Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1930 · Page 16
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1930
Page 16
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tt E A 1 10 ON A MIR fc.6 *^§ AT tf ft BAV, Helpful Suggestions For Beautifying COLOR Will Supply Paint lor Your Home for $12.35 Based on a 30' x 36' house 12' high with surface in average condition, using regular colors, for a two-coat job, you will need only: .•I callous of Acini' Muxlity House I'nint $10.50 !i- (niton for trim color 1.85 TOTAt, .$12.35 Beautify your home with Acme Quality House Paint— it is durable and economical. You will enjoy the surprisingly delightful change that painting your house will bring, and incidentally, you will increase your property value. For over forty years. Acme Quality House Paint has been manufactured and during this time the manufacturing has been in charge of expert chemists, who have produced a paint that has a covering capacity and a durability that is second to none. King Color Recommends Acme Quality Granite Floor Enamel For Kitchen Floor* It is also recommended for the basement floor or any floor where a painted turface i» detired. Granite Floor Enamel is easily applied, easily cleaned and wears and wears. Prepared in all the modern colors. Dougherty Hardware Stores llth Ave. llth St. 7th Ave. 7th St. Mazurie & Goshen. Hdw. 702 Second Street, Juniata We// llget someth , /ateai I* at Hi itt rJ. better * 1: Bi >: Isrit that what you jjsaid in those early days H ' fci |; Perhaps you started housekeeping with mediocre, furnishings, excusing them by saying, "We'll get something better a little later." And have you been apologizing for them, ever since? Surely those out-of-date, inadequate furnishings have caused you enough embarrassment. Start now to make your home a place that does justice to your social and business progress. Your guests judge you by what your rooms reveal. Your children, too, deserve the right kind of background, so that they may develop socially in a wholesome environment instead of meeting their friends elsewhere. Take the first step by visiting our stored at your earliest opportunity. Let us prove that for just a modest investment you can bring new charm into your home! Come in today. jf URNITLRE COMPANY f I50I-O} Eleventh Avenue CONCRETE OFFERS MANY ADVANTAGES ri-tftfc *. i -, , » s r ^ Cinder Building Units Are Adapted to Many Uses— Construction Details Easy Due to Great Flexibility. BEAUTY in the HOME ^iiitiiioiuiauiiiiaiiuitiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiiamuiiHiiioiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiniiiiQiiiiiiiiimQiiiiiiiii Representative structures in which cinder-concrete masonry units have distinguished themselves are residences, hotels, hospitals, apartment, office and school buildings erected in various sections of the United States. Architects specified cinder-concrete masonry for thet;? structures because they recognize that this permanent building material is structurally sound and economical. Their choice of cinder-concrete units also expresses confidence in the ability of manufacturers to furnish products of uniformly high quality. Such organizations as the American Concrete institute, the Building Code committee of the United States department of commerce, the Underwriters' laboratories and the Building Officials' conference have developed standard specifications for concrete building units. Strict adherence to these requirements, which are in essential agreement, guarantees products that are reliable and structures that arc eminently satisfactory In every respect, from the foundations to the roof-tops. Experience both from building op-. ei'ations and from extensive research work conducted in reliable laboratories is represented in the design of cinder- concrete masonry units. Exceptional flexibility in handling the most intricate construction details is possible because of their eflicient size and shape. The units are regularly used In building all types of exterior and Interior walls, either load-bearing or non-load-bearing. Cinder-concrete masonry is especially suitable for partition walls where units of high resistance to lire or breakage, unwarped surfaces and light weight are desired. The soundproof quality of cinder- concrete masonry walls is another outstanding advantage that is responsible for the widespread popularity of this material for all types of building construction. Cinder-concrete building units are particularly suitable for fireproofing columns, beams and other structural members. The material is also very adaptable for interior construction because nails can be driven into it. Courses of cinder-concrete xinits Work out evenly to window and story heights. Piers, columns and arches are easily built. Framing around door and window openings is a comparatively simple matter. To facilitate construction, structural units such as corner returns and half, jamb, steel sash and header, units are regularly furnished by manufacturers of cinder-concrete masonry. Cinder-concrete masonry construction permits an unusually wide range of exterior and interior finish. For example, the units provide a sturdy base for portland cement stucco or interior plaster. When applied on cinder-concrete masonry these materials become an integral part of the wall aecause both are portland cement concrete. Colorful Bird Cages Help to Decorate A FTER. all is said and done, ar^^ range your furniture aa yon like, put the big lamp on the small table or the small lamp on the mantelpiece, do what you will. It is color, the tasteful use of color, that make* a. living room beautiful and homelike. And it Is not by the timidity that fears to use any color at all"that a successful room la made. It is by a constant Insistence that everything one has In An excellent backing for cast stone, natural stone, brick, terra cotta or other facings Is provided by cinder- concrete masonry. The units lay up •apidly, provide good insulation and mpart great strength and rigidity to .he wall. Accurate bonding with courses of face brick Is simplified because cinder-concrete units are mul- iples of standard brick sizes. In addition, manufacturers furnish special leader units that facilitate bonding without cutting. Exposed cinder-concrete masonry, with well-pointed mortar joints, is pleasing and effective for many types >f surfaces. Attractive exterior or in- .erior wall treatments in which the characteristics of the masonry are retained are produced by a thin brush coat of portland cement and water mixed to the consistency of paint, or hrough the use of special cement paint. Special care taken to cure the surface thoroughly immediately after .he paint has set up enough to prevent washing will produce a durable, lard and attractive surface. A very Ine fog spray is best for applying the curing water. Cinder-concrete masonry provides maximum fire-safety. Numerous tests n laboratories and in actual fires have definitely established that cinder- the way of furnishings or decorations shall subscribe, each in Its own little way, to the general picture. And that big; effect of the By Ixiutse d'A. Wadsworth canary, or a parrakeet, or some little feathered guest that, by hi* color and song, pays very well for room and board. Well, we used to keep him In a gilded cage, like the bird in the old song. And If there Is anything that is more decoratively meaningless than a bright brass bird cage.—well, I have it still to meet ,But In several homes, where they know how to create a colorful charm from celling to rugs, I have be one of color, Group the chairs room ought to plenty of color. prettily If you like, but be sure that they anfl all the rest have color that makes them worthwhile In a way beyond the mere utilitarian services they perform. And as an example of this sort of home beautifying, there is, to me, nothing more delightful than the modern use, of colorful pyralln bird cages to give a living room lust the last touch that makes It a success. Nearly everyone haa a met these cages for the family bird done In lovely soft but cheery col- ora hanging from the curve of •> floor standard. They can be moved here, there and anywhere else. When the sun shines Dickey can be over near the window making the family happy with his singing and his bright colorful cage, and when the sun is not out there ts no corner of the room that does not bid him welcome. They tell me these cages, besides being beautiful, are very durable and one can match the bird to the cage or the cage to the bird, creating 1 a perfectly little color harmony all by itself. tion. This fire-resisting, structurally sound material is especially suitable for fireprooflng structural frames in large buildings, for partition or flre walls, elevator shafts and enclosed fire-escapes. In small homes, pretentious residences, in hotels, apartments, churches, schools, hospitals, garages, jffice, mercantile and industrial build- ngs, the use of cinder-concrete masonry guarantees full protection against the dangers of flre. SANITATION AIDED BY PAINTED WALLS The progress made in the methods of building, equipping and beautifying the homes in which wo live and the structures in which we work is so rapid that it may truly be said that what today is enjoyed by a favored few will tomorrow be common property. What our ancestry considered extravagance, we count as our daily need. Safety, convenience, health and beauty are the factors which guide and control the wonderful advancement in home building. Oil painted walls and ceilings embellished with u beautif ul hand decorative work are rapidly superseding other wall covering. No factors are considered more important than those of health and beauty, both of which play an important part in making our homes the ideals we strive for. From concrete building- units will success-1 the standpoint of sanitation alone the fully withstand intense heat. The painted, washable wail and ceiling is an absolute necessity. The wall painted and decorated in artistic designs with colors that are Teat passes through the walls very slowly. These tests have justified the extensive use of cinder-concrete masonry in all types of firesafe construc- permanent and may bo washed with . . . They can use TELECHRONS in every room of their new home I Oun of the most disconcerting things about being a bride is the deluge of duplicate wedding presents. After all, one can use just so many waffle irons and fireplace gets! . . . Save your favorite bride from embarrassment by giving her a Telechron electric time-keeper. A Telechron is a convenient addition to any room in the house! "Convenient" i? the word. Telechron deliver* continuously accurate time from the light locket. It lifts the burden of winding and regulating off the bride's young shoulders. And keeps the new household on schedule. Three of the many Telechron models are pictured here. Constance, a clever kitchen clock. Cathedral, for desk or dressing table. Duncan, an attractive mantel model. Other prices range up to $55. LIPPMAN'S 1232 Eleventh Ave. the wall, are most perfect from the standpoint of both sanitation and beauty. Good paint imparts a soft, dull toned effect, to walls and ceilings. It minimizes surface defects, harmonizes with furnishings and lends a tone of quiet .refinement. . REAL FAUM CO-OP. The Farmers' National Grain corporation is an organization with a capital stock of $10,000,000. It has been established to aid farmers In marketing and handling wheat and other grains. It is recognized by the federal farm board. LESS WHEAT. The wheat crops o£ Argentina and Australia, which totaled more than 500,000,000 bushels in 1928, is expected to drop to 300,000,000 bushels this year. Export of wheat is expected to drop from 75,000,000 to 100,000,000 bushels. HUGE GKA1N ELEVATOR. One of the largest grain elevators in the world is in operation at Vancouver, B. C. This elevator, only recently completed, has a capacity of 5,150,000 bushels. SLIM BUDGET USED TO FURNISH HOUSE Problem Facing Most Folks Is to Get as Much for Small Sum as Possible —Young Couples Must* "Scratch." It's a problem moat of us have to face—making a slim budget do as much for us as the plump budget wo wish we had! This is so often true whjsn there is a new home to be furnished. If it is a young couple, 1 just starting out, they ar6 almost sure to be limited in funds. Many times older families run Into the same difficulty. Houses frequently cost more than was planned at the outset, and the reserve fund laid aside for new furnishings sometimes has to make up the deficit. With established families, however, 'will give them honorable service for the problem la not so critical. Olc furnishings from' the previous horn can fill in the gap until new furnish fags can be purchased Young couples, on the other hani are usually starting "from scratch. With the possible exception of a few wedding gifts, their entire furnishing will, have to come out of their littl "beginner's"..' budget. But it-has 'toe'ert, done successfully many times, arid it'can' be done again It:is all .a matter of putting firs things • flrstr<-cbncetitratirig' on the es sentlals and lettinjj the little luxurie wait ; uhtil hiore prosperous times. First they must decide, this young couple, what are the essentials—th absolutely indispensable things with out which life" is not worth living The list will probably be an alarming ly long one at first. They will have to go over it again and again, cut ting down judiciously. It Is surprising how many things that seem Indis pensable can be eliminated wlthou blasting happiness! The young people will decide, flrs of all, 'to buy only good furniture even .If they must buy less of It Good'furniture, suitable for dlfferen combinations as thp house Is enlarged ALTOONA HOME BUILDING COMPANY New Work Porches Garages Roofs Cement Work PHONE 2*4706 Repairs [ to Porches Doors Floors Roofs There's a mother longing (or this gift On Mother's Day satisfy that longing with the gift of a Hoover and the relief from cleaning work and worry that it brings. There are two new Hoover models, with many improvements, but with* out price increase. Only $6.25 down, balance monthly. Allowance for old cleaners.Telephone for a home demonstration. MOOa 721 J. E. SPENCE Electric Store 1310 Twelfth Ave. Dial 4191 a lifetime. the essential* will probably resolve themselves d6wn to this: In the living room a sofa—a good one in an inexpensive denim, sateen, or cretonne cover; an easy chair, also modestly- covered; one or two other chairs, unupholstered, or of the pull-up type] one or twb unpretentious tables. The dining room may have » full suite, or be made up of informal odd pieces that can be used later lit .other rooms. . , ',.•'• The bedroom Must have a goOiJ bed with the best springs and mattress. Never economize here. A simple 'chest of drawers and skirted dressing- table may complete the furnishings for the time beingl Estate Gas Range With the fresh air oven. Standard Refrigerator AH cork lined. Universal Electric Sweeper •' •>. The kind with the brush. Philadelphia Lawn Mowers All ball bearing. Rome Porch Gliders In many colors. Fibre Suites. Many designs to select from. Armstrong, Congeloum and Bird's Linoleum Rugs Whittall's and Roxbury Rugs in many sizes. Fibre Rugs in many color combinations. Bar Harbor or St. George Porch Rockers ARROW Furniture Company 1430 lltli Ave. Ulul 2-9537 Q. W. London, 1'res. Homer E. Westbrook, Sec. a a a electric timi-ketptrj Forsht Coal and Supply Co. Announce a Few Interesting Facts... Prompt Service for All Lumber Supplies Koiigb and Dressed Sash and Doors Juniata's Only Lumber Dealer Exclusive Authorized Dealer for Altoona and Vicinity for NU-METAL (Formerly Sold by Fluke Lumber Co.) Coal and Builder Supplies FREE DELIVERY •*.. Phone 2.7682 for Service | J D — ^*- niiiiaimiiiiMiiQiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiMiiiiiuQiiuiiuuiiaiim

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