Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 9
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(Ufk MALCOLM EPJ J A K E TAHOE -- When I passed through the south Tahoe area last summer and saw it under construction, it seemed ludicrous to ire that somebody would put up a h i g h - r i s e hotel in high mountain country w i t h a million acres available for binding site. - But today when I looked out of my bedroom window across the town and the taU trees at the shimmering blue lake and the snow-clothed S i e r r a heights beyond, it wasn't ludicrous at alL The 11-story Harvey's W a g o n Wheel hotel w a s a great idea. ; It's a great idea because this region is one of the world's finest for viewing. And this hotel, because it goes way up in the little town, affords superb views from every window. HELD a "press pre. view" here today and got t h e hotel operation under way. The place was developed by Harvey Gross and his w i f e , Llewellyn, who started out here in the early .'forties with a small roadside tavern, expanded it to a large casino and restaurant, '.and went on to the high hotel idea when the south .Tahoe region blossomed out a few years ago with seams_bursting activity. - ; The hotel has some features peculiar to the activ- .ities of the area which comb i n e s outstanding natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunity with that great attraction for Californians -- Nevada-type gaming. . The lobby is a s m a l l ground-floor r o o m in the rear, entered from the parking lot and bus unloading area. The front, where one might expect a hotel lobby to be, is an extended area of the Wagon Wheel Casino. reached from the parking area by escalator. It's always easy to get into Nevada's gambling establishments. ; ANOTHER feature that I . must mention: The Polynesian room which occupies the glass-walled top story of the building. " Now a Polynesian room In a wild west setting might not make sense to a lot of people, but in Nevada, nobody ever worries a b o u t things like that. There's currently an avid interest in Polynesian decor, foods and 'dn£k, and so, why not a Polynesian room? · This one reflects g r e a t taste in every appointment, and of course, there's that view from every table. At present, there are no casino activities of any kind in this top floor area. CLERK WOUNDS BANDIT A1Y COMPANION, Ted , Bowman, L.B. manufacturer, and I had great hick on our quick visit to this high Sierra region. ; - W* were preceded by a uig s n j w f a l L Riding cp Highway 50 by bus from Sacramento, ! dozed for a little while. When I awoke. we w e r e moving between trees heavily laden with the white stuff. In higher areas, the snow w a s more than two feet deep, and we met several snowplows along the highway. This should be a g o o d water year for the valleys below. " HEN ! SPOKE of hick, I meant weather hick. of course, and not the kpd you yearn for at the gaming tables. Maybe it was just as wen we had a lot of other things to do. Bowman, for instance, got into the plastic-enclosed cockpit of a helicopter and nude a sky tour of the area, observing honireds of skiers is the b?fk country. . I sped some *?TT^ talking to Nevada politicians, who were tere in force for the o p e n i n g of the Wagoa WheeL I found them concerned with a lot of problems t h a t sound familiar, like chU rights legislation and ^apportionment. Yeah, reapportion o e n L They're even worrying here about COT county pcwer in the state senate. I thought Nevada was aU cow county 'cocntry, r Market Gun Battle Details Revealed by Police By ANDY PARK A Long Beach TM^ was reported in critkal condition in Los Angeles County General Hospital Sunday with a bullet wound a scant three inches above his heart after he and his brother-in- law failed in a "beatnik" robbery attempt on a small Hawaiian Gardens market late Siturday. L a k e w o o d Sheriffs deputies said Robert Joseph Longinetti. 35. of 15953 Downey Ave, Paramount, and Robert John V a n Winkle, 23. of 477 South' t't-. Long Beach, "came out second best" in a wild gun battle up and down the aisles of Ernie's Market, 22203 Norwalk Blvd. · · * * LWESTIGATORS s a i d Van Winkle, in critical condition, was shot by a 25- year-old store clerk, George Jolly, of 1713S Clark SL, Bellflower. Longinetti was shot in the index finger of his right hand by a bullet from his partner's gun that went wild in the hectic gun battle. George Hubbard, 33, of 12316 Brittan St, Norwalk. had just left the market and was walking to his car when the two men stopped him on the sidewalk. ·-Gimme the bread. Dad,** Hubbard said one of the GEORGE JOLLY Clerk Didn't Miss men told him as he put a gun to hu neck. Hubbard said he didn't understand what the men meant and they then told him that they wanted the money from the store "or you're dead!" · * * · HUBBARD SAID he told them that he was hot carrying any money and the men then made him accompany them back to the market which had just closed and forced him to knock on the door for admittance while they hid to one side. When captured ·" later Saturday night. Longinetti told deputies that he and h 11 brother-in-law had "cruised around for an hour or so looking for an easy store to knock over" and had picked the Hawaiian Gardens market. The "easy store" got increasingly difficult when first Ernest Yeutter Jr, 34. of 164« S. Card Ave, Norwalk, owner, then his 14- year-old son Jimmy and his wife. Joyce, 31 told the hold-up men thit all the money was gone from the store. · · · · . "WE HAD just taken the night's receipts to the office upstairs," Yeutter told officers later, "and George (Jolly) was up tVre helping count cp the total" Angered by the apparent refusal to reveal the whereabouts of the money, Van Winkle grabbed Yeutter and stuck a gun into his stomach and demanded. "If you don't come across with some money, you're gonna die!" Yeutter said he tamed swiftly and g r a b b e d the bandit's gun and tried to take it away from him. In the struggle. Van Winkle's gun fired and the bullet went through" Yeut- 161*5 apron, his trouser leg. grazed his leg slightly and --Phertct br C*«n Grot ROBERT LOXGIXETTI Holds Wounded Hand then ricocheted from the floor striking the second gunman, Longinetti. in his right index finger. YEUTTER BROKE loose from the struggle and ran down an aisle of the store whfle Van Winkle Tired after him. At that point, according to investigation reports. JoIJy. who was observing the action from a loft office above the floor of the store, took a gun from a desk drawer and Tired one s h o t at Van Winkle. wounding him above the heart. L o n g i n e t t i and Van Winkle then staggered toward the entrance, crashing through a glass door in their exit, and fled from the scene in a bloodstained path toward their car. Sheriffs deputies said L o n g i n e t t i took his brother-in-law to his Paramount home where he told his wife and 14-year- old son. "We're in trouble. call an ambulance." · · · · POLICE RUSHED to the scene and took both suspects to SL Helen's Hospital. Paramount for treatment. Van Winkle w»% later transported to UA. County General Hospital where he remains in critical condition in the prison ward. Officers said Longinetti may have his right hand amputated as a result of the wound- in his index finger. Investigators said that Longinetti a d m i t t e d a record of armed robberies in New Jersey and implicated his brother-in-law in a number of them. Independent Tie Sottt\ItntT» M /Tarsi Vorutr jYnrspm ** MONDAY. APRIL I. 1963 B-l GROUNDBREAKING New Los Altos Project is Started A ground-breaking ceremony for a new $225,000 Weather Halts Hunt for Plane The search for Harry Ross, 48, Seal Beach airport man ager. and W. C. Halsey, 45, Hyde Park. Utah, lost on a light-plane flight b e t w e e n Milford. Utah and Logan, Utah. Wednesday night, was suspended S u n d a y due bad flying weather over the search area. A total of 21 search planes, Los Altos YMCA building and pool was held Sunday niany from the Meadowlark afternoon at 1720 BeUflower Blvd. Rep. Craig Hosmer, R-Long Beach, was the p r i n c i p a l speaker. Judge Beach Vasey, president of the YMCA Na- ional Council, gave a brief talk. B o y s of the 130 clubs represented by the Los Altos' YMCA wore their club sweat-' ers. Indian Guides and their! dads appeared in Indian cos- waY^S^rf ^N^bVr^Beach State College and Or^vada - Arizona - California ^^/fa^^t'tSST* 0 ** ^^ ""* __ . _ * _ - _ ! _ _ I v^ikv« f i t *!» m.L* _,,..*. C ^ . 1 r * " . - -') «*· Dean, president of the Long'ange State College Beach YMCA; Jerry IwanyWfirst time this f alL Hi-Y president: and L i n d a ) Hansen. Tri-Hi-Y CounciThe Chancellor Glenn S. Dumke Long Beach Junior Concert announced Sunday that qual- tume and headdress. * · · · THE GROUND-BREAKLN'G Overseas Classes for State Rossmoor Project Residents Aiding Medical Research ByBENZINSER · A six-month medical research project involvin 100 residents of Rossmoor Leisure World has bee was disclosed Sunday by Dr. Weldo i, director of medical services for the housin project. The study, conducted to s if c e r t a i n dietary factor might be related to the development of high blood pressure, was supervised by Dr. S. P. Ehrlich, chief of the San Francisco field station cf thej public health service's heart disease control program. | Residents who participated in the study underwent an , ..-^..j ~-..^, ^ Los'« Itens «' e interview concern-! ..,,,, .. Angeles County have beenj^ ^^S tabUs and sub-! Meanwhile, the Air Search 'advised how they can save.TM"TM * seven-day record of Sunset airport south of Seal Beach, were called in Sunday afternoon because of the approach of storms. * · · » NO SIGN of the aviators was found, searchers at tne scene reported. Most of the aircraft returned to C e d a r City, Utah, to await a change in flying conditions. Pay Taxes and Save, Says Ostly L r T In JLngtM I VIM Property owners of --long BeKft Uewi BifftKl Pfcctoi , . and Rescue Center at HamH- [themselves about $15 million »« foods «»*«. **· William-! A SQUARE MEAL for round Mrs. Mary Ferguson Sunday was the first solid food since a two-week . diet of coffee, tea, bouillon and vitamin pills" was undertaken in a Breakers International Hotel room. In top photo, 180-pound husband Arthur checks the new girth of his five-foot-two, now 226-pound wife. MARY'S HAPPY 78 Pounds Lost in 2 Week Fast Mrs. Mary Ferguson, 36, of 2356 Pasadena Ave. emerged from a self-imposed two-week fast Sunday with the experienced aplomb of a Ghandi and the light Overseas study will be ton Air Force base said other available to students at Long craft were s e a r c h i n g the --pay their taxes on time. for the , ' the flight route Seal Beach but had found sign of the plane. Harold J. Ostfy. Jlectt to county json said, [specimen A monthly urine was sent to taxes the are due April,' air cf a woman who has just lost IS pounds. 5111 Predicting "size twenty-and-a-half with a determined laugh" by Easter Sunday, April 14, the now-226- a tape measure -hera Band provided musk. Actual work on the build- ified students at all 17 state and HOUSE DEAD Housewife, Daughter · *l^ XrUJh, w* tVl«^U^ IMt lUtMl t j A'UAHn.b- »AMA Hit ·IAIC' ^Vl" f-* f -m _· y and landscaping. {5^209,000. lege system wfl] use foreign 1 O/IOO/1* Ul) , ,·,/» ! .* *_^ h»«" onn-erszties r a t h e r ' ^ies on delinquent ments. d- colleges win be offered study, ing and pool 111 a r t s this ^ r G . month. It will be completed . J v |Spain. Dumke saul the state col- 1 in early autumn. The cost, without furniture r a t h e r overseas cam- pound housewife submitted to . DR. WILLIAMSON said re-jhusband,- Arthur, and politely posed[with a plate" of last year m ffal-^saithus were n^^y inter- scrambled eggs for newsmen and promoters hitching nujcuent tax naves ^ - m ^ consumption of t h e i r various stars to her starring role as a determined [salt. Participants were not in- ,j: e .», i ' · : [formed that their salt intake.) I ANY P A Y M E N T post-'especially, was being moni-j Sporting a new dress--gift marked after 5 p.m. April 10 tored, he said. (from a Beverly Hills dress ds- Jwill be returned to the tax- Participants are over 52 signer--a new hairdo--gift [payer and will require pay-'years old. Average age is 64.'from a local beauty shop--' ment of an additional six! Dr. Williamson said. ' arv * anrunmvi«» lurinnirvti* i percent penalty, Ostly said. Findings are expected and announcing nationwide, the NBC "Monitor" pro- L A T E R a second-story'.J' " . '" gymnasium wfll be added. O I 0 "" estabUsl L Dahl, who is now remodel- P° sel Ju * th« cost factor and ing the Downtown YMCA, isjtBe desirability of allowing 1 the contractor. Poper, Jones students "maximum exposure! £! l £* e V !5 re *!, **£ to * as P« ct * * university 1 tectt The land was donated ... . . . ,, * by Uoyd Whaley. We « each «w*iy" Oyde L. Brorj is chairman cf the board of management. Pat Vest tary. AMONG HOST universities executive secre- participating are the University of Aix-en-Provence, the ^nhersity of Heidelberg, the] T?ll» A II Lone Man II /Free University of Berlin and 'jthe University of Madrid. f*\ i 1 Dvcnke said the faculties h H I H I *** .of the universties win provide J. ClltH ..,, r ~sL of the instruction, with' state, college faculty men-! bers acting as resident di-| rectors of the program at | each of the host universities. A 57-year-old man perished ^Students will live in onrver- when flames swept his small 'sity dormortories. 1 trailer home at 234 E. 47th' · · · · . St early Sunday j ACADEMIC WORK wiH in- Fireman said WHliaa * chide an orientation study of Barr apparently was asphyxj-tt e tlMt e^^ intenW ated as he tried to escape tdvanced language stody and from the bummg 16-foot t^,, semesters of courses re-! traner. Evidence led nrtfight-'min. ta ^ ^^eoft major I ers to believe Barr had been! . ,, . 13 ia bed when the flames broke . Applicants, who must b*,| out at the opposite end of the J"*"" 1 OT *"«· win be | ,;],,. screened by a faculty corn-;! Batul-on Chief Virpl Jones Pl ttee * Mch ca °P u » lnd I said a cigarette dropped ia a ^ « faculty com-, I breakfast nook seat probabryi mitte «- 1 . Applicatica* wfll be f caused the blaze. Ban's body, 0 ?* 3 throu^ April 19. was taken to the HcnterMor-| Students wfll pay trave!,' tuary. (board, ro«a sad tuitkn. A Compton housewife and her teenage daughter were recovering Sunday from one of the rarer types of traffic accidents. The 1961 sedan driven by Mrs. Estella Duran, 42, of I 1600 W. CaldweU St, Compton, collided with a horse on Alondra Blvd. near Center St. at S:I7 pin. Saturday. j The front of the car was demolished. The windshield was shattered. The top was crushed. The rear deck was smashed. FIO-J !be available this summer'gram that she and her hus-j there for every parcel that is linquent. This money, which| was rai:ed from $1 last year by the State Legislature, is to| offset the cost of preparing e delinquent roll and list, j · · * · i OSTLY also warned taxpayers not to confuse county taxes with the state and federal income taxes. County taxes are due April 10, while state and federal taxes are not due until April 15. Payment by mail is reconv Freeway Car Flip Hurts 2 A woman and a Holdup Bar band honeymoon" to San Francisco' --gift of a Bay City reducing Two gunmen raided a Bell- salon--Mrs. Fcrsuron parsed tTovtt bar at mid-day. Sun- around presents cf her own kv. herding six persons into to attendants at the Breakers a bac!c I(xml an1 robbing the International HoteL P^ce and its patrons of $300. | Lakewood deputies said the pair backed Jack S. Klesert, ... . v - ·.·- -j 36, manager of the Black Ma- candy to the switchboard op-' p - c Bar * t 159 , 9 1^^^^ erator. for instance. After alL pk .^ ^to a converted refrig- girl escaped with juries Sunday when their car spun out of control and over-',j^ turned on the Long Beach'j., wanted to immortalize her likeness on millions While one of the two aimed r«jticiik vj titan i» icwiii-.*-- ··~-- ·*"· ---- ' e» ~--»-· nig ncr lu^rnc^s UTI DIIIIXKU _ ^r.*-! ,t- -»K*» ^-i^v«^ **»* Mrs. Duran and her mended by Ostry because cf^Freeway north of the Long of packages of their products. ££!»?:,, \n^,S^ jj^ daughter, Anita, 14, wtr; J!«aigthy lines at his office in^ach Bou!«-ard exit. | Wth t s -^ o j, scoopea »4iru cut and bruised. For the horse, police said, the crash was fatal. W 500 W. Temple Los n south on frewa the freeway ;a twath lhrou gh the hotel one cf Today in L.B. VARIETY -- Community program sponsored by Recreation Department: cce-hour concert by Long Beach Chapter of Society for Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America; community singing, oldtime dancing. 730 p.m. Municipal Auditorium Exhibit Halt LECTURE-- The Mediterranean Coastline" (ilius- trated). Jack V. Smith, 730 p.nv. Room 202, Poly High School. l«««. »"d Irifted fata an-jappointment with an *irt*cr'a^OM'lte'ia^*'u~£. ·Bother lane dangerously close « ^ ^tln International twera^ and MyearVolI JJ to another car. |Airport, for a rest ia the p--'-- |j When she swen-ed L- ._. .1 "HI be down to a size 20^7 ~ 123 pounds in d l over and skidded feet, coming to rest cpside down.', The driver and her passen-i ger, Beverly Dinct, 16, of El 1 Monte, were treated for cots' and bruises at Memorial Hospital Rn-eaEng a' doctor-appnn^d IWXV Youth Held inSlnliDealh James Jones, 19. of 1209 diet, she vowed, *I McKinley Ave, Cor'ptoo, was don't want to fall back nowT booked on suspicion of nur- f ' CUNIC-- Diabetes ;cctioa cEnic, 830 to 10 aja, g Cry Health Depanssent. 2655 Pine Ave. Unmarried I persons coder 21 must be accompanied by a parent. I Thief Gels Tools Tools valued at $95 were stolen fron a garage behind Husband Arthur agreed. Sailboat? Stolen |der Sunday night after a street [fight in Los Angeles in which Daniel Mayfield, Los Angeles, was fatally stabbed. Witnesses said the incident Two Sabot-type sailboats valued at $550 wtre stolen occurred at Central Avens* the home of Jerry Stout, of'Sunday "from Ensign Boat | and 55th Street when the two 2210 Seabright Ave, police Sales. 6398 E. Pacific Coast'men exchanged Insults frees reported Sunday. Illigliway, according to police, their can at a traffic light. -

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