The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 8, 1906 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 8, 1906
Page 7
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CHIWvICOTHE CONSTITUTION SEPTEMBER 8 1906 Seven R-oom House Nine lots. Good barn. All kinds fruit. A {food location. Price 81850.00 Nine-Room Brick House In city. Modern. Good barn. Price"$2,700. Eightf-Room Frame House Two blocks £1-001 square. Price $1,850. Five-Room House. Three blocks from square, good barn. Price $025. Five-Room Frome House from square. Two blocks Price $1,250. Eight-Room Frame House Three blocks from square. Modern, Price $3,500. Six-Room House Five lots, jrood barn; fruit of all kind. Price $800. Five-Room House Five room boose. Good repair, price S525.00. Eight-Room House Modern. Three blocks from square. New barn. Wood house. Price $2,600. BazelJ. Meek Land Co. AT.Oinningham, Mgr. City Depl. Tlio Kind You Have Always Bought, ami wlucli lias been lii use for over (JO years, has koriie tlie signature of „ a- tmd has been made under iiis per^7*"2 !!Z ~ sojial supervision since its infancy •4£z*4nt /UJ.'ntf ao oue to deceive you in fliis. Ail Counterfeits, imitations and " Just-as-good" are but Experiments tSiat triiic ^vittt and endanger the health of talauts ant! Ciusi»reu---b'spcric»ice against lixperiiueni. Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor O?5» Paregoric, Drops aud Soothing- Syrups. It is Pleasant. K coiiiiiius neither Opiiuo, Morphine nor other Narcotic suust.uiicc. Jts age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms ftud aUays Feverishuess. it cures Oiarrueea and Wind Colic, It relieves TeetUins Troaibles, cures Constipation ?rfid Flatulency. Et assimilates the Food, regulates tho Storaacu and Bowels, giving healthy and natural CThe Chwdreu's Panacea-^'iie Mother's Friend, CASTOR IA ALWAYS Bears the Signature of • /?_ We Have These and Many Other s -____ Bargains. SS^BOO—Nine-room dwelling, smiil'i barn, soinu fruil, two lots, in cxculleiil U';i;;'l)!)orliood. $2,35O--.Si!vea-rooi!i dwulliiiy, bath, ok;., barn aud \voodsliyd. Lot 50x112 'fuel. $85O—Five-room ilwelliny. on West Webster .street, oue lot. $1,OOO—Six-room dwelling ou North Kim street. Good uei.^ii- iiood i-ud a bargain. $S5O — Five-room Jwellinjf with lot 00x140 feet. $600 — Two small dwellings $UOO each, on easy terms. GILL ®> RYAN, Barney Bldg. ChSllicoLhe, Mo. aye Always Bought Use For Over 30 Years. GREATEST FARM LANDS, PASTURE LANDS, CITY PROPERTIES. Prices on Best Crop-Growing- Lands in Kansas ranging from $30 to $40 per acre. Invest now and double your money in live years or less lime. Correspondence given ready reply. All calls of prospective buyers given courteous attention. LEBO. KANSAS. COFFEE Co I To have a happy home you must have children, as they are great happy-home makers. If a weak woman, you can be made strong- enough to bear healthy children, with little pain or discomfort to yourself, by taking Woman's Relief It will ease away all your pain, reduce inflammation, cure leucorrhea (whites;, falling womb, ovarian trouble, disordered menses, backache, headache, etc., and make childbirth natural and easy. Try it. At every drug store in $1.00 bottles. WRITE US A LETIEK freely and frankly, telling us all your troubles. We will send free advice (in plain sealed envelope). Address: Ladies' Advisory Dept.,The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. "DUE TO CARDUI and nothing else, is my baby girl, now two weeks old," writes Mrs. J. P. West, of Webster City, Iowa. "She Is a fine, healthy babe and we are both doing nicely." CITY REAL ESTATE. Ilodnrn slnto-roof. brick voneer. ty-room dwelling, large lot, line shadeaud fruit, line ""room, almost new dwelling, near Central scliool, price SVW viccO-room dweiline. nenrOfiitral school aci'od cellar, snatli front, price $-.>,iO. 4-rooni. new 1 story dwolliiiR on uaynard street, price SJ^ 1 - , . ".j-rnniiinlmist mnvdv.-i>II!ns:iml Isirn und lots nnd burn, nrlco $T(H. near Industrial Tile last .'our ilwolllnsis ln'lunw to nonresident aud have to soil. Farms. 100 a-.res tand— W acres flue corn land, balance timber, blue grass pasture, uniail- inRsprliiK. t-2.5(i!i, jaW> down balance (. per cent. 70-aore Farm—i-rooin (iHvlllnK, bnru end out-bulldlnK:-. -10 acres (In:; o.irn land, li-'lance nillliiB bine itrass pasture, on !!. I'. I'., wild ti'lopii.i'i" lin". uiifi.llliiBSprlnBln p.-is- tnre, price $i !'«'. {VUHlov.-ii balance at r, p. r cent. 1 have Inriro list of all kinds of Iteal Kstaie nnd can suit, you. Muii>-y ioauotl nt 5,': :ind 7 percent <m city and fiini! land. InsurnncD -written in ciinuiiiii'-s tl::it. pny lusse.-. on farms aud cl!.v invpurty. ollice IK-ros- street from 1'ost (J.'lii'"- L N. PAGE. CHOCOLATE MINT GRAPE KOLA OBANCE-ADE COCA-COLA MATINEE 2:30. NIGHT 8:20 SAMUEL COMPANY present the beautiful comedy ilrnrun Complete Scenic Production; A Metropolitan Caste; A Play of Western Life, Replete with Stirring Situations of Heart Interest. Keats on sale at Owl Drug Store, PRIDES: lat. f5-25s. High! 25-35-59-75. Boxes $1, T «r>"~ j^tr*i' ti "T"l 9 \J if E-OP-A-THY. * * TUB clriiRless remedy for the i• e ! ll ^ r t ^ ( ^^ nBl ls nlpidly w!nuiuB fnvor wHh * " ~, 8. Phslps Dri Lavlai Bsaucsmp OHILLTOOTHI^MO. I Consultation and Examination FREE. ^ Phones: Office HI: Residence: Pheips 208; Benuchnm Office Hours: S to 12 A. M. 1 to f ~ "" P. M. VlsitinK hours by appointment. Ollilce: Dank of HiilllcoUio bldg. Telephone 370, Dr. Ohas. i. Wolfe, Osteopafhic Physician Fifth Year in Chillicothe SPECIALIST. IN CHRONIC D IS E A S!E S COSSUI.TATION AXD EXAMINATION FREE. FURNITURE CO. 'PHONESs Ni^H? 189, ©AY BEEF STEERS STEADY. Kansas City, Sept. 7.—Steers steady; top $5.10; cows and heifers slow; stookers dull; calves higher. Hogs 5@103 higher; top $6.35; bulk So.OogG.25. Sheep strong. Cattle-Receipts 2,000, including 500 Southerns. Native steersSJ.OO (et6.50; Southern steers, §275 3.85; southern cows S1.75@3.00; Native cows and heifers, §2.00 4.85;stockers and feeders S2.50(«s -1.50; bull8,S2.'00(g)3.15;calveBS3.00 (rtjfi.OO; western fed steers $2.50® 5.75; western fed cows §2.00(^.4.00. Hogs—Receipts 6,000; heavy 35.95^6 10; packers §6.10® 6.30; pigs and lights, S6.00@6.35. Sheep—Receipts 3,000; Muttons 84.5005.60; lambs §6.00(^7.65 range wethers, $4.6055.75; fed ewes, §4.75Ca5.-10. KA.NSA.S OITTf Kansas City, Sept. 7—Wheat- Sept. 63; 4 c; Dec 65%c; May C9%c;Cash No.2 hard No. 3,63(^06; No. 2 red No. 3, 65c. Corn—Sep 42c; Dec 37>£c;May 3S%c;July 3SMc;Cash No.2 mixed 43>i'c;No. 2 white, 45c. Oats—No. 2 white 31@32c; No. 2 mixed, 29>^(ffi30Mc. Kant as Oity produce. Kansas City, Sept. 7—Butter- Firm. Creamery,extra, 23c; packing 16>.<c. Eggs—extra, 20c. There is nothing so pleasant as that bright, cheerful, at-peace- with-tho-world feeling when you ^-it down to your breakfast. There is nothing so conductive to good ivork and good results. The healthy mail with a healthy rniud and body is a better fellow, a bettor workman, a better citizeu than tho man or woman who is handicapped by some disability, however slight. A slight disorder of tho stomach will derange your body, your thoughts and your disposi- ion. Get away from the morbid- ness and tho blues. Keep your stomach in tune and both your brain and body will respond. Little indiscretions of overeating :an be easily corrected and you will be surprised to see how much better man you are. Try a little Kodol For Dyspepsia after your meals. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy- HADLEYHOT SATISFIED YET. . St. Louis, Sept. 7.—Attorney j eneral Hadley sadi today that he j intends to have introduced into tho next legislature a bill making, iven greater reductions ia railroad rates than was made by the statute enacted in 1905. Expert account- j ants employed by the state have disproved the contention of the railroads that the statutes of 1905 reduced rates so as to destroy heir profits entiiely. Furtner reduction can be made and leave a iberal profit. The law passed at ;ho last session reduced freight, .rates 30 per cont and would have ' resulted in a saving to shippers of 1 million dollars annually, but for ;ho injunction. Like a Clock The pulsation of the heart marks the passage of the blood through the veins, just as the ticking of a clock indicates the flight of moments of time. Palpitation, fluttering or irregular action reveals the fact that the heart is running down— and unless strengthened, is liable to stop at any time under some weakening influence, such as excitement, over-work, or intense mental or physical strain. To regulate the heart action, you should take Dr. Miles' Heart Cure when any symptoms of a weak heart is apparent. It has no equal. "Sometime ago I had a vory severe pain around niy heart, and most of the time I had ;i heavy beating or throbbing of the heart. It would beat so that when I lay down at night it would sound like a small clock in bed •with me. I could count the ticking. With every little exi-reiso. or walking I felt like my heart would R|VU out. and I would be so tirrd I would have to lie down and rest. I .suffered quite a while in this \v;iv, then I concluded to try Dr. lilies' Ik-art Cure. I had not taken it long until I li.^an to feel easier, and FO continued, and the med- icino entirely cured me. I am very grateful for the great gnnd I received from Dr. Miles' Hoart Cure." JOSEPH r.ROADHEAD, Findlay, Illinois. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Is sold by your druggist, who will guarantee that the first bottle will benefit. If It falls he will refund your money. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind Summer Diarrhoea in Children. | During tho hot weather of the'. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received by tho City Auditor of the city of Chillicothe, Missouri, up to twelve o'clock noon, on tho 12th day of September, 1906, for the doing of ihe work and labor necessary to :onstruct a sewer on Jackson street from tho west side of Jefferson street, to the east side of Easton street, being a distance of about 573 foot. All tho t>aid work and labor shall bo iu lull accordance with ;ho pi-ius and specifications therefore prepared by the city eng- neoraad now on file in tho city clerk's office, and in accordance with ordinance number , of the ordinance of tho city of Chillicothe, Missouri, calling for said improvements. The proposals must bo accord- ng to form required and furnisn- ed by the city engineer. A certified check in the sum of §25.00 must accompany each bid ;o insure the making of a contract. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved by the City Council. BUELL WIDELY, City Auditor. Unnecessary Expense. Acute attacks of colic and diar- rhoea come on without warning and prompt relief must bo obtained. There is no nccoasity of incurring the expense of a physician's service in such cases if CHAMBERLAIN'S COLIC, CHOLERA and DIARRHOEA REMEDY is at hand. A dose of this remedy will relievo tho patient before a doctor could arrive. It has never been known to fail, oven in the most severe and dangerous cases and no family should be without it. For sale by the N. J. SHETLAND DRUG Co. l SAHTATTsiiORfT500~ GARS . ol 0.,.« OU to olea,..;.=b.«o oa ,h,p»« . to have used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy for several years and find it a very valuable remedy, especially for summer disorders in children." Sold by theN. J. SWBTI.AND DRUG Co. DEUVERsTiAIL IN AUTO. From t-iio Hale Leader. George Frock, carrier for Route No. 6, has purchased an automobile which he will use in delivering his daily mail. This is in keeping with the great progressive age in which we are living, all right, but it still remains a question whether an automobile can bo used successfully for this purpose in this country. Stop Babies' Tsars. Ninety per cent of babies' troubles are caused by disordered stomach or bowels. They can all bo quickly cured by a few doses of that great digestive medicine, Dr Caldwell's (laxative) Syrup Pepsin. It digests curded milk, sweetens the breath, reduces «eyer and relieves pain. Absolutely harmless to mother or, child. Sure re- i'ief in teething. Sold by all Druga j; 50c and $1.00. Money back elevator and all of the cars and shipping space at Galveston were full. ^__^_ _ $100 REWARD, 9100. The rondure of this nnpur will lie plwi.fc<! tolearntliuttliiTulsiit Iwist om; ilr«ul«l tsenso thill science 1ms Iweii iiblo to cure iiillitsstuKUS.uml the-is f.'utarrh. Halls Jatarrh Cure Is tUe only positive cure now- known to the inuilical fnituriilty. Catarrh clng « constitutional ilisuase, i-eciuU'es n oiistltutlonal treutmeut. HuU's Hatarrli Oure is taken intonmlly, actlna directly upon tlie l,loocl and mucous surfaces of the ystcm. tbereby dostroylim the fouiMlntlon >f the disease, nnd KivlnK the patient trmiBtli by InilldhiB »P tlu- constitution and assistlilK nature in .lolnB ^ work. The proprietors have so nuich faith In its cura- jpowcrstlmt they oiler Quo Hundred dollars for any case that it fails t,, cure Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J..t'lIKN'BY &00., Toledo, O. Sold by all UruKBlsts. Tw. Take Hall's Famlly^MIlf'" constlimttou WOULD BE A WINNER. From the Mnryvllle Forum, If Wm. J. Bryan refuses the presidency, Gov. Joseph W. Polk ts eminently qualified for the place besides. Demo- of a number of of the hono for tho place of the common and is a winner cracy can boast leaders worthy and qualified who are friends people. After a heavy meal, take i couple of Doan's Regulets, am give your stomach, liver, and bowels the help they will need Regulecs regular NEWS FROM CHULA Chula, Sept 8 (—Special Correspondence)—Kr. and Mrs. Myron Scovill of Oklahoma are visiting near Farmersville. Miss May Wallace is visiting this week with C. E. May and family near Avalon. Mrs. Delia Mulford of Denver, Colo., is visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary Bell. Mrs. J. J. May and children spent Saturday c.nd Sunday in hillicothe. Mrs. Galloway, Mrs. Ida Ogan, Misses Jane Scarlott, Kate May Presta Davis, Mary Sayers and May Wallace; John Parkhurst, George W. Phillips were in Chil- icothe Tuesday. L. S. Taylor and Aaron Brovlea drove to Avalon Sunday and re- urned home Monday. Mrs. Glover is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Fannie Houf. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sandidge spent Wednesday in Chillicothe. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Carter and Jiaud Austin of near Farmers- ille spent Tuesday in Chillico- S T R O Again THE RENEWAL A STRAIN Vacation is over. Again the chool bell rings at morning and at noon, again with tens of thousands the hardest kind of work has segun, the 1 renewal of which is a mental and physical strain to all except the most rugged. Tho little girl that a few days ago tad roses in her cheeks, and the ittle boy whose lipa were then so ed you would have insisted that hey had been/'kissed by straw- erries," have already lost aome- hing of the appearance of health. Tow is a time when many chil- ren should be given a tonic, vhich may avert much serious rouble, and we know of no other o highly to be recommended as lood's Sarsaparilla, which trcngthens the nerves, perfects igcstion and assimilation, and icts mental development by luilding up the whole system. lUTO SAVEFcHiEF TULLER. Des Moines, Ia., Sept. 7.—An utomobile save Chief of Police lyron Tuller of Fort Dodge rom an infuriated mob on the ounty fair grounds at Manson, vhich sought to avenge the death f George Dugan, who. had been illed by a blow from Tuller'a .st. Yells for a rope were being made n all sides when the officers pul- ed Tuller into the machine and made for Fort Dodge at a terrific peed. Dugan, who is a wealthy farm•, had driven his horse in a race itli George Kern's and the two igs collided. Tho moa engaged in a fight and !hiof Tuller, who had no juris- iction outside of Fort Dodge, at- cmptcd to make an arrest. He truck Dugan several blows in the ace. The latter walked away everal steps and fell dead. Hints House to workers. Nothing is more important to he hardworking housekeeper.than o keep her liver properly work- ng; otherwise, that pale sallow ook, and tired feeling, will make look and feel as sick as a dog. Nothing will keep you up to the mark, without injuroua stimula- well as Dr.Caldwell's (lax- tive) Syrup Pep- in. It is a pure iver tonic—a euro for Constipa"- ion, Biliousness, and Indigestion, lold by all Druggists at 50c and 1.00. Money back if it fails. FOMENT 3 nice rooms eusuite, suitable or light housekeeping Supplied with water, sink and closet. North jocust street near the square. Also, one large room, second tory over Reynolds Book store an Locust street. Oue 4-room dwelling near Cen- ral school ouilding. ANDREW LEEPER. Office over Baskell's Jewelry store. Prof. Tyler, of Amherst college, said recently: "A man can live omfortably without brains; no man ever existed without a digestive system. Tho dyspeptic has neither faith, hope or charity Day by day people realize the importance of caring for their digestion; realize tho need of the use of a little correc ive after overeating A corrective like Kodol For Dyspepsia. It digests what you eat Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. The condition of'Mrs. Mage Miller was reported better Saturday morning. __^____ a .A.S'Z.' cs :E8. I ^a.. fiearathe Signature Of ' Iteli on'lmmon coi'oa in 80 minutes b HUMPHREYS' 'eterinary Specifics cure diseases f Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, Hogs and onltry ty acting directly on the SICK PACTS without loss of time. .A.I FEVERS. Coneemlonn. Tnl UBEsttiona. Liinc Fever, Milk Perer, . O. JSPRAIIVS, Izuieuess. Injuries. CUBES! Rheumatism. C.(SORE THROAT. Uulnsy, Epizootic. CUBES J DUtemper. • WORMS. Bou. Grab*. . E.) COUGHS. Col.lx. Influenza. Inflamed J Lunca. Pleuro-Fneumonia. . F. { COLIC, Bellyache. Wind-Blown. COKES j Diarrhea. Dysentery, . G. Prevent* MISCARRIAGE. ^Hj j KIDSEY& BLADDER DISORDERS. . I. ) SKIX DISEASES. Mange. Eruption*. 3EE3 5 Ulcer*. Grease, Farcy. . K. lll\n CO.\DITIOX, Staring Cnat. r .^ ..—..— _ stomach btocaers. Ia what Mrs. Lacy, said after taldn* Kodol Dytpvpste Core. Hundreds of otherwtak beinff r«- i i itored to perftct health by this remedy. YOU may be wall If you wDl take it Indigestion canies nearly all the sickness that women nave. It deprive* the system of nourishment and the delicate organs peculiar to women suffer— weaken, and besom* diseased. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure enables the stomach and diffosttre organs 1 o digest and assimilate all of the wholesome food that may be eaten. It nourishes the body, and rebuilds the weak organs, estoring health and strength. Kodol cares indigestion, constipation, dyspepsia, soar risings, belching, heartburn and all stomach Ssorders. Digests What You Eat DoUarbontehoUiD* I UBM •• moeb »• the Inpuxl U Ik* Lmk- 0. P. Clark, Druggist Oc.coch : Stable Cose, Ten Specifics, Book.Sc., S7. At druggists^or sent prepaid on receipt of price. Humphreys' Medlclno Co., Cor. William and Johq treets. New Yorfc. rr BOOK MAILED FREE. NATURE SPARES The Stricken Rose From Grief. \7hai a. fortunate provision of nature is. that deprives the rose of mental uttering; for how poignant would be Its ricf to discover, in the height of its looming glory, that a canker fed at its enrt, and that Its beauty and fragrance rere doomed' forever. Nature always pares the suffering; she Is a veritable lore-house of pleasing rewards, for ose who seek her aid. In the years one by falling hair and grayness havo ".st a gloom over the lives of thousands f youns women, but thanks to the in- estigations of scientists thr true causa f hair destruction is now known to bn germ or parasite that burrows into .e hair follicles. Newbro's Herpicidr; bsolutely destroys" this germ, thus c-rmitting the hair to grow as na- jre Intended. Sold by leading drug- ists. Send lOc. in stamps for sample _> The Hei-picide Co., Detroit. Mich. eymour Wigely, Special Agent. Nasa! CATARRH J- nil ita stages. Elys Cream Balm' leanses, soothes anil heals lie diseased membrane, t cures catarrh ami drives way a cold in the head inickly. Cream Balm is placed into tho nostrila,si.reail8 vcr the membrane and is absorbed. Relief la 1m. ediate and a cure follows. Itisnot drying—doef ot prodnce sneezing. Large Size, 50 cents atDtrg. gists or by mail; Trial Size, 10 cents. ELY BROTHERS. SO Warren Street, -lew «o» —MEW YORK SPECIALISTS WILL CONDUCT A SANITARIUM At LUDLOW, MO., for cure of WHISKEY, MORPHINE, and all VRUU HABITS. Guarantee pay when cured. Also cure CANCKK, GOITKK, HUITUUE and PILES. No cutting, no pain, no pay until cured. 0. Broyies, M. D. (lv ,,. Secretary. $ H- WHEN YOU ME GETTING GliSSES Get them right. Absolute satisfaction in the relief of Headache andEyest'rahu A. B. MACDONALi> EAST SIDE

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