Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1930 · Page 10
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 10
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. -(',-•' '"V >''. *&-J -fc" Vf < , "' \'* *' Kf\"T. •>3'~"f4 - -' v *«* *kfifiMJtSiS COLISEUM BLAZE , 61O.AMOMA CITY, OWft.. May 28.- *TOfM *** eH# authorities sought with'*mi WeeesS today the cause ot a fife NMtlefc rf«rt**yM the $260,000 stockyards » d&lttttrtfc here yesterday. ' tit* tt«ft tost their lives and three ' ' <f*tt iftvcrtly injured when the wills - *f Itrt Mg building collapsed upon them thfey fcttempted to save several hun- automobiles which had been In the Coliseum. A final check indicated that all of the missing K»d be«« accounted for. ' fwetity-htree of the automobiles had ««ft removed when the. gasoline tanks irf the Stored cars began exploding. ' *h« fcrfce of the successive blasts caused the high brick walls to crumble, burying the workers under tons of ae- %ris and cutting off the escape of oth- "!». O. V Cooper, deputy state fire marital, headed the state investigation of th* tragedy and George Goff of the Oklahoma City flre department represented the city. Prellmina 7 lhsurh ^^ failed to uncover the cause of the blaze Which Started in a sawdust ring in the center of the auditorium the dead have been identified as R. A. Mason, fireman; Gordon Smith, used cat dealer; Thomas Smith, messenger for Morris & Co.; Dave Mtsieri, em- ploye of the G. A. Nichols Realty company, and a negro laborer. All the injured will recover.- Most seriously hurt was C. L. Bell, fireman. Fire Lieutenant Gordon Chapman received serious burns on the face, and C L. Belts, fireman, was removed from the ruins with burns and bruises. The Coliseum was used chiefly as an exposition building for the annual Southwest American Livestock show. When the fire broke out it was being used as a storage building for state automobile distributors. Loss to car dealers was estimated at more than $300,000. ' FINISH PLANS FOR PMSIDENT'S VISIT (By United Press.) GETTYSBURG, May 28. — Plans were being completed today for the reception to be given President Hoover on Memorial day when he comes hire to deliver the address of the day at the annual exerclss held on the battlefield. Governor Fisher will preside. The visit of President Hoover to the scene of the Battle of Gettysburg will follow a tradition continued by every president since Lincoln. The president will arrive in Gettysburg at 1.30 p. m. to review a parade made up of veterans, school children, units of the Pennsylvania national guard, and other organizations. At 2.30 p. m. the exercises in the National cemetery will commence. The president will be escorted by the Governor's troop of the national guard, from Harrisburg. Mr. Hoover will be greeted by Governor Fisher upon his arrival. Lincoln's Memorial day address is to be read by Judge D. P. McPherson of Gettysburg. An artillery battery of the Harrisburg Pennsylvania national guard Will flre the presidential salute. Traffic on the roads leading to the town will be directed by members of th« Pennsylvania highway patrol, and affairs within the village will be in charge of the state police. , — i -' CERTIFICATES GRANTED TO TWENTY-NINE MEN Gift BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN 3>A«Jie:i- t PLAV e6LV^S6A*S T 6Ufl ^ -^ '* ^FiRSr2feT^ eAME (M A BAVf ~> tU PLAY GOLT* 2 CA& &&T A BA<3 Of CUUB5 Fbf? US f VvlHAY AB6LJ"f -ri-r LEARM s-r: 6LU v SorfLAlUP ( ~ HAvd ^C DROLU J- O1B30 BY NCA SCAVICt I . ffck ponwtf waldWS mi** eft to* h«td. detf. Tdwi Yin i« to tfts cotfnty laH, to*, thdnsi 1« Mi*'Hospital. * > * in Sakerafleld, <5altf. t Steven W. Marshall s^alltfWed ft ftlfftr butt, Choked, died. t , , in Los Angeles, Charles Zelchnef sued fils wife for divorce because she weighed 280 .pounds, shaved every day - • .. . ' . In Manhattan, one Oliver Seward bit a hofae, was flned $10 for cruelty.' the food POUR milk or cream v »n a brimming bowl oi these toasted rice bubbles — then listen while they sing a song of crispness! Snap I Crackle! Pop! This great new cereal is telling you how filled with wonder flavor every mouthful is I Children love it — for breakfast, lunch or supper. At your grocer's. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. (his v-: that In Manhattan, It was discovered that a flag pole "sitter" which crowds of thousands had watched for three days atop the New York Central railroad building, thirty-five stories up, was a eighteen-inch gilt ball which had been there for over a year. • . • • In Duluth, Minn., one William Patterson, driving through heavily trafficked streets, ran down a bull moose which leaped out in front of his car. The moose died from wounds. • » . • In Atlanta, in 1925, one Glenn Karmer negro, was shot through the heart, lived. Glenn Karmer rejoiced, changed his name to Glenn Broken- heart. Last week, Glenn Karmer was again shot through the heart. Glenn Karmer Brokenheart gave up the ghost. ... In Paris, a Mile. Louise Monpeil bade goodbye to friends, .drank a "death cocktail" concocted as follows: Two parts ink, one part corn remover, two parts industrial alcohol, an olive. Friends gave her an emetic, reproved her. In Manhattan, Dr. Valeria Parker was robbed of jewelry, clothes. Po- lice recovered the stolen goods from the lion's cage at the zoo, where they nad been put for safe keeping. » « • In Birmingham, England, Madge Gunner, governess, complained that her first fiance, a wartime officer', was killed by a rifle grenade; her second, an aviator, fell to his death three days before the wedding; her third, an engineer, was struck, by\ a crane MOUNT UNION, May 28.— C. C. Smith, secretary of Mount Union chapter, American Red Cross, has announced that twenty-nine men of the community were successful in passing the requirements for the national Red Cross first aid certificates and Patrick Cullen, who had taken various mine courses in previous years and who instructed these men, was granted an instructor's certificate. The examination was recently held in the school building. Papers were sent to Washington a» well as the results of the oral tests and the reviewing committee granted certificates to, the follow- and died; her fourth died two days jefore the marriage. • •. • Also in Manhattan, Dr. Joseph Thorns asked' a Chinese patient, Tom IF YOUR ' Car is equipped with a PurOlator it should be changed every 8000 miles. We have a Purolator cartridge in stock for every car. American Garage 800-806 Green Ave. Dial 2-0311 Westmont Bread FKESH DAILY At Your Neighborhood Grocer WESTMONT BAKERY . 'Smith, 3. A. Heath, W. N. Butterworth, C. F. Boggs, S. S. Mosser, Say W. Frank, R. F. Ernst, Allen A. Morgan, Charles L. Davis, Noah Banks, David B. Harclerode, Norbert Veager. Dean Price, J. E. Knox, Blain Ramsey, Frank F. Wenzel, <J. B. Welliver, H. S. Mosser, Charles R. Taylor, V. Coy Coder, Galen F. Hoffman, John Howard Grove, James E. Ulan, John G. Donelson, Charles E. Mosser, Henry Kelsh, Roy W. Lightner, William G. Miller, H. W. Slot- bower. Bach man received a certificate from national headquarters showing that he ia qualified to give first aid in case of injury. All certificates were signed by Herbert Hoover, president. of the national Red Cross; H. F. En- Iowa, director of first aid and life saving, and C. C. Smith, secretary of the local chapter. The successful passing of the course ia certainly a step in the right direction and places the local Red Cross in the lime light with thirty men in this Vichilty who could be called upon in case of disaster. PANAMAS >VI IH SITLE RICE KRISPIES /f Business Stim Urge All hexTspHrti i»»l' patterns and color*. Seaittl*** A»thm«t«lP ttugs, branded imperfect, ^ In patterns dfltyt Hot quality. Llthlted flUlmtlty. Size Y.6x*. ttegula«y $38.00. Special Two Fringed Seamless. , Velvet Riigi Sit* 11.3x12. AH wodl. :R*gtil*r *30.(X) value. Special, N«w Fibrt Rugs Size 9x12. Artistic ' designs and colors. Regular price, $22.60. ,50 16 Seamless Axminster Rugs And Seamless Velvet Rugu. fringed (perfect). Size 00 9x12. Values to $50.00. choice while the lot lasts. clal 30 and Fibre Rugs Size 9x12. Best quality. Regular price, $27.60. Seamless Axminster Rug Size 11.3x12. Regularly $75.00 each. Perfect. Special, *45 All Our Beat Quality Seamless Axminster and Velvet Rugs Size 9x12. Values to $60.00. New spring designs and colors. Perfect. Special, 1422 Twelfth Ave. WEIDNER&HAKE Specialists In .Interior Decorating and Floor Covering* Phone Dial 4112 that TEST helped thousands find favorite ginger ale... Panamas are more popular lliis year and have the approval of America's foremost Stylists. They are particularly fine in quality. 1304 EI-EVENTH AVKNUE For Latest Fashions Visit Simmonds Daily Our Anniversary Month Ends Tomorrow Choose One of These Beautiful Frocks For Memorial Day Featuring Chiffon and Wash Crepes— Featuring New Flowered Prints—Pastel colors—Black and White—Navy and White, higher Frocks Small slits only lor filial rk-arauie $8.95 & $13.95 ELEVENTH AVE. Clicquot Club GINGER ALES There are three types of ginger ale flavor . . . Golden, Pale Dry and Sec (extra dry). To know which one exactly suits you, we urge that you make the "Taste Test" described below Hear the famous Clicquot Club Eikinioi every Friday night at { ) o'clock over W E A i' aiul associated stations. T HERE are three types of ginger ale flavor sold- today. And Clicquot Club makes all three. All are different, all are delightful. But one of these ginger ales is sure to suit your taste better than either of the other two. And beeause it is not generally known that ginger ale comes iu three different flavors, we are urging people everywhere to test their tastes and find which flavor suits them best. . As a result of making this simple test, thousands of people now get greater pleasure than ever before from drinking ginger ale. They have found the flavor that suits them perfectly. The Test—To make this test you go to your dealer and get a bottle of Clicquot Club Golden, a bottle of Clicquot Club Pale Dry and a bottle of Clicquot Sec. Sample them all, one by one. Note the mellowness that ia characteristic of them all. And note the difference in their flavor. Clicquot Club-Colden has long been known as a delightful health beverage . . . Clicquot Club Pale Dry is famous for its flavor either in recipe drinks or alone . . . and Clicquot Sec for that 'luscious "drier" flavor. You are sure to find, in one of these ginger ales, exactly the flavor you have always bceu looking for. Same Quality Ingredients —Pure table sugar, fine Jamaica ginger root, real fruit flavors and pure water from deep rock springs ;.. these are the ingredients that go into all three Clicquot Club Ginger Ales. The difference in flavor comes from the difference in blend, for each of these has its own exclusive formula. As a further evidence of their goodness and purity, all Clicquot Club Ginger Ales are put up in clean, new bottles. The all too common practice of using eecond-hand bottles is not countenanced here. Aged Six Months in the Making— The rare, distinctive mellowness for which Clicquot Club Ginger Ales have long been famous comes from ageing six months in the making. This process ia a secret with the Clicquot Club Company—a -are. fully guarded secret known to the makers ot no other ginger ale. That is why you can never •*• pect to duplicate Clicquot Club, flavor, never find it in any ordinary ginger ale. Therefore we urge you to go to your dealer and make the "Taste Test" today. It will show v ou beyond all quubtiou which ginger ale bct>t suits your laotc.

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