Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 42
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 42

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 42
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D.Z-INDEPENDENT l "" ""*·""·"""· "' il ""j ])KAI)IIKAT 1'OIJ 2i\I) 'II.\K IIUIIIMiWIII- luf:!iit .Vp j.YISIin.'\ I r w n -111/ yir TfT 1 · 'Averill Wins IIariie tS ntllcap Pace Feature Archie .Moore iS'ot Dead Vet I ife- hasn't been loo kind to old Archie Moore in recent years--and the boxing Mongoose has returned the favor by gulping down carloads of "run- out pills"--thus the suspicion links here that the ancient one will dispatch his handsome Latin foe. Alejandro Livurantv. in quick order tonight at the Spurts Arena. I'ntil ;; few days i\yi. this t u r n e r harhoied the idea dial tin- Argentine Imll Would tend Aicliie into per- m.incnt retirement. I.nuir- ante has been a refreshing change on the boxing seem--.1 xoung Minn (2!i) xviili excellent habits and a i|uifl. but pleasing, personality. However. I'm afr;iid I ' l l Imve to lean on 1-co Duru- flier's bromide "nice nuys never \vin" and tali Moore to tlirasli Alejandro this evening. This is a MUST bout AI.UANDKO I.AVOHA.Y1 E fur Archie. It doesn't mean A N'«o Kid, Hut . . . too much in the Inn;; run to Lavorante--unless he gets lagged before all the customers have plopped into their · hairs--because a loss to Moore isn't the worst t h i n g that could happen to a young boxer. · Oddly, it's a xcry important bittlc for Moore because the supposedly wealthy Mongoose needs M-O-N-E-Y. "We've made a lot of loot, Archie and I," Jack (Doc) Kcarns. his colorful VO-ycar-old manager, told us the other day. "but we ain't got much of it in hand right now. ".Ma} he you newspaper RIIJS don't rcali/c il, hut Archie's Ilircc biggest purses in the last three years are tied up in scinic kind of litigation. Ex en (he dough he should of gut for that fight in 'JS against Durelle (Vxnn) is slill tied up In legal tape. It's okay lo have that stuff in escrow, because we'll sure a? hell get It some day, but thai don't put meal and potatoes on our tahle today. "Veil, Archie's got a couple of businesses going for him, too, but that ain't dough we can operate with, cither." Kcams, n Damon Runyon-like character who used to pick up 520.000-pcr-cvcning Hroadway labs in his younger days, obviously was getting warmed up on his favorite subject. M-O-N-E-Y. "THINGS AI.VT LIKE they was in the old days." rnthuscd Kcarns. "When a guy a fight, he cot paid off right now and we'd all j:o out and have a good time. Things are MJ b.-.d today that Aicliie and I almost got Ilirown in the jug last year because «e lashed a Sj.OOO c.\pcnse check and tlie t h i n g bounced. How cheap can u promoter pet to give a fighter a bum check? "Anyway, Arch can't afford to let this nice, young buy lake him. We got a match coming up in June with tiene Fullmer and If Moore blows to I-auirante, who's gonna pay to see him fight rullmcr?" This, dear leaders, is exactly why the Merry-Co- Itounder can't see Mooic petting polc-a\cd by die "nice, yuung boy." When the dollar signs flash. Moore acts like a runaway pin-ball machine. * * * IMOOUE'S PUIII.IC lli:i.ATin\S Invert fliMiri'hfd (luring the past year. He often has failed to turn up at banqucls to which he agreed to attend . . . he has been ccnspiculously absent at specially-napped press conferences . . . and he clima::ed his whole routine by refusing j to spar at Olympic Auditorium Sunday when , r ,()(K patrons turned out lo glimpse him and Alejandro. Moore and Kcarns couldn't care less. " Archie figures people come lu sec him box and that he's nut a sideshow," claimed Kearns. xvho still left unexplained the reason Moore accepts tilt Invitations in the first place. "Don't bl.imc Mooir for not boxing .Sunday, either. There xvcrc loo damn in.uiy Laxoramc supporters in the ctuxvd. so Arch decided ID work out someplace else." It is hoped that Ihc project of 'Jj [er cint of the J-i'orts Arena crowd f.ixormg Lavorante tonight, xvon'l deter Ihc Mongoose from showing up. .South American newsmen--and (here's a mob of 'em »«io*r. MUCH CUil C J ltd. P»rtu «I1M. IIIH o*r OF noAr MIIIINO if: Itl r«l 1:J« pm. _ Hmt Drtftr n It. r»rt« »!«._ ._"**. '.rjcm In one ol the most c.Miling finishes of the meeting. Edccvvooil Averill registered a head victory in ,-, · t: ; l ~-^ i ,- to ^ l - *,.,*«- capturing the ?:i,000 Woman's Club of Uuwncy l'ace|" 'KJM'orA'.Vio-oMMUT *""""* at Santa Anita Thursday before a crowd of 0,707. ; A dcadheat resulted for ( ] second place between Great \ I Reveller, the New Zealand invader, and Mocking Ityrd, the C-5 favorite, xvho xvere a head behind the xvinner. while Way/ac, xvas last in the II V If 1 « ^ " » MUST PKOVK U K CAMUJN UCOND_IIACr.J-TMl«._CI I * L««JJ Wtr )At.frm4*l j / Jut lie Bi-d uinti.i:i . 4 CoionH C*»on (B«.:cf) . 5 ClKkrYor (Vtfiwlndtl ._ I b.«-r» H« IVorlrl ... I (UrC4rri K1 (M4rtetttl . _ _ · · - ··- - · t'wn fuurhorse another half-lenclh. by liecause of the small field i Racing decreed Huntley's ,.;,, , lurk , Bar, last . , , . , year's 2-year-old q u a r t e r of only four horses, there was h()rs( . t , wi| , havc ,,, nu show betting, with thc' p r o v c lle still can ,,,, winner paying $r,.2U and hc tan Mart in a racc $2.20. The place prices on , hc 5prin ,, mfl:{ - mi , at Los Great Reveller and Mocking Alamitos Race Courfc open- Hyrd were $2.4(1 and $2.20j in ,. A p r i i ,, respectively. The winning] This is like runnim-.a secur time for thr one mile pace jty check on J. Edgar Hoover was 2:00. 'following a v a c a t i o n , for " " ' * ; Pokey liar comes to 25-dav THE HACK saw Wayzac mce |j nr . with Rilt-cdped cre- set most of the pace while'dentials. lle is the xvinner of being challenged by (Jreat ; s i x ,,f n j,, e s i art s and boasts R e v e l l e r , xvilh rd;;ewood ||,c second largest bankroll Averill and Mocking Hyrd ever assembled by a quarter layinj: back in third and 'horse. $120,918. fourth positions. As the. However, I'okry Par still horses bit the stretch. Jim w i l l have to qualify, fc/rllurkc Dennis pulled Ed;;exx'ood Av-jias decreed, that to protect erill to the outside nnd Jimmy the public, any horse which Cruise drove Mocking Hyrdihas not Marled since Jan. 1 through an opening on ihe'nmst turn in a satisfactory: rail. The four horses raced ,'1.10-yard workout from tliCi abreast down most of the Rate carrying the same co,uip-| IKt Cff t? b««l . Ctiamt off t*it .n j 11 -- rtm weit to« t9v«n . Kul imh B«ktr| . _' . T' _ _tONGSHOr*BtAINC_HANOVC R IMI«OJIACt._l«l«._J MV-tMr 1 D*rs Uctl fva:in ktfl . f * M r . K. lilOfVI . 4 B«ro"f1l Itvrd fLtaS-n.MI I t V f r n t Goodt'n-c (Bt'l^^otM I Q b C . r d Scott (dTM!!) . «Sior* ri'rv. b Dril» *n!r/. . LONGiHOT-OtL'S DOLL t N««/ Ourt (CruUil . . . _ _ HArd to cak »o«.nit hm IW.5ynt*n Paul |M.nnlt«r| ,,. . Irtt otic 10 6«.l . 3 · Jrt Hlo*)t IKjutman) . .. Comifg ott t«.r tttort . 2 Vuiicr Jewvt* (C. Tiiritt) .-.. H.d · routfi trtb 4 Sut*r Volo (MAnidl ... ._ Nat *1 Imoott.bit f % Sovtntm Boy IM«hff) _^. . _ Kt'tl · loneyiot Ul- . f Robert* D. Lr« (0« vncil . . . Net ».m Hn f.t'd _ 7 Jon T*l (V«n Z«nttn} . . . ,, . $n«ro (mprcvtrwnt I 4 tfl« MJ* IRoccft.01 . . " ' lO.furWIf llffir/ (. T ' LONCtHOT--SOUTHEKM 10T riFJM_RACt. Hltik._CIJtt C l._Trtt._P»r»t MIO_ 5 » itictre THE PALMER METHttP ottci nmiwitH uri HANI M/ Ml hvd 7ji(ki ever/ pu"; ··/ ligM fond pfovtdn pu«cr. I ivoton ihol linct !*·* left ^o^d tfoii l* thot. il dxulJ ditcci it. ie light Kov) h lh« lltct^tt, u il tttoutd providt powtt. I we lU bod of n/ left hard ci !)·« loccl point in putting. At o4- dmi, I wont to lace the intended lire iquaicl/. l! jrsuldi'l mo»e from ihil point ot ony time djn^-J Don't let the left wilt bteok · ot cry time, even in tte follow- Ihroujh. king th* clubtwad bade b/ win? rht ligM wriil -- let il do |K« treat ing. A good way ro maintain tbit left wriil petition il to concentrate on leeping as stra^M a line a pouible doon the ouhide of the Ctf. /fwofti Pd(tHVt stretch, xvith Edgexvnod Av-'ment he will in a racc. erill r;ctling the nod at die I xvire. ! The victory extended Denims' lead in the driver itand- ings to three over runner-upj iCddie Wheeler. Dennis now i has made 13 trips lo the xvin-iO'i^K""'' tier's circle in ''' -'-·- -''--'"*""----'-*· racing, for average. IIAHiNKSS KKSULTS F | R $ T BACC _ M|) , (Mo,II .JIMMUIMJM M ;i,nd.«tr IV. (u*tn») ...._ i*t i f*, 4 *.om brewer ' " 3 Perfett pr.,t* I I'rtCt Woe'M 5 Butttl M*rmor» io »·»: Here's pulling in a outsell I To s' »end 10$ end a ilairped, return envelope fo Ams!d F:!, c/o this nevnpeper. j., o Ferrier Shoots 67, Leads Azalea byOne WILMINGTON, N.C. OB-, "Ifs good to he back," said ''n ^rricr. hack on golfs the ti-4 lerrier, PGA cliam- J! l I)rofessional tour at the apc;P ion of ml a n j i»»neri ***'_ - ,Jj! o f 47 after a six-year " " "" -·-- l i l ! f i r c d seven birdies "" 5' G7 to take tl c first-round lead jiTM J| in the 72-l.oIe520.000 Aralca'rj^ ,,',' Open tournament. ce-V 111 The native of Australia."*-. " xvho m.ikes his home at Dur- «i' i- T"J: bank. Calif., birdied four of R*o c last ci£ht holes for an'»j!i . - 3* 54-7" :3-37-7- 763 7*3' ktrtlij) i I . cTM M.tho ·S;l!f'".Vjr»??J,"Lr--zrrn incoming 32 to take a . i»«t u lurenn . in 1 KKSULTS i DAILY DOUILC PAID Sttl M THIKU net: v . o r - s y V. now ( C r L - ^ r t lalO * M W A'?i»'(l'f!rfl """' * , -n T... e-1 ^j-i. .r«'thtd-C4£!* .1 RrLcl, rouRTH RACF-- **te CU"h l.pre^ OUHjn 4 4 ] 3 TO ? M ti.i\ yr.t Ciuie J U NINIH_RACE. 7 Tfof Hftfaewxid (De^n.Jl * Y x ^ k f t J. (CrK'it) 7 «.(·»(· Goodi ICirf^t!) _ S r.fd Ttlf (V.^r.ff) 3 K'lfl CJ"f (Lif-h.iil CUu · 1. P«cr. Pvrtt 12M. firs t3 hO'd 11 «4S, ' M-d'v tn.t if 4 t . . . . C c j ' J la croc t v l f C ; T T * * t frc"i mi Ce O'y *·» i'D'-f'trt 1*14 shot lead over four rivals. I5KST 1 Jf ry Mjoet . _ fl :a Sw«-ce . . ·Xf 5' H ... _.,, __, 343V-TI _____ 3534-- n , «3*-n J Q.-i , W - l l 70 ICNCJMOT-JtNATOR PRIM «I«r(J. VO' -l U t. D«. f i HMH RACr-- Mile t , __ ,«flv»MM it M.vh C*». M*»»* .- . 3 " l t rZll 01*, NftVrr.t^**' " " I.rr.f-i;il,i. itr*tej^l: L O v f y U'k. S t v r N T H MCC-M*f flet: DAILY DQUIir FAID V*l II Jrry l-»rt.p», WHni Jr 3 63 3 Cl THIRD HACC-^ 1 ! Iwrte-fi4i: ! So^t kn y.t, pie'Ct . 3 IJ .i-r Ley. H. tt.«'tna., 100 719 ? 40 ld"«'» S,«, CrcMi Term. Vom _ _ . 3 t) 7 O! Tif»-- ? 04' · H» K '«tt*i»i . ,, _ 341 IIGHTH RACE-- M.It l«t: d Hrp. Fl*vn^ fflo*-d A,»n'i. Df"i t i :3 ?n FUt^y D»fr. ci t.'eit Re.ei.ef, O^en er . 7*3 . .frt-- S4«« . , ,dn Mscfclfg B»ra, ' l Jtf. _____ (Continued l'.; LAWSUIT VS. BLANKS* MEL1SLI-: SAN WAN-CISCO (L'PI) -- 1 hrcc p e r s o n s « ho charged they xverc roughed up xxhile allcnding an ice h o c k e y game filed suit 'Iliursday for a tola! if $130,000 against Los Angeles Illades pbycr Danny llellsle, the San Iranciseo and Ins Angeles hockey clubs and the W e s t e r n Hockey League. They said the ruckus occurred when they were attending a Seals - I M a d e s game at the Cow Palace March 21. They said they x\erc sitting near the Blades' bench and that llelislc stood In I Hint of them. When Mrs. Corsiglia a s k e d him In move, they said, he I nocked her down and broke her glasses. !)-3, Col. I) Bnt M:nrr Preiotct-RrM'r C..(ti « (."·* C?7- N Vim p»rUf-- Httr Ch'.l (i "1 tl t-"i- l H^'c Hl»» I Kltly In 4th C f n * * » · . drive the pickup that thinks it's a KESSIiER/WINS WITH SMOOTHNESS. Kessler is thesmoothestbuy, it wins the value race. For pleasure by the carload, this whiskey takes first place! CHEV. IMP. 73.38 Cad. Cp. DeVille 138.50 T-BIRD 99,50 M O N Z A . 67.20 CUi Kt C Sitl. Kt M7I3 D. J. LEASE CO. I45J5 Finraomil Bl.d. Pirirroont KOI f H £ BICGtST BUT I HC ItST Mi MUU t KCC1U SMOOTH AS SI ncnntntt«ann_».iu^iiufi nun. n fi:.. inr, tti~ 1:1111: i"i:u. ... Av»»r.s- /V'.s- IttiC'priccd--am! nets mm lop trade to boot! Gml) tho wheel of this f.'ist-strpping Dodge Pickup. Tramp down hanl on flic acwlorator--nml liold on! KH-S like a gn-ascd niix-i!r. Corners like a canny tat. J lamlles like a grand champion. And this spirited Dixlge Truck i* priced way down with Ford and Chevy! Might now you can make a whale of a saving through \uui- Uidge Dealer's all-time Ibp Allowance. Time to start? Sec it today at your Dodge Dealer Get the Edge in new truck features Top Trade allowance too! VERNE HOLMES, INC. 3449 Atlantic Blvd. NORTH LONG BEACH GLENN E. THOMAS CO. 340 E. Anaheim S». LONG BEACH

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