Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 1, 1973 · Page 26
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 26

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1973
Page 26
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PAGE 26 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY, FEBRUARY I, 1973 »·"·, letting htm man- "Zage a. Little League C**T: f l.l tt71 toi » Wbur Stars «£»· ;Ry SYDNEY OMARR FRIDAY, FEB. 1 . ersons exude a charm which Is undercurrent, underplayed and often hld- d(jrt (rom all but the most discerning. Pis- c:i loves a mystery and exults In belnq mysterious. Pisces possesses an abundance of sex appeal and, to top everything else, usually Is psychic. i ARlEJ (March Il-April 1»): .Accent Is cm evaluating hones and wishes. Don't ask for more ttian you can handle Avoid promising more than you c?n deliver. Pisces could play important role. Many of your personal, romantic dt- slrra can now be fulfilled. . . J. TAURUS (April »-M«Y »): JEmphasis Is on csr«r, aspirations, ft^liros with those In positions of author- IK, Added recognition is Indicated. You obtain more for your services. In personal"area, emotions run high -- member of cauwlt* sex makes demands. /_ GEMINI (May 11 June »): Good lunar aspect now coincides with the learning process. You gain through pupl'shlng, special studies, .travel ana unique communications, Aries plays Key rale. Reach beyond apparent limitations. *",, CANCER (JuntZI-JulyH): Accent now Is On "money as It affects mate, partner, others close to you. Strive to make your own voice heard. Don't ouitl against vour, own best Interests. One who proposes tempting offer may not rrtlly have much. ,',,, LEO (July U-AUJ. JJ): Spotlight Is on how you relate to those who hold opposing views. Key Is to listen and;to be discreet. Don't show all your cards Strive for element of surprise. Mte, business partner has something of Importance t o say: ' . ' . . . · ·f VIRGO (Aun. U-Stpt. M): Avoid scattering forces. Maintain stmdy pace. Saglttarlan Is In picture. Strive to streamline work procedures. Remember recent resolutions. One who advocates omerwlse Is twlng selfish. Rt- sftond accordingly. ..-.·; LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. M): Encourage young person to be creative Move with tide. Means don't fight progress.'Be willing to tear down only in order., to rebuild. Change of scenery indicated. Welcome variety. Romance Is spotlighted. , - . . , . . . C SCORPIO (Oct. H-Nov. 21): "Accent Is on the solid and practical. YtfOr residence, long-range prelects are featured. Obtain costs, estimates. Get an accounting, especially where taxes and prwtrty. are concerned. Thorough, approach Is necessary. "SjAOITTrtRIUS (N*Y. M-D*c. 11): Xou are apt to be embarking on short trip/ Relative or .neighbor appears to be involved. Strive to create harmony In do* meitlc area.'Make conciliatory gesture. I .'"diplomatic, you gain. Otherwise, you - encourage foolish dispute. '^CAPRICORN (Dtc. M-Jift. l»): ··wary where money transactions are concerned. One who offers something for nothing Is probably engaging in deception.' Know It and respond accordingly. SteViclear of wishful thinking. Associate who Is practical should be heeded. .t. AQUARIUS (Jin. IC-Feto. 11): Uunar cycle Is high; take Initiative. Encourage new contacts, projects. Your ludgment, Intuition now are on target. Be confident. Many will want vour opinion. Give-It In forthright manner. No need to take back seat. ··i PISCES (Feb. U-March M): . Strive for universal appeal. Fight to break free from limitations. Message will become Increasingly clear. Concentrate an-dlstrlbutlon, better ways of communi- caJing. Get off sidelines and Into game. £:' , o o o |£"TOOAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you wIM appreciate music -- you are sensitive to-what the public 'desires. You may change residence this year -- September could be a key month In domestic area. Rclinlon with one you loved Is Indicated. You are progressive. Inventive, daring, a natural Innovator. But you also are stubborn. -; Copyright 1973 ·* Movie ISchedtile * APACHE "Bio Jake" (PG) -- 7:07; "Red Sky At Morning" (PG) -- 9:19; "Play It Again, Sam" (PG) -- 11:22. * - · BUENA VISTA 1 "The Poseidon Adventure" (PG) -7:30, 9:40. "1 BUENA VISTA J ·JJeremiah Johnson" (PG) --6, 8, 10. CACTUS Billy" "The Burglars" (PG) "Dirty Little Billy" (R) -- 7:07, 1J:03; " (PG) -- 9:03. * CATALINA '.'Travels With My Aunt" (PG) -- 7:35, CINE AZTEC A "Natacha" -- 6:30, 11; "Slmplemcnte -- 8:45. MSria ~ CINE PLAZA ilLas Aseslnos" -- 8:30; "El Demonlo Azul" -- 7. ·*"' CINEWORLD 4 CINEMAS Theater 1: "Deliverance" (R) -- 8:35; "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" (R) -- «:30, Theater 2: "Grimm's Fairy Talcs For Adults" (X) -- 8:15, 11:11; "The Seduction of Inoa" (X) -- 4:35, 9:41. Theater 3: "Slauohterhouse Five" (R) -- "8M4; "Minnie and Moskowltz" (PG) -6:40,10:28. Theater 4: "Innocent Bystanders" (RG) -- 8:53; "Bad Company" (PG) -7:10,10:44. '· EL DORADO "Youna Winston" ( PG) -- 8. *" FOX 'Trick Baby" (R) -- 1:30, 5. 8:30; "Plav Misty For Me" (R) -- 3:10, 6:40, 10:05. JERRY LEWIS J'Pete 'n' Tillie" (PG) -- 7:30, 9:30. MIDWAY "Avanfl" (R) -- 7:07, 11:31 -- (first half only); "Pulp" (PG) -- 9:50. 1 MIRACLE ."Innocent Bystanders" (PG); "Bad Company" (PG) -- oates open at 6:30. NEW LOFT ''La Salamandre" (R) --7, 9:20. "Deliverance" (R) -- 7:07, 11:19; "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" (R) -- 9:19. i_ RODEO "The New Centurions" (R) -- 7:07, 10:53; "There's A Girl In My Soup" (R) ·*· SHOWCASE CINEMA 1 iiSounder" (G) - 7:15, 9:25. *" SHOWCASE CINEMAS ,','Fellini's Roms" (R) -- 7:35, 9:5J. ·?··· 22ND STREET "Sword In the Stone" (G) -- 4:30, 9:30; "fn*ki" (G) -- 8, 10:45. 'The rating guide below Is used In reference" to the code symbols used in Tucson the'atcr aoVertlscmenfs. It is in conformity with the Motion Picture Code of S«lf-Hegulation. Ratings apply to pictures after Nov. 1,19. -- General Audience. Aft -- Not Rated. PG -- Parental Guidance Suggested. -- Kesfr/cfed (those wider 17 not ad- I unless accompanied by parent or SWIFT PROTEN BEEF RANCH STYLE VALUE TRIM BROIL STEAK CENTER CUT CHUCK.. BAR B QUE SHORT RIBS VALUE TRIMMED; VALUE TRI 99 55 TENDERNESS PLUS! SWIFTS ROLLED SEMINOLE LB. CHUCK $ ROAST BONELESS BONELESS 1 09 LB. SLICED BACON ALL MEAT OR ALL BEEF FRANKS 1 LB. PKG. OSCAR MAYER 1 LB. PKG. 69 85 SWIFT PREMIUM CORNED BEEF BRISKET ..,,. EXTRA LEAN GROUND TURKEY GREAT fOU- ALL MEAT DISHES LB. $139 69' FULLY COOKED BREADED CHICKEN OR BONELESS SHOULDER FILLET SAVOY BROIL STEAK 'BONELESS' STEW MEAT VALUE TRIM YANKEE POT ROAST LB $109 LB. I BREAKFAST PATTIES 11% OZ. PKG. 49 TYSON J^FISH CAKES MR. BOSTONS FULLY CQOKED BREADED FISH 2Lft. II CORNISH GAME HEN 22 OZ. EACH .EA. 79' CASINO MONTERREY CHEESE 1 LB. ROLL $109 1 FRESH KRAFT SLICED AMERICAN CHEESE CUDAHY SLICED BACON SMOKED HAM 1 MVSDA GRADE * HEAVY 6 \ T B? STEWING HENS L E HOLLY FARMS USDA GRADE A DOUBLE BREASTED FRYERS 49 49 PERCH FILLETS - 8 9 ' HADDOCK FILLETS - 79' FISH MATES s £ ' I 3 8 COMBINATION FISH PLATTER $112 · BREAST LB. 69' «TM« ·DRUMSTICKS LB.65' FRYER -THIGHS LB 59' ·*BMWU% BONELESS ^ _ PARTS BREAST FILLET LB.M" MORRELL PRIDE BONELESS 3LB. CAN. CANNED HAM CAN · FRENCH FRIES · FISHSTICKS FISHCAKES · SHRIMP 1 V4 LB. SCALLOPS PKG. 1 FRESH OR FROZEN PURE BEEF GROUND BEEF PATTIES 10LB. BOX 4 PATTIES $050 T O L B LB. 8 89 SLICED LUNCH MEAT · SPANISH LOAF · PIMENTO LOAF · OLIVE LOAF · ALL MEAT BOLONGA 6 OZ. PKG. 36 KNUDSON FRESH SALADS · POTATO · COLE SLAW · MACARONI 1 LB. CUP 39 ·ANT "Where Shopping is o Pleasure PRICES GOOD THURS. SUN. FEB. 1-4th SP -I BIRDS EYE Vegetables WI1H A SEASONED SAUCE FROZEN INTERNATIONAL STYLE ALL VARIETIES 100Z. PKG. FROZEN FOODS PEPPERIDG TURNO 1 SWIFT'S BL BEEFS TREESWEET GRAPEI VAN DE K/ FISH A ORE IDA YANKEI CRISPE CHEI CHEESE 13'/2OZ.PKG. 69* E FARM IflERS HER TEAKS UNSWEETENE FRUIT JUI MR ND CHIPS : · BACOh · '· · ONIOh RS .·.P L . A !N. -BOY-AR- SAUSAGE 14'/iOZ. PKG. 79* 12'/.OZ. PKG. 12OZ. PKG. D AC 6 0 Z " CE CAN · 16'/jOZ. BOX 4 24 OZ. / PKG. ·! DEEPIZZ PEPPERONI 14OZ. PKG. 79* 49' 79' 26' 75' 15^ AS SALAMI 1 4 OZ. PKG. 79* ALL FLAVORS . ROYAL GELATIN.,... DEL MONTE TOMATO CATSUP..,...: FRANCO AMERICAN SPAGHETTI O'S FRANKS 3 ANDERSON'S , ' si PEA SOUP ... :,2 1 f t 3 0 Z $ 1 I W PKGS. I 4 140Z. $1 BOTTLES I 7 6%OZ.51 CANS I 15 OZ. CANS 303 CANS CAT FOOD LUXURY LINE PUSS AND BOOTS STOKELY FANCY PINEAPPLE JUICE.. GREEN GIANT MUSHRflOMS...°St.3^?s 2 M CHICKEN OR REGULAR . 35 SKIPPY PET STEW 2 FOR THE BATHROOM 1 14OZ.09* CANSVV DELUXE SHAMROCK ICECREAM TABLE MAID MARGARINE 1 LB. PACKAGE FOOD GIANT LARGE AA EGGS PROCESSED CHEESE FOOD KRAFT VELVEETA SHAMROCK NON FAT CHOCOLATE MILK JR PURE VEGETABLE SWIFTNING .:....;.:: YELLOW OR WHITE BUDDY BOY POPCORN ; ; : ;V B . ;....:.VCAN 2 LB. BAG CRISPY TWIN PAK POTATO CHIPS: .....I!.: ...: DELICIOUS! SWIFTS BEEF STEW.. CARNATION LITE CHUNK TUNA DEL MONTE FRESH WHOLE DILL PICKLES ^CROCKETT tedUITE HONEY. TOFFEE NUGGETS SCOTTIES WHITE FACIAL TISSUE ...j STAPUF FABRIC SOFTENER....' 24 OZ. CAN 0/3 Ut. CAN · 26 JA°R^ 24 OZ. . 'CA°N Z - 10 CT. JALLON MASTIC 69' 29' 55' · 65' M 4 * 41* 49' 95' 65' 29' $109 ZEE TISSUE ECONOMY LINE MJB RICE MIXES KRAFT DELUXE DINNER MACARONI CHEESE COCK O THE WALK FRUIT COCKTAIL DEL MONTE CUT GREEN BEANS STRAWBERRY ' i/mrr nnrtrntirft KRAFT PRESERVES... MtCTI CC' nilllf NtdlLto W\h. NESCAFE INSTANT COFFEE DESIGNER STYLE KLEENEX TOWELS AIR FRESHENER 2 'm.... 14- OZ. BOX 1 CAN Z '' 16 OZ. , 'CAN 1 8 OZ. ...JAR... 2LB. CAN 100Z. JAR JUMBO ROLL RENUZIT SOLID m. RouOle PKG,/ 1 * 29' 49' 27« 27* W t 85' $159 35' 59' !C^\\\\llilll/rB90il^^^H^^^^H rntSH BAKED uuuDS I^H HALF GALLON ROUND «*A SKIM MILK SN 39 THE ORIGINAL AUNT JEMIMA PANCAKE MIX FOOD GIANT SATURDAY COUPON RECEIVE EXTRA S H GREEN STAMPS WITH YOUR GROCERY PURCHASES S 10 M TO $ 19' 9 50 EXTRA GREEN STAMPS '20°° TO $ 29" 100 EXTRA GREEN STAMPS '30°° TO $ 39"..... 150 EXTRA GREEN STAMPS TO $ 49" 200 EXTRA GREEN STAMPS 5 50°° OR OVER 300 EXTRA GREEN STAMPS THIS COUPON GOOD ONLY AT FOOD GIANT SUPER MKTS. SATURDAY, FEB. 3,1973 iiinom JACKLALANNE 100% STONE GROUND BREAD ITM ..29* TENDERCRUST ROUND TOP BUTTERMILK BREAD !££. 39* TENDERCRUST FRESH ' EGG SESAME BREAD W 37* BREAKFAST TREAT . APPLE STREUSEL PKG,. 37* FRESH TASTY OLD FASHION DONUTS. S 39* ·OES .....: EACH ID H EACH 2-29' 19' 19' FIRM RED RIPE SALAD TOMATOES CRISP SOLID HEADS HEAD LETTUCE GOOD RAW OR COOKED FRESH SPINACH SWEET EASY TO PEEL -- .,. NAVEL ORANGES D "" I NO. 1 CHIQUITA « jfcj*.. BANANAS 2-29* NO. 1 RUSSET * . , POTATOES 10*« BISQUICK BUTTERMILICBAKING MIX STORE HOURS DAILY 8 A M 9 P M SUNDAY 0 A M .7 P M FOOD 100% Locally Owned -- Operated by Bob Tornquist · LONDON TOWN · EL CAMPO CENTER · CASAS ADOBES · MAYFAIR PLAZA · BERKSHIRE VILLAGE · FLOWING WELLS PLAZA · FORT LOWEll MISSION MANOR BEL AIR PLAZA MENLO PLAZA GIANT DOUBLE STAMPS EVERY WEDNESDAY . . -- Pfrtor.i ontfer 17 noT sorninrt.

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