Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 1, 1960 · Page 32
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 32

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1960
Page 32
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IMPORTED CARS 22E VAUXHAUL 1»J9 STATION WAGON. CLEAN. BY OWNER. » TO 15 WILES TO GALLON. CALL EA. i-nn. · '49 Plymouth Oi. Good engine. Need* tiret. 1125 N. Howard. FRANK DAWSON Motor Co. NOW . . . . ' Authorized Dealer for VOLVO BORGWARD HILLMAN SUNBEAM SINGER Comnlete Service and AUTOS FO* SALE 231 AUTOS FOR SALE 23 TOP CONDITION 1955 Olds 98. Power steering and brakes. HYdramatle. AX. 8-Z775. MUST SELL This week. 'M Ford Fairlane V8 four-door, radio, heater. Fordomatlc. power stecrini. *?83. '55 Chevy V8, 4-dxir. P. G. M95. ·» Buick Special 3-door, Dynaflow. »»5. So trade- ins. 3SM N. Plumer North of Grant Rd. FOR RENT U«cd car lot Completely equipped with signs, lirhU. office furniture. EA. 7-03. FRANK DAWSON CO. i lilnr^nrr IMPORTS ^ ^ , . ^ «uo IN. otn Ave. IVIA. Z-ZBJO 1VD7 HUKbCHE I61XI cabriolet heater Becker AM- FM fiaaio. Special leather interior. Concours condition. Never raced 13.395. On be seen at 1030 E. Broadway, MA. 5062. TREMENDOUS BAHGAIN. 1955 iDESOTO. PERFECT CONDITION. \SGSS. 1218 N,_ 1st AVe, . j '58 Ford Conv. Cpe. iPmts. too ritfh, muit sell or trade Call_Manuel atJEA. 7-8S3?. j'59 IMP ALA CONVERT; B cyl., power steering. Powergllde. ROLUNGS PLYMOUTH W* PLYMOUTH - VALIANT 51 DeSoto 199 4 Door, EcooonUi'*! 0 der. Rftdlo, heater. c,v Un- Fine 50STUDE 199 4 Door. Automatic, healer, Land Crulaer rnodel, exU'a good mccnanlcal «h»pe. 50 PLYM. 199 2 Door club, ft cylinder, U*arxs-. heater. AU10S FOR SALI 231 TRAILERS, N«w * Us*d 25 MA.! TRADE ^""CHBi^Y V». WOO as~l». 4-S«65, *0»N. Ill Av^iiun. H'tlii'i S£CIT"'fli5'i" Plymouth ilauon'Verv nice 1 bdrm. hone near u 01 u^Son air 'and power. 11800. IM11A (or uailer. Apache Trailer Sales. rofd cu«om. f7»5. ISM ford Ranch 13EMlJSi..COUatwMAi_t- 5 .l!* J $350. 1M4 CMC pickup. 1485. »t E. Mth. MA. ?-»!». . . . _ '57 Olds Conv, Cpe. TVrrific buy-- Take over pml» Will accept amaller oar. Call Daye at . _ TM - - - - - - - - 57 Custom 2 Dr. Ford V8 Stick i ONLY $797 JTake over payrnentu $39.44 a mo !NO do«ti. 26th Craycrolt. BIG 2 DAY SALE!!! tt» $t »« n i TRAILERS, New A Us«d 25 UTILITY TRAILER .ER'BUYS 3 BUILDING MATERIALS 5Q Tun~A"«ii6WER noon*" Safi-. Deaulllut A« low · IW»» MISC. FOR SAU 52 ' " ' *iound M yd, del. PAY CASH-SAVE 11.95 4 C/(i »uuiin*n , O M i Stur-CItU lj gr ! COOl.SUR 20rH_*jCRAYCKOjT_ _ . 210 4 dr. 6I RAH. Take over payments. $34 a mo. 28th 1956 STUDEBAKER President Classic. 4-door. Low mileage. New paint Excellent condition: Make otter. MA. 4-W17. 2447 N. Los Altos. IXPEBT Impuned car repairs-all mafcef. Franchiaed Fiat Alia dealer Continental Motors Ltd.. 11W N - Palo Verde Ave EA 7-5811 "Transferring, best offer 1%B MGA sport convertible. Loaded: T.OQO mlle». 6633 E. 25th St. One owner, like crifice If »old VOLKSWAGEN CY. 7-0478 WILL TRADE! My equity in '59 Borgward Station Wagon for older model car in i;ood condition. AX. 8-7514. '60 Renault Dauphine 18» N. rirrt Avt. '55 Rambler Wagon Alr-cond. Must dispose o£ this cominx week. No reasonable offer refuied--will trade. Call John at EA. 5-M17, FANS! or FAD1. Convertible Time Is Here SEE THE NEW KARMANN VW CONVERTIBLE 151 All custom Handmade also 59 PORSCHE S. R. COUPE W-H-E-R-E? 78% of our customers come back for Sales Service World Mtrs. Volkswagen 929 S. 6th MA. 4-5515 1110-S. Cherry MA. 3-3522 «nly AttthorixMl VW Mr. '52 Ply. Sta. Wag. Good condition. Make olfer. _M52 E. Speedway NICE MODEL A 33 E. Grant Rd. SEDAN S2SO MA. 2-709S '59 Chev. Pick-Up new condition-at once. Going . verseai. Call Mr. Mamhall, EA. -9143. ·AV-T DOLLARS, your choice 50 reconditioned low priced cars, WE CARRY OUR OWN CONTRACTS BRANDON MTRS.. 1700 S. 4th Ave. 2 PONT convert XLNT condi- ·Uon $250. JB31 N. Oracle Rd. MA. 2-432Z. Can finance lull purchase price. 54 DODGE 499 4 Door, V8 motor. Automatic, radio, heater. 55 BUICK 899 Z-door Hardtop. Economical. Special. Radio, heater, automatic. 56 PACK. 899 HT. Automatic. Radio. Torsion ride level. Heater. A luxury car at low price. 55 CHRYS. 999 HT 2-door Newport. Automatic. Radio and heater. 56 PLYM. 1099 Station Wagon. VB motor; autosnatic. heater, low mileage, all turquoise color. 1 55 Dodge 1099 Wajron. 4-Door. Automatic. radio, heater, canary and white paint. 55 FORD 1099 \Vacon. Air conditioned: automatic, power steering, radio and heater. Clean. 42 Ponttac. Rung «ood 48 Packard. A-l cond. JO Chev. JO Olds. Real nice 53 Ply. A bnrsaln M Chev. 4-dr. \v«ion 54 Rambler wacon 35 Chev. 4-dr. v-8 ITS lAlER Than You THINK Don't Let Another New 1MO--10X10 » BR W.7M. Nt\V UstD 14 «0 t tv WIO*. Henderson Tr. Sales ; uw N OKACL* AI f-RiNct !Wood screen drs. _ . _.PH,..J«i-V,J-ww._ -- 1\P Shplvinr- 12r '59 M-System 42x10 rV, ,V i-c V* « Two.nejrw,, n retted «.ndino,v; 1x8 SlicntlunR . . . . $ / 5 M . j ; Cooler uifluded._ Price. s»-»0i : .«m| !-_,,,,(, _,'_,- O j m . ··7M1. or n»v llouHr. Kchlrk el»c* trie rmor Holln raror, 31 ' border fencing (never u p v r f ) . M3 N. Desert Moulevftrd__ 1C$. T^mo.T _ WArifEiV .'-."' (Sfnlix"~('oifinVfr ; i«l automatic wathei Oood condition HOUSEHOLD GOODS Ootn Dull ivriiY vmx _ _ . Pay |io mo. OR c 541 Tucson DOGsfCATS, PETS L H , *iU*C nib $W. «K4 t. ..o PU .lock it, H o u l h w n i . lenanr*. IOJO N Oin ~~*--~-- mp A t l i o n a i-l* MA. CLOSE-OUT FREEZERS ;* 57 point. Slly«r-t)luf». MA. . fteal- TREAT YOUR DOG Arliona BUr complete do« eubvsj meal finest quality 25 ibf. ArlronV hour Mi!!«. MA, n«n trailer and pj.wtJj.owa 1 lot toselhtr. v, few. --- ..... r_ n ,,« j UOllg. 2x4 2x6 - 2x8 - 2x10 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jyj ISO down i OF ISM-GO IMS 13W sura 2388 JSEb * OVlSRHAUttD ENClNtb V-S's ft overheadi. Also all kinds of used parts. Terms. Shous* Body Shop. 1«32 W Prtne« M. MA.7774 BROWN'S BROWN'S BROWN'S JOHN BROWN'S TODAY'S SPECIAL 30 CHEV stick 4 dr. Like new MS 57 CHEV. PANEL with windows. clean IG6 SirORD J-DR «. Nic* M FORD PICKUP V, ton. WSW RitH. 3 speed H CHEV, H TOP Mr. new. rticlt. HAH M JIEP St. W«n. New RH. OD. new motor overhaul . PLY. 2-dr. Clean M FORD 4-DR. Stick V». New 1445 445 «R5 1W.50 JNew pauii 745 JOHN BROWN'S QUALITY CARS, INC. 947 S. 6th Ave. TUCSON MA 4-3M4 MA. 3-OW4 BROWN'S BROWN'8 BROWN'S AUTOS FOR SALE DODfltr "ible. _jtarl»y. (ontclair convert- 11 ~ power. MM. 404« I. EA. 7-M4t '59 Plymouth Sed. One owner car. Excellent condition. Will Mcrlflc* for caah or trade. Call EA, «-*«!, aik for Rejer. Model A Ford 1M1, |140. No less accepted. MA. 4-JM-i' "1955 PLYMOUTH 4 DOOR, KX. 4117 N. Oracle. MA Performance Plus 'hat's what you get when ou buy your Used Car HERE! Each one ready o give you ye^rs of afe, economical motor- ng. And--you get a good ooking car that you'll ake real pride in own- ng! Save money on our ower prices. Easy terms, oo. Look at these: 12 STUDE. 4 dr. OD. RH. Real clean. $245. Can finance $16 Mo. MA, 2-4332.MJ1 N. Oracle Rd. owner 1M7 Olda M. Air conditioned. 4 dr. hardtop. Muit ·acrifice. amall equity * take over payment*. Exceptionally clean, all power. Deya 443 X. Stone, nliht 4*41 r__13th.__Phone MA._3-M3B. '55 Olds Holiday Sed. Ixxsln* my ear. Take over pmt», Only *M month. Call Joe. MA. 59 to Bel Air 4 throurhoutll 58 Ford GMC SUBURBAN 'M, excellent condition. Gooc tires. Low mileage, 3)21 N. Camp- VfceU except Saturday. EA. S-8854. PERSONAL CARS '£7 Ford. V-B, Automatic tranamlulon. Radio and Heater, very clean -- cuitom 100, near new Tires. 1990 'S3 Chev.. Radio and Heater, Standard Transmission. 4- door. lifht blue, new tire*. |4M CALL MA. 4-2481 1937 BUICK. Century convertible" Pull power equipped. Immaculate _ _ _ _ . , 54~P5STIAC CATALINA. Hydra matlc. Radio. Histsr. Extra Nice EA-J-SML __ f4 PI.V. Hf. Uke new. Stick. RH New rubber. $S45. Can flnanc full amount. $Z7 Mo. 3831 N OrajSe_JRd__MA._2-43?2.____ ""ORIGINAL OWNER '43 Chevrolet Sport Coupe. 2-tone heater. Like new. NO '54 Ford Club Coupe Terrific condition. Low rnilea»e fordomatle. Call Dennla,_MA, 3.481 $145 ·51 Buick Good runnln* condition »38 E. 19th. XA. «-4745. «x P.M. T S7 CHEVY Bel Air Sport Coup Z70 KP. Ov«rmve. IA. 7-71M. '58 Mercury Wagon Take over pmt*. Real bargain 1 sold next few days. Call John gY. T-13M. '50 HUDSON $250 XxceUent condition. Can be see ·nytime Tuesday, Wednesday an Thursday. IA. 5-4»4. I95« KRD. 4rdoor hardtop. Air conditioning, radio, heater. $80 After S p.m., phone EA. 5-3775. % TXDCrE. MaVe offer. Must sc before Trlday. CY. 7-0915. Ca sjfter i p.m. ^EMERGENCY!! $950 AIR COND. '55 BUICK ONLY 4J.MO MI. HARDTOP Variable pitch drive, beautlfu white, like new in and out. Powe ·teerine. seats, windows brake A-l tirai. Radio and heater. I storage 14',i monthj. Notarize guaranteed mechanically. WD1 hel finance Private owner, KA. 7-519* Cost new I5.MO. . Ford V-8. sticK 56 Ford wason. 4-dr. W Olds a-c. 4-dr, 88 57 Chev B.A. 4-dr. 57 Chev. 4-dr. wasor. 58 Ford 4-dr. Cust. 300 59 Chev. B.A. a-c. 4-dr. 58 Chev. 4-dr. iv-agon 59 Ford Conv. Cpe. SO Chev Impala 3888 Buy Direct Jrom J. J. Korik, Mgr. No Money Dovm^at All 3 Yr. Guarantee on All Cars PREMIER AUTO SALES 3S3» So. 6th Ave. MA. 4-710Q REPOSSESSIONS TAKE OVER PAYMENTS" ReQUires steady Job and «ood credit ·59 VW Sedan 11544 Radio, heater, clean. '56 Chev. Bel Air Convertlvle, healer, auto, trans. ·iS Pontlac »884 2 door hardtop, radio, heater. auto, trans '55 Olds S8 «mO 2 door hardtop, radio, heater, auto, trans., full power, air cond. ·M Ford «44 4 door, radio, heater, straight FIDELITY FINANCE 208 Arizona Land Title Bldt. 149 W sn tos 490 i Mai PASS YOU Vacation Year 100 jVi" sheathing plyw |%" plywood 17c used trailers f,^ 1 "^^';^ SKUA. O A W -- - i w r t n ' t I n c i 100 It of i-ord. ISOC. Ph. ...... anil KnVa'ufoni (auinmini a show cn^^p . is * n WHSE. oir SIMh Maln-jCHKttT*. IJ39. » CM. FT. CHERTS fS' 3 *"' TV SETS NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS AT COST REFRIGERATORS NrTW GE .-r itTNYtOTOTuATfrcriTFupples. , !·!·!·' Ion bloodline*. Reasonable, MOTPOINT -- ADMIRAL NO REASONABLE i BY LEAVING YOU:PIMA TRAILER SALES U»! WTHOTT ENJOYING THE UTK' _.,,,., XASE AND ANYWHERE FREEDOM WITH A CAMPER FROM MA. 4-3230 Sun. to 6 pen Even, lo RoofCooier Specials From *41 up. Awnlnjji Too 90 lb. Slate 4x8 Sheetrock .3.69 .1.25 SF GREEN STAMPS 'Speedway Lumber Co. croft EA._7-IKf: Aut'o Refrigeration Now you ran ert a full «!?· NOV1 UNIT INSTALLED A, G U A H - ANTEID for »2*S w i t h Duo KquirrnI cane blower* /or quiet operation. \V? jwrvlct ft mpair all mod* 1 !*. Bob's Novl Aulfl rtrlrlsmllon 1110S. Cherry MA. 2-2322 WASHERS DRYERS M A N I C TERMS. 3Ka T Cocker, man rl«ri. brawl ,, ^orr.«ranlta. Ch',huahu», Dac!.»'nurij. Beaiflwi. Ger- H',^M:ZM Scotllei. wlr» Ter- M«*lc*/ Hitrlvu and mixed S u i p l r i at ACKUtS PET SHOP till N.Campb«ll Av*. EA. 8-7434 Oprn 9-fl dally Sundays 10-4 IJOT.S ~N5onSrey».~Tiop' i, "(Told" FUh Mynah BlrdK Mv*rm Pot it fa., jooj N, Stone. MA.JWM*,!. iDOGS boarded. Jackies EiotrdfnJ TRAILER SALES LINES TO CHOOSE FROM SAVE -- SAVE -- SAVE! $100 DOWN 38 MOS. BANK FINANCING Parts Store Open Sunday 3401 S. Park Open MA. 3-3427 » a.m. -9 p.m. Except Sat. Sun. »-« Tucson lings Plymouth 38 YEARS Us' TUCSON PLYMOTTTH-DeSOTO- VALIANT 90! Broadway SIIS HOLLING* PLYMOTJTH «»$S We're Moving Must Sell NO MONEY DOWN 10-24 MO. TO PAY 52 Buick 4 dr Pont. 2 dr. Cad. 4 dr. . Mo pmts $15.18 $13.81 .$28.16 Pay Less Trailer Sales Your Wheel-Estate Dealer FEATURING THE NEW FLAMINGO Clean USED TRAILERS at BAHGAIN PRICES 3 7 M N . ORACLE RD. ! 1953 43' ROLLOHOME. 2 bedroom, full bath Reasonably priced. MA. 4-8300. 31g N. Geronlmo, Lot 21. It Youi We do it (or .vou--custom* Campcrj a Specially--MA. 4.!)8SH DE_LESTA_CO. _ 18Q4 E._»lh .!« Brand new 1MB model Dave Hicl Si w iij h io m pe'r"mo ow " **" " wn |8' Galv. Roofing Excellent u»ed bu.va lor smaller down payment monthly air con- Uixid r«- frlKeratlva modelt 5110 and up. Arh'.ona Malntrnanrt. 1820 N. Or- ni-lr Open Even..* S u n . MA 4-5M1 O A x r i " 1 *T^t i r-*~ r A Pi Mir A xr" iS\VINS POOL illters and chemicals oAVil JHL!. L A o H W A Y Arlrona Mklntnnanre. IB20 N. Oi$2.03 ynhoS I*ri« rollaway Hl«h rlwlr ts. H 14. Jlffl E Or.r.t " . CUBIC FT, Twin b*d »». 140. BknaM JW _ " rREEZEft, ' l l GOOD ^ ~ KA, . , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ automatic w««h«, rrt«- r»trlteralor. Cowl condl- m«tron«, Champion stifd aen-lce. |II15 K. D£Thm«n^!A.__S-134__,_ ·JERMAN ^Vphefdmaf»',~i" montfuC" tH. Ph?nf__cV 1 7-IW1.... , .. \lftTc" refiitereT blonde Cooker pupplci. 1 month old, 123. 110 E. «0« E. SPEEDWAY Built 10 Mobile Homes Manufacturers Assoc. Standard*, financing In one of the nation's leading bank* up to 7 vr». KENYON MOBILE HOMt M03 N. Orjide, ~ Looking For Quality? ROD REEL Desert Trailer Sales 31» Fiber Glass ins'l't'n $39M 6'/ 2 ' Treated Posts 49c Interior Jambs $2.79 BII.E HOMZ ! l/.-.-J T n/-lr c A I «^ 17 Phone MA. 3-mn K-CyeO LOCK SCI 4.j!/ CASHWAY LUMBER STORE ORACLE '56 Ft. 2 Bedroom ore. 1 ton, used, phone BfeACON "lNSURANCE STOCK. W.JJ jiharp. r M a r k r t vahif *4). Scarm» (Prlv«i« party). AS B-8BM. SOUTH" LAWN~c«in«tery"TouV Soft Open Saturdiiv 'til 7 LUnit rlKhlK reserved. MA 4-3581 NEW STEEL CHANNELS-ANOLES-nEBAnS Lintels cut. to size. S'EW PIPE BELOW WHOLESALE Larce stock of used pipe A* wtcel Allied Surplus Pipe Steel Co. USEtrWEOC PlTWPTTSblnp type. Chenpt 11)20 N^pr^clr " Use'd Coolers "li"0"up _ 1020 N, ornrli? _____ BARGAINS!! '.imping irallrr. Coke mnchln^ fcoln 1000 Shares M.I.T.C. TnUv Npj«n,_.EA. «-O»3 1958 Ford $1495 FE--FREE 3 days 2 nights all expense paid Fairlane VI SUclc, Rad. Htr. 1958 Plymouth $1495 Belv. V« 4 d. Rad. Htr. Pushbutton. 1958 Chevrolet $1495 Else. V8 4d Bad. Htr. Stick. 1958 Chevrolet $1695 4d Yoeman Sta Wai on Auto. Htr 1958 Oldsmobile $2395 88 Conv. Full power. Fact. Air. 1958 Packard $2195 Hawk. Full Power. Air Special $2495 Cpe. DeVllle. Full Power, etc. $1795 H.T. Full Power, $1695 1957 Chrysler Saratoga 4d Fact. Air. 1957 Chrysler Wind ad. H.T. Power, Auto. 1957 Plymouth $1495 «d. Was;. Ttill power, Air Cond. 1957 Ford $1295 Falrlane V8 4d. H.T. Auto. 1957 Chevrolet $1295 Bel Air V8 4d. Powerfllde. 1957 Chevrolet $1195 210 *d « cyl. Auto. 1957 Chevrolet $1295 3d St Was;. Vg Rad. Mtr. Auto. ,1957 Chevrolet $1695 DeSotO 2 dr $15. 1 T V8 4d H.T. Power. Auto. F«c Air Pont. HT. cpe. $13.15|1956 Ford $1095 ' F-lr 1 c V8 Victoria Auto. Pwr. 52 Ford 2 dr $11.18 53 Merc. HT $22.18 53 Ford 2 dr $28.90 19jj Mercury tr. Immaculate 54 Chry. 4 dr. 53 Olds 4 dr. 54 Chev. 4 dr. 53 Merc. Wag. 53 Ford Wag. . 52 Nash 2 dr. . 53 Buick 4 dr. 53 Chev. 4 dr. MO 4 dr. ateeringl! roroomatle. power 57Chev VI 4 dr. Mt 56 Pip J dr. hard deed 11 55 to 4 dr. Radio, 55 Buick Special 4 di 54 Merc this onell outilandinc 4 dr. Radio, heater, extra nice! Special 4 dr. Save here!! 4 dr. Radio, heater, overdrive!! ...$26.79 ...$22.18 ...$23.18 ,,.$33,18 ...$34.26 .'..$24.50 ...$22.18 ...$24.75 65 More sharp and ready to go. 1621 S. 1 Montclalr Auto. H.T. Cpe. $895 Rad. Htr. 1955 Mercury Monterey H.T. vacation for 2 in LAS VEGAS with every new or used TRAILER SOLD. Includes 1st class Air Travel, Best Hotels Floor shows · Meals Beverages We Trade For Real Estate Apache Trailer Saes 2844 N. Oracle Rd. MA. 4-«17« DUCTED COOLING LARGEST BATHROOM YOU'VE EVER SEEN IN ANY TRAILER MORE CLOSETS THAN MOST 1 BDRM. HOMES. COMPLETE PRIVACY ALL ROOMS. FIRST 8 TO BE DELIVERED AT ONLY Sure We Trade-What Have You? DESERT TRAILERS 2123 N. Oracle New Galv. black pipe UNDER WHOLESALE New At used steel--all tr* LINTELS CUT TO S1ZI .'· rence Po«u 11.14 Tents Tarpt ft clothea Linn Polci Heavy duty gurbaea cans, mattresses Alr-tlte ft waterproof «teel boxes Pappadeas Pipe Steel MA liOO_N MA 1-0292 CLOSE OUT ON Lawn hand mowers $10.95 up. Tucson Serv. Stat. Supply 3850 S, ITH AVI. I3M E. 21ND ST MA, 4-63Q4 EA, 7-421 CLOTHING FOR: SALE ovSjc . flcwle clolhln|[._44(lp_E. Pl.ma.^E ~ Ee»»le~ciothlni National Tr. Sales 867 Casa Grande Hwy. "Serving Tucson Since 11141" AIR-CONDITIONED TOR.YOUR COMFORT See 5687 E. 21st Street Vacant. walk-In, will accept clear trailer, If Interested call EA. S-267B. STEEL SASH 40% OFF Alupi. Screen Drs. $11.95 COMP. W/DELUXE HD\V Wood Screen Drs. $5.95 Mahog. V. Paneling 15c 3/ 8 Sheathing Plwd. 8y 2 c i/ 2 Sheathing Plwd. 11 V 2 c _ *ALOVer(« Ee»»lecothlnir foTen tire iKnlly. 34M I. Grant. EA. «-8M ' ' . . . LEE'S lionale. Men'i-Women'a Clill dren's "prtnif clothing __28on E. Gran NIbtf'-TO-XE'w'Sh'op. leii'Si'rie mont. Open 13:30 to 3:30. MA 3-1 1S7. dren's. Alterations, and dressmak Save Money Trailer Headquarters See the New 1955 Plymouth Belv. Vt Conv. Cpe. Auto. 1955 Chrysler PONTIAC 1133 N. Stone Good Selection of Fine Used Cars Make Your Best Buy, Today 59 Olds, Fiesta Station Wnfon. Full power. Save $ $ $795 Cpe. Rad. Htr. 1955 Oldsmobile $1195 M Hoi Cpe. Full Power. Fact. $695 Rad. Htr. $995 New Yorker 4d Power. Auto. 1954 Ford $695 Cunt V« Ranch War Rad. Htr. O D 1954 Buick $595 Special 4d. Rad. Htr. Stick. 1954 Kaiser $595 4d. Sed. Rad. Htr. Auto, 1954 Mercury $695 Montrey H.T. Cpe. Rad. Htr. igsTp'lymouth $495 4d Sedan. Rad. Htr. New tires. 1952 Buick $295 Sup Rive. Cpe. Rad. Htr. Auto. 1950 Oldsmobile $295 Cpe 88. Rad. Htr. Auto. COE !, Inc. 777 N. Stone TEL. MA. 3-4338 SPECIAL SALE §0x10 J-Br. Unlveraal, $3,010 New Circle Center Kitchen 50x10 1-Br. Universal JS.BIO front Kitchen, 1 Center Kltclv Several food uaed 1 * 3 Br. B w'des Tucson Trailer Sales 3535 N. Oracle Rd. MA/ 4-1B02 Why Pay Rent? We will rent you a MODERN MOBILE HOME for As Low As $25 per mo. apply ,', thi toward the purchase price. How can you lose? Inv**tifa*e today Choice selection I DESERT TRAILERS 212S Oracle_Rd. MA__ 3-plM "'"59 DREAM HOME JO'xlO' wide. Two bedroom*. Coolei and awning. MA. 3-20O7, 59 T Bird $3989 Hardtop. Loaded with accessories: Factory air eond. 2 to choofe from I I 59 T Bird' $3389 Hardtop, full power equipment, platinum In color. See it today 1! 57 T Bird $2689 Both tops, air eond. Immaculate Inside outll .. 4-door sta tion wafon. Low mtl«a«e. Price* for quick sale, 13*5. Call MA 4-MM1 fnom «-5 p.m. Anytime afte 5 p.m.. JUA. a-M07. IBS4 PONTIAC Chieftain, s-cyltnd.. Straight »tic*, JSS5. CY. 7-0407 aft * p.m. §2~MSRC. 4 dr. OD, RH. 1 owner. Clean. Can finance full purchase price. t22 monthly. MA. 2-4322. ST*EED GRAtTTTC S';x3',i: Flash sran. Mmiatirre em- lareer. Tray-. Tripe*. Light, EA. NOBODY beats the deal of the Southwest's largest Ford Dealer. Holmes Tuttle Broadway Ford 59 Ford Sta. Wagon * Paw. Tordomatlc. $2195 4 Dr. 59 Consul, English Ford, like new condition. $1395 58 Volvo S Dr. Scdan.Exccllent condition. $1295 58 Ford yalrlane SOO 4 Dr. Power, automatic, $1695 . 57 Buick Special 2 Dr. Hardtop. Power. $1495 57 Olds Super 8.8 I Dr. Holiday. Full power. " $1795 23.B 120 CESSNA. 800 hours SMOH. Electrified. OmnJ. Good fabric. New: annual. AX-J-54B6.EA._7-417C TRADE one owner--low in 1959 Mercury 4 FOR large model 10 Trailer WHITE TR. SALES 2847 S. 6th-Ave. Car stake posts 81c GLASS DOORS 6 ft. Alum. Sliding $75 8 ft. Alum. Sliding $90 WITH SCREEN * GLASS GRANT RD. LUMBER SS._.T_E_Grant_Rtl __ _ EA SW "Lumber Co. 5001 E. Speedway EA. 6-4348 CASH CARRY 50 55 Ft. 10' Wides -- Front Kitchens -- Dlnsonal Kitchen* --. 3 bedrooms At 3 bedrooms :LEARANCE SALE OF ALL SIZES-ALL USED % TRAILERS 2 LOCATIONS 2632 S. 6th Ave. 2419 N. Oracle Rd. TUCSON'S OLDEST tt LARGEST DEALER Open Dally 9-0. Cloied Sun. Sheath Sheath VT Shop · Shop Shop Shop Shop Mahog. %" ] / 2 " %" 8i/ 2 c Sq.ft. 11'/ 2 c Sq.ft 8c Sq.ft. lie Sq.ft 15c Sq.ft 16c Sq.ft 19c Sq.ft 16s Sq.ft. % Mahogany 40c Sq.ft %" Knotty pine 50c Sq.ft 20-Gal. Garbage Can with lid. $2.95 WE GIVE NATipN M-_5£D.J3T. A .M!!?- _.. «- 3 montJK», re ntal on yurcha« , MA . 5-7KL1 . LET'S SWAP 153 3 Complete, Rooms RBTONO1TIONED REPOS5. Sofa-chair-tables- lamps 9 pc. Bedroom 5 pc. Dinette Pnv Only_»3.N) Per W»«k 119 p!f«. Chnmplon m.u Callc hurruln. ' nwnlhs. EA. , St TS tlT 0R SfFooSeiiTnfSn thToTdT Kxcellent pedtsrc". AKC reelitered. Shots. AX. B-MH7. ~ ' " 3 b e a u t i f u l fcnuln left. Champion bloodlines AKC Ilejlitered, S. C. Spencer. Cochtw DU 4-J045. ' ~ " " ~ ~ " . Pup«. Stud aervlee. JM3 _ « n j Birds' Trop. Fiih, etc. J59A " ...... "~' tA iVO E "doC __Tflll Monday-- TTId«y. EA- LIVESTOCK (! % 0!iiT'L'8frt:"lin9 60 uw5J W. CONGRESS THi; BEST USED of new hor«e trallrrs on display. Johnson A u t o S*il*-* R^ S fith " GYMKHANA | B * N SUihicj. .115« E. Grw-ale*. Suturtlay, June 4th__0:30 p.m. _ ALFALFA VtAy For Sale tM per Ton AX. S-_XJt quariir fiorjff Btal- llon. Not rcsttered. Biautlful confnrmntlon. Broke to ride. MA. BUY OPEN MON. TILL 0 P.M. OPEN nUDAY TILL S P.M. Machinery For Sale 54 A lY'BUL'LDbZErf 12208." Cash' an MA__Jl-3J15. _ __ __ air cooled seneralor. 1^0 watt. Good a» now. Nowly rpconill- tloncd. int: Air compr«K«or. vised In Kcrvlro atatlon. 12ta: 3 Knnollnc pump* for aervtce itatlon. US c»rh. EA. 7-4841. Mr. HUl.,or Mr...Tldmore, . rysi f n r f l l t l r r . Tnck rooms, reason- »lile. 4360 N. trt _Ave. MA 4-427? ' " " ~ ~ nnd « w h i i r . MA SAWS Bund . Call 13-Inch radial aaw, MOO. 8»w. $100. Mitre box MW, : AX. R-OBH; «fier s_ p.m. TWO-fon "tandrm "roller, with hy- d r a u l i c wheels for trannportliiK. 10R4 dump truck. In good condl- tlon. EA. «-8»»|. STAN'S Swap Shop. Buy. sell, trade - - -»_N.41h POLES 53 A ~$16 installed Comp. Clolhesllni- Serv. Co., 3571 Seneca Guar. TEA. 5-tWHO;_¥»A. ff. £!loth~eillne poiek $f).M p ALLIED SURPLUS j _N..__1_SJ ._Ayg, MA HOUSEHOLD GOODS 54 TAKE over payment*. Alirvoat new _ _ . SAVE K on repoanned refriiera- tor Maytatf wathcr5. Ju.it take over »m»ll paymenln. Beach May- JM C J . .^48 B.^grant Hd. DOI^T'T aeTl your furnfiure and an- plloncwi for peanut*. Call GRANT- WAY FURNITUTUC. KA. S-3ao« and ' . lvt ALL'CAiJII Joday. UBLE liKD COMPUff DO 4 print walnut beditead _ E »16 Xlnt. (29 6 draw walnut rhert-mlrror Large baby crib comp. tlfl.RO Set 4 chrome chairs tlO.iHi 8 draw walnut drrm. w/mlrrnr Iflfi ft pc rhrome dliT'tt*. aet Xlnt $2B 4H" Hock maple 3 draw, client »M STOCKADE 103.1 W._WETMpBEJI- LEAVING TOWN " T Frlcldalre: MayUi* washer. iroo: condition: Hollvwood bed complete blf leather cnalr: good 2 whe« Irallrr 4xR w i t h rarlt. W2 1C. Prince 2l" fmLitAtlMONIC conioln 'TV MahojrAiiy $:K.D5. 4044 K. Speed way. EA. 7-MT2. Rodioi, Muiical, Etc. 55 P1AJR5 Accord ioS ie»ona. You Jiom«._ZA. a-9BOB. MA. J-74M. __ NE\V A USED'ORAKD PIANOS Choli-e of CHICKCTIING, WKBETl. BUSK fc LANK. K1MBALL, STEIN- VAY. Price reducllonn up to 80"! rm»a» needed. WINTERS MUSIC. 04H K. Broadway. _ ______ ..._. lAMMOSn 6'TldArt ·with tone nhlnrt. 2H yrarj old. Prlre n- lurert for quick tale. WINTERS MUSIC. 2IVWI E. nrondv/»-. TI1OMA8 3 manual organ In rx- rcllrnt cond.. modern w a l n u l , Trrnia to Bull. Hammond Organ Studios 29WI E. Speedway _ IANO7~l'~:i" ffrand. n A n v' c rtAN rrvfisS! "P1AM6TMA MUST SELL! rotiftrful of furniture, TU»non»blt 7113 Ftanwnrn Drtvr, AX. 8-R747. FAMILY ROOM FURN Sofn. r h a l r a n i l Lump. AX _Caj___tO| cnrrler. KA. 0-42afl TRAILERS WANTED 25A " "TRAILEn -wanted m.v propcny". JPerrnanent. KA____g_jna_. BicyeUt, Motorcyclei 29 ·SB CUSfiMAN SCOOTER^ Very Bood. $75. Phone _CY. 7-101)1. 1850 ALLSTATE "Scooter.~" Clean', Rood condition. Windshield and buddy lent. Connlder trade, or IIBO. 213.1 Sunland Vista. MA. 3-2020 ' SEE THE jkMAZING Triumph Tiger Club from $573 Terms Tim Ott Motorcycles 171H S. Bth MA.4-7MH -- PAfitMAKER dr. wide Camp Trailer $200 Small, double bed. camping stove, water tank and ice box. $200. MA. .1-755?. after S p.m. i701.. '52 Good condition. »lpq EA._7-1M«. MOTOR SCOOTERS New used, Easy terms. 3 2 wheel*. G»* ft electric. Parts, Accessories Helmets. Cuiihman Motor Snles. MA. «-13K RtCONDlTlONEb BICYCLES L. C. Hardware. 708 W. Grant. MA. 4-5835, Shop Plywd 7c sq. ft %" Sh'p Plywd l i e sq.ft. i/ 2 " Sh'p Plywd 14c sq, ft. W Sh'p Plywd 17c sq. ft. i/ 4 " A.D. Intr. 9'/ 2 c sq. ft. i/ 2 " A.D. Intr. 16c sq. ft. 34" A.D. Intr. 21c sq. ft. 3/ 8 " C.C. Extr. l i e sq. ft. i/ 2 " C.C. Extr. 17c sq. ft. 90 lb. Slate Rfg 3.66 roll Thk Butt Shng 8.98 sq. ft. 15 lb. Felt Rfg 2.44 roll Plstic Rf. C'm'nt 1.22 gal. 8'x26" Corn Iron 2.06 sht. 10'x26" Crr. Iron 2.58 sht. L.F. piano. )~\v\ng room. room, lav/n nwrwcr. l*mp«, . ^ K*nnxrr nulomjitlc wn Monpy bnck guflrnntrc 40,D3. 7-BS73. 4M4 E. ~ ~ Irrrzcr, door nWlvr*. rlr. PII flown to $144.77. .Insl sniiumr* pn 1 mrnt till p«ld. $H.40 mo. 4AM . refrlg". wathen TV Crr . v f ! .r_ 4 4.4_JL. Snd_jvy__KA_ . 7-(IS Highest Prices Paid Furniture-Appliances MA. 4-6484 TRACTOR .Ills Chilmers HD-10. R«»»on«tl« 7X1 K. £aclnrv_Ay»nye cut With motor. Very cheap. CY. 7-1M1 SALE EVERY SAT. FOR urn-En SKRVIOS MORE ntrrais MOPE DOLLARS CONSIGN TO TUCSON'S ONLY NATIONALLY CERTIFIED LIVESTOCK AUCTION PAYNE'S LIVESTOCK AUCTION 4 Miles Northwest of City on Cn»« Cmnde Hlwny r»4 CY. 7-1187 CALL US COLLECT FOR PICKUP SETiVICp Poultry, Eggs, Ett._ fted cTJcki M.OS'per iiio Randy's Feed Supply CY 7-ll(!J ' ' ' JTW nulhrauff WE P A V ' ^C.ll MA. _ lcpa /or . or EA. S-3407, HOQANY. TONE. . . $730 FLUTE LIKE NEW. MO. KA. JIM. Gimrantued _KA,__»-37»7. by piano luner. Mmion * llamlln Crund, 5 ft. »" Kbony. SUInway atudlo upr. ebony. KnlKht ntudlo upr,, blonrl ro«ple. C«l)f il)l« aludlo upr.. mahoi. All In *x- llent conrt. Guaranteed. Terms. MULLPHt PIANO CO. low K. Hroadw«v «t Park --CASH TfOR-VBuTTT'lANC 'Sll_Joh.n»on'a M A,_4-»«8) P I A N O S NEW WED - SAl.KS · RCNTALS WA 4-8M1 JOHNSON'S 410_N JTH TRAILER COURTS PTrtt~MbVWG~Tr7 ·paces. Mil 4-n240, "wrm S. Park Z3 BIG SHADE TREES Private tollcli. ihowcrs, and itnrage. Niiluril RBI Fontann Trailer Pnrk. s. f o n l n n n . Phon- MA. 2-5ini. " " POOL. Lawn.-, ontlo*. . Chlldrm welcome. MA. 3-DOM. 5344 "~ C L E A s P 0 nc Moblln Court, 3243 Flowing ^nd, Near ichools. Natural i ROOM A BOARD fUSTV"«56b"! ~CT7.n" and 74 »85 month. 4-12.W. Call Mclha, MA. . ~ - . . TM r o o m . nnard. C o n v r n l c n l locnllon. Centle- m/in. }_J.1 w e r k . EA H-II47S ' Pool. $15 week, Mr»l« opllnnal. . Corrali avail- MA . , arrved family «tvle ,?. h .lf _?l!»erb_)li R a n _ IIOOMS, or room «ni hoard Family ntyle cooktnu. »70 month. MA. " ' ~ ' ' ortffAN Fldellly PhonosTuplv Special prlcr. HAHM'ONY HOUSE. IN C. with Hi l pr 4340 C O N G E N I A L COOKED MEALS. HOME HOME MA 1-7473. Room Without Board 75 ~ Broadway. KA. 7-4"j».l- Electric Guitar K»y. Hollow bodied, Slnitle pickup. Like new condition. »is. MA. 4-iiJHl. COWPLKTZ hamlrta'ilbn.' Haillcrah. er HT-M tranamllter. Collins 75-S-l ,nk up towrr. KW 40' ly trl-b»nd brnm. PnrU Tor final. 11000 Ukes a l l . EA. . ___ RefriffrratoY. Money Kiuiriuitee. EA. 7-IB72. 4O44 "E. PIANO TUNING _55A plAN5S~Tuning, repnlrfne. Sale». "Mmk-»T~Rep«ir Center WE NEED YOUR Furniture ft Appllancei Phone EAstsiDE'cYCLE k SCOOTER'"'!Economv 2x4 .04 J40 JC. 22nd. EA. 7-9WB. Open week-: · ._......._.__.___..! 1x12 Pine Shelving LNKI) riEFTTTGKHATOTfS C u a r a n l c r d . Wheeler TV. B_roadwnv. . WASHER. Brat model all fabric, save ovrr tlW. Asfumr paymrnlii «t »n .25 mo. 4M4 E._Sp*-ertjA'*iv ^ .SEK M*yl/iR rulch oven gas ninif. Hljindnrd size. Excellent condition.! VM cash. J71.1 7. Speed-way, be-1 'ucton E ""MULLER'THANOco liilo 1C Broadvjav MA a-u.'.:^ TELEVISiqisT^ 55B TV RENTALS^-$«)es. service. S At K TV, EA fi-114.13. Hrnt NEW~ PORTABLE TV. For inle u»ed 21" sell. lyOweit ruu-v. Orlglruil TV Rtntalt te Sales. EA B-77n. _ GOOD 21" Motorola TV. $M. W o i k j _____rfcrt EA. «-7Sn. _ DISCOUNT TV frelllht up , oul.lVis; Frlvnte~entrrmceT liiwn. 441 S. Sth. MA. 3-9573. nr.ASdNABIj:. altrartlve. "Centra! cooling. Private rntranco. Biui line. «2n r. nth. FO II A " M A N ; " I .a VgV ~mrm~Wwl*7. cooler. Hut and fold wnU-r. Hot piste. Snowrr. ne-frlgeralor. Trie. phone iinrt lurking. *30 a month. tmj_Jl I l l e h l a n d MA. 4-2OB PLKA-SA'S'f "lioo.M, 'f; binck~t^,T. line. Private enl-nncr. r.rntlemnn r-rcferrcfl. Inquire at 2415 E. Mslwl Pi-lvatr r n l r n n r r QiUr: nrlghhor- hrort. 11 in c. Water. EA. .1-8722. Alvernon Speedway"" L l c h t , ^ slr\- ronrn. Private home, ... SSO'lnn " Pool 1300 H 1st MA_ 2-II331 lv' f";irnl';hed! Nlcr in only. C«il FA. S-8B1B. HOOM ~ suert~fio'Jw'""wr;rr~h'jifK Completely private. 5444 E. Drach- m f i n F * fi.'ri"- i l M M A C L ' L A T E . M e a l for a t u d r n t ' o r e m p l o y e d j r c n t l e m n n . J30. 845 N. port. Bui. ,%'lr location. Gentleman 17 WEEK Coollnc . and Up. S r !r". t-lran roomT M Slrept. AUTOS WANTED CASH FOR CLEAN CARS FELDMAN MOTOR CO. · ·· SI 3 N. STONE PH. MA. 3-3972 WANTED" New 1960 10x50 2 BR N( , w ,,.,,. WIZZARD UTTLE with front kitchen DUDK trliler - ^ p ICTtoROTE - t.^nt\e: EVINRUDE Sales * Servlcf $3995 DEWZYS DESERT OUTnOAUDS PIMA TRAILER SALES _ _ '* TM W^' ttlO Oracle MA. 4-3230; » "^ EVINRUDE MOTORS Open Eves, till ». Sun. to 8 i xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ] Will trade 1957 Chevrolet! TI«nd decnrnt«-d antique style table lamp. Antique spattr.r v/nre plate, prnrock center, very rare. CY. 7-073(1. Wheeler's iK» E _Broa£lway __..;-,7» 2.«--iinrt '14" TV t»bl' models. consoles or portablch ffuarantaed from $40 95. MITH and WALDMAN APPLIANCES 2550 N. Campbell Avenue. ·"'"" rc°oms 76 $50'MO. L A R G E ; l i v l n be'!'. Privnte en- t i a n c e . L j n c n » . Cooler. OM1 E .'Rlh AX_S..Vi'o. _ SINGLES, couple?" Da.v. week of ! month.^Ccntrtl cr,o!ir,B. 419 S. 5!h. HoJe|s, jGuest Houses 77 LUMBER CO. - 2750 S. 4th MA. 4-8294 onnCE 2W2 N. Park LiQurDATous MA. 4-?.?14 ,..,,..__ car or liffht truclc equipped to pull lartre house trailer, MA 40'x8 - . 4-2200. be reasonable. WE NEED CARSII1 Honest Trade Down Dealt 363S SO_6th Ave MA 4-7100 $25-MO more lor your car Finance Outlet. 1701 $. 4th Ave. MA. 3-8737. !··········*·· Giles I^otor Center (THE MAIN STORE* 711 N. STONE PH. MA. 3-3411 MBS Si UP DESERT OUTBOARDS STEEL SASH I Stat Wgn for used trailer PIMA TRAILER SALE? MA. 4-3230: Open Eves, till ». Sun. to K ; 3610 Oracle .TIM OTT YOUR TUCSON DEALER FOR GLASSPAR BOATS AND EVINRUDE MOTORS COMPLETE SERVICE DEPT. i71B S. flth MA. 4-73S.S 405i OFF I · ALUMINUM SCREEN DOORS] 112.50 each. · COMPLETE WITH HARDWAKE · 6-0 ALUMINUM SLIDING DOOHS *80 eacn. : ! Complete with screcnj and tlaas. : MAPLE BED, DRESSER OFFICE E Q U I P M E N T Like ri^w, "HErpf $687 BUYS $1,499 WORTH OF FURNITURE Large refrigerator, re/rleeratlon TV SERVICE 5feA BOB Swank'a TV Servloei D» y - NlRht-Weekcnds. C.SO call. MA. Modem, refrigerated rooms with prlvileces. ft Uiilt-lnj. 3 blkt. to Contrcik Rent day. week, or as low is *80 B month. 343 S. Scott. MA. 5--MT. HOMES MA. 3-MI5._ POISER" TV--Radio repalrinf. rails Low prices. Phone 77 A Free j rensomible. 4-?f.r. ,,,, E . u nd( . n . M x_ 4 v p AVE. Cash For Irate ASK FOR HR RICHTER TED WAUCEJl. TR. HEAIX3TRS X32 * Ith Ava. Ph. MA J-25SS I lo PAYii-iO mvKt *-n5r? tUK.Qll Eil Ht-^SV CLEAN LATE MODEL CARS. OUT i OF STATE PAY-OFFS MADE. SEE US TODAY TO SELL YOUR CAR. NO DELAY--IMMEDIATE CASH. Stock Reduction Sale 'e used trailers to 55 ft. 16' Express Cruiser SO-H P Electric Johnson. Excellent gulf boat. MA. 4-74«7. 1710 E. 41h. Johnson Outboard 1420 KACTOHY JEWELRY DIAMOND "SALE MA._2-2S87. : MAYTAG 'wringer"washer. Excellent | condition. »45 cash. 2235 E. Brond| Bankrupt stock and pawnbrokers |JK a X: . ; stock for ladiex* And men's dia mond unit. ranj;e, dinette «e!. automatic | washer. lOAm rutjber llvlriff room i _ sectional. TV. chnlr. S TX l/e*oorn ;s - i s i _f !; '"'--'"-"·';''·' J; ''' " "V-Mt. Healthrert box sprlrur. A mat-] CASH R E G I S T E R S 57 tress, lamps, mcp tables, coffee .-....----_ -. ^.-"jr,.,,. InWc. df-sk. pick up rmymcnts. joz! NEW'USED^Also addunr machines. rings NCR CO, Phone MA _ BUY. 16 ft. New Aluminum Run-Abouts Best mrsls. Beautiful homes. Lawn! Trees. Reasonable. EA. 5-1411. 2" LARTTE"S'6"O.MlTT6r TB. Private: JPfl1JE:___tr_.. MA. 3-1118 RESORTS Tg $l5~WEEKLY~~UiP~ Kitchenettes, one and Iwo bed» ic rooms. Com, _ _. pletcly furnished. T.V. air-condi- itcms. 3-'H3 E. Spggdway. EA. V412/!itlonfd. swtmrninB. INTER-MOUNT r^-,»-.^-- TTCT V-nnr IT AWAY I TAIN MOTEL. ;431 Benson High- WANTED TO BUY 58 6-12 VOLT CHAR On_trad;_fgr_car. MA. trade- Jfunj ad;_fgr_car. MA. 3-5171 _ other misc. DON'T JUST f uriri.jnjh.intjs. _M_A. JjlTTl 52 ALSO TRAVEL TRAILERS WI SELL TRAILEK We Need Transportation CTr« HIGHEST CASH PRICES paid for 51's to pre-wars. Sell your car today. Call or stop by RINCON MOTORS. 1428 S. tth. MA. a-llM. Auto Parts, Accet'rics 24A 39i« S7~sth. LEE'S AUTO PARTS * Wrecking! MA. 2-74S5 2»0 Oracle Rd. Montclalr matic. 56 Mercury Dr. Hardtop. Aute$895 OLDS ENGINE Rebuilt. Complete with starter. generator automatic transmission. 527 N. Warren. ; XX. S-6503. Used Car Salesman Tucson bJEW CARDEALERSPj . . REMANtTFACTUKZD ENGINES amd TRANSMISSIONS Factory remanu- factared not to»t retaallt. Tucson Serv. Stat. Supply WHITE'S TR. SALES 2847 S. 6TH AVE. IDM FLEETWOOD io x *5 feet, i bedroom house trailer. Can be seen at 1050 S. Wllmot. W/STEER1NG CONTROLS. U JOHNSON. NEW 'J'i.li»Ni.k. TRAILER S85 DOWN. OR SEE OUR STORE DISPLAY Liberal Trade-In Allowance on Boats t* Motors BANK FINANCING Tucson Sporting Supply MISC. FOR SALE APAjiTSKSfT-irw K*S stove, iii. Girl's 26' biKc. 18. Radio-phonograph. K. 747 E. JVaverly. _ HR. U/E BUY "ft SELL 'camping" equtp- ment. jewelry, musical instruments. radios, appliai Army Surplus, BANK REPOSSESSED ir 172, 173 174 · Llvinc Room Sets · 'Dinette Sets · Bedroom Self DON'T SELL lhave caj.h bid a thin* until you from GRANTWAY PRiVATE huyer wlshe» to buy old jewelry, silver stick pins, old sold, diamonds coini. stamps. Martin Chanln, MA. 4-4«78. . . 42 S. Meyer. Rrfrfgerators, Ranges, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX i Will trade 1959 Dodge iMA-' Serv. Stat. 3650 S. 6th Ave. EA, Stat Wgn for used trailer PIMA TRAILER SALES Tucson Marine Supply MO Oracle We*r» lot reTlrnc. wn ·wWh lt«» j-wa hiwe «mSjfr?on. steady snd re- |hiW«, Tucson's me«t tteresiix-e »»ed ««r Km «· a J* for ywa. GILES Til N. STONE ·O'DTHWEST'S LARGEST FORD DTALBX MA. 4-8651 Rill Hoffman Th»t Will PONTIAC 1)33 N. Stone MA. 3-63H American President sar« en- tmilt to rtfid specif tea - JUOTRTCA^ TODAY! M' "Miracle MTle'ff. Sales MA. t-VKfl Toor-ia. S1.7SO. Sre «t Sonwt Trwil- «r Park. J706 SftwrtwTl Aowl. art! HA- STOP AT OK TRAILER CALKS 50 Ft--10 WIDE AS LOW AS $3995 ·VAAl XT JJTU1 11. MA. ·COTT-McC-iTLLOCH We service Boats-Motor* Volvo tnnoard Mtr* MA. 4-3230 Cam Gr«nde_Jf!«hwa_v CY 7-OS TONE STAR BOATS JOHNSON MOTORS Sales Service untu 'ice._ "NEW i USED office deiiks. illes. store, chaiix. tables, safes, typewriters, adders, calculators, checkwritcrs, Kardcxcs. etc. Low prices, dcliwry. 7 4211 ; O' f 'c* Liquidators, 2462 N._Park. -- - - - DO YOU"want a fall-out'shelter' Call MA 3-0109 and ask for Roger Johruton. Free enlmate*. 'TARGET" MA «-5733 BARGAIN CENTER FURNITURE 22nd at Swan ALWAYS CALL EA. 6-3612 We Pay Top Prices for the Finest S. Broadwa 4 Blocks North of U 3 BEDROOMS DELUXE. Me;trta kitchen, fireplace, carpeting, panel"ft. lin , nice. Sl.v». Also I bedroom Done in Danish Modem. Sl'O. . . See at 15TO _N.__Hlirhlnc'. JEA ._ 8-^1 _ _ _ MODERN apt. Jn_t45_w__. M Mt. _ Tjernmon. !441. E_A. 5-5413. 79 _ _ _ EFFICIENCY -- J65: 1 bdrm. -- swT near Alvernon and Speedway. Others avallahle. PEYTON. SCHROEDER. STEVENS REALTY i- TRUST CO.. INC. 3825 or Medium Grade Furniture. Ap- jpllancea Misc.. or will aell ior BARBER chair. KoYen, whit*. *lf; i revolving barber pole, *25. S3S N. j Swimming Pool Tile lint filter, oeluxe. Used 'i paid. Just plrk up bal. have matching dryer. Pay- , .ncnti Jin mo. 46M_E__Speedway. ,RCTRICTERATOR~ with _ cross, top * STRKFT BOAT DOCK ' i l l W E SSndSt MA.J-IW5I JSPOKTING GOODS 31 j £". Ntw mMtaa - * 37 ' y -' Tackle Lures! «8 mo.--1 Br. Apt. In Tucson'l best downtown neighborhood--"Snob Hollow." Very, Very beautiful--and spacious. i$80 mo.--Tastefully furnished S Br ..-- - »:30| Apt. in sman residential Court - Continuous 'til all sold. near Catallna. 46S* E. Speedwav Blvd. EA. fr-3«12 ^55 mo --This is a cute littt* 1 Br. you on commission. Tucson's Blir Reliable General Auction. Inc. yr. i Auctions every Triday from iue. ». m . . W"A~NTE~D cooler. 7-7953. TV. . furniture, appliance Miscellaneous TEA DOGS, CATS, PETS 5? BOXER AlfC Loves clJldren. 3 years old: «25. MA. I LARGI STOCK C iSHAKESPZAK--PXNN-- ! LANGLEY AND ALL MAKES ! OF REELED _^ i F1SHIWS LIOENSES TSS0TS I Tucson Spotting Supply * SMALL DEEP FREEZE Underco'tmter refri*. i Apt. rnn*e SK. Cooler »li. TMtne. 1 Cabin*: sink. Cement rn'.x«r »M. " Ft. TOS7lewe'lij_, ctothtni. j»mtm«s. fomSture, TV. rwrtio. Muea'oVfi ces. AX. t-KCit. l*tetr K. tn *e St. nttTiw. 3JCt ZA, 3696 S. 6th Ave. 1h4Kl J*KZ, Ve'j'0jc/fi Of POT*. «' 'GCnfCtittfff yiySMf ^ TjWBrt ASJrtKW, CHISTE AKD _WEGICTI» COSf- BINATJON. I1KE NIW. «». CY. ... ..... .......... a-y ear-old reeun male Bawet. Reasonable. ered EA. NEEDS NEW HOME U4 yeair m»l« tat. Mbctd Tweed. Kept for -hfl« too ye/on« to 1» tn- tertartea. AX. MM*. · tetered. M*»e and IsTvfcL AICC r :_;;lift. Lowly . _ BBA6LES house in a really nice cmiet neifchborhood. It has a view. and is near the new Campbell Piaza Shopping C*nter. For information Call Mr. Ivans at JAMES C. GRANT TatALTT * TNS. CO. MA. 1-7471. frontier Vfllagis Apts. Sho_p._bu», liymdry. J_oa. TOara. wjclv-aaoituuy. ipy Las Lomas Tncson Mts. Ihnt Tree Sedosfett · Poet · I ft · Air Just Completed s ·Mro.-qttjaayrty J".*- ygcfc B«*lw«y «· !·*. Aytf*

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