Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 9, 1966 · Page 6
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 6

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1966
Page 6
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FAGI* T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N V/EDNESDAY, MARCH ?, 1966 Toyiaakerg Go Big For ^^ Batman » i __ Bui Poor Robin · · T o JLO r NEW YORK - (!) -- Will {Batman bop Bond before Christ- Jmas? * From across the country, 954 * toymakers have emerged from their bat caves to show 10,000 commercial toy buyers here what they can expect next fall. » Nearly all of them are of- 'fering batman. Batmobiles, bat} cuffs, batarangs, Batman oil «paints, Batman trace-a-graphs, t Batman sun-glasses, Batman jhats, Batman helmets, Batman {kites and Batman bop bags so 5 little boy wonders can sock |him-Zok! Wham! Biff! \ No one, however, apparently 1 wants to be known as boy * wonder. Batman's teen-age \ sidekick Robin is all but ignored J at the 63rd annual American toy Fair that opened this week. The rediscovery of comic book heroes has brought back {Superman. Winnie-the-Pooh is «back, and so is Alice in Won- J derland. THEN THERE IS James Bond, who was never away. There is a battery-operated model of the Thunderball boat that separates in the middle 5 to become a-hydrofoil, and at * least two versions Bond's Aston * Martin sports car. ejectuigven-, I emies through,, the roof. ? ; ^ / \ There are;girl spies, totf- J namely Honey'West, a doll who; ! comes with a karate outfit , and a slinky evening gown, * along with ^bracelet mat turns Jtjntohandcufs. ;-, · ; 'j-:· ' / ' : Many of the toys will cost more next Christmas, but no across the board -increases are in\ sight.. Some/manufacturers say they.will.taise prices on specific items -- a doll here, -a-ball there--to cover increased costs of labor, plastic, metal and packaging. A MINIATURE car that cost 49 cents last year, for instance, will cost 55. Toy manufacturers have gambled huge sums on new toys, picking up characters from television and movies before they know how the public will react. "It's a big gamble,?' said Jerome M. Fryer, president of Toy Manufacturers of the U.S.A. Inc. "You just have to have the courage to do it." Fryer estimated 1965 retail sales of toys were $2.44 bft- lion. He predicted this year that they would be up 5 to 10 per cent, with a trend toward more expensive toys. It looks as if 1966 will be a little world for little people. There are miniature cars (Mustangs, Volkswagen Beach Buggies, Lotus Fords and Pierce Arrows), some motorized, some radio-controlled and nearly all with doors and trunks that open, revealing motors and spare tires. _ FROM THERE, THE next step is road racing sets, costing $15 to $500, with Detroil test tracks, stunt drivers am Le Mans tracks. Last year's miniature ovens have inspired a rash of new things for little cooks, including a chocolate factory, soda fountain and dairy stand. There is even a set so little Lois can make her own bubble gum There are miniature dolls Zy 2 inches tall, with rooted hair and painted eyes; a fireman (Bunson Burnie) who conies with his own fire engine; a gir (Beth at the supermarket) who arrives in a hat box with a shopping cart, sugar sack, frozen peas, pizza and a cook book and a little girl (Garden Time' 1 in blue denim overalls and prin kerchief. And what of big dolls after last year's walkers who now rollerskate? There is a cuddly baby (Cheerful Tearful) who cries watery tears when you raise her arm and smiles sunnily when you lower it, and a magnetized darling (Real Live Lucy) who shakes her head no zat spinach but nods "yes" ' fier bottle. " BARBIE, WHO NOW changes her hair and dress colors with a magic solution, has a new mod cousin, Francie, and 7-year- old twin brother and sister, Todd and Tutti. more of the little people, designed to extend the Barbie family to lower age groups. Todd is another of the new boy dolls. G. I. Joe, who began it all, is back in a green beret Special Forces outfit, along with a Negro companion and a Japanese imperial soldier, a helmeted German trooper, a Russian infantryman, a French resistance fighter, a British Commando and an Australian jungle fighter, all with appropriate medals, lugers, Arisaka rifles and the like, · There are sets to cast toy soldiers and another battle eame, Guadalcanal. There are fiie usual army and air force teens and camouflage tents, the sort of "war toys" that give rise to annual protests. "We don't create war," said Fryer, the toymakers' president. 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