Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1930 · Page 9
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 9
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rH( HAM 1 jtaf U aWStnet liiitallrtteM M *tt lltterfefttlflf alketcTt fet«rttl«t ' ,§ WMMftYAmerican ton* reftently - «o<hj>let«a by leWtatl local rest* (tofttti By tttt. B. E. Jf teM. '' On Saturday, Feb. 22, at 11 ft. M., Ifc Was very warm when we crossed the equate*. It was Neptune day <rii board ship and special ceremonies are cttferled Cut to the great aftVtiSementbf all.. A number> appointed themselves tft pre" pare the program and jjfoaeettte It. There was a king ana queen, maste?. 6f ceremohfe's with a tiumber of aSstat*'. ants who did the heavy Work. ' -. First, th4r« was a parade around! the deok.r They were all painted up. the kifir tfltfl <|!l4eft with crowns, a drtiffl, rattles antt pans for drums in th«'lea*; they, ds"«<»ftded to the t lni* provlSfed platretm. - The pteparatlons to be used on the culprits consisted of undent eggs;'water of various colors, a bucket with water and flo«r to make it white, a^Whltewash brush. Several large bottles labeled supposed poisonous acids, some harmless instruments ftf / torture, etc., \. the swimming tank fllle'4 .With Water tfear by. .The king and queen seated at a table, the master called the first offender, who was brought '• up with force ahd stood before the king. The complaints, Imaginary, were read out and the king and queen, after some heated arguments, were. given sentence, the severity depending on 'whether it was a man .whom"the queen favored or a lady the, king favored, hence the discussion. The penalty being given, the assistants i proceeded to admlnlstef to them, which consisted In painting with the white water,- throwing several eggs over them, poiiring fluids' down- their •backs or ice used In the same manner, smearihg the face and shaving it - oft -with an 'immense razor' a foot long, and if they were too obstreperous they lined a stldk with dull wickers affixed to the skin or bathing >ult. The final treatment' was to upset the chair on which they were sitting backward Into the tank. The names of alt the offenders were called/put at a dinner dance the evening before by Father Neptune,, some nine or ten, and among the number was a lady rather quiet and unassuming, who was much exercised When her name was called out, as she had no costume with which to meet the occasion, which -didn't mean anything to the committee and' she would have to . go. The case was presented to me and I immediately, in company with two doctors on board, prepared'an excuse to be read at the opening of the doings. It ran as follows: "To the king and queen of the Neptune party and other concerned. This is to certify that Miss , a prominent passenger on board the Grace liner Sant.-. Barbara, Is having a mild attack of palttlcosis. Therefore is under strict quarantine regulations for the day, cor^quently will be unable, much to her sincere regret, to participate In the festivities as oppotnted by Rip Van Winkle or Father Neptune, as the case may be, same in charge of said stunts. The aforesaid Miss Is, quite anxious to contribute the heavy earnings won at the horse races the night before, said earnings having reached the fabulous sum of fifteen cents, all of which is cheerfully given to further the interest bf the day's doings. (Signed) "DR. KEJRR, "DR. GARNER, "DR." N , • i "CAPTAIN W. C. RENAUB." While the penalties of some may have been a little overdone or severe, there were no bad effects, and .all on board certainly enjoyed the day to the fullest extent one could imagine. The recipient of this was so highly "Don't \Ult for you* sfeffr to come Jn—they'll com* in all right If you keep, sending them out," says Ciajptolii Robert DotUf, 8* ( mnltl-inllllrtn* Hire Pacific coast mariner, pictured here with Mrs. Bolter ft* the Na- •' tlonat Foreign Trade Convention lit Los Angeles. Captain Dollar, who was the original for the fictional character "Capfty Kicks," knows what he's talking about, his far-flung banner floats at the masthead of fifty vessels sailing the seven seas and. his ship comes In every day. gratified and grateful for the Interest we took; 1ft getting her out of the what to her was the basest of indignities that the next day She took our pictures and presented each with one. Sunday, Feb. 23, we arrived at Tu- lara at 6 a. m., the harbor being very Inferior, the bay rough, yet it answers the purpose for shipping, great quantities of oil and receiving such supplies as are needed. We were taken ashore on a launch, Where we find a barren, desolate spot With no vegetation and nothing but, sand,' However, they say that all that la necessary is irrigation in order to produce luxuriant Vegetation. The buildings are one story and built of plaster or adobe, except those of the oil company, and they are of frame. The population Is 4,000 or 6,000, resembling Mexicans, dark complexions and small in stature. "' • The only industry, being oil, the International Oil company of Canada are the operators, it being a subsidiary of the Standard Oil company. In visiting «the market we find many of the tropical fruits with the largest bananas ever seen. They were over a foot long and proportionately thick. Corn, beans, sugar cane, coffee, etc., and smallest potatoes ever seen. The most outstanding feature to. us was that rain occurs three of four times in a century, which Is due to change in the Humbolt current, the last time being in 1923, when vegetation sprang up everywhere in great profusion and as readily disappeared when the rainfall ceased. The sun is very bright and quite warm, with little breeze, which Is kept out by. the small elevations round about. , , '•After this our first stop in South America we fl.nd for most part, a very rugged, sandy shore, sometimes rocks, but usually to be seen are .wide areas and lofty peaks of different heights and colors, with not a sign of life until, after passing the port of Pisco. Many rocks with jaggy peaks extend far out into the ocean, some of them quite grotesque, many having tunnels or passages as if made by man, but are caused by continuous washing of the waves around and over them. After leaving' Pisco we pass the famous Guano Islands. . > • '. ' - x Pisco—Guano Islands^ Frequented' by sea birds, the Island looks like rooks jutting out of the water with tto vegetation whatever, perfectly barren.. We pass for miles along a barren coast where millions of birds, such as pelicans, sea gulls and ducks, are seen, They fly close to the water for the most part and v forhl lines miles long, sometimes straight, In trianglse, circles, sphere like—in fact, almost any shape—always following a leader. These lines of birds look black, they are so thick. They flew close to the ship, in front o~f it and around it. One fell on the deck of our ship and was wounded. They migrate south, some say to breed, others not, but that they nest in their own deposit on the islands.' The deposit is one of the natural resources of Peru and is a rich fertilizer containing.some 14 per cent nitrate, producing /lOO.OOO tons a year. The birds are stricter protected by the government and there is a heavy penalty for killing any of the birds. They live on fish and keep a sharp watch for schools of thenvwhich are numerous in 1 this region. The waters are full of porpoise which come up to breathe. They are in schools, darting here and there out of the water, and look like large flsh playing about. Whales are seen frequently here and seals are seen playing 'about much like porpoises, only larger. ' Jelly fish of! immense size appear, with long projections and large bodies looking like octopus. Some apparently have hats.on with fringe around the edge of the rim. Words cannot describe the sights in these southern waters and countries, each having Its own distinctive features, which must be seen even to get a small prospective of the whole. A mind picture would be impossible, for the magnitude is so great that one would have simply a jumbled up mess of the variations. Salavrry, our next stop, Is the port for Trujlllo, the first town founded in Peru by the Spanish conqueror Pizarro. It is a shipping point for sugar of great quantities. Xrujillo has 20,000 population and-' was founded by Pizarro in 153S, and was the first place to declare freedom from "Spain. Its plaza is a popular promenade. The streets are wide, some of' cobble, more of-eand. The church of San AugUstln contains famous carved altars. The houses are one story, built of adobe, plastered over. Some shops and many saloons folds of ttWftlfa, grteh ctifn, 'tfte. \ frl*** 1 ftslty) Worn "jfrujlllo, on. ,th« road to a smaller port of Huanchacd, dating bacfc to the ensplre of the Pre- fhca Chlmu* 1 , and sometlMes described as the greatest dead city on-the Continent, is "Chan Chan." -, , • The Chiraus, 4 great people, coSv trolled all the territory in a«d around Icuador, but when the incus gained ftowef' In the Andes they sent down art ultimatum that tnty 1 too must Worship the sun. The coastal Chlmus Molted that they preferred the moon, which didn't make .one sweat, and which came out at night when light wa« the 'mor* needed. Whereupon the Incas' cam* down and subjugated them by destroying tlretr water supply, .and later Spaniards-obliterated most of their civilization. 'Little is known today of their origin atfd history, but the, ruins of their capital covering many acres 'bespeak magnificence. One old temle, rises in the form of a pyramid to the height of fifty yards. Numerous other places and temples abound in ttfe vicinity, and th6 early conquistadors are Said to have found many millions' Worth Of gold and silver in the vaults beneath. The, 'jewelry Seems to have been pretty Well removed. ' The explorer today may still unearth pottery, ceramio ware. Carved stone and Similar relics are found. One of the tombs recently was unearthed-and in it were found Skull and human bones, some pieces of fabric, also some halt. / The entire city which possibly had 100,000 population, is a mass of com-' plete ruins. The temples Were built of-ftdobe centuries ago and exposed to the natural elements have crumbled'al- most' beyond recognition. The city was surrounded by a wall of the same tef #att th<5 e* * *fl«t Mttt ttrtf el|J> tt- tft« fttotifttiUft tt **ft tMXM ttW watt**; ewr ei tint atfe and of th« HVWSB, thft lalte* 6et- , ftM a» «/ttppo««a to b* ternplei of the Incas. The ta«ia la fettlle aw* if Hfflg«*.iJ ft j*&dace *tty tWflHsAi fruit, etfe. ttains a*e alstoat unknown. r *.t : -s^i" ,f"fr l i* ' l ,*' J< V ,>^ , <& * ffife ttdM* Ifti i^ftstt fa sfcttflffc rffttK/W Wrote* sturdy. They Hrt «»!t *Mh 0X«H «rtJ iff* datilMy ttelfm to 8» th* B«a«t of burden, caf- rVlft* tW« jff&Wft trtdple. Some hftrB fe*5 «lnft» efts MI ««eli «We to e*i*» v*istkW«», jttc., *# l«fe milk can* f« deflvertat ^«*. in fktl, thev e*rrjr ev«ythlnir- *h«2_ ***** u8 «H>ut w "Meats**'*" car. Tftew were no trucks, the tiulttail i» nattt># gauge and the CORNS CALLOUSES-BUNIONS SAFE INSTANT RELIEF Aching corns, sore toes, ppin- ful callou&es, tender bunions —-these troublesome foot ailments are relieved,irt one minutit by Dr. Scholl'b ZiWf pads. Their soothing, healing medication giVes you this quick relief. At the sanle time they cushion the sore spot—remov» the cause—friction and pressure of shoes. Zino-pads are absolutely safe, sure. Doctors recommend thtth.. Made in special Slz«a for e«ch of these foot ailments. At Drug, Shoe and Dept stores—only 35c box. DrScholls Zinc-pads Put one m-Ott M H*n to f one: Don't experimentl Using harsh liquids or piasters or cutting yonf corns or callouses is dangerout. 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