Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 16
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 16
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B-6--INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM Long, Call!., SuTfliy, Julr ». U4I GAZER* a 3.23-54.74 5-76-83-88 D 118-19-2^-31 37-52-79-B6 ?C 2- B-2I-26 53-67-69 s JUNE 23 JULY 23 7 1 -7377 /il-70-72 \naco . AUG. 2' .EfT. 32 Bj C L A Y R. 1'01.1-AN- Voui Doily Aiti'Hf Cu. : J» M Voui Do'ty AC'J«IS Cu. ; /» H * Attording lo iht Stan. ^ To d e v e l o p message lor Sundoy, iced v,crcs correspondiitg to rvjrrvbcrs of youi Zodiac biMh sign. 1 ttff't 31 V 9 y *i r*cr'« 2 l JlHec.-l *·? Irm 3 R-d 7V:*j 6 Yc-j S fc.:«:'er* lOVcv 11 \Vy 12You» 13 Do UOtheri ISCcn UNat.ning I / lo 16 Lmen 19 lr.:e--iiV 20 Kegyku 2 l O = . e 22 Day 23 A'CUM 24 Y;XJ jcotr-o OCT. 71 ^i 6 Win 7[.K?'«r 9 FO O f -far 2 Uv-* 3Juil 4f, Cixosey *Dfcr M Tttay 51 Saen 52 5pnre:hlig 53 KCW 54 Of 6*- AM 67 . i s C?Tiojb'l 69 You "i 70 YVJ 71 Cocwrat'on 72j*.'tel 73 li 7^1 rxw* 7bMcNcrt 76Thor 77 Loci- il} 73 Ervih 7901 0 PI j j 6 1 Ale*-) f,2 Lnr p-aii I'd 27 Ctpc*-' GO ?5 Yoo-seH 29 ~. ou- 1 r-* j 59 Gi 60 A- * Adv £4 Or £ 3 YCSJ 59 H c rr,~# t LIMA EfT.13 ,-i-, JAGITTAIIUi DLC 73 fgf i-tt-K-XtS S-57.62 Vl CA'IICOIH JAK 20 V"\v^ 1- 5- 7-10/v 5-3S-87-90VS AQLfAITJS (AN 21 -S ifr 45-50 1316-17-73^? 27-66-68 Fleming Food Appetizing of Informal Dinner Fetes of Ihe most practical lost or hostess cooking President Tshombe Opens Katanga Fair EIJSABETHVILLE, Katan-iindepedence and Elizabeth (/W--P r e si d e n t Moise viUc . s 50tll anniversary. Mod By MILDRED K. FLANAUY ,submitting the recipes will be Food Erj i"lpublished with the recipes and FLAMING FOOD! One of he most festive ways to en- crtain informally is also one [he (or completing the cooking) at he table before the guests' iyes. Quick, hot, on-the- ;cenc preparation improves he flavor of many good dishes, whets the appetite of he diners and adds drama to ,he occasion. So why not sit down Tshombe Saturday opened the ern buildings over an area of Elisabethville I n t e r n a t i o n a l 130 acres house the exhibits Industrial Fair to Katanga's first year of of five nations. 36"-44" SAILCLOTH Wash and Wear Poplin a n d N o v e l t y Weaves. In prints ana solid colors. REG. 79c SUPER QUALITY SHEERS Combed yarn printoa' sheers, 2 10-yard lengths. Wash 'n wear finish REGULAR 49c YD, Little or no ironing. M a c h i n e washable. 3 to 10-yard lengths. REGULAR 49e YD PRINTED SATEENS I00%cotton . . . crease-resistant. 2 to 10-yard lengths. REGULAR 67e YD DOWNTOWN right now and send in your jest and prettiest FLAMING DISH recipe to the I, P-T Cook Book contest. Grand prize is a deluxe affcrs Saltier automatic gas or electric range. Second grand prize is $100 worth of bakery goods from Helms Bakeries Co. delivered by your Helms man! Members of 36 local women's and two men's clubs will do the preliminary judging. After they select the best recipes submitted in Ihe 38 classifications, the clubs will then .send their choices to a committee of five graduate' home economisls who will select the w i n n e r and the second and third place recipes in each. ¥ * * * j ALL RECIPES must be mailed to Mildred Flanary,! Cook Book Contest Editor,; Independent, Press-Telegram, Long Beach 12, Calif. Entries must be postmarked not later than midnight, July 23. Hundreds of the outstanding recipes will appear in a special cookbook supplement to The Sunday Independent, P r e s s - T e l e g r a m which will be published Sept. 3. Under the contest l u l c s all "persons participating must , use only one side of (he pa- · per to type, print or write leg-1 |:ibly their recipes. | They must designate in'. which classification they are! entering each recipe, All ingredients must be list-, cd completely with accurate measurements. They must include their name, address and telephone! ! number on each recipe. * * * * ~ NAMES OF Ihe persons A Lot fo Pay for Conversation. NORMAL, 111. (UPI)--Mrs.] E. H. Klessig already has won $10,000 in a nationwide con- litest for a trip to Hawaii but || she still has to choose a second prize--51,500 or a hand| crafted gold pineapple. Mrs. Klessig says she'll probably take the pineapple. Her reason: "It would make a wonderful conversation none of the enlrics will be re- :urncd, all becoming the property of The Independent, Press-Telegram when submitted. In case Ihe same recipe is submitted by more than one person, the one bearing, the earliest postmark will be the only one considered. In the judging, simplicity will count. Availability of ingredients against difficulty of purchasing some ingredients will be another factor. Other points the judges will consider include: length of prep aration, cost, involvement in preparation, uniqueness. * * * * HERE ARE the classifications which may be entered: I. Apceluers can?cp* ( hori d'Mime 3. Barbecue dlthes. 3. Bcveraoci [ftol or coldk 4. CaKtl. 5. Candy 4 nulj. !! Ccokf^."' "' 9. Didelic d:jhei. 0. DlihES (or men CMI!V. 1. Dlshei made with w.e cf btir. 7. Eooi [ways of BreoaripQ). 3. Fiji teafocrii. i. Fla-nrna dishei. 6. Carre ccofcerv. ;. Hot bfeadi (nnl yeas!) colfee cake murllnv II. Ice cream. Ices, .Oierbelv 21. Marinadei. 73. Meals. 7*. P.'ev^ 36! PouMrv (tarr II. QuBnNlv re. sseHi DUdd-ngi. maca'onl, noddies. Sa^rfrfkhts. 36. V.-aldes, Hat Cak«. Frllle's. 3/. Yeair breads. 3J. Yo r kvVre ovtfrjlngi, sixwn br du m oJ i n a i THE JUDGING club* «-e: Alaml'ci Day Garden Cti^b. Ass'slance L*acue. Auxiliary lo Cnlftfren'i Memorial Plfdl. Dacr-e?or«1l*s. Comnrtuolfv Hosoltal Auxiliary. Children's Benefit LeaT_e. Democrahc Women's Study Ojb. Denial Auxl'lary. Oru?olJts Valves. EbeH Club. Executives' SecrcfA'les. Florellas. Junior EMll. Junior Leaoue. . Lak.ev.3od Wc- Lawyer's Wiv Lore? Beach ' ien's Club. es. Ccurdl ol Long Beach Food Salei Club. Lor.3 Beach Home Economists. Beach SYfUDiKnv- Los AI103 V/5ncn's Club. Nallonal Ccuicil ol Je«l!h Wen-en. Natio.131 Federation cl Grandniolh-r Clubs. '.0 Lena Dtan Execs to Meet JFK WASHINGTON (/P)--Thirty day to lend their support to Business executives will meet his proposed foreign aid legis- with President Kennedy Mon- ELECTED John A. Paap, Long Beach a t t o r n e y , was elected president of the Long Beach Community Players by the' group's board of governors Saturday. A lawyer here for 33 years, Paap has been a member of the Players for 25 years and has served on the board of Community Playhouse for 15. He succeeds Marvin Cloyd. who has been president for two years. HERE S FOR PENSIONERS DR. BEAUCHAMP HAS BEEN ADVISED BY THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WELFARE THAT THE FOLLOWING PROGRAM IS NOW IH EFFECT FOR PENSIONERS AND WE QUOTE . . . is a r«iu1l el addilior^l 'ederal Funds available tor medical care, all Cart Trust F-und ft ccver rht tnllrt NO APPOINTMENT NEEDEDH/" 0 ^ What this means . . . Es that yeu ca.i as to veur dentist and have HT- rangeme.ils made lo start your work and Ihe county will in turn pay (or your denial ifrvicti. · 438 Ground Floor A VC BETWEEN 4th ond , MTC. 5th STREETS Horns: 9 A.M. 1° 6 P,M, · Frea Parking Pacific Aulo Park * LOS ALTOS OENTE n BEUFUJWEFI SI AT STEARNS · DOWNTOWN LONG BEAOH FIFTH AND PINE STOCK UP NOW! USE YOUR PENNEY CHARGE CARD! r^FTWMFV Q- t^lMllillliil P-l ··!· J^II^dollar ^ i ..,,...,,. ^ ??JS* fe : :*i. .fei ,SS;i; : i ill it Bfll li i H, 1 ItP m RJf H ,, 114-11 M y?'- f 9 i'--.-'-,.^: 1 -: ^ 5^ ;.:;.«£ y"£X Xfr? fet* «";;·;, s^i" V ; J f: ' : i''··' ! : ii-3V; : ?y liv "··\i';~- f.--;' -^ · . Vs-'W:S *~t? '?·,**. }V-vtJ v: j,: ..:--.'-.--i £*S§' :: _J^.,.JSj,feiJ%..^.yggg.if Bfe s ; s f£ .' : r- ; t...., p^^^,,s^ '^i-^ -^ f -.-,..^g |^ : .::,. ; :,^^^^^,^^^^,--^^:^^^^i^^ i -. · -- ^^--^.,^v. c .,l.,^^^U^^ S ..^-^,^ f ,-^|.^^^^j ·Jl i ' I. -i.'.,, .·*»'. . . · \ THRIFTY BUY EN TILE 1 *. .*· \---i ri'l · : H First time ever at these low prices . . . the season's *.'.·,,$ sensational new, tile-tone colors! Our decorator tile-tones ^·T! ft] ranging from b r i l l i a n t hues to delicate pastels jlji make these a l l - f l u f f y , fast-drying cotton terry sets a [Kl steal at these lowest-over prices! Charge them! "Pre-fin" doors in patterns 2 / 0 x 6 / 8 - T V s 4.95 2 / 6 x 6 / 8 - T V s 5.95 2/8x6/8 - 1 % 6.45 FENCING MATERIALS 12 1x3x3' Gorhic Pointed RW PICKETS 1x8x6' RW Ridge Valley y|Q PATTERN BOARDS *»O 2/8x6/8-1 3 !» Masonife doors 3.95 (All New Poori) FIBERGLASS PANELS, fjot corrugated, long lengths Anodiicd . . . wirh kiclrplata. Push bars. aulomafic daor cloiurt. lock, pull and push handles. Side and top adjustment bars. For those of you who still like to feel next to nature . , . 36x81 OR Rails wirh aluminum wire. REG. 8.95 Limited Time Sale BANKAMERICARD HONORED HERE 6-FOOT "LUFKIN WHITE CLAD TAPE RULE.. 3605 E. ANAHEIM LONG BEACH GE 3-0437 W. M. Dary Co « $ wi 22x44" bath size 15x25" hand tov/ei l 12x12" washcloth gueil toweh . ·rfK.«£ «·»··-;/?;. m^mi^M^ V. P I- ·· for ----:sl. ^^^E^^^^^W'^.^^^^n^^^^^^^^M^^^^S^^^^^^^^^. A\\ KvS \\ V . 2 -.\ A 1 , '·:···· '-. \ SPECIAL BUY! FASHION STRIPE BATH TOWELS · first quality cotton terry · terrific low price for two · yellow, fawn, turquoise, pink! BATH SIZE These smart beauties come at Special-Buy savings prices, ffi . . . yet they're all perfects, in a f u l l assortment of .''")p sizes and colors! Rich combination stripes . . .- :i||? they're great teamed with Penney's solids!. *" xS^ ·^c-^^rr.- *^'-m-^ X hand towels washcloths for for fep^V??^^^:^^^?^^^'^ Us;Av.»^.. J £i.^^. i tt,l-;;.s ^^.i^v^:^.«i^-«.:^?rt^|.^ SHOP BOTH STORES MON. - WED. - THURS. · FRI. UNTIL 9 P.Mt

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