Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 12
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F«gi M-1NDEPENOENT I** (Me*. OM.. MM* ILxl Convention for Home Economists Clubs Circle Dates on Weeks Calendar ' . Nearly 1,000 m e m b e r s '·' from throughout the state · are expected weekend i -in Coronado for thg Calif or. nia Home Economics Asso- ^ciation ninth bieraral convention at Del Coronsdo ; HoteL *·,'*',Membership in the state- wide issociition is comprised of home economic* educators in ill Khool levels; home economist* In business; homemakers; home economists for hospitals and. other institutions; and college students. TUESDAY Jordan High-School Faculty Wives win meet at 7:30 pan. in the home of Mrs. George Dibs, 3071 Rowena Drive. Rossnoor. Mrs. Gene Smith will be in charge of entertainment. Mrs. Donald Menke and Mrs. Milton Safer win be hostesses. DR. GEORGE H. Derry trill speak oa ''Physical Therapy Following Chest Surgery? following: a dinner meeting of Long Beach Chapter of California Physical Therapy Association in the Garden Room at 730 p m There will be open discussion, question and an- Successful Reducing as Told ; By These Long Beach Women j' ^;- ' ; · · ' at told tj Frances Robertson | ; ; 3027 E. Ocean BIvA, Long Beach 1 *-;· !i Fm J J rein old and proed of jind told me what my prcfclems '"SitU hare the greiicst hosbandVere and what they raild £o ^ who is in the Merchant Ma- facet than. Yen see rines. I love life, par*, to to the rzces. I hive three; proo a to s»j hid to be tatea ci. 20, 22, ind 24. 1 1 dco't hive iny bulges cow; I children, ages : also hive five wonderful grand-jlost 4 indies off my waist, 5 cHMrtn --and another on the"*?*! off my hips, 37j inches KtJ. My r.anf is FlinCCl R trtsoo. I live in Long Eeadi it off eiA thigh and the "over- the-fcn" beiges. My funflT aad friends hirdly believe I am the fer cjuite a while. The day I went to die Pat 3027 East Ocean. I used to be in'same person.'The best put of it Real Estate but hive not wotted!all is that it hisn't made me haggard and drawn looting. 1 hive tn 89-year-old father _--_ . ,. ,. _ e . who thinla that I loot so won- Walters Staffer System Salon U M ^ , in Long Beach I went with »Voing back to my former profes- gopd friend win also wu myBoa which was Real Estates I neighbor. I wu feeling niser-lhive to admit that I am proud able became I had a 40-mch hip,|of myself and grateful to Pat my thighj were over 2iYl inches iWaltcr and the Stauffer System, each, I had "over the bra" fve loved every mmpte Fve bulges, not to mention otherjspect in the Salon with Miss figure faults. Walter's staff.' They were '""Miss Walker, the National thoughtful and helpful and Figure Authority, for the Sianf- nude reducing t joy, cot fer System, talked to both of us 'chore.--Frances Robertson. FIRST UMO.V, N o r t h Long Beach and East Long Beach WCTUs win }oin for a ccunty institute at 1030 z-m. in . First Christian Church. Speakers will in- dude the county president. Miss Zora Oassey of Glendale, Mrs. Esther Dupew .of Alhambra. Miss M u r i e l Powell' of Inglewood and Mrs. Hallie Nicholson of Pasadena. Olive Pound will be in charge of the meeting. The public is invited. . Central Union wil] meet at 11 »", in First United Presbyterian Church. After luncheon Mrs. Austina Monroe will present the program with Mrs. Kathleen Buntain leading devotions. A film wQI be shown. WEDNESDAY North Long Beach Women's dub will welcome new members at a noon meeting in Houghton Park Club- hotc*. A program, "Hats by Dor'ia," will be presented by Mrs. Doris Stearns. Mrs. H. P. Moran of Group 7 is luncheon chairman. Reservations may be made with Mrs. Edward Ditto or Mrs. Ales Sandquist. Mri. Grontr Sequin* Jr. Is club 'president; Mrs. John Carrels is ia charge of the membership committee* . Officers for the coming year win t« nominated. ~ . . · ' · · - · MRS. ROSA Lee Bouck, noble grand. wiQ preside at a meeting of Rebekah Lodge 360 at 8 pan. in the YMCA Building, Sixth Street and Pacific Avenue, Mrs. Olive Jenkins and Oiristena Allsup head the committee for the evening. · * * « LONG BEACH Aurfliary 71. United Spanish War Veterans, win meet at 1 p-m. in Veterans Memorial Building. Florence Porter wfll preside. · * * · A COFFEE hour at 11:30 ajn. will precede a meeting of Woman's Relief Corps in Veterans Memorial Building. Laura Addis win conduct the session. Mrs. Frances Robertson, pictured with Pat Waller, was miserable because she was ovcrweigjit in the wrong places, had "cvcr-the-bra" bul£es and other figure faults. as tclJ tj Jackie Stevens 920 Mar Vista, Seal Beach smiling in this pkmre'ondet i boxy suit or coat, huge ind really fee! lie smiling forikmdbagj and foil sKrts. Mj were so bulgy. Locg Beach. [indbes in my hips and 3 inches For many yean, it seems le;oa each thigh and my legs look forever, I vas hiding my flgurejdecent again.-- Jackie Stevens Mis. Stevens, pictured with Pat Walter, is now a sue 10. She was a size 16 and had to wear boxy jacket and full skirts and was ashamed to be seen in a swim suit h en saw aa ad wdh Pat Walkers U^ ^ tM ,,* picture telling about her StaM-Lj;,^ lij the beach »hen the fer System Salons. It »-as a fall;reil trnth was I was ashamed to 1 »ge ad and it rtilly impressed wm t fcathicg suit. inc. I went to wotk the nextl f m proud to uy Fm finished morning ind took the ad with'^jth my treatments. I had fna e. while getting my figure back.' My came is Jackie Stevens They are awtnlly eke people in ind I In e it 92O Mar Vista Ae salon and I enjoyed every Avc, Seal Beach. I im married moment of it. Now I irear a size and have 2 boys, ices 12 tnd 8.|io iess. Ffore I wore a 16. 1 | im 34 years old. I have i good had to Kxanse my K s and fob with Deaa Van Lines in thi Kps an . I lost as told Ij Lillian Polak I.' 286 Hetmosa, Long Beach I My nime is Lillian Polak. Fm'ovet 50 pounds and still going ' i housewife and I live at 286'down. Hermosa, Long Beach. I amj When Miss Walter wu pho- martied and hive 2 children iographed with me in this pic- sad 3 grandchildren. I am 56 tare she hid fust rrtnm^j from yean old. I wish you could havc^ opening cf her cew Hoco. seen me before I went to Pat hJa Salon and said, The list j Walker's Stauffer System Salon, jtime we photographed yon, TOO · I wish I had i photo cf how Ijwere a size IS and now yon art j looted before I went to reduceli size 16 and the next ·'""· we | with her system. I don't have'photograrh you, you'll be a size one because I looked so iwfuTl4." I know she is rijht be- · for so many years **"* any time cause everything she hu said so tayoce took s picture of me, I far his come true. nadir a point of hiding behind My hobby is raising beautiful my husband and anyone else,flowers and my favorite is bird- who was ceai me because I was of-paradise. I love to garden. . i«T»"n^ of how I looted. JN'ow when I stoop over to cut I One dajr I was having CT my flowers, I don't huff and renal morciaj; cup of coffee and'puff getting cp. That alone b t reading the ladependcsjt. Press-[worth a lot. Besides my husband . Telegram and' 1 read about Pat and dcldren are pretty proud of · Walter's Scaaffer System. That me because sccsencnr my whole ru 3 mocihs ago. ! reaUj |pcr«ooaliry has changed. ffida't think they could help me. f I told Miss Walter I wu glad I had grvea cp to kog ago, but I had read that ad that day arx anyway I called them. But be- she said she felt the best way cf fore I did I calleiJ my nest doorxccreying a message to womea neighbor who n t dose friend ( who need help ia redocins wu cf mire and asted her if ihe to have a woman who had been wccld go with me because I helped tdl her own storr. So I ceeded moral support She said said I would and what should I she'd go. Incidentalry, she toot .say. She looted at ine and the treatments too. sailed tad uid just tell it ia WcD, we went in the cext dijjtxa own way. and believe me, that waj ny| So I have. I hope yooTI be as hsdy day. Miss Walter wis'amiocs to see me in the Inde- Ihere--in person--and shelpendcot, Press-Telegram ia »a- h^H to me personalry. Some-jother month weiring a size 14 bow just filHng to her made me u t win be when I see myself fee! 'that I had a chance to loot tn the piper that morning. Well, dee again. At that *""* I wai a'TU conclude my itcry by SJjini size 24^ tad weighed 2091/j!that I focnd ny hrd-of-para-l /p^ocuu. Tn this pctcre I am dise cot xoceg my flowers, bct| ^7 wearing a size 16 i£J have lostjia Pat Walter.-- Lillian Pcii!c. ^ PAT WALKER STAUFFER SYSTEM SALONS ^MWHTOWH LONG BEACH LAKEWOOD CENTER THE YALLET 4It UST RUST IT. . 4JJI-U FACUITT 01 M i t t : HE«IoekMI7t Mlicalf 4-HTt · 7154 RESIDA IIVD. " Kiirti I *.«. 1« I f.m. K«tni I a.*, ti I I.B. Ktm; I ut tt t IJL Mrs. Lillian Polak, pictured with Pat Walker, was ashamed to be photographed when she was * sue 24y 2 and weighed 2091/ 2 rounds. Now she is down to a size 16, has reduced over X) pounds and is still going down. Free Trial Treatment and figure Analysis Under Pat Waller'* scien-'slenderizing a pleasure. tific, personalized guidance.] Try i! Youcaa havea comm omea can slaa down as fncntirj treatment and fie- (pctly md easily » told by or e tnjpjj « tx eblieatkn. Ae ) momen ibore. Ovtr J'Most wcoen ^edunga ia 10 oOIwn woinca have saocess-W Visit, ire only J2-00. fully reduced wd. tfcs servve r « «,r. You can lose witere you need PIMXM, MEttaU «-e«7t or to lose tad jouTI enjoy doing HEraJorfc j-»:j, » ««. t. it. Pat Walter's personalaed,» pjn . Mcodjj Ikm FrVlij. comfortable s e r v i c e cults c»n«t nm InttH! Vtea ra llavai, Ste "Pat Valltr Pritn:f on CBS Cbarmtl 9, Mot. tbra Fti. at 11 AM. HONOLULU iisi unoun IIVD. n»»t»5»i Hjtrsi I IM. »· I fM, EXQUISITE RAYON IN NEW LUXURY -HANKY-LIN- WEAVE, SO SMART! A trulq beautiful dress In a romantic, fabric modernized bt/ permanent UTirJJe-resIst ftvshJ Colorfast. washable, minimum Ironing I Meticulously made: inset underarm diamonds, futhf lined skirt, superb finish. 8 to 20. BLOSSOM PINK MADONNA BLUE EUCX BONE WHITE ^,,. Fabulous Mohair. "SLIMMER 11 Be smart,dentt tcn(-M (Vtxtluf coat". . . saj -SUMMER" and »tar ft cvtr Evervjthirvj I Mohair tecpt 32s plus 4s mjton) on varsud II SmatcNnjeobftl VfflAT A FABUIOUS EASTER COSTUME Ownplete for cnfy 1988 -By lOLA MASTERSON- Jest can Ruth La France the Orient Express. She's off (left Tuesday) on a six week frying tour of the Orient that win touch an bases except Mao Tie-tag's. The tour win take her to Hawaii, Japan. Taiwan. Philippines. Borneo, Singapore. Thailand. Vietnam, Hong Kong, back to Japan and finally, ah so, home. * * * Unique fashion show of styles strictly for the young ia heart--and all other ways--will be given by Assisteens in Boffums' Terrace Room Saturday from 3 to 5 pTM As- sisteens are teen-age daughters Cor granddaughters) of members of Assistance League, Las Hermanas and Rick Rackers. Coordinating 24 teeners as they leim to be models. get them to the store on time for fittings, etc, is the not easy but gratifying chore of Belt ye Mitchell, Gloria Wallace and Merretta ProweU. * * * . ' . Therell be a cork popping good time la Alamitos Heights next Saturday. Setting for a champaigne wedding rehearsal sapper for Jane Ellen Berry and Bob Base wil be "Sandy" (Campbell) and lit Lucas' home oa Monrovia. Co-hostessing win be bridegroom-elect Bob's mother, Anona Base. * * * Rally 'round a good cause, gals. I'm speaking, pri znarily, to club women, in general, and to those in charge of dispensing the club's philanthropic shekels, in particularly. There are a lot of handsome men about town who have volunteered their sen-ices to visit you and collect any extra money for charity you may have jingling in your cash registers. .The good cause is the fund drive the men are having, headed by Jim Craig, chairman, to complete the Boy Scout's Win Reid Scout Reservation at Barton Flats. And the chib that participates will have a plaque affixed to whatever it provides enough funds for, big or small. There could be the "Soroptimist Tree"--there could be the "Lady Lions Drinking Fountain**--there might be the "Emblem Oub'i Bird Feeding Box," or whatever. Fm dreaming some of thi: cp, but, nonetheless, that's the way they are doing. If you'd like to join the gentlemen with a tittle assist, contact Harold Arnold at Scout Office headquarters, 40: E. 37th St. * * * Whether the artists' works were black and white, or green, members and guests of Fine Arts Affiliates saw wha they saw oa opening night of the Drawing Show at Lon, Beach State College in a rosy glow. Various cock.tin parties in private homes preceded the dinner, on campus, and showing. · Virginia and Franklin Waters, with co-hosts Virginia and Eric Laddey, Louis and ClitJ Mnispaugh, Kay and John Roggeveen, Vivian an Ray Lingren entertained for a big crowd at the Waters. FnM and Dr. Larry Peterson also had a pre-showing cock tail party. Among the "first cighters" glimpsed were Jean and Leonard West, Vera and Charles Goodrich, Borgny an Woodrow Baird, Pauline and Gar Sinow, Dorothy and Free Black. ' Charge it, 6 months la pay Foreman Clark IAKEWOOO CENTER LONG BEACH Acrm tw* 1m Karttf «( MO UM nt AMO czmt MIO §am» rue SHOPPER'S LOANS for the wishes 'thYt bloom in the Spring Shop now (or an the special needs that Springtime brings--with a Shopper's Loan from Household Finance, Buynewdothes to outfit the whole family, shop for a better car, buy things (or the house. With cash, you shop (or Spring bargains at any store ... pay on the spot and avoid a lot of bis later on. Trust America's oldest company of its kind to help you meet the season's extra money needs. Alk about Credit Life Insurance on leant at group rate 2M Ml I*M 15«f 2M« 254* MOKTM.T »ATMEKI nANS »« *«r«« 11JS 5L23 75J3 SB^l 121 JM 6S.72 S6L19 126.44 155.60 SSJ4 19.49 43.13 138J03 26JO S1SJ5 36JO 9QJ3 T7JM X3J1 HOUSEHOLD FINANCE IONS tuai-J ·««·« 2C5 L tmini. ar.laatf uirwooa ciKm 311 LComptu tt -K *nxt (-7430 just un or IUTO* rotiuici DC D ma9 tL-f «Mn IK15 ininown 1761J BeMmra H.-VU*sk 5-CH i naci sont or unsu NOIWUI ltd Soutt Ttsaa B»4 il RomDi S^-Oltyen^j t-C9 ^cowxn Stanood Cental \,

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