Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 26
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A.26-- INDEPENDENT (AM) . PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) o. c«iii.. Thuf»..M.retiii, ir? RESTAURANTS CWFLETE NIMERS start $199 1 ^ 730 PflcHK -- HE 7-UW HOURS: OPEN DAILY 11 A.M. to 8 P.M aimiiiiiiiiiiiiiMNiiiiMiNiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiimimimMiiiiiiiiiimmmiiiiiiimiiiiii at SWISS STEAK HAUBUT STEAK CHICHN (HBIETS 'GWUID HAM CHICKEN PIE HAMBURGER STEAK CHARLIE UUB CHICK EN PIE DINNER flfifi |WhK«d FVk». Grin. VwwlaWr, ilfwiw t Dcv*···«· ' Ijwl. Ch'klrcn 13 yed'^ i*A undpf dccorr-MTk^J nr'h mews Gourmet Chinese and American Cuisine . Also Foaturing · STEAKS · LOBSTER · PRIME RIB · SEAFQOO · COCKTAllS | CASTAWAYS-Lounge entertainment. | FREMONT-Lounge entertainment. 1 FOUR QUEENS-Lounge entertainment. 1 G O L D E N NUGGET--Country western lounge | entertainment. | IIADENTA--"Spice on Ice." 1 HOLIDAY CASINO-"Wide World = of Burlesque." I MARINA HOTEL--"Bare Touch 1 o( Venus." | MINT--Lounge entertainment. CLARK | 1 RIVTERA--Potula Clark, J. J. Walker. | 1 SHOWBOAT--Ixiunge entertainment except Mon- | 1 days. § | STARDUST-'Ix? Lido do Paris." | f UNION PMZA--"Norman, Is Thai You?" star- | i ring Milt Kamen. ' jjj liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinmiiiiiiiiiiitinrn lantti Tim. Itiru Fri. 11:3* AA to 1 P.M. Wentf t a 11 PJA. *d*r t P.M. Ctowd MmUn IWUti., FU . JAT. OtOANIST DON PERRY OUTSIOI CATillNO (OOD 4 LIQUOR 531 W. WILLOW at MAGNOLIA. 1ONO IIACH · O» 4-V113 I. Itoodwuy. long ft STEAK BONANZA AmiglrfV A 7 A l meat at a $ J_* mini* price. TM * CompJofe Dinners: t^fSTt. ST*tX-T Tu»i. N c w V o t k Wi-d. R ' h E v c Trnifi Ttr Sirloin STEAKS N' STUFF | MON. -- T-BON6 STEAK »·" TUES. -- T O P SIRLOIN .9S WED.--SPENCER STEAK »·»» THURS.--NEW YORK STEAK 3.15 FRI. -- F R I E D SHRIMP »-»3 SAT. --TENDERLOIN STEAK »·«» SUN.-- FRIED CHICKEN S-'S ALL INCLUDE: Soup i Salad. Choice ol Polalo, Hot Roll. Butler, PiK)dlng...Jclloor Sherbet StKVETD 4 p m to 10 p.m. in Vlklrg Roc-n Coflw Shop k. 3400 CMIIRT AVr. at WAIDiOW, LOHO I[ACH t OA 7*7737 EL TORO CAFE "Since 1949" Serving Superb MEXICAN, AMERICAN SEAFOOD SUNDAY BRUNCH 11 to 1 Happy Hour 5 fo 6 .- ;·,. o~ n o.n r ^ * % . ti HI Pacific Oust Hit»», TERRY'S COFFEE SHOP BREAKFAST SPECIAL! Served all day 2£OOS 2.BACON or SAUSAGE HOME FRIED POTATOtS TOAST 1EILY ·1.19 with TEDD THOMEY InoMmt t Gdl ' Special 1 3 Holei of Golf ft Breakfoit Mon. thru Thur. 7 to 10 A.M. $3.50 IEER WINE heartwell restaurant 6700 E. CARSON LONG BEACH 431-8855 Chef Harry Bosalls DAILY LUMCHIOM A DINMIB (riCIAL* . PLUS- Breakfzit Special 89 EL MATAPOR MEXICAN RESTAURANT DAILY . SECOND ST., 1.5. BtlHOST SHCBE ««-D28 MOON GARDEN EXQUISITE CANTONESE FAMILY STYLE CUISINE FOOD TO GO Banquet Facilities OPEN 7 D A Y S MOON TO 10 P.M. 1713UJ LAKWOOD BLVD. 131-7777 * STACY FARRELL'S* COCKTAILS · DINING ENTERTAINMENT Fabulous Country Western Music 7 Nitihls · LUNCHEON · DINNUS t COCKTAILS CLARK ROHN For over 30 yrws we have been famoul for . . . PRIME RIB STEAKS * SEAFOOD FAMOUS BREAKFAST 1 MONDAY NITE . LADIES' NITt LUNCH, DINNER, COCKTAllS MEXICAN FOOD PORTERHOUSE'S .45 FILET PRIME RIB inHoll-in LOBSTER VISIT OUS HEW COCKTJUUUKGE · TAXKXn FOOO · 11272 LOS ALAMITOS BLVD. H Loi Alomitoi, Col.f. [· DTVNANA1TE MAGI SHOW GROUP PLAYS FOR DANCING NIGHTLY AT QUIET CANNON Greg Carroll, Jamie Knight, Gcorgina Romero, Hank Hanawalt, M i k e Mathis, Gregg Gibson -Staff Photo ninny people ngcri 30 anci beyond. After 10:30. (he lounge fills with the younger crowd -- and how they love that medium-rock sound with lots of contemporary dance material. Featured arc Ihe latest creations of such artists as Bowie, tsley Brothers, Uonstadt, fiadaka, Bee Gees, Average White Band, Tower of Power and many, more. ./ Magi's sound is big and different: It includes hyq. lead sinners and plenty of five-part vocal harmony. There are two lead guitars, bass and lots of drum' intensity. There's the unusual dynamite sound of a lap steel guitar. And blended throughout is the sweet spice (frankincense?) of a wonderful harmonica. . _'..; I expected to hear that terrific harmonica, becauslj I happened to know that Grey Carroll, who plays it, was the sparkplug who helped put Magi together. I first met Greg, a Long Beach boy, when he was the star of the' Group, featured at Wind Rose at Seaport Village. I also'.. knew that Jamie Knight, another star of the Group,*: helped Greg create Magi. So when I visited the Cannon j.'i was prepared for Greg and Jamie -- but not for all those other surprises. Surprise No. 1:1 hardly recognized Greg and Jamie, because of their different appearance. When I heard them in 1974 at Wind Rose, Greg had long hair dangling all over his shoulders. Jamie's blond hair was evejv; longer, and he also had a bushy beard and mustachc;.- They wore casual duds that might've come off a pile at-; a rummage sale. The "new" Greg has short hair, really . short, and wears a small diamond in his left carlobe as; a stage effect. The "new" Jamie is beardless and looks. 10 years younger than in 14. His blond hair is medium; fCont. Next Page) · 1' By TEDD TllOMEY lUslnurant F.dilor MAGI BRINfiS LONG BEACH THE GIFT OF \N EXCITING CONTEMPORARY DANCK \NT) SHOW BAND WITH A BIGGER SOUND -- I enjoyed surprise afler surprise the other evening in the harbor-view lounge al the Quiet Cannon, 600 Queensway Drive. I went there expecting to hear an old band with a new name. Instead 1 discovered a completely new group of six supertalented young people with an inspiring, high- energy sound. They call themselves Magi. Magi is the biblical name for the three kings, also known as wise men, who brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Jesus. The music of the Magi group has no religious orientation. But the gift Is there for those who are wise enough tn visit the Quiet Cannon and hear it Magi is an up-to-the-minute top-H) group which has put it all together. Mari is a show group. Magi is also a group with a splendid dance beat. In my opinion. Magi has become -- in just a few short weeks -- the best young contemporary group in Long Beach. Definitely. Unquestionably. Magi is on stage in the Cannon's glamorous view lounge Tuesday through Saturday nights. From 8:31) to 10:30 the group entertains the dinner crowd, including RESTAURANT'i FINE FOOD SPIRITSSERVED IN A FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE COMPLETE DINNERS . . . PRIME RIB $495 OD STEAKS t '3* STEAKS VEAL PARM1GIANA ·MraRTAINMINT NIOKTLT BY MEL NORFIEET SUN^N^'TUE.??*^. HERB McKIM WID SAT.SJAM.TUE.S? FERNAND MATELl SUN THRU THUS, s-9 f . SIMAYCUN BHMGH 10 AX. TO 3 PM. 'AGUE EARLY DlNIER SKGtALS 4-6 MON..THUS. . . . 5096 LONG BEACH BLVD. 422-0505 MARCH SPECIAL! 'ALL YOU CAN EAT PRIME KIR Also now serving ALVSKAN KING CRAB on the DINNER Banquet and Private Party Facilities Available for all Occasions. Limited Resavatkns Aawrted 598-9411 Hows: Won -Tburs $:30- 10:30p.m frl. Sflt. 5:30 f o i l :X p.m. . Son. J.X to 10:00 pm. C CHART HOUSE FINE STbAKS · SEAfOODS · COCKTAILS 515 MARINA DRIVE · LONG 8EACH MARINA 1600 WATTS of Super Sensuous Soundf "SEN5OROONP" SYSTEM FROM PARAMOUNT STUDIO'S "EARTHQUAKE" 'pANCJVG - COCKTAILS MONDAY is IEQUHA Nk)M · SO fXt Jxjl TUES. «. ItlURS n DROWN Nujkl 8 p m. JO · V p m. 5O Max W V/EONESOAY ii STUDENT orJ LADIES W.o*it 75' . SUNDAY it DANCt CONTEST N^i SI COCOvl· CM**Oi in S. WI ntown Lomj Beach PINE AVE.-218 E. BROADWAY, L.B. LUNCHEON SPECIAL SOUP AND SALAD LITTLE HENRY SANDWICH COFFEE OR TEA Served Mon. Hvu Sot. 1 1 A.M. to 3 P.M. Our famous ROAST BEEF DINNER RMi1 Rrt'f .*u ius, nvsihcd 00*1* Tt»T» Of J\v. ooe M'Ad. roil and bj!- If. hewr j^x. coffee or fc*. *nd *nirrt SATURDAY ONLY R« f J M $ 2.50 DAILY DINNER SPECIAL ENTREE CHANGES DAILY Potato, vwr Srtlnd, Roll S. Coffeo or Moodily Ihru S OPEN DAILY · BREAKFAST · tUNCH · DINNER TAKE THE ORIVE-I'M STILL ALIVE BESID6S-MY FOOO ANDWINE WILL MAKE YOU SHINE 1 DE PALMAS Man Tillage Resttmratt 13401 Hi-W«y71,CofOM \t (^Vi $ou* o* Co^o^i J«t»»»-i Corona 1 EK**«or For Information Call J14/474-JWI P.S. Artef I Yt*rs in Cw«y. cst hjif o* ocf Long B*K*I trra trunih i K'ryn HJI ijtt ?w *ivf Oron a.1 4 J^ejk brwd «rtti oU Gviunt. . W« Lcve'em! Rf*njtiora «Mint DINING · DANCING · COCKTAILS "LI, [NJimtNMCNT 7 NIGHJS ·FIREBELL Featuring LOUNGE OPEN 74 HOURS Superb Dining RON MARSHALL "SPICE OF LIFE" T1011 Alondra at Studebaker, Norwalk 848-9115 or 863-5127 STEAKS · COCKTAILS AUSTRALIAN LOBSTER PRIME RIB DINNERS ' RESTAURANT by Georyt Grande« WAHDLOW [MOT Orang BIT of SWEDEN SEXVIM DELICIOUS LUNCHEMS ntOH 11JO ajn. DWKRSFMM3 COMPLETE CATERING FOR ALL OCCASIONS Closed Mondays 2131 E. BROADWAY, IdNGjtACH J Blki. f. Cherry - 434-0587 or 4334031

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