The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 29, 1957 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1957
Page 7
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rr-V'xr ^ *t» * > BUDOIT «HOUU> «/*£ •Irf gfr*'^ i »* th* port 80 thai IMttttMd . the Mais fetf etftfal ---» ., •> iL f " 4 , ^ ba expStteCtfflH _ would meet Btrt>t\g M^- tiiose whtj ate hea^ wfe» K- * particular sesvite «P*«gfti* ^ A bill prepared by the Post i would .increase first tattn Si* other rate incie* '•^IWwBi ttf a f - *ito* they ut th* lift 6V@fl 0 — neft should ba 3 ^fii'dbviOUB solution lUhlild be raised « fief Post Office k-T-if M>a&i* ^ ^^^ • «. i* itii»M *M*-UM'- j ilcnif i»fVn WH*V* yiciiicmr **»«*•*••"•— •• — --« ^jrjfsftSWi bjWMS* „- invoke* the issut fc w»ethet *. - of Jot the servces tendered By.tM Post '* Office Department are "$|ft«?Bl *«* v ~ •farf* services, supported Jsy laeorft* „ UaS b? are "user" services, .t« be amourit A( ttt ug t/. 1 t <*,*>-'.- V,ongres»u"" .^j'jSJsF.? he opposes increasing first c». -— 'rates, because letters tfould then;-I* ' 1 tte cost of tftailiflg dfcufor* i I' t* f , . v' Horvey News •.,w . *<y A*«"s£ Wo. W Vv'?' *--y/'*<& «. i\\ J»* c I if, * "i ktettftttapaH t>f Ifieiiliy. since ottr recent vigil Wsld* th* _ i which little Beftfty »oop*r was final^ twcued, I've been thinldflg* «**«"»• dei$il?, genuinely warmhearted American* are When one ot their own i* in danger. , 5\ boy in a well,.. ot an American fly* tog «ene across the Atlantfc in a little on*. selves * i. imie Pyle did not chronicle the tide* 1 »' of war. The only battle front a soldier ever " ! too** Is nine square yard* .'of dirt or mud or djsk or dugout... with him lit the middle. 3i h« can keep the enemy from-invading *" thaHfiine square yards, he'll win the r war. «r- nie Understood that, so w* understood him. Sucfe is the price Americans place on on* hut#»n life. , ft! other parts of the world the managed majea and their leaders canno.t comprehend thi?;scn«mentality," aid w* cannot force on A' the^ ar understanding ot it. iWith callous unconcern for" Individuals, thefnanagefi masses and their leader* can at- ,'lacftb* in wave after'suiclde wave, climbing , ov4,the nameless b&fta of their own dead, •r'l v '1 in e&pttlint. t*,{ thc$ ^convinced , < «tat|" . , . whatever->hat i*. . 4 ', 3* America, we are the Stat*. j ' • }The thing lor which w* live i* the. same I - rf, thing foi which Jesus died—the dignity and •'^5, dehvi ranee Of the individual. , , * •ij\ u It is not maudlin emotion that elicits ' ">,^general concern throughout our country the on* baby who is kidnaped, th* one lUntain climber who Is stranded, the one— i the well. „ >l\ it compassion for ourselves in a lik* liittMtion. To us, on* Individual is th* most U' thing on earth. , iat is why w* will permit a heinous' > is safe from any possibility of ne ot us it safe. ; ot loving our neighbor* as our* "at th* mouth, 0< the well, ' ^ The American heritage is Better tasur^ ance than any you can buy. ,., Ic* you—in danger—we wouW-'fuih serum halfway around th* world. , ^ It you wer* lost in an airplane, w* would chase every other airplane out of the con- ge*twi sky-»t a cost of milU6n* 6f dollars- until we saw you safely on the gMmnd again. YOU get locked in a bank vault, the grfetieri brains and the most^^Hjr trtachlner would be moblliied in minutei lust to save yo,i. ' . Great ocean Unon would «« any distance out of their way just to pluck you to safety from the sea. , • ,», t Nothing U too good tor you?,*6r you aw , an American. -One for all. Attjfor one!" And it the tim* should ev*& cdme when H, Americans lose that common compassion, on* for the other » • « 4 S '»J^^ **V It we abandon *?elhweMipBricaA in,.. - s^ttt ^relgl?'dSn«*6njand r 1feg« tttfB.>£ • *" if w* sentence ev*n on*^ American boy to »erv* our flag in an.alien land wher* w* d«ny him th* protection of .that flag ... It we walk away front our responsibilty to any one . . . i Tak*. his money to strengthen .the enemies of his soldier son . . . Then one citizen—his .property and his 1 life—is nothing. , Th*B w* abandon rescue/and shovel «h* dirt back into the well and bury our alive. Art .Idifor's.. * •-» ^J .•» '" . ^$ -WWp^V-AV, .*> «*S,L V?<t * ;; i;? r •>'l>^ ». H 'tf, ,r#'#?V ^ ' ' '* t^V *\r ' XM *; 'HAOlA mSlK'!"-*" J T. Tte*' **\ w w* irwfteh cattaiiyutMg ,. S, 10 t*ft«l«d tfwt W^SJ-'^' •riMoho* nnto tutnteU tm fSftW • •• HffiiK on IV »W i,*juilj*«»** »" «w - —r — ^afch« now. «u|B«it «»i - " -, will » to i*t w ->V i*'' .,MJ?* A 'M ji s)*, T'n ^V <~ i r a. * .»» »* r 1 *- tft w y v * ^ ^ ? - i: f" w ^i^ ; , s v ^^S'/j^;'.<(piM iriLENM if t ^ It On Reiourcet Some continuing efforts art being.iftade'to halt, the mense'waste of water empties* as it U doing — out oPth* Brazos Riv«r to the Gulf Ot Mexico — wa that would serve as the resource of an industrial plfe frofn'Warfo to J-r«ef~,, . u^^^r.^£ igssS^&gftpS- IS r&rffi^r d ,s -g^SSSSSS ^ - ture. IB, all, there i. MM &$$^S&*£*?*c3&Ste* progres* being made. , -,, > ~ On trife state level, the blg- ge«t h*lp'«rill come fromi a proposed amendment to -the « "_ -L -k~.«la>_. u ^Al^-.J.Isl._ !• SVftJB\ one Can get a waiet . priation fw.that same ti give*'the ;iropo*«r «otn* i- — aacaf thaf h* can so, ahead with plan* after they aW mads ' so tfiat h* caft warrlstt^l Inl- ^ toal cost of the plants f i - There has own little lion* Cattin year-Old, »ttsld«nt. of man kill oil .*»• ent , which h« ' ftfoi < in nwtatt Moroccan h««i««h*v ^ , i * ^ , ' .' i»AT|y«f.Wiisp;^^ *,,*. *vm \ <i* tjsSji •- -V^'W M "^V ifiBMi r^ f T ** "A- OF ENERGY FIELD i».,« whteh will head to about' „_ CcMtt*^ .*jT VJf..-tlg¥ cu Wl mo uuauwca, Ot pW|Ji« -who wilt die btt th* Highway* ionbatTweeleWd, , ' J c -KnowlngJ th« f^rtcas^att, an awesome ft-"-* lite by the tel •from the cit en the edit u. ' T H *" wirtil . #*ct!raeltt?i trHL'nttin^,i«*ail rignt for quid ttat boA' 4tj,«b«at Uo',' .d*Sfe*s» ? J > • .",. . / ' ' \ 7 , Th«'fi!eoii toper Will push-* U liotfld fTeon'iWlumn igatolt • '".*> WaddertdlajiWagni which ^m 4 \. ^f*I* , I *. iiat ,5.t j ,J j^'j »wrved,out p«mfjin« wt- hfane»« Ik* Texas v ;CotMtitutton, it .t'h*- voters apfltOv* It ThU " Ti to* a^SJTO.'mUUcto bond' "* help local . dams and nfly Dili w«rp"«m«rily intended helping cities and other 'the Navig - tinue iu gallon i District t itowiifd 1 , th* . ask*d tor lurt&gvthat.weekend and; *- -" "-" deattu.toll m> withltt inches rXi-. 3X~*«A 7ft«r icStf *• S""* 111 sptnw^**". J or •"** awTal«« 12d,'.^*W6ni? durlnt ', - *™j» helping ciBj* «» «w« w«J got ano\h*ft »te-month e»j*n % tlifcl^ourslti^fBi^ifd- ,« - KJj* group* !» fttancing muntcrpai JM rf $, e presentation. , naadav (today) «d • rnldrnght . V«i**i water ^suppflea, becaus* thwe, Q^ B fdg*. cHalrmW 6f Thuwday i&*^ •"' ' J "«4 U a Itaiitattion on th*i, amoUrlt the Navigftjon District Boand Teiai will hav* n»re than , '* mHi;- tha,t couloT.-be sp*ni i .«t L «>ch ol ComnflMionersy-'sty* ^t jj. ,(»«. jf previonj^etfdrjn- •> tcAt 1 a«n*rate rWervotfMi*:- ... ' '«*?*««)•>.••*»•*«****: *3eeU a«. f in«tt5l6hv And--' ' inft«>ii •ietiratV"rtjervofiffM*'^. ' >tteyllop*no"get^»> T acce«- '&£*£' i Though it tfoqldTiete, this pti&ed on their plan* during Bmotport >t* alit would be too snlall this 'oeriod. ' ' «s.>t.r hi 1^.- ierlonaTdurlnt ', - .._^4u.v_i *>^AI I "flSaTwilil haW'Scir* than , , dense*,under the tun he ' gulp* ot ri , date aid would he too tniall to to *«, toward ' thi« 'period. Though nothing' frjAcrjte b»B M It . .. Then government can be as tyrannical 4 to jo far.towaia financing Though »?«>">« Wcreie ou - fiy sVjrt u, ol what the^oeal grOup**cni*fb' • gpn* onto the drawing. Watts, Udltt> { Sua f?JSS^3?S&' ^ftr'^«S?' SWKt Quite some ttuw^acjc, ]he S^^-H^ST!??^^ 3 A* *• rt ? «^««A«d ss^^amOT «^i%s?f And none of .us is sate any more. )n The Side... NO TASTE KEEPS SOME HATLESS By t V, DU1U.IMO Children are what their mothers are; HO r-ndest' father's fondest car* fin fashion so the infant heart. V — Landor your matrimonial mate object to HOMtS AMO WOMEW "| rfoo many females, who shouldn't, eon* tinue' to appear in public places attired ,fn slacks 'or pants. According to fenajnln^ fashion and appearance Experts, the only wpmen who should wear slacks or pants In ' - - v . ...... n'uDtk «r*thoa* haying th* following m«««- r«4uir*d to itate her occupation as urtmenii: "Bust, 34; WaUt, JJ to J4, and [»"? Would sh* pr«f*r ,te detwib* as a "home manager"? Contrary to belief, few women object- to th* ^hou**wife." In th* 1830 r, t'.« State* Government ltut*d "home' mapa- for "housewife." The mad* no particuJai on our coiuv Nor did it incontinent. Th< no , . _, and that c "» WlW|*r" rarely. ' " """• At—™ . . w ^_ „._ was th«youn|(»rtof ?*s\tfar 4»t extgnt do the ho«pua4. of Ir*. l*«g«* ballplayers? <fl»» »«*» bft Af«l - ' toe Irish HoapiUll Sw**p» W ol tft. N. Y. 6i*»Jfl, wh« pl«y«4 r*fM* larfy when 17 ye*f» iJfli C°ul4 .. out an alUtim* team of 'nwjor league j? Fellow* Who played regularly ^ sh9W when if fv yojw«*rT ITJ #v*. not surprising'that *<X» » «tt<* P^hfr*; W«it* $«?* «fljl "" u ,. -- •"—» "•••^•••fTfgf 8BIW" . , , . ^_ —. . -. ., m*^l . ar* the best eq.uippe4 • M**QUjfffi$> r ¥ o m »»• OHJtfl*toer-r-#Jf» HOTE Ninety per cent of men are now said to fay^r the doubl* rigg wedding ceremony.' This attitude is very pleasing to the brides, to say nothing ot th« jewelers. Many women eUirn wvneq are just w capable t t/t tiling • inventors a. men. If that U w>, wb/ 4on't th< females do some inventing? 'Ninety.- e}|b,t P«r cent of the patent* granted in this country are issued to men , . . Seventy-tjvsi per cent of divorcees in thlj country marpr again within five years after' the^r .divorce. ervotr .costing in the hood-of <«**""" .nsce»»arfly be —,.,,_ .- y^-^ todjtshT. And tndM«WJ»eed* ^JK t b*m*t by Mvl wafer mom than uym^i *?- ^.iSax.*. , V ~ source. ' • ' , '} ,*' , ThU reservoir would aerv* About a year ago-th* Navi- ,u foreseeable local need* if gallon District'cam*..,Up with the river maintain**"depend a tentative; plan to'bvJld a abl* flow, 8»ji«*Swi* hug* ****r»olr som*wh*** in b* counwd onP^etMtti™.—^ . the county, ^n thf ,D***^f .persons, «Kl*fljr. engine** Ott this project, th«y We**!"*'**- Plckton^ hat b**ii .mj*|n|, fur/ entatiort" -w(tt|*4^lpvjT*»Mi ther atudtatpffft* Boatd et<T In thia' Navigation about appfv . thtn« lika.-ib.OOO - w»ter anni, " acre («ft i* 4! water. Enough equivalent of And Dow ua*J most indumiry, > presantatlof dracfceUVst«f* Wiattrts: -^a?* 5 ?* 7 "- ^sssiSi -^tBSiar. ^ ^A ***>|ICW™|lvKBR/> i/LM^lfcJitji 4h^ Wskttr Vrtl'te v '"Tt*ii^ t*i **/**•" «*A«j f 'Pl«iytfl&"*nw»' ftWQ Ml* W"¥f AW*!* S «i.JlT«S*i,"' .ttate-ehampitoship for. seven - In^nlae** w«*r« «J f tturing-.tjHi.war,"** dla M , je^ftan*sw.h, and, atur •• AH. ' ' thfc ,wat h*, Started Wl ftcn by applying th« J«t principle Krt'th* »on.of',tti« great Dr. •"" •>» MaeCrackim, fof " ' o| Vassaf * V..' pni i Boitonian woyld like on* nin«-) ear ptriag^tfe* hp«r Jr«l«n4 received the equivalent of if, ^«r aiuroooni M |fcluh|» Inc. TTPUBLISHWI , .EDITOB •Water haiard- virtue ot " thenio- a£&K «• a*Mr* ll*Vr^»w ^^ i*^nllj*gf*> nil *JS ttSSftr-rt > v 4n*l*,— ters Tib, J, l«»i t aunjinum lM7-d*ught«r Looking Back Htservoir which Btver Authority 1 to buttd, but *.# ''-^^ CROSSW6RD ;l,^ Richmonft dap J, ade*. . '«* •JM auclUweer ia

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