The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 29, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY M DAILY FREE PRESS Established 1903 Weekly 1877 Press Publishing Co. JMR8. JOHN T. GALBRAITH Editor and Manager •>, ^ - - 218 .... r • •. TERMS :^Jil •», » ...,;.. .-. .i,,.,-. • ...,..•• • flnbicrlpUpn 16 cents a : week. -jidyertlsin*" bills due' weekly. •3«ft< wor^.strictly cay&.', . , •ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION' $7.80. --^X,, -'::•'•:>;.,' (.,;»,'*;! •, ,'..",.-•, ^3tater.*d at'the.nogtojflce at Carbon- >s *^>.'Ilil»oie,'; : as : second' class : matter. ~* » in' the! .Free Presi' Building, ; Main'Street' 29:: 1920. Make; Ltian to |,;; Austria Armenia. NEEDED il«,,Secrf(tsirir Glass That It It "U.n- . t^inicible" 'to -HfrnJ That. ' United '. "..States' 'Should .'Wifhh6l'd''^Aid' , tFrom a Stricken People. "Washington, Jan. 29.— Pr'es'l'dVht n asked Secxetaiy^Glass to .make r appeal'-' to 1 ' Sng^e'ss 'fflSr ' v a : u- ' ; t6 ? .loan i '$fi50,000,000 to Poland, .-Austria and Armenia to relieve their " '•. f> Bhe' presi'<Jjut : .'wfrote' the secretary •• ;63wtUt;,wa8 "unthinkable" . to him. that ..ttofe., .United:. Statea should \vithhpld ••ir^a.^the stricken people ^of. those •ouotries the assistance,, which, could '. • '.i»e' . readerect by '^marilng ' aVailab le on - 'efedA a' small ' p'oft'iou of our export-, ,able' surplus' of foo'd." '"Need of Help Is Urgent. "The president's letter follows : "With considerable regret I have .jBoticecl . from the press that congress "is delaying the granting of authority ;--Sor the extension of prompt and gen- . ^sfouB relief, to the stricken portion of .Europe, the urgency and importance, , .-»£ ivhich, especially in respect to Po• -land, Austria and Armenia, yen have ifuHy explained to the ways and means MATHILDA K- QALLMEYER I I>aIlmeyeV of':Tefier'ab'ri. chaTrrua'ri of the Cole'couhty Republican, women's coplmlttee. and- member) qf-.tlie;sta,t;e-,'ee, from, tlie eighth"congVessIona^d'lstrlct.' campalgniedln, ' Isr the''flcsf. woman''.e ,dM' 'of tlie' : Ii'e^ul.llbttri >j Club' :i bf 1 Mls- : jsourl ana the'bittywoman.officer'of the Veneration of All Republican' clubs In Missouri. ' . pemqbitizp'Aririies' If .'Allies Wilf Give TKem--. Certain Guarantees. SOVIET CHIEFS SEEK TRADE i'fell •"Ic is urithinkable to me that we -.^Should withhold from those people who' .--sire, ill such mental' and physical clis- -the assistance which can be ren- ' by making available on credit , nropprtlon' of our exportable of food,'which would alleviate '- -'tlie 'situation. People Dying of Hunger. -"While I .am sure that you must ; explained fully to tlie ways and committee the appalling sltu- in those parts of. Europe whei-e -..-. men, -women and children are now dy- j 'Inff, of starvation and the urgent ne- v.^essity. for prompt assistance, I beg of ijy'oji .tH*t you make another appeal to SOVIET SCHEME Labor Leader Denoiiriees tlie New Plan o.f Government In Russia. „ JUST 1 S;.ys Constitution- Prov.ideS for Com- puls.ory Labor and Assails Three American Magazines as Pro-Russian. Washington,' Jan. 29.—Writing': In ' the 1 ' ciii-reiit n'uinb'ei- of' the Feijerat'ipri- ist,' official drgii'n' of th'e' Ainer'ican Federation ' : of-'Xal)6~i-,' Saiiiue! Gbmpers" cOnUemns''-.-'b6i'shevisni: "completely; fin'silly-and! for'alii time.". . .The American labor, lender says he doubts-whether the, prppagundit iv-hlch emanates i from the bolsheyis.t organi- zation/"ftseif 1's . more "eltec't'ive" tlian thn't'. ','contluctecf liy' tiose' who : cljflm to' 1 bf'-e'nYiVe'ly. 1 de't'ath'ea'' froM" Russian 1 irihb'fen'6'e' and'llu's^i'ah" pSiy'"rolls'."' -He says': .he. doub'ts-' wiifeth'er' pub'll'- ctttlbns Issued: by Russian, bolshevist agents' have.'us -great.. ipi\ effect. In America as • those "which_ like to be knq\yn as,''journal s...of opinion, 1 .'such as .the ifation, the Dial arid" tie' New Re^ubjic;" ._''.' :( ; ".".''^.V- . ; .' ; '„'"'' "Mr. :t ''Gbm*iteTs' mak^es^'an' 'extended' •eference to the ; aVguni'ent" 1 'Am'eri'cfiri people'knW ; llttl'e aliiout what'is-geilbg on In' Ru'ss'la and the- argument it' is unfair and; unwise to : pass judgment. ,• Soviet ( Rules,Known, ',. pers, 48,000 Drug Stores Sell It? Five million people 1 use it to KILL COLDS 1 CASCA .. says Mr. Gom"for America'ns to know' e'kact am Informed that through the' reports of hearings before ^£ne ways" and means, committee, the .- congress : .has' now been furnished witli i. Inoantrpvertlble facts showing, the he£or immediate affirmative ac- •ition. prosperous republic ought not .Vfco 'bear any part of the responsibility •i;£6r the aioral and material chaos that x-must result from an unwillingness on ,-*iir' part to' aid those' less fortunate ^ihan ourselves. ...We cannot, merely .-io iusband a small proportion of.our permit the happening of this t. catastrophe." ' Before House Committee. Action by the house ways and means >j£«jminittee- on Mr. Glass' request for ' .- -.authority to make the loans, is expect- , .-«d. in a'.few days, The secretary and | - .-ather treasury officials 'appeared. Tues-' [ .'"any. before .the Republican steering . ...wmmittee "to explain the necessity for,| -.iie loan and to . discuss the Amer- .-licaii financial situation generally.^ 'Resolutions supporting a loan to 1 the "European countries h; been a.dopted Tby the board of dlrectore of the United ..-States chamber of commerce and it - was announced today 'that the mem: bur 1 .organizations hticl been -asked to ..-adopt similar resolutions and to corn.. -municate their' action to their senn- i -tors and representatives. . British That Moscow Govern, ment Is Willirvj to -Allow Allies' Representatives to Supervise Disbanding of Troops. London, Tan. 2&.—Boris Litvlnoff, envoy of the Ifoscow soviet government, who has been negotiating with a British mission at Copenhagen, has Informed the British the bolshevik! are ready to demobilize their 'armies and abandon their world propaganda If the allies will give certain guarantees, acording to u. Copenhagen dispatch to the Daily Express. Security from all attacks by the al lies in return for sanction of the resumption of commercial trading by the soviet' government. The allies to recall all their forces form the frontiers of soviet Russia. Would Allow Supervision. According to' LitvintW, the soviet is 'wiliing to''allow allleSS" military repre- "sehratlves to enter iSiss'm to'supervise disbanding of the army and to see that the Russians keep nil their pledges. 1 It is-said .trading with'soviet. Russia will be impossible until the array is domob*ili/.ed on account of the lack of transportation facilities. - The .bol- sheviks are said to care nothing ab'out n resumption of diplomatic relations, but they want to get allied commercial representatives in Russia as quickly as possible. Dotiikine Reported Safe. Paris, Jan. 29.—According TO..a dispatch here to the Echo de Paris General Denlkine and his' staff haVe 'arrived at Constantinople 1 and : are' being harbored on board a British, vessel. Details of the : rout of General Denl- kine's once victorious army continue to come into. Paris. They tell of how tens of thousands "of armed men for days streamed,-through Rostov 1 acr.oss the Don, for^the' most part doWndast by 'their'' 'defeat^ ae the- hands' of the 'bolshevlkl armies. Mbunte'd'.and' on'' Foot. . Some are mounted, others oh foot and travel in •units of 300 and up- are boisterous while conditions in_ Germany, before passing il'u'dgm'ent tiu'''the '/6rm' l o'f"go'veriini'ent tii'ere. ' It'lvaK'ne'cessSry diily to 1 knbw tlie'"fdrm" of'gbvern'ment and rules it opei-ated; -under.'-. .'. . "\Ve do. not have to wait for. Information' about the form of government existing in what, is called soviet Rus"- sia ; All the information necessary to 'paSs'iiig -of jucigiiient on bp'ishfevism 'and 'the' s'ystem' of' gb'vernmentr' an'rf'as a state society is at hand from authentic sources. "The 1 plea of - those misguided" per- ions In America who ' wiy" /\v;iit •. for piates-^bre.^cs up n col'J in "24 iKftrs-iSelievei-' n*i;r u 1 -"'" day*- IjSj^jeKback^if.'itlifiSls.VThe "^''rHUiSieTbox; J]at(^»^Scd :op with Mr. Kill's picture. • Al All Draf St*r,m seriously : ili .the:, past two weeks, is able, to,'be but. ' . . .. Miss-Br'yden .b£ Carbondale ''was. a week end .guest''a't'the home- of her -sister, Sirs. J." N. .Fitch. ,. ' '"Wim. Fitch,, who is teaching at\Wolt Lake, spent Saturday, and Sunday with ibis':parents-,r'.Mr. and', Mrs. J. N.. Fitch. ; -The., ^^.Mprsr Hugh,. Stewart, , who. died^We'^nesday.'.af Chicago" with ! the? flu,'-was Brough't Sere-Sunday and juried in BeJK'el'cemetery; .She leave? a-husband and two small children, f, CHINA 'AND; PORTUGAL- Canton Sends, Five Watohip*: to Back Up Demand for Removal of Micap'blke, . . San . Francisco, Jan. i. . pro- vlnciaV ;gb'vernment|' 'of'; "Cfanfeii'' has 'sent'flve'' war vesSels f 'to 'Jfa'cao, 'de- mn'rfclin'g lmTii'ecllnte''re'm6vni of a"dlfce'. 'recently butlt. liy th'e Portugiiese ii •Ch'lri'ese territory in•• violation: of treaty rights, according to ;a cable .dispatch :received .here by the ChInese- ; World, a local. Chinese ddil'y. newspaper. ' The authorities ' have procWrnied Macao"linder' -martial facts before passing Judgment' is r.oth- and have ordered 200''s'olfliers to .the ing uiore than an excuse, which, It is i'scene"of the trouble'.' — t "'-- ™------- .'.SEIZED WHISKY FOR FLU there are. soG!% who are lios'tile' to the curious glances of citizens watching their retreat southward. Between'the defeated armed forces are hundreds of vehicles of all kinds carrying refugees and their belongings. . Following these come sleighs loaded with guns, rations, blankets and 'clothing. hoped, will gain rime for the Russian experiment and enable it to spread to other countries." ' : Quoting fi-iim flu? nt'u- bolshf-vlst constitution. Mr. Gompers points',put. while the lifth Pan-Russian congress declares for a dictatorship ot! the (proletariat and the poorest" peasantry, a great portion of the pe'tfsiintry' is'j disfranchised, and the largest biilshev'i'st estimate of the proletariat calculates them 'as only one-fifth of the number of peasants. Majority Not Represented^ Even a fairly prosperous .workingman, by.this calculation, Mr. Gompers says, Is. not a proletarian. Bolshevist statistics, he says, show the holshevlst minority does not even represent the masses of factory workers in Moscow, the bplshevist stronghold. Quoting- from bblsli'evlst '.official documents to show the extent of massed terror by the bolshevik!,. Mr. Gompers said "economic condition, in infernal Russia at the present time has absolutely nothing to do w)tli' the merits or demerits of the bolsheyist philosophy of government," and adds: "It should have no influence in determining the judgment of any person upon it as such." . What They Do to Labor. • Mr, Gompprs 'questioned as ..the most direct information ; a dispatch from Russian triide unionists to YV. A. Ap- .pleton, .president of the International Federation of Trade. Unions, which de- .clares that bolshevists have split up the reserve funds of trade unions, throttled the labor press, killed .labor organizations, split up trrtde Unions as .a class- and put down strikes by "force of; arms and plentiful execution's. "In all concepts of freedom within! the. 'American nation," Mr. . Gompers said,. "one" fiihdamen'tal principle is that _any involuntary servitude! .thai j,s, compulsory labor, shall not' be' en-., forced upon the wo'rking"p'eo ; ple." SMARE IN PRb.FIT ANlD DEFICIT Eastern Knitting'Mill to Go 50-50 With Its 1,200 Employees—Plan Accepted. inhabltarits of Jfacao bers are leaving for fear of actual fightln; stated. while Chinese in large- num- Hong-Kong in :, the dispatch ''• ' : - ' '^ • '• . . Jan:- 26V. Geo.i Horsely. .spent several ' B.entp.n},laBt -w ' end .giiest of r'elatlves'B5ar.e; , Cliffprd-'Pbbl'e is'.ye'ry .s'fck . writing;-.. .... .'..;:.. .'...-..: . .Gep. Q.ourley. ;Jxas;. sold, his' livery sJsiles.JiO.B. -F. Rose',, . . .'...,;-.; Miss .Mai^de pglestis;,' wfi'o '.has been se'riou'sly 'ili'Tor th^ : " past eleven weeks w K6! 'typhiid , is' • slowly 1 'improylng. Oral Spain of Nebraska; is- here for a visit ;jyiUi,j«lat ( i,ves...-. • ....-.' .. Miss' Melana Dubois is at*' .hJome af- ,t'er a/few days' visit' with 1 , relatives' a1 Ullin. James.Fowley, who has Tj.een «(uite ill, is able to. be .put. . ., • • : . . -.^Mr.. and Mrs.' ..Chas....Settie'moir 6'f Ben'tbn {pent' s'everal 1 days : 'here," the PLEASANT RIDGE. '• I. •' : •• '" ". ' / ,-• Jan. 25. ' '• Fraik «i(8ilalid' has sold his farm to'- Dngan : Taj(ppr •''-.:, • - : ."••;•:-:;,. . f . , .'.Mr. and .Migij Lai^rence.,. Fox, '\rlio' ^y.ej .been : "; {h$ng"..In ' ' Chicago 1 , : hare moved' ; btf 'Bbilfe' Brb ! wn > s' -farin,- near Pleas'aiit : 'ftidge:.s-' • .••ai^..'.-.-; • ,. . Dewey Bullock, .is^vjisijinjgi his uncle;..,. BurJ Bijowo^at this wjiting,' ' ______ ,. . , ^-W...^ .Landis !,Has a stifniaard-' 6red four yea.r''pid'' nlley,'- broke- single'- or ^do'Sble: fife' •w'iH flell-. cheap or trade for'' calves or.."cows. .•„,. , ..„ .^^ , By^uini .is. visiting, in. Carbon' ' , . . "' A'ft5.'e?babj: Tiby'-nras' born to'Mr.-and 1 ---^-.- - - ' ,. ... ; Hallie Harlaria,-»t potttage Home visited his uncle, Homer Johnsbo, Sunday. . .. .Riley Bentz has "moved to Lick >0 . lira/ Fortf B6y!d ol-jCarterville was •c'afie'd-to. Lici'-Creek] on account of the serious illness of'her grandfather. Jeff Roberts is going to crush limestone rock near this place this summer:.-: ,... • , ..-< • • , .,(. Homer. Johnson was at .Frank Roberts' oh" business ; some few days ago. .Frank Pierce.sold-his farm, to John .. . .... ,---. — Roberts and- bought' a-farm from Lum guests of -Mr. and'-Mrs. John Settle- Foster; Mr. Foster moved to Gore- moir. • . . . ville. . ' Miss Gladys'-Rushing of Anna spent j Claiy Crawford of Goreville is very a few. days here with her sister, Mrs. ill. - - . Hugh Lamer. '• i< Dewey Bullock has sold his blood . Mrs."Miles' Lowe'ry,'wfi'6 has been lihound. .. 'if. S. Attorney Plans to Give Hospitals; 100 Cases of "No Man's" Liquor.' Chicago, Jan. CO.—One -!:unilrcil .•--.-cases of "no man's" whisky will-bu ;thrown into.the lists against Chicago's .influenza epidemic if plans oS District Attorney Clyue receive the sanction of ..•STetleral Judge George 1 A.-Carperti.'i-: Mr. dyne's 'proposal is'in ppppsiiion - 'to Health Commissioner Kobertsnn's .. repeated' assertion that "whisky y- ex- "iictly the wrong medicine for influenza • . -and pneumonia:" | The district attorney plans to .nsk i ,-Judge Carpenter for an order -permit'-.ting him" to turn the government's sin--' t .plus whisky stock over to the 'lio*' 1 ' ' \ Wnkefleld, Mass., Jan. 20.—A plan contemplating an equal' division of. net Few of the poor are leaving.- For.' Profits or net losses annually between the most part of the refugees consist! the company, and its 1,200 employees, of the wealthier classes, officers, of- .and containing provisions by which the flcials and their families. . workers mny tako over control of the It is 1 ' a pitiful picture this route ' business, was announced by Winship, compared to the victorious advance j Bolt & Co., owners, of . the . Harvard of these same men during last sum-! Knitting mills, engaged in underwear mer. * 45 PIGS BRING IN $20,000 Corn Belt Stock Raises Attend Sale of Blooded Pojand China Hogs ' Champaign, III. 1 Champaign, 111., Jan. 29.—At' a sale of blooded.. Poland . China hogs' held here 45. hogs'.brought more than'$20,000; ' Four'young pigs'of a litter- of six were 'Sold, for $10,000,' and an offer of $10,000 was refused for the mother. More than 300 stock raisers from .all "over, tlie co-n V-i-lt attended the sale. • ' . mills, manufacture. The omployecs V.']\H, in recent yc.irs, have received an anuuul bonus of 1? per cent, agreed to'accept the plan. ST. PAUL BARS . SOCIALISTS Citl Council: Refuses to "Grant Permit for'Meeting in tho Municipal . Auditorium. St. Psi.ul,-Minn., Jan. 20.—The city council'.'by 'a:iimtnlnious vote, refused to grant ;i permit for a proposed -So- cinlist. in the municipal auditorium, at which former Represehtrt- ti'vp. Victor L». Horirer of Milwaukee wa? UstoU us Hie IfiuKng spenker. Hot: Muffins Sieaniing; broiv-h-crus'ted ones fre sh from the oven.- : How good they taste on rrpsty mornings",'wrien'. eyiery hervfe is atingls and' ajppetitea arb •' on!. edge! They are whole'somis, too, arid supply justthe energy'tKatis needed to carry on the day's work. Enterprise Flour is milled from the' finest hard -winter wheat grown, wheat rich in gluten and lally matured. Such grain, milled by the Valier's procen and oilk sifted-to remarkable fineness, can reduce but one result—a flbiir unequalled all baking purpoiei. • ' ; More loaves per sack Orisr a' oack of Valier's-Enterprisc Flour i today. ' ...' -.•••• Its ipioducta prove it* pre-eminence. l! -l-.-ST.U3UiS,Mo!-ST.JACOBU- hopul»r-piiced flour. It o —.acT= hc:ta of Jrienib.

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