Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 18
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A-18--INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Lo "» " r8Ch - e """ """"""· Frt - H "" \YEST Ol ROCKIES The Great Steam Rush For Geolherinal Power WOODY S WOULD g^ Jj^ J^^ (fa ^ $1.2 Million in Thai Oil Pact By DEAN C. MILLER NEW YORK (L-PH - If man succeeds in lappni.i and harnessing the tiuiii steam boiler below the earth's crust he will have enough power to run his factories, heat and li.stu his home, artel launch his moon probes for cent uric.-, maybe even forever. U. S. companies in recent months have decided to drill seriously fur peothermal power locked in the earth's molten center. The resultant "Greai Steam Rush," like the Great Gold Rush 120 years apo. is centered west of the Rockies. The rigs are especially active at the geysers, about SO miles north of San Francisco, where Pacific Gas · Electric since 1960 has been producing electricity from steam created by molten rock or magma under the earth's surface. PG E plans a S50-million complex capable of 250.000 kilowatts, enough to "turn on" San Francisco. Nixon Won't Continue in Rifle Club WASHINGTON (UP1) -President Nixon has disavowed an honorary membership in the National Rifle Association, an aide has revealed. He doesn't remember having been enrolled in the organization and for that matter doesn't even own a gun. White House assistant Bryce Harlow advised Rep. Richard D. McCarthy, D-N.Y. Nixon, according to Harlow, has resigned from all clubs and organizations in which he held an active membership. * * * * OF THE NRA, the White House assistant commented: "Some years ago, ·when he was vice president, apparently the NRA bestowed upon him an honorary life membership. Since that time, the President has had no occasion to take notice of this honorary membership." OIL co"-p.m:cs .' .i:e in the steam race. Occidental Petroleum. Sun Oil ami 1'iv.i-n Oil -\iv prospecting. One iV.npany tying its ir.i-.iio to steam is Geothermal Resources Interna- tiviul Inc.. which has leased PR. 109 acres in California. Nevada and Oregon and is looking at po- lemial steam well sites in Utah. Idaho, Colorado, Montana and The Philippines. Last September it joined with two Philadelphia firms to drill wells and huilil generating p l a n t s in tlie geysers area, and w i t h i n '12 months ex- pens to provide .'iOD.OOl) k i l o w a t t s t o I I Northern California communities. If wells can be tapped close enough to the earth's surface -- 000 to S.OUO feet -- the profit potential is good because the cost of such power is about 2.'{ per cent less. HNDING them can be dangerous and expensive. One well in the geysers area erupted with such force the scalded workmen t h o u g h t they had tapped a live volcano. It has been running wild for 10 years, so great is the underground pressure. The earth's crust, about 20 miles thick, is too deep for economic drilling at this point. However, in some areas -- mostly on government land west cf the Rockies -- volcanic, activity has cracked the crust, letting steam escape through fissures or fumar- oles. In other instances, the molten rock or magma has been exploded close enough to the surface to make drilling possible. Finding steam wells on public land, at accessible depths, then harnessing them to turbines is the problem. The poor man's method of prospecting in the absence of fissures is to wait u n t i l it snows and note where thermal heat melts the snow. M O R E sophisticated prospectors use instruments which measure the earth's electrical conductivity, higher in thermal areas. Airborne infrared sensors indicate possible thermal areas as w h i t e spots on their maps. Whatever the method, man on every continent except Antarctica and Australia is prospecting for steam wells today. Some scientists estimate 10 per cent of U.S. electricity will come from such wells by 19SO. The potential is staggering. Power from steam wells will be virtually inexhaustible when a technology permitting recircu- lation of condensed steam back into the ground is refined. Like nuclear power, peolhermal energy is being touted as the energy source of the- future. And it has the added advantages of being cheap and nonpollutanl. "Run for it, Otis 1 I hooked up \o i h e wrong log !" Time Again for Congress to Mock Scientiiic Studies $ WASHINGTON (Ul'l) -'Hie taxpayers were cheated out of at least $1.2-million worth of oil in Thailand last year because simple laws of physics were ignored. Sen. William Proxmire, O-Wis., said Sunday. "'I his is intolerable." Proxmire said, "and unfortunately, the situation has still nut been completely coi reeled." 'I he senator said a contract with Asiatic Petroleum Co. for supply of nil to U.S. military operations in Thailand failed to take i n t o account the effect of the Stmiheiisi Asian heat mi the volume of petroleum. "As any lii};h school student knows, petroleum expands as the temperature rises," Proxmire said. "If the United Slates buys 10,000 gallons of jet fuel at GO degrees farenheii. the laws of physics tell us that we should own about 10,150 gallons at 90 degrees. "Y'-l in the case of a government contract with the Asiatic Petroleum Corp. last year, the laws of physics were apparently repealed. For every 10.000 gallons the government bought at tiO degrees, the standard in the industry, not a drop over 10,000 gallons was delivered at 00 degrees -- the average temperature in Thailand," he said. Proxmire figured the loss at about. S1.2 million on a SGI.2 million contract with Asiatic for oil delivery lail year. He said the contract has .since been revised to include a temperature con- version factor to 85 degrees, five degrees under the Thailand average. "At least one oil company selling petroleum to the government for use in Thailand -- Caltex -- in a contract for petroleum deliveries in the first half of 1969 has agreed that the !)0-degree figure is the accurate one." Proxmire said. In a letter to Navy Secretary John H. Chafee. Proxmire said all contracts should be required to include the 90-degree factor. HOW TO SUCCEED IN THE HOME IMPROVEMENT BUSINESS! Advertise in Classified. For ac- lion dial HK 2-5959 now! OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING NOTICE INVITING BIDS FOR CONSTRUCTING AN S-INCH WATER MAIN NOTICE IS H E R E B Y C.1VEN THAT, pursuant t" an order by t h e Hoard of Water Commissioners or Legal Notice the Citv of Long Beach, California, t l i a b i l i t i e s , or obligations incurred bid* will be received at the office '"· ^"'- ·""·=··»= .^ticr iii*m i,im=eir (if the Board of Water Commission- Room 41'2, Ilrennan S. Thomas er , . Administration Building. 3SOO K AYardlow Road. l.onjr California 90Sl7. u n t i l :::15 P.m. on Thursday. March IS. 1965. at which time said bids will be p u b l i c l y opened and declared, for constnict- ing approximately L'6S5 feet of Sinch asbestos-cement crater majn I N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y N O T I C E Notice is hereby {riven by the 1111- dersicned Louis 'J. Sidoli residing at laaUfiU S". Paramount Blvd.. paraimniin. California, that after the date of Foil. 24. Ifltiil he will not he responsible for any de-bls. ny persons other than himself. Signed. LOUIS .r. SIDULI Bated Feb. '2\. 1%9. 'ub. Feb. 24. 25. 26. 190!) Cil) L.B.I. 02441 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME 69-2251 The undersigned does certify he F conducting a business at 1C45 By JOSPEH L. MYLER WASHINGTON (UP1) -The lime draws nigli for some bellylaughs at the expense of scientific research: congressional committees are organizing for their annual examination of the federal budget. A few members, as happens every year, are bound to pick out a number of federal research grant titles and poke fun at them. Then, when they have got their laughs, they will go all stern and demand to know if this is what the taxpayer's dollar is being spent for in a time when there is so much need for money to alleviate human misery. A while back a congressional humorist got a lot of mileage out of a National Science Foundation grant of $32,700 for study of plant lice nutrition. Not h u m a n nutrition, plant lice nutrition. To the f u n n y man, this was p l a i n l y crazy. But plant lice destroy a lot of crops that might better be used for feeding human beings. If crop strains could be discovered that crop lice c o u l d n ' t stomach . . . * * * * OVER THE YEARS the funsters have sneered at projects aimed at helping 1 the blind to see, the deaf i to hear, and the sick to get well -- just because they never bothered to go behind the research title to the motive. But the kind of research Room 4\'?° Brennan S. Thomas Administration Building. 1SOO E. Wardlow F.OHU. Lonsr Beach. California POS07. where copies may be obtained. ., Pursuant to Par! 2 of Chapter 1, Article VII of the M u n i c i p a l Code of the City of Long Eeach and P.e.s- olution No. 53) of the Board of Wale:- Commissioners, as amended by resolution No. 1572 of said Board, the C i t y Council by Resolution No. C-"03"l. and the Board of Water t h a t scientists find hardest to explain and defend is the kind that isn't aimed at anything -- except the acquisition of knowledge. Tin's is basic, rather than applied, research. Scientists have known all along that before you can invent a steam engine say, you must know something about steam, and that centuries may crawl by before somebody thinks up a way to put knowledge to work. But they have had a hard time convincing the rest of the world of the importance of this fundamental fact of life. A recent report prepared by the Illinois Insti- t u t e of Technology research institute for tin; Science Foundation traces the roots in basic research of five randomly chosen modern "technological innovations:" --Magnetic ferrites, materials used in computer memory devices, television, and miniature electric motors. --The video tape recorder, a magnetic device permitting instant replay of visual information and its storage indefinitely without deterioration. --The oral contraceptive pill. --The electron microscope which enables scientists to see viruses and other molecules by magnifying their image to more than 100,000 times actual size. --Malrix isolation, a technique for instanta- neously observing chemical reactions which could be studied in no other way. This has proved v i t a l to development of rocket fuels. All had their beginning in basic research by curious scientists interested only in enlarging human understanding of nature. The studies which produced the knowledge which eventually was put together to produce matrix isolation g 0 back more than a century. The electron microscope could not have been invented if scientists had not performed many experiments beginning in the ISth century. The pill, developed in the late 1950s, stems from chemical studies of the last century. BASIC R E S E A R C H . from which the video tape recorder evolved was traced back to the 19th century. Magnetic ferrites, the basis of a $I2, r m i l l i o n an- n u a l business in 1968, had their origin in materials known but not understood by the ancients. In all five cases the in- d i s p e n s a b l e s c i e n t i f i c groundwork was 90 per cent complete before anybody thought up the technological a p p l i c a t i o n which eventually came to pass. That is what basic research is all about. -- to build up the pool of knowledge so t h a t , when society needs it. it will be there. c. i Lepal Notice 42645 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME 69-2276 The undersigned does certify he. s conduoiin:,' a business at 5U9 Legal N O N . R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y N O T I C E Notice is hereby given by the. undersigned Carol Goldsmith raiding at l3tH Park Ave., Long Beach California., that afler tile date of Fell .4. 1969 .die -will not be, responsible Legal N o t i c n N O N - H E b P O N S I B I L I T Y N O T I C E Notice is hereby u i v i - n by ? is here.bc g i v e i ·signed Finis 10. Nai. 411 Ml .Jamaica Lane residing I t e m e t . F. Hags. 44 Ave.. Lakewood. California Dated: February;;. I;',!!) WILBERT F. JIACili P l a t e of C a l i f o r n i a . I.os Angeles County: On Februaiy 3. 1%9. before me. Notary Public in and for said State personally appeared W i l b e r t F Hagg k n o w n to me to be the peiv-,i whose name is subscribed to t i n w i t h i n inslrmnenl and acknowl edged he executed the same. . o s . California ! Dated: K-bruary :;. l!«i(l i . M I C I I A K L Ql.'I.NN" ] S t a l e of Calilornia i ·Los .- \ncrelcs Couiitv: (In February :;. 19C9. before me. z\ - _ N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTIC-E !, .Nonce is hereby S J V M I by Hie u n - i er.--igned Michael Moreash residing.' : ' r bhifi Lo.s Arcos. 1.OI1K Beach fomia. that after the- date of l-'eh. , ' he v.-lll nol be responsible i tf-.ined and determined t h e g e n e r a l , p'-'vai!iM£T rat» of per diem \vapes and overtime wages for each craft I or t y p e of laborer, workman or in, - ; "jillbl"- work. Copies I'.f said I N o l a r v Public in and for said State. lflj r a n y debts, liabilities, or oblii::i- .personally appeared Michael Qiiinn: l l o l l s incurred by any persons oilier · hvhose name is Pubs.cribed to the I , Signed M I K E M O U E A P I f ,^ : w i t h i n i n s t r u m e n t and achnowl-i Feb. 2_, 196!i i : edjreil he executed t b e same. IPub. Feb. 21. 20. 2B. I'.iM 1:111 L.n I . j q I R U T H C. I ' A l f K S j " " 52420 |iSe;-[l) Xotary 1'Ublic I C E R T I F I C A T F nF R I I C I M £ c c i Feb. .10. n.^-l liar. SU9,i9_(40LriI. ° E R HC-T^OUS N A M E 69-1596 . .,, F I N I S K NANC.Ki b. .11, .'I. 21. UM I . . 1 I l.BI . "· SPS 18577 I r p np T P I ICTC c'c c n , r CE ° NoTRpU ^ T . E ,f S S A L E i I'M.- Wo ; rli 7 1861 at irtl'i \ M I ' 02443 C E R T I F I C A T E OP BUSINESS, F I C T I T I O U S NAME ba-2L7/ The t i M d e r ^ t n e d does p . - r l i f v Ii 65902 N O T I C E TO C R E D I T O R S pnrii'i 1 Court of the State of 'irnia for tlm County uf T^.s le^ Kstate of AL1PK M. I1U.S- nder and p u r s u a n t to Deed of i Trust dated October 23. I965 exe- ! icuii'd by Tomniie K i i k | , a t r i r k ! l a n d .lr,-in K i i k p a l r i c k . husband and ! I w i f e and recorded November ::. . i n s l r . No. 1127. in book the General Jlanager and :i,,of *-1 All bids must be sealed b i d = and he accompanied by :, certified cli'-ck or bank d r a f t payable to the C i t v Auditor of IjOir_ F Beach, and d r a w n r.n A solvent bftnk in lys. Ang'-lec County, or a satisfactory bond in an amount n r 't le.-s t h a n Io7 0 of such bid. as a guarantee t h a t t h e I'l'ider w i l l , if a w a r d e d .1 contract, w i t h i n ten HO) days a f t e r HI--II c-,n-.'is r tract is tendered t" him for M g n a ; V a c i ture. execute and d e l n e r such c,.,,. lorn l-act to t h e Secretary of the I v ^ u d iia:n ,,r \Vstn Con]m:..!"'iK-:v n v H h r , in February i c I'ubhc in and lor said S -soiiaily appeared Lloyd C. Tay-. k n o w n to me to he t l i e person' o-e name is subscribed to the I b i n i n s t r u m e n t and acknowl-{ ed^ed tie executed the srune. Kirn I C. P A R K S (Sea!) X o t u r y Public Feb 10. 17. 24. JIar. 3. 1S09 ( 4 t ) LBI. Dated: Feb. ', Hill!). l l A L p O M. KRISTOVICII. I ' l l b l i c Adlllini.-tratur. as ndtninistrator c.t.a. of t h e above estate. JIAdlson ;,-:llll, F.xlension 64L'SK Pub. Feb. 17, 21, Mar. 3. III. I'Jfi'J (·It) LBI. 02442 C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME 69-2250 undersigned doc« c e r t i f y sh" f i d i i ' - i i n g n buriiu.-?. at IS.',' f. A v e n u e , Long Beach. Ca'i- U N i l e r t h e f i c t i t i o u s f i r m of P A C I F I C LKTTKi: k. Ti of and i i ai -iid f i n n is · it f" of t i . e f a i t h f u l ],erloi contra''!, and a f',-,, '··rporale s u r e t x - I-, of ttie contra-t pr upon i h e p a y m e n t and labor claims. Thf. Hoard of Water Commi."-ion- Sla ers te,-eives the right at a n y l i m e . I.-,S · I, reie 1 '! all bids and lo r e t u r n a l l ' X o i d c p o - i t s ...ccompanying slid, bid,-. r. bated nl I^ng Hcncl,. California, Ket 11,11 2'iih day of F ( r l,ruaiy. VM1. '.-mi i". KEXVO.V WKLLS, General Manager and Chief KiljrinMT ixiiig \\ti\t-\\ \\'.',|pr Depl. Pub. Feb. 21, JICO ( I t ) L.B.I. of lo.-idrllre is ; . irh. ' a i i f . BOSI-t. !,,,·.; i d I'Vbruar: I ' A T l t l C I A K. K K K L K I i ' s t a t e of Cahl I Los Angeles (.'on 02427 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, I FICTITIOUS NAME 69.1632 The undersigned do certify they I n r e conducting a business at ."ri2ii il.ons Uc.ich Blvd.. Long Keach. 'i.'alifornia. under the ncliiious firm i i i i i n i p of l:li. f II-AP.T PRODUCTIONS and l l i a t said f i r m is com- w h o s e names in f u l l and places ol ; S l u a r l U i c h a r d . -IC'il \Villis Av- ! I cnne. Van .\lly . California ; ' L l a r r v l R i c h a r d . IT:!L'o l;urhr.nh i , l:hd., Kilcino. C a l i f o r n i a h a l e d : .lanuary '.!:.'. Ifiiin STUART I J I C I I A R U I J A I i l i Y L R I t : i l A H I J Aiigcl":i C o u n t y : j F ' b r u n i y 2, 1%0, liefoie. me, n '·i P u b l i c in and for said Slat", . n a l l y appeared Patricia H. i-r l;noivn to mo to be the per- whose n a m e is Mibscrlbed In '· u i l b i n iiistrvioifinl. and nck- «lpilged she e.xer-uted tin; .came. KI.'TII C. P A U K S 'all N o i a r y Public b. lo. 17, 21, .Mar. 3, 1'JIB (Jt) LBI. , , . Public in n n d for Mid .Slate The u n d e r s i g n e d do c e r t i f y they I'l'^titii:. pace i:: ( . oi O l f i c i a l Records: a i e conducting n a't P ' i ' i n Ihe o f t u - c of iln- Count}- R e i n , 20L'4I. Long IJciu-h. Caliform.l, un- :der nf l,,.s An;:c'les Coiimj.' C a l i f , , iler t h e f i c t i t i o n « f i r m n.-ilne. of ma. W I L L SKLL A T ' P|:|;l.l Dl.MK.XSIOXS U . V L I J I I T K n I.M'CTIii.X TO I I 1 C H K S T r . I D l l K and t h a t said firm is composed of '"'"R '"ASH i p a y a b l e al l i n t l i e f o l l o w i n g persons, wiiosc mime= · m l a w f u l money ,,f i l , e "laics) at Ihe " J l r e v i l l e a \V,-I s:,lcl .-Mlranc.- lo I 'I Co,lit.- K i i i l d i n g . Cil 0,.d. Coiiniy of I.os A n u e l c s . l.-i'i.' o f C a l i i - i n n i a . a l l n ^ l i i . l u l l - nd in;.-res! .-oiu eyed !· a n , I now -Id l.v il u n d e r .-aid lie,.,I ,,t T r i i - - ' i l h - p r o p e r t y s i t n a l ' - d 111 I h e , - , t v - f Long licacli in said C o u i i l y a n i l S t a l e i l p s f r i l u ' d as: l . o l I t ! l l f 1 1 1 . ' N o l l l l I ; O f I O S _... ,, e i e l l Tract, as per map lerord- i - n i a : Carl P. Wallace. ::;i!l Pacilic.' cd in book HI. page I hi r,f \ ^ e n u e . Long Reach. C a l i l u r n i a ; i Mai,?, in t l i e o f f i c e of t h e ,-01111- l.imi-s Wil.-oii. ]^ti7 M y r t l e Avenue. | !y recorder of said c o u n t y .iing Keai-N. Californi:,; Samueli S-i'd sale w i l l be made, lint w i l h - ·halalil. !!liii Nevada Place. L o n g l o u t covenant or w a r r a n t y , express -leach. C a l i f o r n i a ; U'illie ^lartin. or ini|»iied. regarding t i t l e , pos.-es- l!i:: New V u l k A i e n n e , Long Jleach. Sinn, or encumbrances., to pay Ihe "alifornia: c i v i l e U. 'I'aylor, 3712 remaining p r i n c i p a l sum of the note icnasac. Long Hc-aclr. C a l i f o r n i a . Dated: J a n . IS. l:iii9 W I L L I A M I.'. BAP.NHS CLARKNCI-; SMITH C A R L P. WALLACE H A R V E Y W I L L I A M S -IOSKPH T. IJROOKS CLYDE R. TAYLOR W I L L I E M A R T I N . l A M E S 11. WILSON" EUNKST C L A R K .IP, SAMl'EL L. C 1 I A T A M I A R T I I l - l : S. REYNOLDS · M a l e ol C a l i f o r n i a . M.'onniy of Lo,- Angel, s i On .1 a n u a r y Is Ifitill l,,.fon l i n e , t i n - umler-iciic,|. a N o t a r y P u h - ' i i v he in and I.,, ,:,j,| comity am! i p r o | i i ' i l l . . . - a : i - l -:,ii . M a l e , personally api.c.Tred W i l l i a m ami I b e i e a f t e r . on (M. C K.irnes. Cl.'.rcni-e Smitli. Carl P. the u n i l c i s l g n c d call,,-, W a l l a c e . I l . n v i - y Williams . I n - o f bn-acn a n d of i-lc.-t ..-·I' 1 ' T Hrooks. civile R Taclor cordol in I It .M:;nl:: i W i i i i r Marl in. .l r i,, 10 . s II. Wi'lson'. l.-aid O f f i c i a l I: Is l l ' . r n e s l C l a r k . l r . , Samuel L . i U a l e : F c b m a i y :,. l:«:fl I Chatam. secured by Paid Deed of Trust, tow i t : SKI.2311.37, w i l l i inten'sl f r o m May !l. UIIJS as in said note provided, advance.':, if any. under the erms of said Deed of T r u s t , fees, ·barges and expenses of Ihe Trustee and of t h e t r u s t s created b y 'said Deed o f T r u s l . ; The l,i-iiefici:iry under ."aid Deed i of Trust, by reason of a breach or default in tbe obli'_-al : ' ' itberebi. heretofore idelivel-ed 10 the ! w r i t t ' - n P o c l a r a t i o n I l i c m a n d for Sab-, a l i c e of hre-n-li and I c a l l . e I I , , - u,i'!'"i,i::i ·nted and mnl.'rsiuii..,! :, "f H c f a i i l l and id w n t l e i i no- ! Clark Jr., Samuel L . j l J a l e A r l h u r S. Reynold?,! . ................. per.-onally appeared .Stunrt Uichard. liiion-u 10 me. i,, be t l i e prrson- and H a r i y l U i c h a r d k n o w n In me t n ! « h . » - n name.i a i e subscribed I,, t h e sr. names arc he the persons . .. _ .subscribed t o I h e n i l l n n i n s t r u m e n t and acknowledged t h e y executed Ihe same. KLSIK ,M. MASON (Seal) Nolary Public. w i l h m I n s l r u m e n t , ami a c k n o w l edged lo me Hint llicy excculed Hie Willies^ my linnd nnd o f f i c i a l - i p a l C,EO. L. SWAIN, Noiary Public. Pill). Feb. 3, JU, J7, 24, 1803 (41) LEilP"b. f'cb. 3, 10, 17, 24, 19UD (41) LBI F o l u u a i y :,. l:«:fl Q C K E N C I I E S T K R C O R P O R A T I I . N . a- said Trifilec. l i y Pacific .S.'iiliiicl Corporntion. Agenl Mil') Alr|)orl I l o u l e v n r d , Los Angeles, California flOOtri. lilnri.l II. Urorlsky, Trust Officer Pub, Feb. 10, J7, :·!, liiliO (3D LBI GEORGE ROBESON TURNS ON Ir AIL I. . . except for a brief 3-week paid annual vacation actually arranged as a vacation for our Managing Editor whose job it is to try and keep track of George daily. You never know where this IP-T columnist will go for the sake of a story. Neither do we. and GEORGE J can turn you on! on our editorial pages PERFORMERS! From autos to .zitherv ... everything goes in the Independent, Press-Telegram Classified Section. Thousands of these powerful little money-saving ads are published e v e r y week . . . itudied by tens of thousands of our readers. A people-to-people marketplace for the Southland--What have you got to sell? Classified Ads The Southland's Host Wanted Wtnt »dt 4 Independonl, Pr«ss-Tlicran Clmifiri Hetlinct: Long Beach lellflBwer Lakewood Gqrdt* Orort HE 2^5959 TO 4-1721 ME 3-0764 X 7-7441 PR. CL. 3-79-10

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