Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1969 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 15, 1969
Page 11
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Women Voters League Bed 3 From County Or. Willma Sack* of t h e aldington County League of omen Voters was elected first ce president of the League of omen. Voters of Arkansas .at e ninth convention of the state -eague meeting in Fort Smith Heir Apparent Lin Piao was named M a n Tse-tunj's heir as ruler of Communist China hy the party Monday. His selection vas no surprise to western observers since he has long been number two man in the heir- archy. (AP Wirephoto) Jury Must Consider How III Sirhan Was During Murder LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The] fate of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan rests with a .jury that must weigh this question: how ill was he. mentally, when he killed Robert F. Kennefy? The bantamweight, 25 year- old Jordanian Arab who put a gun to the head of the New York's senator last June 5 watched stolidly as the jury of seven men and five women filed from the courtroom Monday to fix the degree of his crime. Instructed by Judge Herbert V. Walker to be "uninfluenced by pity for the defendant or by passion or by prejudice against him." the jury can return any of four possible verdicts: --First degree m u r d e r asked by the state--with the penalty of life in prison or death. The penalty would be determined by the jury in a separate session. --Second degree murder- asked by the defense--with the term of five years to life in prison. --Manslaughter, one to 10 years. --Acquittal. DEFENSE CONTENTION The defense contended that Sirhan's mind was so blurred that the crimp didn't meet the legal definition of first degree murder. But it dit not ask for the other possible verdicts of manslaughter or outright acquittal. Prosecutor Lynn D. Compton. in his final argument, had this to say about the testimony of mental experts in the case: 'The psychiatrists say if you hate a man a little bit and kil him. you are responsible anc mature: but if you hate him a ot and kill him. you are not re sponsible and not mature." Compton wound up with plea to the jury not to "put jrcmium on hate" by returning verdict of less than first de ree. Sirhan turned once to hi jrother Adel--in the spectato section 15 feet away--an nouthed the words: "Where' mother?" Adel explained later tha Mary Sirhan. who had given he son quiet support from her sec end-row seat throughout the 1 iveeks of trial, "felt she jus couldn't go through this day." CLOSING ARGUMENTS Defense attorney Grant B hooper told the jury, in his clos ng argument last week, tha Sirhan's motive for the killin "from his sick mind was a goo motive. It was a good motive i lis mind. He thought it wa right." Compton. sitting on a table told the jury that Cooper ha raised the question. "Is Sirhan bad guy so we won't hold bin responsible?" The prosecutor leaned foi ward and said: "They like him they say. I don't like him. think he is a cunning, viciou man." A fleeting smile crossed Si nan's face. "We are not here to decid whether Sirhan was a clever a sassin or even a smart one. Compton said. "That is not th issue. It is simply, was his pr meditation of the sufficien quality that you, the jurors, fe that he should be held respons He?' The judge said the jury woul sit daily until 4 p.m. The deli' erations begin about 8:30 eac morning. Trapped 14 Hours In Elevator With A Camel LOS ANGELES (API - Curly Blocker was trapped in a freight elevator for 14 hours with a camper truck and a camel named Sandy. It happened this way: The camel arrived by freighter from Australia and Blocker. an animal handler, was told to Probe Uncertain FORREST CITY. Ark. (AP) --Cicy Atty. Fletcher Long of Forrest City said Monday that he didn't know if the St. Francis County Grand Jury would investigate a recent disturbance at Forrest City, but added that the Jury Commission has been asked to compile a list of sible jurors. take it from the sixth floor Los Angeles Harbor. So I drove the truck into the elev tor. ran it to the sixth floo loaded Sandy in the truck an pushed the down button. The elevator dropped six fe and jammed. Blocker had wait 14 hours for the elevator be repaired since he couldn figure out how to get the cam through the eye of a six-in opening. aaanai DITA'C FOR H *'" Kl I A J FASHION* SAMN OPEN MOX. THRO SAT. II A.M. I1IAI. 41! 3115 SCHOOL CLINIC OPF.N S A.M. MOX. THBII SAT. EMioM-ixo MOW ron ADVAXCF HAUt XTYUXG CLASSES. CMi RITA'S SCHOOL 44S-51JI. st week. Mrs. Robert Leflar w a s ected to the Board of Direc- rs and Mrs. Larry W o o d amed to the nominating com ittee. Both are members of e Washington County League. Hinrird Students Vote For Continuing Strike START SAVING FOR A HOME OF YOUR OWN Your Saving* Earn More With Our 4.75% Current Dividend Rat* Now your r«ul»r passbook an« InTeitmeit mines earn more at FayettevlUe Building ft Lonn We pay 4.75% as our current dividend rate. Put your sarlngs with «i now -- where they'll start to earn more. Certificates can even more -- Inquire about them. FAYETTEVaiE BUILDIHO md LOAN ASSOC. N. W. Artawal 1 OMest * »*· AtHclaUo« Ate. «^M»4 ADOPTED Three items,. adopted f o r udy and action during t h e 169-1971 biennium, are: S u p p o r t of revision or the rkansas Constitution by con ention. and a study of the con- itution proposed by the condition of 1969. Support of election laws and rocedures which will insure a ecret ballot, m a x i m u m 'ficiency in elections, and the eduction of residence require- lents for voting for president nd vice president of the United .ates. Support of measures to inure public school education for he children of Arkansas, assure dequate and sound financing of ublic schools, implement the emoval of age restrictions for le expenditure of public school unds, and to reorganize school istricts in Arkansas. GLAZE SPEAKS Speaking before the delegates ; the Friday night banquet, om Glaze of Little R o c k raised, the newly passed re odification of state election aws as "a definite and con- nued progressive step for- ·ard." He suggested t h e ,eague of Women Voters in- rease its work in trading lection officicials to h e l p amiliarize them with the new aw. In a speech before the group aturday Dr. Eugene Nini of Men's Advisory Committee T the Fort Smith League dis- ussed the image of the League Women Voters and how it could etter bring its program before he public. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Several thousand Harvard University students have voted to strike classes for three more dayi while sit-ins continue at three other major college campuses. . At a mass meeting in Harvard Stadium, students twice voted Monday by narrow margins not to continue the strike until the university met all demands including abolition of the ROTC program. Then on a voice vote the assembly roared its approval of a motion to continue the strike for three days and demand a public reply from the administration on the use of police to oust 200 sit-ins Thursday. At its height the assembly was attended by about 10.000 Arsons but by the final vote ;hat number had dwindled to about half. The enrollment at Harvard is 15,000. The unrest grew out of the seizure of the main administration building by Students for a Democratic Society-led protester.' last Wednesday. The initial three-day strike was voted b about 1,500 students to protest the use of police. ENDORSED President Nathan Pusey met with the Harvard Overseers later, and they in turn "unequivocally" endorsed his use of police. The administration at Boston University assured 125 protesting students that police would not be called and they continued a sit-in at two deans of I ices. The SDS-led demonstrators occupied the offices Monday to ·rotest military recruitment md training on campus. It was the second such protest at the school in five days. The university warned the demonstrators they faced expul sion from s c h o o l . Arlaml Christ-Janer, university president, termed the action "intor- ruptlve" and said. "I dislike giving them an ultimatum. 1 dislike receiving one." PAY LATER At Columbia University ir New York City about 20 black students occupied an office to back demands for a larger role in recruiting more black applications. The university rejected their demands. At Stanford University in Cali fornia a student sit-in to protest military research at the Applied Electronics Laboratory ended its sixth day. Administrators said the students refused to identify themselves. T h e administration h a d planned to submit the names of all refusing requests to leave to the judicial council for disciplinary action. The students responded by voting to give only "The April 3rd Movement" when asked their identity. Pennsylvania State University officials established an Office for Student Discussions aimed at resolving student demands. Labor mediator Theodore W. Kneel had recommended the office to facilitate communication. Annual Tot* Of HOfflGflMkGfS Council Set The annual tour, sponsored by the Extension Homemaker's Council of Washington County, will take place April 25. Members may make reservations before April 19 by writing Mrs. Tryon Lewis. Route ' 5. Fayetteville. Mrs. Lewis is tour chairman. The grnup will leave Fayotle ville at the Trailway Bus Sta 'lion at 7 a.m. and return tc Fayeteville at 6:30 p.m. Points of interest to lie visited include t h e Becraft Glassblowers Co., Bonncville House. Fort Smith Art Center, t h e Old Fort Museum and Judge Parker's courtroom and gal lows. The return trip will be the scenic route Hwy. 22 by way of Ozark. Legion Names Oratorical Contest Winner John Ainsworth. 17, h i g 1 school senior of Florence 1 . Miss. vas the winner of the four-state | tide Sunday, saying it was im- ·egional A m e r i c a n Legion jpn-itive f o r European countries Conglomerate Challenged DALLAS. Tex. (AP) - The ustice Department has chal- enged the biggest conglomerate rf the all-Ling-temco Vought. /ought. The antitrust division asked rlonday for a court order re- uiring Dallas-based LTV, 14th argest corporation in the United States, to relinquish ownership of Jones t Laughlin Steel U.S. Crime Fighters Seek Look At Swiss Bank Files LTV promptly announced the xtension through May 5 of its offer to acquire Jones It Laughin common and preferred tock, originally due to end April 21. The antitrust division's action [enerally was viewed as a test if whether conglomerates can » s u c c e s s f u l l y attacked hrough existing federal law. A conglomerate is a corporation vhich annexes other businesses n a different line of industry. WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States renewed efforts today to work out an agreement with Switzerland that would give U.S. crime fighters a chance to 1 o o k at the superse- cret Swiss bank accounts of American gangsters. The State Department said three days of preliminary talks opening today were another step in informal discussions begun last year when former Asst. Atty. Gen. Fred M. Vinson Jr. met in Berne with Swiss officials. PURPOSE "The purpose of the conversations." said press officer Robert J. MeCloskey, "is to discuss the possibility between the two governments relating to an exchange of information in crimi nal investigations." Although he did not say so, the United States specifically wants a look at secret Swiss bank accounts which the gov ernment contends are used to coverup illegal activities in thif country. Witnesses before the House Banking and Currency Committee last December said U.S. account holders include gangsters tax dodgers, loan sharks and stock market manipulators. Taking part in the talks is Vinson's successor. Asst. Atty. Gen. Will R. Wilson, and representatives of the State Depart me.nt and Securities and Ex- :hangc Commission. SENSITIVE TALKS On the Swiss side is Dr. 'ierre Nussbaumer of the foreign ministry and Dr. Curt Markees of the Swiss Ministry of [ustice and Police. The negotiations are expected o be sensitive and difficult because of Switzerland's strict aws on banking secrecy that irovide jail terms for unauthor- zed disclosure of transactions. But because of criticism here, he Swiss government agreed to enter the talks last year out of concern for the integrity of their "inancially strong Institutions. Pressure from Congress and siatcments of concern by Jus- D e p a r t m e n t officials irought the issue to the fore- ront late last vear. Re-Organizational Meeting Planned WINSLOW A re-organiza- ional meeting for the M a u d Duncan Memorial Society will be held at the Carlson Building at 2:30 p.m. April 24. The memorial houses Maud Duncan's print shop, a pharmacy area recreating her activity as a registered p h a r macist. an area devoted to her mother and their joint efforts in the support of the Winslqw Episcopal Church and pictures of her as mayor with a "petticoat" city council p l u s several copies of the Winslow American. Marriage Ends LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Actress Elizabeth Ashley and actor George Peppard have announced the breakup of their marriage. "We have some problems we cannot solve at this time." 29- year-old Miss Ashley and Pep pard. 37, said in a joint state ment Monday. They were married April 17, 1966. each for the second time and have a son. Christian, one year old. 1 Your Wedding f TUXEDO Fashion Rents 402 W. Dlckson 442-5611 Maneuvers Heighten Tension Over Czech-Russian Crisis PRAGUE (AP) - New War;aw Pact military maneuvers opening today heightened tension in Prague over the crisis in relations with Moscow. The exercises, announced by the Czechoslovak Defense Ministry, are to run through Wednesday, the eve of a meeting of the 190-member Czechoslovak Communist party Central Committee at wiiich liberals and pro-Moscow conservatives are expected to clash. DEFENSE TESTS The announcement said the exercises would test antiaircraft defenses in Czechoslovakia. Poland. Hungary and Western Russia as well as "other countries" of the Warsaw Pact, the Soviet bloc military alliance. The Warsaw Pact also includes East Germany. Bulgaria and Romania. It was considered likely that Bulgaria and East Germany also would participate in the r,.aneuvers. But Romania's Communist leaders oppose foreign troops on their soil. Their parly neivspaper Scienlcia confirmed the maneuvers in an ar {remlin rushed Soviet Defense linister Andrei Grechko and Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Samyanov to Prague, and Czechoslovak party's Cen- ral Committee announced new ress controls, disciplining of ournalists and strengthening of olice forces, with the army to je used when necessary. A week of Warsaw Pact round maneuvers was held in Czechoslovakia, East Germany nd Poland, and reports circuited that the 70.000-man Soviet ccupation force in Czechoslo- akia was being increased. oratorical contest held yesterday at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. Other contestants were David Gearhart. 16. Fayetteville High School junior: Mark Washofsky. 16. of Lafayete, La., and Eric WcPhcrson. 18. of Pcrryton. Texas. Gearhart was sponsored by Shelton-Tuckcr Post No. 27 of Fayetteville and was t h e stale winner in earlier competition. Ainsworth will participate in sectional round of the contest at Weirton. W. Va.. on April 21. From the four sectional events. :hc winners will move on to the national l i n a l s at Boise. Idaho, on April 24. To Hear Testimony M A G N O L I A . A r k . (AP) The A r k a n s a s Advisory Com mittce to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will meet here Wednesday, apparently to beat testimony concerning Southern State College's position tnwarc Students Equality. United for Rat'ia .. refrain from any demnn- strntions and ads of force, in eluding military maneuvers on 'oreign territories." The new maneuvers are the second Warsaw Pact militar exercise since the new Cz'echo Slovak Soviet crisis began. It was set off by anti-Soviet dem onstrations March 28-29 aftei Czechoslovakia's ice hocke team defeated the Russian team in Stockholm. REACTION The Soviet Union reacted an grily to the demonstrations. The British Begin Private Clinic Investigation LONDON ( A P ) -- The Britis' gnveinment is investigating t determine if sonic private clinics are Rotting rich off B r i t n i n s __ yciir-oRd abortion law. One Lnn- "'linn newspaper, the Sun. report cd that a London doctor recently performed 62 abortions in one day at a cost of 120 each, a total of $17.850. CLASSIFIED Phone 442-6242 PER WORD . . . To Minimum Order 15 Wordi Minimum Charge S1.05 CASH DISCOUNT RATES consecutive Insertion* \ coniecutlvc Insertion! 1 consecutive insert Ion i 3 consecutive insert ion* 2 consecutive insertions word ... 30o ... 30c ... 24c ... ISc ... He Abov* art tha Cash Discount rate* you will receive by ordering your Ad at Th« Times office and piyini caih for It. or by ordering your Ad by Phone and paying for It within 10 days of the date billed. 10% added after 10 days. For bent result* five full flwcrlp. tfon nnd start your ad for G days. You may cuncc! your »d when re- (ulta arc obtained. 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Nit ft- ilttint plait* wtxalt. · Alt ball-btafhic comtnicHoo throughout · Qukk poiHkminf, praehian IWHHI tlMi. o Haa.y duty, % HP, 3*50 RPM mater, offarinc tha rlfht bait ipaadt of 4000 SFPM with a tUna'ard pullay or 4(00 SFPat irtth tho contact ·hoal, (not alanalafd aqulp- ntvnt)* Service Supply Co. 2373 N. Gregg 442-2325 FOURTH ANNUAL Life Enrichment Week APRIL 13-20 - 7 P.M. EACH EVENING "Hear tht exciting facts on how to find full meaning and the "turned-on" life of knowing and obeying Jesus Christ." DEADLINES: ClaMlfled ad.1 ara accepted until 4 p m on the day before publication and until 11:30 a.m. Saturdaj pounds for Mond "y publication. ClMfiifled D I s p 1 ft y AdvertUlr.? _ . , Deadline 2 days bclon publics- .Social Services Minister Rich- uon. iird Grossman told the House o f | Cmnmims Monday night thai ·'the way the abortion act is working, particularly in the p r i - vate sector, is causing g r a v e alarm even to those_ who are keen supporters of it." An estimated 30.000 legal abortions have been performed since Ihe net came into force last A p r i l 27. Most took place i n | _. A c c i c i p n public: hospitals, hut 59 p r i v a t e ! U LAOi I r I C V clinics have special licenses f o r | t t e A t NOTICE* the operation. | CARD OF THANKS r ten in e-iirl Hi-it hpfnrp re '--ANNOUNCEMENT* , Crossmnn s.nd that ncloie IP 3 _ HOTICM , newinr; these licenses at the end i j_FRATERNAL NOTICES I of the month, he would obtain! ·~K5?itv*Jt» jsioro detailed information f r n m i jTiNSTiiUCTlOMt Hie clinics about their method ;--SCHOOL* and facilities. , Jl«?3I» A . lDD FOUNO A wiiman can gel an abortion ^-TRANSPORTATION OFFERED if t w o doctors c o r t i f v t h a t her ,11--TRANSPORTATION WANTED health would ill--BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES I3--W4NTED TO BORROW 14--MONEY TO LOAN tS--AfiENTS WANTED 1C-SALESMEN WANTED- 17--SALESWOMEN WANTED* 18--HELP WANTED--MALE- 19--HELP WANTED--FEMALE* 70-- HELP WANTED--MaM-Famall 21--SITUATIONS WANTED-- Mala 22--SITUATION WANTED-- Varrala II--SERVICES OFFERED 21A-MACHINERY TOOLS '» CALI--AutWMtiv* MA--BOATS «. MARINE SuppHn JIB-MOTORCYCLES 25-- FOR SALE--Manila Ham at n-- FOR ajALE--Llxilock 2CA--DOOS, CAT*. PETS 27--FOR SALE-- Ham* HftUt 27A-MUSICAL MERCHANDISE 31--FOR SALE--Mlaullantvui 2SA-FOR SALE-Antlaiiitt 2»-- FOR SALE OM TRADE 30-- EXCHANCI 11--WANTED TO BUT 33--WANTED TO TRADE 33--FOR SALE Oft KENT 34--ROOMS FOR RENT ]A--ROOM AND BOARD IS--APARTMENT* FOR HINT Jt-- DUPLEX FOR RENT 17-- HOUSES FOR RENT 17A--MOBILE HOMES FOR RENT 3t-- BUILDINGS FOR RENT 1IA-FOR RENT OR LEAlt 11--FOR LEASE 10--FOR RENT--Mitcellan»U1 41--WANTED TO RENT OR LEAS* 42--WANTED TO RENT 43-- WANTED-- REAL ESTATE 44--SALE OH TRADI-Raal Eilali birth. A n u m b e r of foreign wom en h a v e come to B r i t a i n for abortions, but Grossman said this was only "a t i n y proportion uf the number of operations per- loniH'd Freak Tornado Kills 165 In East Pakistan Larry Walker SHAKER N«w York, City Mr. Walker has preached In over 60 tountrl«» and has a very creative miniitry in New York City . . . h* knowi our times and needi. Mr. Brown i» gifted with one of the moit beautiful solo voicei in America . . . he will lead us as we worthip God through music. Hear the "new creationt" popular and effective cellegiate singing greup sing the good newt ·f Christ in contemporary song." Bob Brown SINGER Kcinias City University Baptist Church 315 W. MAPLE H. D. MCCARTY, Potter 314 W. LAFAYETTE 41A--SALE-LEASE--Real Ellala ISA--CITY REAL ESTATE 45B--SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE 41C--LOT* FOR SALE ISO-FARMS AND ACREAGES It--FOR SALI--RIAL ESTATE ·liri.l' Wiinlrri Ailtrrlhlnc ll plai'M lin.lrr "Mull"" nr ··|nink" column It.'a'llnit fur Ihr cnrnrfllrnr* nl Jol*. .*rkri.. I nli-M nn u'lirrll.rinrnl l[»- i r v '.ntv H i l l lir :irrr|.lr.l. Jnli.trrUr! n i . i t i i i n I h . i l :|,|,li, anl« il rl. DACCA. Ka!l P a k i s t a n ( A P I A f r e a k tonirttlo [ruin Hie Ray of Bengal ripped through I l a i v a ' Monday, k i l l i n c at least K,. per- suns and i n j u r i n g I.20U in P a k i s t a n ' s c a p i t a l . Rescue workers were inll diq Kint? t h r i i u g h the debris lor bod ie.s today. The lornailu. w i t h w i n d s up to 111) miles an hour, lasted 2") m i l l ules. It blew a w a y tin shantii": inul t h a t c h e d mini h u t s and de molishpd brii-l: b n i l i l i n u s . The city of 700.000 penriiv; was in darkness last n i R l n v. I n l e workers striiRgled In repair dnwni'il power lines. Telephone c n i n m i i n i c a t i o n s also were dis n i p t e d . ami a i n h i i l a n i - i - s st:ll hrnuchl n s t e n r l v s t r e a m of in l i n e d In t h e - i t \ ' s l u n m a i n hns p l t . ' l l s l o i l . u . Ilowhr.H s t o r m s k n o w n loi-allv as hais.ikhi roar up the b.iv nf ' - v e r y Miiiiincr and b.itter K.isi P.ikisian. but Dart .1 iinrinaliy is nut in iheir patli l.'siuilh' Ihe;- hi! in ihe are.i of ChitliiKoi-.i!. I" t h e i-.-i-.! In 1%0. more than I'.OOn per sons in the ('hitlailoni; ilisirn! were killed by a c clone anil Hie tidal wave f o l l o w e d it. Moving To Boston BOSTON i A P i - I ' . H P C i a n o I'," "n-.'^..^:!,!, way. who headed Mill's "To-1., -ii»i \,,- i».» day" show ( n u n Us inception in!' 1 " 1 ''";' "' M " 13.'i2 u n t i l l:e (|in: in IOL1, w i l l be ";J V l^"",','! 1 the host for .1 local M minute. '«;, m i«a d n y t i m c t a l k show on WNAC-TV ''. sliirtiiiR April 2B. ,, ,,,,,. Since leavinK HIP "Today" i. -HP · i»mi · show, Ciarrowny, ,Vi. hns had! 1 '" 1 ": " nl "'_·**.*«'_ sevprnl brief television assign menls, Including a 111 work sri eni'fl series for N a t i o n a l Kduca tlonnl Television, anil n brief tour as host of n lute-night ABC show "Nightlife. 1 HP will hp *pni. A i^. w. mnving hpro w i t h Ins family for rimnnmioiirr m I hi.i new assignnirnt. |toill!rtn. In r..m[.|innc f Ul, Mil idllilt Art of 1 Legal Notices-( O M M t s s l o M I t X Norl.'K Is HEl'.KKV r. MIDI Till* ..· l^r -.f i"i .t Mp:r!:.irlf | - l . \ l s n i i' Mutiry I ' K K K N I ' A N T . l.".f · ··· ' : '·"· ^« a t 11- I, .l.lT. Ht l.'-c for jUiVrln] Mitt, on ' m i m A M . A l 1 ortrlllx-J IVrtonBl P «H Tmrtor A V'.quipmfnl h i:M.s OK 3\!.K: iin H rrMll rff of tin! (V tnnmnl ,«-ui I. l,, of ID per f f nn\f until pn I rwMiifnl of tha t- · bund Ihll Jth day f 1VJ3

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