Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 27, 1950 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1950
Page 21
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I Back Seat Driver Is Freed Carrol Neston, 17, won dlsmissa «f jt reckless driving charge, today in'justice of the peace court. She was the fourth person, to'come'up for a ^hearing in a case in which her three companions already have gerved jail terms ,of 'five days and paid fines of $30," The charge grew out of an at- tenjpt jo frighten Highway patrol roan A, W. Roberts and another man who were standing beside the road near the intersection of East Speedway and gwan road early in September. N e w C h a r g e jln Rape Case .A hew charge has been . filed against Glenn Blessman, IS, now held under $4,000 bond for superior court on a charge-of : "belng one of three young men who raped a 15- year-old ' Tucson girl. · Blossman, who lives! in Tucson and now is free on bond, will be charged, Deputy County Atty. John Kettlewell said today,. -with attempted rape, sodoray and lewdj and lasclvlquV acts. .; Kettlcwcll said the two 'other youths, arrested in' the case still are charged with rape.'They ate'Roy E. 'Goss Jr., IS," Yuma,' and' William Hafford, 20. Prescott. Blessman is a former University of Arizona student, and :Goss and Uafford now are students at the unlversit}'. · , Kettlewell said, the new warrant against Blessman had been .delivered to the sheriff and Atty. Milton Cole, : defense attorney, -notified. The deputy county attorney said if Blessman is held for superior court on the new charge, the charge of rape can be dismissed ·when the case conies' up in superlor'court. The girl charges the trio took her Roberts got a description- of the speeding 1 car which "dusted them off "rand later'the four occupants of the ,car were arrested,' Three of them, 'Jo Ann 1 'Ward, .the, drivers and Wayne Ormand and Henley Parmley ·' all were convicted · of reckless driving and were sentenced. However, the case' of Carrol Neston" was continued and came TheTJ^lThatComesOnceinaLifetahe:,BTf H. T.,WEBSTER up for trial, l^sfore -Justice of the Peace' James M. Howsgre today. The charge was stiffly resisted by Defense Atty. John ,Bboud, who contended no crime- had been proved. Deputy County Atty. -"John Kettlewell contended the .presence of j tflss Neston. ,in the car,* under thg new traffic code; made her guilty of reckless driving as much as Jo Ann -Ward. In the middle of the Jiearing vettlewell tried, to amend.-flie com 5lamt to charge Miss, Neston with dding and abetting Miss Ward in :rying to give the'men a scare, but Howsare dismisse.il the motion. Howsare remarked that a "back eat driver" could not' be guilty oi eckless driving. So Miss Neston vas released, from her:home to a' place in the flesert near Randolph park. TV Show Of Surgical Operation Cancelled PHOENIX Ariz., Oct. 27. television broadcast of a surgical operation was cancelled' here this morning. " 'The husband ,of the woman-patient convinced her .that. she · should not permit the broadcast. 1 Station KPHO-TV had .planned to air "the _ broadcast today over. an open, circuit so an}' television^ set in- the area could receive it.", Doc-i tors .attending -the convention of the Southwestern Medical 'association were to.'view the proceedings on a .large .screen in a, downtown QapMr I Pick Jralawy swing M*itlf"ln to tat uddtl put pars to'his nobel-stetd «wi,.£an6p3ed dowr'.ttw posdyt ' tha red dOf tavern, a croud,of cowboys Mas loaTlng.cn'tna aldtnalk out in front soae of them vss foiling clgaretts · rltii.1- band- and *ont-»aa 'practicing.'*ltli ; 1**Jr«iJtiuns sboot ing l«tt?s'out o£ « iipi £ 'blocks away. tto*dy diclc y*lled shorty Johnson-*haV do-you-kaow'.pltnty Tejotned DleJt-.ds 'he pulled oil-ausstang-up' abort.sjid, ; Juap*cI-orry-'-i. here that' yella cur £ gw ncCoDe ii.looldnj Tor ne ma Calm to 5n hlja aoy rurtbcr troubl, you better, lay ofr tnat Koabrce sail ^curly lockson 60 Is * cattle russl«r and-ne h5 got 10 notchi In'his.e.fwny.tfifl world.Is to saallvfor-tiio ,too : cf. us. said, diclc. the words was no sooner out of nis Eoutn tfhen a shot rang out and. ; a.bullitwnistled^ tare"'dicks'new soabrerow, -la tb« «UiX of a. eye.both of dlcitj'B.eBis was spltlr.s.lead. ·you got ce screemcd-.£-gun atS.'Mbe;7as.b* dropped 1 In kls : tracks i guess: that will, lerania-not .to-go-'round-Insulting wlnmin Toua said dlcx is m put His saoaWnj'6 guni tack in tbler. hofturs, adss'Ocilvte the bcautlfuli school teechor can now ·rain Sown the streets of tnls torn with out Heing insulted by this low Caracter. well 1 got to be jetljig along; out to ta« bar 3 ranch warfi* re are csvins a round up and reaping and branding » lot of, staars, see you toys at the danct to night and with that be -leeped on bls'Busstani and'calopped off la a dona of doit 17-fe -A/OVcTL- WRITIN STASE amen'dment: legislature. to the ( law by 'the hotel. County Will Open Shelter County Supervisor J. Homer Boyd tpday said the,:county -would iperi an animal shelter, .early in December, but he .doubted if it vould -accommodate large ..animals uch as stray.horses. Boyd said the questlon;'of stray lorses wWch, under the Arizona np-ferice 'law, causes a burden on residents around Tucson has often confronted the .supervisors, and,for 30'days before disposing of they can. see no solution except .anthem, at an auction. Korean Invasion Is Marines' Fifth, Costliest By E. V. PURLING · The heart of a",woman taste* no truer ]oy u * - Is never-r flattered with such dear enchantment 'Tls more'than'selfish vanity-as when " ' She hears the,praises of the' man she Joves. --James Thomson (Keep the above in mind, mister Praise your matrimonial mate at every opportunity and 'let-your theme song be "I Still Get a Thrir Out of You." I am' reliably informed i the, "praise technique" is greatly' utilized by those highly successful Chicago'husbands.) New York City taxi drivers travel* (carrying passengers) an average of about 100 miles a day. That's what a taxi skipper told me. If Jiat Is correct, the average New York cab grosses S35 -a day. Of this the driver's percentage would amount to about $13 a day. Fifteen dollars a day plus tips is not such bad wage."Then if the driver owns " York what he can earn in a day. OLD MAIDS' DAY Old.. Maids' day. That's what Denon, Tex, recently celebrated. On .hat day. the local spinsters. were privileged cnaracters. They were (the recipients of gifts from mer- the cab, which many New taxi skippers do, consider One remedy "was put forward by | chants. They were admitted free Boyd. "The county board of supervisors has considered designating one or two v riding academies,'to ' which people :can turn over stray horses," Boyd said. The supervisor said, however, the county cannot s pay the riding stables for .boarding the horses, : and he does riot know if. the .owners of [to 'all theaters and charged noth 'ing for'taxi rides. On the. night of stable the .would u'mals. consent to take' in . tinder -the no-fence. law, owners of. property on which horses are trespassing must feed the. animals Old,Maids' day a ball-was given in their,honor and all the' bachelors for miles around attended. Some marriages resulted, from meetings at this event. A great idea for a holiday.: But I don't like.that term "old maid." I prefer the Paris idea of making St. Catherine's day the one honoring unmarried women. St. Catherine, .as you know, is the patron saint of spinsters. AMONG THE MARRIED "The Psychology .of. Matrimony" is "a book by Din6 driglia, Italian psychoanalyst and marriage con- sultant. In it he says most modern males suffer from C an inferiority complex. That's why so many men of today make Jnferior husbands He also states, most married women between the ' ages 'of 35 and 45 have "dream lovte." That is, they worship some handsome male celebrity- from afar. Origlia also claims.-, most husbands are dissatisfied with a wife who-is "exclusively domestic." Keep that In mind, lady. Don't be too domestic. By'the way, how about .this crack the author makes about "dream lovers'"? Any- tru£h to it as far as you-are concerned? PLEASE NOTE The U. 'S. marines have landed in Korea five times in the last SO years.to protect United States in- :erests. However, until the last anding there had been only one U. S. marine killed, in Korea. That was in 1871. , i HORSES "WOMEN; 'Those doing research on the subject claim the day is not far off when'a woman will.be able to "choose the sex of'her child'in advance. The father provides the ;ex determining factor, mother ' of the future, but" Say 'the the scientists, will be able to regulate t. This is -indeed :food for thought When women .are able to determine the sex of. their children, which will they choose the' more --boys or girls? My guess is it, vill be boys. By so doing the mothers' will make certain there vfll be around. enough It may husbands.to. go be the .mothers decide to average three boys o one girl. In that way they could reate a most desirable'* situation rom a feminine standpoint. With hree men for every-woman, a girl eeking-a-husband could afford to e- "choosy." 1SKING Queries from clients.' Q. What vas the name of- the film actress vho in private life wore a monocle? A. The British actress, ' Benita Hume, now Mrs. Ronald Colman, once featured a monocle.-'So die another British actress named Heather Thatcher. Q. 1 Am. I right in saying the first 5100,000 Ahorse race staged in the United States was the Santa Antta, Handicap? A, You're wrong, sir. This 'country's first §100,000 race was' the 192E Futurity won by Whichone and staged at Belmont Park at Kirn on t, L. I. CURSE Are .'you superstitious? Do you believe in "curses" being put on people? A reference to- "the tomb of King Tut" inspired these queries. In December, 1922, Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter found the tomb of the Egyptian King Tutankhamen, who lived 34 centuries before the.'Christian era. On his tdmb was. inscribed: "Death shall, come, on swift wings to- him that toucheth tlie tomb '.cf . the oharaoh." Lord ..Carnarvon 'and Howard/Carter didn't take the .in- :cription seriously and broke into the tomb without-hesitation. Carter died shortly after -in 1922 and Lord Carnarvon in; 1923: (© 1950, King Features.) American Casualties Announced At 26,701 WASHINGTON, Oct. 27. (^--Announced American casualties in Korea--total 26,701, an* increase of 618 in .the last week. The ' latest tabulation, released yesterday by the.defense department,, includes 3,682 killed' in 'action, 4,337 missing in action andj 1S.6S2 wounded--including 442 .who later died. It covers those whose next of kin received notification through midnight Oct. 20. Some of those listed as missing in action ;have since returned to duty or been rescued from, the enemy. · ' · Otawn lalltf ElM«n 21 Friday Ev.nlno! Oct. tl, HM Adenauer Pleat For Prisoner Investigation - BONN,,Germany, Oct. ^27. West German Chancellor^. Konrad Adenauer appealed to the United Nations today to Investigate the' fate of "perhaps more than iv-mil-", lion" · Germans he said still were held by Soviet "Russia. _ "The holding of German prisoners · of war and civilians by Soviet Russia five and a half years after the -war is a measure of cold! atrocity," Adenauer said, He spoke before 1 a hushed parliament, tbe full'cabinet and other high government officials on "prisoner of war" day in western, Germany. r .No Communist members of parliament attended the session. NO PLACE TO FLOP ' KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (U.R)--This is one cosmopolitan city for'hoboes to shun. Census : .officials, after, enumerating transients, said there are no flophouses here. Welfare agency missions were 'not counted. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY - GIVEN th»t en Wednnday. the 1Mb : day of Novamher. 950. at th« -hour of eleven o'clock tn -th« orenoon of that day. at the main door'-or the City Hall to thi City of Tucson. Pim» County. Aritona, 1 wij) in pursuance of Ordinance No. 12S4 of the Ordinances oi th« Mayor and Council, of the City-of Tucson, ell at-public auction, to the hlRhal bidder, the following described parcel -of land o- vlfc That certain alley situate berwewi Lot* 1 . and 2 la Block 12 of American Villa Resubdlvlslon. In the City of Tucson. Arizona, as the same appears of record tn. 'the office of Uie County Hicnrder bl Plroa County. Arizona. In'Book s of Map* and Plots at Page 10 thereof which said parcel of- land; was vacated BS-I public alley under the provisions of Mid Ordinance No 1224 above referred 10, i The Mayor and Council res«rv« th« cltm to reject any and all Wds. ' · Dated this ath day of October. USD. - IH CARL M. HITT. . (Seal) . . City Olerlf Publish: Oct. ». 10: 11. IS, IS, 14. 16. 17., 11, U. 20. 21. 23. 24. 25, 26.-S7, 2s. 80, SI. NOV 1, J. J. 4. «, 7, «, 9. 10 11. U50. C L A S S I F I E D A D V E R T I S I N G DIAL Tor ALL DEPARTMENTS - - ' Of '; Tucson Newspapers, Inc ' .All claims of error la publication . Hball be made .within 24 hours after sUriit . Insertion. No " clalma . will · be ·IJdwed ior mora-than on* Incorrect Insertion. . ; Minimum- Ch«r»ed «1 , · 90 days -- flJO Word »,nv ^--JO-word, Minimum. ;. -UAiv'. sdphabetlcally nrranietf 'U«c. tory 'oi business, apeclallzlnf! In aarv* sc«9 such . aj contractors, landscaping. vacuums, lans, washers, Uxhtini -and heatlnz, ,1 ' Open Sundays 8 to 4 ' ',: - Cancellation Dodllna 4:30 P.M. WeeKday« · ' la It JI »A 33 J3A M 1 N II XcreiK* ApartmenH-- Uolurnlihcd . Furnished · Autos-- Repalrlnt . Pafctlnic For Sale i far Rent · Wanted i Bus IHrectory · Bus Cppon'y Bus Property , Bus ?(ontal£ -BlcycUs Clothtnn for · Sain UA ' Do«s Cats Pets 59 ' nude Ranches is Employ Accnoy I ·Farms Ranches fl3 Financial Serv ;s Ousit Ranches . for Stile MA Guejt Housu * Hotels n Help Wanted-- . Mclo g Mala Female (A . Femnlt . . 10 H'sehold Goods 54 H'sVpd Rooms 7« Houses for Rent--. Furnished UnturnlsUed Houses for Sal* 85 Open for Sab ns Income Prop'W SO Lat'= Swap · 53 Uvejtock «0 Loans-* · Money SO Saturday Real EstaU MA Lost and Pound,2 Lots for Salt 82 Money Loans 90 Motorcycles 3D Mlso for Sale fcl Mlso for Rent HA Out of Town Rentals , I1A Out of Town Property «4A Personals · · 3 Ptry esgs, »to «1 Radios Musical Instr u Rea] Estate-- Exchango 87 Wanted M Rest Homes 77A Resorts 13 Situations Wanted Male 11 Male fetnsl* HA Fcmalo 15 Suburban Property 90 Room Wfthout B B»nrd IS Rm it Board Wanted 74A Rm It Board 74 Trailer Courts 13 Trailers-Now U»ed t) Travel Oppor 1« Trucks For Sale J2 Per Rent t Want to Invest Wanted Jo BL,' Wanted to Rent CONTRACTORS BLOG. and REMODELING! LICT CONTRACTOR H, SCKELL. S-6900. CHET McCARTY PlumbinK.-Heat- injr Co. Contracting, remodeling, repairing, free estimates. Satisfaction guaranteed. Ph. S-3Q71. OFFICE' SUPPLIES 4 DRAWER letter ttles. Bill -hearing Rensonabls Phone 5-2890 WINDOWS and doors weaUierstrlppedT Aluminum awnings, screens remodeling. Ucenaed, Insured Skilled workmen. Payments If desired. Free es- inte. Dial 3-7530. KITCHEN - BATHROOM remodel- In'g FHA financing ; For estimates rail Peter L. Cooper. 5-5924. IvANT to add an extra room, remodel or build a new home? Call Elmer B Dobson. Ren. contractor. Ph' 3-4350 1st CLASS new constr. Repair remod. Large-small. Lie, gen, contr. 3-6S2U. SUB CON'TRACt blocK . laying. censed contractor. a-mei. - E B Bauer. Ph. fLAbTERING, stucco work, patching. Good work. Reasonable prices. 5-8598. !ST CLASS "work. New., remodel, repair Llcensed_contractor Ph; 3-8489 PAINTING DECORATING JWXERIOR - EXTERIOR palntln/?, mi nor repairs.- Promnt. efficient, rea service. 3-3412. 3-0877. FAINTING at livioc prices! Tim . Payment acranged. Free nst. 3-950' LNT£RIOR ( exterior painting, plastc patching, spritytog. bondeidne, 2-39' INTERIOR It exterior painting J.1.5 hr. or by contr. Use, Free cst. S-7694 NEED A reliable oalnter? Call 2-137 or 5-4090 INTERIOR Se exterior painting i paper banxlnx. Color specialist Call 5-6264. ^_ CAIJJ ,3-6192 for clean, reliabl' painters. · .· · ' ' INTERIOR - EXTERIOR painting, m. nor repair, Promnt sonable service. - 3-34 efilclunt 12. 3-0977.. IEMODELING. additions, or new construction. First-crCality work only. Call for fr.cn estimate. Carl Nielsen. AND JHT^TING OOUNG. HEATJNC. electric, repair . and trouble . , Call Mar 3*4042 ^DETERGENTS INTERIOR, exterior, free · estlioates. CJcensed. reas.. Ben Hall Ph. 5-4858 ROYCE B WELLS' Licensed Paocr- hanger and palnten Dial 5-0620. ELIMINATE oealin* on brick «no irtucco Guaranteed .Hoptetr^i"* ?PATIO PATIO Walls, cement work, fiae- none -, terraces. -Tree estimate. filiANSEB. nn All-pur- ·pose. Oetersent/ for Commercial and Household use $3.25 per gal. For iro-' mediate daUvery.' eaili S-6232.' ' DRESSMAKING A1TH OrixlnaU. bard alterations .im.VE. 8th- to fit sizes, RESSMAKING. alteratloru, household sewing. 103Q_E. Lee St, 3-8379 RESSMAKIJJG--Tailoring, speclaliz- m_g_in alterattma. 2608'E. 5th. s-3618. m_g_in .iltcratlons. 2608'E. JRESSMA^ONG alteratli ·Ing. ·E, 5 --, Ions, v shirts and suits, belts, buttons, etc, tn-An Sewing Service, a E. Jackson -a-BITl ELECTRIC SERVICE. . Tanlc or Upright TUCSON'S ONLY AUTHOS1ZED · SALES ti SERVICE AGENCY MITCHELL FURN. CO., H TV Conifrejuir Phong 3-74m VIRING, any kind, any. time, any where Best for less. Mlklta S-48U 'HUNG; - . residential: and commercial service. K. Qestrlch. Dial 5-1581. Hal] Electric Co. ~ 23-hr, radio and; appliance repair. -- "-- Dial 5-3101 concrete block .32 25 3' $2.75. 6 $3.20: Includes- all labor and ma- tertal. DC Contr ^ PUMP; REPAIRING Tucson Pump Repair Co. . ' Sales and Service Prompt efficient. repairs and Installa. Agents for Byron Jackson and Reda Los Altos Dial 4-0273 REFRIGERATOR SERVICE COMMERCIAL Re£rtser«tlon Service *-any hour of ttia twenty-four Call RLOVER-CLAHK. INC.. 2-4B2S 1,-OR RELIABLE-service on all make refrigerator* call Prince Bnglneer- Ing Phon 9-M51 RESTAURANT HOTEL Si SUPPLIES RESTAUSANT SUPPLY 261B S 4th Aye.. Dial 4-040' Tucson 428-E. 71h. ROOFING Suoply Co. · 2-11BK 5-3413 PERSONALS 3 X DIAMONDS X OLD GOLD X ANTIQUES v ' Cash Paid at Once Grunewald Adams i E. CONGRESS HAHOLD.RYAU. Saeclal Acent. Reo- resentinir PRUDENTIAI. Insurance Comnany of America, Insure Your Home Mortgage Loans. Phono 6-ni372 : WILL not be responsible for. any debts made by anyone other than myself. John Tom Hill. loan E. Miles HNDESGARTEN AND' NURSERY SCHOOL- PH. 2-DBBl. MBS. ..ADEN 214' S. OLSEN MRS. EDWARDS Psychic advice on all subjects iliB,S. 4th. Phono 3-243*. .VOICE OF-TRUTH WORLD'S FOREMOST SPIRITUALIST - LIFE ADVISER V Mrs..Myrtle ; : ·RUE ADVICE. 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WARD BROS.,PUMPING ,, .; J4-HOnR SERVIOE ' C««tcool» and aeptlc tanks vacuum »l»an«a. -for rellablt er» Dial ;. l£ .HUNTS chalr» i to'-'»ouT Harlv CONCRETE BLOCK-CO. ,, DIAL «HT M 1ST AVX, , PPBMTTTRE REBUILDING FURNITURE Best in the west. , refinlshed. Ph. 2-8851!. . . -MANDL'S COMPLETE FURNITURE SERVICI 320 E. 6TH ST.-- 4-0342 SAVE on roofin* and Insulation All werK cuarantend Free «ttinates 11 8 ;eth Ave Ph 2-M35 'WESTERN AtJTO StlPPL? CO HOfFMAN Rooflne Paint Co. Re- rooflng Mia TM Stoni- Dial 4-0312 RUG CLEANING RUG furniture cleanlns. Carpet ·jierylce. Stanley. White. Phone Z-5163. SAXD AJTO GRAVEL CALL OUR farm for top soil grayd REV. KISSEE splrttualtsl reader will J WAITRESS WANTED--Apply In ner- help vou. 113 W. Lamina. 3-6318. ROCK steam baths Swedlsn Colonlg Irrigation, g-9630 son. 2111 Benson Highway MEDIUM READER. Istrv card readings. Cry: i.-200 10 B. 33rd SI. DIFFICULT problems confidentially discussed Elizabeth Bullock. _a-3174- ELLEN Stewart, chlronodlst root correction specialist 270 N Church Ph .1-4981 . - wanted: woman with little cash, for service station-coffee · shop. Star-Cltlien Box 470. mortar snnd. fill fertilizer. Ige. rock,' f, ,,,, Xv/k'irkif- »^-rvi/-«\/ « tractor for rent Ph 5.4458 or 4-0162. EMPLOYMENT AGENCY fl SCHOOLS ARIZONA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Fully accredited [3l_E. Brpadwa: business school. Olal CATLIN'S SECXETAKJAL SCHOOL 31'» S Ston. 4-0282 Indlv Instruction -cox COMMERCIAL COLLEGE DAY AND EVENING CLASSES - SERVICE UNLIMITED 13S E. PENNINGTON DIAL 3-8792 HELP-WANTED, Male EXPEHIENCED BAKERS. KOOfl pay, epdv work. Tnoulre 3837 E. .Bdwav. CARPENTERS ._ JJUILOINC HAULING HAULING, F-lawtone lone or Short distances, alty: Ph. 2-9C63 Taylor HEATING DUCT WORK. CENTBAL HEATING. COOLING SYS'.. FURNACES. COOLERS INSTALLED. SERVICED. ACE .COOLER MAINTENANCE-PH. 5-12fll HOU.SE MOVING ARIZONA HOUSE MOVING CO A H. Smith Free estimates. 2-lQOl iOUSES MOVED, Frame brick ,,. stucco. Call S-3331 for. .fret estimate Tucson . Warehouse. Transfer Co. 110 B 8th St Estafaltoliea 1882 CERAMIC 'LESSONS Ceramic AH Studio Phone H-1SB1 (W , MECHANICS Built).; Your Own House W» furnish, eastsids · lot and con- _ _ _ _ ... SM,°? *%a il 'jn t jt"4b* ·% - Ph°| TTM L G Drlv, A ^' INDIAN. Kill or white for 'general housework. Live: in. Health card. Call Mrs. GUman. 5-5364. - - . - · EXPERIENCED restaurant cook, mid- die-aged. Ph. S-9CDS after 6 p.m.. WOMAN--Keneral housework. Live In, no laundry or' c'ooklng/Ph. 3-4fl7fl. WAITRESS wanted at the College Inn. Apply fn Person. 942 E. EXPERIENCED, fry cook Sr experienced waitress. Madison Cafe. .2226 S. 4th. Ph. 3-4023. WOMAN for housekeeping care small child. $50 month. Live .In out. 2-52SB. - · - below for payments. Loan 15 12 6 Amt. Mos. Mos. ' Mos. (100 $ B.38 HO.05 $18.46 200- 16.63 1939 38.80 300 24.60 29.61 54.83 500 36.66 45.00 1000 73.33 , 90.00 Phone or visit our office today. Household Finance . Corporation 142 E. Penlgton 2nd Floor Phone 3-3134 : HAVE CASH to buy several 2nd mortuaites or contracts. Call me at 3-5420 days or B-07S4 evc«. · AUTO REPAIRING 22 Car Need Motor Repair? . Expert mechanics to serve you.. Easy payments may be arranged. Auto Bo.vs. 15D1 S, Cth. Phone 2-1S2) TRUCKS FOR SALE 22 ... "TRUCKS" '46 Intl. ' Pickup-V.... $795 '40 Intl. Pickup ..... $425 '41 Chev. Panel . . . . . $495 702 S. 6th'. Ph.3-3732 Diamond -and other loan*.. Safe.- quick Easy . term*,. Peoples Loans R Broadway - tcrosn from VFWj CASH The Sensible Way U Your cho.ca oi repayment dates and amount . . . " payment* to III your budget, - · Charges only for the time you keep the money No co-signer«. X Loans--as Btle as 125, as much M flDOO -- on furniture. «uto. salary. Personal said "yes"-to over a million customers last year. Com* In or Dhone. WE LTKS TO SAY "YES" j Personal Finance 12 W. CONGRESS--PH J-48QI * Across from Fox Thgatgr 3--1941 U]-ton uanels. International dodge. Ford. In- Rood worklna condition. Colly Madlsoo Cakei. S57 ~ IBM Chevy Danel. Rood shape, rebuilt · AUTOS FOR SALE 23 STENOGJIAPHER boolckeeoer. shouJ have some experience. Tell us abo yourself -- typir-K speed, experlenc salarv expected. Apoly Box 4«7. LADY fwlth chUd) to- answer; uhon do liRht housekeeplna exchanr for'hQTTP. Ph. 5-Q617. FRY COOK Short hours. Q- day week, evenln meal, only.-Carousel · Tea Room. PJ " for appointment. SEWING MACHINES" FOR EXPBST-sewini machlrie rep'sir. Int call the Singer Sewing Machine Co. , Free estimate. * Phone · and our aervlce man will call TOE ONLY Slnser Sewing center to Tucson Is located at Slngpr Sewln» M»chln» Co. 308 E. COHCTCSS St. Phone Z-748B PFAPP machine taales and 4th. Dial- 4.MI3. SPRINKLER. SYSTEMS JAWN sprinling ; Free estimates. Fo. STORE systems · Installed! leer's. Pa. 5-7243. HOUSEHOLD REPAIR SERVTcE Remodeling contractors. Patio wills lenclnB, rooflni!, cooler service.,dtv ilale license. Guaranteed-worlt. 2-720 .. THE FIX ALL SHOP 130 W tndio Dial 2-8133 Decoraane " " * " 1 JBWEll^K. WATCH REPAIR wntch and Hwelrv *\tt y Jewelepi "jjAJYDSCAPING- SHAMROCK LAWN Lawns. Tree Pruntair, Ing Phone 3-TMa. Co. Wlnti_ !, Yard Clean NEW lawns tree, trimming shrubbery Plowing. Free «it. Nordstrom 2-273t iXTOVTV^l CKlWi\ln» £'i^I. n ^ A MOVING, Storage ARE YOU MOVING To or From Arizona For all your shipping ind, Amoving needs, factory o r 0 {- fice equioment, 'household coods. All thlpments receive. equal care snd dispatch. Low rates to «nd from nil sia.ua. ' r^r -fast, economical ihipplni Call 3-2541 KtEI ESTIMATES' " -STORAGE FAOLTriZS OLD PUEBLO VAN STORAGE CO. - 3C Toole Ave_ Tucson. Ariz. i SHIPMENTS FULLY INStJHED AT NO EXTRA COSTI""""" ACROSS tht street or across th» Nation Complit* moving oiclclni, toraxe. shltiplnjt'- service Tucson Wartbouse 4 ^Transfer-'Co.. 110 th St Ph - . WMt pea se«d, Rye (trass HtC, Mum stock' and other btddinx plants, " ~ - ' RUSSMAN Com'l . refriit new used, Frank Samuels Dirt Co.- Dial 5-1492 TABLE PADS BEST TABLE PROTECTION with HVLO heat li wate/ proof, washable pads. Bee samples. Free eitl. - 3-1855. DRAINBOARDS. bathroom Sooi Free estimates D. L. Phillips. 5-584 or 5-2412. EXPERIENCED . sign man, Ruhl Display St 2745 N. First maintenance Slim Shop, FAMILY .man.: 25-35. white, neat, clean, some fountain experience, Ap- DLv Poster Freed. 344 S. Stone. 3-5351 EXPERIENCED used car salesman. General Auto Sales. S94 3 Stone 10 AJV . 4th Av Experienced younj? women with e erences -- -for exclusive tea room Luncheon, or 'dinner or both on spl phlft. Phone 6-0271 for appointment. COOK-housckeeoer. experienced, wit references. For family of four.' LIv In. Call S-ruaa, BPYER - COSMETICS One of ph'oenix'a larger departmen stores has immediate opening io thoroughly experienced c q s m e 11 buyer. - Write giving full particular and qualifications. Address Star Citl zen Box I3flfl ; ACCOUNTANT- OFFICE MANAGER Lonj. established automobile dealer handling popular 1 line requires Immediately iecountant capaUle iu!2 charge of-books and office. Automo-t _ . _ . ^ve^ experience desirable. ApphcuiUj Si.i U A l IONS, Male I J d health. "Salary open. Givt qtial-1CASPENTRY; New" construction atlons iii first letter. · finish --cabinets'"- doors ' - - locks P.O. BOX 5114 ' ' " " TELEVISION servicing, amateur,, FCC license. Enroll now Day and-eve Classes start soon, z-2050 evenings. UPHOLSIERiyG G fc M STUDIO--tavinu room.fuml ture--new. repaired--upholstered. 509 E. Delano. Phone^2-8022. LESTER BENbON--Upholstering and repairing. 414 E. 9th Dial 2-1552. THE FINEST work pricesi Michell at the lowesi 75 W PETE'S OTHOLSTEBY and repalnw! Phone 3-0912. 2015 S. 4th WASHING MACHINES MAYTAG 14 HOUR SERVICE ON- ALL MAKES AUTHORIZED DEALER BEACH WASHERS APP, CO. 170 W CONGRESS . 'DIAL il-MSI MITCHELL'S · Pick-up and -delivery «erwc« en an makes of washers. Let experts r«- Pilr your washers 0V W CONGRESS : Dial 2-7481 fcct WELL DRILMNS" : CARL PISTOR DRILLING CONTRACTOR Co«*!5th and S 4th Av«. Dial 2-«12 FORSYfH DRILLING CO E~ Mabel · - Dial s-sro A. A. McDAMTEL. drilling contractor. . UB8 S. Roger Bd. Piione 2-0582. LObl AND FOUND, Y O U WILL -DRINK 'RAINBOW WATBR JOST downtown area silver bracelet s. Ui"-.-«ride. Caff 2-3435 after appro*. ^ 5-30._Reward. confidentlml dates Teacup - Important j. 3fi2B Fairmount ur-- eves SOc "5-7708. ,, UT^* Thompson, 42 S. JTremont, SALESMEN--Oppt, to travel or work · Tucson f on national concern. 1. wU train you-to make JI50 weekly up ward, Seo Mr, Walters belwcen^l a.in. and 1 ojn. only. Apt. No. 6 FlowtoK Wells Motel. Casa Grand Highway. SHOE SALESMAN wanted, exS enced. Steady worlc, (food pay, 121 E. Con er ess SKILLED RAILRdAt) MECHANICS NEEDED NOW- Apply In person to Office o£ Master Mechanic. Tucaon. ot by nun fstatLnft past expert- · *nce) to General Superintend-- ent Motive Power. 65 Market Street San,Francisco. Southern Pacific R. R." BELIABLE man r who can skin deer wrap meat do'Kenerar-locJEer planl m ° ^.··Country 'Club: EXPERIENCED Pin Boy* needed. Ap- nly aft«r 11 ajn. Speedway Bowliaz _Lan«. 1240 N. Stone. - · WANTED -- All around body man. _Jack's A-l. 37 W. S9th St. OUTSIDE salesman for Plumbing, electrical and hardware- supplies fa- jrilHar with' contractors and builders. Commission bam. writ* Stax-Cltlzn Box 1387. EXPEBSEHCED -service nation -men needed -af Flint's Shen Station.. «th - -Park. -nationality. HELP WANTED..M. F. gA AGENTS -- chorches - orranlzatiocs- Complete araottmcnt metallic*, olai- UM. Catholic 'ChrUtmas. cn-d» · sta- ·nejy.cwrapTrftiKs- dft Sterns;. Whole- f only 2040 ^, «th. 3-444D V ANTED -whltt-coiipl* for country home. Woman 'to cook, num for ar' ' , St»r-dt. ' 445. IK4ABLE couple, caretakers; · Small -rent.- Live In. Looted -nt*r Munid- jaJAlrport.' P.O., Sox 'Uv *n«ty - _ . New finish --cabinets''- hour rate 2-44B7. DRIVEB gvailable with, w-ton: pickup :47: Studi!bakcr. 2-4322. Cabinetmaker,.Finish Carpenter. Kan: doors, remodeling. -Smith..Ph; 5-863S ROY L". OREEN'. Concrete water stor aec. Round tanks .TroURh" dams 1280 M Anache St. Ph. 3-2049 New. remodeling, mod emliine. Ilnlsh work, doors. Hour rat.- 5-4487 EXPERIENCED - fry cook, man. Ph. 3-4036-or 2-7761. SITUATIONS,'Female 12 WHITE^mlddleaeed lady wants llHh housekeeplne. 4ob for elderly person Can 5^0717 for information. EXPERIENCED bookkeeper office or ranch, cashier. General office work Star-clt Box 489. ' ' -OOK'S' helper, -pantry «lrl. senera: kitchen work--experienced, Star-Cit n°x 472. EXPERIENCED IRONING 7! '-- S-- 8th, A-nt. 211 PRACTICAL mirse.uReferences. 3-4819. EXPERIENCED -white Klrl.will.-.take .earn of_chlldren. Phone' 3-0812: iVASBBSG- and Jronintr. my home. Also baby rittei- by' day.- Ph."5-4578. I WILL-rBABY. sit. -,dav . o r . pn ** ·"···· rULL. or .part time child care In my home: 5-30TC. MAIDS.'at your SERVICE -For reliable" domestic help rby "the hour, day or,permment."Hef. checked tur E. Siipp;-IIrB;.8:30 to 5. J-M37. ^_, - -^_D companion, .-^houw keeper' or: 1 babyvtltting. Ph. s-7365. REF1NZD lady offers lliht household service .-for: room' and, board. dtlien.Bine 473. CAPABLE woman to help-In olce. home cm mall bt£5lp..tis. Stxr-dtlzcn BOX 474. - ' - , - · ^ Curtain* any jryu Mn Cordon- 1C fYPTNG;, dictation in ^ my bom* 2255 ~ Prtnc* Ph. N 5-0851 J BnndK'a . jjttei. adtUtr Parent SItUn RONTNG--Care olchildren"my.-home. Gsrdentr. Hnuieump available. 5-U77 better, km*. - Refer-' ' loons $15 to $275 ' or more Signature - Auto Furniture Repay !n smaJl payments that wH! at your pocketbook. ONE TRIP NLx. Phone, tell us what you need, then come in for ths money. Pay all 'our debts with a loan from us 'astest service. Commerce Loan Co. 100 So Stone Ave. Ph. 3-7579 $ CASH IN A HURRY $ Deal with a local company and enjoy quick friendly confidential loan services Liberal lendffin oollcici on your auto - furniture, truck o: trailer. Paid' for or not Payments reduced and bills consolidated. Cars: trailers financed for buyer or sellsr ARIZONA CREDIT CO. g7-1C Broadway plal S-(lMn LOANS Real Estate 20A CONSULTUS If you, have a mortgage problem. We have money Jor first mortgagej well secured. ' . Dnachmah-Grant 28 N. Ston« REALTORS Dial 3-«8T AFTER HOURS iOIAL ii-4228 WE specialize In buylnif selling, and tradlnr mortgages. .Oraclff Realty. 2223 Oracle Rd. -Phone 3-9381. __ . - - FDtST. MORTGAGE LOANS . ON OWNER OCCUPIED SINGLE FAMILY -HOME SEE TUCSON .TODERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOC. CONGHBSS AT STONE -DIAL 3-4721 FALL;:: HARVEST FRIEND FOR LIFE . USED CARS No.'l22A '46 Dodge ...4 995 - A Friend for Life Car. No. 187A , ' . -' '47 Chev ...47045 · Coupe.. - ' ' ; .'A Friend for Life Car. N0.208A '49 Willys... ..47195 Station Wagon. · .A Friend for Life Car.' No. 2HA '49 Chev $1625 2 door. A Friend for Life Car. No. 200A , ·47 Buick $7395 Convertible, ·'. A Friend.for Life,Car, . BUY-ONE OF-THESE GOOD USED CARS · AUTOS FOR SALE 23 "Goodwill" Cars 'By Hackett , WHiting 2419 SOUTH 6TH AYE 3-6183 46PontIac 1150 Streamliner 4-door, Reflnlsbtd in betutiiul Coventry gray. Clean i and o " AUTOS FOR SALE. 23 and lovely I out. · 48. Chevrolet 1395 Special - deluxs Fleetmarter CON» VEHTIBLE. Dove gray with red Interior trim. NEW TAN TOP, and nearly new whltewall tires. Rad · - heater, and plastic coveri. too. 48DeS6to6'1395 Black deluxe- 2-door, From original owner and immaculately dean with 22,wo.miles. .'Radio; heater, and exceiJent Ur«. , -'-- 48:Pontfac' 1495 HYDRAMATIC 8 , deluxe Stream- · Itner ee?an coupe. A 2-ton« beauty with every alcr- extra you could imagine. 48 Chrysler 6 j495 Where .-,.. A USED CAR . PRICE : Buys A P R I C E L E S S ^ REPUTATION ! Every time we- sell a used car we sell our own good name.. We sell only the kind of used cars that' are .worthy qf ;. the buyer's confidence, . and our reputation. RECONDITIONED; and V7INPSOR 4-door In Catallna, tan with Royal Master rayon tires, radio, heater, tailored coven, and full custom Interior. 48'Ponfiac 1495 HYDRAJVIATIC 8 deluxe Streamliner 4-docr. 2-tone gray. Loaded with extras, snd immaculate. 49 Ford 1450 Sea mist green CUSTOM CLUB COUPE with the economy 6 cyl. motor, and OVERDRIVE, Radio heater, rod plaid covers, and nearly new SEIBERUNG tires. New rings, pins.. and inserts " ' " in our shop. 49PontIac -1795 CHIEFTAIN 8 sedan In beautiful .MAYAN GOLOI Plastic covert radio, etc. Immaculate I 2419 SOUTH 6TH AVE. 3-6183 HACKETT WHITING-' MOTOR co. Pontiac Dealer 38 E, Alameda , - . . - - - , - , . You Better Come Here '47Stucfetaker ;$I / 225 Chamblon -2-door fully eauJDPcd. GM/ saviiK . o vcrdri vt , Hc«t 4f -music, '48 Dodge '47 Dodge $1,495 $1,295 Both 1 Custom-4-doori. Both-clean mechanical -beauties. Loaded .for bear. Bltf Mopar racUo better. '48 Ford '47 Ford, $1,245 $1,195 Both aupftr deluxe 4-doors, Both o« these cars have been newly calnled and have a brilliant mirror-like tln- Ish. Heat Sc. music und that cower that you dream about. Our Best Ads Aren't Written They're; Driven J-B MOTORS 616 N. Stone Ave. ' 1948 CHEV Areo Flectllne deluxe, onlii 26,000 mlles.-excellent condition. First J1.250 taken t. Can he financed. 1560 E. North. Ph .1-7176 CARS FINANCED FOR BOTIR OR SELLER ARIZONA CREDIT CO, '46 Olds, $995 Radio, SEDAN, Hydntmatic. heater, 2-tone. BUICK Used Car Center 635 N. Stone 1st MORTGAGE LOANS BY MORTGAGE SPECIALISTS Offerins the best fonp of oana on resfdencet burfneM or tn- ome"property for a'^fti-alcbt term oi to 10 years or on easy monthly re- layment plans to rult rom* needs OWZST RATESr · ^ MURPHEY REALTY , MORTGAGE CO. ^ 00 'N. .Stm»TBit»b:-:195-l: PuilH.2885 ' $ $ $ '" $ $ $ '$' 5 Liberal Mortgage Loans Refinancing See TALBOT of Tucson. Realtors ' 6 S. Stone $ $ $ 'Dial 3-0521 $ _, $ ' $ Become Our friend ,For Life 1 Tucson Equipment Co; 49 W. Drachman · Willys (i Open Kaiser Overland Eves. Fraz'er no- PONTIAC. tudor, pletely equipped, appl: Motel 1431 Benson clean, com- at Gateway Apt n, FOR SALE BY OWNEB--18« Ford V-8 tudor. 12.500 miles A-I condition. Grey color.: seat, covers,* J1.400. Days enll 2-0671: evenings 5-8585. 1948 DODGE clean Is: jl.ioo l*H«* Coll g-1008 2808 B Srlv)a Want to Borrow $12,500, on 1st Mortgage 6%%-onNew^ * OFFICE BUILDING Phone' Williamson' Personally- "· - 5-2586 or 1 t XOtt liAVt $4.000 MUsfy _. you doubl« It One 'acr«, Stai-atlMn Box 4*4, 29 Buick Special Tudor Sedan Radio. Heater^ Excellent .condition.- Phone after -B · p.m ' V3522. '49 Kafser, $1,595 TRAVELER. Radio, original paint.. Only one In Tuuon for sale. BUICK Used Car Center 838 N. Stonr W i ! i a m s 1850 .FORD couoe must: sell, clean, as a .pin- wouW accept older car In trade. Phon« Mr. Lee, 3-7340. 715 So. 5th Ave. MODEL' A .Ford; 4015- '4S DELUXE Plymouth'.; tudor · low mileage,- fully - eouinpad -Will. sacri ·flci-. Call 5-2T09 ', 1MO -, OLDS 6-cyl'' tudor sedan t -J27J.OO q*h See at 702 So. SIMh Ave/ js«^PLYMOUTH couue ^Coofl condl- tlon «5M. zaio^E. and SI ; ---· A KTW CBOSLEY Used' ones '-toot authorized ·' deal er .J323 Gardner -901 I «th Coon.. Co.. 1949 Jeenster^ excellent cond. Low mileage. Call 8-05M 41 CHEVROLET. cl«n,. 4-door MS5. 3390 I. Willard.' (9 Mocks north Zl Rjmeho ~MarketV_ ' · · . . . . . _ - ^- jo5! f.uto Bov» tl 4 1 PONTIAC *13S. "Two ,tt ChtVTO- IcU m «ch.'FJS. 4-W4S, J-7*M,. . , , Used Cars "That Can Be Used" "I-Z ' ' "LIB2RAL --SIMS" . TRADES" "All Makes Models" ^ FORD Tudor custom. i * Clean as a pin. - Down j FLYM, coupt. You can't I ' tell from new- i Down CHEV, Tudor and Fordor. M Q K J Quality, autos. · Down t^O FOHD club coup*. 'jlOR ) Fully equloped.^ TJown T:f"J An CH£V. fedan, FJeetmajrttrt tvrjtz *' Equipped.. , - ~ - D o w n w ' J ^ord Tudor. Overdrive, *OOC i OOu 46 nr i ntw tires. Down ' CHECK THESE PW5-WAH CARS THAT ARE ·-VERY : CIJSAN AND KKADY TOR SERyiCJfc '41 Ford Convertible '41 Dodge Cpe.^--excellent J 40'"iFord Tudor--ready '39, ,D"ddge" Sed-fclean. · '38.Buick Club" Coupe '· '38 Ford'Tudor. Se'd. 702-S. Sixth-Aye;' -3-3732 APACHE MOTORS Cadillac -- Oldsmobile See These Values Before You Buy 49 De Soto $1/895 Sedan. 49 Mercury ',$1,895 Sedan. .Overdrlvt. /t, * K. 49 Ford ' $1,450 2-Door. R. H 49 Olds $2,225 88' Club coupe, R. H^Cover*.' 48 Olds $1,695 Sedan, Low. miltam. 48Buick' ' $1,595- ' Stdanet: 46 Nash $795. APACHE-MOTORS USED CAR DEPARTMENT 457 N «U) Ave (Next to Firestone Store) Dtol 4-0481 . TIOII, BY OWKXK TXRRACE MOTEL, m CASA CRAKDX BIWAY. - ·37 -4-DOOR PlvraoutB, new tires, good condition. Owner colnx ~ln aerv^ lee:'- Reasonable. 'Call- 5-g77g '47 Plymouth,: $1,095- STATION ' WAOON.' Radio, 4 " ' heater. Wood llxen«w.-Hurry. 'BUICK , · · Used Gar Center - . »M N. Stone IM8 CHRYSLER N«w rorkr Will accept' l»t« -model 4 or 1 ton truck m* part.paytnwt Cvi^b* MM at 3390 N Firfl AV» MUST^SELL 1949-F.ORD7, STA.. WAGON - ORIGI-- -

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