Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 52
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 52

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 52
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Pogo II " ll»1K!!Pi!J!.T fwrt., Mir. n. \m ·Truck* Tractors Ii8 In · Pov. ' COY SI4» trofi ' trar . soil Sur win* FJ5 0 real cam C nc a x 775 bur . Fol '·" Tru Cor ' Pa Bu 63 =ORD WHITE SALE ·M RKKAira nol slrtetd Smoa CruljeOMalk Wfffi er r, llnled qlasi. lull wheel 7.89. Hew T U VllfaSSi new Ford slMX 2066, y Ion - SIvlctUi 35JVS Eno , 4 IM s. 700x16 6 plv lube llrei, B rlmi, spare, :tnov. 1950 LU "* law wilhtr. I23S0.66 pta tax M» WB 3HV8 Cllll Cab Crullt , spare tire, sW« rrxwhUng per mirror CES udcd art IWs flo K488.00 plus _ new Ford to P.U. SlylesUle i- · 20 J X CVL, 3 ip!/ IraJir; 15 Ires, spare, smoo. 51co box In bed. Only 51552.33. ks Iheic Unils ar no! ilrlped JIM SNOW FORD k Dtot. 7911 AlOfxka Blvd. ner Paramount 8, AlofxJra Blvd, amount. Bring Ihls Ad. Sec Bill fit t, John Reynold* Only 4-5430 634.B443 ·46 CHEV. % Ion plckuo with Wi' cab ovef Camper. 5450 dn. S9S.81 per mo. OAC. Ask for Jim Red- ;· 505? LaVewood Blvd. ME 3071] Auto Ports Repairs 1 69 ENGINE OVERHAULS-- Reoulll i. used Ford engines and pa/Is. STICK s t IIP 3-- ys (or Slude. 3-ys or Oids. '54 ords ens. .-- Vi? Mo no. 438-477I afltr S -FLATHEAD V-8 '53 engine, hcod Huntlnglon Beach. [714] Ill-mi '57 DODGE Sla. Wagon needs Irans. wlixlow. sell 375 or make olfer. 'CHROME wheels, most cars, $11 ca TRANS 0/Haul, S35.53. Lab -f pans "... Qualify. 5!66 Atlanllc. 4J3.0973 CHERRY-Anahclm Enff. RetMjlkers. 2015 E, Anaheim. 434-84S1 OVERHAULaufo. Irns., S37.SO. Labor +· par s. GA 6-1334, aslt lor Don. ·-· Falcon Olds parts. 429-341? . BATTERY diarger. S75. 631-S5H7 ·U FORD 4 spd., rebuilt w/Hsrs linkage, SH5. 427-1390 AuMs Wanted 173 CASH ALL ...IMPORT CARS Cash In mifKjfej; see Lou Mlrabile : Jamestown ' ' Authorized MG, Auslln-Hea'ev Dlr. 1150 L.B. Blvd., L.B. HE 2-7911 JUNK CARS FREE PICKUP^ERVICE Auto Parts Wrecking IE A-5570 OR TE 4-E19) TOP CASH ANY CAR S. ANY MODEL · ' · ' Loca or out ol slale nccnie. .. ..Open every day, 8 lo 9 pjn 212 - W. PACIFIC COAST, L. B. GE 8-3610 HE 6-SMO LLOYD C. PATTERSON Too Prices for Clean Cars 2101 LONG BEACH BLVD., L. B. VW WANTED '55 - '66 CIRLCE MOTORS 191! Lakewood Blvd. GE 4-S464 JUHK CARS WANTED TOD S 4 S $ -- Free ulcktjD ' HE 5-1064. 9 A.M. lo V P.M. JUNK CARb WANTED 1519 E. WILLOW GA 44481 TOP $5 PAlD-Sports cars J. se. · dans. HE6-8525. (Roy or Frank) ·· ' . F R E E PICK-UP 830-iaSS WANTED '39 thru '40 Bukk or Pon " tac. 4-dr. sedan, cash. NE 1-64! Auto Ports Repairs 16 " RING AND VALVE OVERHAUL xliin Ftlnti, Diitili Gil, Likir AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS OVERHAULED W I PARTS NO HONEY w , nw ?frtii,; u , a 'DOWN FREE Call loon GA 4-0407 ASK FOR DON LONG BEACH ENGINE and Transmission Rebuifders 3525 Long Beach Blvd. Daily 8 a.m.-l p,ti M Son, (!)·( nportSp'tCors 173-A (WANTED) 5 PAY MORE lor vow clean m-oaVl 'lor or nol. KEHDOH OTRS., aulh. VW dlr. Pacll« crit. HWV. al Ho/maadle, Lomila. TE 2.J624. TOP tl PAID FOR USED VWS UAcwood Molori Volkiwaoen sais soum st. «t woodrmi Lakev,oolj Dutch Villaw TO M741 =::^5 Psrt- t Sir. 173B Cheater SlicVs SI 5.95 B 4 D TIRE CO. US E. Pacific Cll. Hwv. HE 2-7497 Chearer S l i c k s . . . J 15.88 DISCOUNT TIRE CENTER «M271 M CHEVIE 3»4 cu" enolrw still In orlolna cralc. S500. Ph. 421-1607 nport Sport Cars 174 MISCELLANEOUS RENAULT TRADES DCCT Rl |YC uto I DU To 'W Dauphh-.e Aulomallc SWi '63 DauuWne lo as ^ S695 6? Gordlnl 4 jpeed _'$7?5 5? Peuoeol Qleoe «95 IMPORT AUTO EXCLUSIVE HARBOR AREA , _. DATSUN DEALER IONS BEACH MOTORS ALL MODELS-- ALL COLORS PARTS S. SERVICE 17*0 Lono Beach Blvd. 432-5427 1 HARD to find Rovrr, classic sty e. Good cond. Forced to sacrifice. SI35. 434-1743. ALFA ROMEO '58 ALFA SPRINT COUPE INS JIM GRAY IMPORTS 3515 Allantlc Av«. GA 4 K5I AUSTIN- HEALEY 63 Austin Healey .... $995 Sprite Roadster Llchl Beige *xlcr- lor wMh contrasting red 1cp. Rea v mint condition. LAKEWOOD MOTORS 5S15 Sooltl SI. at Woodruff Lakewoctl Dulch Vlllaos TO 4-0/41 59 AUSTIN Healev 6. 47,000 orlo. ml. Gd. ^hape. Llle green. Fas as new. b'g V8. 1 owner. Evei: 65 AUSTIN Heal/ 3000. Best oiler. Musi sell by Mar. 15lh. 439-6442 ENGLISH FORD 16 CORTINA GT 11699 PLAZA MOTORS 1743V Clark Ave., Boll. TO 7-7785 59 ENGLISH Ford Cansste runs FIAT 6? FIAT 1200 Rtfslr. Roll UP * n- dows, radio, all orlg. clean 4MS 4144W6, Dlr. 6J JAGUAR XKE Ccuw Chrome w r e whc«li. Musi tell. OX 5-6133 63 JAGUAR XKE fasl-back. Owner KARMANN GHIA Call £66-58?3. MERCEDES '66 MERCEDES 2CO O, IWW w/w, discs, off vthllc, red tcalherlx nlerlor. S3.750. 426-2400 M G BRAND NEW l?66 MG MG MG MIDGET $ 2125 $295 Dn Delivers + TL The MG N.ARK. II MIDGET Is a frcnt runner In motor spcrls, hav- na carried off manv records; roll-uD windows, disc brakes, new design soft - top, wire wtieeh healer, tonncau cover. The '66 Mart: II Is the best Mlriswt yet; soettls UD lo .00 MPH. Trutv Ihe ULTIMATE In FUN CARS. Hart! lops available; l-vr. factory war- rany; P.O.E. Long Beach. Jamestown Aufos Wanted 173 1 ( ! CASH FOR lYOOl CAR! CALL AND TELL l)S HOW MUCH TO BR1NQ \ DAY OR NIGHT 830-5100 i CORMIER ; Chevrolet Co. I LOCATED AT THE SAN DIEOO FREEWAY AT WILMINGTON OFF RAMP eUYEK OH DUTY 24 HOURS A DAY \ 7 D^fS A WEEK tiport Sport Con 174 M. G. '65 MS-B W/WIRE WHEELS Try S, beal Ihls at t!Wil JIM GRAY IMPORTS 3il5 Allantrc Ave. GA 4-?)S\ L.B.'i ONLY TRIUMPH DEALER 3 MG 1100 2 "or. Store. MW JIM SNOW FORD 1SSM Paramount Blvd. ME ·?«« 8 MGA. New tlr«, loo* (low covering, pa'nl Lttfroi. TOP jhapt. *775. HA 9 M64 after t p.m. OR MG Salej Service. Ke'b 3 MG-TO, recenl nrtolor ovef haul. Ph. SM-PIM MGA H SPORT COUPE 1 OY/NER, WOO. PH. «3-$3M 1 MGA 14M, new tires. Mint, Buyer prfcwJ. 7U-S39-33M ^eli. 4M-4155 After 4 p.m. WHEELS, RH. 1575. HA MilO. holi., palnl. HA 9.50 Si. PORSCHE H PORSCHE, Suc«- coupe, sunroof, AM-FM, SI 650. SW-43K SPRITE 60 SPRITE, new cluJOu runs ptr~ feel, nke slrafghi S54? 4S4-OW6, Olr. SUNBI '62 5UNBE 4 speed leans., r Lie. S FMB 690 $35 DOWN Incrude i sales lax ng charges, for IE YOU prefer ca $999 FUl 10-Day Trial Exc MURPHY L 1740 Lakcwood -AM ^M RDSTR. d'o, heater, etc. $35 MO. , lie. all carry- ontv 34 mo s, or h only .L PRICE tunat i34-nll NC.-MERC. nl Circle, L.B. B64SA; shopper's special. S899. Beach City Chevrolet 3»1 E. Pac. Csl. Hwv. GE 3-7«l '64 SUNBEAM Rdslr. Wire wheels, radio. Soec'al Ihls week .11625 4J4-WS6, Mr. TOYOTA '66 CORONA-- Demo Hal Keenum's Imtxirls 35S3 E. Pac. Csl. H*v. 439-0996 TOYOTA Katella al Weslim Sfanlcn Les Scarlett. Dlr. 17141 527-5157 TRIUMPH '53 TR-3 Rdstr. Engine overhaule in er. n'ce clean ... . -.. .568 434-0996, Dlr. ·58 TRIUMPH TR 3, take over pav- rr.cnts. Dal. $400. 4?6-5336. '64 TRIUMPH SDllflre. Xlnl. ccnd. $1350. Prlv. parly. HA 5-4033 eve. Ph. 631-1792 VAUXHALL 'M VAUXHALL Vldor. Gocd ccnd. Dill oiler. 861-1420. VOLKSWAGEN LEE CARPENTER, INC. Over 75 VWs lo chooie trom '61 VW $t95 Transport-ation Specials! FROM J249 UP ' 705 S. Long Beach Blvd. Complcn. 636-165?; 638-7831 Volksw DELUXE 1 50 HP $ Factory Wa CARS FR agen 66 300 SEDANS ENGINE 609 i-ranty Si Serv. DM EUROPE 323-7AM '57 VOLKSWAGEN $799 2 dr. wllh sun roof. HYD 808 CORMIER CHEVROLET SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT WILMIKGTON OFF RAMP 830-5100 '65 VW VARIANT WGN. LIKE NEW. ffP-9; S2.COT Beach C ty Chevrolet 3201 E. Pac. Csl. Hwv. GE 3-747 ·63 VOLK5WAG Slock r 260? RANCH EN 2-door sedan Full Price S«K5 D RAMBLER ch Blvd. 591-034 '66 VV/s-- Immediate Delivery PACIFIC IMPORT 9915 Garden Grove Blvd. Garden Grove (7HJ 537-5E/ 'M VW sedan. Sea blue. Xlr.l. cond 5 od. w-ws. Fuilv wiulp. 72.00C milts. 1 owner. Going oveneai HIM. Call 476-54*9 afl. 5 p.m. '58 VW, '59 VW, 'S9 VW ca '£0 VW Iransiwr e nwr Good Iranso cars, S30-1.5S; PR 5-7668 tve '« VW Sedan. Radio heat*r. Xln rur.nlno ccnd. Must sell. Make D fer. TO 6'61 VOLK Sedan r anlv . Nlc^fc 5o!d w/6 mo, v*a 0976, Dlr. 53 V PARKV.'OOO CHEVROLffT SOS? Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-078 '64 W/ Hdtop, Sunroof. 11,000 ml e Many extras. Polar Vrhllc. REAI LY SHARP. GE 1-307 wan. Me. 7H-B28-8324. '59 VW, iunroof. Ortc Ma! ownw '60 VW chrome wheels. cu fern. Mirtl idl. HA 5-31 cond.'s330/ SUfir °° ' WV 378-38 '59 VW, RB.K, GOOD COND. 4« '65 VW Convertible. Priv. Part 597-TJ38 afl. 6 D.m. '65 VW Station V/aoDO, 1500$. Shar S2195. Must will! GA 7-3233. belts. Guar. 34AOQ ml, 6M-8E7X price M99. GE 0-0909. ^cr V ?amD". l "*S!^3(M5 C 18. 1 ' '^ , '43 w/-- SS50 Dn. S/ take ovtr pa i '£6 V.W. r fast back, deEuxc. LI net*. Private pwly. TO 6-570J '64 VW. 3000 mi., radio, w-w, vfr. '59 VW -- RH. Good cond. 54, Call aJIer 4 D.m. HA 9-6412. 1 '59 VW. Good cond. Must sell. S6S '61 W/ Pane Rebuilt cng., r 1 '66 VW Blue 1600 Fastbatk sed 1 '64 VW. Excel, comf. Ens ne ' c«ntlv overhauled. $1000. «4-49 '60 W/ bus, part camper, r ^TM H ^^^ff^^^^^y^f^^ESfS^E^SS^^^^^^^S^^S^^^^^^^^^^^^^fit^m v^^Bi^^^^^^^^^^^BS ^^9HH9IH '^lJ"i^. ^m\^f^ flnort ft ipcn Con 174 St VOLKSWAGEN ' ; T 1 ON SPECIAL '62 VW i "Cwwerllblt" ' Raa a, h«!eri oss MWti tVW llrei; red body wllh blsdi ton: 1 lull Ixlge vlnvl Interior; pcre i · proven «cooomv. . A-l $1199 A-l ;f MEL BURNS FORD 6 . 20SS Long B«ach Blvd. 591^^15 F SHOPPING FOR A SECOND CAR? Buy Your First -Used VW, " Laroeit seleclloo Flrinl Cars All Guaranteed -KENDON MOTORS * Aulhorlied VW Dealer (al Normandle) Harbor Cllv TE 1.UU or DA »-7?31 '63 VOLKSWAGEN 1 door sedan, 4 sod, r«d'o. healer, Lc. i FTHOI4 $43 DOWN $43 MO. Includes sales tax, lie. all car. rv ng tt-argn lor ofllv 36 mot. Or 1 you prefer eairi only $1299 FULL PRICE MURPHY LINC.-MERC. 1940 Lakewood at Circle, L.D. ORDER DIRECT FROM EUROPE S. SAVE New factory warranty. ·« WV 1300 sedan S159J '46 TL lattluck 12'OS '« Variant Sla. Wag. 1220S - C.I.F.-L.A. 10127 Roiecrar.s Ave., Dellftower Call 8 1911 VOLVO FOR VOLVO sales service. Herb FrlediflrKJ**" imports. GE o-«U 59 VOLVO. 4 sneed. Excel, cond. M?$ S0« Ratcn Clr. GA 2-653?. Musi sell. ISM. 434-76K4. 60 VOLVO soort CO'JM, Too cond. S675. 5?I-2W3, WA 5-1835. Antiques Classics 174B 13 CHEV., touring. J1SO. 1210 Paseo · Del Mar, San Pedro. 4:30 to 6 p.m. '41 CHEV. sedan, easv lo reilere. i75. 9589 Atondra, Qellllovrtr ' '38 CHEV. Coe., V-B. Wilson cam, balanced 331. 1575. 431-0822. 'O FORD. 4 dr. Rebuilt molor, oflo. New tires. 8M4N. '38 CHEV. CUSTOM S3SO ME 3-55U ·27 DODGE 4-dr. Srd. 13SO. '55 StutJc President. *175. HA 9-013? '30 MODEL A Sporl Cow* -- Cod« 7N: W7-40W H. B, '40 CAD. GOOD COND. RUNS GOOD. HA 5-0179. ation Wagons 175 CHRYSLER TRADE-IN 62 Plymouth Slallon Waoon, VI, ulomatk, radio, healer, etc. Va- RAY VINES Corner oF Willow Lakewoaa* BL 426-7301 -- Long Beach 64 MALIBU 4 dr ..$1999 CORMIER CHEVRbLET SAN DIEGO FREEV/AY AT 830-5100 '61 CHEV. 9 pass. Parkwcd Won., p/olldf. R.H, P/sleer. Sold as-l^ Beach City Chevrolet 3201 E. Pac. Csl. HWV. GE 3-7X21 RAMBLER station Wncwl, ai!o- - K" 7674 **" RANCHO RAMBLER '58 BUICK Estate Wawo. Pvrr. steerlnn a*d brakes. Immaculate. Low mllcaoe- Must be seen driven to be apwetfaled. «?5. HE 5-7651. Standard. RS.H. tf!003-A ,, S7V9 Beach CHy Chevrolet- 3201 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. GE 3-742. dlo, healer. $53-B r -.S9W Beach City Chevrolet - 3MI E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. GE 3-7421 Stick - -S5W 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-2400 '59 CHYS V/AGON Full Power, Air .. *"' JIM SNOW FORD '61 CHEV. Brookwood 9 pass. Wgn. JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. tAE 4-7600 '« BUIC Spc Was. RH Aulo, Pwr $ °J1M SMOW FORD '60 FORD WAG. $499 Dean Auto Sale* 2300 L.B. Blvtf, ·63 CHEV. 1, white, RK, w-w. Choose from 3. »1.065. 3215 E. Swim). 424-5785 whend HA-1-133S) waooo, air cond., pwr. s rg. brksTsland. shW. SBC. GE 0-1202 '60 COMET Station Wagon . S499 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. WE 3-0791 'SS CHEVROLET Station Was. .S!« PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 505? Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 "PARKWOOD 0 CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME: 3-073 '59 RAMBLER Sta, Wan. . . . . $199 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakcv/ood Blvd. ME 3-07S1 60 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-07o '3 PONTfAC Temp*it. Oe x Int. new J-cvl. engine. Priv. ply. J750 Evas. 438-2590. ·63 DODGE, less than UXOO act ml., excel, cond., prtv. ptv., can '60 COMET Sla. Wag., auto., cic Aulom. Loaded. S2S95. 57i-407 Good cor.d. W95. GA 7-7194. ·54 CHEV. VB, stick, RH, need oalnt. 3230. 634-6092 eves. '56 FORD s!a. vraoon. $99. Good V/ill trade, Dlr. W5-7M '64 CHEVY II 4-dr. wag. 11,000 ml 51199. Will trade. Dlr. 925-7W6. '61 VALIANT, aulom., RH. Gow con. 5700. 435-0267 afl. 4 p.m. '60 RAMB. Cross Counlry. Sil c.k Rebuilt motor. Cln. Reas. 473-925 '62 CHEVY II Sta, Won,; 6-s1ard ard. RHr sofd as U. £592-A i£9 Beach City Chevro et 3201 E. Pac, Csl. H*Y. GE 3-742 r*4 Import Sport Cars 17' 699 ·U CORTIHA ST ^ · · · M ^ ^ ^ Demo. Msfe^^Pl THIS IS A FORD. A FORD CORTINA. CORTINA GOES FAST. 101 miles per tioar. It holes gat, 32 miles per qollon The 2-Door Deluxe costs SI 91 0.00. Plaia Motors sells mart and more We like Cortina. You will, too 24,000-Mile 24-Months Ford Faelorv Warranty PLAZA MOTORS ·· ^ - FACTORY AUTHORIZED DEALER 1/2 BLOCK SOUTH OF ARTESIA BLVD. ON CLARK TO 7-2785 17439 CLARK AVENUE BELLFLOWER atlonWogoBj 175 Au PflpiTif Fnrrl n FALCON Sla. ',','« a U FALCON ?!». VV.B. ~ CH^V- ^' a - VT'.J. V SI PONT. Sla. Wag. U RAMBLER Sla. Wag. -- At.-- P/Slr.-- R" i." H - »I»J '^ 3 CHEVY II $U?9 dr. 9 pan. 6 cvl. pow trol'^e. rawer slterlno. OJH H3. CORMIER CHEVROLET -- SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT " WILMINGTON OFF RAMP J Irng. braKcs. air, luogage ra^k, *w w/w llrcs. Leu Than 20.000 l Jv't. l p?v7 l ^A 1 ;f?i4x c ' 1 " 1 " wal ""' '6 utos for Sale 176 £ MISCELLANEOUS TROUBLED BECAUSE ·« YOJ Can't Buy A Car ON THE INSTALLMENT PLAN? 3 $50 DOWN '" Your vro/rlcs arc over 1 1 at CAVIN USED CARS stcond or last chance to eitaWijh '6, or ri^ilablliri credit. For anyone !h*t we d*em slrvcere Si th«ir desire to do the rietU JWiw-- w« can finance them. CAYIN USED CARS - Jl» W. PACIFIC COAST HWY. *- NAVY, E-3 HAVE CARS-- WILL FINANCE fi HO CREDIT NECESSARY '{ LES RUTLEDGE USED CARS 14tO L.B. Blvd. flifia Manv to choose Irom. S4? S19? PARKWOOD CHEVROLET S0» Lakewood Blvd. ME 30781 RL-ni flM, cood paint i llrcs, ua [nlde, RH, easy en gas oil. Owiw. GE M44J. RAI1SP. aulos. 1100 to UOO. No mow dn. Mr. Cook, 4J3-CT29 pwr. s ro. Make olfer. 421-3443. BUICK '62 BUICK INVICTA r 4 door Hardtop, VS automaUc, "$41 C DbWN ! '$4i MO. carrying charqei, for only 36 mos. ' l or 11 you preter cain only $ 1 1 9 9 FULL PRICE 10-Day Trial Exchanoo. 4M-9VI1 MURPHY LINC.-MERC. T 19^3 LakcwoM) al Circle, L.B. 65 BU LaS. cpe.. air, 17,000 ml, $2799 '5 BIT. Skylark conv., while, like new ,,.. S2?99 '63 8u. Rlv., 1 -owner, a r, 10.000 ac. ml., like new .,S?AW , $1099. ' OslJom's," 20lh' B, Cherry 63 BUICK Skylark; VB, aulo., R-H; w / b e g e Intwror.' $«». Beach City Chevrolet 3J01 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. GE 3*7421 leather. Full power. Wood parel- Ir.g. Factory air. Wire Vrhec covers. S?795. CA 7-8W2 '« BUICK S K Y L A R K HT Co-jce. V-B, RH, Aulom ..... S1S99 JIM SHOW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-16W ealher Inter., wire whls., full pwr., air, Irr.mac., prlv. olv. M2-132.I 63 BUICK 2-toor spec al. RH. CADILLAC QUALITY CADILLACS FOR LESS 50 GUARANTEED CADILLACS TO CHOOSE FROM AT SUNSET MOTORS -- GA 6-5571 2295 Long Beach Blvd. is * de Vi ie CADILLAC CORNER ANAHEIM ATLANTIC -- HE 7-2731 -- OSBORN'S CADILLACS AIR-CONDITIONED '64 60S, beige vfVbcfge ealh./ 25,000 ml., loc. new Cad tratfe- n, $3899, 'W Conv., red w/whlle fop, red nl,, S3299. '61 60S, 21,000 at. mil, Immac., 11 899 '60 Cad. cpe., while, orig. ccnd., 'S? Cad' Flhvd.,' wWle, Immac S899 OSBORN'S, 201h Cherry '65 CADILLAC SEDAN FACTORY AIR CONDITIONED ^ $4500 iir RIDINGS CADILLAC The Only Authorised Cadillac Dealer In the Harbor Area ·W CAD. Seel, tie Vllle. Has every- Ihlng. Bed oiler acceo'ed. KE 2-2233 afltr p.m. A sal. Sun. or TO 7-7205 1:30 to 5:13 p.m. '41 CAD. Conv. Below While SI 199 1S550 Paramount blvd. ME 4.2400 ww. ad[uslao!« Lfeerlno wtieei. roacfed w/exfras. Very clean. HE 7-J729. 55,400 '5S CADILLAC Transportation Spec. SW PARKWOOD CHEVROLET SOS? l.flkevrijod Blvd. ME 30711 · '61 CADILLAC Cpe. De Vllle. Fu S power, FACT. AIR COHD., 13.000 miles, while finish wltn b'ack Interior. SJ7W. TO 7-2745, Dlr. oood tirei, recent valve orlnd Trailer hitch, orla. owner, J375 j Ph. 437-J513 BELLFLOV^ER AUfO STORAGE '57 CADILLAC, Full power My" PARKWOOD CHEVROLET ( »59 Lakevxiod Blvd. ME 3-C7» '62 CAD. Co.iv., red t, whir beyj'v! Has evervlh-'no + air S1995. 4J?.;W3 all. 6:30 p.m. '61 CAD. Sedan rfe VI e, a r. Xlnt cond. S1600 Private parly. 10332 Arlesla, Bellflower ·51 CAD. Cpe. de V. Full pwr. um 4201 Faculty Aft. 4:30 o.m. tloned. 1500. Ii7-Ki9. ·45 CADILLAC black convcVhb'e Facl. air, etc. Call 849-7542. Air very nfc«. HE 4-1787; 434-4M '62 CAD. CONVERT., new loo. « eel. ccnd. SUM. rn-Slh p acl '57 CAD. Too cond. 1135 Dawson, Acl. 1 '63 CAD Converl, air, fu 1 povre j UM dn. After 5. 6X-23I3. PUIII nr.olor. Beit oiler. tU-ii '59 CAD * dr. perl, thruout. Auto^ Bifo, healer. 7U-t97-74 CHEVROLET ~M CHEV~4~-dr. Hdifl. "R H. slic shift, 6 cvl. 630-34 '« IMPALA 2-dr.. like re-v, oo sfr. brfcl. Facr. a r. 70 7-32 pwr. slro.. all elK. U4S. '*}·', '54 CHEV. Bel Air 4-dr. hdfo. A torn. Rum ortal. 5300. GE 1-2W '« CHEV. Impala 55; VS; P olid P/lleer, R-H; SP4J; a ifea , Beach Cify Chevro et 3201 E. Psc. C»l. H-W. GE 3-74 '» CHEV. Bel Alrc 2 door, Kl Phone t6»40o '63 CHEV. Imuala VS. Po*erolkl R1H, oow,r steering. 421-2370 '59 CHEV. 2-dr., 4 speed. GH cond. t70D. New Interior. 4M-JO '62 CHF-V. BIK. V.| ujlom. Rl Low ml. Prlv. ntv. SW5. 63544 '45 CHEV. fmpala SS; P-46; P/glide, P/sleer, K-H; AIR: f 1 cuoi« wllh malchln? Irim. 57?" Beach City Chevrolet 3»l E. Pac. Csl. Hw. GE 3-7 ·58 CHEVY i dr. Like orlo'na . 5 tilt wkdavi afl. s. Pvl. »r ·U) CHEV. Imoala. 3 ipted-Kur Xlnt. cind. »73i TOMI »-5 ·K CHEV., telephone Injclf w bio box: 'S6 «n». 5MO. ««4I7. '!/ CHEV. Irr.pala convert. G rosforSo)* 174 Autos fer Sal* 174 A CHEVROLET D ·£· C J N Pacific hord 1 Chevro ft II Nov4i 3-dr le^^ . 3-lpera. radio, healer, etc. loo vaKxl Lie.. »Kiz 3li. r 3400 CHERRY AVE. £ $ 1 3 9 5 f OKG BEACH 426-3X1 f \ MALIBU 4 Dr. .$1999 55RM?ER' CHEVROLET '« SAN OIEGO FR«vy»Y AT i WILMINGTON OFF RtMP v CHEVROLET Inwala S.S. CouDei ... ulomatk, radio, healer, power 'al eerlng brakes, whllewa-h. o «k S320S . .11795 SALTA PONTIAC J 545 Long Beach Blvd. HE 74111 " CHEVELLE $1999 r'seenng^'RJH.^GJ'R 0 ^.' M '* rn CORMIER CHEVROLET 01 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-5»5 CHEVELLE Wallbou Cpe. VI P/ 7T eer. R-H, P/brakei. 5739A . . . Boach City Chevrolet 201 E. Pac. Csl. Vlwv. GE 3-7421 '6J CHEV. Bel Air. RH. ClennL Hurrv lor IhU cnel _ 5217 NO CASH NEEDED OAC Ray Johnson GE 3-0929 -4. CHEV. SS Impala CM. New en. g'ne 3.000 ml. Pwr. sir. brks. M, bucket seals, lealtier uphol. -3 r ccd for ocfck sale. 51650. Call * ^arge Sullon. 433^71 cr GE a.|J(S. CHEVELLE Mallbu CC(. SP-15; n V8 P/gllde, R-H. P/shwr; while " *llh red Irlm 123M Boach Cify Chevrolet 3201 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. GE 3-7421 0 IMPALA $999 ~, Sooit Cpe. 6 cvL rxnvtrollde, rad-o A hearer. INU 221. CORMIER CHEVROLET SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT V/ILMiNGTON OFF RAMP ' ew-Moc 1 CHEVROLET Imtnln, V-l, auto- malic U ant. j cower sreerlr.ff, r^- (Jlo. heater. S'ock i?590 . M95 RANCHO RAMBLER . 3163 Long BeacH Blvd. 591-1^1 2 CKEV. Imoala SS; V8 .P/gllde; warranty SISW; Beacn CHy Chevrolet 3X)1 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. GE 3-7«l 5 CHEVELLE A^a^lbu 5S. V-8, P/ elide, o/sleer., RH. £P47. Reoal Beach City Chovrolot 3M1 E. PJC. Cil. Hwv. CE 3 -74J1 P/gllde, P/steer, R-H; J3S9A; OK uicd car; JIW9 Beach City Chovrolot 3». B. Pac. Cst. H-.W. GE 3-7421 63 CHEVROLET .... $1199 CORMIER CHEVROLET 5AN DIEGO FRFEViWY AT WILMINGTON OFF RAWP UO-5100 57 CHEV. 2 OR. Slick ,, w» JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramtmnl Blvd. ME 4 MM 63 CHEV., Bel Alrc, 4 dr., R H , pwr. sirs., aiHorn,, 53.000 mi. · owner. Accrelcd Suoullei Inc. 614-1 Cherry, cor. of Curry SI. G A 3-1482 RiH, Auto, P/St«r ... SHW JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Otvd. MFi 4-7600 P/glid*,. R-H, P/s1eer; aRM; black with black trim; S19M. Beach City Chevrofet 6 CHEV. Imp, H.T. Co«. V-l Stick _.. . M9? JIM SNOW FORD 62 CHEVY. 4 Dr. Hdtc. ImD.i'fl. Clean. 11195. GA 6 W3S, afl. 4 ·GA 9-4431. S3 CHEV. Bel Air Sedan 1299 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET S059 Ldkewood Blvd. ME J-0/51 BRAND New '66 Caorlce CD*. S7725 PARKWQOD CHEVROLET £05? Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-07(1 '36 CHEV. HdlD. V-8. slkk., .5199 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvrt. ME 3-07 '65 1WPALA FiXly rfqurpD«t_, S2SW PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0711 BRAND New '66 Chevell 1 Dr, Vl990 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0731 BRAND Ntw '66 Corvalr CM. SU?0 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET a '« CHEV. Bel Air 2-Or. VI. P/ ollde, R-H, P/Jleer. ffJ5SB . . SHARP. SW9. Beach Cify Chevro et 3W1 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. GE 3-7«l One-owner car. 27,000 c r f g na '59 CHEV., 6 cvl., sHck sMIt, ? dr., BlicavfiC, S295. 1916 E. La-'rel, Comnlon. . Ph. 439-6789 Pwroikfe. (453 or best ofr. HA 5^35?. 6 N» C C;M)I' needed OAC/ ME 3-7531 BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE '58 CHEVY. Imoala ?-dr. Melalllc b ue. stlcV, 348, Iriocwer, rh, BRAND N*v/ '66 C^^e^ f ^f II SIM? PARKWOOO CHEVROLET 5059 Lafcewood Otvtf. ME 3-0781 1965 CHEVY Imna'a Suptr Socrl. Full/ equ'D-, like ne*. 52495 or best offer, pvl. parly. GE 1-491? '6J CHEVELLE Mallbu SS; VS P/ glide, P/l1e«r, R-H; S P43: V« ^ Beach City Chevrolet 3701 E. Pac. Cst. H*Y, GE 3-7421 '60 IMPALA H.T. P/ol!de, R-H, P/ ileer, whMe/ccd int., extra c can PJ?A 1W9 Beach City Chevrolet 3JO E. Pac. Csl. Hwv. GE 3-742 '6i CHEV. imoala Suoer Set. Fu power . . . . 11895 JIM SHOW FORD 1SJM Par^mounl Blvd. ME 4-360C P-olTde, pvr-r trans. ilr., RiH like n«w, S16?5. GE 1-3739 'M CHEVY tmpala 4 dr sedan, im mac., only 44^100 ml., orla. owner pti. ^24-3^e7 · '64 CHEV. Hdtp. Coupe S.S. Pwr s t3-, pwr. brakci, a'r cond A.M.-F.M. ratfro. 57250. «fl-5?Sv. '6* CHEV. Chevelle SS, 4 joeed 5-3410. '41 CHEVROLET, S450. CALL 423-2117 AFTER 4:30 P.M aulo., S15W. TO 7-7W5, *r. Must sell rmmcrf. 472 «7 Call ME 3-3J03 '64 CHEV Impala con«rl. RiW po-*er, orlg. ovn. 51775. HA 9-OW '60 CHEV. Bel Air, V-8, w-w, Rih aulom, 1700. Prlv. otv. 4M-54V CHEVYS. Ov?r 30 at AUTOVILLLE 3?1 E. Annhelm, Wllm. TE S-02 ·64 CHEV. Imoaf*. w/txjcket s«»l aulom. Fi/ll pwr, TE 1-W '«S CHEV. SS, 51SO for mv ccull · '59 CHEV. Cherry-- sood ccndhlai Call 840 MM. ' '57 CHEV. Zlfc 4-oV. V-3, auton Heetfs *ome v/ork. 5175. 4?J-i75 - '66 CHEV. rmpala, S S. coo., w/a W-w llrcs, (Jl«:. CflU Bill, 63464 ; THU ! fit a TH U- 7. a /S ( - SAVE I j I JIM m £ CORNER PARA '' nMBH m PARA KX) CHEVROLET D QUESTION .... '6 boul It. his '61 Chnv. 8ol Air -Door Sedan IS LEAN ai-i-pin; »hin body «llh v* InltMor; eov'Omenl irxiixJti r'iie*fing. factory air. OE iJO. w /orne HOLMES-- Dodge Sth AMwittc 436-713; 'i. CHEV. i.v-cils Cc--vc.-:!b!:; V» ·glide. R H, P itetr; c?liA: «ilh l-Yr. warranty.. 114«. ~ »l E. P*c. Cil. Hwv t GE 3 ;411 CHEV. Ima. ccnv. AJr tor.d. Full jwtr 11050 JIM SHOW FORD CHEVY IL Kova 4 df. 4. Aulo, l-H, ffP-W _ SIS99 Beach City Chovrolot C H £ V . BEL AIR JIM SNOW FORD CHEV. Irvpala 5 -dr. New UD--I. tlrei. RAH. Stick; Virv HA 9-OJI2 Bel Air 4 dr. V-9. P/fllkJe, P/ Beach' City" Chevrolet 3J01 E. Pac. CiT. Hwv. GE 3-7411 IMPALA Convert. Full powtr. AIR. vellow/blacX Int. rR3 57. W Beach City Chovrolot 3701 E. Pac. C»t, Hwv. GE 37431 au!o.. p/ileer/ !_ . J_. ili« JIM SHOW FORD J CHEV. Bel Air 4 Dr. VI P/ glide; P/ilttr, R.H: £Ci1A; ^ Ih l-Yr. warranty. SI3W. Beach City Chovrolot iS CHEVELLE Msllby CM.: VI P/ plkJe, P/il«r R-H; rPSO; mh( bliw wilh roVchlno trim _. »?399 Beach CHy Chovrolot 3M1 E. Pac. Cit. H*Y. GE 3-7471 2 C iEVROLET S.S. AulomAlIc, r«db, healer, pt*cr tlecDng. RANCHO RAMBLER 7160 Long Beach Blvd. 591-3341 RAND Sew '65 Impel a SPt Cpe. S7375 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET U CHEV. Imaila Coupe, VI, P/ OlWe; R-H, P/steer; S7BOA; silver bit* AND NICE. JU99. Beach City Chevrolet 3201 E. Pac. Cil. Kwv. GE 3-7/31 « CHV. Imo. HT, COOM. Fac 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-2600 3KAND Ntw '65 Chev. 4 Dr. Sedan PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0711 3RAHD New '66 CKev. 9 P*». Del A'r W»pon 1717S PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 57 CHEV. Sport Cpe. V'3, aulo. PAR'K WO 6O" C H E V R 6 L'E T 5059 Laknvood Blvd. ME 3 0/81 '60 CHEV. Imp. 2-dr. ht., V-8, c ean. Take over ovmls. Si* nto. Oavi TO 7-7238? eve. 428-M3. 64 CHEVY super sporl ?dr. M V-l, autom. power ileerlng brakes. 41995. Dlr. 33 8193. P/glkJe, R-H, P/ilee^ ; a P-79 furouoJie w/makh Iflm. 1219?. Beach City Chovrolot 3MI H. Pac. C»l. Hsw. GE 3-74 CHRVSLER ·57 CHRYSLER New Yorker, 2 Dr Hardlop, pwrso brakes, RM4 utos far Sol* 17* ul CHRYSLER 2 CHRYSLER JII99 ^rwtxxt 4 dr. VI. aulomAllc, DCW- r ilecrlng. RH. KCI1 in. /^/"knljico r^UcyDOl CT SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT w,L«iNGr?jy ); r RAMP p5i H ?;?-v.7y Y A'i r2 -' ) '-' K ^ *s NO Cain' N«Jef OAC. ME S 7S3I 'V · S l l P i n w p p AUTO STORAGE A CHRYSLER . , - $7! PARKWOOD CHEVRLET JO S5» LakewKd Blvd. ME 30711 . fc | COMET M Pacific Ford c it Cornel 2 door Sedan. 6 ot., f "' Tk '-' CF8$ ^5 ' ' 4 ^ 3600 CHERRY AVE. 4 j cower s-n CM. 4-od. w*^ JIM SNOW FORD · -15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-7600 '^ 0 COMET, RiH. Auto. . Ji9t jy JlM SNCiW FORO / U COMET converllble. a'r eond , autom. Irani V?W. 415-3035. CONTINENTAL '« '64 LING. Cont. 4 Or Sed. " Full power, Itttlory air cond'.lion- $319? FULL PRICE ^ la-Day Trlnl Exchange 4W-«U i, MURPHY LINC.-MERC. ·9O Lakewood «t CircU, L.B. 6 ·if, lesiher. «ntr»», prlvale catty. p U?G»ii or IE -OHi 'iS CONTINENTAL SEDAN t r, father, extra*, wl. wrtv. 3 U CONTINENTAL. Muit tell (7.000 ' Xlnt. ccnd. GA 7-3790. CORVAIR ·« 40 CORVAIR, deluxe. own- «r, W.OOO nil. Ph. 9 am, lo 1 B.m 439W11 or a Her 1 0 m. CA iS MOHZA Couoe, Futlv Eauloled. iisw M59 Lakewoodi lvd. ME 3071 60 CORVAIR 700 couot. A rig No C*ih Needed OAC. ME 3-7S3 77 DELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE * vair Mo^ia, RH, 4 ipeed, ttKkel ,7 tea i, oood cond. $4*0. HA 5-7W1 ' ·U CORV. Sovder. Xtn,l ccnd. 4.iod ,-7 no aniwer call Bob 374-WS. 'W CORVAIR Cce. .... VW 3 JIM SNOW FORD 1S550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4 ?MO · ·60 CORVAIR Sedan . SJ?9 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET W59 LAkewood Blvd. ME 3-0 '31 'W MONZA. RH . . . 11099 JIM SNOW FORD 1SS53 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-7*00 'M CORVAIR SpytJer 4-wd. _,*14W JIM SNOW rORO 1SSSO Paramount Blvd. ME 4-7600 '45 CHEV. Corvilr 4 icwcd, ww Hres. RH. 140 H-P. Talt« WOQ (- taki over pavmli. 43447YX evil, '43 CORVAIR Dlx. RH. 1 new l(r«, 4 iDtex], IM vnglna. Sac. '43 CORVAIR Moms, RH, FM IUA- '63 SPYDER Monza, 4-ipd Ducktl Jtals, RH. Call 41\-4H1 m\n\ sacrlllce. 43i«4S '« CORVAIR CORSA, 11100. 1310 PARADE. 437-89B7 '63 CORVAIR Coe., 4-IDd. U99. Call WOO down, f"^ 0 ^ Pavmls. 714, a ^°^ aJH ^^ ^'^^ AUTHORIZED NEW CAR DIRECTORY FOR SALES SERVICE BUICK Ptalrs Iroi. Bulck CADILLAC 1501 L.B. Blvd. HE 1-tUI CHEVROLET CorrnEer Chevrolet on Sa.n Dlopo Freewav at WllmlnglOfi off rftmo. 830-5100 leach C\tj Ch*vrol«r 3001 E. PCH GE 3-7411 George Chevrolet 17000 Lkwd. Bl. BcU. VM 5-7 i SI GlcdMII Cbcvrolor 3W EasF Anaheim Wllmlnolon Harbor Chevrolet 3778 Crurrv GA 4-33*1 Parkwood Chcvroftt 50H Lskewood Blvd. ME 34761 Carl's Motors Ed Barbarl 4?1? Caixfewood, Lkwd. 634-7SM R, O. Gould Co. i60Q Long Beach Bf. HE 7-JI71 ENGLISH FORD C. Bob Aufrcy IBM t.R. Blvd. 591*1373 Plaza Motors T743-) ClarV Ave., Belli. TO 7-1 n FIAT Palmer Melon 3X0 Allwlk GA (015- FORD Glen Organ ford HO So. L. 8. Blvd. CD. NE 2-7N Henslcy'Anderion j «J! A'ondra. Btl II. TO J-tn Kotr Smolar U! Weil Ana*i«lm V/il.Tilna ^ - Los Allos Ford 7WJ B-llllower Blvd. yttrTIb Mel Burns Ford rm L.B. Blvd. «i-JJ 1 ' Pacific Ferd j MO) Cherry Ave. 7«.JX v DATSUN ,; Long 2«ach Motors DODGE Glenn E. Thomoi U3 E. Anaheim 437-649 Jack Wldgtr Dodg* U900 Lkwd. Bl., Belf TO 6-9011 43) N. L. 0. Blvd. Cpl. NE 1-1514 Suburban Dod*a« 441 E. .An ah dm Wilmington Verne Holmes Dodqo 2Vh , Atlantic GA 4 S603 JEEP Dos«r Mofa/s 4005 E. ANAHEIM G S^UO LINCOLN MERCURY 1940 Lkewood Blvd. 404-9911 Ray Flad«bo« 17617 Bell. 01., Dell. TO A-\76\ 91? H. L.B. Blvd. Cpf. 439-6507 MERCEDES Palmer Motors 3300 Atlantic GA 4-0154 OLDSMOBILE Dick irownlng Oldsmobtlt Leo Rule Oldi 50SS- L.B. Blvd., Cpl. NE 1-4111 : t pONTIAC J. P. Lamerdln, Inc. 211 N. L. B. Blvd. Cot. 639 WAI Relman-TurpTn PantTac Sails Pontlac RAMBLER Don.A-Vot Rambler ! 1S73? Selll. Dlvd. TO 7-73S6 Friendly Rambler 410 H. L. B. Blvd. Cot. NE t«il Holiday Rambler j 1427 L.B. Blvd. HE 4-9001 Rancfio Rambler 3)60 Lang Belch Blvtf. 59I-3M - TOYOTA n Hal Keenum's Imparti VOLKSWAGEN Kandon Motors , Pacific Cll. Hwv. al rJorrnwKTi J Hvbcr CM/ TE 2UH Lakewood Motors 1 SllSSoulh 51. Lk*iJ TO 40711 Les Carpenter, Inc. 305 S L.6. Bl., CPT. 633-7143 RlcVetfs Motors 7 10'fl I, L.B. Blvd. O4-S72I '66 INDERBIRDS E PRICE BREAK "TO S 1000. SNOW FORD MOUNT and ALONDRA BOULEVARDS MOUNT -MEtcalf 3-1107 w for S«l« . 19* CORVAIR 1 T A '61 MONZA . "SPORT COUPE" . to. Ir^ns.. r*dfo, Mattr, Hoots f l rni vrhllt boav, r«xi oucVtt t»; tio-iaa cond.tlon. - ?87V .A-i MEL BURNS FORD IS Long ntatH Blvd. I9li)!J CORVA1R $599 mM COUD*. 4 loeedr radio, ;6'RMlER 3 CHEVROLET iAH DIEOO FREEWAY AT W LM1NGTON OFF RAMP 130-5100 . ' CORVAIR $499 onza. 4 laeed, KIX 304. :ORMIER CHEVROLET SAM DIEGO FREEV/AY AT WILMINfiTON 5FF RAMP, CORVAIR $1599 ATM. 4 »p«ed. PCG K9t CORMIER CHEVROLET 130-5100 CORVAIR Co/ia; 9424A: t- e«d; R-M; whlTc wllt\ red EA- r or $W5 Boach CHy Chovrolef 1 CORVAIR »999 «1». 4 UMCd. KIX 304. · . CORMIER CHEVROLET Jl Long DtKh Blvd. HE ·«?« Ml. ep.tM :ail99 Beach City Chevrolet Nl E. Pac. Cll. H«Y. CE 3-7471 t'acX Mjulv; silSA; MM Boach City Chevrolet »1 E. Pac. Cll. Mov. GE^MUI CORVAIR Monn. 4-!D«d, RH; ?tol rtd: 3 750 A; 1U99 Boach City Chovrblat »l E. Psc. Cll. Hwv. GEJ-7411 CORVAIR Mofiia 3-iMCd; R-Hl JTiMB; ocnl 111) 11 !«« -., Boach City Chovrole^ 3701 E. Pac. Ol. H«v. CE'174!I CORVETTE VETTES-- Ovor 30 of..'Em BOB THOMPSON AUTO SALES TOO Long Btach blvd. 591-5459 3 CORVETTE Flllback. Sllvjr Cfav. 300 H.P. Orio. own..?t.00a 4 CORVETTE CM. 4 pd., 300 ho, DaiUraclliui. Sit mi ims-1125 7 V E T T E , Itljtp, cxull. -mid.. ir.usl «ll (»0. FAIrfnx 1-0177. 4 CORVETTE. Mew chrcmi.A In!. Mutl iclll «00. tp-iU3 d CORV. F.I., 4 MM«1 hdlR ' E x - ert. SI7DO caih. II I W llrtl. SO-4601 DE SOTO . 2 OE SOTO. ptrlccl cond./ rloM Ironl da.niaaed. UO. See ader 4 p.m. 14U PARADE, APT. i DODGE '«-. CHRYSLER TRADE IN ·U Dodo O.T. Hard loo. Vllh healtr, whllrwall Ilrf5, httdrnl, really a liaulln:! Tow mluao« car ,,. ^'^ RAY VINES^H Corner ol Willow i Lakiwood Bl. 44 DODGE POLARA 5M. VI, aulo. RH, P/ltewlAQ . . Ltl(99 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET M DODOE J-dr. lidtD., full · TO r. Sharp palnl C. Inlirlor. Oood ruo. Ixr, TOH well. 1!i5. ME «704 tvjtofli., pwr. iirg. r faa, . wir- rani/. !l5??. 4»-8U7. 57 DODGE-- oood running' ^cood. rrr" FIRST OF THE:: WEEK USED CAR SPECIALS "»V GEORGE" i'; 'B) CHEVROLET WAQ6N 4-Dxr. slick ihllt, radio. 'At) fieatef. In iturwilng 2-lone tin- A. E »tr. $399 Lkeiiii No. QWP 191 . '52 CHEVROLET '/ 2 *TMN He»w duty 3-lpeed Irani., with «Mt ( 499 m rr ° r Lr«nreJo"."Fil3Sl '0 EL GAMING V-«, J-ioerf, radio »nd heal«r. In ermlnu wMJe fUilin. · -Tho moil sovoht* ^'kQrQ License Mo. 41191 '62 CHEVROLET !. 4-Dfror Biicayxi Sedan. £-cy- CrvHr, PimerglldB, rad^o JtKd finfi'h'' .'". W "' .. .. _'699 Llcnu No. KHL 160 '61 FORD 1/,-TOK- SKIelWi. VS, 3-1 petd. : Fu4lv equfpoed. Exlrn ^6Q4 GEORGE SAYS '·'. Buy (hi no risk way · On lime lint OK USED CARS wllh the 7-Oav Trial ExUiamxi and a U-MOHTFT GUARANTEE oo tach OK USED CAR. OVER 150 TO CHOOSE FROM of CHEVROLETS, FOROS, QUICKC MIJSTAHGS, POIITIACJ, n i g h t l y u«d VOLKV WACEHS by Ihf doierri, Ova lo our lunMea Adverllv Ing Space/ we hav* many dupllcatloiii. We mint ccn. tkiue lo sell the** line OK USED CARS ai me iJEvy CHEVROLET TRADE-INS ccnM.-wp 10 coma En AND MO REASONABLE OFFR V/ILL BE REFUSED, BY | GEOROEM1 '62 FORD -Doar. V-l, Crulvo^matlc, r»fl«- ar.d heall^. whliq iklewil s. your luli/re . -- *,»*' Ltcenn NO. LEZ KS ''. '62 CHEVROLET i/z-TOU^ Fteeltlde. Heavy duly 1M«I. B:g "4" entfr.e, radio -a«j l-etler. In 2-!w.« oretn flrlsli. Extra /ilci ^odd ""' "Llccnn No. jS'liT '63 CHEVY II :. , wlih cftflUJ^tlna Interior, radio, f-tafer, 6-cvl-r Hick. 'OQO Eafra nk« fix only _. *'*'*? no. ffft "~ '63 MOHZAS ( 1 5 ) ' i Soorti 1'Door. Choice or coFort and eculwne.-it. E/a-ro Soor 2-Or., 4-io»ed tran* . rwo ao healer, lurbo enylne wd rea : nice In eimine X)C|1 wh;ie - - - ·'««»' ! Lkeflla Ho FLJ 191 ' . VOLKSWAGENS "M" USEO '«, '«. '«, .'i. model!. Choice ol color} 'aoc eoulon-.erl, tmmfdl^'p (Wlvery E«an-ole: I1W In b:i.-e «"'w No Down Poymen^, Problem Hero ; ^ OPEH UHTIt ID P.H. BAItY INCLUDING SUNDAY WA 5-2251 · S P 3 - 4 [ » nOOO UKEWOOD BLVD IK BEUFLOWER I

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