Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 5, 1968 · Page 28
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 28

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1968
Page 28
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PAGE 28 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N TUESDAY, MARCH 5. 1968 TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1968 Airlines Juggling Schedules Vietnam Airlift Causes Switches WASHINGTON (UPI) -The war in Vietnam is forcing (he nation's airlines to juggle their schedules and make changes in the cockpit. United, the nation's largest airline, has canceled certain flights between Honolulu and San Francisco, San Diego and Honolulu, and Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Pan American has drawn a red line through two Boston to Paris flights, and canceled a Washington to Paris run. Trans World scrubbed a Detroit to London flight, and Continental has dropped a flight between Wichita Falls, Tex., and Lawton, Okla. The war is siphoning off both pilots and planes at a growing rate. New calls for the use of commercial jets for military charters could create much bigger problems. President Johnson's decision in January to call up 14,787 air reservists co^t the major airlines about 350 flight crew members. Earlier this month, the President asked the airlines to help airlift 10,500 troops to Vietnam. To handle the crunch, nine major airlines taking part in the military airlift boosted their jetliner contribution to 56. Under the military airlift command's charter system, the airlines are paid for the use of their planes. In 1967 alone, the airlines received $684 million from the government for charter flights. Statistics show why the military needs the planes. In 1967, commercial jetliners operating under military charters carried 454,000 of the 599,000 tons of cargo airlifted to Southeast Asia. But the loss of the planes is forcing some of the airlines to change schedules. United lost 78 flight crew- members in the reserve callup and 175 other crewmen were siphoned off for the airlift. In addition to washing ou. some passenger flights, United also had to cancel five cargo runs. The stepup in the pace of the airlift also claimed seven planes from Pan American, bringing its total under governmen charter to 18. Two more were contributed by Trans World boosting its commitment to nine, four more from American for a total of six, and two more from Continental for a total o eight. Pan American also lost 66 pilots, about 2 per cent of its total, in the reserve callup. A spokesman said American Airlines did not expect to have to cancel any flights as a resul of the current situation. But he conceded there may be "schedule adjustments." Tucson Tonight Tomorrow Unkss otherwise noted, all events listed in this column are open to the pnblic free of charge. TONIGHT 8 P. M. -- Play, "Don Juan.' Modern version of MoliereV classic by the University of Arizona drama department. University Theater. Charge for admission. (Through Sunday, with matinees at 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.) Tickets at theater box office, Speedway and Olive Road. 8 P.M. -- Two films. "Wholly Communion" and "Le Joli Mai," by Tucson Jewish Community Center Cinema I, at (the Center, 102 N. Piumer A v e . Charge for admission. 8 P.M. -- Concert, Ozan March, pianist, artist-in-residence. In administration building at UA. Tickets at Artist Series desk. Charge for admission. (For sports calendar see sports section.) Engineers Will Meet The March meeting of the Arizona Society of Professional Engineers, southern chapter, will be held at 7 p.m. March 12 at Suiters' Monterey Restaurant, 6211 E. Speedway. Charles E. Ares, dean of the University of Arizona law school, will speak. I IT'S HERE! IT'S WHERE? T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N AT EL RANCHO MARKET! IT'S WHAT? suits. No purchase necessary! E YTD At 1 Drawing For 5000 EA I Itn · SH Green Stamps EVERY SATURDAY AT 3 p.m. In Each EL RANCHO MARKET. REGISTER TODAY!-You need not be present to win! THE GAME fOR StQRN LOSERS... ALL YOU DO TO WIN IS PLAY! 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Limit Rights Reserved These Prices Effective 7 Day a Week! (case of 24-43.U) ·.··«.*····*·*.*····.··*··*··..········ 79 Price* Etfeetlv* Wed,, March 6th thru Tutv, M«reh 12th. LOWER PRICES SUPER MARKETS PAGE 29 · · Sheinwold On Bridge SAFETL PLAY MUFFED BY WORLD CHAMPION By ALFRED SHEINWOLD The principle of the safety play is so well known that you are astonished when any experienced player muffs one in an important match. Just to give your astonisher some practice, here is a safety play muffed in a world championship. Wot dealer North-South vulnerable NORTH * AQ4 V A3 O AJ8 4 Q I 8 7 3 EAST WEST 4 J75 O Q 1 0 7 5 2 * None i SOUTH 4 K 10962 {? 8 O K64 * A 9 5 2 West North East Pass 14. 1 y 4 V 4 4 Pass Pass S 4 All Pass 83 ? K Q 1 0 9 4 O 93 K 10 64 South 1 * 4 NT 6 * Opening lead -- ^? 4 _During the 1954 World Championship, Jacques Amouraben and Marcel Kornblum, playing for Europe, got to the very sound contract of six spades on today's hand. They were about to pick up 770 points because the American team had stopped at three notrump, making five, when they held the North-South cards at the first table of the match. But something funny happened on the way to six spades. Kornblum took the first trick in dummy with the ace of hearts and drew the trumps with the ace, queen and king. Now he needed to hold the club loss to one trick, but he made the blunder of leading the ace of clubs. It was all over. Cliff Bishop, East, was sure to get two club tricks. The European team lost 760 points instead of gaining 770 points. It was severe punishment for a moment's carelessness. The correct play of the clubs is well known to good technicians. South should begin the suit by leading a low club from his hand to dummy's queen. If West has all four clubs, South can take the second club trick with the ace and lead another club toward dummy, through West's K-10. West gets only his king. If East has all four clubs, he will capture dummy's queen, but declarer next leads a club to dummy's jack and returns a club for a finesse through East's 10-6. In this case, also, South loses a trick only to the king. Even with the worst possible club break South can clear the suit, losing only to the King. Then he gets to dummy with the ace of diamonds to discard a diamond on dummy's last club. Now you're ready to play in the world championships. DAILY QUESTION As dealer, you hold: Spades -A Q 4, Hearts -- A 3, Diamonds -- A J 8, Clubs -- Q J 8 7 3. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid one club. With 18 points and a fairly strong five-card suit your hand is too strong for an opening bid of 1-NT. A POCKET GUIDE TO BRIDGE is available. Get your copy by sending 50 cents to Tucson Daily Citizen, Box 3318, Grand Central Station, New York, N.Y. 10017. Copyright 1« FDA Claims Fewer Taking LSD 'Trips' WASHINGTON (AP) - Th« Food and Drug Administration says indications are fewer people are using the mind-eapand- ing drug LSD. The agency expresses hope it means warnings the drug is dangerous are being heeded. An FDA official disputed last week a congressman's claim that nearly two million students use the hallucinogen. John Finlator, head of the agency's Bureau of Drug Abuse Control, said the figures used by Rep. Tim Lee Carter, R-Ky., were based on "four very superfluous studies." In House debate, Carter had projected statistics to show that up to 1.6 million high school students and 300,000 college st» dents use LSD.

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