Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 44
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 44
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04-INDEPENDENT nOWMiS'G ALONG Greatest* Most of Season * "wen*.-- LCNO I I A C H - A * . . AMtl 4. By HAVi: 1'AYLOI! l)imiiiuli\c 135-jx)unddyna mo Billy Maglione whacked in thc evening. Mapiionc. at '-***^" 1 ,300-750 to pace the all-timc| t he very pinnacle of a sen T ·? ."··'·· t t « · : ,,* ·!... .season play at Norwalk. lest (if eight 700's fired that '"'« fireworks began tMrlyi»'fit- . n , was *} ht TM |'»K circus m «"«*viUe. »* f t' *» M *'H« |'"*v ···*. "·· · " · " · l i n e » v l j f 1'IIIIiailC t)| a ftCIl* ^V."V»* k ""! liml)Cr . t . 0 l ) P 1lin B session of llic! sational t h r c c - w c c k hot *^'rr, 111! Via*. Itlt.U. Df- ""'"Vyear '"' blisterin out for his and smashed .,v-. Monday as Southern . .......-,. California O|en League wrote: 5lrcak ' walkcu M Mistrrir,.. final chapter to!°I*-' nin B «ame r --rT7:|l2 solid consccuti\cs right on the pocket. SEE THE ALL-NEW Cf+r\TT Our pick for man-of-thc-,, ,,_. hour only last week when he _ 0 t ' us j . blasted 781 in the same league,!' 1 t ' beltm' Ililly has copped ad ' SCOTT BOATS ditional clusters of KM and 7:17 over the past three weeks. ' Kicked up Billy with singles 257-2C3-2G7-297 to finish with clusters of 738 and 73G for six games. Other 700's were hitting the shoot sheet for Hank Lauman with 724-721, Ralph McBce 715, Arnold Wally Walters 700's Monic league sea- in 27 weeks-- iur-man teams Jin California, if not thc na b '°"B ht son luta to for HEW MOTORS t, REPAIR · MARINE HARDWARE Eicfuiivc Scoff Boat 6 Mofor Dealer In Long Beach NAPLES MARINE 5746 E. Second St. · Long Beach · GE 4-2410 and last Saturday tallied 4133! . for 20 games in the Kosof ati"" n ' La Habra. NOIl WAS he inclined to «*"·*. **i e«rvrs u mor. iwu finish out of the sevens in! l /*/«rn*f/V»»»iiS!?'_*«.r«« u f« Monday's action. No sooner,iVJ' had his perfcctn hit thcchalk-jjii" hoard than Billy tied into ad- t/J ditional singles of 2.18 218 for a 75G cluster--high- :·,-%.-'.-: .W'.Vfy*;'-^.- .--?' · « · · - ' - . - f T : ' ····'!· TIR E S A L E iOfnKlltf,mt«is for tr-t u»on inci ing · n*titwi*| lour man tf*ri t *. cl 2800 by tt« Mfi'tV An4ef rd a**; · 300 by Howard Homn; I «n4 · 771 c'Lrt'tr by Arnold Hovt thjf ifntj In »'t Sovfrtrn Ciliforn a M»glien»'t Ktrt Cr«tt Un form i: . - ·publicly, wt'rr lurp flotbt Ccr* 'mintf cur *d«trlA PO her tg * W* I //ond«f Ladri Hand, (*o at C*l. 1 That li. w* ft t»r« th* won't ]»!n(t eta bmw/ Jte r.«s «!rencj/ o I word out l*r tvrtmd our poor p to »J4 or at'rait. c'd i * ta won! | ..ALL OUTDOORS.. cf ' II" » feo ef trt pot«*o, r BCLb't 19 If'* «tP'*Ul* Cf C"ff and » I. · VINCS TO MIND f-* 403 CM Sco'r ,ryi«8 tit lcw»il a?t/tv*» ice*. In tr« .'itory ct th.t tournament-- ocnt *vk ui « It tfrf. Je. t.* to It *ti Bid tfcrrt th»t »e ; bro»en c-rl WMPPINO UP r« so Trio «t s^' Ft,. BCD Hfdif/ Cotnt Cl lit Wlien I did that recent four-day inspection trip of the Colorado River from Palo Verde north to Hava- stt Lake, I just felt that 1 would overlook several camps which 1 should have visited. Well, I missed one at Palo Verde and I have been hearing about it from a number of readers. ~~ So, I take pleasure in men- tiny shrimp that are new- tioning Neal's Camp. Palo comers to the Sea. As a mat- Verde, which is owned and tcr of record, the DFG doesn't operated by Neal and Cccile know where those shrimp Harrington. Neal was person- came from and how they were nel director for the City of started. But as long as mil- Long Beach until 1955, when I'ons are there, it looks as he retired and moved to Palo though the Salton Sea will Verde, continue to surprise Southern And a m u n g his recent,California with its splendid guests have been such people fishing. as Sam Vickers, Ernie Barker, Lawrence Jackson, Ed Campbell, Armor Ohl and Dcwey Vaughn. Neal and Cecile have fur- It must be remembered that the weather will start to turn hot by mid-May and that condition will affect the fish --and the fishermen! nished their cabins along the! You need a basic S license, waterfront with cverythinp.lplus a dollar stamp, to fish All a guest needs is his fish-!'" the Sea. Ing equipment. Even the * * * * . water problem is solved at SAN DIEGO'S 16th annual Neat's; there is bottled wa t cr 'yellowta.l derby heads for the in every room. The camp also!°P cn sea Saturday. I ight now has a launching ramp for tllc 1"«t,on is "Where arc boats, a barbecue patio, club- liousc and fish-cleaning house. _ . . fClla*fJ by Prpfl //C IBtt *»f.o r* i»4 r'l Ittour sriim »*f ·of t» 704 ter *l OVM wiwi B-I |/4 to jr. rcr en »-n3«i ;jO-JJO:jl. * * · · .tt word It tt«l P«t W»rt.n f«* t»k*i jt»» if*d in "fl' CIJ11 i.r-atl ·'·d * ' l»vr-'j 11 t*-» C'ABA itv« if-jt-rr "i-,* n TIM: UK; OM: Mrs. liiid Chambers of San Dirpo gazes proudly :it -llO-Ib. California black sea bass she caught from sports fishing boat this week. She hauled thc giant fish in on a -10-I1). monofilameiit line. Cabins are e q u i p p e d kitchens. "'. E"'ng to find yellow, . , m o d e r n and The ban Diego fleet, which with furnished normally starts putting ycl- ! Iows «" " 1C docks In great . . j numbers by March I, has Clemente Fishing Curb Protested the Palo Verde area. Even so- called fishing experts in Blythc and the sporting goods dealers send customers to Neal, no yellows. However, lack of yellows won't stop the San Diego Junior Chamber of Commerce d the skippers from start; the derby. It just may I e'f't in "A" (I#« a l*»fi*i w tl 1 acr»Tif'0 OurnaTfi| Loynd t" » w -- « i x n e*f#r local t^'ai'D'M tw'ro ·1 D^fl'f Bri"*h*:l. M do* AiMcf* Lovtt^t aod AlKt //ea't^irr. .. : asmuch as the committee has that thc largest fish · I B · · · · · · · · · » « · i *'"i"-i ui i \,uuiii y i i 3 ( i u i t u 1 · · i i i t By LLW ALLISON' Gamc Commission . Hc lakc$ '»'»«. I'»v,dcd there are no Uep. Craig Hosmcr has'modeling of Balboa Pavilion ! an active interest in both'* s alacore . or bluclm (taken up arms to rcinforce'is under way. Those fishing 1 fishing and hunting and in | t u n a ' Hrst pnze Saturda y ls ,i. :.. a i o u l of , hat , anding wi ,, havc i |he a f f a i r s ()f thc cnlirc ia : LSBVKISTOIU Long Beach sportsmen hot battle with which plans to the bar Navy.jto dodge a few projecting!Lower Colorado Hivcr area. b ": 1 , tS |!. i .^ Crs and _f ca ! f ? lds for a l lf ' ou wish murc 'nforma- The derby will run for. 20 weeks, with a grand fislioff on Oct. G. FIRST LINE TUBELESS WHITEWALLS SIZIS 7i50xl4 6.70x15 8.00 x'14 7.10x15 8.50x14 7.60x15 8.00x15 8.20x15 MFC. LIST SALE 32.10J17.88 35,20 ! 19:88 38.55 2i; "42.90 "23. PREMIUM MIRACLE TUBELESS WHITEWALLS SI«S_ l_MfO._HJt 7.50 x'l 4 6.70xj5 8.00x14 SAIE 8.50x14 7.60x15 8.00x15 40.15 , ~ 23.8 8 25.88" 53.65 127.88" ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE The lit in tht lurfiirry and Still f-W Strongest! All Armstrong Tires or* guaranteed ttoMt brviiet, bloweytt, tlm cuts and all rood haiardt. NOT FOR 12 MONTHS NOT FOR 24 MONTHS NOT FOR 34 MONTHS IUT FOK AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE TIKE! '5X'*:-.?i';y TWO 1H; I.M \ I I O \ S l\ Add Extra Life and Safety to Your Car with , . . SCIENTIFIC WHEEL BALA^3CING All prices plus (axes and old fire from your car. SEAT ADQUART BELTS WEEKDAYS from one of the richest fish-jwhilc. but general manageri(i on write Neal's Camp I'.O l u ing grounds available tiii the Art Gronsky promises many BOX 53, Palo Verde. Calif.. or| ,,- TI1 p nc,',, N -o Birtur , Southland -- t h e West Cove improvements w h e n t h e , e l e n h o n c Palo Verde 3, . . J5 " |;SG . .P lcture area of San Clemente Island. I work's all done. I Blvthe o^tori J esn't interest you this week, San Clcmrnte is the home 1 There will b- a new ir«-l ' °P cralor '- ^ make your plans to visit th« of big yellowtail, bull bass.itaurant. cocktail lounge, gift 1 ,,.,,,,..",,,",. " ".. . I Los Angeles Sportsmen's Va- barracuda and other fish. Al-'shop tackle shop enlarged! W I I I L f c M h arc uiscussmg |L -ation, Boat and Trailer Show ready closed is the cast cnd'marinc sporting goods, bait thc Colorado Rlvcr ' let s at Pan Pacific Auditorium, of the island, with its big receiver and reconditioned! 5 *" 115 ovcr tu thc Salton Sca ! T 1 '' 5 is tll(: 17tl ' edition of schools of fish, and the new fishing dock and boat slips.| and . Iook . at . tllc PTMspects for^f. Werner Buck's famous ruling would just about close Skiff fishermen are petting sprln|! " snin S- The Depart- production and, no doubt, it off the backside. Long Beadi'somc large kelp bass off the mcnt of . Fish . anj Game has will attract just as many.or landings have Urge invest-U. S. Coast Guard docks liyj bccn takin B pill-net samplings more customers than ever/ rncnts in the bigger, faster trolling preen and blue feath-j° f sarK ° a n j con ' ina and re 'J Perhaps you wonder just craft--Sj-footers -- designed urs. (ironsky ;I!MI reports''TM 115 lllat this ' car ' s fishing how a person can continue to especially for the longer some larpe hailbut have been' S ' 10U ' ( 1 be the greatest. stage a show such as this year cruises for best fishing. caupht off the dock. i The samples produced loads after year without thc public ' * ' · ; of sargo in thc lii-poundjtiring of it. First of all, the HOh.MLK'S L U T T I C K to TVT O. . ,class, particularly in the nor-ipublic doesn't tire of the out- naval operations rebuked the l l C W ij11*0111 11 S|them part of the Sca. The!doors and that is exactly department lor failure to co-' ^perch-like sarpo was first what the Sportsmen's Show operate. Actually, the land- l - ' i i l / \ i i I |r||iI .planted experimentally in the'rcprcscnts. inps here don't want to callj * l * 1 * M l A J " lIl .Sc.i in 1931. | Then, too, there arc new off the defense effort --or| |ji « . T · i Sargo may be taken best booths each year, and tho even hinder it. Their plea.I 1 I t l l l U I l l ' ' AjISt Ion worms or small cut hait'oldcr ones keep finding new which Ho?mer supported, is' O ' on s' 0 . 10 or 12 hooks in dccp'gimmicks and gadgets that for cooperation which will permit fishing the grounds Long missing from the De-jwater. Shore anglers are delight any of us. partment of Fish and Game's starting to get them around! avy is not using jcatchable-size trout planting j brushy areas and rocky pro- PRODUCER BUCK has sur- Lhe Long Beachiljst, in the past because of jjections. There's a limit of 10 rounded himself with capable reported his re-, lack of water and recently be-'on the fish. 'assistants such as Fred Hall pproval. The pro(Ca use of high flows, roiled wa- . . . . iand Milt Honck. They, like when the Navy is not using jcatchable-size trout them, and the congressman quest won approval. -- , . _ ( ,.,,,,,,. ,,. ,,,,,., llu ,, 0 . ,,,,,^» ,,,,. posal is to leave the waters. | C rs and poor access. Santa COKVINA should Mart to Buck, start planning the show open from sunrise until noon| Barbara County streams this hit within another month. Thelmonths ahead of its scheduled to permit fishing craft to t;ikC| week arc again represented;DFG samples showed many'opening. advantage of the m)rninp: an)0 ng Southland watcrs^fisl, weighing from 10 to 15 1 Thc Parade of Champions ""'· ... , .. ,, j scheduled for trout stocking, pounds. There is a bag limirin thc outdoor arena will fca- Pacific Landing will send «». jff.Jff^g. ··;;-. ·.,,,». of six on con . ina |n , hc Sca . turc jy., . Thc ,,,,,,.,,,,. ,., thc risherman II to Clemente; '---·-- - -- - · - S.iturday nnd Sunday. Pierpoint's 85-foot free lancer also will be bended there on the weekend. Schedules call for daily boats there with the advent of Easter vacation, April 14. m r-^-,.;-- ,.,, ._ -in «*..,, ·,, t. .._ ,,,, j o ~ -. i -i -.t. m i ton. it-|Cor\ina up to JO pounds have and S p.m. daily, with bccn takcn from thc Sca - (additional an on " T h e D F G h a s discovered.Saturdays n n d Sundays. T h e ' THE StARCII for yellow tail at and Koc Point continues without much success, hut bip ycllowtallj schools have been reported at Knscnada and may show- soon up the coast. Ray Doty, Long lieach, was hack from Mexico with a report (if n good catch to 23 pounds, taken on anchovies and jigs. Halibut fishins continues l«iT«i".*i1'.J r HV r 'TMii'7J? "i.''t7i l that fish populations in thc'show ?»·% KX* *" " l " '"*'" '"'"iSea are feeding on amphipods.'through April :}. IJH fir tl.clln. »m tatth»bi^ 1__ Hi. r«*i»«* ITMI nui wt«fe «r. in. f.ll«wli»« SMtMra C.lif.riw« Ul.f tTr.wtii: tot iNcrirt couNTr -- Crm. LmirrKK, ~ SM Curi.l KIT N.rn f.rhi). SAM ICIINlKDINa COUNTY--. ' *4 l.k., Df«» Cftrt, peiformance id Si runs from March 29 4i"iH| Halibut. Surf Perch trr--Arrtw-l s n Litti* "iVair CrVVk. ' ~" '! * *· /-** *v"W* ·» ·en ,,·«. D ^S?i?. u , N K»v;.y!',^: A -,! n .I^-M. C Snr\i»o Min-h a " -aBBffirVoiAT^Ksarrt. /Vl ililCl S uCOl C rJJiill o o Crvw BivtmiDt COUNIY -- L». ^nvt L.h.. VENTURA COUNTY -- M.tllti* L.lf. Pml L.k.. 2 Sdll The land-locked fisherman can just about name his own jkind of fishing--halibut, bo- f / i /)n«ii i nito - barrcd P 0 " 11 - OP 31 ^' 6 HI \J\lcn a n j buttcrmouth, and a " Two additional reservoirs corhina. good on the half-day lmats,!j n s an Dj C g O County will be; Halibut have shown with hit-and-miss ~ · barracuda bonito. Pacific has opened its A-] W J|| i, cp i n j ts season April 18,'and Seal Beaclu Joe Selling^ Day guessing contest, with i W ith fishing on WedncsdaysJcr's Il-poundcr at lielmont many prizes for those closcstlsaturdays and Sundays. (tops the reports but Jack 1 few up nd-miss scores or| opened for fishing in Apnl.lcarly on the piers. The/re] limit :,, ar , hl and big schools of Sutherland, a good prduccr,f a j r i y plentiful and some arel_ t h c biggest jof bass, blucgill and crappie, running big. both at Uclmont'ounccs t h e to lias opened its _Aw ill begin its season April 18, and Seal Beaclu Joe Selling- ;,,,, u'nnundi :!n(T *~rtnt^*f \i*i(n ...:L. *:_!.:__ _ _ lir..l_^..!.·.. . · · t ·-. · . '"ft *^ I'UMtius to the time when the bndin paffs Its first albacore. Morena's season s t a r t s.Rogers, Paramount, took a 9- larger halibut and hot bonito near the bait tender. Barrcd perch wero liotter than ever Sunday al Huntington, and continue good both on the morning and evening tides. Herbert L. Hcuck of Hunlington Beach took n hour and a half biggest 2 pounds I I the total catch weighing 14 pounds 7 ounces. Kaz Masada, Los Angeles, bad a limit weighing 14 pounds 15 ounces, tha largest fish tip. . . . April 27. with fishing on Fri-lpnundcr Tuesday at Seal'pjng'The"scales"^"3"pounds ·nir tnvr \w\nrn r« l 1 '^' 5 ' Satu ^ a ' s a 1 d Sund3 y s -iHMch. Helmont also had S ounces. Hardshell crabs and Till. I.O.MI-/IUAIii.u rc-jMorcm will receive weekly a pood run of bonito, and a'fiam, nre t, P , t b a | t plants of DFG catchable-size;f cw corbina. An-licrv Kvculs ji.tinhow. In addition, it will have bass and bluepill. ·*\. Dv*. Art^trt. - \\'iimcr There's fabulous perch fish" * ' ' ing for those who know the ; SMALL II A I.I B U T arc holes off the rocks of the San .being taken in the surf along Ptdro breakwater. Lots of full S jBclmont Shore. Some of the baps have been checked in, i ··. sport boats have scented with some opaleye running " h e m out and ?if fishing over 3 pounds. Rock shrimps along the Delmontjare producing txst. licach strands, and; Corbina have been fair on shcrmrn can find, Tin Can Beach.

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