware store Saturday afternoon. All Methodists interested in -the work of the Epworth League are earnestly Urged to contribute.— Advertisement. JAILER ''KILLS Officer Foils.-Attempted: Delivery at Urbana, III., by. Shooting; the Leader. ; .Urbaua, Til., Jan. ^9.—-In-an attempted" jail 1 delivery/here Turnkey John MeKinney shot and killed Lawrence B^rnaby, a prisoner indicted for sterling 11 auto'moljiI'es. Two.' oilier; prisoners',. Arthur. Wilson ' and - Robert Keell both indicted for' [ burglary,' : were''iin- pilcated in.: the.-'attempt-, to escape. Jit Is 'reported that saws hrid been smug-, :gled into 'the jail-b'y-Keeling's wife. iSfy ceil'furniture had. beea.-broken .yp a's club's.' Whan. MeKinney, Into'the jail to; lock ,yp,-for.-the, night he; was attacked nnd.-iminedintely, drew bis, revolver, and'shot the leader. JTb.e - (Others surrendered. . An - ajitoinp- ,bUe with ready drivel that vras waiting [near fie 'jaii,' tp^c'arry..,tiie, escnped pris-' :oners • away ' wi's': taken'' 'by ".tlie' slierffr ''and. th'e_driver.-lock'ed up. It is said'timt 'the 4 vvlfe-'of' Keeling'.wifi'"be/'charged ;-wtth^ escape. : >'•" . ' ''• ;rtdbr IN HEAGUE COURT,' PLAN , Tentatively Selected' ai' United States Member—To Organize Feb• ruary 1K . • ' jWasbJngtpn, - : Jan. 29.—i-The-second •mfeetlngToi/'the:' conncil'-of; the' lieague •oi Nations, ; whl'ch^ in reality -will b|e tlie first actoali Business meist"ing,t will bt held 1 •iivs-liojidbni ptiob&bly rj*eb. 10, •icordlngi to' ai*pa'tfches;.-i«ceivedf here. Ilj Is l!e&iie<r--Uiat the^liiuneiiing "of the permanent:; cou'et of..'international:'fjus- tl|ce hatf'bfefen decided-upon after.'great- hesitation,' 1 because this -was one of the features:of tHe peace program in'-"wh!ch tie United-Stiles had : -taken':the greatest Interest. Ellhu 'Root, former secretary of state of the United' States,-Is known to ha<ve : been "selected.-'as the •American member of ^'a'n •'organizing; committee, 'but : it is^not'yet certiila 'that the council /will' feel free to :<offer/; him the a'ctu'al' irpopinrment! In advance of the- Unired'.StSte's-ratification of 'the treaty. -This subject' now -is- under negotiations. gticcesfuI ; IDJfteri • flaisiirs'- 1 Befl :'ri ni 11 jj - •• ,to :;X'p>reeiafei;'Va;iiie'j' off 'flifeBn<•..'•» MENU- HINTS FOR HEl«S (Prepared by the United .States Department of' Agriculture.) "] .Use ' h'dmo-Browri Rruins'^antl their by-products suppleiiiWited :• with ment and- tl«!i scraps, or;milk. Mix these f»>eds to make' a properly balanced ration. . Feed a scratch .iiixture' of \vhole or cracked c-orn twice dally. Feed a umsh, ult'lier dry or wet, made of ground grains ' ;md meat- scrap. ' Make tlie liens exercise for • their feed. ;,. Provide a light feed or corn-; in- the morning,.supplying; only what tlie" hens will clean up In • a half-hour. Give a full fsed. tu the afternoon, especially tn cold \yenther. IMPROVEMENT CIRCLE • . 'i Will meet with 'Mrs. Isaac 'Caldwell Friday afternoon at '2:30.'.All invited 'to come and bring a friend.- Advertisement. f; I Tina'de; a sproule? •af^iriy. own' as.'sn'pWn 1 ' itt*ttie' : driwingfi says a'^writer.^^^^^^^!!^^; li'is :: a 'bbi' 201' by: "20' inc&s'--'&"a 36'i inches High.' It is large e f n'bug'h',to supply 5'6 to 75 hens with'' sproutedToots'every 1 : other, day..; ..There.'.are' 1 s&: : drawers' in the, :boi, 'each, tvro':'inih6s' ; _dia:ei|^wltlj' ' " '-'-- ndow, screen for'bottoms:", vf''lis"JB ? about 1 one-halt 'inch. • 6f :l ;qats'- : Iri : each nan,;.then' pour a.gallbn !r of 'Virm. water through a funnel Into the pan B", 'from wh|tch' the wate'r^trickl&'^do.wn through, the -oats InVait ;: t£e ; .':drawers and' finally cWle'bts in "the' lower" pan •''•'••• Homemade Oaf Sprouter. "•• .-' '.,• ' •''••• .. ••• •"•' CV wlilcn Jsi'water tight.- . p.Ja.a below; thef. pan' C.andr.shoiildb^e' 1 regulated so the oats in 'the lower. (drawer 'Will-, not get -warmer than :85- or 90 degrees. :The-, oats* should be- watered each - morning, and ' night; -with warm A beautiful' rorrtafite Vatid a Kaffling ' murde- mystery yoriderfuli r tdld/ : The.story of a beautifS ainswered; the;c<aljr 6f fi tfie yti y.' . caui "H 1 ••****• ?<* Cents. •'' '.' • ';' M •water. : .The four boles' In the side furnish ventilation for t.he lamp. In one week the' sprouts" will be three -to fdur inches high, and may be'- fed. Begin! with the lower drawer, and 1 after feeding, the contents refill with' oats from 'the -pail E In which :they' have been . soaking for 24' hours.' Move the other drawers down and put the last one: filled on top. I find one feed every other day to be enough. HENS AS MORTGAGE LIFTERS Feathered Tribe Would Prove Profitabje as Hogs if Given Same -Attention. ai Spread -:of .;Disea»«; Reported 'Among iTroopi. iny;Siberia,.ancVin : .•• j Germanx- -. ', - . - .-.-.,-^.,. -Washington, _,J.nn. t> ;2£|.—rAn ,increase' in, -the, ; number of of inflnen j»'; nm.bng,..the.yAmeri.can jtro.ops^.^iur -Sj- tjerinvwas -shown...!!!.a;statement.issued by .the w.&r. depa.r.tment dealing.?vith the outbreak of. the disease 'in 'the army : , bpth- : at.home and abroad. For the.'weeks; ending • Januiiry .3 anil .9, respecUvciy;. 24. and 41 cases .>' ported.. The-only disease; death., reported, however, was-one. .due, .to tu- Tlie. report showjadV tlie COLUMN . One lua^hoS, ...per/ : Three inaerttqng, ^ . ..... word ...." WAMTWX death 1 ,rate among, troops in Germany continued, high.,'- For the, wee.k endinjr -Tan.uary 16,.it, was. 36.74 pei: thousand, which- was slightly higher than for the preceding 'week. During the week ending January 16 there were reported 63 case's of influeuza and 30 cases o: pneumonia~~with '12 deaths from the latter disease. -WANTED— Rooms; for ligh't house . keeping with- priv&te. family. "A," oaro of Free Press. re : nt 'house for responsible, permanent tenant Address -Johnson, Vancil,. Taylor Co. " With : the same care, systematic at- "tentton and scientific feeding given th« poultry flocks as are given your hogs, the feathered-tribe would prove to bo| as much of "mortgage-lifters" as th< four-footed beasts. • Poultry will not stand for neglect any more than youi live stock. REBEKAH DEGREE STAFF All members of staff are -reguested to be at lodge .tonight-for'work. Ethel Marten, Captain. Advertisement. fSISiSfSiSIS^ISJSJSEicilSiSiSISrfiJSEiEldiflJ^ilcii A SANiE SYSTEM In these days of tinkering with the. social machinery, it is -•' refreshing to learn of one plan f.or the betterment of our daily lives that demands neither revolution nor '-.evolution for the attainment of its objective. .. ' Community Service is helping:.Ameriea do for itself in'peace . \vhat, as "War Camp Community: Ser.vice) it -aided- a warring America; to dq. Just as in: war the 'organization enabled cpm- ':.-niunities to get the, greatest value; for'the" men'in uniform 'from'' i="^t-hcir recreational resources, so ribw it aiilis to stimuiate^com- 1 "munities to obtain for ajl the people the best'results'.from ^.leisure time.opportunities. But, there is one-great difference ' fcbetween the war work and the peace work—in the great struggle we were building for war and destruction; we are building • i now for peace and construction. . . •'• Community Service is s getting together the finest elements jj 1 "in the nation's life—regard for our neighbors, affection for our n homes, interest in the place where we'dwell—and blending them into, a force working, not for our soldiers at war, but for our' soldiers come back from war, for the men 'and women at home, for everybody in each community.. Mothers and fathers, sisters,»sweethearts, brothers,'can all unite'in-Community Service with the, satisfying knowledge that their endeavors are going to be. reflected in better, sweeter, brighter local conditions'. This, we take it, will meet with the approval of every American. During the war a new spirit of comradeship was born 1 in city, town and hamlet; a spivit particularly conspicuous in S those places uniting through "War Camp Community Service @' to extend hospitality to the men in'olive clrab arid blue. All ' 1 who shared this spirit or came in contact with it hoped if might @ . not be permitted tn,lapse with the coming of peace. In Corn-, |j .munity Service this fine product of war's tumultuous days" |l .finds its perpptuatinn. ®isia!i3iaiaiBEro'SJii3. : aiaiaiai5» REMINDED HER OF SALMON •American 'Traveler 'in Europe Con f«ue> She Would Have Welcomed Dish Once' Despised. Elisabeth, Fraser, a traveler and writer, was-talking-, 1 at 1 a diplomatic re ceptlon In Paris about her recent ei perlences in Vienna: "It Is difficult, said Miss Fraser, "ti satisfy one's hunger. there, even a • hotels that cciC iis a day. v np PJI'DFY DIII i ETC • n .°'^ ls tnat cc « *!s » day. .OF EARLY PULLETS "Eating my unappetizing dish of Fowls Hatched Last Winter Will Molt About January First and Should Be Marketed. • Pullets hatched in January and Feb-. ruary. are the ones that lay in the summer and fall when the old hens ar« •inciting. It will be well not to depend on these to'continue laying'through the winter,', however,- as they probably I will molt.: about the first of January 'and should-be dlsposefliot at that time, FIND MARKET FOR BROILERS Good Thing May Be Made of Plump Young Chicks, .Weighing Three- Quarters to a Pound. If- your iarni Is jiear a city'of .large hotels, restaurants and .club houses; a good 'thing'may be made ot plump young chicks,/ termed squab .broilers. At seven to -eight weeks old jyhen weighing -three-qtiiirters to a pound encli they often bring' as -much, as one dollar a pair.. " ELK? Music by Bolen's Colored Jazzers Don't feed the chickens in a dirty, filthy place. . '. ,'.'•. *- » * It pays to watch the flock closely In the full, winter aud etrri-y spring; * • * Glenn the floors of the hen-houses every few days; .don't allow the trash to accumulaKb. ' "" \ ' . * • » * Perhaps, some hens, and pullets' would be much better layers if, they could select their owners. .' ... v # \ * * ' .<. Leghorns at 5% mont'ris, and the larger breeds of Rocks and Rpds .at 6^j: mouths, will begin egg.'productiori. .'.'.. * * '* . .- _ It. is much more econpmTciir and re- sultful to feed u variety-of-feeds to poultry, than it, is to-depend on one or two grains. * * * Chemists find th it egst- sirtply are \4Htcr prote i. and a*h and that more I t*att~ one-half the. eg^ i-, \\ater so tt 131* appiir^ot that ^ffm.eut-'w^r l» • neceswiry consideration. hashed turiips, which frequently com posed, the principal dish of the menu I thought, regretfully of the salmon : once disdained :on a Canadian trip. 1 Miss Fraser laughed. "I was traveling in the back conn try of Canada, where salmon—boiled broiled, in salad," creamed, as cuflets —figured at every meal and became very monotonous. "'Is there, nothing else for breakfast?' I asked the hotelke'eper one morning as a whole fish and pot ol mustard was put beiore mo. ' • ''" "'Nothing else?' the man exclaimed 'Why, there's salmon;.' enough there foi six, ain't there?' .. "'Yes,' I admitted;;'but:I do not want salmon.' " 'Well, then,' my host replied curtly, 'fire Into'the-mustard. ORIGIN OF MUSCOVY rDUCKS Breed Comes From t South America ' -and; Is-Very'-Active-^Thif; Are Useful for-,CroMing. ; , , *he;. MxiscoVy breed of ducks' originated in South America^ It Is very active. .The drake weighs "from 11 to 12 pounds;'tli'e'female only six to seven pounds. 'The- period of incubation is'from 34' to 35 days. The standard admits two varieties'—white and colored Muscovy. .They are.used' for crossing to 'some extent, arid, "unlike most ducks, are gather .quarrelsome with one another, aud the drakes with other poultry. .They are cnred for just as. other ' ducks.' The ducklings are fed,largely <jn..'ground food with plenty of green stuff, which may .be put in .the mash.' Water .should-' be before all ducks -constantly in such a form that they, cannot get into it with their feet. Sand or .coarse-gravel should be put in the' feed, once n day; . All ducks must,hove a dry-place- to sleep.' . '• . • STUDY OF MARKET DEMANDS ' Mlxstf. Flocks '-Will.- Not Produce .11 hU, form Eggs-or Meat, Most.Oeslr ? 'able for Consumer. • ' :. Every poultry 1 raiser should make a study of the 'market -demands., A uniform -color of eggs and flesh In poultry ,ls_ desirable A mixed flock Trill not unlfotm «jgs or meat,* and such,* flock are not dertr- able for hatching " ' WANTED^-Someone .wlio- understands repairing of Remington typewriter. ^Inquire Free Press. WANTED—Energetic man'to sell and .distribute high grade make of tire. Attractive proposition for the right man. Clyde .C. Oldham, Distributor, Urbaua, 111. State . ,. FOR FOR KENT. room. «r«r ^ , .room. «r«r Btyto 8h,op, for office or sleeping rooms. ^Apply Ml««Kieth, Noniia iod M^» FOR RBNT-Stormga tor bbuehoU goods, In the on« story, brlok bnHdinc. cement on aUey back of . «arth Tncatre. Apply Mtai .; .FOR RENT—Rooms. Telepiione 393 L. FOR ''RENT—Furnished rooms for light-housekeeping.' Address "D." FOR RENT—Two unfurnished rooms, modern. 401 West Oat Telephone 399 L. , FOR RENT—-Light housekeeping rooms. 309 JJorth-Normal. • ' • . - ••- FOR «AU=. ,: '. -- ' •- FOR-SAIiE—Lot on mntbcut oor- ner of .Eoplar and Pecan.. Call MS K. .rooin cottage, barn and other out buildings,.on pavement 'blpcic": f rom square'. Ai bargain If sold' at once. : See owners 'J205 1 -East Oak St. ..: Fop,. SALE^-Bicycle''in good" condition. Cai.i ppera.-House Drug Store. - liOST—Small' Swiss wrist -watch, between Yale and Brcbka garage. F,inder call Metropolitan office. Reward. liOST—Pocket book,*-between creamery -and I. C. Batsoii's store. Return to Free Press. • ' . LOST—Notary seal! Reward if re- turned'to O. P. Louden's'office. Keep the.sows that prove the " most profitable bearers'. . * - * * Berkshires are a splendid ,type because they are a large anil healthy Pig. • , ' " •.:••.. »**.,- • ' -. : ' -..Crude oil; applied on the back ot he hogs, with,a brush will km thai Ice.'. • -" i • -.* * • • Save the best gilts aad breed themi i a.good boar. Thin la the best,math-' «d of: bplldinc up 4 good pro4oelU>|r

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