Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 25
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., Marcj. n. IIM INDEPLNDENf (AM) __ PSESS-rEtEGRAAl (PM)-- A Guide to entertainment Historical site. Part of a I7I land grant. Adobe house built in ISOU. Anlkiucs, barns, .. -, blacksmith shop, gardens. "" ' ^^ Guided lotirs. Wednesdays _^^k through- Sundays. 1-5 p . m . "^^^ Free. Knter through gales at pt vrF*j Tft VISIT }'3\ft Verde Avenue and Anai nvf m?Arni ui'eriTU heim Hoad. (Groups ol more LUMj tStiAl.ll InlJor.lJ.n .!,,,., m ,.i,-..i,j n hiCnn 111 -ci 1 OF ART, 2300 F,. Ocean Blvd. £??.LS?X, 1 ?.'? 1976 Ceramic exjunction '"J^SKfnTAl rERRITOS . ^S3BSS®PSf £JSSn.W15S ·. western U.S. Forty-eight ^ rM(orcd ranch hous( . L,TM TViu-nnv VM«i Tr-ins built °' adob! bricl( ani rcd " " \mS-ln? OTo«rSl£?dav? wcod in IRH b ? Don J u a n ^rulni re eardcn Temple. Furnishings Irom Ihe' ' " i f TM Hou? Wodnesdavs 1880 '^ Gnrdcn a«T house: 1-5 ,hrS'^t y m. Wednesdays t h r o u g h HidTM'* 0 ' 1 ^ " METM OF ART (LOS ' rninS' i' n ,,rc kv anPnmi ANGELES COUNTY), 5905 " 'm.^ivL V P Wilshirc Blvd., I/s Angeles. utKpim ins \i iMmK Pertaining lo the Sea - £JS? HP ira MR. °« ,r a o" rad ; NO WAX LINOLEUM Kitchen Floor £f 9A COMPLETE ^I^T^SX^- vJSgjkl^^-An work Guaranteed \SSS£i\ ytflit' Professional Installations. JHMK k PIS CO U WIT Ov , . , i Call Now ·riMiU i i i / i v n ^ / 597-4H1 1204 R E D O N D O AVE., LONG BEACH - FREE WKC ^ MON.f4:)»,We»klJ»ys14, S»t. till 5 p.m. !l.n L,c K. im»^, S lv*' · · ·*. -- ^. ^ REALISTIC* V A L U E /^n\T^i:::^^^ P A V V X_ _- BEMJTY S\LC"' (Expires April 7) Lakcwood 633-7600 Norwalk 868-0911 Califomin collections, having jt|- display ol 125 vintage p Ihc ocean as their Ihcmc. In- circus noslcrs. pholusraphs, 11 ctudos carvinns from »-ooden press books and other circus J ships such as liEnrchwds and memorabilia. p slcrn boards. (Opens Tucs- Uallic lo LA. -- American- 2 day.) Lithuanians present patnlinfis. n American Prints from Ihe e\ tibris graphics, weaving, j P i ' r m a n e n l C o l l e c t i o n : In- folk art and folk costumes, p eludes Winslow Homer, Childe and other achievements in the H a s s a m , George Bellows. arts and sciences. « John Sloan and contemporary Vive El Morte -- Phologr.v a artisls. nher Paul Pare* synibolicnlly a Nepal: Where The Gods traces the h u m a n journey | ( Are Y o u n g -- Nearly 10D from birth to dealli and bo-' j bronzes and painlines created vend in a series of color v between (he 7th and 19th cen- blowups of Venus de Siilo's r turics representing Ihe gods bond. 3 and goddesses of N e p a l . The Great American face o General public, f l ; students _ Forty-tight winnlnu photo- j and senior citizens. 50 cenls. graphs by amateur pnotogra- j The Y o u n g A m e r i c a n phers across Hie nation. W o m a n , 1935-1975 -- An il- Continuous f a m i l y films, , luminatlng sociological and [mm Disney to NASA, Salur- · fashion profile, presented in days and Sundays, 11 a.m. lo r conjunction w i t h M a d c m o i - ^ p.m. Usual Hours: Open f selle Magazine, (racing such daily 10 a in. lo 5 p.m. Free, subjects as s e x , marriage, CLASSICAL MUSIC t molherhood. college and ca- . ORGANIST John Hollz will rcers. A variety of fashions play works by B a c h , Die- will be on view, menle. Reger. Richard F c l - ! "Machajuila P" Stela -- ciano and Mulct, Friday. S 1 An unusual, group of Classic p.m.. al First ConcrciSiUioiial ^ Period Maya objects including Church. 241 Cedar Ave.; Irec- J the famed stela found In a will offering. Pianisl Barbara Guatemala jungle. Crockett will play music of i Ancient uilual Bronzes of Chopin Sundav, 4 p m . , free. ( China -- Exhibit of 46 cere- RKSURRECT1ON, H a h - vessels from Clu'na's ler's Symphony No. 2. will be bronze age, the Chang and performed by Ihe I/ong Beacli 1 Chou dynasties (1523 -2S6 B.C.I, Stale Univcrsily Symphony along with a number of an- Orchestra, directed by llans e cfenl bronze bells, gathered t . a m p l ; Ihe F o r l y - N i n e r Irom California collections. C h o r u s , d i r e c t e d by rxl Collection of 60 European Thompson; and t h e Men's B a r o q u e bronzes, featuring Chorus, diroclod by Iff Vail, French and llalian scnlplure Sundav at 8 p.m. in Wilson from the I7lh and 18th ccn- High School Auditorium. -HOO lurics. Also 10 arlislically F,. lOlh SI. General admission ( innxwlanl crucifixes. $2. students SI. ; Islamic Art - Paintings. DANE RUIJltYAR will lead I calligraphy, glass, bronzes, a three-day Arts and Humani- ceramics ann textiles from tics Synijwsiuin March 24-'i» the Palovsky-Hoeramaneck ai I^ng Reach Slate Universi- Collection. ly. "The Muic nf Dane Rudh- ; IS. G. Cantor Sculpture Gar- yar" will be performed March den -- Twenty-seven s c u l p - 24 at 8:30 p.m. in the Musii- lures by 19th and 20th Century Rceilal Half. Free. European and American art- GKRMAN OPERA series, isls including Calder. Moore, filmed, al 7:30 in Slixli-nl Elms, Mniilol and Nngare. Union Thealer, Long llcach Free (ours (or Ihc blind and Slate University: "The M a r d e a f : Contacl muwum's do- date of Figaro, today : "Zar cent Miff, (213) 937-1250, unrt Zimmcnnann." M a r c h F.xtension 217. 25; Five admission. Guided lours, c a f e , book- DANIKL LKWIS will con- shop -- Museum visits: usual duct iHo Los Angeles Philhar- h o u r s . Tuesdays ( h r n u s h monic al Millikan High Schiwl Frklays 10 a.m. In S p.m.. Auditorium. Long B e a c h , weekends, 10 a.m. lo p.m. March 27 at 8:15 pm. (closed Mondays.) L A K K W O O D M U S E U M OF SCIENCE PHILHARMON1A, dirccled AND I N D U S T R Y by Hrucc Polay. w i l l plnv (CALIFORNIA), E x p o s i t i o n numbers by Charles Criffes. Park, 700 State Drive. Los An- .Malcolm Arnold and Mela fieles. Rarlok March 27 al 8 p.m. in A s c i e n c e - t e c h n o l o g y t h e Little Theater al lx:ng edu-ational center with halls Hcach Slate University. Tick- ol permanent cxhibiLs of Call- els. al fl.SO for adults. JI.SO fomia indu.^trj-, health, natu- for students and senior citi- ral re.sources and conlempo- ?ens, will be on sate at the box rarv science. nflicn or may he purchased in Frankfurt Book F a i r -- advance by writing In P.O. About 4,000 German and Eng- Box -W7, l.nkcwood 90711. lish nooks inenriwralini* slide U)S C.\NCIONKHOS Snulh shows, film and mutir. Bay C h o r a l e , directed by llorsedrawn Carriages -- M a r k Sleccrs, w i l t give a Sixteen prra antiques, mclud- hcnefil concert for Ihe Harb.i- ing a Concord Slagccoach. a ra Mahin Taylor Scholarship Studebakcr Iluckboard and a Fund Sunday a! Firsl Pres- I'addy Wa^n. hytcrian Church, San Pedro al More lhan 2.000 art works by JOHN ALF.XANHF.K will elementary school children conduct Ihe I r v i n e Master celebrating Ihe Postal Serv- Chorale and San Diego Yonlh ices 2IX)th birthday. S y m p h o n y in B r u c k n e r ' s Reflections of Edith Head "Mass in F Minor" Saturday -- Display ol work by Oscar- at 8:30 p.m. in Santa Ana w i n n i n g coslumc designer First Baptist Church. 1010 W. Edith Head from firsl prelimi- nth St. Santa Ana. Tickets nary sketches lo actual arti- are £ and $3.M for adulls, cles ol clothing. JI.50 lor students. Cirrnq Granhics a noslal- R A T H ' R 991 ct HirthHnv Fele dales at U C L A are: Brandenburg P l a y e r s , Sunday. 8 p.m., Sclioenberfi Hall; Pennsylvania Ballel. Sunday, 2:30 p.m.. Roycc Hall: Anthony N e w m a n and Friends, Tuesday and March 27. 8:30 p.m. Koycc Hall. TEOn JOSKI.SON. pianist, will make his \jos \ngelos area solo recilal debul Fndav at 8 p.m. in HI Camino College Auditorium as part of Masters of Music series. He will play sonatas by Mozart, Chopin and Prnkoficll. Tickets are on sale al campus ticket office, Tickctron outlets. All .. tickels arc sold but $3 and f ones are available. IGOR KIPN1S, harpsichor- disl. will appear in concert Tuesday at 8 p.m. in Hi Camino College Auditorium as part of Keyboard Series. Tickels al t-l. (3 and f are on sale al campus l l c k e l o f f i c e a n d Tickei ron outlets. F I N A L P R O G R A M in Faciillv R e c i t a l Series al Ixmg Reach Stale University will (ealure truninel player Joan LaRue March 2fi at 8 p.m. in the University Theal- er. General admission $2. students*!. ROSSINI'S "Barber of Seville" will be. presented by Western O p e r a Theiiler, a subsidiary of San Francisco Opera, March 27 al 8 Orange Coasl College A u d i - lorlurn, 2701 Fairvicw Road. Cosla Mesa. General admission 12.50, sludenls»l. DKAMAS.MUSICAI.S WHO'S AFRAID O K \ I R - G1NIA WOOI.F no* al The Met Theater GM N. Poinsellia Place. Ijis Angeles. Weekend p e r f o r m a n c e s al 8 p . m . r r k l a y and Saturdays, 7 p.m. Sundavs. Ticket information available at Ihe (healer. P R K M I K R K of F e l l o n Perry's runjedy "buy Ihe bi aiwl live" IMIW al los Angeles Actor's Theater, UN!) N. Oxford Ave., I/is Angeles. Performances Fridays al H:30 p.m.. Saturdays al K::tf and a-.'jn p.m., Sundays al 2:M p.m. Tickets. tV-SO. on sale nt agencies ann box office. Student and senior citizen discounts. Huns indefinitely. SAME TIME, NEXT VF.AR West Coast premiere through March 27 al the Ahmanson Theater, t h e Music Center. Joyce Van Patten and Conrad J a n i s comprise I h e entire casl. Performances nigblly except Sundavs :il 8::Wt p.m.- m a l i n e e s T h u r s d a y s a n d Saturdays al 2:30 p.m. Tickels (mm tf.Wto J l l I 1X11 1 IX)! live "cabarel" pnxluction w i t h food and drink at Vuckenlhaler Cultural Center. 12(11 W. Malveni Ave.. Fullcrlon. through Sunday. Presented jointly by Hie center and California Slale Univcrsily Fullerton, p l a y s Saturday al 8 p.m., Sunday al li p.m. I I U N T 1 N G T O N H A R T FORD Theater is presenting J a m e s A. DociHttlc-'v Bui- man prodlK'lion of Kminel Livery's American classic. nic SALE : -il Four Days Only: Friday March 19 I O:3O am · 9:OO pm, Saturday March 2O 1O:3O am- 5:3O pm, Sunday March 2111:OO am-5-.OO pm, Monday March 221O:3O am-5:3O pm. Frank Bros, auditors tell us that our warehouse must be "cleared out" betore our business year ends In April. You'll discover exceptional price reductions at Frank Bros. Contemporary living room, dining room, bedroom furniture, lighting, area rugs, as well as many Items in our accessory department. Of course there are some strings attached and here they are. 1. Most values are floor samples and "as is" (most imperfections are minor and none affect Ihe basic quality of the item). 2. No exchange or refund. 3. Purchases must be delivered by April 5. Fine Contemporary Furniture and Aecaatorto* 24GGlongfte9ChfcJvcl . Free Oetoery irt"i and Orarje Cc "Thi 1 Magnificcnl Yankee." Ihnitigh Suiul.iy. Produrtinn stars James whitinoie and Audra Lindlcv. CHEKHOV'S "The Tliree Sisters" at Angels' The.iler SSH! Waring Ave., Hollywood closes Saturday. G e n e r a l admission tt, sUtdenls $2 Ml. KK1K DlilJ.KA ami Jeff Ilrucc slar in "P.S. Your C.H Is Dead" w h i c h w i l l run Ihrough M a r c h 28 al Westwood Playhouse lOSKtJ U 1 Cniile A v e . , Los Angeles Tickels »8.5(i lo Jll.75: s t u dents, senior citi/.ens $.1.50. T1IK GLASS MENACEIUK will have dump.igne oiwning Stiuduy al 2:.10 p.m. in Slmlm Theater of lxng Ik'arh Com- nnmity Playhouse. S02I K. Anaheim SI. Additional p e r - formances at 8 p.m. M;ucn £! '2.1. 21. 2S. ·!. :!0, 31. April 1. r.. K iind 7. Opening reserva(ions " '1 nllu-rs $2.5(1. CurkiNi's N'esl will Ix' slamxl al \M(. lUMi'h City College AiLilitiiriuin. C ' l . i r k A v e n u e ami ll.irvey Wa\ p . March '£ Ihroiigh 2* al S::» |i ill.; S|H- cial .Saturitav iiuiinw March 27. 2:1t) (i in" Cerx'riU admission $2. ASB ami seninr citt/en cardholders will lie- .idmillnl free. M N ( 1 \ COLOR COrV PRINTS j i.SUD.aS - · , . 10" .!'·· I ( · . - · . · * .1. all ONF. Kl.KW O V K H t h e STOP SMOKIN 'ANNOUNCING THE' OPENING OF OUR LONG BEACH OFFICE PROFESSIONAL SELF YPNOSI LOSE' vWEKKTI C E N T E R PATRICK J.KENNEDY Ph.D. Beowrwbl. Hart i SALLY SUN. ASSOCIATE CALL TODAY 5175 E. PACIFIC COAST HWY. Long Boach - 21 3 - 597-3651 11$ AREA j L FO*THEI LASTS] EARS! H Christian Dior March 20-April 3 Save now on your (avorile Christian Dior panty hoso. Sheer elegance at big savingsl Reg. 2.00 Ultra Dior Domi-Toe Stockings, Now 1.75 or 3/5.00. Reg. 1.50 Curvaro* Sandal loot Sheer Kneo His, now 1.29 or 6/7.50. Rog. 3.00 Dioris;;imo Ultra Sheer Pantyhose, now 2.49 or 3/7.20. Rog. 2.50 Sheer Curvare* Demi-Toe Pantyhose, now 1.99 or 3/5.85. Reg. 3.50 Diorella Control Top Pantyhose, now 2.89 or 3/8.40 ( M i i n i K i . \ *\ nil. I LONGBIiACtl SANTA ANA I-OMONA PALOii Vi:HDl::5 MAIIINA I.AKKWOOO TNTKII LAIIAIIIIA SAN UlIXXD I-AC1UNA HIIJ.K AMCAIMA . SHOP SUNDAY 12 lo 5: Ulcowood. Howport. La Habra. I.aguiiti Hill.. Wollmlnilor. Arcadln. Son Dloqo only LOUBELLA--A NATURAL FOR SPRING Loubella sliapos painter's clolh inlo naiural. ecirjy-lo-wenr now looks lor spring. Shirt jackot, 28.00. Belled "fanny" jxinl, 26.00. Both in Beige or Peach v/ilh smart, top-Rtitchecl detailing. 6-16. Topped with a T-shirt in Cocoa, Cinnamon or Beige. S-M-I.. 11.CO.

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