Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 16
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A-l^INDEPENDENT (AM) LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Ll DENNIS THE MENACE By Hank Ketcham !V earn., M«td«y. r«k. x. By Harold Gray MARMADUKE ·owrvre WVECBSSatO ANOKMOW FOR CERTAIN IWtTHEIS OURflSSOnMHITSi/STILL PSIHED IHSIDE THOSE HBUIDTHHTIWERE iv* MUST REPORT HOT RUWTHE NILKMflH EhTERED TOftSUEODBftGOrl THESflWMRIUM ONC= flMD KITED TWICE! h THAT* OR MOST HOKORflBLE By Johnny Hart WHAT is AN ANTI-CUE ? ITS PP3MOONCED AM-TEEK! "Look! It's tough enough doing pushups without YOU on top of me!" IF WE'RE AH. ONE FAMILY, WE AUOWM PART OF EVEfWWING, HUH? AN' IF I 6R6*KMY PART,DWSAIY TOUGH UKK,HUH?' TERRY AND THE PIRATES By Tom K. Ryan TUMBLEWEEDS Alf TEW* WATCHING THE OTHH^ 15 NOT AH.HAH/AWWHAT T THEODORA! WHAT THE CH,KH! VICTOR, AS THE RAT « AWARE THAT HIS HANP15 TOUCHING A SUBSTANCE AFFERENT FROM THE STONE ORCUMSTANCEg X BELIEVE rtt GENERAL'/ BUZESAREW AHfBBCKOFTHEaSTEKM WAIU , OL' PALI-. LE'SH bSTDPELEiaW YON TAP- /HESn /OWES ME FOR THE LAST I TIME HE \TREATB7 :x FNCTOFTHE ANCIENT ,-_ CBTERtJ, WATCHES, IjIsENEKALHASPANP MK.PAUtAARRlVE IN SEARCH OP THEIR RESPECTIVE OFFSPRING. ROOM TSEfflERiTHETREATS ON ME.' By Bob Montana ANIMAL CRACKERS IMPROVED/ WON'T MR.VEEZLY OU/ /I RESIGN AS SETS THE YOU BOfS ARE) BRICKS BUIl-DINS A 7 AT THE THE BU1LD1N COMMITTEE! ANOTHER COAT. CLUBHOUSE:?? JSUPPLIERS' N'T THAT RATHER EXPENSIVE? By Carl Grubert G.ETYUURI AND STOP WHSTUN AND GRUBBVrl GET BACK TO THE STOCK BIG FEET OFF OF MY NOT AT ALL; IKEEP TEULINS THEM ITS FOR YOU.' EB.' THATS THE FIFTH TIME YOUVE BEEN BACK ,_, FDR MORE CHICKEN.' OO^l '·^ IT EMBARRASS YOU ? PAPER CLIPS, OR SOMETH1NS TU-OJEOCLOCK.' MARK TRAILS PRISCILLA'S POP CROSSWORD PUZZLE VES,sccrrry,,,x ^ WANT VOU TO SO .AFTER THEM,. ESPECIALLY AN OLD I SWAMPECt NAMED I CLEM WINBATE/ THEy KNOW OUR AAEN AND HCW THEV OPERATE WHAT WE NEED IS A STRANGER TO GO . AFTER ITEM/ DOOMED, SCOTTY "New "tensions mounted in the middle east as..." Riot ·squads were aain called to the campus r SUPPOSE THAT'S ME ? 26 African antelop* 27 Instrument 28 Kind of cake 29 Vast tract 30 Cut up 31 Genuflect 33--holiday 36 Carryall for records: 2 wordj 37 Cattle breeder 39 Swollen 40 -Poultry 42 Red stone 43 More astute ·45 Substantiate 46 Edict 47 Girl's name 48 Noifs, ands.or -49 Fast 50 Daughter of Eurytus; myth 51 Alaskan city 52 Alumnus 54 Metal 1 Pressure group 2 ShakespMrean villain 3 Granular »now field 4 'Beginner 5 Holy 6 Audibly 7 Particle 8 Frequently 9 Break in a By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK -- -BEEN ABLE TO~? GET AN INSULT IN EDGEWISE TOOTS, IN E YEARS FICST TIME --AND NOT ONLY ABE WOMEN GRASPING, SELFISH AND VAIN, THEY TALK TOO MUCH? LIFE WAS SIMPLER- WHEN ALL. WE HAD'Tb WORRY ABOUT WAS YOUNG DOCTOR N1ALONE Fears · for the dollar were expressed today.." journey 10 Starry 11 Vessel 12 Essayist Lamb 13 Dangle 19 Missives 21 Links places 24 Radioman's 0. K 25 Essential Puzzli cf Siturdiy, February 22, Solved Bv Dick Brooks JACKSON TWINS JEFFWHST^OU /JILL.THELON3- NEE IS A GOOD I EST SENTENCE FCIENP.' EVEN/ 1 MY WTHEI?SAID YOUBOWN FATHER ._* * WAS WHEN HE MAYBE Tl RXJNI7MV BLOW-UPS OF "OU TWO.... ear THIS is TOO BIG, TOO W1LP.' IT5EEMH5 SO EASY.' JAN AND { HE'S JUSTHIGH I DRIVE OUT, TELL JEFF HE'S ) ENOUGH TO JAKE A NICE OJV AND WE ALL GOJ^^PA^ OFdEFFTySON* COMMITTEE t HOK.OSCOFE toy FORECAST FOR TUESDAY ACROSS 1 Wrack 5 Island in Aegean 10 Biblical brother 14 Hideout 15 In the air 16 Concert number 17 Fearsome ont 18 Rabbit 20 Interpret 22 Entrance 23 Regard 24 Church court 25 Thundered 28 Curl 32 Tapestry 33 Furies 34 'Receptacle 35 Indication 36 Lobby 37 On earth 38 Arab garment 39 Stopwatch 40 'Pitch ·41 like a tongue 43 Seed 44 Prayer word 45 Remain unsettled 46 Cloth 49 Sauce 53 Flood 55 Wasteland 56 Pay 57 Khchen need 58 Girl's name 59 Experiment 1 !4 17 20 2 3 Your birthday lodav: This year finds you In vour natural elemenl -- abstruse or abstract ideas. O t h e r people pull back a bit and give you breathing space. The temptation is to spend too much time planning an;! not enough in production. Today's natives tend to changeable moods, and *re frr- aucntlv rattier unrealistic In their approach to financial arrangements. ARIES (March 71-April 19): There seem to be a million and one details to attend to today, shopping. Inventory, mislaid objects, tools. Nobody appears to react as uuickiv os vou do. Have patience and v/crfc out routines tullv. TAURUS (April 20-Mny M): Avoid drastic financial or business actions; take advice from older people wlio are skilled in the business before mnklno transactions. Keen vour own counsel amongst outsiders. There will be a belter time! GEMINI (May 21-June 30): Your work scatters a bit; time is waslcd with uneven pacing and unwanted chores, but there is nothing (or it ijui to follow Itic la lest requirements cheerfully. F-amily and friends are not apt to agree with CANCER (June 21-July 32): You po,«,i- blv hoict back cnouoh of the story to unintentionally mislead others. Give your associates rhe chance to sec what vou arc seeing. All factors arc active for fascinating your expression In creative and business atfnlrs. LEO (July 23-Auo. 22): New sparkle comes into your personal contacts along with interesting Innovations. Put fho resultant lilt Info a burst of energy on tha job, and total UD ichleverncnt for Ihc re- VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepf. 22): Details act sidetracked. Figure them out without showing any visible dismay. The onlooker will not discriminate between revision and original action if your morale is sufficiently good. LIBRA (Sepf. 23-Oct. 22): Serious consultations arc emphasized; long-range ptnns come to the fore. Family discussions as to which direction to take for permanent Improvements are favored. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Map out tvic details of the coming season's activities. Line up budgets; seek added cash. This is a favorable day tor closing out longstanding accounts, neglected obligations. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Oec. 21): A nood day (or social activity, for refinancing obligations into a single, payment-deferred pool. Confer with o!d friends. CAPRICORN (Dec. 19): Your wo'k demands more than your regular stint. Give it, for this once, without h(*si- t.ition but diplomatically t.ike care that the temporary stress is not established as a permanent adjustment. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Fcb. IS): Your decisions ami actions may dismay younger people/ but this seems Inevitable at Ihis lime. Compare opinions with professional consultants, research experts, etc. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Fortune smiles ocntly nnd It you can avoid pressing too hard, you'll have a good day. Fine for research, seeking old re- rords, checking long past facts. Have a ocnlal evening. 1'CACH HWTS CAM /WAVE Yo THE OF WHAT VOJ FRANCINE,.! ' .NEED is OUR DOUBT THAT "UNDING KEVElATiON, MILL WITH

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