The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 28, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1920
Page 2
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SHE DAILY FREE PRESS ifflolly 1903 Established Weekly 1877 IFrae Press Publishing Co Mfl8. JOHN T. GALBRAITH Editor and Manager Telephone - - 218 __ • -' : "TERMS Snbacrlptlon IB'cents a week. i^aftlBinK ibffls _due weekly. .• J; JpB. wont strictly, casn. , "i- j SUBSCRIPTION 17.80." Bntered at the po3tofflce at Carbon ^MJ*^ Hiliiola, as sobond class matter -O««ie ,ln- the. Free" Press Banding Maln.Strset. -Jan.: 28. 19201 FOR J ^.-^^;,Meiredith, Editor of Farm | r .|' -Journal,-New Secretary of pcujture.; WIRES : HIS "JJCCEPTANCE >lMlMt0n 'to Have treasury Portfolio' ' "wicr Carter Glass -Will Take Hit" >j ••'•-Seat in the United States '• . ! . •' : " I; '---'- ' •' Senate. : • ^ • 1; Washington, Jan.- 28.— Edwin - T.' Meredith! of:;Iowa, :. editor of . Success- *ul Farming, will be named secretary of sericulture succeed' Secretary Houpt$n,,..whq,is .to., become -secretary" of {he' .treasury in the place ojf.CJarter '''" ..... •' ''-''Meredith Wires "Acceptance. . Mr. Meredith, who is at Miami, -Fla., • telegraphed the : \Yhite House -accep't- lng--thef. office. He is 44 years old and .-his home Is Des Moines. Before starting Successful Farming he was the publisher of the Farmers' Tribune. He • ' was a ca'ndidate for the United States senate in. 1D14 and for governor of '..'Iowa in 1910.' Glass Will Go to Senate. President Wilson will send the nominations of both Mr. Houston and Mr. Meredith to the senate. As soon as -•Secretary Houston qualifies Mr. Glass •will take his seat In the senate to suc- -ceed the late Senator Martin of Vir. -sinia. Gumming for Surgeon General. Dr. Hugh S. dimming of Hampton. " Va.. is understood to have been selected .to succeed Dr. Rupert Blue as '•surgeon general of the -public .health service. Dr. Blue's term of office expired. Jan. 15, and Dr. Cumming's -nomination is expected to be sent -to the senate within a day or two. Dr. Gumming for 'a number of years -was quarantine officer at Hampton 'Kosds and is at present in Europe -studying typhus conditions there. . Sen. Blue has served two terms as •surgeon general. He was first appointed "during, the administration of Presl- - tJent'Taft and reappolnted by President Wilson. ; -Term Made Four Years. During the Taft administration the regulations were changed to make the term of the surgeon general four years Instead .of serving Indefinitely, and it was said today that this was th« reason why Dr. Blue was not reappointed. 'Dr. Blue will remain in the public i-beaUa service probably with the rank -of an- assistant surgeon general, do- -Jng research work which he has un•der ; _way, including the fight on in- ->Uuenza. KAISER : WON'T HOME Declares ; He Will Never Again Live in Germany—Would Cause Faction Split-. ATTACK ON SIMS IS CHEERED Hears the Admiral Denounced for "Libeling Army and Depreciating Navy." Washington, Jan. 28.— Rear Admiral •vSims, .a leading figure in the naval decorations controversy ana in the pending senate investigation of the navy's •conduct of the war, was attacked in •the house by Representative Byrnes tDem.), South Carolina. Byrnes" said lie deserved "tlio condemnation of -every American and a dishonorable ••discharge from the navy." Characterizing Admiral Sims ns a -'"hyphenated politician," Mr. Byrnes -charged that, when serving as comiimn- • .iler of American naval forces in'Euvo- .pean waters huring .the war, he had "libeled the army and depreciated the •work of the navy," and urged that the United States leave the control of ihe •seas TO Great Britain. Democratic members frequently interrupted Representative Byrnes with . applause and when he concluded anise. cheering and clap/ping their hands. FEAR UPRISING !N BERLIN Noske's Troops "Patrol "streeta of Cap. itarto Thwart Expected Revolt— Attempt to Kill Erzberger Denounced. Paris; Jan. 28^-The German government has senra~note-to" Paris trying once toore to induce the allies to renounce execution of article 228-of. the 3ea.ce treaty dealing, with the surrender of.persons accused of. acts In vio- ation -' of' -the laws and • customs of var. The kaiser, has been demanded of Holland under. article 228. Mayence, Germany, Jan. 28.—Gerau^newspapers publish a letter from Former .Emperor William to a personal friend,in which Count Hohenzollern expresses his absolute discouragement ind says he does not want ever to re- urn to Germany. : He says he believes iis return, would cause a split between German: factions. .- . ... ..'Berlin,, Aet« Balk .Uprising. Berlin.. Jan.j 28.r-Hea.vy patrols of oldlers guarded government b-uTidhigs ast night and'stopp'ed : "all traffic over treets in ' that.'neighborhood where Jarricades had been'thrown up by'the ~~*pSi Riimors were heard that raoh- rchists had'planned an uprising to- ay, which is the birthday of Former Imperor \Yllllam,...and that Gustav foske, minister of defense, had.mass- d" tropps'.tis..a .precautionary, measure. '.• While 'government' officials' have de- ied any knowledge, of an intended In- urrection- and ->ay- the attack'• on ifa'thias'TSfzberger, minister of finance, esterday- prompted the mobilization f forces, it is declared; the;. ajithorir les sought to forestall action on the art of the supporters of the imperial egime. It was reported last : night hat 'attacks against the independent ocialists and radicals were planned as the first step in the monarchist coup. Attack on Minister Denounced. Deep indignation over the attack on Herr Erzberger was expressed in a proclamation, the attempted assassination being called "a criminal excess of political warfare." The proclamation* said that it was hoped Uie deed would arouse the angpr of the general public and promised, to protect everyone against violence. Sympathetic inquiries were made, at the Erzberger home i>y tHe Italian and British charges d'affaires and President Ebert telegraphed condolences to the wounded minister. Stoppage of Food Threatened. The Tageblatt's Essen correspondent reports that the entente has notified the government that'It will discontinue food deliveries' to Germany if labor riots and insurrections continue. The newspaper adds that Minister Noske has ordered the arrest of seven independent socialists and communists alleged to be the chief instigators of the Frankfort railway strike. A commission of the miners" union at Bochum has voted by a large majority against forcing a six-hour working shift through a strike. 1,000,000 FIRE OHIO ^Defective Furnace Causes Destruction of Five Buildings in Heart of the Business District at Columbus. Columbus, O., Jan. 28.—Fire, result- PRISONERS PERISH IN SIBERIA '375,000 Austrians Die of Smallpox and Typhus, Is Report to Red Cross. Geneva, .Tan. 28:—Three hundred and seventy-five thousand of the 500,000 Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war. taken by Russian's have perished in Siberia from smallpox and typhus, according to Vladivostok disp'atches. to international Red Cross headquarters here. The rest were kept all-re only by the efficient work of Japanese, American and English doctors who have been assigned to different towns along the 1 rans-Slberian railroad. v East of Lake Baikal Chinese physicians are also helping, but the'Vork' is difficult owing to bolshevik invasion. GIVE VOTE TO DEACONESSES Episcopalians in . Eastern Missouri Think They Are First in the U. S. to Do So. St. Louis, Jan. 28.—The Protestant Episcopal diocese of eas;ern Missouri, at its annual convention here, unnni- ] mously adopted a resolution giving i deaconesses the privilege of voting in diocesan conventions on the srfme basis us the clergy. | So far as Episcopalians know, this is ! the first diocese in the United States I to take such action. FORTY KILLED BY THE COLD Great Suffering Caused by Unusual Weather in Mexico—Crops ^ Are in Danger. Mexico City, Jan. 28.—A cold wave .Ing from a defective furnace,'caused i o£ unus 'J n l intensity is prevailing • the total destruction of --3n. the heart of the business section of "this. city. The loss is estimated ii> •v-nearl;.- ?1,000>000. :\,-. loss:of lif^'r 1 !).,.; *3>een\reported. here. Forty deaths have .been, .caused I among the poorer classes in Mexico ~" " Y the cold, and it is feared that 123 Others Also Before U. S. ... Court atGrar.d Rapids.^" Charles D. o'rth of New York lias been elected-president of the National Security league to succeed ; Col. Charles E. Lydecker, whose reiire- ment has been made necessary by ill health. Mr. Orth h.-is. beeiv secretary Fifty Lawyers Engaged for bsfense —Charged With Fraud in - Recent Election. ' Grand it.-ipids, Mich., Jan .28;--.. United Slates Senator Trmnan i, M..; Ne\vherry and lii:: r "•;! prominent in [ichig.'in polities' wenr on' irial in rile Federal. District court here' ludiiy. cliiirced -witn <. i niisjiii-iic i y. fraud .'.-nn'l comiptfott in thp nils senatorial election. ... The "iTripiirnnit'c of i.he. issue , in• volved. 'tfu< 'rrniiiliuJHi'-p'bf .'iii<ist nf" 'iho |-defi J iidiiiijs.Hiii|..tii,.' liuimsiiiK .'irriiy iif j i li'ftal tv'-.-nr. i>ivNii^><i)Tini> of Hie must i ! notable 1 cases !n Hii- ,te«nl. annals 'of i I i ho state; . '-.-.' ' . i •Of the K3- men inillcrcil hy. the urn) -gi-.-n.i! jnrj- last : Xt>vmiiher,",iiiiie ]iave'(i:n'ere<* jrtuusOf 'noiVi coiltei'idm*. |i he case ut ane lias hreir.Voniiiiiind ' owing ;n il-lns-is. iiud_-.-:iiiorher upon , wlinni.-ftervl-tv-. has. nof:l>i»rii ••ulitjiiiu'ti. wax said in- h« hi Siiiith -America... Tiivc'ir.v-llir«e pleudftl "Not .guilty".... and 101 sroovli inrtte .w-lit>ii'iirniigiied. .1 . The govprwHiwit's I'-iisr n':is In ' charge" of fi-aak ; (j. • Uiilley. I'onner United Start's itis-Erii-i .•itlnrnc'.v-ar' In- : dianapolis, \vlio j>rt>si-ciiied Hie Terre Haute i!hvt:.w)'; Martin \V. Ut- tleton.. whw .hist :\v«>rk -withdrew as f(W iiniimiiiiiiiiuiiiiilsfenia A .bank, .of. course,.keep's your money . safe. ^ And it just as surely can help you handle your money safely/ 1 ' For instance, a checking, account here is more .than- a .simple; convenience.' It is a guarantee of you in the trans- . ...mission.oi funds. It enables you to'Ifse-. your money instantly accessible'witLcu t .danger of loss. • l Checks Protect You Your checks drawn on this bank carry-your monev to all-par.ta-of-the.couritry at the .cost to you of a postage:st<anp. Checking, enables y>u to keep trade' of your money in a systematic way. The stubs in your check book carry sufficient entries to do this. The cancelled'checks, returned to: you ;;each month, are legal'receipts for your payments. These and many other benefits '. 'are yours"if.-yob establish "a checking " --account here. 'We-tyill be glad to discuss it further with you. - . on congress He is the senior member of Hanson & Orth, fiber importers.. of the league.for the past year, .and is t -'°u nw el. for tl.n .Nf-w . Vork assfuilily chairman of the' league's committee wMmiiifti-t tj-.viiig. tlid.-(>.-e .suspemied Socialist .asfflVnihiymeii.'' iieiiilpil the legal f.orcifs o!'. the defense, which are said to inatrider nrxjut fifty. , -Asiiliv' frr»n-thp-'-(l!-IViid;tiits, the 13f) venii-enicn.-.- att»riieys,' <•'nirt attaches iiiiil nine nt-u-snupermen. ft'\v ivt'iv nl)lc tii.sctrn admittsiiice.'to 1 - the openinK su-wions cf- .tiip -trial; nnd the iittte FLU KILLS 173 IN CHICAGO New Cases of Plague Show Increase 6? rleariy 600 Since Monday-i- Many Death by Relapse^ ', • • Chicago. Jan. , i;S.— Thyrt; «-m-; 31 deaths from .Jnilnerza and 82 <Wrhs form .pneumonia, a i-nttil of .lt. ; {,- in the last 24 hours, vlrh 1,800 nevv 'puses of • the former and 30f! of the latter. The new cases of fin show, -an increase of ie:irl.v SOO siifce over Sinn- day. while the deaths pass the highest mark yet rp:irlu-d fhis yoar. "Thi- fatalities of the present epidemic.", nr- cordlng to Assistant "Menith fonnrils- sioner Knciilcr, "!:rr mostly due to relapses lift"- :r>. -'.pparent rui'nvpry from the in!lueaxa." cijurtri.ipwi iif.U.mfee C.'W. .Sessions lm«l r;-;: ii^ed V>sent.'these. 'STOCKMEN .MAKE CENT Carboodale National Bank "Fabulous Wealth" 'as Told by Packers Is DrniVd at Convention, Held at Spokane', Wash.' ' / Spokane. Wash... .Tan. 2S.—Stockmen .have received tijiproxiuiiitely S "per cent return nn their investment dur- , ing-the last five - years, Dr. John A. I Donovan of Butte—Mont., estimated | in an_addre«:_l>e dellvered_ before the lean" .Xiificina-'. ^".'i nvi'ntiun IK J IV. siont it) referring Sena . . • • i * StlH-X ;iss''t- He nindi- the :id- ements of. the puckers, thiit. they "ni:ihlnc the srockinen fnbulohs- •h." Adv'ocntiiiB 'thp legislation or Kpnilriclc is urging in con- jrress. Doctor Donovan said, the senator had the interests of the .packers :>s well MS those of Hie stock raisers it heart. NO PRESibENt rTOR PRUSSIA Head of Legisi^tive..Assembly I* to Be 'Ex-0fficio'.'Chief"of State Also. Berlin. Jan. 2S.—Consideration of the future oonstitutioh of Prussia has been closed hy the -commission assigned to the cask and j it has been decided that Prussia will not huve a president of. licr' own. The head of. the legislative iissemhly will r offlcio chief ^^g^^^ • ^^ . - . ., _ , ' Goodyear leadership gind Tires for Small Gars Enormous resources and scrupulous care have produced in Goodyear Tires for small cars a high relative value not exceeded even in the famous Goodyear Cords on the world's highest-priced automobiles. In addition to its larger sizes, Goodyear manufactures an average of 20,000 small car tires a day in the world's largest tire factory devoted solely to the 30x3-, 30x3%-, and 31x4-inch sizes. ML m <;5 SI Last year more small cars using these sizes were factory-equipped \vith Goodyear Tires than with any other kind. Their extreme worth is available for your Ford^ Chevrolet, Dort, MaxweU, or other small car, at the nearest Goodyear Service Station. Go there for these tires and Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes. - .,;'.'., the crops in th*> northern states have .. - ..;.:;• Buffered dam.--->.. l 30*3% Goodyear Double-Core Fabric, All-Weather Tread____ 3Ox3& Goodyear Single- fabric. Anti-Skid TreadT Core Goodyear Heavy Tourist] Tubes are built to protect camp. Why endanger a. good casing with, a cheap tube? Goodyear Heavy Tourist ("Tabes cost little more than, tubes of lets merit. 30x3% size in waterproof bag

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