Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 21
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 21

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 21
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Iliiinbolil! Home HUMBOLDT STANDARD Thursday, April 5, 1962, P. 21 GREEN LOT NURSERY 6210 Avalon HI 3-1480 Across From Ridgewood School (South on Walnut, Left on Avalon} Bedding Plants Select From 30 Varieties FUCHSIAS Are Roily-in Gil. Can By Popular Demand JUNIPER TAMS Can ** Special thru April 15th CORRY'S KILLS THEM DEAD! BEST OF THE BAITS Dishwashers Now Become Necessity "An automatic dishwasher is a luxury until you have one and then it becomes a necessity," said at the recent training school fo one of the homemalter-delegates kitchen specialists sponsored b U. S. Homemafcers Top Kitchen Planners to'McCall's Fifth National Con ress on Better Living. Her statement expressed the majority opinion of the delegates from all 50 states who have elec :ric dishwashers. Some of the oth er comments taped during a dis cussion of automatic dishwashers included these: 'I find they save an awful lot of TM es ·" Arthur c - Johns of LIV ING magazine said, "the home maker develops a menial pictur of the kitchen she wants. In he mind it is complete even to th knick-knacks. "Eventually she n e e d s tw ime.. "It's like a maid for me. I spend my evenings with my hus- )and now, rather than in the lilchen washing dishes." "I like mine because you can put the breakfast and lunch things n it when you are in a hurry and wash once a day." "They get dishes sanitary -colds don't go through my fami y like they used to." Some of the delegates who don't h a v e automatic dishwashers earned that many of their preconceived notions about modern electric dishwashers were mis aken. They found out, for instance, that pre-rinsing dishes in the house. "Among my friends, I'm the only one who has a new dish- vasher and there's no comparison between this and the others I have seen," one woman com- anc ust brush off loose food, my dishes always come clean," she explained. A few of the women experienced in the ways of automatic dishwashers told how they g 'extra mileage" from them: "I use it a lot for canning." "I do the baby's bottles in the lishwasher b e f o r e I sterilize hem." ® Kitchen Bath ® ® Remodeling ( · Specializing In Formica®, work £ · Custom Designing | CALL HI 2-9531 (anytime) The American housewife is th world's best kitchen planner. A she needs is some specialized he to make her "dream kitchen come true. Nine times out of le it evolves around wood kitche cabinets. These points were emphasize the National Institute of Woo Kitchen Cabinets. Attended by 13 kitchen men and women from a parts of the nation, the school wa staffed' by experts in kitche planning, design, color coordina :ion and selling. "From shopping home shows open houses, exhibits and maga linds of help. First, she must fin someone capable of translalin her ideas into a visual present lion which she and her family ca analyze for conveniences an costs. Second, she needs someon to supervise the installation." School Hos Busy Schedule To meet the demand for thes dual services, which are the func tion of the kitchen specialist, fou days of the school were devote helping to procedures for helping th by hand is a waste of time if housewife decide on the kitche there's a new electric dishwasher she wants. One-half of the tim was spent in mastering a spec system of floor plan, elevatio and perspective drawing. The homemaker also control the choice of cabinets, finishe and appliances, according to Ge mented. "I never rinse them-- Young, an eastern kitchen con sultant and color stylist. High o ler preference list are factory finished wood kitchen cabinets she said, because natural finishev woods are made to go with mod ern appliances and kitchen ac cessories. To emphasize her point, Mrs Young told of a couple who re modeled a kitchen in order to se! their house at a profit, after i vas completed, the couple tool the, house off the market becausi e GERRY CARRICO formerly o[ K £ B Remodel Paving and Oiling SeO l-COClt Beautify your home . . . let us put your patio in or pave the driveway. If you have a parking lot we'll do that too! No job too large or too small. FREE ESTIMATES! Acme Paving Co. Licensed Contractor It 9-2642 Bring the right toucfi of warmth and decor for your fireplace with . . . · HEARTH SCREENS · PERMAPtEAT® SCREENS · GRATES · FENDERS · HEARTH SETS · HEARTH BASKETS · ANDIRONS · FIRELIGHTERS We measure, manufacture and install hearth screens -- any met.l, any size, all styles. Portable displays shown in your fireplace, days or evenings. Sensible prices. Here's The D. C. McDonald Co., Inc. BUILDING SUPPLIES AT THE FOOT OF 'F' ST. EUREKA. HI 3-3145 FORBUSCO HAS Glidden's COLOR HUE EXTERIOR PRIMER ]59 Quart Gallon USE OUR BUDGET PLAN 59 QUESTION: The lical in house is in the ceilings. Very often the upper part of a room is vcrj warm, but it is Uio cool in tin lower part. Even though there arc exhaus fans in the kitchen and bathroom those windows steam up. We have storm windows and doors a! through the house. The heat is electric. Would it help to put In baseboard heat? ANSWER: It would appear that you have a problem of overin- sulation. When it is properly installed, insulation can save up to 30 per cent in heating costs, as we'll as making a home far more comfortable. But even the manu- "acturers of insulation admit thai it is possible to over-insulate. One theory is that this occurs occasionally with electric heat, since extra heavy insulation is often recommended for that type of heating. In this particular case, it is quite possible that the walls anc ceilings are over-insulated, bul that there is insufficient insulation in the 'floors. Is there an unheated crawl space beneath the house, a concrete slab floor without a vapor barrier or an air space between the top of the foundation wall and the wooden siT of the house? If you have one of these conditions, depending on the type of construction, it mighj be causing part of the trouble. In any case, baseboard- type iieating would help. But our advice is to have a heating contractor determine what's wrong after a personal inspection. FORBUSCO FORTUNA BUILDERS SUPPLY RA 5-3413 West of Safowoy Fortune the kitchen was so livable an workable. This is not an unusua case, she said. 'It's the woman who has th first and last word on what he kitchen should be like," a sale consultant, Dr. Joseph W. Thomp son of Michigan State University told the trainees. "If you wan to be successful in the kitche business, you must learn to listen Given half a chance, the home maker will tell you all you nee to know about the kind of a kitch en she wants to buy." Want Better Kitchens There are not nearly enoug dtchcn specialists today lo mee the demand, he said. More thai half a million kitchens are re modeled annually. This represent a billion dollar-plus market whicl s far from the potential becaus seven out of ten women are dis satisfied with their present kitcli ens. Women seeking ideas on kitch ens can get them in a number o ways, other speakers advised Newspapers and magazines an ·ime sources. Design centers am markets in large cities are othe 'showcases." Home shows, stat and county fairs also are sources if kitchen ideas. Manufacturers of brand name wood cabinets, it was pointed out often are helpful in recommend ng kitchen specialists. Distinctive Trees More Attractive; If someone asked you to nami .he most attractive small tree in ,he general nursery trade, you could make a good' case for the Japanese maple. At least it would be very hard to find others more ittractive. Whether grown as bonss hvnrfs. as container trees or as 'nil size specimens, Japanese Maples are all the gardener could ask. Their delicately cul eaves, modest size and attract ve fall coloring are all plus fac ors. And even if the fall color Iocs not reach its potential, as ften happens in even-lempera- ure coastal gardens, you cannot cally find fault with this hand- omc tree. Members of the California As- ociation of Nurserymen offer everal Japanese Maples which he gardener should acquaini limself with. Commonest ol hem is the standard green leai ariety which so often fills the iced of a small patio tree. Its eaves are deeply cut in some pecimens, not so deeply cut in thers. Choose them when they .re in' leaf if you are particular bout this. This is the Japanese laple which often blazes with olor in fall gardens. Another is the Bloodleaf Maple, tree startling red-purple color ·om the time it breaks its \vin- r rest until the leaves drop in all. Still another is the lovely aceleaf Maple, whose red eaves are so finely cut you might think them shredded if hey weren't so delicately pat- erned. AH the Japanese Maples sub- nit to dwarfing and are excel- ent tubbed specimens on the eck. Laceleaf Maple, however, s a natural dwarf, doing most of growing horizontally. It is ex- ellent on the margin of a pool, 'here part of it is trained to ang out over the water. A more eautiful sight you couldn't ask These Japanese Maples are not eat lovers and in the warmer ections of California are 'best rown in the filtered shade of ller trees or on the north side f a house away from the sun's ottest rays. They are relatively esistant to drought but when rown in tins extra care should e taken to prevent their drying; ut. An unwanted drying will] rce the tree in to dorman id might even kill it back. 15,000 NAILS Are Used in Our Roof Trusses for the Average House Denwood Engineered Pre-Built Roof Trusses 2% Discount · A STRONGER ROOF /0 · SAVE TIME MONEY For Cash · FHA UBC APPROVED Delivered to your job by BOB RETAIL LUMBER 2800 HUBBARD LANE HI 2-4817 Bolweon Myrllo Avo. Harm St., En re It* Wo T.iko Night Calli Gardener's Checklist 1. Seed a new lawn right n or best results. 2. Spruce up your deck or pa or the better days ahead. Tubb lamboo, pines and New Zeala Flax are good accent plants : deck. · 3. A spray program for ros hould be launched now if y laven't started it already. 4. Late March is one of t Azaleas m o s t prolific bloo eriods. Shopping for them n nables you to see just what y re getting. 5. Transplant Tuberous Beg ias to rJieir permanent locati 'hen the tops have about thr nches of growth. Sundeck Addlion Provides Good 'Outdoor Living' If your home does not have 11 outdoor living" atmosphere yc ave been hearing so much abou ou can achieve it with the add on of a sundeck. It may be bu djacent to the house or in co unction with the carport or ga ge; on the round or on stilt imple or elaborate as a family eeds and resources dictate. An 'here outdoor living already part of the home's over-a rchitectural scheme, it can 1 ncorporated, such as a sundei djoining a swimming pool. Solid lumber has many virtu s a good material for a sundec can be used for.the decking elf, for the supports, for win creens and for the roof, if r uired. While some persons pr er that the sundeck be just tha ompletely exposed to ths sun 1 times, others want a parti oof where they can take a antage of shade. The placement of the sundec nd the incorporation of prote ve screens and the like depen )on three factors; existing ·raping, property lines and th rection of the sun's rays an revailing winds. Perhaps the windward side e deck should be sheltered. Pr ction can be achieved via stinctive lumber screen aloi ic windward side of the dec y using a latticework desig ertical or horizontal louvers, basketweave for the scree ou can get protection witho 1 'tally cutting off the supply · l*ht ai»cl air. The contour of the land ofte etermines whether the sundec lould be raised off the groum sloping terrain, a raised su. eck is an easy way of providin flat surface where none nati illy exists. If the sundeck is nc be raised, however, the \Ves n Pine Association suggests tha e wood be thoroughly treate ih a "penta" (pentachlorophei Glass Doors for Fireplace New way to eliminate imoke from [replace. Keep your mantle clean nd sparkling and at the lama ie cut out cold drafti. Ideal for ·ner and fee-thru types. Guar- leed to eliminate smoke or your ney back. Actually gives more omfort with greater safety. Lower uet bills . . . 35 sixes. Send far ree folder with prices listed. "The eit investment you ever made n your home." Exclusively at "Anything for the Fireplace" Including accessories W. A. SIPES Distributor 123 Pino St. Eureka HI 3-5465 House Plants Are Fine For Hobby, Says Association Growing plants in the house- especially those that bloom un dcr normal room conditions- can be a rewarding experience. For anyone who lives in an apartment, it's the only answer. But even the gardener with space to spare enjoys having plants close by where he can putter with them day or night. Indoor plants are the hobbyist's delight, and the person who buys his first Alrican Violet or his first Orchid often launches himself into a new way of life. Before you kno-' it, he's added another and still another companion to his ·irst purchase--usually the same :ype of plant, for hobbyists are specialists, too. If you like the idea, but don't mow "here to start, an African Violet or two or three will provide the ideal launching point. These dainty little plants are eas- fuschia sociely might ob j ect here| ly grown when given the right light, and so varied are they in color and form that growing hem is a constant new exper- ence. African Violets like tempera- ures that stay above 60 degrees and about as much light every day as they would derive from for the fuschia enjoys the same climatic conditions, but maybe this will interest some of them Lo try some of the unusual Rhododendrons). The patch of Fragranttssimum along the Eureka Junior High School is perhaps the most spectacular in the world. The only other planting of this type which growing in an east window. This even approaches ours is the one means that any east window inside the house proper will do nicely. Chances are the tempera- :ures won't fall below 60 de- with thermostatically controlled leat. often that the soil becomes soggy. If you let the surface soil n the not dry to (he touch ore watering again you should lave no trouble. Feeding should e an infrequent part of African Violet culture, but don't overlook t entirely. Use a liquid fish ferti- izer for best results. Two other possible starting points for the budding house )lant hobbyist might be with (Editor's Note: This Is the las article of a series on (he growing of Rhododendrons In Humboldl County). This last arlicle of the series is aimed at the more seiiou.s amateur gardener. This familj of plants, the Rhododendrons, offers somelhing for everyone. There are hundreds of hardy, easily grown plants of all sizes and descriptions available, so lhat every garden in this area shoulc lave at least one. There is a special challenge in his county to the real gardener. In the growing of many garden )Iants, we work under a handicap. Our summers are just nol lot enough to produce plants thai vould win gold metals in othei areas. Happily, for us, the one large family where we hold distinct edge is the king of them all, the Rhododendron. (The ed early the next spring. I use )lastic refrigerator dishes to start the new seed. Coffee cans with holes in the bottom make good pots for Ihe first few years. Plants From Cuttings Even starting your own plants rom cuttings can now be done at home by the amateur, since he advent of polyethylene shecl- ng for the construction of small nexpensive greenhouses. For those of you who might want detailed infurmatioii, I vould like to make a few suggestions. A really first rate book- et is the "Rhododendron Issue" of the "Journal of the California lorticulture Society," (Vol. XXLI, »Io. 2, California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, San r raneisco. 18). A fine handbook is "Rhododendron For Your Garden" 'The Arrrncan Rhododendron Society 3514 N. Russet SI., Portland, Ore.l Good gardening. at the University of California at Berkeley, and we have that heat hands down). There are dozens of tender grees even in winter-especially f ra g ra nt varieties, a few of which are grown in Fort Bragg and San Francisco that are so little known Water frequently but not so that the American Rhododendron orchids, especially the exotic to try crossing them with some Cattelcyas, and with Cyclamen. These latter arc at their finest in he winter months, hut when you lave gained some experience in growing them, you'll find they an be forced into bloom at almost any season. And since th hey row outdoors, too, they are de- irable "house" plants, indeed. 1) preservative wherever it is to ;ome into direct contact with the ground. From a decorative point "f view, here are a variety oi deck- ng installations which may be 'hosen for a sundeck. Decking may be installed flat, on end, in arallcl lines, diagonally, in a lerringbone p a t t e r n or in a larquet-like design. The latter may be created by using squares f 2 by 4s alternating in check- rboard fashion over a founda- ion of 2 by 4 strips. Further 'ariety may be achieved by build- ng a series of decks on different evels, each devoted to a partic- lar activity. of our more hardy types to produce yet new plants for our gardens. This business of crossing your own Rhododendrons and produc- ng your own hybrids is.npl . as silly as it sounds. All you have to do to start is do what the bees do naturally: pollinate the flower of one parent with the pollen of the other. The seed pods are ripe by early winter and the new seed is plant- MBING For prompt service from a leaky faucet to a major i eating installation phone HI 2-8035 PLUMBING - HEATING SHEET METAL WORK Coleman Blend Air Furnaces Floor Furnaces Wall Heaters Olympic Wafer Heater JOHN P. R Y A N 1901 Calif. Ph. 2-8035 Society gives ratings based on only a single plant. New Field Opening With the introduction of new species from Java and Borneo, whole new field is openin; This group of over 100 species las only been classified during Hie last ten years, and only now is seed entering the country. They are quite tender and exotic, but what fun it would be April and May are peak months for rhododendron bloom and the gardener who doesn't know what he wants until he sees it should start his shopping now. The gardener who lives outside the normally rweepted rhododendron belt will find these beauties quite a bit tougher than many people give them credit for. With some extra shade and water in the drier, warmer areas, rhododendrons can be a real gej'den feature. Predict More Steel For Homes NEW YORK (API-More steel --for beauty, mobility and economy--is going to be used in home and commercial building, according to Slet'lways, official publication uf tlio American Iron and Steel Institute. Further projections into the future of sleet'l were: redesign of present automobile and truck frames, using high strength steel to reduce weight, lighter steel office liirnitnrc and three-level railroad cars for the transport of an- Remodeling Headquarters P A N E L I N G PREFINISHED Lakeshore Birch I/) V-Groove Random Plank Colorful 4 x 8' n 95 PREFINISHED M A H O G A N Y 95 A Grade 4 x 8 1/4 V-Groove Flame Hardened Finish SEE US FOR LARGEST SELECTION OF PANELING BANKAMERICARD. ' ' MRS. 8 to 6 SUN. 8 to 5 No. H12 -- Vi J45 H.f.M. Sturdy, general purpoie Stanley Handyman drill with oRiet chuck (or drilling elate lo walll. Ideal lor repoirmen, back ipade handle allow* for dote ouorler drilling. ~~ USE YOUR BANKAMERICARD Geo. C. Jacobs COMPANY 60 W. Fourth, Eureka HI 2-6484 Norfhcresf, Crescent City IN 4-5511 Store Hours: Cureka Stove: Open Mon. thru In. 7:30 lo i:30 p.m., 8:00; la 5:00 p.m. Creicent City: Open Mon. thru Frt., 8:00 la 5:00 p.m.' OPEN SAT. 8 TO NOON FREE PARKING CEMENT BLOCKS · SEPTIC TANKS ^^ lower maintenance and upkeep. · .DraintUe ·.Incinerators · Stepping Stone · Well tilings FREE ESTIMATES Arcafci Concrete Products 2'/2 miles North of ARCATA - Guintoli Lane ARCATA CALL VA 2-1232 BUY FENCING MATERIALS NOW! AT KEMP'S GARDEN GUIDE Waleh "Kemp's Garden Guide" each Wed., 10:45 A.M. on KVIQ-TV MARGUERITES are rapidly growing perennials with bright green coarsely divided leaves, bearing a profusion of long-stemmed daisy flowers, excellent for culling. Prefers full sun and loose, dry, not too fertile soil. Blooms tho year round, unless nipped by frost as they were this year, FULL DOUBLE MARGUERITES, these new 1962 introductions, the result of painstaking hybridizing, opens a new era in Marguerite culture. PINK LADY and WHITE LADY have fully double flowers, about 3 inches across, resembling a flat cnrnalion bloom. Large plants in 3" pots are $1.55 ei. Other recent introductions include PRINCESS ROSE, a large single rose pink; PINK MAGNUM, targe pink with crested center; SNOW WHITE, large while with crested centor. SPECIAL OF THE WEEK Y.llow or Whit« MARGUERITES lOc each Wall rooted, cutting grown BEDDING PLANTS, lop quality In all varietie* luitablo for planting now, priced from 60e dot, Kemp's Nursery Garden Shop 634 Redwood Highway FORTUNA RA 5-2131 PACIFIC RETAIL 4x4x6 S4S MERCH. POSTS 4x4x8 S4S MERCH. POSTS 1x2 ROUGH REDWOOD PALINGS 3 Ft. ECONOMY PICKETS 3 T / 2 Ft. ECONOMY PICKETS 1x6 S4S MERCH. REDWOOD 2x4x8 S4S MERCH. RAILS CREOSOTE PRESERVATIVE per M per bundle per bundle per M oo | oo flS 00 1 75 1 I 1 f« SAWDUST FOR MULCH ^ 7 MIRACLE BARK persacl 1. MIRACLE BARK,o5, b ue porba ,e 4., SAVE 2% OA' EVERY CASH PURCHASE \ PACIFIC · Retail Lumber Company · 3300 Broadway Open All Day Saturday HI 2-4531 5c 75 50 :f ,·

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