Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 40
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 40

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 40
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I 1 *;* C.!3-!ND«ENDENT U»« · ·««. C a u l . 11 Mil. U*. M. IMI Soldier's Grave Sought lor Indian Fighter Reno i sonj offcri assistance. Should Consress not aside the court-martial. Shore uyj. his plan Is to have "·"o's bones broucht to lie |With sagebrush and Spanish the Sioux and Cheyenne. set bayonet. I shoie believes ths Crow' The ° ny woven through the SK» o f j Marcus Reno would thus t2. ithan final resting plare Reno If an honor"y Crow Indian coJrT- continued." The Crow hired! a b'« burial and posthumout two miles from where) That a c c u s a t i o n waiwas at worst "a convenient'retired Army Col. Chesterjtry. adjoining this quiet place out as scouts for the Seventh; restoration of rank arc denied Juster forces died «.~ OIUUKUI by an army capUin'coward"--a whippins toy. [shore of Helena. Ons way o r 0 f whlte crojj es lnterspcrsed;Cavalry in its march .JRainst hy Congress, his «esi-j un( j cr j{ Cno following the The move to return the another Shore Is dc'rrminedj -- , By PATRICIA SCOTT C U S T P. R BATT!.KKItt.D.! lhe . . Cu . M w Mont. (UPI)-On thi, 73id could , hlve anniversary rf his death.' 1 "'"' lo there arc those o!d soldiers', K * no . . .. of ^ ^' w OWB ' . ,with other Sioux and or all rnne dead thosc who bflicvcj him - 'tain was away nn Reno's or- I Whether Reno was nsht or ,,,,,, Thill ,..,,11,.,. j rnlcnc ,.. n n i . rr .r r n . i v t -,« i.' wron s '" thc matlcr of th " was mitijMtcd by the Prcsi Only r e c e n t l y Ii u , |Ic ni , |om ,,.,, no , hir( , · * learned thc onetime Civil ,,, do wi(h whcthcr i, e can, "/ extreme CuMcr l ra Sfdy. The csp'.ain mortal lemainj nf Marcus to succeed. A crowins We of accused Rfno. a widower, otfono to Moptana begin with,!:ttcrs ;igncd by military pe.- ! improper c.induct tovard Ihe l*^ «« ««·"« «·· «-' time here among 'he others say he deserted War hero who later went cvcr hc , iurjcd hcrc . A courl The Reno apologists h.ivn liis honrs is \vhrre f n c mm- to cr.i«e the stigma of a court ' pinies of the Seventh Cavalry martial conviction nf drunk-,"' J* )r t h a t lcd hls mcn '" ' "^ under l.t. Col. George A. Gis . brawling and window 'death. Irr died to a man June 21. rvqiinj;. T h i s s.ime court-mar-! They say that this pmecii- ISTfi. Ihoy are huricd wheir thl upheld hy President l i n n added lo n life n! pyr.i they fell" before ,-r-nhincd Rutherford II. Hayes. It was mtdinj; personal tragedy mr fiirccs of Sioux and C,T?ycnnc n ot the first time Reno was indeed, h.ive caused thc maj" Indians in the Hattle of thc convicted of improper con-i t o turn lo lhe bottle. Little Bis Horn. duct. : They point to a nation celf Since thit crushing! One Custer buff, no ad^bratinR its centennial year cif nearly 82 summe's aso, miter of Reno in er out o^and somehow having to ex- there are some «hu say battle, sujscsts an ovcrtoneiplain to itself a terrible mili-l Reno's action, or alleged lack to the first conviction as old tary defeat. They My Reno of it, cost the lives of 2CT as KinR David and the ioldicr/ men. They say he was less Uriah. GET ON YOUR HORSEI ii m i i ruti expires April 131 You jet idmisjion to Disneyland Disneyland's rides and attra:ticnj' as many time", as you want fcr one whole day. OWN DISNEYLAND FOR A DAY-for only $3.50...Children under 12 $4.50...Adults ·-- ·--| c~, tour bitiul tilt/tin fun is it J}lSUC^I IONG RfACII: M I locni. Htndxk 7-7«Sl QttKl: W IHJI. Ut Anc*^ · UAAtofl 3 1331 More Jksn 100,000 folks Keep Jhelr Savings of COASJ... O V E R H A L F A B I L L I O N D O L L A R S N O W ! · Lt?4l Notice N O T I C C OF T R U S T E E ' S SM.E N O T I C E OF T R U S T E E ' S S A L E i f^DER D f C D Of TtttlST UNDtR DEED OF T R U S T TK il".S 1-in atl'il. Hit TK 01 :l I-."i * I'll. Hi: N'.'.» IK |.i»l.y cll^'i t h « t N"ti*» i' tt-Kl.y c i i t n A 1 I M , V N ? O . S H A N K AMI Tlil'ST A l l J I A . . - ( I . N H A N K AMI Tr.l.'.^r. I'-'r. a t ' t r i j t * * t.r FU' (^.«i'r r 'tVu«- H''". ai'tiii.'lt'. t.r »«.i..r I M I - - J \,,''r,r f.|l..tutnV.| t t u » i » » j.-ir?i|4tit I.-. i'T fJl'.'tltutM tm.'tf* i " j r ? u a r t l I.KcVxAllii" 1 ('.' 'lTM'il'ANV""a rT.I l i A V J I O M I A.^^VllNS^an-l M.^' i!' ! 'inl''tI't l .VniiV' Ma'ic'li"*! iV-il »'"·' a'n.rin.,'ii|..'l'Jlay IS. l'"H in ll'i ":·!· in t t . » !."*»'..( U.« IV.u'i.'iy J;tf..I(tji m II.- . . l i l t - . f t f i » »'.i'Jnt) r'i'.f..iVn. 't-i.l' i^it'-ianl It ll,» I ' a l i t ' . i i i i a . ai I i . - n / u i n t I t H.' , V . t i , » i.t r - f 4 i i ! t an.l K'.'rtittn It N..H. - t.| |i. l 4 u l t an I t..t l i . t n !.· F'll tl 7. Pil I.IM l i - i - r i i . l . I. ...k inn i-i:» 1-.* .. .. . . u t l . l t ! | . t ..|.Iff ilfl^lllllrl i;t^i in i » . . K M ^ I I i.i^» :.*.: t.i I . 41 t l l r A l ' H l '. '"'- 41 11 ··) a III . 41 I I I - ! l . i - k »n1 Tril-l l . n i I'.iilM re. . l . a n t T t u « t i ' . i r | ' 4 i i ) l : ' j l M i n r . ' rf IM .ircM. «.''P'II» df'r'ilir.'nja 1 .'^r J-" s A i i £ « | t . ' . .^tat- 1,1 Calir.nnia.| 1' 1 li-"''lITr e"a'l'ii"l""aj aSI/a't I'.M'H'.' *i'l '·'' ("r"! a'li ''l|.ayati a" 'll,. | rf n in l l « l u l ft «·.)· t,t ll.t- ti!'i. t.r It'.' in l a » l u l liymiy c(| I'rii.,1 Sui-.i a i l r n ' . l l i l K a n . I ' l l " l'nilr.1 ,-'l4l'»l a:l ii(i,t, t i l l ' . I (· » \- It HD.t-r r*\ I .1-. I I r..,,., I.. I I li it lii'ltr ti't d"-l |ti Ilir 41 t I'lMjuiiy a'l'iit* in ^ii'l ('.mnti an^ f'.t»'.I .','nl"V« (":!.».·: " .-tal" i l -- i , l t t . | ai |..ll..». I/-1 « In r i l -1 ' Tr«-t , l^-l M l n l.l..k « f t Tia-l NX N. K".:!. n ti.' "itv t.f ' ir^'.i m ii ^ cit i r I.MII^ i;. i ( h. JX'!.. .. p-r nup |.f..i.l..| in r.'MHy .1 1^.9 A I - S . I . . Hlatr ol i-M"k t: [Mr.« .:! »"·! :2 t.f ra:i[Miina. at )·· r ii'4;i lt."iil'l J!ii-« in i i * ,.|fi.» i t II.* in I"-'* -II I^E*-* '· t i 11 m- . n. |v i....|.|rr t.f i,.| t.-aji f 'I'll' tf Hif. in Hi- , " -Fail 4! · ill iH-nnln. |. u t mil.. t I II · i..uitly |.|..||T .·[ r ... i . n t t ^r.l l!-Ii|i«-l. i.|.i ill-'. . "jt «11h » .t U 'XT1 li » .III I n t - I f . I l'^"l AllC'l't li. l^l am I.-. Ill-l nt|». r«!rd' l l l i r l l « . 11^. A I I U A N ' S H V t l A V N TI'.l'ST I ' l l M I ' A N V a« an- Ii T t n M i * . wrr:?n\ d f f i ' . r rn :i.-i tl.trf.n i!,rtrin. ainl I).* unpii'l fiinup^l n , « i t t J . M I I T «ith inlti*.| th.irMi Ifl'tni AliciMl 1. l'.ttl at ri'.H'l" .... ( I III Ml I II t\ | Mini. Jlnr.'i 14 !:, A I I U A N S D N H A N K A M I T I M V T C U V I f A N T li T i n - I t " .H'.KHT WKI;?I:A Mar. r. J'. Arr. «. 1i-J C t l i r n . x r«""'"" ' _L I'm.' .\i«V. :i. :i. AIT. «. n«: ft) · I I M M I I M I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - -- -= S = Convenient Swivel TV = 4HIO) = T I I K l ' N H K l : S l i : N K I I ilt.« r . i t l l y = 1 - 1 . i t . i i . l i u l i t . c a |.i|.iiif« at H'.f, ~ l U i t t - . r A i r . I^.t.c I L a t l i 1:. (' S | M I I I . uii.Ur t!i- I l i t i t i o n t f i l m = r.ati.r ,.f = i.ANKnii'.D KM-.INKKIMM; » a n t tMt r.ll-1 firm n fMTnjm...! ttf -- in f u l l ai.d l.lai* nl i r - i l r r . r - la a = l..l|.,»». = n M. i..v,kf..i i. i;rs riKTiinii - A i r . l...fc l ; . a t l i . Calil.iiina = II4I..1 JUlcu IJ. !'».. = I I M. I.\NK'll|:l ~ Flat* .f Calif, ir.ia. 1^'S A n c t l r = DM M 4 i t h Ij. 1?.;;. l.'l..i* ni'. a -- N " f i r ) I'utln in an.l f u r athl ^ t a t * = ;., r . , i : a l l ) ai.i.-.i. 1 II. 11.^ I.anV = t . l!.^ m t l i l n ln» a n ! ~ A. l . T ' M H l . - . | £ . l I'* *1ti;il*,| t l , f tt,,lf r i:t TH i' PM:KS. v-tir- 1*111.1,, RCA V I C T O R Tlairl/Lita TV _ .. ·urMf:rB«tv.r..-. AH,-. = ,';·;;·. ,".';;,"· =·· 5 0 : Arnl ( - "-- = a «; · - · t . P c A * ' 1 ! ' ' f i f t v V I'!** = C E R T I t l C A T t OF D U S I N L S S . = T!-I- ' " « " · » · I F I C T I T I O U S NAMt = *'"'·* 5 f . i ' " ' UI..IT t ' - l i . t l n . a . I n n = · *ll-W««d Cobintl - . ' " " " r|TT M A |., N K = = .v.l l i l t 511! f i l m 11 c,.-nt".'..l f l | Bonk Terms Avoiloblo | ^^{'-''"r^'"'-!"- *'""· '··"-· ii ti. r * ; i f i - r n i « 1 Klcclronics l!v£^ n "vil'^:M?r.v* 11741 E. 7th--HE 4-2153 | ^''^l"'',"'^,. 1 ^^^^! 2 ^ m t h i n li:«uun*r.t »r 1 · l k i . o * l ^ = "W« D* Off Own Col«r TVf E !si*\i7. U j-rTir("'AnKS 5 E *·" **t r u l - M , . * My c-m-.m.ji. r f i i f a l f a f i A i o»rf 5«f»Ie«'* -- *t! U.Vin",, i j jt.-,;. ^tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitniiiT I.IM.* wit 1'olof TV o S/UES and SERVICE · · o; 0' o o J 193614th St. « G E 7-5754, GE 7-5522 J o OPEN MONDAY and FRIDAY 'TIL 9 P.M. NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS IF YOU 0 0 NOT GET TOUR R E G U L A R C A R R I E R D E L I V E R E D | C Independent 0 if tftvr* tj*pi1rl***t il op*" L^til 10 ·.·!. » a t l 4 * r l t A J f I 10 13 a - . S--i),i. An far (·· ci''.f, nfl. IONS IfACH ln«i tfficrl HI l-tlit Arlnia. lMfla.f. TO 4.I7JI announces the.-.. AA^^t'vv^ii-'f.··..·'w.v.-. 1 ·'-...-.- *·;· . . . · . - : - · . · i(lil.l)MLXF ¥ALUE LI Symbol of Quality and Pride! America's First Family of Appliances The most exeitingValuc: in complete home appliances are yours in RCA Whirlpool, The Golden Value Line fcr 1962 Top quality, peak performance appliances are skillfully engineered in the latest advance designs and craftsmanship assuring jru the finest performances, a!l budget- priced for every pockctbsok, Whcthcryour need may be a washeY, dryer, refrigerator, frecicrcr range, it will pay you In both performance and price to visit your RCA \Yhirlpool Golden Valuo Lino Dealer tsdayl BE SURE YOU SEE THE GOLDEN VALUE LINE FOR '62 SEE YOUR FAVORITE .OEAIER tODAY!

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