Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 1, 1960 · Page 31
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 31

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1960
Page 31
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PAGE 32 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE I, I960 PUBLIC RECORDS CITY COURT James Hewsare, William Kimball, MsgisirJites VVi'.Usm S:nlth. dn:nX. iSO or » ^la^«.· bj^guj checks tmlsdemeanor*. JJJ vr . 10 d«.s John K. Jnckfon. John Evan*. Claude O'Dorael John AJdni, FranV Knot. drunk. *16 or 10 dayj. M»p.ue' l«yvj». Rtynaldo 5*«iu-io. Tint-;: Navaref.e. drur.k, »;o or 1C JUSTICE COURT Alice N. Truman, Precinct I Clark H. Johnson, Precinct I Norman E. Green, Precinct 4 Vincenltt Marciu. Franciwo Revello, William Pierce. Hirold Lojton. Carroll Hy-!»nd, drank. MC or SO days. Waiter Gardner. Armando Favar.0. crunk arivinK. 41W »nc 10 day«. Jeros Alvaret. drunk (In curl. *JS SJrtxard Ganrtxw. irand theft, le P^ma County. Jajnts Nitiletl. Char'e* SVRHS. va- ~ jrsr.c;-, '.5 isy:. ': John Olvera. drunk ir:v:n«, no inv. cr's Uccofe In possession. S250 tond. trial A'Jt. ". Manuc! Soto, drunk, iio or 30 flayf. JO5C Dorninito, drunk, continued to : June 1. Pear! shelpman. vagrancy. *M bond, trial June 22. Robert Mackley, au«tding. t\! bond fcrftitec!. Harold Zolltnser. drunk driving. 200 »r.d M d»\j. Amulio Pens, no driver'* li-enMt. driving wrong w»y on one-way irtreet. ffiiiure 10 appear, continued. Robert Maxwell, alrp.ple awauli. d«- orce:ly conduct, warrant i«ued. Frank Brou-n. physical possession of a motor vehicle while Intoxicated, tano bond, trial Aug. 34. Joseph Adkins. drunk driving, no driver's license in pouesalon. »MO bond. trial Am. 33. Robert Boyette. drunk druing. re»et ·to Aus. 31. Insrid H. Cash, drunk driving, 1100 «nd 10 iay«, John H. CoKsrr, drunk driving, s*c- ond oHente, 205 and 31 da.vs Manuel Bormvidei. drunk driving. J100 and 10 days no driver's license, *30 or i SalvaU 10 day,. ' · ' "" " Rodo!fn Soto Camacho. drunk driving. pleaded innocent trial J u n e » Brv«n D Maaon. drunk driving, pleaded innocent. trial J u n t X Roy Porter, drawing checks on no a«ount. complaint filed. Jtiuj Sllva. failure to provifle lor minor children, suspended imposition of sentence lor the months Joseph John Minion. burglary first degree, preliminary hearing June 10. Ephrlam Herbert Manierre and Doris Marie Chandler, grind theft, prelim- in*j betting June \v Jerry Lynn Walton, Jim J u k n . petty t h e f t . WaJton pleaded guilty. K35 W 3 . continued to June 1 for ·rntcnrirm '. Mate vs IXUIM Manerva Crail. paining jo:sed check. two ear§ probation. State 141. MarUn James Hoffman. passing forged check, two ears piocn- lion. Siale vi Hatrv Zahower, conspiracy. 40 tiat in county jail Slat* vi Joseph I»lan B u r k m a n . motion lo add to information g r a n t e d . Frbnrtsoo Efirv.Ha *t Cix vs. John K. ux. complaint for damages, Ipe, «mnl»mt on debt. Jl.*x Manuel C. Cariasco vs CJary L*e Cropper, complaint lor damages, 1340.71. Grabe Electric Co. vs LurUie M. Hartley. Individually and as adrnlnis- t r a u i x of ihe estate at T. R BarUey. dec***r3. el al. complaint lo foreclose lien Banx of America vr John A Taylor e* ux. judgment emeied on Aruona Supreme Court jnandnte ' Hank of America va. Claton I. Hobtrts. judgment entered on Arizona Supreme Court mandate. Consumtis Market inf. vs. Thad M. Moon et al. judgment entered on Arirona Supreme Court rrandJtte. Monteclto. a boy at » J O s m. May 31. A.V.C and MM. John Shelti. 2S4» N. Orchard, a gin at *:M a.m. M»V 31. A.2.C. and Mrs. Leonard H. Jacobs. 1014 N Artsona, a boy at 1:44 P.m. May 31. ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL Mr. and Mrs. Armando Garcia, 147 W. Kennedy, a girl si 5 W a.m. May 31. Mr. «nd Mrs. DEATHS Rev. Charles Huntinjgton The Rev. Charles Edward Hunt- 83- * «» E. Adams St, Adair Funeral Home chipel, with the Rev. Milton EmmOM, of Christ Presbyterian Church, officiating. The body will be, lent Aiex J«come. 2133 £· i died this morning tt St. Mary'i to Springfield for final services 7,js ».m. ay _ i ^ buritl. Friends m«y c«U »t the funeral home this afternoon. DIVORCES E, Beverly. Mr. and V «t nil* p.m. May 31. *TM° ° Charles S. Dale et ux v». Jo*«ph J. Greco el ux. default judgmi-nl in lavor : _ -- _ .-- ; Of p l a i p U f f t m the surn of 11.018 7i. ; Arthur Bravo vs. Delia Bravo, coro- Canyop States Distributing Company i plslnl In, vi Texai-Aruona Motor Freight · Armida Peorosc.il Bernal vs. Joseph Company Inc., dismissed with prej- j Bernal. decree. * udice i Mary Ann Garza vs, Albert Garja, Harriet K, Dennis vs. Ix-vy'a tX- ; complaint. p*runenl Sloie. dismlswd with pre)- j Yvonne E, Gajewikl va. Ralph B. udlcf. i Gajewski. complaint. Ka-Jiertne K, Bopp et vlr vs. D«vld i Jim L. Cook vs. Annie Mari»n Cook. Mr and Mrs. M. Solr, Dismissed ^ Fashion Floors Inc. Donald AilUon. nefilert of wile, waived preliminary hearing, held lor Superior Court, failure to providr for minor children, pleaded guilty. sentencing continued, John Vermllllon, assault with a dead* 1\ weapon, held lor Superior Court. Sharon Welnbrandt, illegal consumption of spirituous liquor. J100 or 10 days. Joseph Henry Brown. Illegal con- sumputn of spirituous liquor. 1100 or 10 ! dismissed days, drunk and disorderly. til or 1 Charles da.vs Garland S. Sneed. drunk driving. I pleaded innocent, trial June 6. ; George John Praechtl. assault w i t h a : deadlv weapon, p^llmlnary hearing : Aug. 'l». SOUTH TUCSON Mack Brewer, Town Magistral* Herman Amos. Robert Huston, «im- ple assault. 123 or IS days. ! Edward Maxwell, reckless driving. ! · nd driving without a license, »1M : and S da.vs. Paul Harvey. Juan Xavier. drunk. forfeited *10 bond. Lester DeWilde, disturbing the peace, j 2J days, suspended provided he I SUPERIOR COURT Judge John F. Molloy, Div. I Judge Lee Garrett, Div. J Judge Robert 0. Roylston, Div. 1 Judge Herbert F. Krucker, Div. 4 Judge Raul H. Castro, Div. S Grayce Gibson O'Neill, Clerk Rule vs. George A. McAllister. dr»w- i Ing on Insufficient funds, arraignment j continued to June 7. State vs. Frsnk Lewis, drawing check in no account, two counts, Innocent i pica, trial Aug. 11. State vs Eugene A. Rios. robbery, iSS m 2J days, suspended provided Be j ,,,,,,,,,,,, plt , t r U I Jime ,,. leaves town. ,, . . j state vs. Davis Joseph Lopei, rob; ! bery. Innocent plea, trial June 33. State vs. Waller Cannon Gardner. Austin Esealantt. Hiram Herksham. Vias Francisco. Frank Xavier. Joe e t U K , j u d g m e n t In Uir sum of svou. North American Finance Company Int vs F:ttlv.m J. Rencountree, dismissed wiiji prejudice. M e l v l n Kenneth Sptelman Sr. vx. Posul Benefit Insurance Co.. dismuoied with prejudice. Adolf Ptrslla Pino vs Dick Munuel Salaale snd Macario SaldaU, comp l a i n t for damages. IJi.ffJO. Vincemc D. M«ro,uez vs. I^o Ham l e t rt H X , complaint to quiet title. HasKHl.Thmas Sales Company Inc. vs, W i l l i a m C'., Nichols el ux. et al. with prejudice. J. Scifmsn and Grace E. ! Selfman v». Rlben Lee Selfman and j Helen wills Selfman. judgment in fa- j vor of .plaintiff Orace jr.. Selfman in j the rum of 18.000. i Bank of America vt. Jo* G. Larra j et uv. JiKlfiment *niered on Arizona Supreme Court mandate, | Bank of America vs. Benny Metv doia et ux. judgment entered on Arizona Supreme Court mandate. Bunk of America vs. Thoman Hopkins et ux. judjrment entered cm Afi- xona ( Supreme Court mandate. Bank of America vs. Manuel L. lUi prejudice. ! complaint. vs. Hex Calllson i Florence Jane Van Ness vi fivor of plalnilff I Wesley Van Ness, complaint. Hospital. Native of Athol, Mass. | Came to Arizona in 1926. Tucson | resident since 1929. Husband of mp)r JA ; Margaret C. Father of Lt. Col. Harris" vaien- j Edward M., Dayton, Ohio, and |Mrs. Clifton Abbott, Tucson. Fu| neral arrangements will be an- j nounced by the Kerr Mortuary. i | Christian Joseph Jordon ' Christian Joseph Jordon, 29! month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Huron, a clrl at 1:45 a.m, June 1. Mr. and Mr». Eugene Twm-og. 1301 N. Hualptl. · girl at 4:02 a.m. June 1. TUCSON MEDICAL CENTER Mr, and Mrs. FrancU Clawton. 5101 E Andrew, a girl at 1?:M p.m. May 31. Mr, and *I«. Sherm.m Martin. 1632 N Arcadia, a boy at 6:37 p.m. May 31. Mr. and Mri. Robert Peters. 6202 Syl- ] Richard Paul JordOn, Ol 1940 1210 i Avenida Planeta, was killed in vane a girl at 11:44 p.m. May 31. Mr. sr-.d Mrs. OrvlU* Burku, Western Dnion Strike Averted WASHINGTON Union reached a -W-- Western contract agree- Census Puts City Among Top 75 In The U. S. That 210,016 census rating puts Tucson among the nation's 75 biggest cities--and that means more money coming into town. National advertising, for example, will rise considerably here, Frank E. Drachman, advertising di- of Tucson Newspapers, ---- Bogulaa. decree. Mary W. Baker vs. Thenl R. Baker, complaint. Alma S, Manley v« IMward J. Manley, complaint. : W. Kleindele. | June 1. ; Mr. and Mrs. | w. W-tmore, j June 1. · boy at 2:52 a.m. Joseph boy McGuire. 'HI al 3:18 a.m. MARRIAGE LICENSES FIRE CALLS Emereth Dee Ferguson, 48. Oklahome City. Okli.. and Mabel L. Cummlngs, 55. Tucson. Douglas David Hanson. 31, Woodland i " ·' " Hills, Calif., and Carol Adele Schramm. | 9:12-9:20 a.m.--Engine I to MS W . Ft. M, SanU Monica, Calif. i Lowell, trash. (City). John Louis Merger. 22, Denver, i 10:30-10'.13 a.m.-Engine 1 to Main Colo., and Janet .Marie Cooper, 21, | and Alameda. car fire. (City). Cas* Grande. ! H:M-il:t« ».m.-En«lne ( C a l l « In M Houn to I a.m. Today) 3 to 70 W. Meerchaum Jr., 18, San and Nancy Jane Ware. JCF Xavier. drinking in public. »10 · er 10 days. : Frank Miguel. Gilbert Garcia, Bar- i tcilo Palamlno, Pete Lopei Palamino. Bobert Gipson, disturbing the peace. tsi or IS days. j James Anton*. Juan Pttero. Willie | Miguel, drunk in car. tt» or 13 daya. drawlr.f check on no account. *ullty p!fA, sentencing June 7. State *s. Andrew Parley, robetry, live years probalion. £'.»!» vs. Adrion Lanler Llles. at- . tempt to deliver chtci on no «ctount. (11«.kowlU dba Ptma BookkeepinR Serv- Marlnei »t ux. judgment entered on Arlrona Supreme Coun mandate. pank o( America vs.' Leroy Hunter el ux. judgment entered on Arizona Supreme Court mandate. · Bank o! America v». L. B. Hunter et u x . judgment entered on Arizona Supreme Court mandate. Bank of America vs. Fred Hill el ux, Judgment entered on Arizona Supreme Court mandate. Bank of America vs. Carlos DeLaoasa, judgment entered on Arliona Supreme j Court mandate. ! Hank of America vs. Young Davis j et ux. Judgment entered on Arl/.ona ' -Supreme Court mandate. ; Bank ot America vs. Edna B. B«r- i neTt, judgment entered on Arizona j Supreme Coun mandate. Bank, of America vs. Glenn Draper · t ux, Judsmcnt entered on Arizona Supreme Court mandate. L. G. Offret et ux vs. Dorothy Emmett O. Diego, Calif. 31. Tucson. Edwin B. Gray. «. Tucson, and^Mary Edna Johnston. 37. Tucson. Michael Hardgrove. 22. Tucson, and Nancy Charlyene Joasel, 31, Tucson. . Winton C. HaJI. B, Tucson, and Lawrence, 30, Tucson. j Merrill L. Ihlert, 21, Tucson, and I J e n n i f e r Ann Clark. X, Tucson. Richard L. Van Sickle. 31. Denver, Colo., and Rebecca Pax. 23. Tucson. Crlitlno P. Polanco. 46. Tucson, and Joseflna C. Garcia. B. Tucson. Joseph TVibcrt Lacagnlna. legal. Tuc- · in. e.ii, a; .y J c n n Ssles. legal, Tucson. Pennlnxton. car fire. (City). )3;«-l:]0 p.m.--Enslne 15 to Speedway and S*nta Cruz, vacant Jot. (Cltyi. 1:18-1 :M p.m.--En«ine 7 to Pima and Dodce. vacant lot. (City). 2;11-2:M p.m.--Engines I, 10 *nd Ladder 1 to 1033 E. 30th. »tor»ge ihed. (City). .. 2-58-3-11 p.m.--Engines 1, 2 and Udder 1 to 380 S. Meyer. Ek» Club. 6:25-8:38 p.m.-Engtne 14 to 701 W. Hatfield, tmsh. (City). 8:07-8:20 p.m.--Engine » to »131 Z. »lh St.. trash. (City). Robert W. Simmons, 21, Tucson, and Jo Ann Wlthrow, 28. Tucson. George Cremeans, legal, Tucson, and Catherine Hamilton, legal, Tucson. Kenneth B. Armstronc. 29. Tucson, and Gold!* Pearl Williams. M. Tucson. Harold B. Jobes, 88, Orange, C*llf., and Velma L. Baiter, 6. Orange. Cyrus Leroy Johnson. 34. Tucson, «nd Sharl R. Johnson, 30, Tucson. BIRTHS DAV1S-MONTHAN HOSPITAL A.l.C. and Mri. Billy Warn, 1309 Can* Grande. * boy at 9 a.m. May 31. Sit. »nd Mrs. Charles N. Smith, 4036 Young GOP To Hear Supervisor Weaver Dennis Weaver, county supervisor and Republican from District No. 1 who has announced his candidacy for re-election, will speak at noon tomorrow at the regular ; meeting of the Pima County Young Republican Club. The luncheon meeting at El Charro, 140 W. Broadway, is open to the public. an automobile accident at Wickenburg Saturday. Born in Tucson. Graveside services will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow at Holy Hope Cemetery, with Reilly's Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. Refugio Mixton Refugio Mixton, 71,'of 1106'A W. Colorado-St., died Monday in the Pima County Hospital. Native Tucsonian. Father of Mrs. Maria de Lourdes, Tucson; Antonio and Eduardo, both of Tucson. A rosary will be recited at 8 p.m. today at the Tucson Mortuary chapel. Mass'will be said at 9 a.m. tomorrow at Santa Margarita Church. Burial in Holy Hope Cemetery. Estella Ricketts Mrs. Estella Ricketts, 83, of 7011 E. 4th St., died yesterday at Tucson Medical Center. Native of Pierce County, Wis. Came to Tucson last year from Springfield, Mo. Mother of Mrs. Wesley H. Miller, Tucson; Mrs. Hazel C. Rosenbalm, Springfield; John and Arthur L., both of Long Beach, Calif.; Jesse P., Springfield, and Hugh L., Charleston, S. C.; 20 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 7 p.m. tomorrow at the ment with the Commercial TsSeg- raphers Union (CTU) early today, a few hours after the old contract ran out. The possibility of a strike was averted. E. N. Hageman, chief negotiator for the CTU, said he expected both parties to sign the agreement tomorrow. In the meantime, the old contract was extended. 11 Only one thing held up. the signing, Hageman said, and that was the required paper work. The negotiators were .too tired to do any of it right away. The final negotiating session, which began yesterday, did not end until the early hours of today. Hageman said the new contract would give most Western Union employes a 10 cent an hour wage increase effective June 1 and another 5 cent increase next Jan. 1. 'Hot' Suspect Nabbed In Unseasonable Coat DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.-UPI- Orlando M. Sarriera was arrested for questioning in the $900 rob- bej-y of a savings and, loan office because he looked suspicious. ' The policeman said he was wearing a heavy trench coat in 90 degree weather. rector Inc., predicted today. "Now that the federal government confirms Greater Tucson's sales and marketing story," our national ad schedules are bound to go up--way up," he said. "Until now, a lot of space buyers in the East have been inclined to -consider us s!ii! s one- horse town instead of a 116,000-car city. They went by the 1950 census that showed our population at 45,000." But with the county population now officially set at 262,139, Tucson becomes «i potent marketing factor, Drachman pointed out. "We'll be rated much higher'as a test market, too," added Quenton Robb, TNI national advertising manager. "We are planning to carry our. confirmed story at once to advertising agencies on both coasts. "Until now, Tucson newspapers have been given advertising schedules designed for secondary sales efforts. Now it's in the A-class. "We have a college community, industry, city business, a retired colony and tourists who represent the buying communities of all parts of the United States. "And our area is isolated from outside advertising and marketing influences. People only know about products advertised_ehere. "It makes us one of the best guinea-pig cities in America. "If a product is accepted here, a producer can be assured it can be sold anywhere in the United States." Convincing national advertisers of Tucson's booming business has been tough up to now, Drachman points out. "We had to go get the people of one San Francisco ad agency to come here and see for themselves. They were astonished. "Out of that came a test campaign by Foremost Dairies to try ^nf Jtc n0\y /t^v ' VM *£ ff !ltrHted mj'!^ powder. So far,' the test has brought an extra $10,000 to Tucson in advertising revenue. It's still going on. Se« story, Page 1. o o o Tucson Gas Estimate Was Really Qose The Tucson Gas Electric Co. estimate of Tucson's population, based on the 1950 census, was 211,442 in the city limits as of April as .compared wkh 210,015 revealed by the 1960 census. "Our estimate was .68 per cent high," said Clarence Hockings, vice president of Tucson Gas Electric. "That's about as close as you can get." The census has not revealed figures for greater Tucson, but Hockings said TGE's estimate of 251,625 will probably be reasonably accurate. He said that the projected figure for 1970 is at least 400,000 for the greater Tucson area. "We have, climbed a long way since the 1950 census of 45,454 in the city," he said. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING! TUCSON'S GREATEST MARKET! READ FOR PROFITS . . . USE FOR RESULTS! DIAL MA. 2-5855 .. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING BUSINESS DIRECTOIY ' ACCOUNTING 1JBUSINESS DIRECTORY \ FLAGSTONE TERRACE A A ACCOUNTING SERVICE 1707 JC r CA. J-«171 ADDITIONS PATIOS, planltn «nd Barb«cu«s. MaUrtal «wt plus labor. Phone John Lyons. EA. Mao^after 9 fM. " H E A T I N G 1 COOLING" XOOM additions * Krmodellnt. Tre* Blent * Oeiicnt. Financing. (COOLING. heaUni, Lic. Cantrecu.ni EA. 7-4181. _ ---- -- -- iVrrFBliriS KA11E.K1CJ GUARANTEED REBTJILTS -- H.M up exchange -- ill types --heavy duty--commercials--dlesels. Complete repairs. RedUrflnz /acuities. Koadrunner, 44t S Perk. MA , . , duct work re- .Cool^ Malnt. IA. 7.431«. ERN HTo.-Coonfio Co. ARCT ic CIRCLE COOLWW RefrljeraUon lervlce mi w. ath st. . "*·"«» ^HOUSEHOLD REPAIRS BONDS I DOTY'S HANDY SERVICE 1 AX. 1-OHt. Cooler service. Painting, service,. Home repalre. INSTRUCTION CONTR.'S LIC. BONDSj Dick Noon Ins. 143 S. sth MA, 3-21JU tUUJHNG * REPAIR TEACHERS will tutor trades ) through 11; reading specially. EA. S-83B2. _ __ JANITOR SERVICE CABINET MeJcer. pa In tins antique c»y _PO;VA*- t]?*»- A1ROOM QUALITY ROOM ADDITION WC. CONTRACTOR AX. 1-1311 CEMENT wort, block; s«ucco. »- 110 walls. M veers experience. MA,_3-817. ___ _ _ Masonry end Professional Bldg. Malnt. Co. Janitorial Service Homes. Offices. "Buslnei*. MA. 3.»aoo._Leaye_rne««age. _ O-XAN. GJlOUlJD ___ _ J Yds, *s._VAUQKN'S,J ^ , plasterinj repairing. I TOPS6iL,_ gravel, fill dirt, tand- PATIO SPECIALTY ^ EA 1-*OS* « BUILDING ~- Remodeling. Cement work. Pluming. Free eetimatea. Llccnted. MA. 4-UM. "" IJCINSSD-rNSURED-BbNDED Quajtty Construction Company. euar»xit«e. complete sAtlsfactton for «U phases of remodeling or addi- seepin Prompl. Keas. tA. 7-WM. . . _ . . .renovatinf "top soli fertilizing, cleaning, hauling, trees removed. Bermuda lawns Installed Reasonable--prompt. AX. l-Mtl IA. «-43J5 LAWN~ SERVICE ~ _ _. _ _ _ ^ot-'s Handy Service. AX. «-om lions. Free Estimates. _IA. 7-S4K. BEMObTBjNG. AddiUoni. cabinets. Homea. Best quality work. Free estimate* BOB BUSH. General U . JTO . Contactor. Scen«d. Bonded. EA fiS't A It 1 M C. Grading. ., f^efwssr-srsf-ss^^\ %$£ TM£ ^. c * ruh " tjnj " rriodeUrja* and designing for efficiency Kitchens. Day. MA. 3-1273 Eves., AX. I-MJO COMPLETT residential and commercial building. Addition and remodeling service. Plan*--designs- FERTIUZTR COW MANURE. (2 yard, No delivery. IMO'.i W. Grani Phone MA. 3-1808. work. Plant- gravel. EA. 5-7261 - ....... EXPERT hedge trimming. Lawns renovated. Reliable vacation care. Excellent references. Call Yard Maintenance Service. EA. 5-lsne. GEKERAL LANDSCAPING. Fcrtil- ·USINISS .DIRECTORY, 1 S C H O O L S TKAIN at home tor earning civil service exams. MA. 4-»«l. SPRINKLING SYSTEMS . rji'A. rinanclni, MA. 3 : M7» tlUILER AWNINGS apeclafs under Patio Roofs " Alum. Awning. Cabana, Screen Room. factory. 37H E. Grant Rd. WESTERN ALUMINyM,_EA. S-JOJ1 TUTORING _____ TUTORINO. Group -- private. Summer. Conversational Itallun. Span- tah, JTrench. Latln.JCA^ 7 Z 8I»«. UPHOLSTERING CTjSt6"M"upholster 1 ~'Th« Dutchman." Recovery - reityllng. 4400 E^Q rant -Road. ^EA, 7^475. WELL DRILLING DRILLING CONTRACTOR Cor. Jtth «c 4th...Ave. MA. J-7S1J SERVICE UNLIMITED 177 S. Scott Ave. MA. J-I7B3 fterlstraUons to 1 Man, thru Frl. Comm'l Illustrators At draftsman Coll. trained, exp. relocate Sr. Acct. Exp. In CPA Office. £fiU G Cierk. ExperfencedTIPirrna · nent position. Good salary. Excellent prospect for advancement. Apply to Mr. Kert, Swan Drug- . , utore, «17JS. Speedway. 3fttifttfEfti Dinner fry cook wanted. Apply . No phone calls. Triple T Cafe, 44*1 ' . Benson Highway! JCE'CttEAM Truck Driv LOST A FOUND LOST: Large 'black ahaggy female Poodle. Vicinity - Jlllllto. Heward; Oracle-lst Ave. EA". l-00»8, IA. BLACK bull dog. male. Lie. No. 0»7». Answers to "Troubles." XA. REWARD!! LOST: German Shepherd, black * tan^MA. 3-1731._ REWARD ~ Small, male mlxed-up pug. Light brown, answers to "Jake." Jimmy Saunders. MA. i-0«7i REWARD! Last or strayed. Collie, female, answers to name, of "Duchess." has Eczema. ' DM uci. MA. 2-5406 M A . 3-741H. PERSONALS ftnandng. JEA. «-»531, COMPLETE rToon covgRiSCS ARMSTRONG TLLE and linoleum MOHAWK carpeting -- contract or retail, GABBETT'S 3*4 S Tucson B!ES_MA _Ir 7 SS CARPENTRY CARPORTS, remodeling, additions.(TREES removed, yards and~alieys i repairs, built-ins. masonn. fences, cleaned. rubbifh hauled. Lie, patios. EA. 7-773S. ' j Davis, MA. 2-2039. MA._!-M30. | "·HAULING of any kind. Afternoons. Eves. Hoi Sat. A Sun. MA. 3-7S63 PIANO-Accordion lessens Y o u r home. EA. 5-9MW. MA. 2-7423. ALCOHOLICS ANOTYMOUS Day, nltes. MA. 4-41D3. 213 N. Court. RELAX WITH MASSAGE. HELP WANTED, MALE 9 _ cook and in person. iver. On com- mia»ion basii: Apply 605 C. Ith nreet, between I and ID a.m. Evening*, phone XA. JM3M between t and 8:30 p.m._ _ __. AGGRESSIVE Company desire* association with aarne type fit man. Tor interview callJtA.JF-SOiH. Gammon Placem't Serv. 301 K. Stone Garden Plaza MA, 3-4l»« MGMT. trainer. Jl-30 «3« Sales Mgmt trainee, sales exp. 32! Billing clerk. 10-M *30C Adv«r. Public Rel.,_Retall exp. YOUNG MEN Would you like to earn »13S to la*0 per week? Must have high achool education, and be willing to learn. Experience not necesury. See Mr. Parr Sands Morel, 2 to « P.m.. Tuesday or Wednesday._ "SANiTA'TlON Service Routeman. Must be permanent »nd own car, 51, day work week. Married. This Is a permanent Job with a chance to advance with a national company who Is opening an office In Tuceon. Apply Wedneeday, June 1 or Thursday, June 2 between »':30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. to Mr. Ber- rler at Del WeW's HlwayHouse. Ask desk for room number." PERSONABLl young man to train as realty salesman, speclallzlnr income property. Call mirnings MS E. HELP WANTED, MALE 9 (SALESMEN 9B BARTENDER Write Star Citizen box aM- '.- CAREER IN ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATIONS Permanent, etea'dy employment for qualified young men under M years of age lor work with electronic equipment. Minimum requirement high school graduate with two years of math and science. Better than high ·chool education or training and experience with military electronic communication* desirable. Paid vacations, alck benefits, pension and other desirable working conditions. Scheduled salary Increases. Starting rate dependent on past experience and trainlne. In reply give listing of high school math and aclencc, activities »ince graduation from high echool. your telephone number and address. Reply to Sur-CIUr.cn Box 282-K. $80 WEEK UP. SPANISH SPEAKING AN ASSET. WE TRAIN YOU AND FURNISH LEADS. NEED CAH. SEE J. L. HARDMAN. 9 A.M.-4 P.M.. 3632 E. SPEEDWAY. SALESMAN Golden opportunity for aggreaaive intelligent salesman, with some experience, to further develop Arizona market for one of the nation's better lines of men's casual wear. Writ* details. Star-Cltiien Box »7-E. __ WOR*"by'appT. CaifMr. "Trance, T;»__'tll_l!30_P.rn. IA. B^'B13. HELPWANTEbr HELP ^WANTED, Female JQ WAITRESS under 35. China Boy, N" _4th Ave. and E, 3rd. WOMAN to live In. Care for 2 chll- dren. Board and IIS week. Sundays free. Contact Mr. Croaean, between In NCR, using department keys. need apply. Quonaet Grocery, 1866 S. Country Club. _ Girls, Women--All Ages BE A RECEPTIONIST Train for Interesting, well paid positions. Pay and night classes start Monday. Your choice of train- Ing. PBX operator bookkeeping, business machines, IBM card punch and SpeedwrfSsy;. Shorthand in « weeks. Jobs aw«lt, call, write visit -- SPEEDWRITING SCHOOL MA, 44.1 S. Stont CL^HrC-STENO work on 3-!H6 mtgs.. notes, building inspection reports. Typing shorthand ability essential. Advancement assured to qualified penon. Write fully giving experience, education, salary expected and full partlculara to Star- Cit. Box 2*6E. HELP WANTED, M F 9A VbfjNCr MAN-carry out boy. Apply Grand Central market in person. (No telephone.) _ CANVASSERS Vr TO fffl PER CLOSE FOR PRODUCERS SALESMEN dm 01 '" 0 "" )n * ur ** ry ind «"«·« HIGHEST COMMISSION PLUS j opened 3 July' 'with' 'new *« SSgg^ATM PEOwS.""'^TM ' U -'le -' ntI . hi "" U ! '"'""^ ^d. LKNT OPPORTUNITY FOR OUT OF TOWN CANVASSER--SALES TEAMS. TOR THE BEST DEAL SKt JOI JAWKLKA. 4B70 E 22ND Registered Nurses HELP WANTED, Ftmolt 10 SECRETARY Excellent opportunity In downtown office for capable (Irl. Interested In advancement. Age 21-3S. 5 day week, fringe benefits, MA. 4-35H.-1. POSITION OF RESPONSIBILITY In a small office. Some bookkeeping typing, cashiering. A pleasant person -with a good education, who wants a job with reaponslbllity and the opportunltle* that go with it. Phone John Chandler at MA. 2-46S1.' Public finance Corp. M South _SUine. _ 2 Experienced CAR-HOPS. Steady Lota Burger Drive In Restaurant. 3327 E. Grant Road. CREfilT" CLERK. "Experienced In " credit work In retail store. Apply Credit Dept,. College Shop. ««5 N. Park. Ct3Sh%T?PIST""~wTth general office experience. Salary $275 per month, good hours, permanent. Indicate type ot experience, age, education. availability. marital status, residence etc. Reply by mall , . only to University D e p H - 1 . of Arizona, vancement opportunities. Tucson General Hospital. EA. 7-3444. Gammon Placem't Serv. LUNCH TRUCKS aonable for management 115 Pima Plata Broadway, 10:30 Fri-Sst. a^ef y for 3 a m b r o u s per- For Ie.«. Stainless steel. men. Ages 23-45 to train equipped. Call AX. 8-9262 or see WE TRAIiJ you and place you. See our ad on pages 73 and 309 of the yellow section in the telephone book. Arii, College of Commerce The Accredited Business School. WAITRESSES WANTED Sl-30 Applv_j) to JI^JSJTI. 1000 S. th WILL GIVE room. B"D.. care to working mother It child. MA. 4-5327. INTENSIVE secretarial and business courses prepare you quickly for good positions. Graduates are placed immediately and without 8 A R I Z O N A COLLEGE OF , .. _ _ COMMERCE l^.Stone_Garden Plaza MA. 2-4828! 131 K JBroadway MA. 4-10J1 ' in. Woman housework. SITUATIONS. MALE \ } DEPARTMENT LIGHT HAULING yard work, ting and repair. Experienced. son Lcrncr Shops' expansion prosram requlrea ambitloua women, experienced In the retail apparel field. To the right person, we are prepared to make an attractive offer with future advancement. Apply to ... Miss Faye Arend ALl Al-_ MA. 1-3M4. BLbCKLAYiNG, All applications In the strictest confidence. CASE WOHK-SUPERVIBOR for p vate organization. Part-time. Social work degree desirable, but not necessary 'If have case work-admin istrative experience. Write qualifications. _§tar-Cit!zc.n Box: t269-E. PGsTTldN open for'q'ualffied office worker. Must have h»d experience In bookkeeping, posting machines and typing. Do not apply unless you meet the above requirements. M. J. Lawrence Mem. Hospital P.O. Box 538. Coltonwood, Arizona FOR BEGINNING - review classes In ahorthand. typing, bookkeeping. caahlerlnf * office machine* call Lamson Buslneas College. Ph. MA t-Wl, . pos'Mons. Room «102 E. 29th Street. " Bldg. sharp. 2030 E. Thurs.- LIGHT HAULING RUBBER STAMPS 648_ SEPTIC tanks, sewer lines cleaned. Sewer cpnnec Heas. _AX, 8-1427 PREC.VST SEPTIC'TANKS Havden Excavation. Ph. EA,5-«51 PAINTING 1 DECORATING E3CPERT~painting. Best materlais" Quick service. Low rates. AX. 8-2263. QUALITY~~P AINTING? Interior-Exterior Reasonable. Licenced .. _ ciotne3line»^rnail~Sw(e7. J? a " Bi » MA..4-5S05. MA.^4-«405.._ CHotheslines Serv. Co. EA. 5-OMOl PATIO ROOFS DENN-S clotheslines. mailboxes. ___ . A I I U R r Ur: garbage can holders. MA 3-OOG2 ALUMINUM PATIO ROOFS fcLOTHESLINES MAfilBbXES~in- ' °' size--our mistakes save M« stalled complete. Work, material! Prices incl. normal installation ^guaranteed Bob Clynn. AX. a-7176.1 ««27' natural alum J19S CJ3OLING AND HEATING ^SERVICE COOLERS, 12 years' f pcrience No Job too amall u . _ ,, jarge. MA. 3-02fB. ' 37M E. Grant BS5! natural «lum iox22' white baked enamel ALUMINUM EA. i K09 »248 ilNDi'S COOLER SERVICE A!l_work done bv Ernie. MA. 4-3583 PATIO WALLS -v^rm».Vmi.c CONTRACrORS .PATIO Walls, free estimates. Ama- I do and Sons Comtruction Co.. EA , additions o r will mod- i -- _.-- ,- -- = ·, c -- ·-- ,,,~ : ~i.; ernl« your kitchen. Financing. BRICK-Block--Adobe. The Wrwht LICENSED CONTRACTOR. MA. w»y._AX. l^tJfX. Reasonable.. ____ 4-8043: i? no answer call MA. 3-783SJD S. Constr. Licensed Contractor. FOR PLUMBING and TM-TMir^-Zi I Phone__MA, 3_-2li44 or AX. «-3«21 . tractor. MA. 3-018C. __ V A S O N R Y. OcenieS ]pLASTtRIJJG stucco. Large PATIO ; jsrnall jobs. Free est. EA. 7-2S2. _tnjstworthy advice. :elax with "Massage. E. Speedway MA,_ 2-43«0 Meacham" Counseling Cert. 392«_E._ralrmount. EA. 5-I4M. IT'S terrific the "wiy we're selling Blue Lustre ,for cleaning runs and upholsterv. Jacome's. PRIVATE INTRODUCTIONS Counciling A: Analysis licensed. MA 2-7423_or EA. 5-9908. LOIS. A GROWING ORGANIZATION Has openings for 2 high calltre men who desire a hljrti income future. Men selected will be thoroughly trained fc will find a rewarding profession. For appl. cail 9-2 p.m. BA. 7-0131 and ask for Bill. Cleaner Spotter Applv in person. Deluxe Cleaners. DISTRIBUTORS wanted for NUTTfT LITE FOOD SUPPLEMENT and EDITH REHNBORG COSMETICS. Full or pan time. Apply 3027 N. Campbell, or phone EA. 7-34fifl. , Sec. strno. car $300 i YOUNG woman Ir... TM ST -J2' pt - Msr - Ladies' wear cxp.i living alon*. Light Fullv CORSETIKKE. mature, exp EA 5-752B '"' ' t !TYPIST. 50 VVPM. TO-30. Dictal. Exp.: ' FULL CHARGE Bkkprs. exp. NEED 2 COUPLES 1 man station attendant, mechanic 1 counter man. 1 wife with tools. wai tress. 1 . wife cook. Salary, cot- . . , . board. Florence Junction Shell Station. SALESMEN Secretaries with ateno. 80 WMP. (Bl | ATTRACTIVE LEGAL lecrty.. heavy ateno . MOO , . . . . - _ _ _ _ _ COST clerk, exp $260 WAITRESS SECY. Asst. bkkpr. l i g h t stcno S3.-0:. . ,,, ,,.,, SEC. stcno. personnel di.^t. 3340 A PP'y ln person BKKPH. mach. exp. N.C.R J _expJ2jpl Ern ' e ' J Sl " te Lt Ma'ds At Your Service . -- . 31-M. *! per Tiour. ounge, 333 W. Con- 1«1. E. Broadway MA. 3-6621 ATTRACTlVi: "BARMAID. Experience not necessary. FROLIC. 1554 S. 4th Ave.. MA. 4-9B65. ATTRACTIVE b a r m a i d . Experienced. Apply in person. Legal Tender Bar, «0 W. Congress. EXPERIENCED secretary Speak Spanish, Downtown lication Good salary and working conditions Write Star-CltiTen Roy TO-I $200 WEEKLY i U you are 3S car. you can mi i every week. or over, have a! GENERAL Dri^TO".lid~lN:ffifottiiahil around .ervlce sta-j%£* «g* ^.^ '" "" x " nt ' ·VESTIGATrNG SERVICES. Ladv tion'man. Experienced. Prefer -tO-|l^-ii. rrrTTTT-i5r\ Gentlemen operatives Calls re-1 s years of asc. Hours 5-10 p.m. | W AN 1 C.U ceivcd 24 HOURS. MA 4-5993 P.l"* Saturday and Sunday. Rich- high school English. teacher, i tl.30._JEA. " Experienced 8-8320. _ _ tins "is PROPER ATTENTION Sales Managers FULL CHARGE housekeeper for 1 child, plus parents. Live in only-private room. Spanish speaking preferred. Days. 3WA. 3-0531 Evenings. £A. ; WOMAN~to" Vid""hand~ br"~typi~«d- tactinc ou. , 1 by phone. Write Star-Citizen Box GIRL or yaunc woman foi- housework. No cooking. Must live in. F.A. 5-6525. ffifPERIENCED to care for CAR HOP 21 or over. Neat appearing. No ex perrence required. Will train. MARCO'S 3424 E. SPEEDWAY GIRL mnRt'iive in. Cim»rj»l house work, "no cooking. US week. AX. 8-7577. EXPERIENCED »ewrng machine operators wanted. Must have Factory experience. A.pply Debby MfS. Co.. 242 S. Park. . - _ exterminator, ' .hip- , ping clerk, routeman. small re palrs. Will consider new field. MA. j. " " _'RY work. Interior and exterior painting and stucco work. AX. I-M04. general yard work. Plastering, cement finiahing. Repair of all kind "oelen. EA. t-T4l£ exchange for lodging. Take car* of office In motel 3 hours per night, from 10 p.m. to U p.m. Pirfer' one who Is working . 4-8813. SITUATIONS, FEMALE DENTAL assistant, practical nurse (live out preferred) Institutional cook. EA. 7-MM, IECRITARIES and ^bookkeepeni available for full or part time em, ployment ·ecretarigl School MA 3-M3B. WiTJbbw cleaning, floor waxing. House cleaning. ' Free estimates. EA. 3-6367, City Maintenance Company. _ YOUNG" COLORED girl wishes fuil time clerical or general office Job. Some Ahorthand. MA._S-74J1. IRONING in my home. Pick up and delivery. AX. 1-6082. IRONING--"SPECIAL RATES" Work guaranteed. Free delivery. 806 N. Venice. EXPERIENCED care of'new mother and baby; help at home. EA. 6-7787 TUTOR primary grades--all subject*--phonics used . in reading. MA. 4-69CO. " _ __ PERS'ONAL and family ironing, call and deliver. .EA. (-3400 or. MA AVAILABLE practical riurse grad uate. Experienced. Days, hourly worjc.^MA, '^WM. _ _ BRICK, block, adobe layEgTPatio walls and additions. CY. 7-K»3. TKUCKS FOK SALE 22 M STUDEBAKER pickup. Best ol- f ?Ir ?y owner. 2714_ Monterey Vista. SO CMC ii Ton pTU. Telephone bed. Reasonable. Mth So. Creycraft. ____ ____ So. 4th Ave. "One Year Guarantee' 54 CHEV. 4 dr. Heat S.S. Exceptional!! $695 51 KAISER "Traveler" 4 dr. R.H. * O.D. Real Clean food. $250 SET YOUR HEART ON MODELING Find out if "You" Qualify. FOR AN EXCITING CAREER IN THE MODELING FIELD The experience of Fashion s h o w . Photographic, and many other types of modeling. plu» the look of a Model . . Can be yours forever. Now! EA. «-3333, or EA. 7-74M. ERIENCED fountain girl, full CHILD care, my home or youri while you an vacationing. Phone EA. 5-7475. , time. Casas Adobes Drugs. 7131 N. Oracle Road. at home: capable of con- « OKln «-.,J ul c ur customers and prospects' ,,,,,,,,.!.'.--- ·-j^rBftuc.pt^c.u mitia 10 care Tor T - 1 T T T ^.. , --. house and year-old baby. Hours! Far WeSt. Placement BU. 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through! , T . _.,. _ 1H ,,. . ,,,, Friday. Must have own car and *» A f il 'J Land Ti f le ,f Idf - MA ' *" 27 " excellent loeal references. N 0 !BANh._savmss cooking, but considerable ironing. 245-t. »4ftn MONTH salary, plus llberallNEAT, experienced fountain wait- Gentlemen 31-80. Ladles 21-75 have! clients waiting to meet you NOW · All nationalities. Alice Abbott since!Qualified 1M2. Private licensed. AX "-0901 start If IS YOUR child behind in~readlhgi v '""' Summer course Btarting June Enroll now. MA. 2-4344 MSS. LEWIS . scientific advice wiH help aolve your most difficult problems. business or personal Private consultation Appointment onlv _AX. ,8-1645^ ______ '_ ALCOH6L1CS Anonj-mous Associated Groups. Phone MA. 4-2X21 day MEN--31-3.1 National organization men. MSO qualified. w A a u t t K Y . L.icenaca. JJATJU j*"" 1 "-.»""*· r l l ; c w »- ^-o.-.'-* 1 **!?- i o r n i g n t . WALLS. Brick, adobe, block con- j Patching stucco work. Small jobs. I J WILL NOT " be re Crete work. MA. 4-0529 Prompt serv._Free «t. EA. S-614*. AND HEATING con tra ctor. S-K1I4. B. V. McDougall. EA.IF. W. Gan« Plumbing Heating. ,1021 N. Third Phone MA. DRESSMAKING ALTERATIONS, a«winE STcirts,' blouses, drapes a apecialty. Quick , ·ervioe. EA 7-7739. ' ~jPLUMBING, cooling, "repairs. censed Gllchrist MA. 3-44'JO . Li- REMODEUNG "ceramic~ tilrnjt done by rxnded licensed contractor. Specializing in remodeling and new jobs. AX. ,8-4873. · SAND AND GRAVEL 4 ic-«v*i y wu 4U «j IVT. f_^ i ~-- . . -- -_ _. . -.. of Driving, AX. 8-6S32 SPECIAL prices on p*a ffravcl. top ELECTRIC SERVICE ^l^^f^J^^^-- mtlal A commercial IHAYDEN EXCAVATION EA. 5-«451 spo risible for over-ride. Experience necessary in i -- j recruiting and traininK. Group i n - ' _Craycrpft. _ ! surance full cooperation for risht . V .".' .jll.*.," ! man. For personal interview, please; · A I I N J K Y nerds 3, contact Mr. Triano at EA. 7-5661.! L r - v w i N U / I \ I per monU) lo - , - -- ; SHIRT PRESSEP.S Married, am-i Experienced preferred, bi bilious. Workable car, Can follow| W A K I T F H ^ 1(r! " :h vounc. strong, capabl instructions Our men are now V V A M N I U U ' -making »800 to *1000 a month. No! " . Plus many other company . If interested in setting ahead, call Mr. Johnston at 2-5496. for personal interview noon. ^_^^_ HOUSEWORK. afternoons. Girl 35. Living near, 1434 Benson Highway. MA. 2-3478. Drug, 22nd and Permanent -- Part Time ! General office. Accurate typist. 12- I 5 Apply Williams Auto Sales. Be- jtwecn 8-11. 702 S. 6th I ohc,ne_call« please. . Avenue. No J N O PHONE ! Avenue. CALLS. «o« N _ __ _ ," ^;»i BEAUTY OPERATOR Salesman or lady with experience ! for general Real Estate business. ?j! Owner has 25 years experience. i A good downtown location. Excel-] -- ilent working conditions. Liberal ! commissions, steady employment. 4th Experienced. Casa i Salon, CY. 7-0602. Adobes Beautj- Help 'OFFICE GIRL _ _. t h e n l commission and bonus. Hear o f ) 1 route men. salary starts, debts contracted by anyone other Um N. SWPI. «-t? "'rdnVsdav only, J, Aul iSL. m* home, yours. A n y ! day or hour. R-ayonable. EA. 7-0302. i ANNOUNCEMENTS 3A TRADING STAMPS Green. Bluesift. Frontier. Securitv. ("Service charge SOc-- 1306) Ross. Steady work. Experienced journeyman only, otherwise do not apply. Personal interview only. Kirk 1 Electric. 310 E. 3»th St. | FRY Cook wanted. Must he ex-j perienced and fast. Apply Johnies| . - - _ _ . ^ C. C. Romine REALTOR 73 E. Bdwy. MA. iFor construction Company office. I Able to run adding machine, typing. Experienced preferred. Apply in ! answer phone. Call EA. 7-7021. or person. T. Ed Liu Pharmacy. ' 2502 i AX. B-1726. evening;. _ _____ N. Campbell. _ _ _ i - " " Leg.01 Secretary . . _ . . BtAU I ILIAN Write Star-Citizen ' '"· Box '" d Full or part time. Good opportunity. isn-G Phone day or evening. JEA. 1-26J1. "'"- __ ARIZONA ______ _AX._8-814p _ LET 'i woman teach you to drive. 1-4172.__f9:00-i:30._Licensed; J?o,_ l^JMS^E.^Speedway. SAVE for ' _.«ry, Kermlt Oestrich. EA. 7-»l. 14 HOUTl.residential, commercial Bonded. Phil's Xlectric, EA. *-«637. ELECIT^NJC_SEItWaES^ ELfiSRJfiAL Engineer. 12 yrs. exp" Deriim. specification * layout. Comm.. Indust. eV reeMentlal, EA 7-yja EA._«-3»ss.. RlSIDfjrnAL-COMMERClAL. OJT. eign, asMmbly. trjjtallatfons. repairs. GONLAB ENGINEERING CO. «g« Tt. :d St EA. »-80B CTCAVAflNG head ...... __________ V.1v" Sj ob H 7 d cvlind" 0 over! SIS plus perts Call MA jMan to work in laundry. jMust have chauffeur's li- ^S^Nicense. Apply 249 S. Park.i a/rai/vr AGENCY SERVlCElJNOMTTED IMMEDIATE Delivery. Sand Fill Dirt. Gravel. Top Sofl River Run. MA., 2-0077. After t. MA. 4-0510. ^SOWOLS : ATTEND Uie achool "that place* J you. Employers call us again Him f SCOT! » V E MA i again for stenographers, secre-;----TMT.TM^,.TM--- .:-,JSrTMr.---·.."",- uries, bookkeepers, accountants. H E L P WANTED M A L F and general office workers. New _-^^,- -"'*.": m * Lr r.udenis start each Monday. !T NEED an a^flstant in ART2XNA COLLEGE OF ! Brush business COMMERCE * ve*n. Car. Ijtl E. Broadway MA 4-1631 JWr. Hoth AX STUDY AT H6MTE spare make eft. Trailer furnished. H over 22 write . 2-4102. or come in for fr^e estl^ MAYFLOWER Box 107. Indianapolis TT YOU really want to get ahead and feel you arc limited in ywir present employment, here's an opportunity for you to become associated with a really rast- growing company. Xo sales experience necessary. On- the-job ,, training, with f good income, for excellent management career. Mrs. T»ettus: Dayj MA. 3-7620: eveninss. EA. 7-1357. BARMAID ' WANTED: Must apply In person a f t e r 2 p.m. 1532 S. Sth Avenue. i "HOUSEKEEPER i No cooking._Live in. EA. S-4085. j " RECEPTIONIST ! Attractive girl. 35-35 Some photo-.Familiar with general office pro! graphic ability desirable but not ei- eedure. Must be permanent resident. sentl..1. MA. 3-8449. - ~ ' ~ j Experienced dry cleaning checker marker. 249 S. Park. charge bookkeeper for part- time evening work. See Mr. Kahn. No nhone calls. National Health Studios 12O S. 6lh Ave. GEN. Off. lite Sleno. STENORETTE IBM elec. Ins. RECEPT. Steno. bkkpr. STENOGRAPHER. Spanish apkg- NCR 3100 Op. 5-day. SEC-STENO. credit off. exo. RT:G. Medical Technologist. EXEC Secretary. Car DICTAPHONE or. elec. type. ACCS. payable elk. cxo. EXP. MfdicalSec. - $250 *275 SITUATIONS, MALE LO\V1EST and best paint job in Tucson. Reliable. MA. 2-4704. IF YOU want a refined boy that just finished military school and would do most anything, likes drafting and surveying, call MA 2-8793. . , night NurMry Boarding. Licensed, Insured. 4802 E. l«th. EA. «-«M8. NIGHT-DAY -- Mother's care. "All ages. Univ. Papoose Nursery. MA. 4-83H. CHlLb CAM in my home. Call MA. «-4«7». : . FLOOR Waxing window Cleaning HOUSE CLEANING,... _MA. _3_-OM4 1-2 CHILDREN. Experienced. References. Lunch. Snacks. Play equipment. EA. -9252. INFANT. Will give experienced motherly care, my home. Northwest. MA. 2-S730. EXCELLENT care in my" home. Girls. 2',i, thru ». AX. I-75M. s. 2',ii tl ISTIA13" CHRISTIAN DAY Kindergarten, all infants. L o v i n g . _ . Reasonable. 1727 E. Broadway. MA NURSERY and aect including efficient care 4-09111. TRAVEL Opportunist* 15 trucker. Haul household good»--Denver. _MA._2-f»89._ CARS available to most cities. priye_as_your_own. MA._4-244i3. LA~DY and imall boy -want "ride with lady traveling to Washington. D. C. vicinity. Share ex- penies. Write Star-Citizen Box No. J92-E. LEAVING for Kansas City and vicinity June Srd. Take two. Share _eicpense». Autos Transportation ^__ } $ Experienced Typist Local established Company needs 2 or 3 sales persons to fill office staff. If dissatisfied with present position income, it will pay to call income, company benefits, secure futures. Experience nelpful but not necessary, we will train. Call EA. 7-009* for appt. PAINTING, interior. exterTofrcracJT patching. Referencei. EA. *-77g7. GARD'ENIN5~lind maintenance service. 30 Years experience. Excellent references. MA. 3-S35«. YOUNG MAN with four chlldreB wants work. Composition roofers TOUR AUTO DILIVERED any city Bonded licensed drivers AMERICAN AUTO DELIVERY 4 2 E . 7 t h MA 4-2441 5. Ind. _ MXN with masonry and "construction ,TOP INCOME FOR TKE RIGHT| experience. Marshall Company. 7400 MAN in the Tucson area. Take! shon auto trips to contact cujwm- ers. Write O. T. Swallow Sfluthwestrr- Petroleum 7«9. For; "'ftrtn, Texas OFFICE NURSE PART-TIME . helper. Truck driver or yard work. .dependable and "resooniible. Prefer MA.4-7R93. Jack McAner. -i experience in automotive line, but LIGHT HAULING. Appliances a »pe not essential. In person only. 12. Sterns, S. Park and 22nd. 10 to . . SHORT 6'fcOER cook. 3401 X."Spe«d- cialiy. Trash removed. MA. 4-3M3. MA. 3-447fL HANDY MAN. Service coolers, have penis maintenance, yard work. Part __ TI- Ftill""r time. Over NATIONAL FOOD COMPANY man TO nsrlM local manager. Must have c^r. and re willine to 'sian Immedi^teU . CALL EA. 7-1J3I for appointment Salesmen Prc? Kesi?t?rc". Hour? 4-8 P.M. Monday Co Pf)X t h r o u g h Tririay. 12-4 P.M. Saturdays A p p l v liusi^ew: Manager, Tucson Avon -- - - Clinir._nS_N._Tuc.TOn Blvd. in 4 liours ^ee Tony. ATTENTION! .LA ~SALLE «raduate~ permanent representatives are earninul resident, desires position with pub- _ _ Mortgogtt For Solt JOIN 20* happy family of investors rnsKinf 20% and better returns on 3 and 4 bedrooms in the bigger Phoenix developments where property appreciation is the greatest. None of the many investors (private parties investment groups and corporations) who have purchased hundreds of our contracts over the years have ever had to take over a house or make up any payments. Mr. Homerjuyer and Associates. 120 N. 4th St ALpine I-CSil. Phoenix. Ariz. 57 FORD "Ranchero" 3 spd. RtH. New paint eng. O'hsul. $1395 59 6MC 'i P.U. 3 spd. L.W.B. Heat New paint. $1495 59 FORD ' V, P.U. AT Heat. Wide aide L.W.B. V8. New paint. * $1595 G.M.C. So. Ik. "A New Truck Deo/er" IMPORTED CARS 22E I960 ISETTA Take my payments 'over at 921 a month. 26th Craycroft. AUTO REPAIRING ?1 ALL makes of auto tranamtnions repaired by specialists. General motor work d«ne on all ears. We »uar. all work. E-Z budget terms. Aato Boys, l»l S. «th. MA. 2-1221. Wffil fotOtA^Gl--transmissions, rear ends, motors, start at «*? wh-«l« WJO; batteries tt.»: »en- eraton. atarten M. Masons Wreck- ins; 4101 E. Illinois, east off Alver- FREE ESTIMATES EA. f-llftl or EA. S^OW i Jc B EauiraaKT _COL_ i -man m iwermz ana (nMm(. "FEMCES "~ Bros. Fences _,-.. WeMliw Gl ArygrovecT St«te Aavrevtd WicM tlasiLs Start ABC TRAD* K8001 Wi St MA i, CO. WA. Small Loan Mgr. i Or assistant manager with minimum a years experience. Top salary and [excellent future prospects. Position fn Phoenix area. Write full de- » tails to B. 3. R-hodes. Exchange t Ttmvnce Co.. P. O. Bor 596. Glen-1 jdale. Arizona. _ _ i I Far West! PTacernenf Bu. i jcomtet fn Grew shonnsmfl. typing.! /"NlIXJjTlf H C T l I I V I d R ; W Artz, l*nd Title Bldg. MA 2-271J' booklte«r*i« office msrchlrws, NCR I _ -? " ;Exp. loan Mgr. Relocate j cashierteK. IBM key punch._moiiih-| Wfli tyiTt 90-» tm an income on ' Stenyiprayfter 'ly tU'uuit Ta^es. veteram 4lp^Ji\jwd. \ute latwi erieLli uus Klifivrvieiit Tfia-' i^JtVi L v.t Ervg TJe^f. ?T\ :arr corxIiTioTjed rooms. Fre* park-j chine;. Orfly^ieygT irnd gmay trntn Chw»«try or civil. Si - ._. diploma. Low cost. Nationally known since 1«97. American School. P.O. Box 907. Phoenix. SUMMER TERM {Beginning Jane 17th, special cotrrsei!ja» « ii.n typinK * shorthand for pre-j--^~ t nrrmnn*] me. W»i S375 AXD , SALES MANAGERS If yu like selling tvy Hppofntrwm wdi a very (rood ^ft-mmissaKm »cl)#d- «ie. «r if you are « m»T.- filter wWi a staff of TO you in S · n Noon tc ' MISTER SOFTEE : rr:cd:ate daily what'ctheiri'can! lie accountins firm. MA. 2-2502. ! non, EA. i-mi4 nome^.... ill show yc-« how. 1m- YARDWORK--Landwapine -- Fer- AUTOMATIC transmission* placement, no nond , will not interfere ·household duties. TFor appt. B nee-; tilizer -· Hauling -- Topsoil -with | Tree Service. -- Renovating. EA. "' 5-48-3. JSew" f'-rst time shown in Tx«ion. ! MA. 4-2441 exclusive large volume selling prod-, "/-· A _.. 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All Orewirtry or tmvel-m*. Sm'gle. Lots W , . 1 OOOD tianrst h»ra-Trerlrtfiy mres-! Apply rueTttfrn 7 * 4 T*M mum. GILES MOTOR CEN'f'tR 711 · TtiryoTi La-.nwJry * Unwi Se N. STONE. « E. «tn .«t Fountain Waitress "Drat. ~eS mtv. »00 E. Srd. Service St TffJrtnt. EA. T.A. S-395«. RA Y~'^S«i r '**S.~~r»rtrmbin«~ wrt 'G»Tontrff»! WJTTWB, Carlttr ·mv^ftemrncr. Serv- 1 ice c»T. By hoar. EA. S-SSW). TRADB - MANY MOW ~" CTTNOAY12-6 p.m. STATEWIDE MOTORS 26th 4 Craycroft SiriQ. Tercel SoT "" AVe "** 58 VW MICRO-BUS 5-Ton r*fr»reT»t*1 wir ff. Trte-irl f«r vxamna dWrvery. M.«.. 3-oYn». m ftort*

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