Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 24
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A-24-4NDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TEIEGRAM (PM) nm» m«n. can., mun.. Mircii n, i»* DEAR ABBY Hail fellow is not well met The Aces on bridge IRA O. COSN JR. TTAM CATTAIN Couple on trip North By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR R E A D E R S : Well, here we go again! A s e c r e t a r y requested a practical salutation for business letters to offices in which both men and women work. Obviously, the traditional "Dear Sirs" and "Gentlemen" are now out of date. Some readers have submitted the following suggestions. DEAR A B B Y : How about "Greetings!" I borrowed t h a t i d e a f r o m Uncle Sam who used it SAVE 30% TO 90% Thousands o( fan of famous brand Men's and Women's shoes on display ... al discount values like Ihis. New Shipment Just Arrived WOMEN'S PLATFORM SANDALS SJ99 , SJ99 Values to $30.00 LATEST STYLES AND COLORS OVER 1000 PAIKS CornokHe size rrt-xw bul not .ill slvles in all 4i(M Limit (o stwk on hind. Shoe Rack 225 Pine Ave., Long Beach Open Dally 10 lo 5,30 Ckv?d Sunday CUSTOM DRAPERIES drapery makers Our own qualify confronted workroom CUSTOM · COMMERCIAL · RESIDENTIAL PLUS OUR OWN EXPERT INSTALLATION f\ IP Q/ off on all ^3 /O fabrics EXCLUDING SALE ITEMS i Wovrn Woods · fkrdspre.ids Decorative Sn.-.rtci · CliMnmn Rods · Rruncinq A CALL 423-9238 1336 [ Aiteiln Blvd . loofi Broih extensively lo draft men during World War 11. - J . L. IN OAKLAND. CALIF. DEAR J. L.: Sorry, the "Greetings" s a l u t a t i o n wonld never catch on. We'd have "old soldiers" fainting all over the place. D E A R ABBY: The Romans knew what they were doing. They never would have risked insulting Ihe powerful women behind the successful men by excluding them, so they used t h e s a l u t a t i o n , "Lectori Salutem," which means "Hail to the reader! "-CORRY 11. D E A R CORRY: H a l l no! Most Americans have enough trouble wilh English! DEAR ABBY: During a meeting I brought up the question about salutations that was'raised in your column, and a lawyer sitting next lo me came up w i t h the ideal solution. Why not "Gcnlleperson"? I like the idea and plan to start using il immediately. -- CLERGYMAN: INDIANA, PA. DEAR ABBY: Whal's the matter with a straight- f o r w a r d , f r i e n d l y " H o w d y " ? - F O R T WORTH DEAR F O R T : Not worth much -- outside of Texas. DEAR ABBY: Re your column concerning salutations lo groups: In Ihe business and management seminars g i v e n by I h e University nf California at Berkeley, we are suggesting that this problem be handled by omitting both salutation and the closing ("Sincerely," etc.), ending Ihc letter as I have done b e l o w . - D O R O T H Y SATIH GOOD MORNING, ABBY: 1 have solved t h e salutation problem in both my business ami personal c o r r e s p o n d e n c e as f o l lows : Tn someone with whom I'm on a first-name basis, i t ' s "Good M o r n i n t : , Abby." To someone in a more formal manner, it's "Good M o r n i n g , M i s s V a n Buren." And to anyone in general, it's just "Good Morning!" I think the cherriness of this is preferable to the legalistic "To whom it may concern" or the aloofness of "Dear Sir or Madame." - C O R D I A L LY, R.W. VOIGT GOOD MORNING, MR. VOIGT: Am) what If the recipient opens the mall In (he EVENING? EMRA HEDTKE ' Lady Elks Elks to instai officers Today's h a n d s w e r e played between The Aces and a group of challengers f r o m N . Y . C . a n d S a n Francisco. M a t c h bids wilh the experts and compare results. Question No. 1: You are Soulh, vulnerable, and hold: * Q . ) f X 9 7 6 3 I » A K « 6 + 9 What do you bid afli'r? North Kilsl Soulh Vin,\ 2 » I'nv, 3« l'a« 1* J'.i^s '.' Answer: Five hearts is n loser. Six hearts or Blackwood followed by the slam bid is a winner. TTie entire hand: NOIITH V A Q J 8 * 7 4 + () 6 '] 3 WKST KAST + K 6 r 3 * 1 0 9 7 2 * 10 » I * (; 10 'J -. * .1 3 2 + K .1 8 7 + A 10 -I 2 S O l ' T I I * Q J y K 'J 7 li 3 '2 + ,\ K 8 r. In the match, Ace John Swanson Blackwoodcd and bid six hearts over the two ace response. In the replay, Alan Son- l.ig and Peter Weichsel of N.Y.C. missed (he slam and The Aces picked up a slam swing. The slam was a 50-50 shot which hinged on a w i n n i n g spade finesse, but the key card in Smith's h a n d w h i c h justified tlie gamble was the sinfilcton club. Question No. 2: You are S o u t h , b o l h vulnerable, and hold: V I! 10 a 4 10 '+ Q D 7 ' What do you bid afler? North 2 » 3* 1'ass 2 N T I'nss Soulh Pass t'ass Answer: D o u b l e and they score the game and 750 points. A pass gains 150 points while a risky five diamonds goes down only 500 points. The entire hand: NORTH * A J 10 \ 1 I J t + . K « J m WEST KAST * T, * K · 8 * A K 7 3 2 T 8 6 ' + 6 * A 8 V 2 A K J 6 -I 2 + A 10 8 3 SOUTH * ( J 6 3 ¥ () 10 9 · * 1 0 0 + tj 9 7 1 In the match, Ace Bob Wolff doubled five clubs, bul couldn't beat it as declarer lost only one spade and one trump (the heart s u i t was established before drawing trumps). In the replay, Weichsel and Sontag also doubled [he aggressive game, the play was the same, and the hand ended in a tied score. Send bridge questions (c The Ares. P.O. Hox la'W), Dal/as, Tex. 75225, with self-addressed sl.imped envelope for reply. Honeymooning In San Francisco following their marriage Saturday at St. Columbans Church in Garden Grove are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allen LePore (Karen Gayle Lee). The new Mrs. LePore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Lcc of Long Beach, graduated from Banning High School and UCLA, where she was affiliated w i t h Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Her husband, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest LePore of Garden Grove, is a student at Long Beach State University. Psycho Cybernetics ; Six Week, Intensified I Lecture Series Principals ; Techniques of ; Seff -Improvement · TUES., MARCH 23 : 7:00 P.M. · N. Community YMCA · 4134 Atlantic, L.B. I 426-2860 . m Cf«V!Od rei*C.TS m rnc French DOIXJ sr/e-i f.TWe QI.T.SS * r.'iror hicks, ooor tacks on seme mocJets · Gxce of wood finishes CURIO CABINETS 4? '·Home ,. FURNITUHE .. y V 10 r j - TIX-S to S.H O toO * FIUJV (.-.v'-o.}-, k) LONG BEACH PLYWOOD CO. 7 PANELIN HEADQUARTERS See over 120 full size sheets of paneling on display in our showroom · Alt Types of Moulding · Suspended Ceilings · Doors · Formica · Marine Plywood · Masonite · Sheetrock · Hardwood Lumber Flooring Largest'stock in the Area PHONE 597-8435 D u r i n g luncheon m i m i c s W e d n e s d a y a t 1 !-:!0 p . m . in I be Klks Club. ·! 101 K. Willow St.. Lidy Klks will install new officers Taking o v e r as p r c s i - (Icnl will lie Krma Gilmam Hcdlko. Hose \\'Mr, a p;ist presi- di-nl. will be installing officer. Others assuming n e w dnliL's are Florence Hob- c r t s . M i l d r e d I ' r i n c e , Cassic 1'owcl, Lillian Tipp i n g . F a y e Donaldson, Dorothea Pfenning and Mrs. Wear. Stanford U Glee Club to perform March 25 S t a n f o r d U n i v e r s i t y Glee Club will make its only l!)7fi Los Angeles area appearance March 25 at 8 p . m . in Lakcwood High School Auditorium, -MOO l i r i e r c r e s t A v e . , Lake- woixl. The musical Irmipc is composed of 6fl voices and a 21-piece orchestra. The performance h e r e , sponsored by the Stanford Club of Long Reach, is part of the group's seventh West Coast lour. Dear Mother Earth By LYNN AND JOEL RAPP DEAR MOTHER EARTH: 1 have a Donkey Tail -- please, no offhand remarks about physical attributes -- thai I received (or Christmas. I hale to admil ignorance, but I don't know what il is or how to care for it properly. The "giflcr" informed me Ibal the "tails" could grow In a magnificenl six-fool length. Can you give mo some lips on how to care Tor this plant? And what do you n;imc a donkey with a six-foot lail? -- K.A. The program will range f r o m e x a c t i n g c h o r a l works by Vecctii, Bach and Brahms to Broadway show times and robust popular pieces. R o b e r t MacKinnon is director of (he Glee Club. There will be numbers by vocal and instrumental soloists, a seven-man jau combo and the Axidenlals, a 12-tnnn vocal group. Tickets are on sale at Wallich's Music City and Liberty agencies and will he available at the door. Net proceeds w i l l help e s t a b l i s h a S t a n f o r d U n i v e r s i t y scholarship fund (or a graduating high school student from t h e Long Reach area, says c o n c e r t chairman A n n Roelfsema. President of Ihe Stanford Club of Long Beach is R i c h a r d L. I^indes. amonds clustered in starlight... JEWELERS FOR THREE GENERATIONS TAX FREE, CARE FREE AT THE BEAUTIFUL HARRINGTON VILLA WHY? . . . Cook. Ciire and worrv with inflation when YOU live cheaper ,ind cjrcfrce in .1 luxurious niokinn friends dnd uoiny places. TO CHELP 'YOU . . . Live a comfortable retirement life al Ihe Bar- rlngton Vllln, we win buy your equities in properly, home, trailer, plus move you. Let us lake the worries out of your life. COME SEE!! . . . Our fr icndlv ple.tSiint Mjr rounctinfis of for moid service, linens, rnoflls, «ictlvilioa. .iH at .1 low monthly charge. Lei your Social Security P,IY vour _ way and cnioy ovory day. 201 WEST WARDLOW RD. LONG BEACH 595-6529 Villa . . The only "donkeys" with six-fool lails we've ever seen have been at (he race track, and we couldn'l pass alon! their names in Ihis family newspaper. However, if it's possible lo be serious in lijlhl of (he lone of your Idler, Ihc- Donkey Tail is a beaiiliful member'of Ihe Seduin family of succulents and is grown most successfully outdoors. H does well in a covered palio or porch, and will even stand a bit of direct sunlight. As f;ir as growing one inside, it can be done if the plant is placed in good, filtered sunlight and kept as cool as possible. Rul honestly, if you hnve an outside ;irtM, keep your new plant there, jusl like you would :\ regular donkey. Incidentally, giant Donkey Tails like your friend describes are a great treasure in Ihe plant world, so if it ever reaches (he proportions you describe, you've got a real winner on your hands. Happy growing! FASHION EYEtYEAR FROM THE ORIGINATORS OSTIQUE BOUTIQUE DISTINCTIVE EYEWEAR »V u UIN (N -noru · ALL PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED , DIAL 1 ^97-7731 5701 IONS UMH SJU4 ruNcaco · LU VKMI MU»M MI trr to* AHonis i BKMO · scomouj · IONS IUCH W1STMOOO . FOX HU5 · tANT* JkMTk MfWtlT IOCATWH -- US IT IAMCM HAZA. HOTK COAST WI. M ututowti !*CK» itoo ou run tom HACK DAY SbE EARLY BIRD C. Oct.i.qon Worxl IV/rl. Hour Jnd half hour strike. Visible f*o- iliilttm. Solid pine. 2V C J I I . sii;n. W i c h l u i i r ami lulf-bt'ur strike. Pendu- l u m v i s i M e through 2-\/2" Til). $ 150°° SANTA ANA No. Mjin Sf 547-0418 LONG BEACH Lakewood Blvd. 597-2485

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