Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1930 · Page 17
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1930
Page 17
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M' • rot**/of Marts' of lettuce ... .-eWeh salad dftttmff' 01 ttnKm Cnd section* bf llSft 6WHLww9» / ~vrv™ its /eV*ryrWd*yB i fc'atirtowsi mm j«»?««« Th«*« aft fMlJffl'«*t« fl*® 811 fteed'cleatllBf/ ffifttt ofteti. " Jrttlt fluid'. (Hat adds'so much*- andlcosts so little. , PAflM HI - ptttettv Our opMteMt to defttftdabl*. Come in attd let ut ft«we« In Wxti. PAIVM. The beautiful, and th« cbtt to m papm now, whttt «Mk* «r* S. M. GRIFFITH CO. Wallpaper and Paints 905 Green Avenue 3-piece Bed Set Strong, well built, all'steel bed, strong, comfortable springs, extra fine, and comfortable high-grade cotton mattress .'. . all for ::. $ 24 W. S. AARON 1429 Twelfth Avenue New WALLPAPERS Brighten Up — Cheer Up — Add Fresh Beauty to any room in Your home, THINK NOW! , \ Of the rooms in Your home that can be made more Cheerful with our latest designs of WALLPAPER S. A. Hile & Sons "The Home of Better Work" 2510' 14 Seventh Avenue Dial 5936 Ifc?* COMFORT KEYNOTE The«« OhArttOt«rfitici In f uf - Fifit Time Dwrlnj the Af« of Queen Annie,, i ".,'.-'.' A short, transitional perlod-^for An* he's reign dated from 1W2 only to 1714 —yet this early eighteenth century style registers a most popujar fashion trend now. sit is related to periods both preceding and succeeding these dates, and is thus adaptable In homes where the ,iate seventeenth century influence* hold forth, as well as In those who ( "go eighteenth century" of & later date, it is also adaptable with early American groups because of the' strong influence of England, the mother country, on all American activities. After the reign at William and Mary a decided Dutch Influence Was felt in English furniture, and the most dis* tinguishlng feature of the entire Queen Anne style, the cabriole leg, was originally a Flemish characteristic. Its' swelling knee and tapering ankle became widely accepted In Anne's time. The graceful sweep of this leg is called the.cyma curve, (from the Greek cyme, meaning Wave) and the same contour Is employed on'the tops of Queen Anne pieces where two cyma curves meet, on the sides, and on the lower edges, as for Instance, on dressing tables, and. lowboys: The oyma Is merely a rhythmic, curved moulding with'a reversed curve. It is important because Queen Anne designs ushered in curvilinear furniture to a world that had known only heavy, austere, straight-line pieces. While Holland was the parent of this popular member, Flemish cabrioles never attained the beauty of the smooth, sculptured product created In Anne's best period. • • • Perhaps the real coir.iort that came Into being for the first time during this age was due to the fact that women began to influence furnitute making, a departure that had never been known before. Court ladies amused themselves by working needlepoint patterns as early as the Orange reign, when Mary's domestic Inclinations affected the court, and consequently, the nation. Printed fabrics were not yet invented, but the gorgeous sampler and needlepoint designs made by hand later became the In aplration of machine-made patterns. The quaint, , comfortable styles of chairs originating in Queen Anne's period fit the body; their backs arc sloping and curved, and the seats broad. So different was this move nient, that/ the- period Is said to re veal a change 'in furniture making that Is revolutionary. Shortly after 1714, the' death of Anne, however, this pleasant simplicity departs, giving way to designs 'that were ornate and often ,not nearly so interesting. Several names stand out during these twelve years—Christopher Wren, the architect whom Arine commissioned to rebuild all' the churches In England Inigo Jones, another architect, and Grinling Gibbons, carver whose mlr ror frames and other car.vlng effects have -been preserved all these years a? precious souvenirs of the past. The rhythm found in Queen Ann< furniture was also seen In the sym metrical architecture of the sam< date. Windows, doorways, panels, al kept a careful balance that made foi orderliness of - background which thi restrained furnishings did not betray While the-richest fruition of all new developments In furniture occurred in Englahd,.--through the fostering care of so many large estates, America was quick to copy new Ideas from th'- mother country. Not having the sam wopds at their disposal, American craftsmen executed Queen Anne cym curves in fruit woods. Any number of color schemes tha flatter the wood tones can be success /fully used In the room where thi Queen Anne suite is placed. FRIEND WIFE WON IN FINAl^ PARLEY i • 8t»ry ef AppArent Indifference to f arniihlriii by Huiband ShdWft Mow "Other Half" of flotuehold Did It. »S*uWiItU»e bug Wtittg again?" frank, asked a« he notlded ttathefhtd dtarlrif intd Kpade t^Wlft on hot Knees Wy a newspaper open at a full-pft^e furniture advertUement. o,'* ttath«rlne answet^d rather quietly, 8h6 had stood ^bout as much ragging* as she intended'to take. "Excuse me, 1 forgot It was a dell cate subject,-one of widen you feel deeWyi" Frank went on, noticing her expression, Since Katherine saw fit Co crown this reftmi'k with more .attd gloomier sllen«e FrariK wfes forsed to uphold the conversation all by hiniself. "Oh, you needn't feel hurt, I'm really interested. -,. fiver -slrtce you educated me beyond, the point when 1 thought Chippendale was a kind of. dog-and Duncan fhyfe a musical Instrument, I've had more attd «nofe interest in that chair grandmother wHled to-tij after It was willed-to het- by her grandmother, who got It from Queen Anne, or who-was It? If it will Just hold together foi> our 'grandchildren t" "The reason- we're using- the chair CHANGE BATHROOM TO MODERN STYLE Introduction of Later Typ Fixtures, New Accessories , Prettily Colored Curtains Will Help Greatly. The modern vogue for color ex tends even to. the most utllltaria portions of the home. A few year ago the bathroom was merely usefu and sanitary. Today it is also beau tlful, due to the magic touch of color In the newest bathrooms the fixture are of delicately tinted porcelain which blend pleasantly with colore tilea. Gayly bordered linens hang up on the towel racks, rubberized fabric In cheerful designs are used to shower curtains, and washable wove rugsj in harmonizing shades, com plete delightful color schemes. A bedroom furnished In modernist manner opens Into a bath which I conceived In the same spirit. The con ventlonal plumbing fixtures are re •placed by unusual shapes of new, sur prising vigor. The positive color used In the decorations are clear an vibrant, and the ornamental design used are simple but forceful. Whatever the style or type of th bedroom an adjoining bath may b planned to harmonize perfectly wit its decorative scheme. The problem of achieving a bath 'room which looks modern and up-to date in a house built some years ag requires thought. The old-fashlone all white bath is now considered un interesting, but an appearance o modern chic may be given to it by th simple means of changing the acces sories to new and up-to-date ones glowing with color. A dull bathroom on the north side o the house may be made to seem brigh and sunshiny when even a sma amount of light la allowed to flltx through thin voile curtains of yellov or orange. Curtain colors may be re peated in the patterned rug of cotto chenille on the floor, in matching bath mat, towels and wash cloths, und 1 narrow lines of vivid enamel edgln the white painted woodwork. WASHING SHIELDS. To preserve shields, lay them flat o the bathroom bowl and scrub llghtl with a nail brush and soap. Rina by running water over them and d not wring. When dry, gently pull th allk outer covering from the .rubbe and they will lo^k like new. "wllH tlTftv finO »«••••••«»•»• w—— living" «H5»t aft* W*Bt to Wd, the afgtimeht-^oBe Of ait extensive series on tne «a*« 8ttBjett**foT that evevtng. - i - .. swered'th* 'pTwMirt* Bear Wat* *ay, "Listen Kitty, OM girl, l'« **!«*« have to brlrttf She df tRs worthy grands front down liM* fitttitf to dinner." To KaWeMaefamUe.jjasp of protest he went 6n to Wtpltfft: ' r He'8 from out o* tbwui, a director fram the east ahd you k!»bw we JMwr,t« smile on these director*. 1 Kftow'Miy lit* tie wife Will do !>«• ituff." v - "fioing her stuff" this time. cOttslrt- ed, Of conferring With'.ssdle,, their fairly dependable maid, regarding changes in the dinner menu, the linen to use and the'silver'and glass for the Occasion. She was. too tired to take much Interest In the arrival of the director or in the dinner she was to Serve him. Most of the day, she had Spent hauling their furniture around the living room, a performance she indulged in at fairly regular intervals—in fact aa soon as Her Spine recovered from a previous Indulgence. Her. idea was to see if she couldn't arrange, it to make it appear a little more attractive. This day, as on all other days, 'she finished with the furniture where it had been originally and with' a 'permanent wave 'in' her Spine. wouldn't go in that room any other way. When the table'was set, the flowers arranged and the' last touches done in the dining room Katherine, in a simple but becoming informal frock, Surveyed it ' with some satisfaction. , i «f ffltt*t« and, in tt» ftest would COTTAGES HAY BE EASILY FURNISHED DEVELOPMENT IN/HOME SANITATION •' * A .remarkable .new .device, .the Royal Purifier, thoroughly disinfects, br means of powerful tterlUtlni chemical*, and at the same time, thoroughly clean* everything In the home. . \ 1 Vou owe It'to your,family and to yournelf to see this marvelous new machine today. There Is nothing like It-nothing that does what It does—nothing that offers such complete health protection and home cleanliness. - •• • • • , A demonstration In your own home, does not obligate you » way. Phone us NOW, 2-108!!. J. E. Heaps Electric Co. 1004 Chestnut Ave., Altoona, Pa. " ROYAL Purifier PUBIFIES AS IT CLEANS We Can Save You Time and Money On Your Lumber— .Roofing— Building Hardware- Cement— Shale— r San,d— Phone 7303 J. A, FINK CONTUACTOU Si BUILDEH 445 Baynton Aye., S. Lakemont Burn McGuire Special Coal And Keep Your Home W'arm and Clean McGuire Special is positively one of the finest ^ coals that can be bought, and the price is very reasonable. Ask someone who has used it. • Let Us Fill Up Your Bins Now for Next Winter McGUIRE COAL CO. 915 Nineteenth Street Phone 6378 On the contrary »H6 stood in the.way ** the* tie entertalflitf* wWch r~ ly have been a Belli t« — upward climb. 8«§ alnwit dreaded company, she kh«w*» w*jr tfcat *»- vevln* (fiance around the room and then the little tttt*l«d '&*&*, while they tried to figure attt why J Tuckers' home did not look ***e. i the Tuckers. The J*«glltti fiftf the door bell Caroused Jtltty father, rudely from these musings and . hurried into the living Worn Jttjt Sadie was admitting Frank and the guest from the hall. Here was the man anxious to Impress. She kn«t»; .a* «xm as she heard the name in the intro- duction—Shadireii—that this- was the Influential director who might do.a great deal for Frank. Me pfO&ably had come to their home tht» very evening to see Frank in his native* setting, Katherine cohrectly surmised. The dinner went off Well enough. The men were obviously doing their best not to talk business and Kltly Was doing her part toward keeping the con 'When __ were passing into the living room Frank said, "I'm sure yoii'll excuse us, dear, If w* go into the talk shop a little while?" Katherine casting an appraising eye over the ample proportions of their guest'.and remembering the delicate condition of the "grandmother" chair she knew would be his choice from' their decidedly limited selection, agreed that they would probably find it more comfortable in the den. "All Frank's books and papers are In there, anyway," she added'as she settled down with a magazine in the living room. They seemed to find shop talk very engrossing and Katherine became interested in a magazine story. When she put the magazine aside saying, rather like "a congressman addressing his constituents, "just a beginning. We are going to refurnish this house. These tables are a sort, of opening gesture." Then in answer to Kitty's expression, "That change is not going to be made in the office for another,six months and Shadwell will be here again in the spring. I'm still up for consideration, favprably too, and when that all-powerful director comes here again he is going to be entertainei at the newly and correctly furnished home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gale Tucker.' And' he~ won't have to be scooted into the den for fear he'll sit in a chair that is too Old and frail lead ,an active lift Are you off to a cotta|r«-si(»ae»ii«rt n the wilds At Wft «» yjw««*j8** iway? Then" you •wilt b* Brteresteo m 'urniahlnga. Then men of your fafflfl* win revel n a cottage that I* equipped with field Stone fireplace, Staff P°«J« J™ the bark still on them, fuflMtttt* so woodsy it might hav« g*pwti Hght there. Rugs, cushions, wait hangings and ve?y simple window drap«tle* all of rought fabrics In crude colors. Grass rugs.^flat woven woor rugs, Indian rugs, goat's hair rugs embroidered in vivid colors, are all meapeflslve ind appropriate, fcag rugs are good, Draperies can be of coarse linen, monks cloth, even burlap, or theatrical gauze, gingham or calico. One clever the shape of i dressing: fit tl« •»«««»"». —^-y-:^-™ It loOka to frttty on 0» MWP1 interesting to «etv*. COOJtflB Cl)T<JHI» Children^ cfldite* ca* --, -- T- _,!„.. •~.,^*m*^ • ^-^'* t'UB'a f femlft 1 a time now wnBUctitteT* tin*, i shape of a half do*** or Mother GOT** figure* • cftor The grow mcome front fa** 1926. PRESTON BRICK SIDING SHINGLES If yolir wood siding is in bad condition let us make .you an estimate on imitation brick siding shingles. , 'Same size and color as the natural brick. 1807 Ninth Avenue We Alio Apply Atbertoi, Slate, THe ud Built-up Roof i , Guaranteed No matter what you buy today it must be modem whether for yourself, family or home, 'you demand the latest and most economical. Now—when building or layintyour walks or garage floor, why not be just as critical and modern. The above shows our giant bin where the sand, stone and cement for each hatch is weighed (not guessed at) assuring you of getting the exact mixture that you specify, Then it will be delivered to you in one of our concrete mixing trucks ready to be placed where you want it. fhone us your requirements, One cubic yard of concrete covers 81 sq. ft. 4 inches thick. Approximately 4,200 Ibs. of material constitute one cubic yard of concrete. Deliveries of one or more cubic yards. \ East Side Coal & Supply Co. 813 Eighth Street, Utoouu, Pa. Pboue 817: I

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