Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 22
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A-22--INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-1ELEGRAM (PM) Una cam., Thuri., Mirth n, im attery does it -- if she believes you' Male charm school stresses sincerity in the material" and adds Ihnt "I think I understand By STEPHEN FOX Associated Press "Flattery will gel you everywhere with a woman -- provided she believes you." The s p e a k e r is Dan Martino, 33, founder and p r e s i d e n t of the Dan Martino School for Men, a 4-year-old institution in S h e r m a n Oaks t h a t teaches males charm by mail. For a mere !5, Marline promises "to assure any man success with his type of woman." While figures on fulfillment arc difficult to obtain (the school docs- n ' l offer placement services a f t e r graduation), Martino claims to have enrolled m o r e than 10,000 men, a financial achievement that should assure him success with at least some types of women, Martino maintains, hnw- EDUCATOR FINDS FORTDNE IN WORMS! A Long Beach p r o f e s s o r who turned his $40,000 investment into $200,000 in the lucrative worm m a r k e t in j u s t s e v e n months, now wants to share his good fortune with others. ever, t h a t "money and HIKX! looks are not at nil mandatory" for success with women. Instead, the former model espouses a formula based on "sincerity and communication." And while some of his beliefs (Most women want to bu possessed in sonic way. They l i k e and waul a [lomlneoring male.} could make him a prime target for a Women's Lib firing squad, much of Ihe course I is common sense (always bower before a dale) that iow could f a u l i . M A K T 1 N O c o v e r s h a s i c s l i k e d r e s s a n d fjroominf; in his four-part course and then" nets down tn the heart o f l h c mailer. "We teach a method of coordinating the eyes -il's approximately a six- secnntl eye glance," he explained ii] an interview. "You focus in on her eyes, then you Icl your eyes go down jusl a little hit and then you mcnl her eyes again, but this time you follow il up with a smile. The smile expresses your sincerity." Once the Dan Martino man has delivered Ihc six- sernnd glance, bewails. "If she is attracted lo you, she's living tn give you a' sign (hat lias to do with her physical being," Marlino said. "It can be anything, she can adjust her blouse, brush her hair -- anything that has to do with her physical being that expresses her femini- ly. Now, you acknowledge her with a txxly mannerism that expresses your masculinity - adjusting y o u r sleeve o r c u f f , whatever." A s s u m i n g t h a i b o t h parlies are reading t h e same semapiiorc, Ihc next step is Ihc a c t u a l approach. Here, Martino advises a g a i n s l u s i n g "lines," especially after a smile expressing your sincerity, instead, he says, Ihe Dan Martino man will ask a woman questions aboul her life and inler- esls and seek lo establish areas of commonality. This, he explains, w i l l "break down her defense mechanisms." M A R T I N O c a u t i o n s agninsl giving a woman "the u l t i m a t e c o m p l i - ment" of idling her she's be.iiiHful. on Ihe grounds I h n t o n c e you've d o n e t h a i , you don't have much left to say. "Tell her what lovely eyes she has or what lovely hair she has," he advises. "Thai way you will still have many other lea- lures to com|)liiiienl." DAN MAHTINO ·Sis-Second Glance' -AP Wjrvphofo The professor nf charm advises dinner in a nice restaurant for Ihe first dale and offers tips on tipping, ordering and other possible hazards. During dinner, lor example, a man "should g i v e Ihc w o m a n h i s u n d i v i d e d attention, even if Ihe most voluptuous thing he's ever si-en walks right by." Krom this point on, said Martino, "we just let nature take its own course," which presumably does nol require formal instruction. Some of M a r l i n n ' s graduates agree to inter- views on the course with the- provision thai Ihcir last names not be used. I'al I f . , a 19-year-old sludenl in Chicago, said he took (he course because he "wanted lo be more confident meeting women in bars." Now, explains Pal, "I know w h a t they (women) oxpccl. Like if you w a n t lo attracl a woman al a party, you don'l go dressed like a hum." 1'AT I)., a 2fl-ycar-old government worker in Si. Petersburg, Fla., took the course because he was "coming off of a bad relationship and wanted to get my wils together on some of the psychological reasons t h a i things didn't work out." However, he fell the course "overall, was sluff 1 already knew." Dennis M., a personnel . manager in Cerritos, was one of Ihe few married men lo take the course. And while he felt "a Inl of it was slanted on how lo pick up women," Dennis ;ilso found "a lot of value object to his programmed a p p r o a c h to romance, my wife a liltle better now Martino insists he's as sin; l,m." V?J-' ; ':£(%re as he tells his stu- Marlino hinisel('-has''-ydbhtslo be. never been married and said h i s r e l a t i o n s h i p s "lend lo l a s l about a y e a r . " H i s c o m p a n y , which now employs five full-time workers and 75 sales r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s around the country, takes up a lot of his lime. Although some might "You should be sincere with a woman," he said. " I f i t ' s a good relationship, il's gol to be based on honesty and sincerity. You should give a compliment because you want to. not lo take advantage of a woman. And that's true for Ihe woman loo." I t ' s f u n s h o p p i n g t h e Classified Ads . . . do it often and save money! HE 2-5959 Joint - T - Shirts ONLY $ 1. 00 with purchase of Levi, Reg. Bells, Big Bells or Straight Legs -(Denim or Cords) MENS LONG OR SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS 2 $Q99 FOR O £O E Y N S SOR SOCKS 59 o r 2/ $ l°° 335 PINE AVE. LONG BEACH B»n«Amerk«rcl M»«l«r Clurqt GIFT CERTIFICATES LAYAWAYS Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. Samuel Chafam of S R Worm Garden says, "This Is a business which does not require a large amount of money to get started. It demands little time and offers phenomenal financial returns on a reasonably small investment. There is a ready market. One can sell nationally, while maintaining a low overhead. In fact, a grower can start in his garage, in his backyard, or on a farm. I have a friend who grows earthworms inside her apartment, in dresser drawers." "Think of this," Chatam explained. "For $289 one can buy a 3x8 bin of worms which should net between $15 and $75 monthly. If a person starts with one bin and splits it every 75 days, by the end of the year he will have 32 bins of worms worth from $250 to S325 per bin. I don't know of any other industry where this percent of profit is possible with such little effort." A man of abundant energy, Chatam has held two leaching positions in the past eight years. However, he was so impressed with the profit potential of these wiggiy creatures that he gave up his teaching post at UCLA to begin this company. Within seven months, S R Worm Garden has grown to become one of the largest earthworm farms on the West Coast. It plans to setl over TOO million worms in 1976. The billion dollar market is wide open and growing at a rate of about 25 percent a year. The market is so lucrative that many companies are selling to only one segment of the market. However, S R Worm Garden plans to eventually develop the capacity to sell to several different segments of the general market. When Chatam was asked how this could be done, he replied, "That is a tremendous iob which cannot be done by my labor force alone, so I intend to multiply my efforts through others. I'm going to conduct FREE grower success classes. These classes vyill equip others to do the same thing I'm doing -- grow and harvest worms -- with the hope they will sell their stock back to me. Anyone from the age of 8 years to 80 can work this business." These FREE training classes will begin on Sunday, March 21 at 7 P.M. and will continue for four consecutive Saturdays. Each class will feature a different aspect of worm cultivation. "We want people who do not mind getting their hands dirty," explained Chatam. The classes will be located at The Edgewater Hyatt House, 6-iOO E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach. The first two sessions will be open to the general public. Anyone who is interested in earning an additional income, or in starting his own business, should call the company office at (213) 424-2561, or should attend the first class session. Meet Max. The maximum 120mm cigarette. A lot longer than 100's, Yet, not a penny extra for all those extra puffs. Great tobaccos. Terrific taste. And a long, lean, all-white dynamite look. Regular: 17 mg."tar," 1.3 mg. nicotine; Menthol: 18 nig. "taf." 1.3 mg. nicotino av. per cigarette by FTC Method. 'Max, you've got taste."

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