Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 1, 1973 · Page 25
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 25

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1973
Page 25
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iURSDAY, FEBRUARY j , 1973 · T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 25 Tucson Television JOSEPH GOTTEN, BELINDA MONTGOMERY Look over valuable coin collection Channels, 9p.m. O KVOA-NBC O KUAT-- PBS O KGUN-ABC ID KZAZ-INDEP. ' , ©HOLD- CBS Thursday Afternoon * : · 12 Noon ! O Days of Our Lives O Societies in Transition O Newlywed Game , ; ID PW1 Donahue Show Ann Miller talks about her career. (1 lir.) CD Guiding Light . O The 'Doctors O Maggie's Machine O Dating Game ID Edge of Night (B CBS Reports ·:,, "What Are We Doino to Our Children?" A probe of the tensions in American life and their effect on youno people. Th« rc- po t examines four main ."trouble" areas which cut across class-.and economic lines. ..1. Juvenile dellnpuencv; 7, problems of children from welfare families; 3. The need for-good daycare centers; 4. The problems of children from affluent families. Daniel Schorr Is the reporter. (1 hr.) 9:00 P.M, 0 Dean Martin Show · Ruin Buzz!'and comedian Lonnle Shorr loin Dean for an hour of fun and music. 0 American'Family Pat Loud returns to her birth place In Oregon and visits her mother. They drive around together stopping at the Important places In Pat's early life and first veers of marriage. 0 hr.) Q Streets of San Francisco A dealer In rare coins becomes'a killer when he plots the switch of counterfeit coins for a half-mllllon-dollar collection. John Saxon, Belinda Montgomery, Joseph Gotten guest. (1 hr.) O Bewitched, comedy dJ Love of Life - 10:00 A.M. O Jeopardy Game 0 Sesame Street Oscar tries 16 trick everyone Into ttie word "no:" (1 hr.) 0 Password Game Florence Henderson .and Robert Fuller are th(s week's celebrity quests. (EJi WhefeTHeart Is; News ' 10:39 A.M. Q Who* What, Where Game Five minutes of news follows. Split Second Game · Search for, Tomorrow ; 11:00 A.M. ·'' ··'-. Q Wide World Adventure · BIN Burrid, hosts/ - . O Electric Company, Educational poals Include PH sound, consonant L ano: letter group IE. O All My Children CD Our Miss Brooks (B News ., .; ' 11:30 A.M.. Q Three on a Match Game 0 Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood A marionette dives Mr. Rogers an Idea for a story. 0 Make A Deal Game CD Joanne Carson Show James MacArthur Is Joanne's guest. CD As the World Turns Friday Afternoon Thieu, Kissinger interviews tonight Nguyen Van Thieu . . . Viet president By JAY SHARBUTT NEW YORK (AP) The CBS Television network plans to broadcast two journalistic coups tonight -- separate interviews with President Nguyen Van Thieu of South,Vietnam and presidential advisor Henry A. Kissinger. CBS says the Kissinger interview is expected to cover both U.S foreign policy and all aspects of the recent Vietnam peace agreement. It will be exclusive unless other news organizations are allowed to join the proceedings. The interview conies a day after President Nixon's announcement that he's sending Kissinger to Hanoi next week to discuss · postwar financial aid "for North Vietnam. CBS said yesterday it didn't know if Kissinger would discuss that topic. Asked Thai! By HY GARDNER LBJ Special "LBJ:The.Li»t Interview:" A · · - - " 'it* President Lyndon Another World Chiquittoei General Hospital CD Movie "Aaron Slick From r-unkln Crick," 1952 comedy-musical wltti Alan Yong, Dinah Short and Robert Merrill. Musical ver- *lon of th* dry siickw eut to gyp tht poor country olrl. (2 hrs.) (D Many Splendored Thing 1:JIP.M. O Return to Peyton Place 0 On* Life to Liva CD Secret Storm 2:NP.M. O Somerset 0 Movie "Incident it Hianfom Hill," 19M idvcn- fur* wltti Robert Fuller, Jocclyn Lane, Dan Durta, Claud* Aklns and Noah Betn;. A minion dollars In gold walls for two flaflwrara men and a wotnan* Batty Boop cartoon IWIowvw hn.) B Via Scully Show ComacHM Norm crotby guaati. 2:31 P.M. O Miis Douglas Show Anthony Qultm It Mlka'« eo*ost with BUM* Lartn* Lynn, caiar Chavez, Wer- - -- "reek muilcl»n» tion between ttie late President Lyndon B. Johnson and newi correspondent Walter Cronklte about Mr.! Johnson's involvement in Civil · Rlqhts, filmed it the LBJ Ranch January 12. (1 hr;) 10:00 P.M. QOflD News . ... . O World Press Top newspaper sforlcs are discussed. fll It Takes A Thief . Robert Waaner stars In adventure series. (1 hr.) 10:30 P.M. O Tonight Show; News Jerry Lewis It sub-host with Quests ·Louis Prlrrta, Clorls Leachman, Jan Murray and Stan Kann. (1'A hrs.) O Thirty Minutes With 'ElltaMth Drew Interviews · prominent person. 0 World of Entertainment "TV Times." Roger Grlmsby, the humorous and volatile co-anchorman of New York City's "Eyewitness News" and Don Meredith co-host the program pro- vldino viewers with television's first in- depth examination of Itself. ll'/i hrs.) CD Movie; News "The Anniversary," 19M lram» with Betto Davis, Sheila Hancock, Jack Hcdlcv and James Cosstns. A monstrous matriarch who stops at nothlno. to maintain ·n Iron arasp on her adult torn. Repeat. O frays of Our Lives . 0; Newly wed Game . . . ' · ' . . .Q'Phil'Donahue Show AhthHSefildsist Dr. Colin M. Turnbull drafts .Darallels,between the IK tribe Of East Africa and life In contemporary America, .tl.hr.) . CD Guiding Light 12:30 P.M. Q The Doctors. 0 Dating Game (B Edge of Night 1:00 P.M. O Another World 0 General Hospital ID Movie ; Th« Miracle of Woman's Creek," 1?14 comedy with Betty Huttah and.Eddie Bracken. A timid fellow gets frustrated when his girl-friend keeps runrilni around with serviceman. (2 hrs.) © Many Splendored Thing 1:36 P.M. O Return N to Peyton Place 0 One Life to Live C0 Secret Storm S:WP.M. © Somerset- 0 Movie · "I'd Rather Bi filch," 1964 comedy with Sandra Dee, Robert Goultt. Maurice Chevalier and Andy Wllllami. Batty Boop cartoon follows. (2 hrs.) C9 Family Affair, comedy Greg Morris Is Vln'j quest. Q: Isn't: Henry Kissinger a registered Democrat? And how much longer does he plan to stay with Nixon? -- Mrs. G. Snef- rin, Los Angeles. · , "I expect to stay with Nixon another two years," confides the President's confidant. "And, if everything's in order I'll resign then. It is not good for a foreign policy adviser to be identified with one administration," h^ifolflnovelist Irving Wallace. "I am not a Re- publicanand 'I am not a Democrat. I'm an "independent." Q: I noticed once when I drove past the Truman home In Independence that his automobile carried the license plate 5-7-45. Any special significance? -- Clinton T.D., Springfield, Mo. Yes. The numbers commemorated the date of the German surrender -- May 7, 1945. 11:OOP.M. (D Perry Mason J:«P.M. ID New Zoo Revue 3:31 P.M. TO Uncte Bob's Show Bob Loyt hosts local children's program. Ply* minute sports show follows. (1 hr.) © The Virginian. Jamtt Drury ttari In western series. (VA, hrs.) KD News "·;;; , · v ."'\ . ; ;;\.'^:\.._ i li:3l:P.M. : -\ : ;;....;;,;...,' ID Movie ^ · .;' ' - ..' '..-.' "Counfry Music Holiday," .1M* musical wltti Zn Zia wabor; Ferlln Husky and Juna Carttr. . : . . , . Friday Morning · © Mike ; Dougias Show The CBS TelevMw Net- \ work has scheduled' tw« separate Interviews fritk Henry Kissinger^ and Nguyen Van Thieu. Al press tUiie Chaanel 1J had.BOt re- celyed any informatjoa w the local times for these O Merv Griltin Show 0 Love, American Style 4:30 P.M. 0 ABC News Q Andy Griffith Show 5:00 P.M. Q Mr. Rogers' Neigliborhood Mr. McFeely practices not hurrylna. 0 CD News ID That Girl, comedy 5:30 P.M. O News O Electric Company Educational floals Include consonant H, letter OTOUP OW, silent E and blend LD. Repeat. 0 McKale Special "MclOile: Man, Athlete; Legend." A biography of J. F. "Pop" McKale's life with the University of Arizona. CD I Dream of Jeannie, comedy IB CBS News . Thursday Evening 6-.WP.M. O NBC News . 13 Sesame Street Ernlt and Bert both want the same ba. nana. Repeat. (1 hr.) ~ Star Trek William Shatner and Leonard Nlmoy star In space-adventure series. (1 hr.) CD Drapet; B News . f:3« P.M. O News CD Bonanza Lorr.» Oretne and Michael Landon star In rcnjn western scries. (1 hr.) CD To Tell The Truth 7:01 P.M. Q Flip Wilson Show Phyllis Dlllcr, the Committee and special guest Ray Charles loin Flip. (1 hr.) Q Mosaic A feature on th* UA jwlmmlne team and weight lifting. (1 hr.) 0 Mod Squad Line (Clarence Williams III) takes an undercover lob as a-hlgh steel construction worker to find out who pushed a friend to his death. Fernando Lamas, Jim Backus and Prlscllla Garcia guest. (1 hr.) CQ All In The Family A lost masazln* and a found poem start* a family feud pn the-rtfiht of or yacv which provokes Mike, Wart* and Edith to move out of the house. 7:30 P.M. CD Golddiggers O Bridget Loves Bernle Th« St»lnb*rfl» and th* Rhqeralds try to ·nooih over ill feeling between Sam and W " n 8:M P.M. O Ironside Chief Ironsldt (Raymond Burr) braves the hostility of a town willing to believe In the oullt of a retired Navy man, whose worst crime is havlna beeoma enaaned to the town's tcen-««e beauty queen. Steve Forrest, Kathy Cannon and Madlyn Rhut ouest. (1 hr.) O The Advocates The Advocates debate: "Should Social St- curlty Benefits be financed In part from, general tax revenues?" (1 hr.) 0 Kung Fu A badly Injured Calnt Is forcrf ta deptnd on a youna Chinese qlrl for protection from « uroim of bounty hunters. Tina Chen, Andrew Du9g»n Rowrt Conner «rrd Mako ooest. (1 hr.) ID Movie "Apjwfnfwwt WJfl) Dsfwcr/ iWi my*" fctv wifh AI»riLa«!, Paul jSfwmrt/ J»n Sternn* J «mJ PTiyins Calven. Th* Plans . j-- -../.. -"' J »r»«s- ) 5:20 A.M. f0 Farm Kanch 5:30 A.M. (8 Sumlse Semester 5:50 A.M. O Eeportaje de Noticias 6:00 A.M. Q Today Show Judllh Crist reviews movies. (2 hr:.) 10 CBS News 6:30 A.M. 0 News; Davey Goliath 7:00 P.M. 0 Kocity His Friends C0.. Captain Kangaroo A woodchuck and a mvnah bird are the animal visitors today. (1 hr.) 7:30 A.M. 0 Dennis the Menace 8:00 A.M. Q Dinah's Place Beverly Sills quests alona with her husband Peter Grcnouqh. 0 Romper Room CD Joker's Wild Game 8:30 A.M. O Concentration Game 0 Not for Women Only © -Price Is Right Game 9:00 A.M. O Sale of Century Game O En Francis 0 Dick VanDyke Show ©. Gambit Game 9:15 A.M. 0 Lands and People 9:30 A.M. O Hollywood Squares Game Q Chiquitines Anthony Qulnn Is Mlke'i ra*o«J j«lth Quests Roacr Wllliems. Eddie E9an, Paul Colwell, Crwrlet McGrtgor «tld Belly Walker. (WiMs.} . .' · 10 Perty Mason. Raymond Burr stars, (f hr.) 3:MP.M. ID New Zoo Revue aisopjtt. CD tJncle Bob's Show Bob Love hosts local chlldren'j.Drotrim. Five minute sports show follows. CD The Virginian James Drury starJ In rerun wesTerrf scries. (1V4 hn.J.. ... ., 4:MP.M. CI-Merv Griffin Show Q Love, AmericJin Style .4:30 P.M. O ABC News ffl Andy Griffith Show 5:00 P.M. Q Ma\ Rogers' Neighborhood A marionette gives Mr. Rogers an Idea for a story. Repeat. (ft That Girl, comedy 5:30 P:M, O News Q Electric Company · Educational goals'Include PH sound/ consonant L and letter aroup IE. Repeat. O Truth or Consequences CD I Dream of Jeannie, comedy Information in these listings is provided by the television networks and local stations. This newspaper assumes no responsibility for errors caused by late changes in scheduling. Diahann Carroll . . . convinced 1 Q: After all those years of going together, what was Diahann Carroll's reaction when David Frost finally proposed marriage? -- Mrs. Madelaine R., Des Molncs, Iowa. "When David proposed to .me in Los Angeles, I was convinced, of his sincerity." exclaimed Diahann, "because he managed 1 to do it without making it sound like an interview!" Q: On the Johnny Carson show, Myron Cohen told a joke about credit cards. But the audience laughed so loud I missed the punchline. What was it? -- Mrs. John Monahan, Miami Beach, Fla. Myron told about the woman who had' all her credit cards stolen^ But her husband didn't report it to the police. "Because," he explained, "the "thieves were spending less than she did! 1 ". ', · . ', ;· '·· '·-.. ' ' ' . . . ' . · · · ' ',. Q: I heard there's a new gride book out listing addresses, rates, etc., of .legal houses of prostitution in .Germany. Since I'll be visiting there won, I'd Uie to know where I can buy a copy. - Riclwnl B. Erckj BrfMo. Chances see your betoiop 'or the hotel newsstand will have the fiacl girl Saedeicer to bawdy houses. Called "The Girl Guide," it lists the locations of all the legal red light stops in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich.'Also the hangouts (beer-hall's, dancehalls, streets, etc.) where the ladies of the night can be found night and day. The "honorarium" expected is also indicated -- though this is usually a matter of face-to-face negotiation. Q: Anybody ever ask Dean Martin why he drinks so much? - Mel Levy, Brooklyn. Frequently. And Dino's favorite answer is: "It doesn't help my blues, but it does give my drinking buddies a good reason to get away from home." Q: When I wis about 1.81 danced tthe Llndy Hop with Harrj' James'; I say he's around 55 and my friend bets he's closer to 68 or 70. What's his real age? Also how is his former wife, Betty Grable? I heard she was sick. -- MM Kanaer, East Meadow, . N.Y. ' Betty went through a series of cobalt treatments and says she's feeling fine again. About Harry James'-- he was born in 1916, which would make him about 56 today. So you win your bet. · · (Do you have a question afemt a famous personality? Send your questions to Hy Gardner, "Glad You Asked That," in care of the Tucson Dally Citizen, P.O. Box 5027, Tucson, Ariz. 85703) Copyright 1973 Radio Stations CBS diplomatic correspondent Marvin Kalb will be the interviewer. His brother Barnard conducted Ifte^'f hieu interview Tuesday at the presidential palace in Saigon. The network says that dialogue covers events in South Vietnam since Saturday's cease-fire and Thieu's thoughts on political prospects in his country in the mdnths ahead. Both programs corne on the same night of yet another CBS news exclusive -- the final talk my reporter had with former President Lyndon B, Johnson prior to Johnson'3 death last month. That special, which already was scheduled, is being broadcast after the Kissinger interview at 9 p.m. It covers what Johnson considered his greatest accomplishments-progress in equal rights for all Americans. Henry A. Kissinger ... 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BETTE DAVIS Plays monstrws matrtartli Tucson Network Stations KCEE (790) -- (NBC) Popular, standard and classical music, KHYT (1330) -- (Mutual) Contemporary music. Sunrise to sunset daily. KIKX (580) -- (ABC Contemporary), Progressive roc*. 24 hours. KXEW (1600) -- Spanish language, Latin music. 6 a.m. to sunset. KOPO (1456) --. (C.BS) Adult and pop music. 5 a.m.-midnight. KTKT (996) -- (UPI) Top 40 Music. 24 hours. KTUC (1400) -- (ABC Information -- Entertainmsnt) Ne:vs and information programs. Adult music. 20 hours. KUAT (.1550) -- (NPR) Educationa), cultural and public affaus program; jazz and classical music. 7:15 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Tucson Independent Stations KAIR (M») -- Contemporary good music. 24 hours. KCEE-FM (M.1)--Multiplex stereo. Adult music. 24 hours. KCUB (12M) -- Modem country music. 24 hours. KEVT («W) -- Spanish language, Latin music. Sunrise to sunset. KffFM-FM (12.8) -« (ABC-FM) Multiplex stereo. Adult contemporary music, special features. 24 hours. KHOS (Ml)--Modem country music. 24 hours. MEW-PM (W.7) -- Stereo Spanish language programming 6 a.m. to la.m. --Mtifhw TOTMM. i *.m. t» 1 ».m. daily. What's so special about Bridget and Bernie protesting a supermarket grand-opening? Nothing. That's why Handy Andy do-il-yourself stores are having a weeknight special. To help save you from falling asleep tonight in front of the TV set. HANDY ANDY'S THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIAL We've got ail kinds of things going on and there are fewer people around so you can ask lots of questions and get lots of help. We're open 'ti! 9, so corne on in and have a good time tonight. 6237 E. 22nd 296-5421 Weekday' *·* Ssrariif .. t-K Stmdny .... 10-5 502W.AJO 792-0922 .. *-* ..10-1 Eyeglass Aid economical quality Hearing Aids **,. your choice 199 Body-worn A id W h a t better time to select the hearing aid you need than now? 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