The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 28, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1920
Page 3
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_^£l :>.'-THE |jl!Il!t!!!!iillli!llii!![|l!!i:i!l!![l!l|[|!l! lllllll!lllillllll|ll!liU!ll!llllllllllilli!!IIII!l||||M^ I ELKS DANCE THURSDAY MUSIC BY BdLEN'S COLORED JAZZERS THEY'RE A WHIZ ; = THE .REAL STUFF WiiEN IT« COMES, TO JAZZ r l WHAT'S; IW A NAME? LOCAL NEWS A. B.'Carr, who has been teaching a Fort'Mad'ion;' 1 Iowa; has' returned \to CarbondaJe to finish his course at the Normal, preparatory to'entering Chi eago .University. He wa.s formerly here and attended the Normal before the war. • Mrs. Fred Dillihger and son 'Phillip, arrived here: yesterday' 1 Siiti Buffalo, Wyp., and are visiting Mircand Mrs. J. .A. BiUinger/and 'other^'-relatives. Mr. Dillinger, who is coming east to buy: goods for his storer.stopped off in Kansas City but' will'join his family here Saturday. ./ .-' Miss Helen Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Smith, who suffered from an attack-of.influenza while/attending school In Chicago, is de'cldedly improved. She was brought .-to her home here Sunday. Miss Bertha Lawbaugh has,returned to Boston, where she-is attending the New England Conservatory ! of Music. She has been here for the last month spending her annual holiday vacation. PHONOGRAPHS Cabinet models Victor and Columbia phonographs $2.25 a week. Small models as. low as Jl.OO a week, Weller Music Co. Advertisement. Mrs. Walter Toler of Murpfcysbpro is visiting her sister, Mrs. Oren Graff. MRS. SUSAN ft/LDORSEY Robert P. Munger,. well known in Car.bondale, has ; been elected director of-the Drover;? :.Bahk ,in-:East St. Louis. Mr. Munger is president of the Oertel Roofing Company, a firm with which he has been connected for sev- sral years following a responsible position with the Illinois Trust Co. "Bob" as ,he is known,' among !his many Mends here, spent his boyhood in UarbontJale and was educated here. It a with a great deal of pleasure that lis progress is announced to his 'riends here. ,'Miss Mary Leary has returned to Chicago after a visit in Carbondale, being called herfj .some time ago on account of the death of her step- Bother, Mrs. Julia Leary. Harry Rude, Frank H&yden, Clarence "Smith. L. Boucher are among those who plan to' leave for . Detroit this afternoon from where they will each drive an automobile from the factory back to Carbondale. By driving -them through Quicker delivery may be made of new autos. • Mrs."Shorty"Meyers has been removed to her horns on South Normal Ave., after successfully undergoing an opera- ion at Holden Hospital two weeks ago. SOCIAL, ENTERTAINMENT AND LUNCHEON Mrs: Si'.sun M. Dorsey, formerly acting principal of the Los Angeles high school, 1ms been chosen superintend*- ent of thnt city's schools with a salary of $8,000. She is the first woman to fill this post. She was born in Penn Yann, N. Y., aud.Is a graduate of Tas-' sar. She is vice president of. the Nu- tionnl Educational association and has been prominent in educational work since 1900. Mrs. H. J. Gensler was a business visitor in St. Louis, yesterday. Mass Nina Adams of Martin, Tenn., a special friend of Mrs. A. F. Hooker, .underwent am operation at Holden Hospital yesterday. XMvem by the Carpenters of Local No. 841 at M. W. A. •Hall, Friday, Jan. 30, 1920, at 8 o'clock p. m. Everything free and everybody invited. Cpmmittee. Advertisement. AIM OF SOCIALISTS Pamphlet Advocates Seizure of Government "By Any Means." Ava Anderson and brother, Ernest Tweedy, of Anna; who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Gensler the past week, returned home yesterday. ' '•'',' PIANO SI 0,00 A MONTH One Aintsell 'upright piano, good condition, 510.00 down, $10.00 a month. i Weiler Music Co. Advertisement. On and after Feb. 15, the scale for painting will be 87%'cents per hour. B. H. Eicher, . : , .. . Sec, Local 362. Advertisement. ; • COME TO US FOR STYLISH YOU WILL LIKE THEM WHEN YOU JEE HOW ,5TYLI^H THEY ARE. YOU'LL LIKE THEM BETTER WHEN YOU -5LIP THEM ON—THEY WILL FEEL So EA-SY. YOU WILL LIKE THEM JTILL BETTER WHEN YOU WEAR THEM BECAUSE THEY WILLGIVE YOU LONG HARD WEAR. ' THEN YOU WILL ALWAYS COME BACK TO UJ TOR YOUR JHOEJ. WE HAVE HIGH QUALITY ^HoE»S AT LOW PRICED. New York Legislative Commutes Indi- oates Line of Attack—Shows Party Is Against Militia. Albany, N. Y., Jan. 2S.—Counsel for the assembly judiciary committee in- mvestlgatlr S j charges of disloyalt} apilnst the five suspended Socialist nwrinhlymen indicated at their t tiie line of its attack. After reading into the records a clause from the national constitution of the Socialist party providing ' for expulsion from the party of members voting to appropriate funds for military or. naval purposes. John B Stanchfleld, committee attorney, referred to the oaths of office taken by the five assemblymen and then read from the New»York state constitution an article specifying that- it shall be the duty of the Ipeislature to provide funds for maintenance of the militia Proponents of "the dictatorship' of the proletariat" hold that the first step must be the seizure of the government by any means possible and taking over of industry by force, according to a pamphlet read at the trial. • The pamphlet, published by the Jewish Socialist federation of New York was translated from the Hebrew by Charles M. Rohlnton, a department of pustlce operative serving the, joint legislative committee Investigating radicalism, who was recalled to the stand . Purporting to give views of both proponents and opponents, the pamphlet asserted the former held preparation must be mnda'for "revolution" and "class dictatorship." Upon the seizure of the Industries, they would be run by workingmen's Soviets according to the program. DRY LAWS TIGHTER FEB. 1 Mere Possession" Outside of the Place Not Covered by Permit Will Be Law Violation. _i Chicago, .Tan. 2S.—Midnight, February 1, will add a new and powerful wenpnn to those already trained on the violator nf the national prohibition IICT. Up to that time the sale or transportation of liquor must he proved in order to convict the hoot- lesprev or "cheater." After thnt hour, according to A. V. Dalrymple. chief prohibition ollk'er for this district, the mere posst'ssinn oC liq-.ioi- outside of n household or plnce covered by n government permit will he a violation of the law. "We have made some arrests for niuisporting liquor on the hip," said Mr. Dalrympie. "After February 1, possession of it there will be sufficient to .set'a mnn into trouble." I". 1 ;5 en >einber just'tio'w/the rain drip- ; ped, dripped, monotonously dowri thut' j day,, in an aggravating nitniiier.which; ;seemed to t'hrenten: "I shall keep It up!; till your nerves are on edge, or your . spirits down 'hi zero," and I felt that.j ,lt didn't, need-to persevere -much longer.; Summer-vacation had begun, hot ^hat was-^the. ,nse of. .being, released from drilling tiresome-children and •correcting examination, papers, If there waa nothing better-'ln-sight?-- "No, .1 may as well-confess.and get; ;lt over. Dp to that time not a scrap, of .excitement, adventure'''or 1 romance had ever come into my'life,' arid It was- my thirty-fifth birthdtiyl ; But' jwhat could you expect from a plain, prosy creature, handicapped from the: very start with the name "of-Amelia- Bump? I suppose the:Bump was'ln^, 'eyltnble, seeing that I had no choice;; In the matter of ancestors, but surely' If my dear parents', bump, of ;w!sdom had been ever .so slightly developed they would have offset It with a lovely front name like Evelyn, Sylvia or Dor- Is.' .-.;.. .,..-... Even -Caroline might have been transformed into Carolyn, and Mary Jane into Marie Jean, or May Janette, but not a letter In the alphabet could ameliorate the misery of being christened Amelia, No young man could be eipeeted to.choose as his partner •t the merrymakings a girl who had aelther. money, beauty or brilliance to lake- the -sting from that hardly : suppressed smile wtieh''neTnfr~6duced "My 'riend Miss Bump." Why, even my scholars made puns nbont It. ; And so when the old .folks died and eft me little: besides- the. old hbme. with not a near relative in' the w.orXdT t Just eeraed natural, that; I-should settle down for keeps, In. the role oit. old/maid country school teacher. , Naturally.-it' happened that sometimes 1 that starved youth in me clamored for recognition, and raised riots, as today.' . It was the annual county fair, and I had.watched them, all go by In their shining buggies and autos—sweethearts, yonng married couples, and families, till it seemed that poor Amelia Bump was the only solitary person in the village. It had been a perfect morning, and now I felt a touch of savage satisfaction that the rain would spoil their pleasure, until I remembered that a blizzard may seem a May day if only you are with someone you love. Oh! I was in tune with the weather, all right. And then my ears caught the roaring hum of an airplane, nearer, nearer, unbelievably near! I raced to the door in time to see something like a giant wounded bird swooping down on the big meadow below the house. Crash! Then my curiosity carried me on fly- Ing feet to the spot, where a figure resembling an armored knight in goggles picked himself up with a dazed look, and bent over another prostrate form. After a hasty examination he turned to me, as I stared, open-mouthed. "Tough luck! Came through the war without a smash, and now n broken leg, and perhaps worse, for this little testing trip. Accident to engine, and we couldn't make a right landing. Where's a doctor?" Believe me, I had little time to waste sympathizing with myself the rest of the day. He was badly hurt, and the doctor and nurse settled him In my little sunny guest room, so long without a guest. ' The holidays flew on wings. I had an. Interest In life, and the neighbors really seemed to Include me In their Interest In him. But the blow had to fall. The day that he was able to be helped out on the piazza, he -turned serious face to me. "Here 1 am, nearly well enough to leave, and have never asked your name, yet It seems-that 1 must have known, it always, we have grown to be such friends." "dh, no," I gulped, "you couldn't juess It In a lifetime. It's Bump!" ami.I..fairly glared at him as I braced myself to meet that amused 'smile. But it seemed to make absolutely no Impression on him, for tie went on— "And your first name?" :Try, all you Rosalies and Marjories, to share my feelings as I blurted out, "Oh, it matches the other—just Amelia, and how I hate It!" He gave me such a queer look of surprise. "Hate Amelia?" he repeated, as if not sure of hearing me aright. "I love it best of all the names In the English language/for it was my mother's. Since she died 1 , I've been the loneliest fellow alive." Lonely! And he a handsome hero. There were two of us then, it seemed. Well, all this happened weeks ago, and today as I write, across the table sits my aviator, the man of the house. I refuse to recognize n grammar rule j. or algebra sign when I meet them, for unloved and unwanted Amelia Bump has made her exit forever, and Mrs. Lieut. Victor Fairfax has come into, her own. Isn't it a glorious name? The rain is dripping monotonously, but. "it's raining daffodils." and all the! beauties, and magic, and joy, in this j big wonderful t hi ag ca n e d Hfe. solved 'the'problem.. SUNSHINE COMEDY "Back^ Nature Girls" GIRLS:! GIRLS i Should a Woman Tell? and Saturday ! &\ 000,000 for Starving In Europe, •nd. Arrnenia.., , s ....... :..'-':'• T^lngton,. Jan; ^S.-^rGongresa will' be asked by President;,Wilson,.to''au- thorize a -loan of .$150,000,000' to Austria, Poland; and other European.'countries 'and Armenia for','food: relief, as requested by.-Secretary Glass. -At the White House It was said,the president had taken "a deep interest" in ,the proposed loan, and thnt within a few days he would wrlte.a letter on the subject to the leaders in .congress. Secretary Glass, before the Republican steering committee of the house told the committee the loan was necessary to prevent actual starvation in Austria, Poland and Armenia, and urged prompt action. N. W. Mounted Police to Ottawa Ottawa, Ont., . .Tan. 28.—Headquarters of the northwest mounted police will be moved from Hegina, Snsk., to Ottawa when the proposed alamgama- tion with the dominion, police is c.on- summatAl, -It was aii'ounced here The united force will bel.rhown as the roynl Canadian mounted police, with Commissioner Perry as its -head. THEPEOPlfS COLUMN ,...1;..." •.. • :• C««h In Actvanc*. One month,,per word _. « Qne week, per word ...... '2 One Insertion, per iford ...".'.'. .'37 Three insertions, per word —' • ..-.•',,.. . . / _ WANTBP. .WANTEI>-Rooms '.for light house keeping with private family; "A," care of Free' Press. ~TOANTED-Tp rent house for responsible, permanent tenant Address Johnson, Vancil,- Taylor Co. FOB «*»» or« , for office or sleeping room*. Apply Mis» Eieth, Normal and MonTe* ' I0r eno,V r <W»eo goods, In the one story brick bnlldlnr, cement floors, on alley back of Barth Theatre. App/ * Dubuque for City Manager Plkr, . Dubuque, la'., Jan. 28.—Dubuque voters piled up. an'overwhelming majority for the city manager plan at the^polls. Complete unofficial returns 'show a majority of S3! in favor, of n change In, the city Eovernment. \vhile the municipal light plant project was' carried by a plurality, of 271. '...i > HELPS FOR RENT—Rooms; Telephone 399 L. , FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. ' 206,West College St. Phone 447 L. FOR RENT-<,ight housekeeping rooms. 309 North Normal. 'FOR RENT—Two furnished light housekeeping rooms. 411 South POD- lar. •'..': • • • . PLAN WELL BEFORE BUILDING Fallu.r» to D"O That It th. Mo.t Fre. quent Gauge for Invettment Being a!Fallure. : FOR SALE. tOR SALE—Lot on southeast corner of Eoplar and Pecan. Call S88 K. •FOR.SALE— cottage, bara! and other out buildings, on-pavement one block from square. A bargain It sold at once. See owner, 205 East Oak St. FOR SALE—Bicycle in good condition.. Call Opera House Drug Store. Captain and Mrs. John R. Hodge have returned to Camp Gordon, Ga., after'a"visit here with .the mother, Mrs. M; S. Hodge. VVoman's Tolerance. A neighbor woman's idea of tolerance is rp ,say with a curious emphasis which leaves the impression.-that i she to conviction on"t&e' ! aub>' 1 Ject: "Oh, well, I. don't supppie the i girl's actually bad."—Ohio State jour-' naL "' •''''""'' ••• "Nothing gives a keener Mit to thrift than saving to own a home. Onr thrifty foreign-born cltizeM, as well as many of-our natlye-bprn, are home owners. The home^>waing spirit is commendable. A city bi' home owners is a stable city. A city of renters Is apt to .be shifting and transient. , If you lose money in owning n home It (s usually attributable to one of the following causes: • • , "Yon invest in a home too expensive for your Income. "You pay more for it than its' location and cost of construction Justify, letMng the oilier fellow gobble the profits while you accept the loss.. "You ai-o a poor Judgs of locution values and get into a location whore there is little or no dcmnud for property or where .values are decreasing. "You construct-a home -devoid of conveniences, grotesque in appearance, or out of the nnlinui-y' ,,ml or a trpe thnt few people would desire. "You neglect little essentials, such as closet room, snnlisrlit, location of stainvnys ami. oilier things. ' While you may think it matters little, nine .other-persons..out of ten will object to them. Think of huildi us n home In a city where sunshine is ' pleasant eleven; mouths of-the year and then o£ placing, the stairway to the south,, cutting out nil the .sunshine, while the .windows are placed at the north. Such. Is sometimes done. The owner .then," will wonder, why- so few desire to buy' .or. rent. It; The. reason should' bai -•? Iea M'—Prom ".fen. Lessons in .Thrift " .;by Th6ma,.''•••'•' FOR SALE—Three burner gas plate, with portable oven. Ph'ofie 372. FOR SALE—New "Favorite" 140 egg incubator. $10.00 if. takea at once. Harry Ingersoll, 710 L West College St LOST LOST—Small Swiss wrist watch, between Yale and Brooks garage. Finder call Metropolitan office. Reward. . LOST—Lady's gold wrist watch. Return to Free Press and receive reward. LOST—Pocket book, between creamery and I. C. Batsou's store. Return to Free Press. ' . LOST—Notary seal. Reward if returned to O. P. Louden's office. For Liver and Bowels Dr, Carter's K.&B. Tea i. Mild, Gentle Vegetable Laxative and ; '- ; Hetlthfiil Drink. : For lh« stomach, liver and boweli and to purify the blood, there'* nothing more reliable. Give i! to the little onei wh« they get feverish and can't _e*t. They Ilk* it and it.<kie», them, (ou.of £ood.

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