Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 39
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 39
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HIGH I'lEWS Should Job Pay Stop Allowance? 1 Uy DAVE CAMl'JJEU, tdltor-in-Chlet Tern Tempo As an Increasing number of high school students seek jobs, the competition in positions of employment becomes stiffen yet, for the successful job-seeker, the ic Ward is great--a steady source of extra money for cither spending or saving. With tha teen-ager earning his own spending money, his parents could be relieved of the burden of supplying the teen-ager with an allowance. Hut should parents withdraw a teen-ager's allowance if he has a job? Or would this action, in effect, punish the teen-ager for being ambitious enough to seek employment? From five Wilsonitcs come responses to these queries. Craig Dummit approaches the problem pragmatically: "When aduts arc out of work, they get allowances from the government: but when they are working, their allowances are stopped. Since students will soon be adults, the same policy """'""· should apply to them." In Mary Whcltun's opinion "it all depends on the situation. If someone works to pay for part of the food for the family or to pay for his own clothes, then he fJiuuld get some extra spending money. If he works for more spending money, then I believe it should bu up to --Ten Ttmr» pi»t« by John Btait ILLUSTRATING conflict between "allowances" nnd pay for job are Craig Dummit, John Fay. the family, although the teen-ager is assuming extra responsibility and should be rewarded for it. Agreeing that the problem must be solved Individually is Sandl Simons, who continued:" The working student puts forward extra effort to earn money and furthers liis independence from his family. He should, however, be entitled to an allowance if he wishes it, and if his family is willing and able In give it to him." * * * Ol'l i:i!IN(i A DISSKNTIMJ opinion ij John Fay. Jcilin feels that "il a student woilis and receives an allowance in addition, he will probably become j.poiled and might not caic .iboul his job because he knows he has n itcady income from his parents. He must learn to trcept responsibilities instead of going to "good oP Mom end Dad when he is broke." Pat Becker also cmphasi/cs tba importance of ic- fixmsibility lu the individual teen-ager. "If a' teen-ager Is old enough tu work for his money, he is old enough to budget it. In a few years the high school student will be married and on his own. He can't come running home to Mom and Dad for an allowance then. It is never too soon tu learn good financing." LINDA MARINO President Picked Pick Girls' Stale Trip Winner lly CAROLYN BODENSTEINER Linda Marino has bcci chosen St. Anthony Girls High School representative t Girls' State with Elizabeth Scmmer as her alternate Linda, junior class president is a member of the Drill Team Sodality, the school's scholas tice societies, and a Lctte Girl: she is active in schoo activities, both 'social nn scholastic. Michelle Chenal, a scnici and former Girl Stater speak enthusiastically of her adven lures at Girls' State last sum mer. Each year a junjor mem ber of the student body i chosen by the faculty to represent her school at Girls State which is held at th University of California ai Davis. The members from each high school in the state elcc officers and make and carry out laws following a mayor council system. From there a representative of each Girls State in the nation goes to Washington, IX C., vvhcr government procedures ar viewed first hand. Memorial Concert. S lor Wilson Teacher A canteen membership card for cadi of Juidan Hi^li School's 2,200 students is the goal of the Hi-Tccn Canteen's semiannual membership drive I which is bcins held t h i s Nicolas I urjanick. |jtc Wil-of Wilson, will also make a ] w r c j t _ mi music ti-ai-hcr. w i l l hfls-pcit'i '" tribute. \ T l, c ,.. lllh w |,j c i, ,.,, st r l(1 II) DAVID I AllllLLI, OX CAWUS Card Drive Under Way aiJordan STUDENTS, TEACHERS TO TANGLE Boys" League of Long Ucach I'oly announces the annual student-faculty basketball game to be played Tuesday, May I. at 3 p.m. In the boys' gym. Planned by Rick Ury son and Norm Wilky, chairman and assistant chairman of Boys' League School Relations Committee, the event will be used to promote school spirit and also find out if the students can retain the supremacy they gained by beating the faculty in last year's game. NINE THEMES MATURED INDEPENDENT--P«o» C-9.» (Mia, C»l. K*t. M«r. Ml IM1. ' Beauty., Humor Keynote Annual,Polly Swim Show By FKANCtS CALDWELL Long Beach Poly's annual "Aqua Film Festival" was presented in the Nataturium this week. The advanced swim team participated in n show featuring nine separate backgrounds. |crsonalities, and themes. Guest soloist for the even ins was ex-Polyite fay Kos wutm. performing to the mus ic of "Exodus." A jprxial trio including Carolyn Hirasliima. Gloria KlioJcs. and Maxinc Lambertsun swam ti the melody of "Thtcc Coins m .1 Fountain." Humor for the evening was provided by a larnc group ot aquacttes in a comedy ikit called "Sineing in the Rain." Turning to the more serious. a beautiful number had been worked out tu the music and one of the more spectacular scenes f r o m the movie, "llridse en the River Kwai." Officers f-T t!::: livsnced class include chureopraplier, Carolyn Ilirashima; secretary. Judy Duke: competition swim chairman, Roberta Ostella. a nd synchronized s w i m chairman, Maxice Lambert son. GAY M ARM I GRASSLATED· AT MILLIKAN ] In an attempt to provide Millikan students uith in opportunity to participate , in a festive Gallic custom, ' Millikan H i g h School's French club will sponsor a. , Maidi-Gras dance in tha-* girli' pyrn nil April C from : 7:30 In 11:30 p.m. . J Tickets for this event '. may be purchased for 63'» cents from the student I body banker or designated!* French Club members. ·? honored with a special memorial concert. He is Hie first Wilson teacher In l)c so hon- died. The proceeds from the concert, to be held April C, in the Wilson auditorium, will l.e used for a music scholarship to deserving music ma jors from Wilson. Many of Wilson's talented music groups will participate. Including the orchestra and band and the A Capella choir. Also n special adult string ·luartct, directed by Robert Gibson, will perform. The finale for the musical rvcnt will be the "Battle Hymn of the Republic," and the "llailclujah Chorus," to wind up the music end of the which many of rvcning m lurjanick's favorite will be played. tongs Tickets. SI! per adull and $1 per student, will be sold by all music students. Walter Newland, principal Dave Strait i\iin; Members in Physics Club To study physics on an advanced level, and to prepare for college entrance exams and the American Asssocia- lion of Physics Teachers Contest and to have fun are the objectives of the Ijkcwood physics team. Under the direction of Gibson I!. Clay, the nine members have all attained an A or It in physics. They are Ann Mekhior, Irene Vidauni, Jeff Howcll. Mike Cyr, Steve Venitsky, Oliver Brown, Stan Schneider, Joe Finncgan and cents, ;irt- valid until Sept. III. The membership cards arc bcinp sold in fitM-period classes n n d during l u n c h prrinds. Scconil in Slnlr Patricia llathman. Lonj; Beach Poly senior, lias \\nii second place honors m the Daughters of the American Revolution Mate homemakcr competition. Hook Hales On Jordan High's L i b r a r y Hoard is holding its sixth annual book sale this week in the school library. Await Festival Members nf the lit. Anthony Girls' Ilifili School Glee Club will participate in tlic second annual Los Angeles Archdioccsan Choral nnd Instrumental Festival Sunday inthc Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles. DILLY OF A SALK Four Jordan Hiph Key ClitWwrs (from l e f t ) Nick Pentecost, Murrcl Cut- pepper. Hob Dim!.ir and Kon Kalslnm. simple prmlutt .is p;irt of promotion for dilh's picklo s.ilc A p r i l Ii. Sale is M:! fur limrli. n i t r i t i o n ARMSTRONG NURSERIES JUght Now Is Tiie Time To 1'lant --And Right Now Is The Time To Save Up To 50' 'And Jlofe On The West's Finest Selection of Bare Root Plants At All A R M S T R O N G WARDEN CENTERS. Here's your once-a-yc»r opportunity to Save on Armstrong'* ning- Wficent (election of fruit and shade trees, rojcs, grapes, dwarf trees, yes, even vegetable?. Custom jrrown in Southern California expressly for Southern California home tranlcner.'-- COMPLETELY GUARANTEED, of cour.'e! / FAMOUS Armstrong Roses ' Hr*'f a ' r««krtiH« titatt U iiTt rnmey en C.E.S'UINE Anaatrenj-nown nut. All colon, trpu. Thfj'rt garden freih and Jolt rarln* ta crow. Fully lacked by Aimitrcnc'a famroa Guarantee. £«!· up to (9.90 en Armitronj Barraln "10-I'acVa" Reg. $1.75-52.00 ta. NOW ONLY Any Five $ 4.25 Any Ten J 7.90 Countess Vandal Garnelle Crimson Glory Picture Eclipse ' Talisman JUnjr, Minr Jinn Of Your Fa»ori(e Ho-n At Amuin; Saiinci! Save Also On Famous Armstrong Climbing Roses Buy A "Five Pack" and Save ?,1.7." Cl. Ilin (IrinriC rt(. J2 tit* Onl/ DC n. CI. Itsili it Htllisii itj. 12 tilt del; tic n. Cl. Hti Dm it[ 12 Hi. Otlf Me u. Cl. find Stlilll itj. U M« Ool» tH u. Cl. fitlun itj. J2 Ni« C»l» M e n . Cl. Iii.bM lef, 12 Hi. 0=1) He n. Cl. ffluti Dl.l rcj. J2 Nil Oily Me II. Many ether lnoiite climbers reduced to E9c Any Five.... Only H25 Any T e n . . . . Only $7.90 SUPER SPECIAL While) L»it.i. World farced CIlAiM.OTfK A U . M - MlUIMi, m a t r h l e i i rr.l H y b r i d Tea. A ralut at il.'i:*. NOW ONIY 89' DECIDUOUS SHADE FLOWERING TREES CALIFORNIA SYCAMORE A favorit* California nititt with Lij, li«al, ihiilr-i'ioducirj; cncn lta\ti. Jumbo, rrt. Si:.53. Now Only $6.49 to. Othtr tiiet as low ai $4.95 and $3.49. EUROPEAN SYCAMORE A nal fait tro«tr with n.»p!e-lile !f»»ei. (Jront Terr uniformly in rjrmU»l ih«r». Jumbol. ttf. |i:.55. Now Only $6.49 Other sites as low as $4.95. FRUITLESS MULBERRY A irmarlaMjr fait cio»ins ihtdt tree. Virtually Immune to tun, heat, r""r toil. Litremtl T handiomt, mi|-!t-hle leavei. Jumboi, 11;. si:'.9D. Now Onl/ $6.49. Other slits as low as $3.49. SILVER MAPLE Foiitlvrly the mo?t mcie«^ful Southern California maple tree. Krevt, r'a- miJil ^apr. At )IMI« i n ruait or Inland. I to 10-ft, .eautie, re;. 11.05. Now Only $7.49. WEEPING WILLOW Colorfully ritturesiue. Cioni inywVert and crotri fait. E-10 it- tef. l '.'S. Now Only $7.49 ta. Other silts ai low as $1.95 to. FLOWERING PEACHES Htlti lirckiri, till Ol.tli nil. lirl/ Dukli IK, Pir;iiirlit. lili Diikli fill, Dlllll Wkill. All rr;. t.V.'J. K* Cilj tt.ll II. ' . , r f . n *i!h an "early' 1 »r.J a "U'e"' Lir.d. FLOWTRING CRABAPPLE Fitiui tlijL «,{.»).)». Now Only $1.49 «o. FLOWERING PLUM (rulii'i VniTln, th. der»t re.l-purplt ( l o u e i i r r plum of them all! Her. JJ.3S. Now Only $1.49 to. 7 GRAPES ' Mouth waterirr link . / Hllllkl. He;. 60r, an ire value. *»* it Mir Kamoui Bearing Size Grapes r'jmoui ranie. Arr.itro3S-^TO»n S/195 · ·lied rrapts. SUS. Iliw Oil/ T £l.. (while itJck laiti) "t "· Valuable Coupon rripul lilt Tni* (allliili |iU-' trliili). liri 1144 WHt nil Clttli. Tiil ktrfr, irijht crten fc'.iirrf t~s rrr-t lo 50 fett; In On lummer ii ajlow with fragrant, pink kloomi. f.rt. II.9S. ii* Itlj tUl^wiii iti iniut lilt HIM*- GERBERAS f7ronsvoof Daisies) ]ovlie»t. mo«t grareful A c o l o r f u l of daiy-liVt f Inner', fc'uperb for cut- tirr flowen with llext up In 13 Inrh'f. Pave J1 On A Ilarfain "IJ TacV." r.e r . : for II.W r.ts. 6 for l;T5 i:ror i;.:* Niw J fir Onlj !!e Ki* t l«r Only SI.1J NI» i: fir o»ij FRUIT TREES Thru generation! of Armstrong re«earth jira yon tht West'i finwt aelettlon of cuitora bred fruit trtri, created »ir«l»llf to aatlifr tierj planting ntuition, to delirM trrrjr ALMOND M. Pl.i APPLE Tt · I" ' *·. TtHt* DWARF APPLE *.V£ ; i«... APRICOT l«.tf! T M.lli V.U. YtlUw 0*licitHi FIGS JUJUBE N.. 0.', 'I'.?. 1 *l« Hi. 0"lf * ··· Ir.wn Twrktf Wkit. A4ri«li« K.4.I. Wfcrt. Geo.i i.., »!. *1« H.. C.It * ««· NECTARINE '·:» ···· PEACH ^.., $ U» Iitlr Ilbfrta ti. Oi. Ctm M.ll.t'i l.l. l, ml Cl..| PEAR Sf. M« DWARF PEAR .Vft lirlltn Winlii Hilit PERSIMMON .V?. PLUM .V?. O«IT o*r POMEGRANATE l«*t l^* l»"*twt 5:71. N«. O.i f . . . 99 WALNUT Will.. VEGETABLES. BERRIES V 2 PRICE liM'irit, II iiiiii lir tl.4) artitkitit . . lily «)i M. akiknk Ni« tlf lit n. Illjcklerrie*. r.aipberriei, Boyienber- tic. itrawberri'i, all it tremendoci ARMSTRONG'S FAMOUS GUARANTEE WE GUARANTEE EVERY PLANT WE SELL. IF YOU FOLLOW OUR PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS AND A PLANT FAILS TO CROW, NOTIFY US WITHIN 6 MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE AND WE WILL HI- PLACE IT WITHOUT CHARGE. Evtry GorrJin Center New Open 9.00 A.M. lo 6:00 P.M. 7 CONVENIENT GARDEN CENTERS CHTtCO. Mtutili In. It «a TIAll 4-1111 03. ICUTHOCJ, Hi|tiU it Cllintir T( 721H cuini tin. stiiirni. s I'll, um il wiikiiui ff I mi It 1IUJL 93(1 Jjctlll Btlil It riilUir ri:Uif Kl|in Kill iTUiiic 7 I ! J I W[:c:| 19711 II. lit I SOW ill IUI133, l!iM|til Dr. t kX .III II III tikrul UIIAOC3 CIMIt. Hill Cil «« rwtiiici. nictiit ··'· it

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