Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 54
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 54

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 54
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* * * * * Long Beach A F««-TELMKAAt W»d, MKtk r, IHIp I 72-3-4-5 INDEPENDENT, Thurl., Mircli Itk lf« r ' *·*··'' * Have Traditional Irish Food on St. Patrick's By MILDRED K. FLANARY I, P-T Food Editor Now that the 17th March Is near, the "auld sod 1 is In the news again. And what will the restaurants and hotels In Ireland, that are really with It, be serving their patrons'on this greenest of feast days? Well, right straight from Chef William Ryan at Shannon International Free Airport Restaurant comes these recipes for traditional Irish dishes. C, · V'' f ,\'-~ Tl 't : * '*f·*i - V^Y · -?4^fewS BACK:!*TM ' · ' · --r^d^J^t^"' 1 f^jiWLDlD^^ J: itK ey -fee!; eatiflgXback - in,' ;' "''··'···' '·;;^cbritlt arid. 1 r~ |||$:j $j$^^i%k^ - ' - . - - ' ^- i - ' ",'f", ; . -. -| ,- . -i '. V - / ' · - · ' · · ' . ~'. · '· · ' ' '" ' '' ' j ." -'.".-." ·'. ;\ r "-" " r " " ' " - , . ' * " : · * " ' "- ·" J ' T · rtUU uiG ncaavju rthe)a^d ; -cO^^\oiii^t-.T8^cl^s;pa^WeU!.'i'", ShrimpGurry', as showivhere,.complemented-,-. pour all on to the iisrnV^lbrs^anid^Sffl^Stfgg^l^^ecipeS.ata offered;/·-·;·', ·'·'"--. ; .';' ^ -' -.''...- i . . ; '":·'"''' '"'. ';'.';.···' well to effect a ni They'll tempt the most discerning palate or do credit to any board. SHRIMP CURRY 2 Ibs. shrimp, fresh or frozen 2 tbsps. butter or margarine 2 small onions, chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 2 tbsps. curry powder Vi tsp. salt 1 8-oz. can tomato sauce 1 cup chicken-broth 3 tbsps. lemon juice cup light cream Clean and cook shrimp. Melt butter or margarine in a saucepan. Add onion and garlic and cook until tender. Sprinkle in curry powder and salt, stir to blend. Add tomato sauce a n d chicken broth (canned or made with 1 chicken bouillon cube and 1 cup hot water). Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, about 30 minutes. Stir in lemon juice, then cream. Taste and add more curry powder, if desired. Add shrimp and heat through. Serve with hot fluffy rice, garnished with toasted almonds. Also, if desired, serve little dishes of chutney, coconut and raisins. * * « · LISCANNOR PRAWNS THOMOND 2 Ibs. prawns 12 slices of streaby bacon Batter--1 tbsp. melted butter 1 bottle beer or stout % cup flour, sifted 2 eggs Salt and pepper 1 tsp. dry mustard Cook prawns in boiling salted water. Lift off tails, shell and de-vein. Roll each prawn tail In half Bllce of bacon. Secure with a wooden cocktail stick. Make the batten first separate the eggs, then beat the yolks with-the-beer and butter. Add the seasonings and flour. Mix nice coating consistency. Finally whip the white of eggs until stiff and fold them into the batter. Dredge the prepared prawns with flour, shake them well and dip into the batter and then in a pan of hot fat. Cook 5 minutes. Drain on a cloth. Serve with hot piquant sauce or a chilled gherkin mayonnaise. * · * · FILLET SOLE BANTRY BAY 1 lb. sole filleted 4 mushroom caps (decorated shamrock style) 1 tsp. minced sprig onion top and parsley also the mushroom stalks 1 tbsp. white wine 1 tbsp. reduced fish stock (preferably herb-perfumed sole stock) 2 tbsps. butter 1 tbsp. slightly whipped cream Beat the s o l e fillets slightly with a dampened bat and fold in two or three according to size of cooking dish. Place fillets on dish, sprinkle with dry ingredients, putting b l a n c h e d mushroom cap on each fillet. Cover with liquids, bring to the boil, cover with dish cover or wax paper. Place in a moderate oven for ten minutes. Take out and uour stock into a small pot, reduce to quarter of its volume, beat in 2 tbsps. of butter and I tbsp. of thick cream, pour over fish and serve. * « * * IRISH CARAWAY SODA BREAD 4 cups sifted all-purpose flour V4 CU P granulated sugar 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. baking powder 2 tbsps. caraway seeds Vi cup butter or margarine 2 cups light or dark raisins I'/4 cups buttermilk 1 egg, unbeaten 1 tsp. baking soda 1 egg yolk, or a little cream Start heating oven to 375'F. Grease 2 - qt. casserole. Into mixing bowl, sift flour, sugar, salt, baking powder; stir In caraway seeds. With pastry blender or 2 knives, scissor-fashion, cut in butter till like coarso com meal; stir In raisins. Combine buttermilk, egg, soda; stir into flour mixture till Just moistened. Turn dough onto lightly floured surface; knead lightly till smooth; shape into ball. Place in casserole. With sharp knife, make 4" cross, Vi" deep, in center. Brush with yolk, beaten with fork. Bake 1 hour 10 minutes, or until done. Cool in pan 10 minutes; remove. Cool before slicing. * * * * O'REILLY'S DREAM BARS Part One I 1 /;, cups sifted cake flour 1/2 cup light brown sugar, firmly packed Vi cup butter, well chilled Blend flour, sugar together. Cut in butter with 2 knives or pastry blender until crumbly. Spread evenly in greased 15"xlO"xl" pan; press down firmly. Bake 10 minutes at 375*F, Remove from oven; spread Part Two over top. Part Two: 2 eggs 1 cup light brown sugar, firmly packed 1 Isp. vanilla 2 tbsps. sifted cake flour '/2 tsp. baking powder V4 tsp. salt I'/i cups shredded cocdnut 1 cup nuts, chopped Beat eggs; add sugar, vanilla; mix. Sift flour, baking powder, salt together; blend with coconut, nuts. Add to egg mixture; mix well. Spread evenly over baked Part .One. Return to oven; bake 20 "minutes. C o o l slightly; cut into bars 2[£" xl". Yield: 48 bars. k Hillil' .-,,;«,. ; ..,,,.. ·,;:,,;... - . . , - . - ' - - . . . · ' . e e r a i succulent'dish ·y. gets' 'its; flavor, from .the addition ;pi: "just -the right amount- of ;.spib"e,.Servbd-r : ; with a'stard:sauce,-'irtr-taritalize any,palate.--(R. T. French.) '.'.''· 'V ! V "'·'·,·'·"·''.·"· . . - . ' - ' ' · ' · · ' · ; · ' · · ' : " -··' , . ' " ' · ' · · ' · · ' ' GorhedBee Irish -..; J V a '·£· Great Day For .The Irish' and ft Jcjillsvfbr special fare. ArjJ whiatjcould b e more appropriate 1 "iforia, St; Patrick-s Day^celebration than, a succulent Cprned*beef.' ;' :; . · , Here's ; a!,iecip'e . that gets its $upi flavor from the .ad dition *6f/. spices ,arid .herbs. And. to ga'with the' beef; W( s u g go's t' a "torrid mustarc sauce for 'extra tarig. CORNED BEEF ; -''"--w conied beef. tsp. Whole Cloves .'fsp^Wfile ;Black : . . Pepjier; V4 : fsp.. Rosemary . 14 tspV:Garjie Powder ' "'' · .1 stalk 'celery , ' I .onion " . . ' · · 1 pared carrot. · Choose, f) r j s-k'et ;of rump corned beeK'-Wjpe with ddrnp lofh. Place'in keitfe; coyer With cold-water. Acid spices tied 'in cheese cloth'bag; : add vegetables; Bring to;bpil._Sim- mer 5 minutes arVd skrni.-Cov- er an d s imtii.eri.Jj4H. hours.- or until .tender. Yie1d:;8' sery'ings ; v .v,.-.,fc-.·-.*( ; .. . · : TORRID 'Mt/^TARD - SAUCE -1 tbsp..-flour. , .".... 2 tbsp. sugar- : · ' ' ·'.%· tsp."salt. / . · · ' · ' : ; . 1 tip. Minced Onion :. .·VJ cnp vltie^al 1 . : . · ' - ' ' -.'/ 3 ciipwater- ; : ; '-' * · I tbsp. salad or olive oil , \First'Piize4-$5.Qq ·Vinegar helps .remove film'. Sometirnes a .filrn develops over' varnish'ed ,'wo od work .a'n d do.ors,- and · Is of ten hard to clean off.'A'cleaning mixture of-Water ; and- jvincgar \rnay h"elpJThe : mixti)re'sHould'i;o;n/ sist bfir : tabiespbpn :of [cider- vinegar, to a quart, of luke- .warrn' wafer. :Rub.-,it -on -with k 'soft,' ;Unties's\tipjth:- : ih, the*; dir rectiori) of^ther'grainrof : : the wood. Then. wpe;^vifh' a-.'Sry clean cloth.' N .;, ': Mrs.'EmiI Sarthou 14051 E. Elm St. ' ..Brea, J Calif. .,.' Second Prize^-$3.00 , When :only a; s.tnall amotin of cake is to be ·. eaten at a time, cut the desired number of slices ·from center of.cake P u s. h the .two' remainini pieces, close tbgether : to -fi like'a'whble cake, and thi will keep .it moist -and sof.t severaldays. ; . . Mrs. .G..Tyack Long .Beach- Third.Priz;e^$2.bO \_ . Keep a piece of .sandpaper 'in the kitchen,caDipetfcgrasj) screw,-'on lids-of jars when loosening them. · The.. sarid : paper gives you;a firnvgrip, and"the : jars open easily. . Mrs. F.. McLaughlln, 52 Luiderr Ave. Apt. '29 . Long Beach .'.',',, Beauty Supply Store to Open : "Standard 4 Beatrty-'ancl Ear her Supply . .opens.' its 44th store Thursday, m the Bel mbnt. Shopping Center, :327( E. Anaheim-St . '-· ' , ! · This new. outlet, is not.'re sWcted .to'-the beauty parlo MAIN DISH DELIGHT 'Lively seasonings? enhance the ground beef and tender green beans featured in Fiesta Burger-Bean Pie Pie for Nippy Night egg 'slightly. -Blend-in -flour, sugar, 'salt, .and -minced onion. Stiriin.vinegar;.water,-and oil. : '.2! tbsp. Prepared Mustard : stricted .to; the beauty parlo '"''.!·'tsp. drained horseradish trade, .as many have been in ' In top of do'uble'boileiyb'eat the- past, but is; open to th -,, ^ *.ll r.l,il rr --Tl\r\~.r1 . Irt . f t / i l l f T " k l l V l l t / t ' " , , ".. " Co'ok over ; hQt. water stirring harries;-, constantly ; u n t i l -thickened. "' ' Stir'in-mustard'and horseradish.'-.Yield: }' cup.' or cold with-'corned fbeef.· . . .All.! Standard stores feature n a t i o n a l l y known brand During the. grand opening Thursday'/ 50 cans of ' hair spray will-be-given to the first 50 adults in-the new store.; : -Solid e a t i n g pleasure is present .in ; abundance' in Fiesta Burger-Bean'Piej Accompanied b'y.a salad and French read, it's-a main-dish delight 'or a' dinner you. can top ofl with chocolate puddiffg and whipped cream. ·; .' -'--, ·The.'season ing foi} this rpe- lange of ground beJf,fcanrie Blue Lake green tfeans afit tomatoes,-- celery, onfcn anc cheese is .'zest itself t- chil pow'der, seasoned salt an Worcestershire. Just "the cul inary creation for a nippy night! : : * » *' * BURGER-BEAN; PIE. "J.'can (Mb,) cut Blue Lake green beans . : 1 can (!-5b.) solid-pack: · tomatoes ·'. ' 2 slices bread : j 1 lb. ground beef YJ cup chopped onion 2 tsp. Worcestershire salt '/4 tsp. seasoned salt i/s tsp. pepper Vi CU P chopped celery 2 tbsp. flour 1 to 2 tsp. chill powder I cup grated Cheddar or American cheese Drain beans. Drain toma toes, saving Vz C "P liquid. Cut or tear bread into very small pieces. C o m b i n e in bowl bread, beef, reserved tomato liquid, onion, Worcestershire, % teaspoon salt, seasoned salt and pepper. Mix lightly with fork'. Turn into 9-inch pie pan and press with fork to form shell; build up edges slightly. Bake in 400-degree '(hot) oven 15 minutes. Mean- while, combine in saucepan beans, tomatoes and celery. Mix flour with chili powder and Vi teaspoon salt; stir into vegetable mixture. Bring to boil. Drain excess liquids from meat shell; heap vegetables into center. Return to oven; b a k e 10 minutes. Sprinkle cheese over vegetables; bake 10 minutes longer. Makes 6 servings. MILLIE'S GALLEY Here are some random St. Patrick's suggestions to go with that cup of Irish Coffee. Avocado dip "greened" with green cake coloring. Pineapple tid bits topped with green cherries. Green Cheese dip. (Add a few drops of green cake coloring to a package of cream cheese. Mix until smooth.) Green jello salad. Green mint wafers. Irish Coffee Pour a jigger of Irish Whisky into a goblet. Stand a silver spoon in the glass. Fill the jlass to within '/j-inch of the top with strong hot coffee. Sweeten to lasle--1 teaspoon or more of sugar, and stir. Remove the spoon. Top the coffee with whipped cream. Sip the coffee through the cream, and remember to toast St. Patrick. ·il

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