Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1930 · Page 12
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 12
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.Pit* HAStHE A0VAM- wewnr. tni pfeoi*llsts Address Meeting of Medical Society ftisousi Mental Dls- Cfders, ' Wttli Several of the most noted t*claltsts In the country as speakers, meeting ^as held by the Blair Coun- Medical society at the Stair County bspltal, *ltM Almost 100 physicians In ttendancc, At which there was a ISclission of mental disorders, the tcthods of tfefttttieflt and prevention. th* speakers included Dr; J. S. De- arnette, superintendent of the West- rn State hospital. Staunton, Va.; Dr. . A. Jackson, superintendent of the tat* hospital at Danville; Dr. Harvey Catkins, superintendent of the Polk U hospital for feeble-minded at k, and Dr. Theodore Diller, neuro- gyehtatrist of St. Francis' hospital, D«. Jackson and Watkins in their ddresses told of the overcrowded con- Hlons existing in the state institu- ong for the insane, while pr. De Jarette again presented an argument in ftvot of sterilization of the feebleminded, pointing out the advantage of arrylng on the work in Pennsylvania rlth the aim of gradually reducing the lumber of persons Ahus afflicted. It was brought out that 50 cents of very dollar paid in each county in axes eventually goes to pay for the Lpkeep of institutional inmates. The speakers agreed that it is Im- lossible to segregate all feeble-minded tersons, as the cost would be pro- ilbitlve. Neither is such a course lecessary, for many such persons are larmless and can be of use to society, Ince many of them are capable of ervicB in gainful occupations. K The greatest menace is in their reproduc- ion and sterilization was advocated as he only way to eliminate such a pos- ibllity. All of the speakers, advocated a cam- >aign of education among the people, o the end that a law might be pass- id In the state along the lines of the Virginia statute to prevent procrea- lon-of the mentally deficient and thus essen the possibility of eventual lecadence of the race. Dr. H. C. Thomas, president of the iociety, opened the meeting and then turned the gavel over to Dr. H. J. iommer, superintendent of the coun- hospital. BANKING DAY IN SCHOOLS. » I PENN SCHOOL. Mort **•« Kloss 3 - 45 ;iss Miller S.' Z '22 :iss Colvin -90 iss Blumenschein i-**" as Baker ••j-' JMlss Eberst '. J-" Miss Frisch 5 - OJ Miss Graffius 1-ljj Miss Roblson ij Miss Bell -23 Miss Moore : • 8-50 jj Total 530.85 '* PROSPECT PARK SCHOOL. ^Elizabeth Hazlett $ 2.95 Sidney Billin 2.75 ATiolet Morris 3.62 Emma M. Gieg 1.92 "Grayce Coppersmith 1.59 toalsy P. Conrad. 1.10 * Total $ 13-93 *Term to date $1,114.67 * LOGAN SCHOOL. JSmlly Sayers $ JVrintha Kinch ; jCarolyn Stamm (Alice Buller • • IHazel Blowers feluth Epler Jtrene Weest TAdella Eshleman JRoae De Leo •Margaret Kitchey cfiteensnlp every Ibtt ideal for »nlc tiJTflfrtft*» p* «fty otftafW ofirtSI **«"*** w<»**M «y» « ohftlrmaft Ot IBM committee, 1». O. Helhelrmtri, *W»t«ry ** the T. M. C. A., 66 that these -y6Wn| fteof»l« be" plkceH ft* <irbrft «t»o« tHeft grid nation) MANS GUESTS AT KIWANtS HOT, Hot?" enoa&h &r you. BEtLEFONTE, May 28.—The' Civil wftf veterans of Bellefonle and vicinity and other citizens of 76 years of age and over were the guests of honor at the Kiwanls club's luncheon Tuesday noon In the Penn-Belle hotel. The ranks of the soldiers are thinning very rapidly and only five veterans were present: A. T. Boggs of Mllesburg, Simeon Bathhurst of Mllesburg, George Gill of Julian, Jacob Shirk and S. H. Colpetzcr of Bellefonte. Other guests were Rev. M. C. Piper of Milesburg, H. G, Strohmeier and James C. Condo of Center Hall, James Potter, G. R. Spiegelmeyer, Isaac Underwood, W. T. Twitmire, William B. Rankin, W. 'H. Crissman, Thomas Fleming, Michael Shields, John Raynor, George W. "Sherry, all of Bellefonte; C. S. Thomas of Potters Mills, E. S. Geist of Ebensburg, Ralph Dinsmore of Philipsburg, Harry Rotowsky of Bloomsburg and Forest Strubel of State College. The veterans and aged citizens were introduced to the club by Postmaster John Knisely. The guests were welcomed on behalf of the Kiwanls club by the vice president, Rev. Robert Thena, who spoko particularly to the veterans, as ho assured them that mrmory would never let the nation forget the sacrifices they made and the hardships they endured to preserve and cement the unification of our nation. Their sacrifices, he declared, are a clarion call to us of today to be worthy in 6f was juauo wj *•*».'• BO|5H« "I —.—-_,",";. v: who recited the list of eleven battles in which-He was jjertbnally en8aged, and told of the diftfdultles of the vart* oua campalffi^ and 6f keeping the 1W« of Buripfies open ffom the north to the south, wherft the armies we*e lighting their way. • Spirited singing of war-time melodies, led by Cecil Walker, with Miss Freda Edmlston at the piano, also featured thS meeting. The vocational guidance committee made a report on the graduating Class of the High school and stated that there were a .numbei) of the students w« speoiAlit* in painless Attracting. No matte* how nervous of difficult th» ewe may be. ' '-. DR. StETLEtt, 4lh flaw Golnnenmld Bnlldta*., lltti A**. * IZth S». (^Copyright, 1930, NBA Service, Inc.) There are »t least four mistakes In the above picture. They may pertain to grammar, history, etlauctte, drawing or whatnot. Sec if you ran find them. Then look at the scrambled word below—mid unscramble It, bv switching the letters 'around. Grade yourself 20 for <?<<«» of the mistakes you ftnd, and 20 for the word If you unscramble it. Tomorrow we'll explain the mistakes and tell you the word. Then you can see how near a hundred you bat. • * * YESTERDAY'S CORRECTIONS.' (1) "A ancestress," In the girl's conversation, should be an ancestress. (2) President Bgchanan was a bachelor. <3> He was the 1.6th president, instond of the 11th. (4) The handle on the table drawer should be in the center. (5) The scrambled word Is DIRECTION. . XSl'ARAGUS FORK, A new serving fork for asparagus looks much like huge sugar tongs, with sharp teeth on the edges. 'You can lift an entire serving of four to six stalks with one motion, with this new gadget. ALAU1W CLOCK. 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