Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1929 · Page 7
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1929
Page 7
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THff At/fQdttA MIRROR—fUESOAY, NOVEMBER S, 1929 ,¥W , ,,>!,nj " t, •> f ». HAPPENINGS FROM WORLD'S AIRWAYS By JOSEPH M. BA11U), tl. V. Aviation Editor. WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. Si— Will the long-distance air carrier of-the fu- turfe be a dirigible, similar to the world-circling Graf Zeppelin, or a su- peiSairplane of 100-plus passenger capacity like the huge Dornfer planes in Europe? This • Is ft salient question now occupying the minds of aviation leaders who try to see the aeronautical fleld twertty-flve years from now. The airplane and the dirigible each have their , proponents. , . Partisans of the flm will tell you of the plane's greater speed, of Its better maneuverability, of Its comparative economy of construction and operation.\ The dirigible fans, on the other hand, dwell on the easy riding qualities of the giant airship, on Its greater safety, on Its relative Immunity to weather dangers. A "middle-of-the-road" opinion is held by Clarence M. Young, assistant secretary of commerce for aeronautics. He believes both the plane and airship have an Important place In the future passenger and freight program of long-distance alr-llnes. For extremely long hops, during hours when passengers will wish to sleep, he is inclined to favor the dirigible. But very long Journeys will be made by airplanes too, he believes. A giant flying-boat to accommodate 170 passengers has been; designed In Germany. Several of the Dornletf models now approach this ca.paclty, These, Young believes, will be found too larfto for economical operation. Operators, he holds, will flnd 40 or 50 passenger models the ideal size 1 . . "Transcontinental railroad operators," he said, "sometimes run their trains half-filled. The airplane operator cannot afford to do this. He must carry a full pay-load on each trip. Hence, these enormous planes, sometimes unfilled, will be uneconomical. I believe operators will flnd it' more economical to run several smaller ships, even on the same .schedule." Large airplane building has advanced In Europe more rapidly than in this country. However, aviation leaders hold that fifty-passenger planes are thoroughly practical and expect to see many of them operating here within a few years. Interest of aviation circles was focused last week on Akron, O., where work on the ZRS-4, first of the navy's two super-airships, to be larger than either the Graf Zeppelin ,or Los Angeles, was begun. Under an enormous "dock" costing S2.000, Rear Admiral William A. Mof- lett, chief of the navy bureau of aeronautics, drove a gold rivet into the "master ring" of the ship. Senator Hiram Blngham of Connecticut, Governor Myers Y. Cooper of Ohio, Assistant Secretary of Navy Jahncke, Gov" ernor Fred W. Green of Michigan, and other high officials attended the ceremonies. Physical features of the dirigible: 6,500,000'cubic feet gas capacity (compared with the Graf Zeppelin's 3,700,000 and the Los Angeles' 2,500,000); she Is longer, proportionately fatter, than either ship; her "marsupial pouches" will contain flve airplanes to flght off enemy attacks. To supply her with helium (along with the helium-floated Los Angeles and^ lesser non-rigid craft), the commerce department Is operating two helium plants, one at Fort Worth, another at Amarillo, Tex. Last week came word from the. commerce department that the cost of producing 1 helium- had been sliced in half. It's present cost is around. $14 per 1,000 cubic feet. 'Commander Charles P. Rosendahl Is known In navy circles as one of America's roost capable llghter-than-alr officers. Vigilant and resourceful, he has commanded the navy's Los An- .geles on trips to all sections of the country, has encountered storms and nasty weather, but has always brought his ship safely back to her Lakehurst, N. J,. hangar. Recently the navy promoted him, making his flight officer at Lakehurst. Last week at Akron, following the ring-laying ceremonies, he received .further recognition. At a dinner-attended by the, high officials who previously had assisted In Inaugurating work on the ZRS-4, he was presented with a diploma and medal. They were awarded by the Ligue Internationale .des Avlatures, honoring: his successes | in the lighter-than-alr field. The medal Crossword Puzzle luggage In a taxi to the airport, to ftftd his own Avay to the aircraft by way of the propeller blast, or to locate hla own reservation. American air transport Ines have already recognized the Importance of these details," Kenneth Franzhelm, architect. "We nave today almost no airport bulld- ngs that will be standing flve years from now. Those under construction now are . . . far ahead ... In permanence, design and convenience." Assistant Secretary of War Daylson: 'Aircraft Is useless without airports on which planes can land . . , Ex- >erlence has shown that aircraft Come wherever they can land . . . In that respect they are like ' bees seeking lowers rich In pollen . . . Bees look for honey . ,. . Planes look for pay- oads." .— HORIZONTAL. 1 President following Kposevelt. ' 4 Greek letter (irp_«« 7 Gong. 11 Coin. 12 To nnatyzc. 14 The Lion. 15 Minor note. IfliLongs-foiv • 18 Half an em. 10 X. ' 20 To be sick. 22 College ofR clal. 24 Conclusion. 20 Sport. 28 Night bird. 20 Boxed. 30 Rifle. .11 MensHre. «» Hied. 34 Joker. 3to Sweet potato. «3 Pale. 40 Above. 42 Tanning pot, •44 Curse. 45 Qompany. 40 Calm.' 48 Street. 30 Obliterated, 51 Barren tract, VERTICAL 1 City famous for swords. 2 Tho Altar. 3 Note in scale. 4 Sunburn. . 5 Where is Little Rock? 0 Custom.' 8 Deltjr. 0 Shelter. 10 Where ia Pic* YESTERDAY'S ANSWER ramaaann '-& ,EHSia SISfflH- msmm cadilly? 12 Skillet. 13 Age. 10 Fowl. 17 To drink .slowly. 10 Score card. 21 Highest Canadian peak. 23 Fcmnle sheep.' 24 Img. 25 Cave. 27 To haul. 82 Bathes. Declines. 5 To meditate. 37 Tuft of neck hairs. 30 Billow. 30 Bard. 41 For each. 43 To spread. 44 Evil. 45 Mongrel. 47 Sun god. 40 Northeast. Near Topeka, Kan., one Fern Doty, student, perceived a queer looking ob- lect lying on the ground. Miss Doty examined the object, took It homo, placed it In her aquarium. It was a 'Siamese twin" turtle, having two leads, two tails, one shell and six legs. * * * In St. Louis the widow and friends of one Charles Kuhn, recently deceased, aged 73, were holding a wake when the Widow Kuhn discovered that the was similar to one given last year to Charles A. Lindbergh. , In Washington recently airport dt- signers,- government officials and road builders gathered under the auspices I of the American Road Building association to discuss model airports, "the oasises of the sky-roads." For three days they met at the WI'l- lard hotel, heard speeches, engaged in Impromptu debates, and planned era In airport construction. • ^Following are some of the more salient extracts from speeches: Assistant Secretary of Commerce Young: "While the actual transpor tatlon from one airport to another may seem to dominate all other phases, the passenger will not overlook the fact that he was obliged, to trundle his own Try Lucky Tiger *•"'•'—a proven germicide." A .delightfully perfumed h»lr dressing. America's largest seller at Birbcri.DruggUti. LUCKY TIGER ALSO MAKERS OP WHYTE-FOX NO. ThtNnvTuio-WavTriatmmtfar IN HOLUDAYSBUHG— See and Hear the New ALLEN'S DRUG STORE 306 Allegheny Street Hollidaysburg, Pa. Rothert Company Headquarters for MAJESTIC RADIO VVe Give You Expert Service Most Liberal Credit Terms In The City. Radios Why You Should Buy Your Monarch of the Air MAJESTIC RADIO ASK US ABOUT RADIO CLUB FROM AN "EUSCTHIO STOBJS" —where you jet Electric Radio Service and can purchase on the Easy Payment Plan. REMEMBER THIS: A. Radio—like other electrical appliances at some time or another requires servicing—if your i r o n e r, washer, sweeper, etc., ia not working properly, who do you think of calling? An electrician! The same applies to an Electric Radio, only Expert Electric Radio Mechanics auch as we employ can give you this service. Muiestlc Model HI DO IT NOW /f*rt/surpriseyva The J* E. Spence Electric Store I'he Home of tlie World 1 * Leading Electrical Appliance* & Kuilios 1310 12th Ave. Dial THIS AND THAT. corpse was not that of her husband. The wake was Indefinitely postponed. * * • In Brooklyn, one Herman Hlnts^ aged 63, janitor, struck a match, applied ft to his cigar. His celluloid collar Ignited and burned him to death. in Manhattan two kittens, gambol- ling around a gas Jet, turned It on. Mrs. Mary Kane, a waitress, aged 67, asleep In the next room, was asphyxiated. So were the kittens. Pulmotor- men arrived, revived the kittens, but could not revive Mrs. Kane. W^*&fy-Vlfa*>lfyvTfyviPftVltyii> Be A Winner! $300 In Cash Prizes Imperial Flower Shop "Flowers For All Occasion*" WK TEI,KGKAPH FLOWERS iota Twelfth Street Christmas Treasure Hunt Contest */*&«*/*# ft i*#*/8tf*f' : Inviting SALADA fragrance originates In gardens of the Orient. Its enticing flavor will always appeal. SALAD* TEA n ; '"Fresh fronTthe Qardens"l RADIO "Now Again the Public , i Benefits by Increased Majestic! i Economies".., / CONSISTENTLY* day in and day out* month In and month out, Majestic has produced up to 6,000 radio receiving sets per day, until nearly 2,000,000 people now own a. Majestic radio. MAJESTIC is the only concern in the world with such a record. It is the only concern in the world with the facilities to build such tremendous production. IN THE EIGHT great Majestic plants, employing more than 15,000 people, economy of operation is a scientific study. Under expert guidance, Majestic has literally been able to improve the unimprovable. By constantly check* ing and rechecking every minute operation of production, Majestic has effected economies that at one time were thought impossible to attain. MAJESTIC'S POLICY has always been to pass on to its dealersand the public all economies made possible through increased production over a long period) and through improvement of that production. AGAIN; therefore, Majestic is enabled to assert ttt leadership by offering the public sensational savings in the purchase of the best radio set that money can buy. Note these new low prices, and remember that you are buying a Majestic set, the standard of value, at the price named, only because of the production job that the whole world is still talking about. , REMEMBER, too, that in its own factories* Majestic makes from,raw material every part and parcel of its radio sets, including its own tubes. For the greatest enjoyment from your Majestic set, and for the perfect, reproduction which you are assured of with Majestic tubes, be sure to insist that your dealer equips your set with Majestic tubes. Buy at these Sensational New Prices! Famous Model 91 N O W NOW Famous Model 92 *116 '146 Mighty Monarch of the Air LESS TUBES Formerly $137.50 Less Tubes T/u'i beautiful Early English cabinet model, formerly $137>50, now at a saving to you of $21.50, It embodies all the great Majestic features! Power Detection and (lie new -45 tubes plus four tuned stages of radio frequency. Absolutely no hum or oscillation at any wave length, Automatic sensitivity control gives uniform range and power all over the dial. Improved Majestic Super-Dynamic Speaker. Sturdy Majestic power unit with positive voltage ballast insures long life and safety. Cabinet of American Walnut. Instrument panel overlaid with genuine imported Australian Lacewood. Escutcheon plate and knobs finished in genuine silver. NOW you can own a MAJESTIC Call your nearest LESS TUBES Formerly $167.50 Less Tubes This stately . Jacobean cabinet model, formerly $167.50, the Bet that outstripped all previous value standards, nou> at this big caving—with all Majestic'* outstanding advantages! Power Detection and the new -45 tubes plus four tuned stages of radio frequency. Absolutely no hum and no oscillation at any wave length. Automatic sensitivity control gives uniform range and power all over the dial. Improved Majestic Super-Dynamic Speaker. Sturdy Majestic power unit, with positive voltage ballast. Cabinet of American Walnut with overlays on doors and interior panel of genuine Australian Lacewood. Escutcheon plate, knobs and door pulls finished in genuine silver. —the radio you've always wanted Majestic dealer Licented under patents and application! of R. C. A. and R. f. I.., alto t>U Lektiphont, Lowell <£• Dunmorc and tloyan Lictnu Associate!. GRIGSBY-GRUNOW COMPANY, CHICAGO, U.S.A. World's Largest Manufacturers of Complete Radio Receivers « Wholesale Distributor, HAMBURG BCCiS. 963 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa,

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