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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
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Friday, January 17, 1975
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HESS.TELEGRAMffi LIM IMC*. CUM.. til., J». I). IM1 Woody's World "You mean we haven't come out of the depression yet?" Bandit, 'armed with jnitro,' takes guns in spree W a v i n g a b o t t l e he claimed contained nitroglycerin, a Long Beach man Thursday took two shotguns and a rifle from a sporting goods store clerk. According to police he then stole a van, went h o m e f o r a d d i t i o n a l clothes and was spotted by officers as he drove north on the Long -Beach Freeway. The officers pursued, stopped the van on a Paramount Street, and Boy improving but loses legs An 11-year-old Cypress boy was listed in stable condition at La Pal ma Intercommunity Hospital Thursday after surgery to rejoin his severed legs proved unsuccessful. A hospital spokeswom- " an said the youngster, -Richard A. Good, of 8412 Denni St., was still under ; -intensive care but was "doing pretty well -- con- · sidering." The youth's legs were severed, one just below . the knees and the other just above the ankle, Wednesday w h e n he attempted to jump aboard a slow-moving freight train near the intersection of Moody Street and Cres- .cent Avenue in an unincorporated area of Orange County. Witnesses told police that the youn- ster apparently lost his balance and fell beneath the wheels. the driver came out with his hands up. Police recovered the weapons and the bottle, w h i c h contained water, and booked George R. Pemberton, 41, of 442 E. Market St., for investigation of armed robbery and grand theft auto. Officers gave these details, of the short-lived adventure: A man entered Thompson Sporting Goods, Inc., 1069 E. Wardlow Road, at 10:10 a . m . , threatened clerk Clayton Myers, 34, with the supposed nitroglycerin, and ran out with the weapons. Van d r i v e r Henry Hackathome, 63, w i t h Eagle Industrial Rentals, was outside. The bottle waving-bandit threatened the van driver, demanded his keys and drove off in the van. Police said he next went home, picked up clothing, and headed north on the Long Beach Freeway. Officers Virgil J. Fogg and Tommy F. Maxey, who earlier had gone north on the freeway looking for the van, were driving back to Long Beach when they saw the van. They radioed their sighting, went off the southbound lanes and onto the northbound, and were joined by motorcycle officer Arthur P. Golden who had heard their call. The van left the freeway, and at 10:25 a.m. was pulled to the curb in front of 6602 E. Alondra Blvd. Man, 86, kills wife, then self Beach man killed his bedridden wife and then himself Thursday after leaving a note saying, "I can't take it any longer . . . I promised to stay with her to the end." Dead were Dan A. Ras- m u s s e n and Carrie E. Rasmussen, 81, of 2163 Montair Ave. Homicide Del. Sgt. R.E. Forbes said Mrs. Rasmussen had been bedridden and speechless f r o m a stroke during the past year, and her husband had been caring for her. Forbes said Rasmussen called his daughter in Oceanside at 6:30 a.m. Thursday and asked her to come to Long Beach and "give me a hand -mother is real bad and I need help." When the daughter arrived at about 9 a.m., she found the note and found both her 'parents dead in bed. Forbes said Rasmussen shot his wife in the head with a .25 caliber auto- m a t i c pistol, then lay down beside her and put a bullet in his own head. Casino license bid dropped; tie to crime denied CARSON CITY, N e v . ( U P I ) - A San Diego doctor-turned-real estate developer has withdrawn his a p p l i c a t i o n for a Nevada gambling license in a deal to purchase Cactus Pete's Casino in Jackpot on the Nevada-Idaho border for $2.5 million. The N e v a d a Gaming Control Board allowed Bernard Glass to with- d r a w his application. Glass c a m e under questioning last month about his attempts to borrow money from persons who have been linked with the underworld. Board Chairman Philip H a n n i f i n said Glass apparently had been "a sheep who had been led to the wolves" in his attempt to get financing for the deal. Last month, investigators said Glass had met with James "Jimmy the Weasel" Fratianno who was identified as a member of the underworld in California. Glass said he did not know Fratianno was involved in (he underworld and did not have business dealings w i t h him. i any way you look at it. Your advertising message reaches people who are actively searching for some particular item when you place that message in the Independent Press-Telegram Classified columns! People turn to I.P-T Classifieds every day to satisfy their individual needs and wants. And they'll turn to your ad! Give us a call today to place your low- cost, result-getting advertising message. We'll help you word and place your ad. ImEpmxNT PRESS-TELEQRAM Classified Ads Phone 432-5959 . . ^ .~^-^3^X-~-^ 'T'T'OT^Sj A. "N'T") ' BJadLCPvi 1 . ' 1 ' t-t ! 1\fl"PT-n"F? ATT TF9 TT)i3 JL -v^ ' The Air Pollution Control Dlslrlc .MM Mxn Am -- Fog and low clouds during the night and morning hours near the cent predicts light smog today throwou bul otherwise fair through Saturday. Slightly warmer. Highs today near 74 and Los Angeles County. Saturday 79. Overnight lows in the low Ms. ; . . ' . . ^ APCD issued the following fore "range CVUnty Metropolitan AfT3 -- ena "** trt * rtre***. rturlno tha *blM anH nwnlnn ( att thr atnVKDherir condition*'. nours along tne coast out omerwise lair mrowii Saturday. SHgntiy warmer over inland Ozone -- Maximum levels of .( areas. Highs today and Saturday at tl» burnec M tn TO with nvemlnbt liw/c JJ In *? naHc nor mllllA* In rwct arpac and .f Highs today over inland areas 70 to 74 and Saturday 74 to 78. Overnight lows 42 to *8, ppm'jn 'the southwest and south coasta Mountain Areas -- Fair: Not much temperature change. Locally windy today. Highs today sections. · S5to6S. Lows tonight !S to 40. . Smog effects -- Generally light, a lows )S to 37 lor high deserts a^d J/to 45 tor low deserts. Highs today and Saturd'ayW bon monoxide and oxides of nilrogei to 70 for high deserts and 70 to 77 tor low deserts. arc- expected in Ihe coastal and sout mptriji, Co«cTMi« dra Lower Coioraoo Rirer Vaikrs - Fair mtough Saturday with central 3r £.as Curing "* lale nlaW a TM slightly warmer days. Highs loday and Saturday 72 lo 77. Overnight lows 37 to 45. early TM. rn , in 9 TM' rs - lk . ' . . Dflshon) Wind and Weather (Poinl Conception to the Mexican Borderl Light variable ,, . v ' slbl !. ltv -- "^'.'"./Jlv'.'IWV? win* tonighl e.cepl weslerly at S to IS knots this atternoon. One to 2 tool westerly i '° ' ""'tl'ffT 5 to ' mile5 " swell: Two lo 3 tool wind waves in the afternoon. Extensive log and low clouds through San Feraanoo valley, tonighl with only partial clearing this afternoon. Health advisory warning for Paris o Los Angeles Countv today where car SUN, MOON AND TIDES bon monoxide build-ups are expected k foday's sunrise: 7-.05 a.m. Sunset: 5: 16 p.m. Moonrise: 9:34 a.m. reach dangerous levels, aturday's sunrise: 7:05 a.m. Sunset: 5:17 p.m. Moonrise: 10:03 am. THURSDAY'S SMOG PEAKS rodavs tides: Highs 4.2 tee) al 12:03 a.m. and 4.1 leel at 11:20 a.m. Lows 2.1 leet al 5:44 Long Los Orangt a.m. and 0.7 feet at 5:57 p.m. · Beach Angeles Countv aturday". tides: Highs 4.2 feel al 12:45 a.m. and 3.5 leel al 12:05 p.m. Lows U (set at 6:4! 0;one 02 12 06 a.m. and 1.3 feet at 6:26 p.m. · CO 14 37 12 Ions iBeach xt temperature: 57-. ' ' Oxldesoi'lil'.'"... !» 1.37 .65 THURSDAY'S WEATHER REPORTS %'adw we W million' Parts ofa California - (ppm). California standards are ex -H L Prc. H L Prc. ceeded when ozone reaches a count o Los Angeles 71 52 . Palm Springs 76 49 monoxide reaches 5.0 ppm any lime. Bakercfield 43 36 Riverside 76 47 Big Bear Lake -- -- Sacramenlo 54 37 Blythe 69 38 San Diego 65 47 -r-i i 1 Burbank 76 51 San Francisco .... 64 45 In'irrlltot* nldllfk CulverCilv 69 48 - Santa Ana 76 46 1 lillllCl , IJltlllC El Centra 74 38 Santa Barbara .... 56 40 c ' *Fresno , 44 41 Torrance · 70 43 1 1 1 . Lake Arrowhead Victorville 73 34 vnrkflfM nffwnfttff^f Across the Nation H L Prc. H L Prc. .rl-Mivtivksv i-Aof-o Albuqueruue 45 19 Miami Beach ..... 72 65 Uul 1I1!£ ItBlB Atlanla 56 31 Milwaukee 25 15 .02 ° Bismarck 27 -6 Mlps.-St. Paul 15 3 Boise 33 28 NewOrleans 70 42 EDWARDS AFB (UPI) Boston 36 25 NewYork 37 25 A j. * 11 j Buffalo 29 21 .08 Oklahoma City .... 45 30 -- A r a d l O - C O n t r O l l e Q Cleveland · 28 20 .03 Philadelphia 37 25 HlOQei 01 a new Ilgmer- oetroit M 20 Portland, Me 31 u aged Thursday when i FnrtWorth. . . . 54 36 Reno 59 22 U I U K K lOObe irom 3 neil Helena 38 23 Richmond 37 25 .03 copter returning it to the Indianapolis 27 20 .03 salt Lake city .... 35 13 ieueral space agency re KansasCitv 32 16 Seattle 48 38 .02 canrph nontnr \\ara Las vegas tj 40 Spokane 29 22 searcn center nere. Memphis 48 39 Washington 41 27 The 23-IOOt-long mode Canada . of the F15 was air-launch H L Prc. . ,, . !J L Pr 5' g d from a B52 at abou Highest temperature Thursday in the 48 adiacenl stales was 81' at McAllen, 50,000. feet and glided for f o r e a series of para- ca-cjTTD A "OTSTTT'.A. T a chutes deployed. . OJrrJ-Jr^ -^4-tX.rC.L V^VJ_i, The helicopter then IDEFlA.R/T'TJiRJEjS^iJtar plucked it from the air hooking it to a cable.. The ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT so-called RPRV -- Re compn^ByMari^xchange ^ ^ ^ motely Piloted Research merican Liberty LB73Q US Lines 1/17 Oakland 4U 0 /, a ui a anatiaBear 241 Pac Far East Line Indef lue v-a ul c. jIumbiaiancMSw} ....2-H Haneaf ic Vaasa Line 1/24 VancouVcr ' T h o tn-niinrl nilnf m a n ;valor (Ru) 178 U S S R 1/17 S Q a ° uunu JJllUl 111 air" arrytlundebergfPa) 233 Gypsum Carriers 1/17 San Marcos, Is S ' IU u u t - L t - d IdllUUlg DbartSlar (Br) 223E Crusader Line lr'1/San Fran n -ii. j aho .. -- . LB12 Stales Line l/26SanFran IlOOF With SOUie 03111366 sQueeMBr) 119 Salen Reefer Svc 1/19 Tokyo 't n f u - ,,_,,« MenMaru (Ja) 93B Govl of Japan 1/23 Honolulu Tho ovionf f\f /lirvinrf« ami (Bbg) 126 Sause Bros Towing 1/17 Coos Bay 1Ilt - " x ttul Ol Qainage ochica(Pvl '. 732D Relrigerated*ExpSvc 1/22 Balboa pnH PflllQP nf thp m i c h a n OlsesfPa-tk) : LB32 Southern Lia Car l/17Cutuco dI1U L « u « OI . ine ntlSliap den Missouri (Pa) 210 , Unimarine 1/17 Vancouver ^^f, ^r? TM^ tlgatlOH lynosia Daikan IGr) 144 v Polynesia Line l/17SanFran 4 - j n · j · · H v l ( R u ) LB245 Fesco Pacific Line l/170akland l l C S and bpaCB AaminiS- rminaSamudra VI t (Li-tk) 172 Tankers Inll 1/18 Pangkalan Susu' +,, 0 tirt« vabasBay (Pa) LB206 Toko Line , : 1/21 Acaiutla UdllOn. merlane (No)' i 229 Barber Blue Sea Line 1/18 San Fran xaco Minnesota (tk) 107 Texaco, Ine -Inde einMaersk (Da) : LB25 Maersk Line l/17SanFran rp * 1 _ I". eghDvke(No) 173 Hoegti Lines i/17SanFran -«-*«** o\sl a.M.n,\sM. genia G (Gr) LA-ANC Orion Glovat Oiariering Inde VESSELS DUE TODAY lioldlll) USUlff ssel From Operator ' Berth i O kyonialLil Anlolagasta K Line m- ·. nterev San Fran Pacific Far East Line 175 rt^kf* oc YATAnYk^kYi e Mount Navi 9 alor (Ik) Seattle S«aqucsl Marine 161 UO2 dS WCdUOll el: (Br) San Diego Sause Bros Towing Co 190 n ., Jn » . ,. . United Press International N-ATV"y Blind man A man who allegedly ^-pq--i--p3e^ : use " his dog as a weapon I3M IPCD^^T SUCS IO gel robbery was ordered f il i e*. Thursday to stand trial in nstanf Pier 9, Navsuppac CAM fDAwr'Tonn Y A t \ Court. uiuth Pier i, NSY oAN FRANCISCO (AP) M . . , ,, . ammond pier 2, NSY A 77 year-old blind man Municipal Court Judge enderson Pier3, NSY J Rpy H Mintpr fnnnH aftor Del Pier3, NSY filed 3 ClaSS action SUit On tvt ^"- iwiiuci luuiiu diier r er Beth ^.S Thursday against the f Prflrainary hearing arvin shields ....'.'.-..'... pier i, NSY f e d e r a l e n v e r n m p n t that there was sufficient hnS McCain Pier6,N5Y i c u c i a i gu v c i iiiuciil, pyirlpnpp fA trv Tomoc P cKean . . . Todd shipvard claiming a regulation ,, ., u * Jdl " efi "· iskany ODI.NSY .., rnna f..iu, Honioc Sim fnti Guidry, 20, on a charge of jeiia pierj.NsY wrongiully denies him lull occ ,, lll( : ' u i , , j j, acock Pier 9, Navsuppac cnnnlprnpntal nirl fnr hie «aa«UH w l i n a a e a a i y WAS Perth (Aust.) Pier!, NSY »"M"ciireiii«ii diu lui lllb weaDon _ u:- ,J OB Thp edge , Pier 6. NSY disability. j t j i uug. 1IU. loebp pier 9. Navsuppac IT^ H P i f c oeiendant was ordered .Loma ... Felloes-Stewart Shipyard MOwarQ reck, 01 San , ,, . »_ ... Louis .. Pier 9, Navsuppac Francisco totally blind ?b,uuu Bail, inal """ Pier3 ' NSY Lr 39 years filed suit in was set for Jan. 30. U.S. District Court on be- Guidry and his dober- lljnPft hrtnlcPfl half of blind persons re- man p i n s c h e r named moyc^i uwivcti cciving supplemental Se- "T.C." entered the Kens- n rriiirrlfr ftf curity Income (SSI) in ington Hotel last Jan. 6 1 Iliuruer Ol California, Massachusetts and Guidry demanded 1 j 1 | and Nevada. that clerk Robert Brower, laeriy COllplC The regulation in ques- 22, give him cigarettes, , ,,,,,, TM. ,, tion provides that a blind authorities said. LONE PINE (UPD -- net-son who iDolies f o r iin. T, fiiiiam Dnnairi MAm-no S O T , , ?- dppiieb lor \vhen Brower refused, imam Donald Momoe SSI after 65 receives only Guidrv a u eee dlv unleased !, was booked for mvesb- the oavment fnr thp aepd u- J due -8 em y umease a aVinn n f murrior T h n r c T? P ui j 8 ,- ' his dog and ordered the anon of murder Thurs- if a blind person applies animal to "set him " »y m the taUmg of an b - e f o r e he is 65, he re- The d6g bit the clerk on derly man and his wife ceives the SSI payment the lee fnd Guidrv took ? whom he had been em- for the blind. $57.5oSrom the cash ° ed ' ..Jhe payment for the drawer at the hotel desk, Monroe was taken into " ln f. ls ta *? r ^ a n t t h a t officers said, istody in neighboring for the aged in the states The dog also allegedly in Bernardino County named m the suit. bit pursuing police Sgt te Wednesday and was M.C. Murphy before he ought here to the Inyo 4T,, M _ ttl . 0 ,,,,,,*,,_» shot and wounded the ani- )unty seat to be booked. linpcrbOIldlOr mal and captured Guidry. s h e r i f f ' s spokesman r ., ,.1 , . N e i t h e r Brower nor lid he was a .parole IllCS llDCl SUlt M u r p h y was seriously olator from Illinois. - hurt. TI . ,' , , United Press International He had worked part- ,, -ne, the spokesman said, f e m a l e impersonator fV^^l,..,,-,:,,',, .. r Harold Devore, 64, re- J im ?ailey filed a $15 mil- ^COpnySlClSt iring autos and doing llon llbel sTUIt ln feder a' _· ,, TTTSIFCfn herjobs court m Los Angeles Tips LJllxL3L(U Devore 'and his wife against People Weekly cq ,. vi , rtlrv ,..__ , ildred, 55, were found M a g a z i n e T h u r s d a y , ctSTfAN J°, RD U?D - A ad in the bathroom of accusing the publication Stanford University geo- eir home in Trona Jan. of cal !! ng him a " dra § P hhy , s L cls i sa '1 T |l ursda y . They were shot to W en that he has refused an math in November, the Bailey, whose impres- pawr °"t an rartZate roner's office sad. s j o n s include the late -t eartnquake M u i i b niciuue uit. itit c o n f e r e n c e at B a n f f , . J u d y G a r l a n d a m o n g Alta., because it was par- c TV i · 1° v, Cr · a ,1 y P " tiall ' funded bv UNESCO. ban Diego ships hshed in the magazine Prof Amos'Nur, a na- j i . i l a s t S 6 ? 1 - M contained .« ve O f i, rap i ^A -.,, ,, 'i^^imi^H ti\ lai\an i j r · . · live ui ioidci. bdlu ill d ttoaiiiiicn iu .iciuctii "nPiuTTlainrv stMfornpnts i n i n ^* · utiumoiui y aun.t-tin.iuo IpttAr tn I M P ftrfJflnwino j · » · i - i ' f f n-iici iu l lit. Ul Xa*ll£lIlU SAN DIEGO (UPI) - deP'ctmg plaintiff as a comm ittee for the Inter ree destroyers assigned arag Cll ' ec . n ' Dot " . m |J| S · national Symposium on San Diego will be trans- Personal life and in the Induced Seismicity that rred to Yokosuka, course of his profession. nc could not take part in pan, under the overseas Along with People the Sept. 15-19 meeting be- mily residence pro- Weekly Magazine, the suit cause UNESCO voted to am, the Cruiser-De- also named as defendants exclude Israel from its ro- oyer Force Pacific an- Time, Inc., publisher of H' 01 TM 1 activities and from meed Thursday. the magazine, and Joe any assistance. U the same time three ModzolcwsW, the author "I believe very deeply troyers now itssiyiu'd of the story. i' 1 the necessity of scpara- Yokosuka. the Rowan, ' tion between srionpn nnH hard B. Anderson and explicit political interests rke, will be moved THE BEST price for and have always upheld c. Scheduled to leave things you want most may this idea," Nur said, i Diego by July 1 were be in the appliance col- Nur, a U.S. citizen, join- · Loekwoou, Francis mini of iotiay's Classified ed the Stanford faculty in mmond and Kirk. Ads. . 1970. Women's year measure OKd t by Assembly SACRAMENTO (UPD ; - The Assembly Thursday ' unanimously passed a . measure commemorating 1975 as "IiileiTiSiions Women's Year and urging attention to efforts to im prove the social, economic and political status of women. Assemblywoman . Leona Egeland, D-San Jose sponsor of the measure (ACR15), said afterward she would challenge the use of "assemblymen" on bills designating men anc women authors. She said "assemblyman" is the only term that is presently allowec on bills and other measures. Ms. Egeland said . she would prefer "member of the Assembly." The measure, which now goes to the Senate, passed on a 74-0 vote. The United Nations has proclaimed 1975 as International Women's year. j PUBLIC NOTICE NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE -Notice is hereby given by the under signed Dan Micheal Ryan, Sr. residing a 2276 Locust Ave., Apt 3, Long Beach California, that after the date of Jan. 16 1375 he will hot be responsible for an debts, liabilities, or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. . Dated Jan. 15, 1975. DAN MICHEAL RYAN Pub. Jan. 16, 17, 18, 1975 (3t) LBI NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE .Notice is hereby given by the under signed Joseph Matyas residing at 13830 Dunrobin Ave., Bellflower, California that after the date of January 16, 1975 he will' not be responsible for any debts liabilities, or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Dated Jan. 14, 1975. JOSEPH MATYAS Pub. Jan. 16, 17, 20, 1975 (30 LBI NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the undersigned Arthur A. Scheer residing at 2013; Jersey Ave., Lakewood, California 90715, that alter the. date of January 15, 1975 he will not be responsible for any debts, liabilities, or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Dated Jan. 13, 1975. ARTHUR A. SCHEER Pub. Jan. 15. 16, 17, 1975 (30 LBI NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the undersigned /Ulan W. Humble residing at 3032 Thompson St.. Long Beach, California, that after the date of January 15, 1975 he yill not be responsible for any debts, labilities, or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Dated Jan. 13, 1975. ALLAN W. HUMBLE Pub. Jan. 15, 16, 17. 1975 (30 LBI NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is herebv given by the Undersigned Harvey A. O'Connor, residing at SOS E. 71st St.. Long Beach, California, that after the date of January 17, 1975, he will not be responsible for any debts, labilities, or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Dated January 16, 1975. HARVEY A. O'CONNOR By BETTY LONG Pub. .Ian. 17, 20, 21, 1975 (30 LBI 24*4 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 7MHM42 The following person is doing business as: COMMUNITY CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL at 3850 E. Esther Street, Long Beach, Calif. 90804. Eastwood Care Center, Inc., 3850 E. Esther Street, Long Beach, Calif. 90804. This business is conducted by a corpo- ation. EASTWOOD CARE ' CENTER, INC. JAMES E. OTTO, JR. Sec/Treas This statement was filed with the Countv Clerk of Los Angeles County on an. 17, 1975;' Pub. Jan. 17, 24, 31, Feb. 7, 1975 (41) LBI 23472 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Superior Court of the State of Califor- ia for the Countv of Los Angeles. Estate of JOHN SHOULE, Deceased, No. G07935. Notice is given to the creditors of the bove decedent that all persons having laims against the decedent are required o file them in the office of the County lerk or to present them to BRUCE A. \LTMAN, Public Administrator, as dministrator of the above estate, at his ilace of business at 1625 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles. California 90015, ·ith the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this otice. Dated; Dec. 19; 1974. BRUCE A. ALTMAS, Public Administrator, as administrator of the above estate. 481-1000 Extension 345 Dec. 27. 1974. Jan. 3, 10, 17, 1975 (41) LBI 24092 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 7540081 The following person is doing business 'INSTRUMENT SPECLXUSTS :OMPANY. 3310 E. 5biS Street, Long leach, California. INSTRUMENT MAINTENANCE, ·fC.. 3310 E. 59th Street. Long Beach, alifomia. (Incorporated in California). This business is conducted by a corpo- ation. INSTRUMENT MAINTENANCE, INC. EDWARD G. FARRAH. President This statement was filed with the ounty Clerk of Los Angeles County on an. 2. 1975. ub. Jan. 10. 17, 24. 31, 1975 (41) LBI 24060 OTICE TO PERSONS INTERESTED IS THE ESTATE OF GELA H. GRIESS, DECEASED. ' NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: To all persons interested, whether as reditors, heirs, legatees, or devisees, in he estate of GELA H. GRIESS. deceased, whose last address was Surton Com- nunity Home, Sutton, Clay County, cbraska, that letters testamentary or of iministration have been issued to homas E. Griess and Gerald A. Griess, 0-F.xecutors by: Clay County Court, a our! of competent jurisdiction of the State of Nebraska at Clay Center, Ne- raska. Thai the following person is in- ebtcd to or holding personal property of he said decedent: HOME SAVINGS AND X),\N ASSOCIATION, 201 East First treet, Long Beach, County of Los An- cles, Slate of California. That the undersigned desires to rc- elvo Ihc said personal property or col- ect the claimlsl and to remove that ollectcd or received from the Stale of 'alifomia lo the said state where letters eslamcnlary or ftf .-wlministnilkm have tccn issued. All persons having claims against the ecwlent or an interest in said estate and ishlng to object to such removal must ivo written notice ot such objection to ie person or person* indebted to or holdini! personal property ot, Ihc decent. Such notice must be given to the rson holding the personal property or ;alnst whom the claim is mode at iho dress as listed above within: 30 DAYS tcr first publication of this notice. GERALD A. ORIESS THOMAS E. GRIESS As Co-Extcutors ot (he Estalc of Gcla II. Grtess, Deceased ib Jan. 10,17.24. 19731 on I.BI rvPMVl*vi^6 ' ) NOWE OF INTENTION TO ' ENGAGE IN TW8ALE OT ! ALCOIIOUC BEVERAGES { TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN"' "' ! !" Subject to Issuance ot the license appltai for. notice It hereby given that the undersigned proposes to sell alcpWlic beverages al Ihe premises, described as lota's: i ^- renmiuUi ,_, v :^ i . "~LonTBeach . ..".''' . Pursuant to such intention, Ihe unoer. signed is applying to the Departmc'ijtrof Alcoholic Beverage Control for issuance premises as follows: . . ni'Sf On-Sale General Public Premises ;. · JAMES PRUITT Pub. Jan. 17, 1975(10131 : · · - · ·'".'% 23778 ",,"' FICTITIOUS BUSINESS -· -· · NAME STATEMENT ·.£,() 74-32609 " The following person is doing business PANKHARD i ROTH at 3970 Atlantic Blvd., #208, Long Beach, Ca. 90807. ,--· ! BROKERAGE PLANNING AGENCY, INC. of California, 397C Atlantic Blvd., #208, Long Beach, Ca. 90807. ·-;-- This business is conducted by a'cStpo- ration ' . ' BROKERAGE PLANNING ' " : ; AGENCY.INC. MILTON N. ROTH, ' ,^' . President . This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County- on Dec. 16, 1974. "···'. Pub. Jan. 3, 10, 17, 24, 1975 Ht) LBI PJ '' r 24717 ' ",i-»0 NOTICE OF HEARING OF · PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL' No. SOP 23119 .,-. -°» u In the Superior Court of Califortja, County of Los Angeles. . ^.. \ In the Matter of the Estate of GERTRUDE M. KTUJNGSWORTH aka.MRS. W. M. KILLINGSWORTH, Deceased/vi . Notice is hereby given that the petition of W. Melvin KUlingsworth for tfe'Pfo- bate of the Will of the above-named deceased and for the issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to the Petitioner, to which reference is hereby made for"- further particulars,' will be heard at 9;30 o'clock A.M., on February 3, ]S75,.at(he court room of Department South A -of the Superior Court of California, County'of Los Angeles, City of Long Beach. ".' Dated-January 10, 1975. ' "'"·' CLARENCE E.CABELL :":· County Clerk and Clerk of the" . Superior Court of California,.- ..i County of Los Angeles ' . ; · By NANCY RINGHEIM .-..-, Deputy ' - · · . - . GEORGE R.JOHNSON · · · - · " / Attorney for Petitioner " 1 60 Elm Ave. ' .'--" Long Beach, Ca90S02 ,.,, Pub. Jan. 17,'20; 24, 1975 (30 LBI j *'.' STATEMENT OF CONDITION'" FHLBBN0.2676 -AFTER the annual closing of business on December 31, 1974. ' '"' FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LONG BEACH, Long Beach, California. ^ ASSETS . , s Mortgage Loans and Other . . . Liens on Real Estate .... $60,871,893 All Other loans 12935 Keal Estate Owned and in · Judgment.. .. 253'159 joans and Contracts made , : r , to Facilitate Sale of Real '!"_;'; Hash on Hand and in Banks 231,144 nvcstments and Securities 5,45G,ilH Fixed Assets Less Depreciation 1,059,037 Deferred Charges and OthcrAsscts 613,611 TOTAL :..:., $6S.477,973 LIABILITIES AND NET WORTH Savings Accounts $57,905,284 Advances from Federal Home Loan Bank None Jther Borrowed Money . . . --None Specific Reserves 1 None General Reserves $6,156.058 "'" 3,725,526 Surplus 9,890,58-1 9,890,581 TOTAL $68 477 973 Pub. Jan. 17, 1975 (10 LBI SPS42926 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE" ' Loan No. 280-1183-8082472 '. ".,' File No. 12485 ,,,;, McKAIN, James L. Judyanne . On Thursday, February 6, 1075, at 1:00 A.M., Realty Incorporated, as duly nppointed Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust recorded May 16, 1973, in wok T-8223. page 625, ot Official Records n the office of the County Recorder of «s Angeles Countv, State of California. WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION 'TO UGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH (payable at time of sale in lawful money of the Inited States) on the public sidewalk in rant of the entrance to the building- at 3223 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, Cali- omia all right, title and interest convey- d to and now held by it under said Deed f Trust in the property situated in said County and State described as: Lot 16, Tract 4329, in the City of Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per map recorded in Book 45 Page 51 of Maps, in the office of the County Recorder of said County. - .···: The street address and other common csignalion. it any, of the real propcrtv escribed above is purported to be: 1736 Rose Avenue, Long Beach, California 90813. The undersigned Trustee disclaims ny liability for any incorrectness of Ihe treet address and other common desig- ation, if any, shown herein. · -r Said sale will be made, but without wenant or warranty, · express or mplied, regarding title, possession, or ncumbrances, to pay the remauung irincipal sum of the note secured bylsaid Iced .of Trust, to-wit: $13,SG8.92,._with ntcrest thereon, as provided in said-note, ' idvances, if any, under the terms of said Deed of Trust, fees, charges and' expenses of the Trustee and of the trusts reated by said Deed of Trust. The beneficiary under said Deed of 'rust heretofore executed and delivered o the undersigned a written Declaration f Default and Demand for Sale, and; a -ritten Notice of Default and Election to '\ Sell. The undersigned caused said Notice f Default and Election to Sell to' be recorded in the county where the -real property is located. Date: December 25. 1974 '-" REALTY INCORPORATED' as said Trustee . . ·;. By James M. Orcndorff ' , Secretary -Authorized Signature ub.Jan. 3. 10. 17, 1975 (30 LBI B55486 """ NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T.S. No. 1-31351 C On Friday January 31. 1975, at -10-00 .M., Title Insurance and Trust Compa- y. as duly appointed Trustee under and Hirsuant to Deed of Trust recorded'Jii«e 2, 1973, as inst. No. 1445, in book T8273. age 89, of Official Records in the office ·the County Recorder of Los Angeles ounty, California, Wlli SELL AT PUB- .1C AUCTION TO HIGHEST BIDDER -OR CASH (payable at time of sale' in awful money of the United States) Iirthe obby of the Title Insurance and Trust ;ompany Annex building at 419 South prmg Street. Los Angeles, Caliloriua all ght. title and interest conveyed to, and ow held by it under said Deed of Trust n the property situated in said County nd State described as: -..-.. Lots 6 and S in Block 3 of Hawkcye Tract No. 2 35 per map rccorded'in' Book 3. Page 26 of Maps in the office 1 of the County Recorder of said" County. " The street address and other common esignation. it any, of the real property escribed above is purported to be- -2160 .Im, Lone Beach, Calif. The undersigned rustee disclaims any liability f6r"any ncorrectness of the street address" and ithcr common designation, if any, )slion lerem. Said sale will be made, but without m-enant or warranty, express or mplied, regarding title, possession, or ncumbrances, lo pay the remaining mncipal sum of the note secured by saw Iced ol Trust, lo-wit: $.1,416 1» 'wjih merest thereon, as provided in said Jiole · Ivances, if any, under the terms ot said ltd of Trust, (cos, charges and expenses of the Tnisltv and of the trusts realwl by said Deed ol TniM . ·" : The beneficiary under snld Deed 'of rust heretofore executed and delivered o the undersigned a written Declaration f Default and Demand for Sale, anil -i ritten Notice ot Default ud Sell The undersigned caused said Notice Default and Election to Sell W ·corded in Ihe county where the real ronertyi 5 located. u hated; Jan. 6, WB. ' "', -. TITLF. INSURANCF. AND TRUST COMPANY · , . ; as said Trustee - · By ANNIE TRUJILLO AuthoriHil Signature ub.Jan. 10.17, 24. ife 131) I.BI

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