Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 53
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 53

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 53
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isfsj fcr Ss!* 774 V DODGE ACRE'S A RHAL xBUYErVS'DEUGHT V63 DART GT 2-Dr. HT ^Sold (. ef v]ciri ( by uj; has^radk), "^emeHOLlJlE^-SoSg* Autos for 174 FORD ». Allajllk DODGE MATADOR RMto 4 rater, Auto ,- PARKWOOO CHEVROLET -.JOS? Lakewood Blvd. ME J-^l FALCON I~'62 FALCON SQUIRE 4-Door d«hjxe atallon wagon. Aulo' matEo radio/ heater, whilcwalli, *tfeiuxe trim. Lit *r PQX 673. I $35 DOWN $35 MO. ilntludii sale* tax/ Itc. all carry- ^tng charges, for orriv 34 nras. Or "Klf you pr«l*r cairi ^ $999 FULL PRICE MO-Diy Trial Exchange 4J4-9911 -MURPHY LINC.-MERC. 1940 LaVewood at Circle, 1 I Hard to Find '60 FORD "STARLINER" . Tnls ludor narotoo Is exira nee tnrouohoul; auto, trans., P/stcer- jng. rMIe, htattr, WW llres; blue body wllh like netf carpeted olu* Interior. A-l $899 A-l MEL BURNS FORD 20S5 Long Beach Dlvd. 591-3315 Autos for Sol* 174 I Autos fw Sol* 17i i Auto* for Safe 174 ·H FALCON 2-Dr., 6-cyl., sufo., *-R-H, sood trar.s. car; JlSSlA; «« *-. Beach City Chevrolet *3al E, Pac. Csl. Mwv. GE 3-7«l '·1 FALCON Futura, R K, Auto. *Buck«l seats ! sw * JIM SNO », 15550 Paramount ·H FALCON Sprint V-8 119W 5 ' JIM SNOW FORD .15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-S600 '45 FALCON 2-6r. Sed. RH, slick, ·-.ilJOO. 3741 Cerrllos. GA7.77JO. BRAND NEW FORD "C-500" «r. Town Sedan; nol slrlpoed, but wllh V-8, Crulsec- matlc, smog device, 2-tone paint, rad'o, healer, power sleerlr.g. Was $3215.70 Today's Special NOW $2499.00 (Slock S1II2) Mel BURNS--Ford 2000 L.B. Blvd.. L.B. 591-1311 FORD '60 FORD Ji99 *Sport Coupe. V8, automatic, power sfeerlr.g. KGY 716. CORMIER CHEVROLET · WILM1NGTO V CHRYSLER TRADE-IN 2 doer sedan, ai eater. Full price RAY VINES '60 FORD $499 . s e e Ko CORMIER CHEVROLET Ml Long BeacJi Bivd. HE 6-5W5 SHORT ol cash or credit problem^ *· Selected by other dealers? Sv9 on + tax a, Elc. will buy you onv Vhew 1966 Fora of vour choke by --Illnj Don Parrlsh--HE 2-7K5. 'M FORD Ccunlrv sdn, 4-dr. v/ao. 'VV-B, auto., pwr, stfo., RK. Lik« nsw V*9 No Cash Needed OAC. ME 3-7S3 C'BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE JSJ FORD 2-dr, ht., pwr. slro. -*hrks., ailo. S99 P.P. *KL-b Auto Sales, «19 U. Compton ·j» Blvd., Compion. 632-477 fa FORD Gal. Fast Back Cpe. Fo j-pwr., air conrf. $139 - JIM SNOW FORD 5*15SSQ Pararrgivnl Blvd. ME 4-:«M ,»S9 FORD. Ht., DUlO.. RiH, WBi -i* Ho cash reeded, OAC, tValk* .-iWotor Sales, 331 W. Anahlm '"5~F6RD~S«dan~Good Transoorta ?-jlon , ,,,.,,. ,, --.- $2' i-, PARKWOOD CHEVROLET - ,5059 LaVe*'Ood Blvd. ME 3-0' ·«2 FORD Galaxle 2ii. III., aulo JRiH. A sleal @ _ 551 '45 FORO Gal. H.T. Cpe, RH, Auto P/:leer, 18,«n tnries _ - JIM SNOW FORO ··1555!) Paramount Blvd. ME -?MO 57. FORD Harilop . _______ SIM *· PARKWOOD CHEVROLET Lakeaood Blvd. _ '·J4 FORD 2 dr. Good co'id. S225 VWIir take Irade. Hunl's Aulo Rev -pafr. 6500 E. Alor.oVa, Param. .'» FORD Gal. 500 .Jr., air, hj ·-'Bvir., 22,000 ac. ml. SSW. Ojbcrn' - V 20lh Cherry. _ EXCEL. '5S Convert. R»M., aulci ' Pwr. strg. 32S5. cash or term * l FORD'sisr liner, b!g er.olne, nev X speed. Eves- 53-E010. _ Falrlane 500 "·55 FORD, * dr. Sedan, oood rubbe ··'Batlerv, brakes, ins, GA 7-17 '3 FORD J dr. 292 cu. Trl p · Tach. ad. cond. ym. M?-T23». MERCURY . 1 A ^ '63 MERCURY BEST BUY "CUSTOM MONTEREY SEDAN" Air cond., ulo. tram., radio, healer, WW 11 res, p/steerlng brakes, padded dash, limed class; ctianwijgne body wllh cutlom, matching vlnvl Interior. In Near New Condition A-l $1699 A-l MEL BURNS FORD 2PS5 Long Be«h Dlvd. CTI-3315 OLDSMOBILF ·I ~~ PONTIAC ·63 MERCURY Avonlclalr; VI auto., R.H, P/sleer; AIS; *5WA; wilh 1-Yr. Worranly JITy? Beach City Chevrolet 3201 E. I'ac. Ot. Van. GE 3-7411 '6! FORD Gal. 2 Dr. HT V-8, pulcwnallc, radio, heater, power steering, w/w tire-j, etc. Lie. tf KZK 084. $32 DOWN $32 MO. ncludej Mfcs 1ax, lie. all carrv- ng cha/oes, for only 30 mos. 01 f you prefer cash only $799 FULL PRICE 10-Dav Trial Excnanoe IM-WN MURPHY LINC.-MERC. « Lakewood at circle, L.B. Pacific Ford I960 Ford J-Dr. Sdn. 6 cyl., aulo- maHc, heater, elc. A best buvl ASP»M. $395 31M CHERRY AVE. LONG BEACH i*-3301 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 505? LaXewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 ·6? MERC Meteor, 2 Dr VB, RiH Aulo, Pwr Slewing' __^_J999 JIM SNOW FORD I55» Paramount Blvd. ME -5400 Sales, 331 W. Anaheim. MUSTANG '45 MUSTAHG hdlp. cpe. Sauterne - " · · · - --J2099 ..__. ,^ cwhile, RH, slick, V-8 J2OT '65 Muslang 139 std. shllt. Honev void. R H . New Flreslone t'rcs - 524 J9 'U Mustang 239 conv., R.H, aulo. Poppv Red. Sharp , 52599 'ti Mustang .299. RH/ auto., Moonmlst veHow --. 52S99 JIM SNOW FORD 1S550 Paraitiount Blvd. ME 4-2600 ,3 FORD $1199 50^ 4 dr. VI, standard 'COI^M!E*R CHEVROLET tglLong Beach Blvd. HE 6-52« Pacific Ford 196S Muslar.g Hardloo. V», 4-soS., radio, heater, factory air conditioner. pov;er steering, tic. Near new. EYP 706. $2395 2 FORD Falrlart* 500, automatic, radio, healer, power sleerlng, 64/ . S895 RANCHO RAMBLER 2160 Long Beach Dlvd. 591-3341 2 FORD 2 door/ V-K automatic, ^'' K SALTA K PCNTIAC SIM5 15J5 Lono Beach Blvd. HE 7-H11 Transoorlallon special sold as-ls. Beach City Chevrolet 3»1 E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. GE 374J1 IMPERIAL CHRYSLER TRADE-IN 62 IMPERIAL 4 door hardioD, factory, air conditioning, full pov/er, automatic, rad'o, healer, w/w tires, elc. "Nlce"..__.--_.i!l!5 c. "Nice" RAY VINES 47A-1301 'i5 MUSTANGS; 3 to chooso from yellow, red, black; priced 1c sell. , 57399 Beach Ciry Chevrolet 3201 E. P»c. Cal. HWY. GE 3 1955 MUSTANG sell or trade. Bur white Vynll. 4 soeet . ,000. Take ove 2,236; J34-2368 ·45 MUSTANG, I ouner, sllll In ntw car warranty, 289 V-8, p*r. sir jtwn, trans., liXe new, owne us I sacrifice.' Call_862-59a iS MUSTANG. G. T. Interior. 289 X spd. LOY* ml. Priced lo sell 5661 T h e T o l e d o , " ~ OLDSMOBILE 60 OLDS Super S!. Fact. Air. Ful power 7yy PARKV/OOD CHEVROLET 5059 LaVewood Bivd. ME 3-0: r 63 OLDS 8?, 2 door, hardtop, co!d 4 soeed hvro. Quick wlrd ca wheels v;/ncw Rreslone 500 llres Xlnl cor.d., 39,000 miles. 633-837 CHRYSLER TRADE-IN 'M Imperial Crown 2 dKir, faclorv air cotvSUonlnff, full power, radro, healer/ power steering, etc. --5995 RAY VINES Corner ol Willow takewocd Bl. J7S-7301 -- Long Beach CWOOB CHEVROLET 5CS9 Latewood Blvd. ME 3478 '62 OLDS HdtD. Full power S13W PARKWOOD CHEVROLET. 5059 LaVewood Blvd. 2~0r." ME 3-078 U63. OLDS 3255 Pine _ HardPcD. Full aolo. TaVe _over pavmenll. '63 OLDS CullDS^, biKkel seals. 15 OOP miles. Xlnl. M-m!.» all. 6 Pi JEEP NEW 1966 JEEPS ALL MODELS -- ALL COLORS. OOl CHERRY G A 7-1 827 Universally wacpns, pchps. Fac. aulhor. dlr. Sales service. RANCHO JEEP SUPPLY GA 3-05S9 6309 Paramount Blvd., H.L.B. '54 JEEP St. WM. wl-.eel if. V/am Ivjbs, low bar, heater. Excel cond. S7SS. ?!·(S8. '41 SCOUT, whl. dr. 1 lops. 2«00 ml. Xlnt. cond. TO 7-3338. This week's Special · (.* OLDS . "DELUXE MS SEOAM" Stick shift, racUo, healtr, EZI E s, padded dash; clean 1 blue t wllrt matcnlnp, carpeled In- r. Fresh clean throughout. A-l $1399 A-l MEL BURNS FORD 2055 Long Beach Blvd. 591-Si; '62 OLDS STARFIRE CP. Factory air condlircnlrty, . full power. Lie. 2 IYT 167. $47 DOWN $47 MO. Includes sales tax, lie all carrying charon for. only 36 rr.os. Or II you prelrr caih only. $1499 FULL PRICE IO.DIY Trial Excfians* 434-9911 MURPHY LINC;-MERC. 1940 LateWood »l Circle. L.B. 63 OLDS F-55. VI automatic, radio, healer, - power stcenr- wall llres, c " · price $1695. SALTA PONTIAC IMS Lona Beach Blvd. HE 7-4111 PLYMOUTH i's Fishing time .. . and we've 90! the best cal ol all. '65 Plymouth Barracuda Fastbaclr. White wllh gold InterfDj-; V-S engine, P/stetrlna. nutomalrc tram., heater; Iranferrati.e warranly. NBV 'Ver^HOLMES--Dodge 35fo Atlantic 42- CHRYSLER TRADE-IN '6j Plymoulh -4 door Sedan. Auto- malic IransmHslon, radio, healer FuSI price on'y AJ9S RAY VINES Corner of Willow Lakewood 8L 426-7301 -- Lena Beach MO '63 PLYMOUTH Valiant Signet Si A^'^'^-S RANCHO RAMBLER 21M Lona Beach Blvd. Ml-334' '59 PLYM. Fury 4-Dr. Pwr. steerlm brakes. Clean. 1-owner. /.'.us be seen driven 10 apprec. S375 HE 5-7S alter 4:30 p.m. 'LYM. -65 Furv III (V-8). Warranlv Aulo., c.s. Priv. Dly. S22M. 6M-7514 CJ-76M. Furv -I dr. '61 PLYM. Furv 4 dn ndtp. »295 S7J1 Lakewcod Blvd., Lkwd. ODD TRANSP. CAR '64 SPORTS Furv, new 1lres e traHei. A-l cond. S1S95. 4M-95I '64 SPORT Furv 436, 4 spd., miles. Beautllul. Sl,800. PONTIAC '59 PONT. Star CWef. Full air cond. Good cond. M95. cond. $695. 433-29: I PONTIAC Tempejt. 28,000 mile R., Hlr., ww. Xltll. cond. 4M-n LINCOLN '56 LIT1COLW Premier, black, air cond., full pwr., good cond., 300. 4311 Green Ave., Los Alamltos. Ph. 596-9731.- PAPER BACKS for VIET NAM Ai a community service we ore octi»5 as a depot for rfw collection cf Paper Back Books for our troops stationed in Viet Nam. Book Contributions will be accepted from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. Daily. D O N - A - V E E RAMBLER 15737 JELLfLOWER ILVD. 1965 EXECUTIVE CAR CLEARANCE SALE Bonnevlir* Soorit Coyoes. Bonne- vine ^ur. Hardrops, Grand Prlxs, CBIalina Sport Cc-jce;, 2 4 2 Calallnj Soorls. New car 'o-jar- onlee. Tremendous savings. JOHN P. LAMERDiN PONTIAC 302 H.L.B. Blvd., Comolon NE 9-6666 CHRYSLEK IKAUE-lN a PONTIAC Grand Prix 2 door hardtop, factory air conditioning, automatic, radio, healer, power Autos for Sate 174 PONTIAC 'SO PONTIAC. R. nlng car. SII5 htr., _ or f 633-411! RAMBLER Pacific Ford Iw2 Rambler '-'Classic 4iV 4-dcor sdn. 6 cvl. ( auknTHUo radio, h«al- $895 KKAMfJ new 19M Hambler Xl 22v' ( """ ....... $1795 S ""' RANCHO RAMBLER 2160 Long Beach Blvd. 591-3341 426-7301 -- Long Be; 60 PONTIAC ........ $999 Bonn evil le sport coup*. V8j aulo- · . . CORMIER CHEVROLET 60 PONTIAC $999 --. power sleerlno, power brakes/ radio hca!er, FVT 651. CORMIER CHEVROLET Ml Long Beach Blvd. HE 2160 Long Beach Blvd. 591-3341 65 RAMBLER "TO" 2 door sedan Today's Best Buy. stock it 2441. "'RANCHO'RAMBLER 2160 Long Beach _Bty_rf_._.__591-3jlJ PONTIAC Bonnev.He Coupe, au tomallc, radio, heater, power steerlne brakes. Slock =2770 $2195 SALTA PONTIAC 1545 Long Peach Blvd. ME 7-4111 «3 PONTIAC Gr«nd Prix; V8 aulo, ~1H, P/stew; *»16B; wlttl Iw. Beach City ChevroteT 3201 E. Pac. Csl. H»Y. GE 3-721 . uwr. strg., RH, aulom, 31 ADO irri. GE B-3783 '65 PONT. Bonneville, 2 dr. h U . , pwr. sir. Sr brics. New car warranty. S2995. Weekends or eves. JIM- SNOV/ FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-26M , aoua, rad 3?. air cond., 22,000 mil. _TQ_i 7-27BS, _ '65 PONTIAC, Grand Prix, many exlras. 52,000. Ph. TO 7-3i«. 2 DOOR. SKOO SB RAMBLER Amb., dlx., fully cqurp., RH, olr corxJ., auto, trass, Pwr. slrg.. tlfitnJ (Mass, padded dash, «tc. Clcar^sf in. lownl Grip owner. S5S5. SMS E. P.C.H., ~~ 90J68; CVH. HA 1-3536. GE 5!ock #2545. Best Rambler Buy '60 RAMBLER 4-door Sedan. Rc.illv . a One Rambler Buy. Stock #2542 ""RANCHO RAMBLER 2UO Long Bead! Blvd. CTI4M '61 RAMBLER Amer., RH, auio Irans. Gd. Iransp. GE 1-2U STUDEBAKER STUDEBAKER coupe. Rcbull nolne. Good transp. $80 caiti ta-m\. - · VERY GOOD "ond. 721' E. Ith. HE 2-191 TEMPEST THUNDERBIRU ·58 T-B1RD, fac. air., Will take SiX cash. 1S428 AllanllCj Compion '59 T.BIRD, Conl. kll., wtille w/red 'dl chrome Lincoln en?., all pwr Betl oiler. 7U, 1964 T-BIRD. Xlnl. power/ air cond./ Pn. GE 3^354 or '62 T-BIRD Full power _ i PARKWOOO CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3- condllfon, ,1 private par] HE 2-1H9. r-BlRDiTta! sharj. . TE i-3430 aller 5 p.n BELIFLOWER TO 7-7254 NEW 66 MUSTANGS lUtet foe Salt 174 INDEPENDENT - Tnor*., Mir. It, 1IM ·HESS-TELEORAM, Thur»., H(tf. It, 1?« THUNDKRBIRD '55 T-BIRD . "CONVERTIBLE" .... body wllh *hlle lo i. while Interior; auto. Reap/steering. braves, . er; P/wlndows seal. nlc« ose throughout. A-1 $1099 rdio. hiii; · extra An exl .. A-1 MEL BURNS FORD 5 Long Beach Blvd. 391-3315 '62 T-BIRD, HT CPE V-8, automatic, radio, neale.. po*er slccrlng, w/w tires. Lie. f NVM 501. $47 DOWN $47 MO. Includes sales lax, lie. all carry- Ing charges, for only 36 mos. Or if you prelir cash onlv $1499 FULL PRICE 10-Day Trial Exchange 434-9911 MURPHY LINC.-MERC. 1940 Lakewcod a I Circle, L.B. Page '61 T-BIRD $1695 FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING, FULL POWER, electric wlmtows, Mini Cor.dlllonl LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKS\VAGEN 5815 South St. al Wocdrull , Lakewood Dutch Village TO 6-D7-11 '65 T-BIRD Full power, air co.-.dlllonlng, ex. eel. cond. priv. party. Go!ng overseas. Must sell. Best offer. 591-4140 60 T-BIRO custom fully equipped melalfjakcj stereo, luck/roll vlber- scnlc, air, wsw. 41095. See 4-6 p.m. week flays or Sat., Sun. 625 Kallln. TO 6-07U; CE 0-3151 ol T-BIRD Full pwr., afr cond. J14W JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-2400 '59 T-QIRD Hdlp. $47? JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Dlvd. ME 4-aOO '45 T-BIRD. Very fljod cond. Stick w/ovrdr. t?95. HA__M027. VALIANT '« VALIANT V2M RH., Aulo. Air 5499 JIW SNOW FORD 15S50 PargnnK.-nl Blvd. ME 4-36uO '63 VALIANT Convert. 'AuTom., radio, heater 30,000 ml., warranty good lo 50.000. Perl, cor.d. De;oe/ white IccVsJVia. GE 9-9316 att. 6. ·60 VALIANT. Aulo.. RH. «97. No cash needed, OAC. Walker Motor Sales, 331 w. Anaheim- 437-6814 NEW B R A N D $ 2396 JIM SNOW FORD FULL PRICE PARAMOUNT Corner PARAMOUNT and ALONDRA ME 3-1107 QUALITY CARS Priced IOW '60 COMET 2-Door Turquoise g r e e n , ratfro/ heater. More car rhafl the prLce says. ROT'403 '60 Ambassador Wagon V-l motor/ automatic trans., power steering-, factory air contfillenrng. Just a whole bench of qiallTv for so tmie rnonir. HVL «4 '63 FORD $700 V-8, 2-Donr '»*« Automatic shift, heater; well kept Ihrwgnwr. FIF '61 FALCON Del, S7QQ (-Dr. Sedan .. ' «»3 J1.0M mire car, automatic snm, radio, beater. Leaks i original throughout. FGD ' 5 SI LANCER 1TO l-Door Wbile with red Interior, power iteeflflH, automatic i shift, radio, heater. An exceptional car. KHN 775 Glenn E. Thomas Co, -- DODGE -333 E. Anaheim. L.B. HE 6-1283 MERCURY ·60 MERCURY VJ, Ull. USED 1965 C H E V R O L E T I M P A L A SPORT COUPES, SPORT SEDANS, CONVERTIBLES 100 TO CHOOSE FROM AT . . . 2199 00 All equipped with V-8 engine, Powerglide, power steering, radio heater. 1965 CHEVROLET IMPALA SPORT SEDAN With FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING $ 2399 All equipped with F A C T O R Y AIR CONDITIONING, V-8 engine, Power- glide, power steering, radio heater. 1966 FORD GALAXIE 500 SPORT COUPES With FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING $1AAAOO For TOO TO CHOOSE FROM AT . . . «·* i %^r\ i r^in **^*ji 2999' All equipped wifh Factory Air Conditioning, V8 engine, power steering. Auto, transmission, radio heater. 19 TO CHOOSf FROM CORMIER CHEVROLET CO. The Largesf, Newest, and Most Modern Car Center LOCATED ON THE SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT WILMINGTON OFF-RAMP LONG BlACH Phone 830-5100 SALES DEPT. OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK USED CARS * TRUCKS FJIOM ' Thanks, Folks, for your patronage LAST MONfH YOU SOUGHT 238 OSCAR GREGORY CHEVROLET IN PARAMOUNT You Have f roved It fays To DRIVE A LITTLE OSCAR GREGORY SAVE A LOT--AT OUR TEXAS SIZE USED CAR LOT CORNER PARAMOUNT COMPTON BLVD. I PARAMOUNT ME 0-5861 OVER 150 CARS IN STOCK MUST BE SOLD NOW! -- DURING OUR -MARCH CLEARANCE * S A L E * TRANSPORTATION LANE $799 TOPS! Tbese cars are not beat up price Ha dm, but ere the beit of '57 VW, Rad*o, healer. Economy special _ __ _ _ __ __ '57 IMPERIAL sp[. cpe. Fact, air, full power. A well kept, bcauliflH car lhat cosl over S5000 new ________ ' ORD utility cpc. $CQQ DOiF $t OO 1 *7 *l ..- - , .... - cyl., RH, sld. shift. A good ruiinlng, oood looklna'car prfccd fo sell nowl ,,. '« RAMBLER wagon, ratflo healer, slandard ihlfl ,, '(1 M.G. Magnette sedan, 4-oeetf/ RH. Beautiful throughout ,, _- _ '« CORVAIR sedan, RH. Inltrior exterior like new. Rial cood runner 'S? CHEV. Bel Air sedan.' V-8. R-H, P.'Gircie, an exceoDona! car Ihrowhoul j; '« MERC. Monterey conv, V-«, R-H., auto., ! Power iteerlnd. A cream puff i · ,, MANY--MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM '588 TRUCKS GALORE! '41 CHEV. ^i-Ton Flcetsio Pickup. Posltraclian rear end, heavy 1 rubber, 4-swed iransmiisioo. $« -f nn lifcat for camper! , ,, ,, AA«/«I . 'M FORD HCONOL1NE VAN. Radto, dealer, ""$ O/1O \b\o eoojne. Sharp! , IfmHtiJ "t CHEV. EL CAM1NO: RH, KYilrarnalic door :hlil, $QOQ Tarpaulin cove. Lal model Chevjoler, V-8 1 IS? FORD IVTON PECkup. SlvlesWe body. W H ; _-_.'549 RAMBLER STATION WAGON 'M CHEV. %4-TON FlwIiUo Bed. B1? 6ryl. my. 4-spd. SI COO Irani. RH. Ukc new throucfrout t i 3*751 ,'i? CHEV. U-TON PICKUP. Lonj Bed. V-8 enfllrK 1 . _ !C/fO Racks on sWc. A steal et O**;? '44 CHEV. CORVAIR. Van body. 4-spd. Irans,, radio and $ 4 AQ healer, motor overhauled. Like new ,, * * *T^ --·JNOLINE VAN. RH, ncv; pafnt, molor $1 AOO rf Like new _. -- -- AW*f*r i-TON. Cab ctTa^'ic, V-8, »ono w/bi«c, iOOTTQ 3-axle, 4-spd. rear axFe ,.-Lr -,.,..., L .,,.., L .. J ,. L ., r -.^,. 11J *·*·* «? MANY--MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM STATION WAGONS! ·64 CHEV Bel Air 6-pass. V-8, RH, P/gllde, power staoring. Clean $1OAA throughoul! I OTTT '64 CHEV. Bal Air a-pass. F a c t o r y air con. V-8. RH. P.G., P. Steer $OAOQ Immaculate.... MrtfWW '62 CHEV. Bel Air, Fact, air con., V-8, RH, P/glide P / s t e e r . $ l A f t Q Lie. R Q T 3 4 3 . I**OT ·62 CHEVY II Nova 2-Dr., RH, P/glide, Air Cond. A ^ M099 ·63 CHEV. Biicayne, 6- Pass. RH, P/glide, 6-cyl. Spotless $1100 throughout · m w w ·63 CHEV. Groenbrier 9- poss. 4-spd. trans., radio, heater. Lik« $1^^Q new ihroughout. m~~* '40 PONTIAC BonnoviiU. 6-Pasi. v RH, automatic, s p ,la l ir 9 :.. A . $ 899 ·63 CHEV II Nova 6-pass. RH, P/glide, P/rear window. Green . £1 ^QO finiih. MANY, MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM CHEVROLETS-WE'RE LOADED! BEL AIR Sedan, V-8, R4H, P/glido, P/sleoring. Factory air. $!OftO lmtnacu]ale! · A9w ·63 BEL- AIR 2-Dr., V-8, RH, P/glide. Si ODD Spofle.i! _... 1X77 '64 BEL AIR sdn. RH, P/glide, P/steer. Fact. air. Ts TM'r. $ 1499 '62 CHEVY II Nova Spt. cpt. R4H, P/glia'e, P.S. WOW!. '64 MONZA Spyder cpe., RH, 4-spd- our best £ Ml 99 '£3 CHEV. Impala Cpe. RH, 3-spoed, 409 engine with o'drive. A low mileage- well kept car. Maroon, wifh black $1 *fjLQ interior-- ' * ^ * '65 EEL AIR 2-door, V-8, RH, P/glide, P/stoer. Liko brand $O | 7Q new!...- M i l I w ·65 IMPALA Cpcs. V-8, RSH, P/glide, P/steering, w/wallt. 2 to choose. Both unalor warranty '65 IMPAIA Htp. Sedan. V-8, RSH, P/g!ide, P/stecr. w/wolls. Factory air and lilie $ 2599 new A«* W W '64 IMPALA Spf. Cpe. V-8, RiH. P/glide, P/steor., w/ walls. BeautTiuE throughout and a C m "VAQ steal a t I / T T '64 IMPALA Hdtp. Sdn. V-8, RSH, P/glide, P/steer, w/walls. Lie. FMV 012. A £?,r .. H749 ·63 IMPALA Spt. Cpe. V-8, RH, P/glide, P/steer., w/ walls, lie. JRZ 897. Our best 51 JCOQ buy!.-- I 3~t~f ·65 MONZA Cpe. 4-ipd. 140 h.p. RH. Low mile:. Under fact. $| OMQ warranty · 9^w '62 MONZA Cpe. RSH, 4- spd., Big eng. Lie FST 050. S^tea, $ 899 ·65 CORVEHE Hardtop, Big eng. r 4-spaed, hooter, AM-FM raJio, mag. Immaculati throughout MANY, MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM More Makes-More Bargains! FORD Galaxie. 500 Spl. V-8, RH. Cruiso- mafic, P/sleering. Gorgeous V AOO throughout! ,, I W77 ·64 FORD Galaxio SCO Spl. Sedan. V-8, 390 engine, RH, Cruisomalic, P/sfeer- ing. Fact. air. $17OQ Lite new! I 1 TV '64 FORD Custom 500 Sed. V-8, RH, Cruiiomatic, P/ steorin9. Factory air. A £!. $ 1599 ·62 FORD Galoxie 500 Spf. Sedan, V-B, RH, Cruiso- mafic, P/sfeering. Original beaufilul $1(\QQ throughout m V f f '62 FORD Fairlane 2.door, V-8, RiH, Sta 1 , trans. Economy plus* an $IIQQ imrnaculafe car!.. WWW ·60 PONTIAC Bonnaville Hdtp. Sdn. Full power, Hit H, automatic, P/iteering Spotless $8 tnroughout! 9w ·61 PONTIAC Catolina Spt. Cpe. RH, onto., P/sieer- ing. A beautiful blue- with matching $1 1 TO interior. _... * * * * '64 PONTIAC Cafalina Spt Cpe. RSH, auto., P/sfeer Fact. air. Lik. $)1OO brand new! ·* I ~~ '63 GRAND PRIX Spt. Cpes RH. auto., PS, elect windows. bucket seals. 2 to hooio. Both S4AOO cream puffs! ..... . -*VW» '62 GRAND PRIX Spt. Cpe. RH, auto., P/iteer., elect. windows. Lie. FTH 840. Fact. Air. Gor- $1 OQQ geous thfi/ouf!.... I O w w '62 OLDS 88 Holiday hardtop sedan. RH, automatic, P/sleering. Immaculate throughout! ........ '62 OLDS 98 Holiday hard- fop s e d a n . Automatic, elect, windows, . P/sfeefing, RH, factory air. A gorgeous like new Jl ftAQ j car throughout!.. ^ 9^w \ ·63 OLDS 78 Holiday Hardtop sedan. Full power, RH Automatic. Fact oir. A. low I mileage gorgeous beauty!....- ·64 OLDS Cullass, V-3, R4 H, Automatic, bucket seafj. I Consoles. 2 fo chooso from I both like $O1OO brand new! ........ ·* I * * I ·64 PLYMOUTH Savoy 2- door sedan, 6-cyl., RH, I sfd. snilt. A nice car at an I unheard of $1 AQO price! .................. I V WW \ MANY-- MANY MOKZ TO CHOOSE FROM OSCAR PARAMOUNT raE.O-SSl

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