Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 20, 1973 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1973
Page 2
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NorHiwttt Arkanwi TIMES, Tu«»:, Feb. 10, 1973 FAY1TTIVIUI.*, AHKANltAS Cease-Fire (CONTOfUJED FROM PAGE ONE) elude American advisers in the field with the Lao army a n d Thai mercenaries who fight for the government. The United States h a s been backing the government with heavy financial aid and continuing air strikes, some by eight" jet B2 bombers. The Pentagon said last week the strikes by B52s and smaller fighter-bombers were averaging about 380 a day. NEW YORK STOCKS Prfew PurnUhNl by A. O. Uwirdt A *·· ' OMfll Purn Ark Best Corp 20 7 /e Alcan 25% Amer Airlines 19'/z Amer Tel Tel 51'A Court Anaconda 23 Ark La Gas 25^fc Armco 21% Baldwin 36W Boeing 23 Campbell Soup 32 Cent S W 45% Chrysler 38% Comsat 56% Del Monte 20% (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONI) fortunately this new evidence was not presented to the California Supreme Court and is not in the record on appeal. In review of a judgment of a state court, this court is bound by the record on which that judgment is based." The high court said simply that it was denying Sirhan's petition for a hearing. Two of the justices, William 0. Douglas and Byron R. White, did not Dia Shamrock 23'/ 8 Dillards 23 Easco 14% A G Edwards 7% Emerson 94% Exxon 89 Ford 70% Frontier Air ,:.... 7'/i Fuqua Indus 15V4 Gaf Corp 16'/4 Gen Motors 75 Georgia Pac 32'/i participate, planation. giving no ex- Gr West Fin 26% Gulf Oil 25% Intl Bus Mach 445 Intl Harv 35'/i I-T-E Imperial 28 Death (CONTrNUED FROM PAGE ONE) Dist. Ally. Peter Chang to file t h e additional complaints. James said no motive had been discovered. The four bodies were found Inside a bloody makeshift shelter in Henry Cowell Redwood State Park, less than two miles from Mullin's family home. James said three of the victims were from California -David Allan Oliker, 18, of Sherman Oaks and Robert Michael Spector, 18, and Brian Scott (Card, 19, both of Van Nuys. · ·He identified the fourth victim as Mark Johnson, about 19, pf Pennsylvania, but he said J C Penney 96'/i Kerr McGee 73% Kaiser A l u m 14% Vocational (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) al Assembly had generated opposition from legislators. Before approving the bill, the Senate defeated an amendment by Sen. Guy H. "Mutt" Jones of Conway that would have required the mayor of Mountain View and the Stone County judge and treasurer to approve the hiring of persons to fill certain positions al the center. The employment agency bill, sponsored by Rep. Clovis Bryant of Van Buren, would create a board composed of the director of the state Labor Department, two persons in the employment agency business, one member qualified in the field of personnel management, a member of a college faculty and two persons experienced in consumer affairs. Supporters of the bill claim the measure would give the consumers more representation than the industry-backed proposal. The administration bill also would write specific regulations into the law whereas the other bill would give wide rule- writing authority to the board. The House voted 87-0 to approve a bill by Rep. Sturgis Miller of Pine Bluff to permit state parks officials authority ,o acquire easements for hiking Mayes Mounts Attack On City Manager Form Oi Government Richard Mayes, from his small automobile repair garage in the 1COO block of North Levcrelt Avenue, is mustering troops to mount a second attack against the city manager form of government in Fayetteville. The city manager form, adopted by the city in 1966, was under attack at the ballot box in the Nov. 3, 1970 general election. There it survived by a narrow margin of 8 votes. Obituary nHiuunninmiinmiiMiiiinNiinnnninii MRS. BERTHA SHERBECK Springdale -- Mrs. . Bertha Sherbeck, 90, of Springdale died this morning in a local nursing home. Born Nov. 20, 1882 in The forces against the present IHiattville. Kan., the daughter of form of government.were then Richard M . and E u e n Potter Leaking Gas Creating City Hazard Leaking gas from an unknown storage lank is creating a fire and pollution hazard in Fayetle- ville. Some 600 gallons have been pumped out at Ivey Motor Company 620 N. College and the level continues to remain about Lev! Strauss 42% Ling Temco 9 Marcor .-. 2514 Pan Am World Air 9V4 Phillips Petro ............ 44V4 Pizza Corp ............... 14 3 ,i Pizza Hut ................ 26Vi Ralston ................... 43'/a Reynolds Metals ......... 13% Safeway ................. 40H St Regis Paper .......... 38% Sears authorities hometown did not know his Servomation .......... .... 24'/z Shakespeare .............. 10% 65'/4 38 Singer Sou Pacific Sperry Rand ... .......... 47% Std Cal ................... 80'A Texaco ................... 38'A Tri State Mtrs ..... ...... 7% Union Carbide ............. 47 UMC Corp ............... 16% United Air .............. 39% U S Indus ................. 17 U S Steel 30'/e Fighting {CONTINUED FROM PAGE ON*) cey portions of the sector and iad suffered heavy casualties. Meanwhile, the .South Vietnamese and the · Viet Cong neared completion of their first round of prisoner exchanges, which began Feb. 12. The remaining 300 South Vietnamese lo be freed began arriving at Bien Hoa aboard U.S. planes from Loc Ninh, 75 miles north of Saigon; and officials said it was anticipated that .the transfer would be completed today or Wednesday. Saigon has freed about 7,000 Communist prisoners in exchange for 1.000 South Vietnamese. South Vielnam still holds about 19,000 POWs. The Communists have given the Saigon government a list of 4,000 POWs they hold, but Saigon claims 'the Communists hold as many as 30,000. Victor 16 Wal-Mart 32A Westinghouse 39 Whittaker 6 Wcstvaco 24 Ark West Gas 1I%-12 Citation -.· 1H-2 Gen Growth 18V4-19 Kearney Natl 8-8V5 Minute Man , 3%-4'/4 Orig Coney Island .... l^^ 3 /! Pioneer Foods 5 3 /4-6'/» H K Porler 24 W-2514 St Paul Sec .-.. H'A-lS'/i Std Register ;... 18-/4-19 Tyson Foods 13'/s-13% Wilson Co 12 bid Yellow Frt 48 3 /4-49V« Averages Inds up 6.77 Trans up .D7 trails. Acquisition could be by purchase or gift, but not by imminent domain. SALARY BOOSTS. Approved 33-0 by the Senate was a bill to provide state em- ploye salary increases under the compensation and classification plan ranging from 20 per cent in the lowest grade to 6 per cent in the highest grade. The Senate approved a bill by Sen. Morrell Gathright of Pine Bluff to levy an additional fee of 75 cents on each court case, with the proceeds U go toward improvement of the University of Arkansas Law School. The vote was 28-3. The Senate voted 22-6 to approve a bill by Jones to require Senate confirmation of all persons appointed by the governor to head the executive departments created by the 1971 gov- e r n m e n t a l reorganization act. Supporters of the bill to allocate $20 million in each year of the coming biennium in state aid to the cities and counties failed in their effort to get the measure made a special order of business House. The Tuesday in bill already the has been approved by the Senate. The representatives voted to refer to the Rules Committee a bill that would require lobbyists to make public detailed financial information and lo specify legislative matters they seek to influence. The House Legislative Affairs Committee last week recommended passage of the bill. Utils Smith Pleads Innocent To Reduced Charge Volume 4,400,000 Commodity Openings Mar corn '. 1.62 War soy Cleans 6.18% Mar eggs 41.75 Mar pork bellies 50.00 18 More (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) ted Clark Air Base's Wagner High School. Laughing and hugging the teen-agers who asked luestions about their long imprisonment and demanded their autographs, the former POWs-alt of them imprisoned for five years or more--roamed from classroom to classroom for an Clifton Dell Smith. 19, of Springdale, pleaded innocent in W a s h i n g t o n Circuit Court Monday to a reduced charge of petit larceny and was sentenced to serve 48 hours in the Washington County jail. Smith and a companion, Gary Parsons, were charged with grand larceny Aug. 3, 1972 in two newspaper the Sav-Mor the theft of racks from Grocery in Springdale. Parsons was Juvenile court. transferred' to Circuit Judge Maupin Cummings sentenced Smith lo six months in the county jail with the sentence deferred on one y e a r of good behavior, restitution of damage payment of court costs. and Enters Plea Trial will be March 21 in Washington Circuit Court for Mary Sanders, 32, of Springdale with the illegal sale of a controlled drug (amphetamines). Miss Sanders pleaded inno 'cent Monday. Bail was set al $5,000. Miss Sanders and a co mpanion were arrested in Feb ruary, 1972 in Springdale. up .22 the same. Jim Rush, Arkansas Pollution Commission investigator asks that all gasoline operators in the city check their storage tanks to help locate the source of the gas. Those in the immediate vicinity have been check, Rush said, but time is a factor in locating the leak. The creek which runs under College Avenue and into Fayetteville City Park has been effected by the natural drainage and Rush said nearby wells might be polluted. The pollution of underground waterways is not as severe this time of the year when there is ample water and swift currents. Chief Charles McWhorter of the Fayetteville Fire Department said the leaking gas has been contained In a small pot hole and barricaded and that while the danger of fire is remote at this time the hazard will exist until the source is found. This source, according to Rush, may be a considerable distance away and the investigator appeals to all gasoline station operators to check their storage tanks. ' ' T h a t amount of gas represents a considerable 1 loss of income to the operators," he said, and pointed out that it was to their advantage, as well as for public safety, to check Ihe tanks. Rush said he will assist owners who may find the source and may be reached by calling 846-2770. lead by former Mayor Guy Brown and former cily clerk George Davis. Mayes has advertised in the TIMES recently: "If you are not satisfied with the present form of city governmcnl, come by Richard Mayes Auto Service ... to sign or circulale a petition to call for an election to change to Mayor-Council form." M a y e s signs the advertisement as chairman of the Better Government Committee. Mayes, a frequent critic of Ihe manager type government, believes efforts will be successful to bring about the change. He said pelition signing is going well. We've got a number of persons circulating Ihe petitions." JUST BEGINNING Mayes says the 'campaign is just beginning. A meeting will be held in the next two or three weeks to organize the circulation of pelitions. He sees no problems in obtaining the required number of signatures to bring the question Road Wallace, she was a Methodist. Survivors include one nephew Richard Harris of Springdale. Funeral service will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday · at Sisco Funeral Chapel with burial in Bluff Cemetery. MRS. JOYCE MOORE Prairie Grove -- Mrs. Joyc Moore, 79, of Prairie Grove died this morning in the Siloam Springs hospital. Born March 25, 1893 in Corning, the daughter of Isaac and Dora Payne Reed, she was a member of the Christian Church. Survivors are four sons, Marvin of Prairie Grove, Beryl of Lincoln, Willard of San Francisco and Bob of Tulsa; one daughter, Mrs. Velma Leslie of Prairie Grove; two brothers, McKinley Reed of Santa Cruz, Calif, and Benjamin Reed of Lincoln; three sisters, Mrs. Ida Conley of Fairfax, Okla., Mrs. Kate Dick of Ponca City, Okla., and Mrs. Nell Ingram of Westville, Okla.; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. CONTDJTJTO FROM PAGE ONE) Arkansas will be a better-balanced place for all of us." Bumpers said a one-cent increase in the gasoline tax would tie Arkansas for llth in the nation at 8V4 cents per gallon. He said the increase would cost the aveage motorist about $10 a year. In his recommendation for t h e operating budgets in the second fiscal year, Bumpers included $5.3 million that may be available to the state through unanticipated economic growth above present projects. He said this amount represented about 1,2 per cent of the total budget and that if it did not become available "we will s i m p l y tighten Counfy Financial Report Is Filed The annual financial report ol Washington County was filed Monday in the county clerk's office by Treasurer Hugh Sherry. The report shows the counly a balance as of Dec. 31, 1972 to be $4,141,549.58, in all accounts. This includes $176,622.9.4 in the county general fund, as compared to $125,898 in that account Dec, 31, - - - · s c h o o l 1971. The general .. . fund contained $3,218,506.81, as of Dec. 31, 1972. The county total also includes $300,000 of federal revenue sharing money on a certificate of deposit; and $57,587 in a revenue sharing fund. our if it belts by this becomes neces- amount sary." Bumpers proposed spending $174 million in the next fiscal year and $192 million the following year for public education. That is an increase of $23.1 million over the current year. He said it would produce an average classroom teacher salary increase of $547 in the next fiscal year and another $500 the following year. Funeral service will be at 2 to a vote. p.m. Thursday at Luginbuel Mayes says his committee Funeral Chapel with burial in plans an educational program election on the familiarize voters before the question to with the wording on the ballot. He blames this wording, which is the Wording required by law, on the defeat in the last test. Mayes said even his son discovered later that he had voted the wrong way because of the wording of the question at the ballot box. What is the main problem the committee f i n d s , with the manager government? "You'll get a different answer Trom each person you ask," Mayes said. Mayes says he does not like all of the city directors being elected at-large. "They can all live on the same block. This leads to a board of directors that is controlled by the University. There's no one in your own neighborhood you can go to with a problem. Mayes has been active in the presidential c a m p a i g n s of Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace. Prairie Grove Cemetery. Funerals Rogers -- Guy Rominger; 2 p . m . Wednesday; Callison Funeral Chapel; burial in Rogers Cemetery. Prairie Grove -- Troy L. Bullington; graveside rites, 4 p.m. Wednesday; Prairie Grove Cemetery. Anli-Overcharging Measure Approved J. W. "Bill" Ramsey, representative from Washington County in the Arkansas House of Representatives, in a review of House activity notes that Rep. Ivan Rose of Rogers has introduced a bill at the request of the Arkansas Medical US Presents Check For Astronomy Center WARSAW (AP) -- U.S. Ambassador Richard T. Davies today handed the Polish government the first installment of . $1.391,000 being given for an astronomy center to mark t h e 500th anniversary of the birth Copernicus. The check was presented to Wlodzimierz Trzebiatowski, president of the Academy of Sciences. The gift will pay for a building to house a center for the study of astrophysics a n d related branches of physics, an embassy spokesman said. Society. Ramsey said the Society Speakers Stolen Two speakers and three eight- track tapes were reported stolen from the unlocked car of Stanley Thompson, 1656 Mission Blvd. Thompson notified police of the theft Monday morning. - asked for the bill "because of alleged over-charging of patients by some doctors." HR445, the bill passed by a vote of 78 to 0. The measure says "persistent over-charging or over-treating of patients" is a form of unprofessional conduct for which a physician's license may be revoked by the State Medical Board. lour. "Wow! That's my first In five years," said Capt. Herbert B. Ftingsdorf, 33, of Elba, Ala., slapping his hand to his head after a kiss from Debbie Henry. 16, of Arlington, Va. Lt. Cmdr. Joseph C. Plumb Jr., 32, from Gary, Ind.. was embraced by teen-agers after he said: "The biggest change I see is that the girls are prettier now than when I went in six years ago." The men looked rested after two days at the base hospital. "I thought they would look more beat up, you know, tortured and things like that," said Carlene Beck, 15, from Fort Walton Beach, Fla., as the men passed her. They were smiling and trim in their uniforms. Lt. Cmdr. Frederick R. Purrington of New Bedford, Mass., told one class: "I've been told you feel fortunate we are here amongst you. Let me say we are the fortunate ones. Your faith, your support was the key that brought us home. You turned the key." About 100 persons gathered at the flight line to cheer the men when they took off for home. DAY Chapter To Meet Thursday The re-organized Fayetteville Chapter of Disabled American Veterans will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the basement conference room at the Veterans Administration Hospital. A spokesman from Ihe Ozark Guidance Center' will discuss the services and financing of the center. The DAV chapter was organized in 1972 to assist veterans and their dependents with s e r v i c e connected disabilities to obtain benefits and to become familiar with legislative and law enforcement processes and programs and institutions which provide services to the community. At the March meeting the Washington County Juvenile Court will be featured and legislation and its processes will be highlighted in April. All eligible veterans are invited to attend. The DAV meets the fourth Thursday of each month at the same time and place. County Accepts Low Bids For Trucks, Machines Washington County has accepted low bids on various road equipment and pickup trucks from Lewis Ford of Fayetteville and Pat Henry Chevrolet of Springdale. Lewis Ford submitted the low bid of $90,158.60 on four 10 to 12 yard long diesel dum trucks and one tractor unit. The next highest bid was $92,529.41. Pat Henr y Chevrolet submitted the low bid of $12,950 Tor five standard pickup trucks. The vehicles are being purchased from federal revenuesharing: funds. County Judge Vol Lester said s p e c i f i c a t i o n s a r e being Olson Sentenced On Theft Charge Ronald Wayne Olson, 19, of Bakcrsfield, Calif., has been sentenced to 17 days in the Washington County jail afler pleading guilty Monday in Washington Circuit Court on a charge of burglary and grand larceny. O l s o n Damage Check Washington County deputies are investigating damage at the Winslow school. Damage to a gasoline pump and the theft of about 25 gallons of gas was reported at the school Monday afternoon. Patrol Cars Washington County sheriff's deputies will soon have use of three new patrol cars. S h e r i f f Bill Long said the brown, 1973 Pontiacs pur-- chased from Hattield Pontiac- Cadillac Co. 'in Fayetteville will replace other patrol cars in the yearly replacement cycle. Lights and side decals have ben placed on the cars, which also will have decals across the trunk. The cars are expected to be ready this week. was accused of breaking into the home of John Burson in Fayetteville Feb. 1 and taking a television set, a radio, an electric can opener and an electric knife. Circuit Judge Maupin Cummings sentenced Olson to two years in the state penitentiary with all of the sentence deferred except 17 days, on payment of court costs. START A GRAPEVINE Just say the word to the right people and soon it's all over town. That's how the grapevine works. But there's one way to spread the word even faster-with a Quick-Action TIMES Want Ad. When you are looking for something to buy, or have something to sell, tell about it with a Want Ad. Your story 'will go out to many people just the way you tell it. And that's some grapevine. prepared machine Mosely Trial Trial was under way today in Washington Circuit Court for William Mosely, 25, of 10 S. Willow St., on a charge of burglary and grand larceny. The charge was connection with Ihe filed Jan. burglary of Sherman's Tavern on East Rock Street in Fayetteville. for and lay-down pug mill machine lo be used in laying counly roads. The machines are needed for a new method of laying roads, which Lester examined last week in Crawford County, Kans. Although the initial cost of laying the roads is slightly higher, Lester says the money saved due to the durability and easier maintenance, more than makes up Ihe difference. The TIMES Is The Best Buy For Your Advertising' DollorsI AKC BASSET Puppies. Tri-colored beauties, srust be seen (o be appreciated. Moderately priced. Only a few lell--teller hurry, phone 443- J( KXX. The right people are the friendly AD-Visors you can call at 442-6242. And the best thing yet, an 18-word ad for 6 days costs only $6.30. Do tell! IF HEARING IS YOUR PROBLEM BELTONE IS YOUR ANSWER Newest, finest models of Hearing Aids and Hearing Glasses. · Higher fidelity hearing at natural ear- level · Stereophonic hearing again with Both ears · Fitted electronically to your individual hearing loss · Competent, understanding Personal Service FREE -- An electronic analysis of your hearing loss. Demonstration of newest, most advanced Beltone Models. Visit--Beltone Hearing Air Service Center nearest you. See Mr. Ervin Dock Thursday, March 1st 10 -a.m.-12 noon Town Hoose Motel -- Foyetteville, Ark. Trial Date Set Trial will be March 22 for Everett Hickman, 17, Cliffside Trailer Park, in Washington Circuit Court on a charge of forgery. Hickman is charged with forging the name of Dave Clark on a check for $52.30 Feb. 8. He pleaded innocent to the charge Monday before Circuit ljudge Maupin Cummings. - N O T I C E - GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE Tire Ad that appeared in Monday's Times should have read: H1.80 $ 17.95 Tub«l*M plw 1.73 F*d. fe. Tax «nd OW Tlr». Plus $2.09 to $2.30 Fed. Ex. Tax We give our utmost to those we are privileged to serve. r INVITATION £ NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS RANDACL ROBERIS 206 W. C«ntw MORTON CARNES Faytttoviltt, Ark. when you dine with BENCHCRAFT FURNITURE--second Floor

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