The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 28, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS "lit; five minutes to eleven Fltzhugh -wrfB 'alone awaiting him. He had given •orders that-none..but.ptisJwas--.tq'"be •dinltted, and s f ha't^ piCTerwarll JJtl^ey •wer»;not to be disturbed^. .As he lolled, back In his cushioned chair:;befa,re- llie • mahogany desk, rin'd'ea^etf'round" the' luxurious room, a revette i taimijovfcr'. ^.t ; He recalled his first Venture In •wKeat, made with \voji |jn a poker game; tie/i the. time he had worked for Quigg; for Tourihundred dollars a month. ;"..-$n<l -thOnV- his memory slipping his control and' heaping bark—£uTth-eT~stnir~Se~ thought pf-^heitime.when—No! Had letpeien ai'dr^iwasher?' Had he slaved' 'in fete scuii'ery^of-a filthy Kitchen'tor a miserable weekly pittance^,.. , 'The door opened.': ISymirigtqn^-Otis' entered. '•" " ' Intthese days-of his monarchy Fitz- hu^hJsaw:many: sorts o^ characters .ex- poJed'raw and naked to his gaze. ; He taw men' 'come rc'ringmg to him, begging and pleating.- iHe ..saw- others enter. lnu # r'and he extract-. ,,,,...! f }.-jTq SMI nyvt'i'- r_i to a TTo11ar"'ana' ten. 1 "am "going to 1 :! settle pur transaction in less than one seconder T.~ C--T^T ]; £i - !' '.-'fee •crbssea (; t6 i "the^table', picked up •tneVllttle bosc,.flags' •tllije.i ti{?;tid ff§.wToi ed, gold eagle, which he held up between'tliumb 1 land forefinger. "This will .Kettle ,lt. . A R fitting emblem, Mr. o(is!''- Gpldl What !a sermon you an'? 'Iiiilght'preach'uponltl" - • I Triedrbeyfind all patience, Otis cried out.t.jHcome to the point! Whatjs blustering.'and 'trying"? to faptfi|ce him. Otis behaved''''!!! ne'ifier manner. He Fltzhugh laughed.. It was ; the same 'mirrtfless ^augh^that-had once.'.remtni} 1 i ef "Huntfxif a jwoifBiar'ihg 'its .fangfc ' He poised the coin. "Heads or tails', which".do"you i ":.vv«£t; i 7r'"I£',I win; your , i wneat l .will'cOsty6u''twO''ahd a quarter a bushel—" * "TwoTrrmerclful. God I- -man,- that .price.vrtll ruto me!" - '___- ' ; ,. ."Of course it will;" -Fltzhagh replaced the eagle in the box, breathing audibly a ( slgh-,of relief. •• "Now-then; I ftiink ; we''uMerstarid' e'a'ch •-«•'"-" ' T * walked in.- qnietljv land.. Closing \the .door, remained standin'gi '-with ao greeting whatsoever." " F * looked ten years older -than- bis -actual ager~ Fitzhugh returned to" bJta-.ehaU'. rTlife' silence had -nooTde'd: — He"di"oTnot speak. "My rule hasbeen-.fft'Sfve no qnar- you will only go "fo'her— " j -."iKvio'n't consider tliatl'V ''' 'II 'It makes-no'difference.' I will not lt! "- ."""- .,-. -'-.: -V ,e coin' as be-. Good for Kids CORN SYRUP B r attle Looms Again as Both -i--'Sides Prepare, Jp^Benew . , i - • i Debates. r -V^/.-.. LODGE ULTIMATUM REJECTED Pact- Conciliation Conference (Saved From Collapse by Threat of A r H^Si^IiiSiiiBPiiiiil:: AVashlngtpn,, Jap., 28,^-rThe,., pe/ice xeaty : . conciliation conference > '"was aved from collapse by a .threat of Senator Hltiiicpck^'wl^pjp^eYiously had " :ommun jcut.ed ."Svtlvj.aie . Wlijte ..House, o.thro.v/. the controversy back, Into '.tht LAURA E; SWARTZ OSTEOPATHIC ' Chronic. O-,«»a»e» «,8|3eel«ity Office In: Laudi|r-NlchaI» This is si Short lietteiV b«t »* Brings a Message of Importance to every -Woman* W. W. HAMILTON Coal and Ice jtfACKEY COAL OFFICE ' •Tore. ''''Heads or. tails?" ' /. ', .;.'.. j "'-"Stop : this-asinine playingr , ~ i • "Should'y<5u ; .win;you j wlir,ha>e just' UHnu n'h ' *W 1 Art mru^f.«:f"l v*:' f ter and. ask uone.--i.see- no-reason -why•: y^ur,-case;shpuld'marlr an-exc'e'p'tlbix '-'"I •ee. .every i reason; whyj-it sh;ouWnnot. For eight years or more ypur. ; hand ^has been against me. Ton have opposed jny "venture^, "obsfeuctefi'imynpath; .,hin- ''" rcd me i'every'way.. "i' : cain>'h'er^,;: : to ' . , .tlsl coldly, "to talkr'VusiiiesV; not" to 'discuss "And we are'! going to' discuss those •ffiairsj. (.-.ME: Otis'i^-OPltzhug^'- rose/ and, •with'bls: hands! restlng^on^t'he ^aeski'in lront'of-'blmS : l'eanea''toward'h l is : Visitor, •who now stood opposite — "I will let yon out of .my/ebrner .oh only one con- r ' r '•'' '"'' '" 'ehbUgh' tO 1.H **~ ~« —« — —.1.- . : \ ' ''Th'e'-idi6cy : of ^such a''tiling 1 !" ! - FItz'hugh "again gave, his^'dlscpmfl.t- ing'*-'langh. ri r -."I 'dbn't : agree 1 - with r you: 1 ing'i-langh/'-;. j&ll '"our mighty •'warringr'priiclalmed' broadcast '-in -'every' countrj- 'of " the' jworld, has been-nbthlng^more'than'.'a' gain'e' -of "heads-arid-tails'.' You 1 ' bet Wheat : \vould : ?all ; :" I bei'lt would ''rise? I won. The : toss of a ; gbld cdln' : will ' . •'.. i' , - BUNCOMBE. ,.i-;-.... • . .- ..... .'.". , .. ' .. ,-'•'• ' -- .' '.'... i " : " Jan. 261., .I Mr. and,llrs. Ed B.iisae;.ihpyed.'froin Buncombe 'to'. Gavbon'dale liist_week.,' ! A. totight "baby" boy arriyed' at the io'me o£ ; Mr.'and Mrs.' : James liu'ther ' ' " ' " li<; had leuriied,! if .-anything;, fnora -the Jjies'ident.- The 'Deiuo.c.ratS:.rejtt[;f.ed the £ii>dge,. ultimatum for. the acceptance of ; .his article x'and -IJpur.oe^.doeU ine ru-strvations without clluujjir. -".Sunaiur Hitchcock soon after that intended to abandon the .conference, but was dis- iuaded-by Seuaturn lIcKejlar,.Teuii(.'S- see, a'rid Simons, North Car.olinli. ! The. conference will be resumed on "llmrsday. Meanwhile senates oi the ii i- irreconcilable group Indicated they would support any move to'bring the. treaty up for debate, declaring discus-; would strengthen their case before Uie country. Tlie mild reservation Republicans showed, a desire to-, gut the trciily into thu'senate again should fehe. compromise negotiations fail: ; ' -. Rejected Compromise Pl^ri. i-. The 'day's' clash was accentuated by lihe'retilt'ni uf thu Repuulieans-tq. agree ECONOMY COAL J. B. WOODS, >ROP. Phone 149 K. GET OUR PRICE* ? * i"v/"* T - contains the?toDfc^3trtiigthe«infexpr*-'' oertiee of -good oldA^aihioned roots and country are -c^HrtnnnflJJ3 --• -i=u^ : •B-'E. Wiley' lost a.' valuable horseNai few days'a'go." . : . ' "•• '"•" ''•••' "•'• j -A'iiumber ; o£ Isocial ;be4 'came. : -.inoperalivie .on . ^account; 'of -...the -Weather during ths.:past .week-." ! .JVKss--. Leslie . . ey and .Mr,,; Tank Rosson were married on Friday, the i6,th,,.a-Dd ; are. spending,, t;he,ir. .hqn^y- mppri'.in 1 ',' ^lich.\',Mr...'a'nd'.Mi,;s... Reason "were''esteemed .mem'bers: of,' Bimepinb<| Vpcietrjk'nd^they'hav^"the good''wishes of many'"frien8s:"• •';. . ' "George JJ. Brewer died.,siadenly of heart "failure "Monday, ; " "tlie: -19th..":'He- l-won. ane-'toss 01 a -gum V.-UILI win ~~—-- —-—- , . -• . ,., ^.>.T~.-i a add «n artisuc-^climax.rwait!.^ !-^^'^.a t ^^ ; ;S ; stricken;: he. had: expired .before the persons!.with-him.could, carry, him-to the house.The .body, was interred in th.e .Rowan grave yard.. He.,was..devoted to iiis. family,, -a- goo'd..neigb.bpr. . a't; you ", tell, your daughter— r ."Tou.'need not go further! I will consider [nbthing -that involves my "family." ."Then you refuse to deny to her — " '."Absolutely;!".:. • . . ' I '" — the, "preposterous falsehood you ; repeated?" ____ ' ""r'repeate'd no falsejip.od.--It-was the I truth- " r - '"- V' 'j ".".. ' i -Otis made "an -attempt 'to ' iuterrnpt.' • "I'm not through. If you Will do as" I % ask, you will noMose a cent." You will get your wheat — " ..... . . !'I will not do It! 1 ; . . ' "Once and for all, will you save yourself?" "In the way you ask — never!" 1 "Then, you • will take the consequences !" -Daniel seized' the gold piece. "Wc'H toss for it ; and if I win jou 'will go bankrupt.". ' (To ba continued.) Financial Creed^for.ft'l '.Every inaiviflual iii the 'Seventh dis- "It was a lie! The woman is dead i tr-lct is being urged by the'VVn'r Savings ne\y,-and-l-s.hall'say.nothing" against!" organization to live up to a financial •:••-! [-,-:'•-:.:::.' :'.---• : crecc ] during. 1020. Following is the creed suggested by the government: I believe in the United States' of Americorr- . ; My -opportunity and hope depend lipoil her future.. ; ' ' tjo the following substitute reservation - "''- • • ' ' • • -' '•• on-article, X:.".'. . t "TJie-United States, assumes .no obli- 4ation:.tO: employ-its ; military .or niiva! Joyces .or. .the economic boycott:'.to.pre- J e.rve-tlie territorial Integrity or'.p61iti-. al independence o£- any other.ico'un- try. uuder-.,the:pro.visioiis of article X, <jj-- to .employ;.the- military .or .nnv:il Corces: of-.the: .United State's under uiiy article of.the.treaty .for:.any purpose, ilnless in any particular case.-the con-- gress, which, uiuier the Cpnstitutipii, lias the sole power to declare win; or authorize !tlie' ; employment of. tlie inili- tl\ry 6i ; naval forces of . the United iSuues, shall by- act or joint resolution provide. KoUiing herein shall be deemed to impair the obligation in ar.tic'Ie: XVI, concerning tli|e. economic and'had'many' friends.. He leaves_ a., boycott." ; widely apd seven'children. The. entire ii le Hitchcock forces in a statement comniunity extends sympathy to the , sai( j o j ^^ s .proposed compromise: family in their' affliction. \Vliilb Mrs. Brewer- and" children 1 were at Mr. Clump's prior to' the "in- tei'm'ent of the deceased Husband' and father, their, home' hurtled ,to the: ground: By the 1 time help' arrived the fire was in. complete control- nothing could- he saved. and- NEW .HOPE.-.".. Jan: 26. I believe that her stability-and prog-' ^ .. ••P*-^ ress rest upon the Industry amj thrift ofi.her people. ''.-,. ' ! STherefore, tt will work hard and live simply. ....' ' '. /• ' ':"" - ; ' I will''spen<l.less than I efirn^ t " i ; , i I wili"iTSe my earnings, with ca're. j | I wilT'sa've. 1 consistently.'.. '..".' . -•- j I will invegt .thoughtfully.,. . . - ; : 1 To:Increase tfie"fl'iia : hcia i l-strength of rpy country and myselfrl'Will buy gov- '.ernraent-.-sequritlesj ;••'." <-'"' " .''•"''• I I will bold above, barter .the: obliga- " tions my country.'.thiiSiincurred. j I. will do these things to Insure the "greatness of_America's future, ~, . f . .-. • ' N. J: Crain arid Mr. and Mrs. Otto' Ch'ristie made a" business'trip 'to Car- b'ondale Monday. .'' ' ' • Floyd 'Wray returned' train'-J: D: .Watson's Sunday and reports Almond, very low.' •'::•' :.', ' ' Mrs. Albert Rendleman is' able to : be up a little at this .writing..., ..-•-, Mr. and Mrs. -Willie Patrick spent, i 1 Sunday .with. Sir', and Mrs, t,,R, Ty- NEGLECTING I HAT "But You, and You.Qn^y, Can Undo the Wrong ShA'-DI'd Me.", ler. , But ypu,.and you only,:can,- undo lie .wrong-she,did-me."- --• •; • :. "Mr. "Fltzhugh, I must ask you to .tome at once to business." "For the. final time, will you tell "The unexpected interruption of the conference and the decision to refuse aiiy compromise on article 10 is all the more.3UT-prising because It seemed a3:itIantaife.^o^iua:i:oiiica;<)^;hajanfulR I Q E * NERAL PRACTICK AND THE drugs it is a safe medicine for women. ) i :If you-wantspeeiali advice write Ejrdia R-JPuikh^ifcMedieiBeiCio. (confidential)i: " '" \ Mass. '.iTour'le.tter will .be .opened, f and answered'by' wonien only."'.' KuWa* J ntt«ei; DR.J.W.BARROW | WEV* HAKliLTpN BOtLDIHO H*ur* t to 11 A-^M. an^Z to • f. '" ' fJear East Re'.isf Cart-0b-irt ;; . .Cton,«iijii,.Pi»et(J€» ' ;. attention to v Ey« I= .E«r, ' Md Tkrwrt .'. . Phones: Residence 3*0-2, Ofll«« ' ' '' '''' f..-i!JWSii.ip.-«si.i'....i,. ts't-ar Ens; llelli'f <•' 1 M:'.ii:s-n iivc;i:i«i. New York c^j.JviUi-.r.Ci.iJ.Wvjniirivt's in bvpi'.v sln.;e'.nf !!ie..Urtlbn, l?:is hi'i'ii 'ahl.a to b:iflll 1 'jhKjl L i 1 );'.';VVsi ]"'',.J iv :'r?..? o /- 1 i H ':. HAMILTON;& BRADLEY Attorney* at L«*» " : ' • ' Phbn» iZ« x K • Suite 112-116 New Hamilton Suiidln* l^injSsOf/ihi.^? '"Clevulm:!!' K. Doilyo. trcaaiirt.'iv in a l:uemcnt slimvs -fhsil.Hie i-uiiimitree is able ; ' to ji'roWdp' foori-' for the", suffering people/of:the Ni'tirliisi a't jiripcs-'icucli lowen-'llian'tliu average charge: luire'., • | A donatloh .of-.S5'per .ifioiiTlr will pro- vide-.-food..-.f-pr one orphan, $10. per month provides nui only .Cuod, buv.ulso 'clothes and. .shelter...for, one orphan, and.rfor, Sir>Kp&r mon,th, school is.assured to'eh.clv.orphan, in addition to'food, "clothing add shelter: ' In the appeal for funds to save the starving' rcmnanis of.' the'"Armenians' DBLIA CALJJWEliL, M. D. McANALLY BLHLDj.NQ - : 211 W««t Main .Street pffl^e Heu'ra-« to 10 «."M;: "2 te'* P. »-, CARBONDALE CANPY KITCHEN Home Made..Candles,.and lo« Cre«-* Telephone J44 Y fi-om expressions on .both, sides of the andiOther. \ve'st«ni-Asia-peoples, Near gett. ..... .-, ^' Tomlinson,''pqok agent for Tihomps'bn'and May'field-Book'Co., was at Alva Baker's one night "last we'efc. Th'ey' spent tte evening -. eating: nuts and playing music: :Mr..Tomliiison-will- likely :ieave-the'-.State soon for .a while... : Edgar.'Harris called-on Mr.-and-, Mrs; XJnester .Tomlins.on-of Zion.Sunday u . -We of -the"'community,-regret, very. , - > • ' • • •• -.,' - • " '' , 's T"- table tliat we were close to a. possible compromise on this very important reservation." : Republican Counter-Attack. V The Republicans countered with, this: . ; ' "We have seen Senator Hitchcock's statement. The majority of tlie con- Cer.tnce did uo.t iigree' to the reserva- 'tiOQ aKecting article 10. which he pubr Wished. In ; fact, Mr.. Hitchcock liiin- 'self would-not agree to it ."No one agreed to. it. ; It was simiily up for general discussion. .The 1 conference '-ail]ourned":until Thursday" in the hope 'something .cpuUl be' worked -out: '.• It •ought 1 to. be. understood .that all we 7 c9n do:or ; assume to do-, is to. recom-. mend to our. associates;'. 1 ' . - ' ' ' !l I Ask 1 for Ratification^^- : • '' | During''the day-a'plea -for : ihim'e- .'dlate' ratification, either'' with' or' with- ! out reservations;-' : was ; presented to' :lrti i" I^TTJ- J1^...^»i.i.' '•„-„,!• /tnl/ln,! ' rip 'much to announce 'the/.Tempval. o'f.J'.'. 'Bfenators 'Wadsworth and. tJamer or O' Christie and family'and'Noria Ren- Ne\v\York',hy a delegation 1 from New 1 Mleman. 1 , : '" y " r '"'• , '. "' : '. j v; D rk''city;'headed 1 by-William Church 'ZION. Jan'.. 26. , wken Dr. King's New Discovery' *o promptly; : checks it . "NoT" Absolutely',' no'." "Then-you will take tlie alternative." Pitzhugh turned and pressed one of :he pearl buttnr.s : on his desk. His expression was one .mnny..Chicagoans had seen to their sorrow since last July; the facial muscles tense, the Kern—jaw thrust forward, his eyes hnrd as agate. j A young 'man entered. -'Fitzhugh nodded to him, and he departed, re- turnHng presently with a small, round' top \able, which" he placed necr the desk. In the center of the tablti-was a plush box not^unlike a jeweler's ring- cjise. • Otis,looked'on as a child who fears -the dark: He had not even a ..-remote idea, pf what the box contained,- •nor'could he imagine .what ..the table portended, yet he.jCelK,_neveri:heless. I 'T'S don't want to be careless and let that old cold or cough drag on'or that new attack develop seriously.^ Not when you can get such a proved successful remedy as Dr. King's New Discovery. Cold, • cough, grippe, croup does not resist this standard reliever very long. Its quality is as high today as it always has been—and "" " owing steadily in more than fifty Roy McDaniel visited ' his sisters, aria and Earl,' of Carbondale; from Safiiraay"till"'Monday: ': / f' :i •- ' •': iBewey ! Tayne:' df I .Carbondale; .Spent Monday night--and-.Tuesday at,-L,ins.ey Reid's-and' Charlie Springer's...; Mrs. Payne and-daughter, .Anna ,Jane, .accompanied him -home., after ..visiting the. past ,week. : ,.. '. ... The stock.hosiers of.-the Zipn line .had' .a telephone'' meeting last week; ! and 1 decid'ed'to"fi'x .thg 'line and try to ' get better service. •Born"-to'M-r. ancKMi's.' Chester Toni- iinsbri Jam. 23,'a daughter na'mfed.Ruby Mr'.-and-Mrs. Willie Rushing.Her.bert Gibbs and family,-spent Sunday at Chester Tomlinson's.- . Mr. and Mrs.. Robert McDafiiel, Mr. East--Relief.-is ..inviting tlie American public to '"adopt" an,,, the rates given liere... Qvor'.'SfiO'.OOO homeless children are. i/i .need of help in the Near East. SVpiacrf's •'. organizations, lodges, clmrclios" and' soniil clubs are responding to«al by adopting quotfifi-.of orphans for support over a definite.ip ADJUSTMENT NOTICE Thousands Bbm r l)iscovered Dr. : Dr. Edwanfe^j result of Dr. not to treat f" obborne, and re'preseuflhg 1 the- League td Enforce'.Peace,'the •Lengue'hf TSIa- tipns association, the New Tork Federation of Ghur'cties,' farm' brganiz'a;; tlpn's, 'the state Chamber "of"' ; Com- 1 Werce :of New York', and Daughters' 'bf. the American Revolution. ' . 1. !.' these tablets mixed with practice with I They do ' does butt .ve Tablets are the ^determination l»Mi,«Hnplaints , 'or 17 years, he used vegetable compounds oil) in his private iccess. • '. jod that calomel a^cSeets., N« - Estate _o£ .Caroline Mann, Deceased- The undersigned, having been ap- pointedT-administrator- of:: - the:.- •; es- . tate of Caroline • Mann, late of . the County of Jackspn._and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby ~gives notice 'that 1 he' ivili appear before the County 'Court- of- Jackson.- County, - at the. Court-House in Murphysborp, at j the March-Term, .on. .the first Monday. in '-- March,' A." D. 1920," being: March 1st, 1920, at .which-• time all,persons, against said Estate are notified and requested to attend .for-the purpose of having: the same adjusted. All persons indebted to said ^estate- are required to make immediate payment to the undersigEed..--'"' . '-.Bated this 15th day"of January^ 1S20. J.--T. Smith, Executor. C. B. Feirich,,Attorney for Executor, 'T%ft\'itiiHty• .to- uiG . cams or danBtt'Soioi aidd'foods^—yet: they stiniuiate. tte 'liver /and bowels. Take Dr. E%a^t Olive Tablets •rtien you feel f Ibgy'?, and "heavy." Note how they dear clouded hram and perk lap the spirits. 10cand25ca box. . - back without qucsbor \ f jfvHUNT'S Salve fail? in tin I U«atmentonTCH. ECZEMA l'lRTNGWORM, TETTEF o= j-' ; *tiicr itching skin discaoes. T"t 1 £ a 75 cent box at our risfc. *" ITT'S DRUG 8TORS RHEUMATISM Mustarine Subdues the Inflammation and Eases the Soreness Quicker Than Anything : Else on Earth: ' pick Up Strength.;RapidIy'on because it contains the very elements needed to re- af ter;.'llxckirig.tbe>' dpofcanpjon-'hfe' ^m- " ' gists. Give It a trial._ Tardy Bowels, Inert Liver They just -won't let you put "pep" into your work or play. Sick heac- ache comes from retaining • waste . : matter and impurities in tlie body, ; Peel right for anythino—make the liver lively, the bowels function . regularly, wlth'Dr. King's New Life ' Pills;' Smoothly .yet positively they ' produce,,results that .-cleanse the! system, .-and . make, the,.,and., A «_ ;Jli^,-L^.Ji.*»i*.3'"'*»^'-4-V»i»' -/I fvrfaton'rt'a ftf bowels a stro V»u a strong, hen " druggti the -deman'ds of.;. healthy--bic)dy.''.Stiir25c.^. J ' 'Bts, Iry them toalgut, bondale Tuesday. Emory Corga-n made a business-trip to Carbondale Monday. The Roberts-Bros, bought a bunch oE cattle-at St. Louis last week. Linsey Reid and Charlie Springer did some work for Robert Miller the past week. Profit Assured to farmer With Small 'permanent Pasture and Plenty ' -, of-Feed. The farmer who has a smaH perniK- nent,pasture "and pie.nty ^of feed might find the. raising of a few/cajves of the beef'.type or the' dual'." purpose t^'e prdfitaAii'el .'"'Much. Will:' of '-course.- de- •peDd'upon'the calves'un'd the methods ••of 'rais!ng,;the eitra feed. 1 . There are ;; ; —Vu'miKiniKi.'fair .p.rpflt.on beef' cnttle. ; Ifl^I>. : iv^ii;X'n'«ii'ciyiriiVfnrmpfs*''' '"'\ place weakness and strengtlVviz :' 'Beef and ^ ( Liver Peptones, Iron, Manganese Peptonates, T-JUX Vomica and Hypophosphites. A splendid'comQina- tion to restore strength, vitality and vigor. Wooster, in a wi Doctors had gr— -— tonics without eSect. As I had used •Vinol before with good results Kried it. My appetite improved,.my strength came back so I am not only taking care of my householdduties, butdirect, the management of two largef arms. ; ' . MAKTHA SI.GKLBS. . . sleep. , Vinol gave me a good appetite,'\ toned me up and put new life into my veins after'every other medicine had . failed to help me, and I am now 75 -years old.i ,-I-recpmm.endJTinorevery->.. wfiere I go."—MKS. S. V. GREENE go. ditions, weak women, overworked^. mcn» !ii, tjiwo i9 no remedy like Vinq4. .^, ' -p.av oB'-y 30 cents and get a big bos oC Beers Musturlnc, wliich is tbc original, mustard plaster and Is made pf strong,, real yellow mustard—no substitutes are " S It'B known as the quickest pain kills— eartb, for in hundreds of Instances It stops headnclie. neuralgia, toothache, earaclie and backache to 5 minutes. It's' a sure, 1 -slKedy 1 remedy—none better for bronchitis, pleurisy, lumbago, and • to draw the- • Inliammation from. Your sore' feet there Is nothing iso good, you set real action with Mustarlnc-^lt goes alter the pain and kills- It risiit our the reel. Yes,-it burns, but It won't blls-. ter—K -Soesn't' give agonizing pain a slap on tho wrist. It does give It a good healthy puncll In 'the jaw—It kills para. Ask_for- ond get Mustarine always In the yeiiow box. •••-.."' You Are Not Getting Full Value Out of YourvFaper '•Bppi^ot'^M are 'small' farmers.'''

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